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Cosplay Complex

by Darqside

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(Author's Note: This story contains many pop culture references that won't be explained outright, so if you want to learn more, Wikipedia or Google may help.)(Gromet: Have added links to Wikipedia for some of the terms used.)


My girlfriend is an Otaku.  That's Japanese for being a fan of Anime and Manga comics.  In Japan this is somewhat considered a negative connotation towards people who spend all their time indoors, but it also means that you're a fan to the point of borderline obsession.

Well, in all honesty, Sarah's becoming my girlfriend was a complete accident.  She sort of became my girlfriend out of necessity...

More or less, I discovered her secret and soon after that, well…

I first met Sarah at a hotel that was showcasing an Anime Convention, it's basically a place where fans congregate and do all sorts of crazy things to celebrate being a fan of certain shows they like.  I had never been to one before, so I was curious.  I had no idea I'd be coming home with a prize like Sarah.

The thing of it was, Sarah and I were in hotel rooms next to each other, so I was essentially her next door neighbor for approximately 3 days.  Neither of us seemed to have any friends we knew there, so I got to know her a little bit and her…uh…'habits'.

I'll tell you right up front that Sarah has quite the natural figure, she's slim, well-rounded, not too toned, and she's a natural brunette in plain-clothes.  But I would soon discover that even a natural brunette can transform into something, well…otherworldly.

Sarah is into Cosplay, that is to say she likes to wear various costumes that make her look like several female characters found in Anime and Manga.  While that's all well and good for the fans, she takes a certain pride and pleasure in her work.

The first 'habit' I'd come to notice, is that she designed her own costumes, usually doing some last-minute stitching before going on 'display' for the fans.  She always works on her 'costumes' in a little nook just outside her hotel room in the hallway.  She would set up a little makeshift booth to call her own and get to work.  I'm not sure why she did this, but I guess it had something to do with it being in the open air as opposed to a small stuffy room.

I found myself utterly fascinated by her work, as she would usually have a piece of the artwork she used for reference in the design of the costume up on poster board, and her costumes were always near exact replicas…but with one small alteration.

This alteration she made to the costumes turned me on in a big way.  You see, this was her second 'habit' I'd come to know and love about her.  She always made her costumes out of latex material.  It didn't even matter if the original outfit was designed with velvet or cotton in mind.  She always created elaborate outfits out of the same colorful shiny material.  Tight or loose didn't matter to her, if it fit the character, it was latex.

I'd decided after watching her work on her first costume of the day that I would follow her and see this convention she planned on going to.  Besides being curious, I wanted to see the end result of her hard work on the costume she was making.

It took a few hours and I killed some time looking at the various anime shops around the convention, but I finally got to see her in her full outfit.  It was a large green petticoat with black lining; she wore an extended brunette wig that went down the length of her dress with numerous curls and a large white lace bonnet.  To complete the transformation, she'd even put in a pair of red and green contact lenses to change her naturally blue eyes to that of green and red.  The green rubber of the large dress impressed me, and I also noticed how prim and proper she carried herself in the elegantly matching green heels and white stockings.  And for some strange reason she was carrying an over-sized green watering can to match the dress.

I couldn't help myself, so I asked her.  "So who are you supposed to be dressed as?"

"Don't you know? ~desu, I'm Suiseiseki ~desu, pleased to meet you ~desu."

I wasn't sure why Sarah was saying 'desu' so much, but the way she said it was adorably cute.  I watched with fascination as fans' eyes would light up and giggle at seeing 'Suiseiseki' in action.  Some girls squealed with delight and hugged her…which of course was a little unnerving, but it certainly piqued my curiosity.  After a while I decided to get a bite to eat and come back later.

Later that night I went back up to my room to recharge my cell phone batteries when I found Sarah in her Suiseiseki costume again, but this time she was hard at work on yet another costume, once again, entirely made out of latex.  This one in particular was even more elaborate than the one she was currently wearing.  A solid black boned piece with various ornamental looking attachments lining the outside of the dress.

