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The Curious Case of the Haunted Costume

by AmyAmy

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© Copyright 2012 - AmyAmy - Used by permission

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A Halloween Special 2012 Tale

Aneka was determined to really shine with her Halloween costume this year. Jessica and Mandy always put her in the shade with their attention grabbing outfits but not this time.

She’d been on the lookout for a sexy costume and she’d spent hours staring at the sites that sold rubber clothing online, searching for just the right look. She had no problem finding it but not at a price she could afford. Everything was expensive and after adding the cost of postage from Europe the lovely shiny latex designs would be way out of her reach.

She’d turned to another avenue to realise her dream. At first she’d tried to find somebody local who could make something for her, but their custom made items weren’t any cheaper than the imported ones – sometimes they were even more expensive.

Then she tried internet auctions. At first she had no luck, but she’d kept watching for something to come up for the entire year. Sometimes a promising item would crop up, but nothing so good that she was prepared to go all in with her bids.

However, a week ago she’d won the auction on the perfect set. The box had been delivered only moments ago and was now sitting on her office floor, tempting her with its mysteries. She had to finish the invoices before she could bunk off work and take a look inside to see if it was as good as she hoped. She was prepared to be disappointed. Another year of taking third place to her friends wouldn’t be so bad – she could still have fun – but it would be nice to be the centre of attention, just for once.

Just as she was finishing up her work Jessica stuck her nose through the door.

“Hey, what’s up? Got your costume ready for tonight? Can I see it? C’mon, can I see it?” Jessica said, giving Aneka’s box a shove with her foot.

“I might have a costume. We’ll see. I might have to use last year’s.”

“No way Annie, no way. If you don’t have anything you definitely have to let me dress you. I have tons of spare naughty pirate stuff. It’s a deal you can’t get out of it. I will get Mandy and we’ll hold you down.”

“Give me a chance. I want to see what it’s like on first. It might not fit or something.”

Jessica looked down.

“It’s in this box isn’t it? Open the box. Open the box!”

“Give it five minutes Jess. Everyone is leaving now. I’ll look once they’re gone.”

“Oh. It’s a kinky one isn’t it? You don’t want anyone here to see? Oh, there’s no way I can’t look in there now.”

“At least close the blinds then. Everyone will know I’m slacking off but it’s nearly five already. I guess it’s ok.”

“Oh come on Annie, nobody cares. Everyone knows you just sit in here browsing the internet all day. How much time can the accounts take anyway?”

Aneka huffed. There was no point arguing and Jessica was just joking anyway. She got out her letter opener and used it to cut through the tape on the box.

“It’s my box, so I get to play with it. You can watch.”


Jessica reached for the box again.

“Stop it Jess, watching doesn’t involve fingers.”

Jessica laughed and took a couple of steps back.

“Alright, I won’t spoil your fun.”

Aneka pulled the box open. The strong scent of stored rubber hit her. It was like chocolate with a slightly bitter chemical undertone.

“Expensive,” Jessica said.

Apparently she knew exactly what was in there from the smell, and she knew how much rubber cost too. Aneka knew she shouldn’t be too surprised. She’d always suspected that Jessica was into kinky stuff; she used every opportunity to dress up in saucy outfits.

Aneka pulled a mass of tissue paper out of the top of the box. It was just packing. Underneath was more tissue paper, and wrapped inside was something black and heavy that seemed to flow like water, bundled up into a package.

She released the item from its wrapping and held it up so that she and Jessica could see. It was a full length cat-suit with a front zip that went right through the crotch and finished where the top of her hips would be if the suit was on. The black rubber was dull, dusty and incredibly soft, covered in a layer of scent-free talc.

“It looks a bit small,” Aneka said dubiously.

“It’s rubber, it will stretch, and I’m sure you know it’s supposed to be tight?” Jessica said with a grin.

Despite her worries, the suit seemed to be in perfect condition. She wasn’t sure if it would fit but there was only one way to find that out.

Aneka dropped the suit back into its wrapping and opened the box up properly so she could see what was left. She pulled out another bundle. As she freed it from the tissue it became apparent that it was a full-face hood, complete with cat-ears. White whiskers and a cute nose were painted onto the rubber.

“So cute!” Jessica said, almost squealing. “What else? What else?”

Aneka pulled out a pair of opera length black rubber gloves. The tips of the fingers had rubbery white cat-claws stuck onto them. She showed them to Jessica who nodded approvingly, with a grin so wide it seemed to be ready to take over her entire face.

Aneka looked into the box again. There seemed to be a lot more left than she had expected. Perhaps it was mostly packing. She fished out a pair of black rubber ankle socks that were, as rubber socks go, unremarkable. There was still a lot of stuff left.

She pulled out the next big bundle and held it up for examination. At first she couldn’t figure out what it was. There was a long black trapezoid shape with a lot of straps hanging off it and a pouch attached in the middle of one side. When she worked out just what it was her face turned bright red instantly.

Jessica was biting her lip, trying to keep her giggling under control.

“Oh you know what it is don’t you? You know? You bought this off the internet? Oh, Annie, you baaad girl. You are so wearing this tonight.”

“No,” Aneka said, shaking her head vigorously. “There is no way on earth you will get me into that thing. Not tonight. Not ever.”

