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Complete Circuit

by Greyrose

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© Copyright 2002 - Greyrose - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; solo-f; latex; robotics; suit; stuck; toys; cons; X

Component 1

Does anyone remember the Robot Men from DC Comics?  And if you saw her once you could not have forgotten Tina, the Platinum robot.  She was the first image that began this story.

Trish had been to costume rental places all over town and none of them had what she was looking for.  Even Trish was not sure what she wanted, she just knew that she hadn't found it yet.  The last place she had been to told her about this 'Techno SurfaceWare' place. As soon as she stepped inside, Trish knew.  This was the place, here she would find that something special.  For the party tonight she did not want any of the tired old costumes, tonight she was going to splurge. Upon entering she noticed chrome & plastic everywhere, metallic colors dominating everything.  She had been told correctly, if it was techno and related to a person wearing it, this was the place.  There were lycra bodysuits in silver, gold, bronze, and more.  There were circuit boards and wire gizmos that could be attached to various parts of the human body.

One item she saw was a corset looking thing, that in the front over the stomach there was a 1/2" deep insert.  The door would open and reveal wires and chips and switches and blinking lights.

"That's a very popular item Miss," a voice said over her shoulder.

Trish jumped slightly and turned, "Sorry I didn't hear you come up."

"No I'm sorry, I should have said something before I got so close.  Is there something that I can help you find?" The voice belonged to a man about Trish's age, late 20's, a little over 6'. He was in good shape and kept his sandy blond hair cut short.

"This looks interesting, what's it for?" Trish pointed at the corset like thing.

"Well this is for when you need to be reprogrammed or repaired, this gives access to the necessary parts," He said with a straight face but with a twinkle in his eye.  He chuckled seeing her face. At first Trish just blanked out not understanding what he had said. But then she smiled tentatively at his chuckle, still not fully following what he had been talking about. "Sorry, most people that actually manage to find this store are pretty much into the Techno scene.  This is for playing a robot persona.  As is much of what is here."

Trish nodded to what he said, still not quite following him.

"Perhaps if you could tell me what you are looking for, I can talk about things you want to know."  Smiling still, he led her to a counter with lots of parts in it and catalogues on top.

Trish started describing what she wanted, "Well there's this big costume party downtown..."

"This the one at the Grande International?"  He asked.

"Right, and I've decided that I'm going to go in style. You know really splurge and get something that's going to be a show stopper.  I want to go as something that will be remembered for years!"  Trish blushed at her outburst, thinking that he must hear stories like that all day long.

"Hmmm," he looked from her to various parts of the store and back. "Thing is, as big as that party is most people have had their outfits arranged for weeks.  Most of my specific costumes are already gone. But I like challenges. Lets see what we can pull out of thin air."

The two of them started at one end and looked at almost everything in the store.  By the time they had finished they had quite a number of items in the 'Final Possibilities' stack. When they were looking through it and Trish was trying to make some final decisions, "I'm sorry Mike but as nice as all this is, it just falls short on what I had really wanted for tonight."

"You see I just finished a big project for work that has kept me hopping all over the country for over a year and because of that my social life has been the pits.  I was hoping for something to get my night life jump started with a BANG!" Trish set a gold and black circuit patterned lycra body suit down.

Mike looked at her and then sorted through the items it had taken them almost an hour to dig out of all corners of the store.  "Well there is something..." Mike looks at Trishes suddenly hopeful face for a long moment. (Sigh)  "All right, I'll show you something special, and maybe, and I do mean MAYBE we can work out a deal."

"Please Mike, I really need something for tonight and while all of this we found is great, it's just not what I need for tonight.  So Pretty  Please?" she begged with her deep blue eyes wide with innocence and need.

Chuckling and shaking his head, "All right, I said I'd show you.  So if you would follow me into the back?"  Feeling a little apprehensive, but becoming more and more curious about this little mystery, Trish followed Mike down a hall into a smaller display room. There were over a dozen display stands, but all were empty.  "As I said, most of our best outfits are already taken.  But back here," he indicates a door hidden off to one side, "we may find something to your taste."

Signaling her to wait, he steps inside.  After a few moments he reappears with a tall figure on a rolling platform.  The figure is covered by a white sheet, but Trish can see it is obviously a female form, a little taller than Mike.

Mike stops the platform with a clear space about it, then he pulls the sheet off with a snap. He does not look at the display, but watches Trish's eyes and face. Not knowing what to expect, Trish is totally overcome by what she sees.

"OH My God!   It...   It...  She's gorgeous!  I'll take her!"