"Wouldn't it be easier to work on that outfit if you took your current costume off?" I asked her.  It was obvious she was really getting absorbed in her work, a deep smile creasing her face.  In fact, it was more than a smile; she looked a little winded from working so hard on this new outfit.

"Most cosplayers only come to conventions with one costume…I like to bring three, just so I can switch up for every day I go.  And well….taking the costume off is just something I won't do…not until the end of the day at least…it's just…a personal rule. ~desu"

"I see." I didn't quite get the meaning behind that 'personal rule' of hers, but it was obvious she was having the time of her life, and I wasn't about to stop her.  She smiled again, once again getting absorbed in her work on the costume.  She looked pretty excited for someone working on a costume.  I've never seen a seamstress get so worked up over such a thing before in my life.

The next day, for some reason I didn't find her sitting in her 'shop' working on her costume, like I had assumed she would be doing around that time.

"Strange, and she left her costume out as well."  I stared at the material and wondered why it was she insisted on it being latex material.  Well it wasn't like it was my place to judge what a girl wears for a costume, but it just seemed odd is all.

That's when I saw something I wasn't familiar with.  Lying next to the material was a strange container with several hasps and locks in it.  I wasn't sure what they were for, but by the looks of things, they were designed to attach to the dress.  Perhaps for holding the material together?  It wasn't a real big deal to me, as by the looks of things the material looked heavy so it would need that kind of support to hold it together, especially if she planned on wearing it.  Curiosity got the better of me and decided I wanted to get a better look at her dress.

All of a sudden she appeared from behind me, startling me, making me drop the card key to my room on the table.  What I didn't realize was that next to the dress on the table was her hotel card key to her room.

"I caught you!"

"Sorry, I just…was curious that's all…!!" I nervously picked up my card.

"So, do you like these costumes?" she asked me with quiet interest.  She was in plain clothes again, but from the looks of things, not for long, as the dress she had been working on since yesterday was almost finished.

"Well this is my first time looking at one up close and I was…" I stammered.

"..You were just what?" she asked, suspicious of me.  "You shouldn't touch stuff that doesn't belong to you."

I wanted to quip 'then don't leave your stuff in the middle of the hallway', but I knew by the look on her face that wouldn't hold water.  Instead I simply apologized and left without so much as an explanation.  Although she seemed nice, I guess even she could get mad if someone touched her stuff without permission.

I found myself hiding next to a large pile of free-sample Manga comic books, drowning my guilt and sorrow in something called a 'doujinshi' when I looked up to see the most beautiful raven-haired girl staring down at me.  Her hair was long and deep shiny black, and she wore what I could only describe as a black rubber dress with golden armor-like strips around the neck, wrists, and sides of the skirt.  And despite my embarrassment at her looking down at me, she had the most sympathetic look on her face.

"You sure look gloomy, and that's saying a lot coming from a Dark Mana Elemental."

"What are you supposed to be?" I asked, until I noticed it was Sarah.  She had apparently felt sorry for me enough to come find me.

"The name is Plua, you ever play the Atelier Iris games?  That's me." She smiled, and I noticed she had matching black lipstick which struck a deep dark impression on me.

Her outfit was certainly striking, such that I didn't even recognize her at first.  She had what appeared to be a large boned tiara on her head, long strands of black hair, deep brown eyes, and a golden open boned collar around her neck that exposed all of her cleavage for the world to see.  Everything else was black rubber and gold plastic wing designs among other things.  It looked almost gothic.  To top this off she even had a pair of elf-shaped ear pieces and large bat-like wings she wore to complete the effect.  The dress itself looked like a large black umbrella.

"About what happened earlier, I didn't really mean to startle you.  You were probably just curious just like everyone else.  Don't worry, I'm not mad at you… I'm just… a little protective of my outfits that's all."

"Sorry for being nosey, I just have never seen such unique outfits before… and they look good on you." I stated with a little nervousness.  The truth being I hadn't been around such an attractive woman before and her 'openings' in the dress were more than enough stimulation for me.