“Oh, you spoilsport Annie. You put on a big show but you’re such a naughty tease. You know what happens to naughty teases, don’t you?”

“Please Jess, leave it alone. I never bought that. It’s not supposed to be there. It must be a mistake. I’ll send it back tomorrow.”

“So what else is in there?”

Aneka was dreading what might come out next. As she shook out the oddly shaped item with its various straps and adjusters she knew she’d been right to worry. It was made of the heaviest rubber, reinforced with metal wires and boning. It seemed roughly like a T-shape made of two belts… Except that where the upright of the T joined it spread out into a V-shape. As it stretched away from the belt that formed the cross of the T, it narrowed then flared out again, before narrowing once more.

It was obvious to Aneka that the main belt would go around the wearer’s middle and the other part would come up between their legs from the back where it would buckle onto the front of the main belt. It looked like there were holes in the buckles so something could go through… A lock? Aneka blushed again. It was a sort of chastity belt. It wasn’t made of hard metal, but it would still look the part, and if added over the top of the suit and locked, the wearer would still have no way to remove the suit or get to their privates without cutting the whole thing off.

Aneka looked across at Jessica.

“Don’t say a thing Jess. I didn’t order this either and I’m definitely not wearing it.”

Jessica smiled and nodded. She didn’t say a word. In a way that was worse than her making a smart remark because Aneka had no opportunity to counter.

Aneka looked in the box, there was more stuff left in there. She pulled out a small, inoffensive looking roll of glossy black vinyl with some laces hanging off. It unrolled in her hand to reveal that it was a corset with silver D-rings on the sides and stiff boning.

“You’re going to wear that right?” Jessica said. “That’s got to go over the suit. It will look incredible and it matches up with the cat-woman look. So eighties, rawr.”

“I guess,” Aneka said. “It would be better if it didn’t have these metal rings, but at least it is something that I bid on.”

“I’m sure people’s eyes will be somewhere else when they see you wearing it.”

There were more things left in the box and the next thing out was too much for Aneka. She handed it numbly to Jessica who couldn’t resist opening it out and playing with all the parts.

“This is so great,” she said.

Aneka didn’t want to look at it.

“It’s disgusting.”

“Oh come on, don’t be such a prude. Imagine how much fun it would be to put these panties on? They wrap around your hips, gripping nice and tight, and fill you up front and back. It looks like you can use these bulbs to pump the inserts up.”

She squeezed one of the bulbs and the floppy looking little dildo she was holding began to swell and then sank back down.

“Oh yeah! Baby! You can’t tell me you don’t secretly want that inside you?”

“I can and I don’t. It’s obscene, and perverted, and it’s way too big, and there isn’t just one, there are two! I can’t possibly put something up my bum, no way. Things like that do not go up your bum.”

“So you do want it?”

“Shut up. It’s not even your business.”

Jessica could barely get the words out because she was laughing so hard.

“You should see your face. You should know I’m joking but you are freaking out. It’s hilarious.”

Aneka growled.

“It would be hilarious if this stuff were in your box of stuff instead of mine. Now I’m afraid that I’m going to go online and see that all this stuff was listed on the auction after all and anybody will be able to see that I bought it.”

“I don’t think people can see who won an auction Annie. I thought you were tech savvy.”

“Oh… I guess that makes sense.”

“I really want to know how you missed all this stuff though. Is there anything still in there?”

Jessica leant over and peered into the box.

“Hey, that’s my box. Even if it is full of disgusting sex toys I get to look first.”

“Alright, alright.”

Aneka pulled out a pair of glossy black thigh-high vinyl boots with three inch spike heels. They had laces all the way up the sides.

“That’s a lot of laces Annie. Did you expect those?”

“Yes, those were the last thing that should be in there.”

“So what’s left?”

“Just these,” Aneka said.

In one hand she held up a big yellow foam-rubber ball gag, in the other a padded blindfold, covered on the outside with shiny black vinyl.

“Wow. You really got the full set.”

“Nobody could possibly get that thing in their mouth could they?” Aneka said.

“It does look big. I don’t know. Why don’t you try?” Jessica said with a giggle.

“Very funny. I know when to keep my mouth shut. I think it would be more useful for you.”

“How much did you pay for all that? Show me the auction. I want to see if that stuff was listed.”

“Alright, but even if it is on there I didn’t know a thing about it.”

Aneka sat down and brought up her auction profile on the computer screen. The two women looked at the description. Aneka felt vindicated; there really wasn’t any mention of the extra items.

“You only paid nine hundred dollars for all that? That’s a great bargain. If you count all the extra stuff anyway, though that suit looks really well made, so if it fits it might have cost more than that by itself … new.”

“I feel a bit uncomfortable that somebody else has worn this stuff next to their skin, but it seems clean. It’s not like rubber can harbour germs.”

“I guess not. Anyway, this stuff is pristine condition. I don’t think it’s ever been used. It even says so in the description.”

“They always lie about that though, don’t they?”

“I don’t know. Always?”

