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by SG

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Erosboutique & Grometsplaza Latex story competition 2004

Hello all. Let me tell you my story.

I am a twenty two year old college student. My name is Amy, I am five nine with an athletic build and small but perky breasts. One of the downsides to keeping in shape, lose the weight you loose the boobs. I have light brown hair and am considered cute by my friends but have never really dated since I tend to be shy and have a hard time with meeting new people. Also because when I do find a guy they either aren’t cute enough for me or kinky enough. What can I say, I’m a little picky. I am currently attending college as a computer science major so you can understand that me and the internet are good friends. I live in the apartments off campus with a friend of mine who I met through my classes. She is a nice girl but a complete nerd. The nice thing about having her as a flat mate is that she is a full time student and works to support her self which means I get the apartment to myself for most of the day.

My brilliant idea came one day while I was searching the internet looking for a job. As we all know being a college student goes hand and hand with having empty bank accounts and numerous student loans. Currently I was only half way through the fall semester and I was already running out of my parent’s money so I decided it was time to get a job. I had been searching the internet for about an hour steady looking for applications for jobs and was finding none. Not to say I wasn’t finding job opening but McDonalds just isn’t for me. I was using google to try and find jobs but it wasn’t coming up with anything so I decided I needed to change my search terms. XXX, ok so I knew I wasn’t going to find a job with this search but I was going to have more fun. As usual when you do a search ninety percent of what you get back is crap. Free this free that and all you get is a million pop ups to pay sites. Stupid pay sites, “just one dollar a month”, “free trial” then in fine print “for the first minute then $20 a month”. And as usual the first site I tried gave me five pop ups. The first couple were for sites then for directories. I was closing them as fast as I could but you can only click so quick. The last one loaded before I could close it. “Cum see me, check out my web cam for only….”. AHHHH. Stupid pop ups, stupid web cams.

Like lightning the thought hit my head. Ok maybe not that quickly but none the less I had a bright idea which is always something to be happy about. Let’s see, I like computers, the internet, sex especially if it’s kinky and I need money. So I decided why not start my own web cam and pay site. But I decided to make mine a little different. The way I would set it up would be that the website would be free and explain things while the live web cam would be a pay for thing. Also anything I do on the web cam could be recorded and sold on the web site to be downloaded. I decided I would set up an active web cam in which people could buy and bid on what they wanted me to do as they watched live. I thought of every thing that I could think of using the limited number of things in my possession. It wasn’t a long list I came up with but I figured it was a good start. From my brainstorming I had come up with things like; pinch nipple, use cloths pins, insert veggies/dildo, into vagina/ass/mouth, take off/put on clothing, etc. 

Once I had come up with a list of things to do I put a price on them. The prices ranged from ten cents to pinch my nipple to fifty cents to insert a dildo in my pussy, two dollars for my rear, a dollar to masturbate with the dildo once it was inserted and so on and so on. The prices were bases off of how serious the act was and on whether or not I would want to do it. All the prices and activities were listed on the web site; I even included an email address for people to send suggestions. The final setup on the website was to make it so that some one would pay to see the live feed and from there could bid on what I was to do next. The way it would work was there would a list of things to do and a maximum of four things could be put on the list at a time. I would do what ever had the highest bid on it. The prices I put on things were minimum bids. People could bid what they wanted on the various things and the top four bids would be on the to-do list. 

If someone really wanted to see me do something all they have to do is out bid every thing else on an item and that bid would go to the top of the list. I also set up a chat room through my site so people could talk to each other hoping that new people who were curious could talk to other people who had seen the show and would convince them to participate. Having never bought anything that was sexual the first thing to do to get things started was go to Erosboutique and order a vibrator and lube. I was new to toys so I wanted to start modest. My choice for a vibrator was the Mini Pearlescence Multi-Speed Vibrator. I decided to go with the Eros Bodyglide as well since the company seemed to be dedicated to its customers.  To make my site really good I knew I was going to need more than just a vibe, some lube and what ever was around the house so I decided that the first profit I got would go towards buying more stuff.

As with any business the only way to get it started is to advertise. The old saying it takes money to make money thing applied here. So I placed ads on my favorite sites for a week till people started checking out my site. It cost me a hundred dollars but it brought in my first customers. The web site had been slow at first till I started to build some regular clients. The down side to this kind of website was that since it was live the only way to make money was to spend time in front of the camera. I was constantly updating the site to say when I would be around and available for viewing. My problem was I had to make sure that my flat mate would be gone when I set up times to be online and I also had to make sure I didn’t need to do something for school. After all, this was supposed to be just a side job to make a little extra money. I had been doing this for about a month and it was really starting to bring in the money. Of course that is from a broke college student’s point of view. I started to get regular customers who would out bid each other constantly to get their way. The more they out bid the more money I made. At one point someone bid fifteen dollars just to get me to put a carrot up my ass. It was cold but it was worth the money.

