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Colonia da Borracha

by Edrubber

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© Copyright 2015 - Edrubber - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; M+/m; colony; rubber; clothing; heels; bodymod; hormones; breasts; ts; toys; insert; bond; cuffs; oral; anal; climax; cons; X

I changed my job and was sent to an isolated city in the South American jungles that changed me from a charter bus driver to the wife of a millionaire industrialist.

During the day I was a charter bus driver and at night, I was going from one X book store to another to find out if I had the courage to have a sexual experience that I only fantasized about but never practiced because of male pride and principals. When at home I usually had a few days off to make up for the weekends I worked through while on the road. I was using them to find a better carrier that would be more gratifying and paid better. I went to an interview that I found in the internet, of an international company looking for candidates willing to relocate outside the U.S. with a starting salary of 35k. a year. This was ideal for me since nothing was holding me in my location and I love adventure and change.

The office of RUBSENSE Int. Inc. was in Ft Lauderdale Fla, I arrived 20 minutes early for my interview which was my habit of always be early. The gentleman was interviewing someone else and when he came out of his office briefly, I smile at him and he likewise smiled at me, and I just knew him from some place and had the impression that he had the same feeling. My turn came, I was asked to sit in front of his large desk and he asked me several questions and for some reason I had the feeling that he knew where we met before, I just could not remember. He made arrangements for me to be subjected to tests and a physical examination and gave me a day to return for the results and acceptance or rejection of the position.

The next day I had the exams, from there I went to their Doctor and on the following day returned to his office for the results. I was a little nervous because the money was good and it was a good change for me, but I was working so, it was not the end of the world if I did not get it. I met him again and was congratulated for being accepted and was told that I should get ready to leave for South America within 14 days if possible. I had no objections and he went on by explaining that I would have to sign a one year contract and during that year I would be cut off from the rest of the world. Their franchise was located in the jungle with difficult access. However once there I would be privy to all the comforts of home.

He suggested that before signing the contract I should think about it and perhaps I should take a couple of days. I was excited about the sinister adventure of it and told him I did not need to think any further and signed the contract, and after he signed it and had it notarized by his secretary, gave me a copy of it and told me to call as soon I was ready to travel within the next fourteen days. I went to my apartment, packed my things in 3 days, and had it all moved to the storage company they told me they had arranged for it. I then had eleven days left so, a vacation of 5 days was in order and I went to the west coast of Florida.

When I came back, I reported I was ready to go and they booked me to South America the following night. I arrived in Manaus Brazil, at 5.30 a.m. and was transported to a hotel to be advised on the schedule of the next leg of the trip. The following day at 9 a.m., I was put on a small single engine plane and told we would be at the town of Boa Vista in about 5 hours.

While sitting there watching the clouds go by, suddenly, I remembered where I had met the guy that interviewed me, he was in a booth next to mine in one of the book stores and after placing his penis through the glory hole was disappointed because I could not go through with it and just got up to leave and we both went out of the booths at the same time and met each other awkwardly outside. I clumsily apologized and he half smiling said; "It’s alright you will eventually do it".

We landed in Boa Vista a very small town in the middle of nowhere and I was given a very clean but modest room in what seemed to be a B&B house. The next morning I and 2 other guys were transported to a boat that looked like a 30 foot canoe with a gas engine at the stern. This boat was cutting the waters of this large river at a good clip probably 15 or 18 knots. We stopped at an Indian village at the edge of the river for lunch around noon or 1 p.m. we had fried fish with rice and black beans, ( delicious). After another 4 ½ hours we came to a large cement dock with a small cargo ship docked. The 3 of us were put in a range rover and transported to a what looked like a small town but dominated by a large white building and directed to an area with a sign processing center.

We were directed to a dorm with about 20 beds but only the 3 of us where there. An American came in and told us that our luggage would be put in storage at this point because we would be provided with appropriate clothing and everything else we might need, he also told us that we would be assigned to our work type and work areas tomorrow and at that time given the clothing and we would have to take our present clothing and place it in plastic bags to be returned when and if we were to leave the colony.

After about an hour that the American left us wondering about what was all the clothing and areas all about, another guy came in looking a lot friendlier and about the same physical stature as the two of us, because the third guy was large and strong typical of an outdoors worker type. This guy said, "It is time you guys learn where you are, what’s going to happen and the rules and our laws here at the colony". He continued, "40 or 50 years ago this was a male correctional facility of forced labor working the rubber plantation and the production of rubber tires and other rubber products such as undergarments for incontinence, condoms and rubber bed sheets for baby cribs. Eventually syntactic rubber took over the market and the facility was abandoned by the owners leaving the prisoners to fend for themselves. Some made rustic boats and left the area, others celebrated liberty for a while then had gang wars, and eventually when hunger took over, they organized somewhat and started plantations of vegetables coffee, cattle, and all the means of survival."