Aneka slumped down in her swivel chair. She stuck her fingers between the slats of the venetian blind, making a gap to look out. Beyond the glass partition walls of her office the floor had emptied out and somebody had turned off the main lights. The only illumination remaining was what slipped out through the gaps in her blinds, marking out dim horizontal stripes across the empty desks. Aneka didn’t mind being the last one out when she was the one to turn out the main lights with the switches hidden behind the pot-plant by the entry doors, but she hated it she had to walk through the darkened office alone. It had a creepy ambiance even on a normal evening, and tonight was Halloween.

“So, aren’t you going to try it on?” Jessica said.

“Shush. There’s still someone out there.”

“No there isn’t. It’s dark out there. They’ve all gone. Those slackers are always out the door the moment the big hand touches twelve, and tonight… There are parties… Half of them were gone by four.”

“Yeah. I bet I don’t see that on their time sheets, but still, shush, there really is someone moving about out there.”

They held their breath and listened. The only sound was the humming of computers that were supposed to be turned off. The silence was so different to the normal state of the floor. Then they heard it, a quiet bump followed by the sound of something heavy dragging on the ground.

Aneka turned to Jessica and raised her finger to her lips. She was sure she could hear a faint moaning sound. What was going on out there? Her mind started working overtime. Moaning? There was only one thing it could be…

Suddenly something thumped hard against her office door. The handle rattled but didn’t turn. There came another moan.


“It’s Mandy,” Aneka said.

“Zombimanda,” Jessica agreed.

Aneka reached out and opened the door, letting it swing wide.

“Come in zombie girl. Jess is here too.”

Mandy stood framed in the doorway, her head twisted over at an odd angle, one leg half rotted away. Her clothes were brown and decayed, hints of exposed bone and shrivelled intestines were exposed through the rents. She lurched forward with a moan.


“Is it my imagination, or is your zombie make-up even more full-on than last year?” Jessica said.

Mandy stumbled forward and half fell onto Aneka, playfully gnawing at her head.

“Gerroff you crazy bitch,” Aneka said, laughing.

Mandy stepped back and held a pose. After letting the others bask in her wonderfulness for a few seconds she did a slow twirl, giving them a good view of the intricate details of her zombie costume, which rivalled anything Aneka had ever seen on TV or in a movie.

“Am I hot or what?”

“You look like you should smell really bad,” Jessica said.

Mandy was a true zombie buff. She took part in the mass zombie march every year, but Halloween was her other big chance to show off her skill with theatrical latex prostheses, paint and dye.

“Just like I hoped… Hey! What’s all this stuff? What’s this box? Is this yours Jess?”

“Nooo. It’s not mine… Guess whose it is?”

Mandy did a double take.

“Annie, no Deadmau5 ghost for you this year then?”

“No ghostie,” Jessica said, echoing her.

Mandy peered more closely at Aneka’s costume.

“Catlady? Woo…”

Jessica nodded as if her head were about to drop off.


“I’m glad you think so. Now if you don’t mind I was just going to see if this fits because if it doesn’t I’m right back to plan G.”

“Don’t mind us,” Jessica said, adding a grin to finish.

“Out! Both of you. And while you’re out there, turn the lights back on.”

“Alright, alright,” Jessica said, dragging Mandy out with her.

* * * * *

Aneka stared at the pile of rubber items with trepidation. It would have been thrilling to discover them all alone, but Jessica’s arrival had put her on the spot. She hadn’t prepared herself mentally or given any thought to how she would wear such an outfit. Had she gone too far? This kind of outfit would be a bit much even for Jessica, but for her it was way out of her comfort zone.

I guess I need to take my clothes off first if I want to put this stuff on, she thought. She was a little worried about getting nearly naked in her office, but she was sure by now that everyone except Jessica and Mandy had gone home, and she’d heard them wander off in search of the light switches while Jessica made deliberately loud comments about the unexpected items that were, no doubt, intended to wind her up.

Aneka kicked off her low-heeled pumps, stripped off her high-necked white top with the lace detail and then peeled off her dark wool business skirt. Her stockings came next, and she was down to her bra and panties. She was certain that they would show under the suit if she left them on, but she didn’t want to be naked in that thing, not yet, and after all, she was just trying it on. She hesitated… No, if she was going to do this she would do it properly, not chicken out and make a half-assed job of it. Before she could change her mind she unhooked her bra and stepped out of her panties, hanging them neatly over the back of her chair with her other clothes.

Aneka had some vague idea that you were supposed to use talc or lubricant to help dress in rubber clothes, but there was already lots of talc on the items, and besides, how big a difference could it make?

She tried to slide her legs into the suit, but it was impossible, they caught immediately. After a moment of thought she understood that she had to approach it like putting on tights, and so she rolled up the legs and tried to pull them on that way. Rolled up, they were too tough for her to stretch wide enough, and that failed too.

How the heck do people get these things on? Or is it really too small? She wondered. She settled herself in the visitor’s chair and with the legs partly rolled up she managed to stretch them enough to pull them on. Once they got three quarters of the way up it was possible to inch them up into position.

By the time she was done Aneka was sweating with the effort. The suit wasn’t really so tight at all, it easily stretched to cover her, and it didn’t seem to be sticking to her skin much either. She could feel her sweaty legs slipping about comfortably as she bent and straightened them inside the gentle grip of the rubber. Aneka was unaware that the suit and most of its accessories had been chemically treated make them slide more easily over human skin, even though it said so in the auction description, she didn’t really understand what it meant.