Relieved of something by Trish's reaction, Mike steps forward and says, "Now wait, there are a lot of details to go over before we do anything final.  First off..."  Mike stops when he realizes that Trish is lost in drinking up the vision he has brought her.  Something deep in his chest thumps once and then unwinds into nothingness.  He decides to  wait for her to start listening again, and settles back to watch her.

What he sees is a young woman, trim obviously fit, about 5'6", with a hairdo not unlike the one on the suit.  It was easy for him to see the great change that had come over her the instant she saw the robot. Then he frowned and shook his head, 'What ever possessed me to show her this suit?  Its sat back here for almost 2 years without being touched, and then this girl just walks in and I...' Mike ended the thought before it could go any further.

Trish had thought that what Mike was bringing was going to be a robot suit of some kind, but what she was looking at was more like a work of art.  It was all in chrome. The legs, waist, arms and neck were all in black chrome, the hips, bust up through the shoulders, and the face were silver, giving the impression that this was the 'skin' of the figure. Finally gold was used as an accent for the heels (at least 6"), a lattice work pattern up the front of the leg (looking much like lacing), the lattice also appears on the waist and arms.  And finally golden eyes, lips and hair(?).  About the face was formed what looked hair in a short style.  As she moved behind the figure Trish could see that there was a silver, dome like cap built into the top of the head. All in all it looked like a robotic version of a kinkily dressed woman with her breasts, pussy, and ass exposed to the world.

As Trish turned to Mike, eyes alight, he seized his opportunity, "Now hold on, before you get too set on this there are a few things you need to hear."  Trish nodded and impatiently waited for him to continue. "First off this is not just something you put on like a pair of jeans, this suit was designed to be worn for days at a time. So its kind of like getting into and out of a spacesuit, with practice you could do it all by yourself, but right now you need someone else that knows what to do to help you.  Which means that you will have to wear the suit home and until you come back here tomorrow."  Trish shivered, the thought of living in the suit for a day, it...  it turned her on!  "OK, I think I can deal with that but what about...  you know, eating and...  after that."

A little surprised by her acceptance, Mike continued, "Well that's the next part, fitting the suit is very...  well...  intimate.  There are fittings that have to be put in right, in very delicate spots or else you could be hurt or the suit damaged.  But after that, if you met  someone to restart your night life, the two of you could do just about anything you wanted."
Trish blushed realizing that Mike meant putting things in her pussy and, thinking about it in her ass too.  "Why is the suit so... complete?"

Mike turned away and replied, "That's a depressing story, a man loved a woman and designed the suit for her, before he could give it to her something happened and they broke up.  You see he was very much into being techno sexual."  He turned and looked at her, "They, like many others, found it very sexy to dress and act like robots.  This suit was so that they could live out one of their greatest fantasy's, actually being robots for days, carrying out programs and ...  such." 

Understanding arrived!  Now Trish understood a lot of the devices out in the front area and some of the things Mike had said now clicked. "He must have loved her very much to design such a wonderful gift." She said turning to lightly stroke the hard gleaming shell. "Such a gift of love deserves more than a dark storeroom.  I want it even more now.  So what will it take to get me into the driver seat?"  She gave a wicked little smile, as she caressed the ass of the suit.

Mike was more than a little stunned by her reactions, and if she had not been so caught up in her excitement she might have heard some of what lay behind his words.  "Well... The suit is expensive, we would need a deposit of.. $2000."

Caught short by the amount he quoted, Trish thought it over and nodding her head, "All right I've got it on one of my cards, and I did promise myself that money was no object tonight!  Next issue?"

Finally Mike admitted defeat, and led her back to the front of the store, Trish followed reluctantly as if afraid that the robot woman would walk away as soon as they left the room. It took only a few minutes for Mike to do the paperwork.

"All right when can I come back for the suit?" Trish asked, still reluctant to leave without it.

"I'm sorry, I guess that I haven't made that clear.  I'm the only one that can help you with the suit, and I have to leave at 4:00.  I've already asked my relief to be here early so that I can get you dressed and still make my appointment."

Trish realized this would mean that she would be driving home in daylight, in a mirror bright chrome skin!  Her breathing deepened and she felt a strange excitement building deep within.  "But the party doesn't start until 9:00 tonight! What am I going to do until then?"

Chuckling, "Well you could read a book, watch TV, or maybe play with the suit and get used to moving around in it." Leaning closer, "Just play and have fun!" he suggested.  Trish was so caught up in thoughts of wearing the suit, she missed the odd twist to Mike's smile.