Before we could finish our conversation a group of fans came by to take pictures of her, forcing me to 'fade into the background' while she took the spotlight.  She certainly wasn't the type to be camera shy, and from the looks of things she was certainly playing the role of her costume well.  I just found myself completely fascinated by her poses and the way she simply enjoyed wearing her costume.  To be honest, she was a sight different from all the other cosplayers around the place, as they seemed hot and tired in their costumes, while she continued to shine.

Was her costume air-conditioned?  What sort of trick did she have up her sleeve to keep going as long as she had?  I didn't know it yet, but I was bound and determined to find out.

Later that day I decided to poke my nose around the convention some more and see what else they had to offer.  Certainly there were quite a number of people cosplaying, and there was even a contest going on later that night, but nobody there seemed quite as interesting as Sarah had been to me.  I didn't know why that was, but she was fascinating me…not just because she was attractive, but whenever she smiled, it was always genuine like she was enjoying herself immensely.

I was looking at a box of videos when someone tapped me on the shoulder from behind.  It was Sarah in her costume, and she had a somewhat nervous look on her face.

"I need your help." She said nervously.  "I think I lost my hotel room key, it was on the table when last I saw it but now I need to change and I don't have a key to get in.  You dropped your key next to mine so I'm wondering if you grabbed my room key by mistake."

"I'll see what I can do."

We both went up to our respective rooms.  I swiped my hotel key card into my room to find out it wasn't working.  I swiped it through her door and sure enough her room opened.

"No don't look!" she yelped, trying to keep me from going into her room.

"What's the matter?  Something you don't want me to see…?  Well it is your room card, so I guess I'll have to head to the front desk and see if they can't get me a new one since it seems I appear to have lost mine."

"No, that's not it…" she stopped me.  I didn't quite know what to make of what she was doing.

"Ever since I met you yesterday I've been thinking about trying to get a quirky boyfriend, someone who didn't give me weird looks whenever I got excited about making costumes… but… I did something stupid."


"Earlier today when you left by yourself after I 'scared you off'' I wanted to get in my room.  When I found out the card didn't work, I realized it was your card and you must've somehow picked mine up by mistake."

"I don't understand, how is that stupid?  It was my fault for taking your key… so… where is my key card then?"

"That's just it… I… did something with your card."  She muttered.  "It's just that… you're the first guy to ever take interest in my work on costumes and not just me wearing them.  You like both those sides of me and… well… I…"

"I'm not following you… what did you do?"

"It's better…," she sighed at last, "If I tell you everything."

She opened the door to her room, leaving me perplexed at first, then she quickly ushered me into her room.  On the bed lay several black tubes and the container I saw earlier, only none of the hasps and locks were there.

"Call me a desperate woman; call me a freak, call me whatever you want, but ever since yesterday I think I fell for you."

I was stunned.  Was she making an advance on me?

"I'm not sure how much more I have to spell it out for you but… here goes," she took a deep breath, however much the black and gold corset of her costume allowed her to, "When you accidentally took my key card, you were halfway down the hall… I could've called out to you and told you it was my card, but I didn't… because… I wanted to find out more about you."

She sat down on the bed, but when she did so, I could see her face turn several shades of pink and red, as if something was irritating her.

"I snuck into your room and took a look at your things, pictures, ID, anything I could get my hands on… please don't be mad… I just wanted to find out more about you… I don't know there's… something about you… something I need…. desperately."  She stood up again slowly with her hands behind her back.

"I realized what I was doing was wrong, and I'm sorry for that… but… I couldn't just let you go… so I locked the door behind me, and had your card in my hand and… well… I just felt like…"

I was too shocked for words, what else had Sarah done?  Stolen my money?  But I didn't want to jump to conclusions, so I waited for her to finish what she had to say.

"You want to know where your Key Card is… it's in here."

Her hands drifted to somewhere below her midriff, below the corset she wore, underneath several layers of latex dress and petticoat.