She had to pull the zipper completely open, with both tags just below the small of her back so that she could pull the legs up properly. The zipper rubbed against the lips of her pussy and she reached in and adjusted the thin rubber fly shield strip so it wouldn’t chafe her. Her fingers were right next to her clit. A tiny movement and she would feel it. Yes, she had heated up a bit down there and it felt nice to run her finger round and around her clit.

Aneka blinked. Had she really been starting to masturbate when Jessica and Mandy could easily have been peeping in through the blinds? What was she thinking? If they caught her she’d never live it down. Jessica was always trying to free her ‘sexual inner being’ or otherwise try and vindicate her own inclination to exhibitionist behaviour by getting Aneka to act the same way, which she never did. Well, maybe tonight it was different. Tonight she really would be doing it – for the first time she would be a step ahead of Jessica, not a step behind – she wondered if it was really the right thing to do… After all, she wasn’t Jessica, and had never been confident or adventurous like her.

She pulled the body of the suit up around her shoulders and scrunched up one of the sleeves so that she could push her arm into it. It was easier to get on than the legs though the suit had trapped the skin around her shoulder and was hurting. She got the other arm in and then struggling to reach behind her, settled the back of the suit properly into place.

All that remained was to reach through her crotch and pull the zipper tag around and up, taking care not to catch her public hair or pussy lips in the zipper. Even without much wetness down there, the sweat was enough to make the inside of the suit’s crotch slippery and glistening. Carefully, she pulled the zipper tag up. As the suit tightened about her she realised that she needed to settle her boobs properly into the cups of the suit. It was tailored to about a C, which was perfect for her. She pulled the tag up to her neck and hefted her boobs repeatedly to get the really comfortable.

She looked down at herself. She really was in a rubber suit. It had stretched to fit her almost perfectly. She wasn’t sure if the body ought to be a little longer, as it pulled down on her shoulders and bound up into her crotch a little more tightly than she would have liked, but everything else was perfect. The tight sensation over her entire body was strange and exciting. Maybe she could get to like this sort of thing.

She took a minute to smooth it out. She really wished there was a mirror in the office, but all of the available walls were covered in venetian blinds so that wasn’t exactly practical. The fourth wall was filled with a tinted/mirrored window that offered a view of the street below, but she almost never opened those blinds. She knew from looking up at her window that if the lights were on and it was dark outside, people could see right into her office as they walked down the street that curved away towards the bridge.

Well, so much for the suit, she thought. I should try the other bits, the socks, boots, gloves and mask. Thinking sensibly, she began with the socks. It only took a moment to put them on and they would be as comfortable as regular socks if it weren’t for the sweat. She moved on to the boots, knowing full well that they would take forever to get on.

As she finished lacing up the second of the boots, she wondered what had become of Jessica and Mandy. It wasn’t like them to resist coming back to see how she was progressing. Were they hatching some horrid plot, or had they decided to leave without telling her? She checked her phone but there were no messages.

Aneka practiced walking around the tiny room in her new boots. She had many heels as tall in her wardrobe but lately she had been avoiding them as she’d been trying to get some exercise walking at lunchtimes. With the boots laced up to just a couple of inches short of her crotch, her knees were much stiffer than usual and it took her a while to adjust. Once she got used to it she felt as if she had more freedom than in her usual skirts. It wasn’t unpleasant but it felt like her feet were starting to prune already, despite the drain hole in the toe of the socks. If it hadn’t been for that she would have felt great.

If Jessica and Mandy were up to something she might as well continue her own plan. She checked the clock. It was quarter to six already. It was a good thing she’d removed her underwear at the start, she never would have had time to remove this stuff and get dressed again.

She turned her attention to the mask. There was no zipper, it simply had to be stretched and pulled on. This turned out to be far harder than she’d expected. It kept catching on her hair, which hurt, and the one time she got past that she found herself with the mask badly positioned and her nose and mouth closed off by tightly creased rubber. She had panicked and wrenched it off despite the pain.

Eventually, she mastered the technique of protecting her hair with her hands, putting the mask only over her nose at first so that the neck cut into her mouth. From there she was able to pull it down and position it in place. Her vision was obscured and she couldn’t breathe out of her nose, but she was almost there. Another few minutes of wrestling with the mask and she could see out properly, breathe through her nose almost normally, and her hair flowed out through the hole in the top of the mask. It was comfortable on her face, though a little tight about the neck and nose. She really wanted to see herself. She pulled a compact from her bag and checked out her face in the tiny mirror. The whiskers were wonky and while she was straightening them she thought she saw something move behind her. She hadn’t seen it directly; it was just a shadow in the mirror. She spun around, expecting to see Jessica or Mandy, but there was nothing there. It must just have been something floating about inside her eye.

She had only the gloves to go. Having learned her lesson from the legs and sleeves she found it wasn’t difficult to get the first glove on. She noticed that the gloves were made in two parts: a long tailored sleeve was glued onto a moulded glove. The rubber in the moulded gloves was thicker than the sleeves or the rest of the suit, and they were a tight fit. Once the first glove was in place she didn’t have a lot of sensation in her fingers, a problem compounded by the little rubber ‘claws’. By the time she had finished struggling the second glove on, her fingers were beginning to numb and tingle.