Moving into the back again, "Here's your first step, down that hall there's a bathroom with a shower.  Shower and talc yourself all over, then you put your feet in through the neck opening here and keep going."  From a box on the base of the cart that the robot woman was standing on, Mike drew out a black latex body suit, and handed it to her.

Trish, holding the suit up and looking at the neck opening, "Won't it tear?  I mean that it looks so thin, and the opening looks so small that just my throat would streach it out."

Mike smiles, "No, that suit is made of a unique latex polymer and could probably be stretched over a car tire with out any damage.  So you won't be any trouble for it at all.  Just take your time and work your way in carefully, smoothing it out as best you can as you go along. It's designed as a tight fit and will go on easier if you get it started right.  Once you are in it double check for any new wrinkles and adjust the inserts as best as you are able.  As soon as you are ready meet me back here."

Trish showered quickly, the excitement building.  She ran her fingers over the latex skin and could feel its silky smoothness.  She also noticed that it was a flat black thickly strewn with silver dots all over it including the hands and feet.  As she had noticed that the latex was very thin, almost as thin as paper.

Dispite Mike's confidance she just wasn't sure about the suits stretch. Taking a side of the neck opening in each hand, Trish pulled hard.  At first she was almost unable to make it move, but slowly it gave and opened wide.  Stunned at how far she was able to stretch it she let go, and the suit slowly returned to its previous size.

Trish held the suit up against her body and critically guaged the size of it against her body.  She quickly realized that the suit would present a constant solid preasure against her body.  That it would make her feel tightly compressed and controlled.  Excited by this strange thought she fondled and caressed the suit teasing her body with it for just a moment, then wasting little more time, worked her feet into the suit.

Pulling the rubber over her skin was an experience that Trish found almost worth all the money by itself.  Her skin was sensitive from the excitement, the shower, and the suit.  As she slid it over her body, at first it was cool but as it warmed it left her skin all tingly.  The tight squeeze of the rubber and the excitement heightened every touch, even the movement of air across her body felt as strong as a hands touch.

All too quickly the suit was on and mostly in place, first Trish pushed the lining for her vagina in.  Slowly, noticing that there was some texturing on the inside lining.  This caused her to pant and squirm as she kept pushing.  When she had pushed it 3 or 4 inches in that was as far as it seemed to go.  Smiling with the idea Trish, pushing further, caused the rubber to stretch.  The tube did stretch, in fact the texturing seemed to expand as well.  Arching her back Trish pushed harder and stiffened as, with a sudden settling, previously unknown rubber nubs pressed on her clit.

Trish paused as the suit settled all the way against her, pressing tightly against her flesh.  Slowly the suit matched her every curve pulling tighter and tighter.  Finally it stopped, the feeling of restriction and being compressed fanning the fires of her desire, giving her a need for satisfaction. Trish stroked and pleasured herself for a few moments, then with  reluctance, stopped.  The thought that Mike could come in to check on her, and if he found her like that, she would die of embarrassment.

Only one other thing left to do.  She reached around behind herself and smoothed the material over her ass.  The rubber skin seemed eager to enter her rear, as she pushed her hand between her cheeks there was a pressure against her anus.  Taking a deep breath, and trying to relax she pushed further.  While the pressure increased, it just did not seat itself.  Taking another breath spreading her legs wide, Trish bent over and tried again, this time there was an intense popping sensation.  The sudden shift almost brought her to her knees, Trish staggered but did not fall from the rush of sensation.

Gasping and struggling with her balance, Trish slowly stood up.  The sensations her body was flooding her mind with almost over whelmed her. She took several moments to calm down, taking long slow breaths, but the tactile overload refused to slow down.  As any movement emphasised the presence of the intruders, she found it hard to get her breathing under control.

Padding back down the hall was a delight, as the latex skin suit tugged and pulled at her body.  Each step caused the latex tube in her pussy to shift back and forth, teasingly.  The sensation of air moving across her body felt like a lovers caress.  Even though the distance was short, Trish was beginning to pant from all the pleasurable sensations. Her nipples were blatantly visible through the suit.

"Ready for me yet?" Trish asked Mike.

"Yes, now if..  Wow!" He interrupted himself after seeing her.