As I made more money I started to buy more toys. Erosboutique was becoming one of the main sites I was checking out. I had bought more dildos and vibrators both anal and vaginal with varying sizes. I had worked my way up from the smalls and had started to by the medium sizes. Along with toys my purchases included outfits that people had suggested for me to get. I put the suggestions up on the site polled them to see which two I would get. They picked a leather Corset Dress and a latex Cowgirl bra and shorts outfit. Both outfits got put on the website as things people could bid on to have me wear while they watched. 

One of the other items bought by popular demand was a Locking Chastity Harness. The belt had a band going around my waist and one running between my legs secured by two locks. The band between my legs completely covered my sex. On the website people could pay twenty-five dollars to make me wear the belt locked on around school for the day while the web cam was looking at the keys the whole time. I still considered myself available so having my crotch locked up when I was trying to hookup with people wasn’t something I wanted to do every day. Plus if the urge to go number two came I was left to hold it in and number one wouldn’t be the easiest. But no one was bidding that high so I wasn’t too worried about it. Mostly people would pay fifteen dollars to make me sleep with it on. That in itself was always an exciting feeling for me to know that even though I wasn’t in front of the camera I was still held captive to my audience. Knowing I was in continuous bondage while my flat mate was just on the other side of the door. Every footstep I heard sent chills down my spine and straight to my wet pussy. Butterflies would fill my stomach at the though of being caught while it was on.

Adding to the site constantly my newest section was an online journal so that people would know what was going on in my life. In the journal I would talk in depth about what it felt like to be in front of the camera playing to my audience. I also wrote about school, classes and other relationships so people would start getting a more attached feeling to me and my site. I will confess that in the journal I usually left out any true romantic interests leaving my viewers with the impression I was just a lonely college girl desperately in need of a good fuck. Then again the truth be told I kind of was a desperate college girl in need for a good fuck. I just couldn’t find any one that I really wanted. I was here to make money so I didn’t mind playing things up a little. And it defiantly worked to my advantage. I was getting numerous emails everyday from people asking for a date. And since it was on the free part of the site it also helped to bring in new people as well.

My site was continually doing better as time passed. I had to reset the rules for the chastity belt after I got in a situation with it that wasn’t to my liking. It was Tuesday and I had spent most of the day studying for my gened exam that was at nine the next morning. It was eight o’clock and I felt like I really knew the material. My roommate was gone for the night so I decided to do a little impromptu session online. Since I hadn’t original told people I would be online that night there wasn’t too many people bidding. Most of the bids that were coming in were for small stuff. Play with my boobs, pinch my nipple, play with my clit and stuff like that. Most of what I did wouldn’t get me off but they were doing their job of working me up and getting my mind off of school and onto something far more interesting to me. It was about ten and more people were online now so the bids had started going up.

On my screen I could see what the current bids were, what items were being bid on and how many people were online. What surprised me was how few people were bidding compared to how many people were in the chat room. It was getting late and I wanted a good night sleep for the exam so I decided it was time to sign off and go to bed. I told people to cast their final bids before I signed off.  The first three bids were in. The first two that came in were for me to insert and turn to low my largest vibrating dildo. The third was for me to insert my largest anal plug. It was a medium sized classic plug. I didn’t like that plug because it hurt when I first insert it. I grabbed my lube and the two plugs to insert while people finished biding on the last thing. 

Laying down on the edge of the bed I set the plugs down in the middle of the bed within reach. My right leg was pointed to the corner of the bed running along the edge of the bed. I leaned down and grabbed my left leg and pulled it up till it was pressed against my chest leaving my ass and crotch pointing towards the camera. Placing a little lube on the plug I spread it around with my finger. Then, reaching behind me, I stuck my lubed finger into my rose bud and let it get used to the feeling. With my ass lubed up and semi relaxed I pressed the tip of the plug against it and slowly pushed it in. It felt like my ass hole was being completely ripped apart. It kept stretching and stretching as the plug slid in. When I got to the widest part of the plug I thought I couldn’t take any more till the fat part slipped past and my ass closed up on the neck of the plug. My muscles closed around the plug in pain from being stretched so far open. After about a minute the pain subsided and my ass accepted the new full feeling. 