Damn, these gloves are just a tiny bit too tight, she told herself. At least they should be easy to peel off.

It seemed she was fully dressed. Her costume was complete. All that remained was to check herself out and enjoy the rest of the night. Then she realised she had a problem. There were no pockets in the suit and she didn’t want to carry her regular bag around on a night out. An outfit like this needed a little belt pack to keep her purse, phone and keys in.

Now that she had time to think about it she wondered where Jessica and Mandy had got to. They hadn’t turned on the lights outside. What was their game? Did they mean to give her a scare? It was likely that they did, but it had taken her so long to get dressed they had probably got bored and left already.

She checked her phone again, but there were still no messages. She began to worry that the others had dumped her and she’d have to guess where they might have gone… No, they wouldn’t do that to her, especially on a special night like Halloween.

Hesitantly, she stepped out of the office and hurried over to the main door so she could turn on the lights. Nobody jumped out at her. She flicked on the lights, cluster by cluster and the entire floor seemed to change its mood. Rather than becoming more reassuring it became colder, more hostile, with a nagging fluorescent buzz that seemed to drill into her head. The mask was making her sweat buckets and it was running into her eyes turning her vision into a cloud of starbursts. She reached up to wipe her eyes to discover that her rubber covered hands were ill suited to the task.

Suddenly irritable, she went into the kitchen and got herself a glass of water. As she was finishing the second glass she could hear the sound of voices outside in the hallway. It sounded like Jessica and Mandy had gone out for a while and had just got back.

Thinking that this was her chance to surprise them, she quickly flicked all the lights off again and positioned herself just to the side of the door. She immediately felt better once the room was in darkness: secure and safe where nobody could see her.

A zombie and a saucy pirate girl carded the door open and stumbled into the room.

“Hey, it’s still dark. Is Annie still here?” Mandy said.

“I can see a light from her office,” Jessica said in answer.

Jessica’s costume bared her midriff, her shirt tied off under her boobs. She had a pair of boots as high as Aneka’s but in a floppy cavalier style held up by suspenders instead of tight lace-ups. She had on an imposing pirate hat, headscarf, and a fake dreadlock wig plus a patch over one eye. Loaded with fake gold jewellery, an almost convincing plastic cutlass at her side and two antique pistols tucked into her belt she looked like she’d stepped off a movie set.

Aneka launched herself forward with a loud roar and laid a hand on the back of each of their necks. Both of them screamed and literally jumped a foot into the air.

“Ha! Got you,” Aneka said, laughing.

“Good grief girl… Annie, is that really you?” Jessica said, gasping with fright and surprise.

“Of course it’s me? Did you think somebody else snuck in here, killed me, hid the body and changed into my Halloween costume?”

“Well, maybe,” Mandy said.

“Seriously, you look awesome. Did you polish that suit up or something?”

“Nope, why would you say that?”

“Because it’s all shiny is why.”

“You forgot to put the corset on though,” Jessica said.

“I didn’t forget it. It was impossible. I thought there was a zipper or something at the front, but there wasn’t. It has to be laced on.”

“No problem. We can help you with it now.” Jessica said. She turned to Mandy and said in an odd tone of voice. “Can’t we Mandy?”

“Sure,” Mandy said, and then giggled.

“Thanks I guess,” Aneka said.

She walked back to the office, the other two following.

“Did you put in some kind of cat-eye contact lenses,” Mandy said as they walked.

“No. Why would you ask?”

“Sure. Right,” Mandy said.

Aneka had no idea what she was on about.

“Alright, stand there, we’ve got this,” Jessica said.

She pulled Aneka’s arms back and outwards and then wrapped the corset around her. She quickly laced up the single nylon lace. This was no fashion corset with dozens of eyelets and there were only ten to thread on each side. Aneka felt a gentle squeeze around her waist and then it squeezed a little further.

“Oh, these laces are really difficult to pull, can you help me Mandy,” Jessica said.

Aneka sensed something was off but she had no idea what Jessica was up to. No idea at all until she felt her arms being pulled behind her. Her hands were pushed through some kind of opening and there was a noisy jangle of metal buckles.

“Hey, stop it you two,” Aneka said irritably. “Quit that.”

“Sorry. No can do,” Jessica answered.

Aneka struggled to free herself but there were two of them holding her and she didn’t want to really fight them. It would be really rude to act as if they were trying to hurt her and she was sure they would be upset if she over reacted to their latest joke.

Aneka felt a strap being pulled tight around her wrists and then another at her elbows. Something had been wrapped around her arms. It was the arm-binder. Jessica had put it on her. Aneka could guess where this was headed. The lousy wench would probably put a collar on her and lead her around like a pet kitty … like an accessory. Even though Aneka had dressed up to surpass her, Jessica had found a way to put herself front and foremost.

Aneka had been in situations like this with Jessica before, though none as extreme. If she made a big fuss Jessica would release her but she would be pissy for the rest of the night and there would be sulking and grumbling for weeks to come. If she went along with it then Jessica would feel guilty after an hour or two and go out of her way to make it up to her. Aneka knew that it would be best just to go along with Jessica’s plan after a suitable expression of dissatisfaction, and then try and make the most of it.