Trish stopped short, caught off guard by his reaction and its strength. "What is it?" She asked not sure if she wanted to hear his response. His only response was to point at a full length mirror and continue to stare at her.  Trish's curiosity got the better of her and she moved until she could see herself in the mirror. And what a sight she was!  The black of the suit had seemingly darkened and no longer reflected any light, at least in comparison to the glowing fields of silver!  In the areas of her hands and along the front of her body there were numerous glowing silver pinpoints, and in her feet the numbers were easily doubled.  But it was in the far more sensitive areas of her breasts and her pussy that the silver glow became a solid field!

"What is it?  What's happening, Mike?" Trish was unable to tear her eyes from the sight of her glowing form in the mirror.  She was even afraid to look down and see herself directly.

"Its...  its uh..." Mike shook himself and started again.  "Don't worry Trish, its something that I expected, but not in such a spectacular way.  You see the suit is a neurotransmitter for the exoskeletons sensors and actuators."

Trish feeling more relaxed now that Mike was talking gibberish again, asked, "And what does that mean in English?"

"Sorry," Mike chuckled, "What it means is that as the nerves of your body become active the interface suit you are wearing generates a spark to tell the suit that something is happening at that location."

"OK and why are they so strong in areas where there are not that many muscles being active?"

"Huh hmm, well there are other nerves that can be active that have nothing to do with moving a hand or foot.  What the patterns tell us is that touching the floor generates a fair amount of nerve action.  And in the flexing of your hands there is a also an amount of nerve function.  We can see that the motion of air flowing past your body is another stimulus to nerve action.  And finally..."

"And finally no need to explain any remaining nerve actions, OK Mike?" Trish interrupted hurriedly, feeling herself blush in embarrassment over the rampant glow of her arousal.  Quickly turning away from the mirror as the suit displays that her blush extends down her neck and over her shoulders.

Seeing Mike still watching her, "All right Mister, you are the one in a hurry remember?  Turn about and lets get on with getting me dressed."

Chuckling Mike turned around and adjusted the suit.  It was only now that Trish noticed that the suit had been opened and showed the empty space awaiting her.  Each leg had split in half, front and back, running from the toes all the way up to the hip.  The hips opened up along the left side, swinging to the right.  The waist opened in the opposite direction, the chest and shoulders opened in the same direction as the hips.  The arms were expanded rather than split.  The neck was opened in the same direction as the waist.  The robots face was a panel that hinged upward like a visor.  Trish could see that the inside of the suit was lined with a silvery material.

As Mike adjusted a few more panels, checking various connections and fittings, Trish noticed an extension cord running up to the back of the suit.  "What's this for Mike?"

"I've got it hooked to the suits power cells, after all its been quite a.. huh, quite a while since its last recharge.  There will be enough juice for you to get home, but you will need to plug in for a couple of hours before you go out tonight.  When you plug in you can do whatever you want, just so long as you stay within a meter of the outlet."

"Mike what happens if I run out of power?  Will the suit just come to a halt and leave me trapped in a statue?"  Trish asked when a disturbing thought hit her.

Shaking his head, "No don't worry about that, the suit has quite an intelligent controller built in.  It monitors its power levels and long before you hit any problems it will warn you about needing recharging. And even if you miss that there is an automatic override that will stop whatever it is doing and plug itself into the nearest receptacle.  So even if you were asleep it could get up in the middle of the night and take care of its needs without you even waking up."

"All right lets get you suited up.  Step right this way please."  Mike gestured for Trish to step up into the suit.  He held one of her hands as she stepped up into the suit.

As he settled Trish into the suit, adjusting various fittings and  making sure that the more intimate components were settled with total accuracy, Mike talked her through accessing and navigating the suits control menus.  With these menus the suit could be set for a number of different response modes from totally autonomous to totally dependent upon outside commands.  He also showed her the scheduler for stacking commands for later activation and the timer that limited how long a particular command or response mode lasted.

As he spoke to her and answered her questions, he deftly closed her into the metal suit.  Starting with her legs he tripped a switch that slowly brought the two halves together.  As each joint met and sealed, he adjusted the fit and match of the movable components. Satisfied with the legs he continued with the hips.  After which he had her slide her arms into the robots sleeves.  There again adjusting the join and fit of the movable joints.  Trish was feeling very vulnerable. Since this position caused her to thrust her breasts forward and left them unprotected as his arms brushed her excited nipples when he adjusted the suit on her.

Even as she began to squirm in reaction to his casual brushes, he swung the waist panel into place.  This was the first item to pose any kind of problem.  Trish had overlooked the distinct difference in waist size between her svelte waist and the ridiculously tiny one on the robot.

"Oh and everything else fit so perfectly, as if it was made for me!  I don't want to give up now, what can we do Mike?" Trish asked.