With the butt plug firmly in place I picked up the dildo and put a little lube on it. There was no need to lube up my vagina since it was already wet at this point. I pressed the phallic object against my pussy, slid it in, then turned it on and lay where I was for a minute enjoying my full feeling while my viewers got a good look. The vibrations from the dildo carried into the butt plug which was doing a nice job of stimulating my ass at this point. Sitting up, which was an experience in its self as the two plugs rubbed against each other; I looked at my computer screen to see what the final bid was on. At first the full meaning of what that object meant didn’t sink in. The final bid was for me to wear my chastity belt for a full day. My viewers were watching and I needed their money so I went with their wishes. 

Going to my closet with one hand on my crotch to hold in the vibrating dildo I pulled the chastity belt and locks out of the box which held all of my new sex gear. I went back in front of the camera with the chastity belt in my hand. I pulled the waist belt tight around my midsection then placed one of the locks through the front hasp. The waist piece was now locked on leaving the crotch strap hanging down in front over my sex. Reaching behind me I grabbed the strap and pulled it between my legs and up to the back of the belt. As I pulled the belt through it pushed against the base of the two plugs forcing them deeper inside of me. My butt cheeks were split by the strap and held apart. Pulling the strap tight I placed one of the notches over the hasp in the back then placed the second padlock through the hasp locking the crotch strap in place. It felt very awkward yet extremely arousing to have the two plugs filling me and pushing deep inside. 

That was when I realized the seriousness of it all. I was stuck with two monsters locked in me buzzing away and I couldn’t remove them till tomorrow, long after the exam. I considered taking the belt off but I knew I would lose any credibility I had on my site. After spending all my money on the outfits and toys I was in debt and really needed the money from my viewers. By the time the exam started the next morning I was low on sleep, incredibly frustrated, horny and scared to death someone would hear the noises emanating from my crotch. In the exam I couldn’t help but grind my groin against the seat. The damn vibrator was keeping me aroused but I couldn’t get off on it. It felt like every eye in that auditorium was on me.

Needless to say I didn’t do real well on the exam. At the end of the exam I talked to the teacher and told them I didn’t feel good and was able to retake the test the next day. I did however neglected to tell my fans that part but in great detail described how it felt to be plugged in class. After that I started to change prices around so that when important things were going on for me people wouldn’t be as likely to bid on them due to the higher price. Of course that didn’t stop a fifty dollar bid for the dildos and chastity belt to happen when my parents came to visit for a day. But I decided it was worth the extra money in the end. I had to tell my parents I was coming down with a cold and didn’t feel good. The reality was I was so horny from the constant torment of the vibrator that I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than how badly I wanted to get off. 

A new home

My little home business was doing really well but living in the apartment wasn’t working out since I shared it with a flat mate and I couldn’t do anything when she was around. I decided I would rent a house for the next year once my lease was up at the end of the semester. The house I wanted wasn’t the nicest but it was a single bedroom with a large living room and kitchen upstairs but most importantly it had a basement that was as big as the upstairs. The basement had a couple of bedrooms that I figured could be used for various things along with a full bathroom. The stairs to the basement ended in the main room of the basement which was lined with shelves on one wall that I figured would be a good location for storing toys. I planned on setting up my computer on one side with the stairs to the right.

The computer would face into the middle of the main room with the shelves on the opposite side leaving plenty of room for me to play as well as leaving the toys in the cameras view. The house also had a garage that I figured would be a nice location to do scenes with my car. The basement had no windows which made it perfect for my playtimes. The upstairs however did have large windows. Situated in the middle of a housing development the upstairs was very visible to the street and neighbors. The downside to the house was that it was fairly expensive. Being two story, four bedrooms, two baths, and a garage the house was set up for at least four people to be living in. Even then it would be expensive for four college students to pay for the rent. But I was doing it on my own. Even with the money I was making with the website I knew I would have a hard time paying for the rent. Plus I had to take summer school to make up for the classes I wasn’t going to pass this semester. 

I decided that I would get the house and expand my website in order to pay for it. When summer rolled around I realized that my financial situation wasn’t going to cut it. I had paid the down payment on the house and the first months rent but had no money left to buy the stuff I wanted in order to improve my web business or pay for school. I decided since my income was based on the website it would be my priority. I did the only thing any college student could do. I maxed out my credit card and took out student loans. It was a risk but as long as I could make the monthly payments I would be ok.