My mouth was agape to say the least, eyes wide like a deer in headlights.  I had noticed the chemistry between myself and Sarah, but I had no idea it was this deep this fast… especially for her.

"You think I'm insane, don't you?"

I couldn't say.  I really couldn't.  Was she crazy?  I didn't know.  But at that moment it felt like a light turned on inside of me.  It was then she revealed to me her secret habits.

Turning slowly she reached behind her back to reveal what appeared to be a strange latex flap.  I pulled it back to reveal several rows going down her back of locks and hasps in the clothing, each with its own tiny padlock made of reinforced steel. 

The locks weren't to hold the costume together; they were there to keep her locked inside the costume.  Locked inside the world of the very character she cosplayed as.

"If you want your Key Card back… you're going to have to undo the locks and help me take off the costume."  Her voice was trembling… she was afraid of my response.

She continued, voice still shaky, "You'll find… the keys… in the drawer next to the bed.  The combination to open the container is 8-3-4-5-6-2."

Without saying a word, I followed her instruction, the keys were in a special combination container made of some kind of hard reinforced metal, I could only assume she used it to prevent losing the keys, but as I slowly worked the combination, I could hear her breathing quicken.  She was enjoying this.

Once the container was open, I discovered each of the keys corresponded to a different lock on her costume.  It took some time, but I slowly undid the locks.  Her breathing fell to a whisper as I did this.  Slowly and gently I peeled back part of the outfit away from her skin.

It was obvious she could feel my breath on her bare back.  The more I peeled away material, the more I discovered she had been wearing the costume completely nude from within.  The more skin I exposed, the more she began to shudder.  That's when I discovered a new surprise.

Underneath the multitude of layers of costume she wore, seemingly effortlessly in her tireless performance in front of the fans… she wore a pair of rubber dildoes, one for each opening in her pelvis.  Both were connected by a single thick strip of rubber apparently, and from the looks of things, she was incredibly hot and wet down there.

Underneath all this, soaked in cum juice and sweat, was my Key Card to my room.  She had shoved it into the crevice of her twat, not enough to cut into the skin, but just enough that she could feel it when she moved, the dildoes holding the card in place.

She stood stock still, hands shaking, as if I had violated her essence.  Tears were coming down from her face, but her hands wouldn't move up to wipe them away.

If this wasn't evidence to prove her obsession over me… then what happened next was.

I had her turn and face me, naked, except for the black latex stockings and heels she wore underneath her rubber dress.  I had her look into my eyes.  I didn't say a single word.  I placed my fingers gently across her trembling lips.  Her eyes slowly closed and I could hear her moan desperately, trying to suppress the orgasm that escaped her lips and dripped out her vulva.

I realized then what I had done was seal her bond and obsession with me.  There was no going back.

Her secret, as I had learned it, was that every time she wore a new costume, she wore the dildoes to pleasure herself while she stood, prim and proper in character.  Her costumes were so natural and elaborate that aside from the latex material, no one would've known about it.  What's more, she would deliberately seal her fate by locking herself in the costumes for long periods of time, transforming herself into a semi-permanent cosplayer.

The reason she was always eager and excited, not to mention full of energy when she wore these outfits, was because it brought pleasure and stimulation to her body.  But yesterday something inside her changed.

"I think this is where…*sniff* I say… 'sorry for giving you such a hard time'" she said in drips of tears.  "I'll never… *sniffle* bother you again…"

The card was still in my hand, dripping of sweat and cum from her nether regions.  I set it down on the desk.  This woman was now in the palm of my hand.  And my mind was churning with hundreds of thoughts of what to do next.

The only thing I could think of to say was, "Go take a shower… clean up.  I need time to think."

I sat pensively on the bed, her black rubber costume in my arms, I could hear her crying softly in the shower… probably hating herself right about now.  I sat and I thought… for the longest time… about what to do next.