Mike had not stopped working, "What, do you see a problem that I don't?"  As he was looking down she couldn't see his face, but it sounded like he was joking or something.  Since she could feel him connecting things and making adjustments she wondered what he had in mind.

"Ok so is there a built in way to make me loose about 10 pounds in 2 minutes?"  Trish wondered.  Thinking that Mike would probably show her before telling her.

"Just give me a chance and you will see...  uh, will understand what's going on."  He finished his tinkering and then there was a string of soft ratcheting sounds.  Slowly Trish could feel the waist panel closing about her.  She could also feel her breath being squeezed out of her.

Then it hit her, "There's a corset built into this suit!"

"You got it right the first time!  This model also comes with an integral lacing winch, just hook everything up and relax."

"Relax?!  That's fine for you to say buster, you're not the one being cut in half!" Trish threw back.  But truth be told the added restriction of the corset just seemed to add to her excitement levels. Not waiting for the waist panel to finish seating itself, Mike started to swing the arms forward to neutral positions at her sides.  Soon enough after that the soft ratcheting of the waist panel stopped.  Then he slowly eased the breast plate over her breasts, with a smile he placed his hands over where the nipples would be, and looking deep into her eyes pushed the plate home.

Even though there was a rigid panel between them, Trish felt as if Mikes hands were holding her naked breasts, the nipples buried in his palms. She could feel herself blush heavily and squirmed inside her immobile outer skin.  That squirm adjusted the seating of some very intimate things and that caused her vision to go distant and her breathing grow ragged, and triggered an ongoing shimmy that took her over the edge. Trish was so focused on her orgasm, that she completely missed the expression that washed over Mikes face.  After watching her enjoy herself for a brief moment, Mike shook himself and moved around behind her.

What snapped her back to reality was the helmet lowering down over her face.  Mike had explained that the inside of the helmet was lined with more of the interface latex, so that it would respond when she wanted to open her mouth or blink her eyes.  He carefully adjusted the headphones in her ears to make sure that they were comfortable and that she could hear properly.

After the helmet was closed and she had grunted her responses to his questions, Mike finally closed the neck, closed the last seal.  Trish was now totally enclosed as she had never been before.  The feeling was.. was...  She closed her eyes and savored the feeling.  Whatever it was, she had not felt anything that she had enjoyed so much that she could remember, ever!

Opening her eyes Trish ran through the start up menu and activated the suit.  Suddenly she felt herself change position and was now standing in what she felt was at attention.  It took her a moment to get oriented, as the view of the room swam into focus.  Slowly at first she turned her head this way and that, getting used to how everything now appeared to her robotic eyes.

Having gotten comfortable with how everything looked now, Trish tentatively took her first step. Before she had taken her second step, Mikes voice rang out, "STOP!" The suit froze in place.  He continued, "Look down Trish.  You were about to step off the platform and probably fall on your face.  Be careful, until you get used to the sensor feedback and get used to being so much taller and heavier." After a 2 second delay the suit returned to her control.  She did look down, and saw the 6" rise that she had indeed forgotten about.  So she carefully stepped down and moved about the room, quickly gaining her balance and confidence.

Mike came over to her and handed her the sheet that had originally covered the suit.  "Lets work on your hand-eye co-ordination, try to fold this up neatly without tearing it." Taking the cloth, Trish immediately dropped it. Bending down to pick it up she lost her balance and almost fell.  Mike just stood back and let her work things out for herself. After a few minutes she finally had the sheet folded, and she had only torn it twice.  By now she was getting very confidant about being able to 'feel' things with her metal skin.

"Very good Trish, your taking to this like a natural," Mike complimented her.

"yes but like a natural what" her voice came out flat and without any form of emphasis.  "what...  what is happening to my voice"

"Don't worry, its just part of the suits programming.  If you look under the audio heading, vocal delivery, you will see several levels. The default is for a robotic monotone, in keeping with the suits appearance.  You can change it any time you want."

"no i like it this way"  Trish answered.

Her answer caused Mike to pause for a moment, then quickly he began to lead her back out to the front room.  "Well then, I need to get along to my appointment.  You can come back any time tomorrow after 1:00 in the afternoon.  That's when I'll be coming in, and no one else knows how to open up the suit and peel it off of you."

"that is right i will be wearing this for nearly 24 hours with no form of escape or release wow"  Hearing her voice like that gave her a very enjoyable quiver, but she could not understand why it did.