While she was thinking, Aneka felt her arms being squeezed together. Though this outfit was only her Halloween costume the arm-binder wasn’t a toy, it was a real bondage restraint and with her gloved hands pressed tight together in a rubber bag and her arms buckled tightly together behind her back she was completely helpless. Jessica crossed the final two straps between Aneka’s boobs and tightened them up.

“Ouch! That’s way too tight. Are you done with this horrible thing?” Aneka said in a grumpy tone.

“No, still need to tighten up the straps above your elbows and the corset laces I think,” Jessica said. Then she added, “Every time you complain I’m going to make it worse for you. Ok?”

“Please Jess, this is really hurting me. Come on… Let me out of this thing. Please.”

“I warned you…”

Aneka felt the straps around her arms being pulled tighter and she had no choice but to pull her shoulders back hard as if she were deliberately trying to force her boobs forward in a wanton manner.

“No… Please Jess. You win. I’ll fetch your coffees for a month, just let me out.”

“That really is a tempting deal, but uh… No.”

Aneka felt the tightness around her waist increasing. It was becoming impossible for her breathe with the lower part of her lungs and her rib-cage had to heave and lift up to get in a deep breath, but doing that meant that she had to pull against the arm-binder straps crossing her chest, putting painful pressure on her shoulders. The shock of being unable to get any kind of deep breath made Aneka start to hyper ventilate, which fed right back into making her panic worse. Aneka grasped fully how helpless she was, and she started to thrash about struggling against the restraint without result.

Jessica smacked her hard and sharp on the bum leaving a strong stinging sensation. She couldn’t help but let out a squeal but it brought her back to her senses.

“Don’t you dare act up and put on a performance like that. I know you’re perfectly fine.”

“I am not. Please let me out.” She tried to twist around to catch Mandy’s gaze. “Mandy, don’t let her do this. You know she’s gone too far. Has she been drinking already? This isn’t that funny.”

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you. You asked for this,” Jessica said, holding up the huge ball gag.

“There is no way that will fit in my mouth and no way that I’m letting you put it in there.”

“Open wide.”

Aneka clenched her teeth tight and shook her head.

“If you don’t let me put this in your mouth I am going to put those other things on you instead and there is no way you can stop me. How about that?”

“You can’t be serious,” Aneka said. She knew that Jessica was referring to the panties and the belt.

“Try me.”

Aneka knew when to give up. Obediently, she held her mouth open wide as Jessica struggled to force the ball between her teeth. It was compressible but it was far from soft. Jessica pulled the strap tight so that it cut into the sides of her face and buckled it behind her head.

Aneka couldn’t believe that Jessica was being so strict, what had got into her? The gag was really harsh and the muscles of her jaw were starting to hate it already.

“So, I need to get a collar and leash for you. I think they will have one at Costco but it will take half an hour to get there and back. We’ll still be out of here before eight. Try to be a good kitty while we go do some shopping, alright?”

She picked up my phone, my keys, and my purse, and once Mandy was out of the door Jessica locked it behind her.

Aneka thought to herself that she was stuck in the office with absolutely no hope of escape. Even if Jessica hadn’t deadlocked the door from outside she probably couldn’t have worked the door handle anyway.

The two women disappeared through the main doors while Aneka sat down to wait out her imprisonment. She was feeling hot inside the suit and her earlier struggles had made it wet and sweaty inside. The combination of straps across her chest and the tight corset around her waist made her disturbingly aware of her breathing so that she felt shorter of breath than she really was.

She looked down and saw that the zipper through her crotch had been undone. The tag that should be below the small of her back had been pulled around and all the way up to the front edge of the corset at which point it could go no further, leaving her suit crotch open from above her bum crack right the way around to below her belly-button. Sweat mixed with talc was dripping out of it.

Had Jessica done it while she was putting on the corset? Aneka was sure she hadn’t, but nevertheless the zipper was undone and she could feel a draught on her private parts.

Oh my god, if I move my legs just a little the fly shield strip will pop out and my pussy lips will be rubbing against the metal zip, she thought. She resolved to stay extremely still.

Acrid sweat was pouring into her eyes and there was nothing she could do to stop it, so she closed them. Her sore eyes welcomed the darkness.

When she went to open her eyes again she was horrified to discover that she couldn’t. There was something thick and heavy pressing down on her face, covering them. The blindfold! How could it have got there? Had Jessica or Mandy snuck back into the office to mess with her? If they had, she hadn’t heard them, but the mask did block some of her hearing, maybe it was possible.

Aneka suspected she was fooling herself, but what other explanation could there be? Blindfolds don’t just put themselves on, especially so gently that the victim doesn’t even notice it happening. She wanted to scream for help, but she knew there was probably nobody to hear her, and it was hopeless anyway because the gag completely plugged her mouth with bright yellow foam.

She felt something moving around her feet and then the sound of rubber moving over rubber. She tried to let out a scream then but all that she could manage was a muffled moan. She jumped up in panic and then realised that she was even worse off. She couldn’t find the chair again in the dark and she was bumping into things.

Something was crawling up her leg. She shrieked into the gag again. She could feel the tickling sensation of something creeping up around her legs. She stumbled wildly about the room, bumping into the blinds with a clatter and then fell over. Unable to use her arms to save herself she rolled and tumbled to break her fall, bumping her head on the swivel chair.

