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The Cube

by Mtnbound

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© Copyright 2013 - Mtnbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; latex; catsuit; gag; cuffs; chain; sbf; M/f; hood; bond; bfold; tease; torment; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

She quietly set the phone back on the receiver. He had called, and the big project, the one He had worked on for weeks, the project that had become such an overwhelming force in both of their lives, had gone to shit. He thought he had it all planned out, right down to the last detail. She couldn't help but agree. He had seemed so confident, so ready to take on the world. She loved it when he felt this way.

But it had crashed and burned. The buyers were backing out, and the boss was pissed. He called her, sounding as deflated as an antique bicycle tire.

"I have the afternoon off, the boss wants me to re-collect myself and try again next week. I'll be home in 45 minutes. Love you hun." He had said.

"I love you too! I'll be here waiting. Don't worry, things will be ok." She tried her hardest to sound nonchalant about the matter.

He was on his way home for a long weekend of mulling over the bad news.

"Not this weekend," she thought. "This weekend He is mine. I am His."

Enough was enough with the damn project, it was time to take his mind off of work. She knew just what he needed, and she had just enough time to get ready.

She had all day off, and had been waiting for His call. She now retired to the bedroom to prepare. She knew He'd want a hot shower when He got home, and she was going to ambush him with a surprise.

She looked in the mirror one more time before she got ready. It always amused her to see just how plain she could look one minute, and the next look so exotic and fetished-out the next.

She threw her sweatpants and t-shirt on the floor, and picked her latex catsuit off of the vanity top. He had given it to her as a gift for her last birthday. It was custom made to fit her perfectly. It had been her first catsuit, and though she had worn it more than a dozen times, it still amazed her just how sensual it was to pull it over her whole body. The suit covered everything but her head and hands in a beautiful light blue. She had picked out the color, knowing blue was his favorite color, but kept it lighter and feminine so as not to let on.

She combed her hair and put on a little eyeshadow to match her latex. Checking the clock, she saw she still had 15 minutes to finish up. Just enough time to finish off her plan.

She went to the closet and retrieved one of the "bag-o-goodies" He kept stored there. From it, she removed 4 soft leather cuffs, a 4-way clip she could use to connect them all, and a ring gag. Before strapping the cuffs on, she slid her black latex gloves onto her hands. She considered the hood too, but it was in another bag, and there was too little time. She quickly wrapped the soft leather around her wrists and ankles, and buckled them snugly. She knelt at the foot of the bed, and clipped her ankles together with the 4-way clip. She liked this particular 4-way clip because it was secure enough that she could struggle and pull hard on it, but she could still get free easily enough on her own.

She reached over and took the ring gag from the end of the bed. She pushed the ring behind her teeth, and buckled the strap firmly behind her head. She knew He loved this gag.

One last look around, and she decided all was ready. She clipped her hands into the 4-point clips, and she waited for the sound of the garage door opening.

He took a little longer than expected, and by the time the door from the garage opened, her jaw was just beginning to ache a little.

"Honey? Honey are you in here?"

She heard footsteps coming to the bedroom. Just as she had predicted, he'd want a shower. The bedroom door opened.

She just loved the look he got in his eyes on these occasions. She watched as his face went from weary disappointment, to surprise, to boyish grin.

"And just what do we have here? Does somebody want to play?"

"Uh-huh!" she sputtered through the gag. She sat up off of her ankles and tugged at her restraints and licking her lips. Her eyes were smiling so broadly that He thought they'd stick. He loved the way her eyes smiled. He loved how genuinely happy His girl was.

"Well, well, well, aren't we anxious? I think I know just what you want, too. However, first let me do a little fine tuning."

He went to the closet and retrieved another bag. She sat quietly, a dull ache in her jaw, wishing he would hurry up and get to it. She wanted him to use her, to feel good, to forget about everything else.

From the bag he pulled her white latex full face hood, three leather straps and some rope. He slowly walked behind her, and knelt to inspect her bindings. He grinned to himself and weaved a length of rope through the D rings on all of her cuffs, tying them off tightly and securely, safe from prying fingers. He then stood and walked around in front of her. He knelt facing her, and leaned in to kiss her forehead.

He brushed her hair away from her eyes, and reached for a leather strap. He gently lifted one of her knees, and wrapped the strap around her shin and thigh, buckling it firmly. The same was repeated with her other leg, and she now found herself unable to do anything but twist her torso.

"Ugh oo ahhh gah." She tried to speak and pulled on her restraints. He walked behind her once more and wrapped the final strap around her elbows, gently but firmly pulling them together until they were almost touching. She squirmed and giggled. She loved the feeling of being this helpless. Before she had met Him, she had tied herself up many times, but could never quite do it like this. She loved being totally helpless.

She felt him unzip the crotch of her catsuit and push her forward. She wondered what... Oh! OH!

He gently slid the lubed plug into her ass. When it was seated, He turned a small switch that started the vibrator, and re-zipped the suit. He then walked back around to face her, and leaned down to stroke her cheek.

"Now we're almost ready!" He chirped. "One last thing."

He grabbed the latex hood and pulled it over her head, stretching it over her gagged face and zipping it neatly behind her neck. He smiled and kissed her gagged mouth as he teased her rubberized breasts. She gently moaned and pressed her chest against His hand. She strained against her bonds, wanting to wrap herself around Him, envelope Him in her loving embrace. But all she could do was squirm and moan. And squirm and moan she did.

"You like?" He stared into her eyes, grinning.

"Uh huh ahh laaa ah laawww!" she muttered, grinning with her eyes. The tightness of it all, the ache in her jaw, the envelopment of the rubber, it was setting in. Her head was floating. "Lift off for sub-space!" she thought.