With the new wealth I had acquired I started to work on improvements to my website. The first step was to make a few improvements to the house. First I bought numerous web cams and lots of cords.  I took care to place a web cam in every room of the house so people could see what I was doing at all times. Most rooms I put two cameras each on opposite walls and usually high up so that I would always be insight. I wanted my viewers to always be able to see me while I was at home. With a house to my self the web cams would always be on even if I wasn’t performing for bids. I did however neglect to put cameras in the bathrooms. A girl needs some privacy and I figured at some point I would have friends over. 

I had my computer set up down in the basement along with all my toys that I had accumulated. There was a mess of wires running all over the place in the basement. I had taken great care to hide the web cams up stairs as well as their cords. The cords came out all over the place down stairs. But no one would be down there so I wasn’t worried about it. My plan was to tell people that the basement was subleased so no visitors of mine would go down there and it would make the rent sound more affordable. Step two of my spending spree involved buying a digital video camera so I could start taping sessions on location and wouldn’t be limited to my own home. I planned to some outdoor scenes at the parks that are around campus and also at the nation forest park that isn’t too far of a drive from the area. Step three involved me improving wardrobe and toy selections. I had put up a notice on my web site asking people for their suggestion on what they would like to see. I felt like I had about bought every item there was off of Erosboutique. 

By the time I was done I had a very large selection of toys ranging from dildos to clamps and nearly anything else I could find on the site. I bought a few items from a bondage section with the thought that people could bid on what type of self bondage I should put myself in. Self bondage wasn’t my biggest interest but I knew it was a way to make more money. I put scenarios on my website where people could bid on me to do things like tie myself to my bed for the night or hogtie myself and crawl through house to get keys in a different room. With my toy selection done it was time to expand my wardrobe.

I bought various outfits in that were pure fetish ranging from rubber or latex cat suits, underwear, stocking and so on. I also bought several costumes to wear. Along with clothes to be worn infront of the camera I also bought several provocative sets of clothes that could be worn outside of my house that ranged from revealing tops, knee high boots and stiletto heels, to corsets and mini skirts. I figured with the mini skirts I could give people the option of what kind of under wear to have or even none which was kind of scary considering some of them wear pretty short. The final purchase I made was a special order. I found a website that made custom collars for people’s slaves. I ordered a collar that would be fit for my neck that had engraved across the front “cyber slut”, the name of my little home business, and the address to the website. I planned to wear this when I was online as my little trade mark.

Sunday was an interesting day for me. The majority of my purchases arrived by about three in the afternoon. It was almost like getting birthday presents. Once the delivery guy finished dropping my packages off at my doorstep and left I immediately began carting my boxes down to the basement. I opened them one at a time and began unpacking their contents. The toys I put on the shelves while the outfits I hung up in the closet of one of the downstairs bedrooms. As I put each item away I would then place it on the website as well so my viewers could see what was up to bid on. By the time I was done shopping I had put myself into five thousand dollars of debt on my credit card and I still had tuition to pay for. With rent and payments on my loans and credit cards all due at the end of the month I knew it meant that this little cyber slut needed to start working.

It was Sunday night and Monday was the first day of summer school with my first class at eight and the second following at nine so I decided it was best to put off the cyber loving for tomorrow night. The web cams in the house had all been activated and my site was already bringing in more people. I made the announcement on the web that tomorrow night the live sessions would begin.  To bring more people in I lowered the prices on everything. Being the first day of classes I decided to let my fans pick what outfit I should wear to classes free of charge. With the website set up I headed off to bed. Falling asleep was a little bit of a problem though. I couldn’t stop thinking about what this summer had in store for me. This was going to be an interesting summer.

Summer School

I got up in the morning and went down the stairs to the basement to see what outfit I would be wearing. I looked at the list of clothes that had been bid on and realized I had made a mistake. I had put all of them up for bid instead of the ones that were meant to be worn outside of the house. But the votes were in, the cameras were on and I had no choice but to go with their selection. Having a slight sense of humor my viewers thought it best that being the first day of school and all that I should go as a school girl. I stripped naked and decided to do my hair and makeup first. Playing the part I put my hair in pigtails and put on only a little make up. With that done I found my Target Latex Panties that I had gotten off of Erosbutique which were crotch less. I also grabbed the Latex Peephole Bra. I hadn’t even tried this pair on yet since it came days before with so much other stuff. I pulled the panties up my legs and found that if I opened my legs at all my private regions would be exposed for all to see marked by a nice red ring. 

With the panties on I started to put the bra on. The bra had cut outs in the front for my nipples to go through. Once the bra was on I quickly realized that the cut outs pinch the base each nipple restricting the blood flow and keeping them fully erect. I looked at the clock on my computer and realized that I had better get moving if didn’t want to be late. I wanted to avoid as much attention as I could so walking into class late dressed in my outfit would get far too much attention. I then grabbed the main outfit. It was the Prep school girl outfit from Eros.