Dizzy and sightless, she felt that something had hold of both her legs. She tried to kick them free but it was to no avail, lack of oxygen was making her weak. Whatever it was, it kept on sliding higher, coming closer and closer to her crotch. There must be someone in the room with her. Perhaps there was, but she had no way to know for sure. The way she was fighting she was confident that Jessica or Mandy would know she was really scared and fighting with all her strength. They wouldn’t do this to her, would they?

She shrieked wordlessly into the gag as she felt something touch her pussy. She was helpless to stop it sliding inside her, which it did with disturbing ease. This had to be a nightmare. She had to be asleep in her bed simply dreaming this. There was no other way to rationalize it. Then she felt something pressing against her butt-hole and she began to weep into the gag. The thing or person that had attacked her while she was helpless and vulnerable was invading a part of her that even she was reluctant to touch.

With a distinctive shlupp sound the rubber panties settled themselves about her hips, the two rubber invaders now deep inside her. She trembled in fear of what must surely come next. They began to swell and grow, stretching her, filling her, possessing her. She had seen how big those things were and now they were inside her – those massive plugs – filling her up. It burned like twin circles of fire and there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Something else moved against her, slithering around her waist with a jangle of buckles. The feeling of a belt being pulled tight around her waist could be felt even through the corset. Then she felt the other strip slide down between her butt-cheeks and force its way between her legs, finally pushing up to meet the belt at her waist. She felt the pressure through her pelvic floor as the two plugs were forced deeper inside her by the thing that had tightened around her crotch. It could only be the chastity belt. At least there were no locks.

As if to mock her thoughts, she heard a click like a lock being snapped closed. It was followed by a pause of a few seconds, and then four more in quick succession. She was sure the box had been empty. Where had the locks come from? Were these awful restraints locked onto her now?

She lay defeated on the floor, weeping into the blindfold. At least that was it… There was nothing else that could be put on her now. She was dressed in the entire contents of the box. She began to feel a sort of relief at that idea. There was nothing else that could happen to her. She could lie on the floor and wait. She would be fine… Breathless, plugged, bound, gagged and blindfolded, but she could endure it though the tight feeling and the heat was starting to make her a tiny bit horny. Too bad, there was nothing she could do about that.

Time seemed to flow like treacle. She had no idea how long it had been or when Jessica and Mandy might return – if they weren’t still here laughing at her predicament or uploading humiliating pictures of her to some social media site. At least if they did, it would be hard for anyone to tell that it was her. No, they wouldn’t do anything so cruel. Something like that could ruin her life. Even if they’d been drinking they wouldn’t be so stupid. She was simply getting paranoid.

She felt an increasing need to pee. She would do everything in her power to hold on rather than pee herself in her office and she didn’t know if it would even be possible with the belt on.

Again, she started to wonder who or what had done this to her. Somebody must have got into her office, or been hiding in there all along. Hiding? Where? If she thought about it carefully all three of them had been facing the same way – away from the door – anyone that had walked in behind them would have been unnoticed. If they’d ducked under her desk just before the others turned to leave they wouldn’t have been seen. At least it was a better explanation than the idea of some horrible Halloween demon tormenting her. Could Jessica have brought someone else in on the trick? It was possible. They’d been away for a while. They’d had plenty of opportunity to recruit another conspirator. Could it be Emily? Aneka had always thought if there was somebody in the office who was really into kinky stuff it would be her.

The pain in her bladder was worsening, and it felt like the plugs inside her were beginning to pulse. How could they do that? She was sure they didn’t have batteries in them.

Something tickled her breast, and then the sensation of a zipper being unfastened across her nipple. She didn’t remember there being zippers on the breasts. How could she have missed such a thing? The other zipper was opened in the same way and she shivered as her wet sweaty nipples were exposed to the dry air of the office.

When she felt a hot wet mouth suckling at her nipple she screamed into the gag again but it was futile. There was still somebody still here in the room, doing this to her. At least she knew. It was certain. She wasn’t hallucinating or dreaming. Somebody in the room had sexually assaulted her. She might find it hard to press charges given the circumstances, but she at least knew that somebody was victimizing her. If Jessica or Mandy had anything to do with this she was finished with them as friends. In fact, she was sure that she would be handing in her resignation as soon as possible. If somebody in the office was doing this to her and they weren’t swiftly brought to justice, she couldn’t stay to face them. She suspected that if she did they would see it as an invitation to do it again. Would it be simple rape at knifepoint, or perhaps some kind of horrid blackmail?

Aneka’s stomach sank even further. If it was blackmail perhaps she would be unable to escape… Any hint of her resigning would result in exposure and her career would be over. It was too much to bear. The blackmailer might be videoing the whole thing right now.

Oh god, she thought, the mouth had moved to her other nipple and despite focussing her entire will against it, she was becoming increasingly aroused. She felt something like teeth grazing her with incredibly gentleness and she clenched down on those relentlessly throbbing plugs.

She felt a hot tongue sliding over her lips, wetting them, giving her a kind of kiss despite the huge gag. A moment later it was back on her nipples again. She was starting to wish that it could get to her clit but there was a thick rubber belt in the way, probably locked in place. She struggled to her knees. It didn’t stop her. It was still licking and sucking at her nipples – rubbing them gently with its teeth – why did she think of it as an it? She had no idea if it was a man or a woman, but it was probably a man, right?