He turned and walked back to the bag. "Almost forgot!" He turned around holding a blindfold. She started to protest, but he just grinned, put his finger to her gagged lips, and pulled the blindfold over her eyes, buckling it tightly in place.

Now she was stuck. Now she was his. There was nothing left for her to do but take it all in. She felt with every nerve in her body, strained to hear every little noise. What was he doing? What was next? She heard footsteps walk out of the bedroom to the kitchen, and she heard the fridge open. The footsteps returned, and she heard the popping sound of a bottle of beer opening.

"Url laagh erf!" She struggled against the leather cuffs and straps.

He pressed the frigid bottle against her breast, and she recoiled.

"Brrrrrrrr. You can't get away." He chased her nipple with the cold bottle as she gently moaned and strained to get away from the freezing tease.

He pinched her other nipple and pressed the cold bottle between her breasts. As a reflex, she bucked forward, splashing his beer onto His shirt.

"What have we done now? I guess I was being too nice. If you don't want me to play with you, maybe you want a way to entertain yourself?"

"Urll ughug.."

"I'll take that as a yes then!"

She heard footsteps walk back to the kitchen, and after a short time they returned. She strained to hear where He was, to feel his touch, to know what was going on.

He gently caressed her side with his finger, right across her ticklish spot, and she recoiled again, giggling.

"Ok, just checking. I guess you don't want me to play right now. Have it your way..." His words trailed off, but he ran His fingers up her shoulder, across her collar bone, up the neck. She got ticklish again, and began to giggle but tried not to pull away.

He smiled and worked His finger into the collar of her catsuit. He stretched it forward, pulling her to him, pulling her face right up to his. He kissed her cheeks, kissed her lips, and casually brought His other had up to her neck.

She was in and out of sub-space. She was immersed in the tight grips of her bonds. She was sweating, and the tight latex was sliding all over her whole body. It felt like a giant tongue licking every inch of her at once. The vibrating intruder in her ass was buzzing away, and no matter how she turned, she couldn't escape the almost ticklish sensations it sent rippling through her. She felt His fingers walking up her neck. She felt herself being pulled to Him. She felt his lips against hers, and she struggled to lean out and kiss Him through the gag.

And then he did it. She never saw it coming, and could do nothing to escape his fiendish plan.

She first felt the ice cube against the front of her neck, and before she could get away, He had tucked it just between her collar bones and tucked the neck of her suit away back under her hood. He stood back and smiled to himself.

"Let the games begin!"

At first she froze. It was like when she got snow down her back as a kid, when she would just arch her back and gasp...

Except this time that was all she COULD do. She muttered some garbled, exasperated sounds through her gag.

Then the first trickle ran down her chest. Icy cold, wet, like a fingertips running toward her belly button... Followed by another....

Now she bucked. She forgot about the straps on her legs and arms, the rope holding her cuffed limbs tightly in place. She forgot about the ring gag holding her drooling mouth wide open. All she knew, at that moment, was that ice was being held against her sweating body by a skin tight layer of latex. She squirmed and struggled and twisted, but there was no escape. Another cold drop of water worked its way between her breasts.

She ran out of breath and stopped struggling for a moment. The ice was too cold, almost burning a spot into her skin. She sat up straight and writhed, trying to adjust it in any way she could. She succeeded... The ice slipped and slowly slid between her breasts, following the trail of cold water. She squealed and the bondage dance began anew.

As the ice melted, the stream of water grew, and soon it was seeping down between her legs. She felt the first cold drops of water hit her swollen clit, and the realization hit her.

That's where the ice cube was headed!

"Aaarrrgggh! Unlungh err arrr lah erg!!"

She jumped and thrashed with all her might. She had to get a hand free to stop this damned mini-glacier! With every inch it crept across her hot skin, it took her breath away a bit more. With all of the movement, the cube crept its way all of the way down, even managed to traverse the belly button, and was now on her lower belly, staged for the final assault. She stopped.

She held as still as a statue. She scarcely breathed. She could feel the tension of the latex pushing the cube down, and just the slightest bit more movement would push it straight down between her legs. Her eyes rolled under the blindfold, and she let out a pitiful plea from behind the gag.

He reached down and placed His finger just below the cube. She let out the breath she'd been holding. She cooed through the gag, and tried to lean forward to nuzzle him.

"Have we come around now? Are you ready for me to join?"

She nodded her head enthusiastically, a dribble of drool dripping from under her chin.

"Good. Now, just as a reminder..."

He removed His finger from under the ice cube, grinned devilishly, and flicked downward on it, sending it sliding right between her legs.

She yelped and kicked herself up with her toes, straining with her arms to break the strap binding her elbows.

Amidst her struggles, she suddenly felt his hands on her latex-covered face, pulling her forward. She felt him slide his member into her mouth as she sputtered and kicked, trying to dislodge the icy stranger from her intimates.

He held on while she arched, spun, and wobbled, her tongue and lips dancing over his cock all the while. As her gyrations slowed, he reached down and unzipped her crotch zipper. Warm water came dripping out everywhere, followed by a small pebble-sized piece of ice...

He lifted her and gently set her on the bed. He eased her legs apart and pushed himself into her wet sex, and for both of them, time slowed. There was only the immediate sensual stimulation. Both of them shot to the edges of the most intense intimate rush they had ever felt, where they drifted, momentarily, like sailboats stuck in the doldrums.

When she drifted back to reality, her legs were untied and he was loosening her elbows. Her blindfold had been removed.

When her hands were untied she grabbed him and hugged him. He kissed her forehead and smiled. She waited for him to remove the hood and gag, knowing he forbid her to ungag herself.

Her newly freed lips formed a giant smile, and she wrapped herself around him. He was smiling, calm, relaxed. The failed project was all but forgotten.

Her mission was accomplished...


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