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Coming Home

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; latex; catsuit; hood; corset; collar; cuffs; boots; gag; bond; game; oral; denial; cons; X

Entering the front door John loved the vision of beauty before him, Lisa his wife of five years waiting for him in her purple latex catsuit with full face hood leaving only her green eyes and plump red lips that are stretched tightly around the large o-ring gag exposed, her favorite posture collar wrapped snugly around her neck with the small padlock dangling from it. The knee high ballet boots have leather cuffs that match the ones on her wrists pulled tightly and locked closed. The tight latex showing her toned body and the boots forcing her legs to show their straining muscles, after taking his coat he watches her walk to the closet to hang it up admiring how well she has learned to walk in the boots being they are one of the two things she is required to wear once she arrives home.

Lisa walks back to him, the boots and corset making her body sway seductively before turning her back to let him adjust the corset, Lisa has been wearing corsets almost twenty four seven for the last two years and can now be pulled down to sixteen inches for several hours before the tension must be eased, she stands with her hands on her head as John pulls steadily on the laces drawing the back together the last inch or so that she could not close herself, with the tension increasing her breathing becomes more shallow and her firm breasts begin heaving against the latex as she fights to control her breathing.

Her normal waist reduction keeps her with an eighteen inch waist that she wears full time but on special occasions, or when he asks her to she lets him pull her down to where she is kept gasping during the entire time she is wearing it. Lisa will do or wear anything he asks her to, but he really enjoys it when she chooses to initiate play time and lets her lead him to the dinner table and sit him in front of a place setting. Watching her forced sway to the kitchen and back to the table noticing the bulge in the latex over her pussy and knows it’s because of the butterfly vibrator, once she has loaded his plate she lays the remote for it on the table, bowing slightly she motions at the table asking if he needed anything else, John smiles and says “No” Lisa kneels next to the table and slowly creeps under it. John can feel her loosening his pants and unzipping his fly.

John knows this game well and smiles again as Lisa slips her gagged mouth over his swelling cock, the game is if she can get him to cum before he finishes his meal she gets to be brought to an orgasm, if not she will be restrained for the rest of the evening and possibly until morning without any of the attention she craves. The ring gag adds to the game by essentially becoming locked around his cock once he becomes fully aroused with her holding it tightly to his cock’s base making it impossible for her to pull her face from his groin until he is sated and begins to soften. He waits until she has carefully worked her mouth all the way to the base of his cock before beginning his meal.

Lisa raises her hands out to the table legs on each side of him and shakes them until he notices two new eye bolts screwed into the large heavy table at where the table top meets the legs, both have spring clips attached and John quickly understands what she is asking and clips the d-rings on her cuffs to them, spreading her arms wide leaving her hands hanging from the eyelets. John knew she had added these knowing he loved watching her hands as she struggled in her restraints making it more difficult for him to last through the meal.

John can feel Lisa working on his hardened cock while he tries to concentrate on his meal, Lisa meanwhile is adjusting to having his cock firmly planted in her mouth and partially down her throat, Lisa intentionally left the key to the lock on her gag in the other room making it almost impossible for him to remove her gag if she starts to choke, having done so in the past Lisa has been practicing and hopes she can complete her task without any problems, the lack of a key guaranteeing she will have to now.

After making sure the ring of her gag was all the way to the base of his cock before she started suckling and stroking it with her tongue she now feels it moving slowly further into her throat as it grows and knows it is past the point of no return as she tries to lift her head slightly and can feel the resistance of the now tight ring around his shaft. John feels her working on him and moves the chair closer to the table as he watches her hands pull back tighter towards the legs of the table, Lisa is now stretched tight under the table and forced to partially kneel to keep herself on top of his cock, gasping in her new position she thinks the tight corset may have been too much as she fights for air, her legs are already shaking from supporting her weight in the half crouched half kneeling position and her hands are involuntarily twisting and fighting the cuffs.

Lisa continues to message his cock as she fights for air and tries to adjust her position without pinching or bending his cock knowing that will end the game and cause her to lose. John sits, slowly losing concentration on his meal as he watches her hands fight the rings keeping them pulled far apart. For another fifteen minutes Lisa and John compete, both feel they are losing the battle until Lisa hears John say, “That was good dear, what’s for dessert?” as he leans back in his chair.

Lisa grunts with disappointment but continues stroking his cock thinking, “I’m the one that’s getting dessert”.

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