In her kneeling position it was possible to put some weight on her crotch and with some careful balancing she could squeeze her clit against the carpet tiles through the belt. She didn’t want to be complicit in this but between the remorseless pumping inside her and the attention to her nipples she was going crazy with frustration.

She pushed and pushed, using the floor to grind her clit against the panties and the belt.  Soon the feeling that she might be able to cum started to register, the tension beginning to build. Before she could start to finish herself off, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps approaching followed by the sound of somebody trying to fumble a key into the lock of her office door.

Jessica was shouting outside, the sound muffled to quietness by the glass.

“What’s happened to her? The office is a mess. What’s she doing?”

“Don’t ask me, just get that door open,” Mandy yelled, her voice also distant and muffled.

Aneka heard the door open and an instant later the blindfold was ripped from her face.

“What the jeebuz happened here?” Jessica asked. Then she added. “Gag. Sorry.”

Hurriedly she unbuckled the gag and managed to prise it out of Aneka’s aching jaw.

“Oh god. Is he still here? Is he still here? You’ve got to find him.”

“What are you on about Annie?” Jessica said.

“Somebody was in here with me. He put this stuff on me.”

“I wondered how you got that blindfold on but…” Jessica paused, looking around the tiny room. There really was nowhere to hide. “There’s nobody here and nobody got past us. Mandy is right in the doorway. You can see that can’t you? If there was somebody in here they left before we arrived.”

Aneka’s head dropped, tears streaming down her face.

“I don’t know what happened, but you know there was no way I could have got that blindfold on myself, don’t you? You believe me?”

“The blindfold, I dunno, but I’m sure there’s no way you put that belt on, or all those locks. Houdini wouldn’t be able to pull a trick like that. Where did they come from anyway? Did you have them in your desk drawer?”

“Heck no. I have no idea where the locks came from. I don’t remember them in the box.”

“Then you don’t know where the keys are either?”

“I don’t know. Did you check in the box?”

Jessica made a careful search of the box and all the tissue paper packing.

“I can’t find any keys.” She turned around to look out of the window… The bare glass of the window… Aneka followed her gaze.

Aneka turned to see herself reflected in the glass. In other circumstances she might have been proud or excited about how she looked, but now it was simply humiliating. Outside blue and red lights were flashing on an ambulance.

 “Oh no! The window… The blind must have fallen down when I banged into it. With this light on everyone walking down there can see right in. They can see me like this!”

“Come away from the glass then,” Mandy said.

Aneka stumbled backwards and Jessica hastily hooked the blind back up into position.

“Fixed. But yeah… Maybe somebody out there saw you being attacked. Are there any other keys to the office?”

“No. Not that I know of, but anything is possible. The key-card for the front door would show a record if anyone came in. You can access it from my computer.”

“Too hard for me. I think that will have to wait until you can use your hands for that.”

“Can you get me to a 24-hour locksmith.”

“I think we should at least try.”

“I guess this night is a bust,” Mandy said. “I’m really sorry for leaving you like that. This is all our fault.”

Jessica bit her lip in a guilty way and turned her head to avoid looking Aneka in the eye.

“I’m so sorry Annie. We’ll get you out of this and then I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you. Right? That was a stupid joke. I’ll never do anything like that again. Still friends right?”

“You couldn’t have known but… Yeah, one of you should have stayed if you were going to play that joke. I know you didn’t mean any harm.”

“Sorry,” Jessica said again.

“Please, I just want to get out of this outfit.”

“We need to find something to cover you up,” Many said.

Aneka looked down to check the zippers on her breasts. There weren’t any. The breast cups were exactly as she remembered them, devoid of zippers.

“When I get this thing off I am burning every piece of it,” Aneka said.

She felt a powerful throbbing inside her. Were the panties reacting to her? Impossible, but just to be on the safe side she promised herself that she wouldn’t burn the outfit. It would probably be best to try and get her money back by auctioning it as a Halloween costume.

“I don’t care if I have to go out like this. Just get me out of it,” Aneka said, her lip trembling.

Jessica and Mandy helped Aneka out of the building wrapped in a long raincoat. As they walked down the road with the clear view of Aneka’s window, heading down towards a busy taxi rank on the river’s edge, they reached the ambulance Aneka had glimpsed from her window. Two hunky paramedics were loading a stretcher into the back.

Aneka caught a glimpse of the man on the stretcher. He was young, in his twenties, but his face was twisted with a look of terror and his hair was bleached pure white. Aneka had to stop. Something was nagging at the back of her mind.

“What happened here?” Aneka asked the paramedics.

“I shouldn’t say, but this one’s going to be a Halloween urban myth. You should have the chance to say you were here when it started. In a nutshell, bloke looks like he died of fright. Young fit bloke but his heart stopped. Just like that. Bam. Dead before we reached him.”

“How come?”

“The way we found him, he was propped against a parking meter, looking up at that window there. I dunno what the hell he saw but it scared the living shit out of him.”

Aneka’s gaze followed the paramedic’s pointing finger. Up on a familiar tower block, just one office window was illuminated, the venetian blind hanging awkwardly askew, not properly closed at the top. It was her window.


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