Picking up the skirt and sliding it up my legs and over my hips I found that it ended just above mid thigh level and wouldn’t cover much once I sat down. The white top that went with the skirt was meant to look a size too small. When I put it on it hugged my boobs tightly showing my erect nipples. Looking down I could just make out the black bra underneath the white top. My boobs had grown to a nice C-cup, nearly a D-cup, since I spent more time on my computer now than working out. And when you are constantly aroused your body has a tendency to allow those parts of you to grow a little extra. I quickly put the tie on then went for the last item. The last article was the knee high white leather lace up Mistress Boots. By the time I had found the boots and laced them up I was running late. I looked over at my computer and signed off letting people know I was off to class then went up stairs grabbed my book bag and headed out to the bus stop.

Thank god it was summer school and no one was around. Most of the students were gone for the summer and the few that remained did their best to get afternoon classes. Even with as few of people as there were on campus I still felt like everyone was staring at me. I managed to get to my first class before most of the people and found a seat that was in the middle of the class second row from the front. I usually sat in the front of most of my classes so I did this out of habit. It wasn’t till I sat down that I realized that maybe this wasn’t the best seat. I didn’t want to start off on a bad note with my teacher. But getting up after I had sat down would only draw more attention to me.

When class started my self-consciousness went away and I started into my study mode. I wasn’t too worried about this class being as it was one of the classes I had failed the semester before when my efforts were lacking at the end. The teacher was a grad student who looked as though he had just graduated the semester before. He called on me several times during lecture to answer question and by the end of it he was calling on me by name. He seemed to really like me. When the class ended I headed over to my next one. I found walking across campus in these boots was not an easy task. By the time I got to the second class it had started to fill up.

I recognized someone who was sitting in the back from a class earlier in the year and decided it was best to sit towards the front and avoid them for the day. The class was comm which would be filled mostly with seniors trying to graduate and were taking their last and easiest classes. I sat in the second row of the auditorium towards the middle. The seats rose up so that everyone could look over the person in front of them. The class was only half full and most of the people sat towards the back leaving me to sit on my own which I was perfectly happy with. 

From where I sat my head was about two feet above the professors. The lecture seemed to drag on as do most lectures. I felt a little uncomfortable because the professor kept looking straight at me. I couldn’t tell if it was because of what I was wearing or if it was because I was the only person towards the front of the class. It was almost to the end of lecture and I was ready to get out of here when I notice the teacher glancing at me. Then I realized why. I was sitting like I normally would slouch back in my chair with my legs up on either side of the seat ahead of me leaving my legs wide open. I had been showing my teachers my nicely outlined in red crotch the entire lecture. I thought I was going to die right there. It was the longest ten minutes of my life waiting for class to end. When the bell rang and class ended I about jumped out of my seat and ran out the door. Just as I stood up the teacher looked directly at me and asked me to stay for a minute. 

When the rest of the students had left he looked at me and said, “You know the school has harsh punishments on students who try to get the grade by seducing their teachers”. I was going to get thrown out of school. Then he asked “So what’s your name” I told him and he put a mark by it on the attendance list then “well I hope to see you again on Wednesday for class” with that he turned around and walked out the door. I wasn’t sure what to do. I think I was ok but my head was spinning. I decided to just leave and go to the relative privacy of my home. I rode the bus home, the whole time very aware of the stares I was getting. When I got home and dropped my bag in the door way and let out a sigh of relief. It felt good to me home and not out in the public any more. Going out in public dressed in an outfit which was meant for at home use only had left me feeling embarrassed and excited. 

Overall things had worked out fine. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in amazement. I had run out so quick and had put the outfit on in the bedroom and not the bathroom of the basement, that I hadn’t looked at my self in a mirror fully dressed up. I looked like a complete but very attractive slut. Looking in a mirror my nipples poking out and the black bra under the shirt could be easily seen. I can’t imagine what my teacher must have thought of me. The image of me which my teacher had seen rushed through my mind.

Right now a feeling of complete embarrassment and humiliation engulfed my mind and body. I had always been the good girl. Saving my naughtiness only to be seen on the internet. The disgrace of knowing what some many people must think of me filled my body. As my mind rushed over the days events I found my self growing wet down below. I was actually getting turned on by all this. As my mind began to calm down I remembered I had bills to pay. I figured that if I was going to be dressed as a slut I may as well get paid for it so with that I headed off down to my basement. 

story continues in part two


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