Mike bagged up Trish's clothes and tucked them away for her to wear tomorrow when she returned the suit.  As she was turning to head for the front door, she saw Mike's replacement come around a corner and he saw her for the first time. She had never seen someone's jaw drop open like in some movie, but that was exactly what he did, just before he dropped the papers he had been holding.  Enjoying the effect, Trish struck a pose and blew him a kiss. The dazed smile that covered his face was priceless.  It took Mike grabbing his shoulder and shaking him before the poor fellow could tear his eyes away from her.

Having more confidence now that two men had been stunned by her, Trish strode out the front door slinging her purse over her shoulder.  It was only when the afternoon sun struck her chrome skin that she realized that the 'look' of the suit was that of a naked metal woman flashing her polished naughty bits to the world at large. She quickly moved to her car and tried to jump inside.  That was when she truly realized how much more space she took up now that she was a half a foot taller.  Frantically readjusting the seat and she fit herself into the car and closed the door.

The drive home passed in a blur, several cars suddenly behaving eratically after being beside hers.  Trish parked her car and after a careful scan of the area in front of her apartment building, she jumped out and quickly entered her home.

With her new robotic eyes, her comfortable home appeared distant and lacking somehow.  As she moved about the house, adjusting things, improving her awareness of her new skin, there appeared a warning message alerting her to the need for recharging.  Taking note of the amount of time left before critical, Trish blanked it out and finished tidying up the bedroom.

All this stooping and crouching had gotten Trish's sensitive pussy going again.  Turning about she saw the bedstand where she kept a vibrator against lonely nights.  She opened up the menu lists, having to first blank out the warning message again, looking for the command that would open the panel covering her crotch.

She got distracted when she noticed a Facial Reconfiguration Menu. When she opened this one up there were several options, the one activated was the one that most closely resembled a woman's face.  Moving so that she could see herself in a mirror Trish chose the one that was on the opposite end of the list.

In the mirror what was a beautiful woman's face crafted out of silver, began to puff out and smooth itself into a smooth ovoid.  The place where her mouth was became sealed over and she could feel something filling her mouth, muffling any sound that she might make.  Across her eyes there formed a golden bar running from one temple to the other.

Trish could hardly believe her eyes!  The effect of removing her one more step from human made her even hotter than she had been before! What had been an interesting idea before, now took on the strength of an addiction.  Trish madly raced over to the bedstand and yanked out the drawer that held the vibrator.  She pulled too far and the entire contents spilled out.

Kneeling down she grabbed the mechanical wand and quickly opened the access panel.  Forcing herself to slow down, Trish delicately pushed the wand deep inside before turning it on.  The sudden impact of the vibrations caused Trish to loose all control, shoving the wand in farther than she had intended. The explosion of release that followed made her earlier orgasms at the store seem insignificant.  And it was only after a long while that Trish finally came down and became aware of her surroundings.

When she did, she noticed that the warning message had popped up again. As she was about to wipe it out and remove the vibrator, a new warning message displayed:

     System engaging auto-charge mode.
     Initiating stand-by parameters.

Before Trish could understand what the message was saying, the suit stood up, closed the crotch access panel (trapping the still running vibrator in her aching pussy), and moved across the room to an electrical outlet.  It swiftly pulled a harness from the region at the base of the spine and plugged itself in.  After which it assumed a neutral stance and became inactive.

Trish was overcome by the sensations of the suit taking charge of her body and moving her about the room.  The feeling of being controlled made her giddy all over again.  As the suit was locking itself down, she was able to turn her head enough that she could see her reflection in a full length mirror. The figure in the reflection was not that of a human woman, but rather of a sculpture of chrome.  That impossibly formed figure just could not hold a living breathing woman!

Having enjoyed the show for several minutes, Trish decides to remove the furiously buzzing vibrator.  Having noticed that the plate that holds it inside her is picking up the vibrations and transmitting them intermittently to her very sensitive clit. Running through the menu's she discovers that the over-ride for the stand-by mode is verbal, not something that she can operate from the menu's.  Trish tries to speak the override command, rediscovering the rubber filling her mouth, rendering her totally mute.

At first refusing to panic, she does become alarmed when she discovers that the Facial Reconfiguration options are not accessible from the stand-by mode. Dancing on the edge of Panic and another set of orgasms, Trish quickly investigates her options.  This is about the last coherent thought left to her as she is washed away by the torrent of sensations, once again.

Outside her blissful oasis of pleasure, the sun sinks in the West and the room becomes dark except for the soft golden glow of the robots visor.

End Component 1,  Component 2 to follow.

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