I looked about her room; several costumes had been hung about the place.  It was a hotel, and certainly something would be suspected if anyone knew the truth.  She had several of her 'toys' lying on the bed, just waiting to be stuffed inside her.  In particular I noticed a remote-controlled buzzer that would activate with a flip of a switch.

After some time, she came out of the shower, wearing a robe and stood silently in front of me, her eyes looking at the floor.

"Sarah, what you did isn't something normal people do… but then… I suppose you figured out I'm not exactly normal either.  But I can't let you just get away with doing what you did."  My voice was calm and composed.

"I like you, Sarah, you're a wonderful woman I just met a day or two ago.  I can't believe I'm saying this, but I've fallen for you too… but I didn't know what I could do about it.  Now I have an idea."  She looked into my eyes, somewhat fearful, somewhat hopeful, but still the passion in her was pining for me.  I could tell there was lust there… even if she tried to hide it, and to be honest, I wanted it.

"Where's the costume you were planning on wearing for the Cosplay contest tonight?" I asked her.

In response she pointed to a series of thick blue rubber fragments that appeared to be molded to her body's shape.  They apparently clasped together to form a thick armor with several laced materials and a frilled ornamental dress flowed out from under it all.  To top this off she had a silver painted headdress with feathers molded to it and a long silver wig with what apparently was silver hair bound in a unique ponytail fashion.  In addition she apparently had created a special set of rubber "armor heels" that functioned just like those of her character.

"That's my Lenneth Valkyrie costume, it… it took me a long time to make… and it takes a while to put on.  I was going to wear something simple tonight but…"

"You're going to wear this… but you're going to wear it the way I want you to wear it."

It took about 40 minutes as she instructed me on how the costume went over her body.  But I managed to 'assist' her in her transformation.  But before she seemed ready, I performed some last minute modifications to her outfit.  With several clicks, I added the padlocks to a hidden inner flap of the outfit, just out of her arm's reach.  The keys were now in my hand.

"Normally I…. I put them in the safe with the combination." She said, her face somewhat flushed again.

"These keys belong to me now." I said with a soft yet commanding voice.  "If you ever plan on getting out of this armor… you're going to have to earn each and every one of them from me.  And if you try to cheat or cross me…"  I showed her the remote control that controlled the buzzing sensations she now felt ringing in her body, forcing her to nearly double over, "You can expect this at any time, any place.  As far as I'm concerned, you belong to me now."  I said, with a smile of satisfaction.

"Hai, goshujin-sama!" <Yes, Master!> she chirped in response.

To show how good-natured I was feeling, I gave her a gentle swat on her rear as she was leaving the room.  "Now go, Lenneth, and win that contest!"

'Lenneth' now fully in character drew her plastic replica sword. "By the holy laws, they shall be obliterated!" she smiled sheepishly at me… Even after all this, that she would still be an entry into the contest taking place at the convention.  Somehow this was different… and perhaps it had changed both of us, for better or worse, we weren't certain.

I watched with relaxed interest as the woman whose heart I had somehow managed to capture now gave the costumed performance of a lifetime, and the people around her ate it up.  If I thought for a moment she didn't smile or perform with the same intense energy I had seen from her in days prior, she would get 'buzzed'.  Most people just assumed she was readjusting her armor, but I knew she wanted to rub herself like crazy.  I simply smiled and watched the show as fans crowded around her.

I, myself, was turning into an Otaku.  She was my favorite anime character, and she was also my biggest fan.  Even if she lost the contest tonight… it wouldn't matter… because the real contest was going to start soon after.

Even long after the convention was over, I learned how much Sarah loved Cosplay, both design and to wear.  And not just for anime conventions!  Now she has a few 'new habits' and her costumes are a little more, how shall I put it? "Creatively Accommodating"?  It's gotten to the point we've shared a few of our secrets to some of the more die-hard Cosplay fans… but not too many… as we don't want to be too out-of-character.  Even I do a little Cosplay now and again, but whatever costume she wears, she still furtively calls me, "Goshujin-sama" no matter how tightly locked in costume she gets.

The End?



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