"The colony was divided in two parts; the productive and the management. There were never any woman here so, the management was the area where the more feminine man stayed and started being courted and being needed to satisfy the sexual needs of the working man. The law here is that no man can force himself or rape anyone, but all management are to dress and keep their appearance as feminine as possible and choose 5 men to satisfy sexually every month. If a management does not find five men a month, he may be sent to a part of the working colony that is considered more or less like a whore house where he will be forced to work as a whore to be able to afford food and housing. Every Sunday there is a gathering at the galleria which is an in between area with movies, stores with the clothing and products made here and that’s where there is an opportunity for finding mates".

"Our company purchased the colony, built the building you are now in, housing for the workers and as much comfort as possible here in the middle of nowhere. Natural rubber is valuable again specially with the modernization of equipment we provided. The management workers will be given rubber dresses, rubber outfits and looser rubber working outfits for house work. The heavy workers are given regular clothing, In the weekends they wear regular pants and shirts in the galleria".

Then the guy told the big guy and the other one to move to the next building, and told me that I was to go into the next room to get my dresses and other outfits and the products to enhance the feminine look such as hair cream remover, skin soft creams, hair shampoos, high heel shoes and boots, enema kits and enlarger beginners kits. I would spend 4 hours a day fixing beds and changing linen and 4 hours working entering info into the computers and arranging for the transfer of our finished products to the outside world.

My reaction to all this was outrage. After all, the decision of what gender I decided to follow should have been mine and not theirs. I have to confess that the idea of being dressed in rubber dresses and having the sex life I only fantasized before was getting me hot but, what if it did not work like I was imagining? I would be there forced to perform for the whole year. The image of the cargo ship at the docks came to mind at this point as a way to escape from here. After getting all of my dresses and things, I was walked over to a clinic where a chip was implanted under the skin in my ass. That put a damper on the escape plans.

I was assigned a trainer named Jessie that looked like a gorgeous 22 year old girl but was one of me. Jessie informed me that the two meals I was given so far had a mix of hormones in it to transform my body and appearance. She also said I should get use to giving myself daily enemas because it was important to be ready to be sodomized at any time or day. She told me it will take about a month before my looks and shape would start getting the attention of the men. But I should not worry because there were more men than us here.

In the morning I gave myself an enema, then took a shower and got into the tight rubber dress and started learning how to walk in those impossible high heel shoes. Jessie came later and gave me a blond wig to hurry the process of my looks. It felt very hot and sexy to walk in the rubber dress but generally I felt confused, degraded and stupid. Jessie walked me over to the computer pool and assigned me a cubicle and to my surprise, there where hundreds of me walking around working all dressed in rubber outfits, some in dresses like mine and others in rubber suits, or rubber skirts and blouses, a variety all in rubber.

As I started imputing data I realized how productive and large this COLONIA was. The ship I saw was one of a fleet of 20 that formed a transport chain to Manaus taking our goods to be distributed to the rest of the world. The factory that made incontinent garments, was now the largest manufacture of rubber fetish goods such as, dildos, garments of all kinds, but plugs, enema goods, hoods, catsuits, slings & generaly everything you see in X stores and fetish catalogs. There was also a pharmaceutical company that produced pills and H.I.V. medical products. There was a very large general hospital that also accepted H.I.V. male patients from outside. The COLONIA also exported food stuffs such as packaged pork and chicken goods.

Apparently there were no venereal diseases here due to the local law of protective sex. No sex of any kind was allowed without condoms. The sentence for anyone breaking this law was expulsion from the community. This was only my second day there but, I realized that I was now part of the independent gay capital of the world. This entire city was populated with only gay men. If someone decided to come here under pretenses of being gay to investigate, they would not last five minutes. I did not consider myself gay until I got here but now as I walk in these high heels and rubber dresses, it is becoming evident that I belong here more than I realize. Jessie told me that in a few more days, she would try to arrange for a man from the town to take me on a tour.

On the third day I was taken to the clinic for several injections and did not even asked what they were. Deep inside I figured what it was and was O.K. with it. The first weekend I was not yet ready to be out in the galleria so I stayed in the lounge watching Netflix. The second week I was getting settled into the new life comfortably doing my work and getting along with fellow workers exchanging tips on new makeup products and listening of stories of large male sex organs and wonderful satisfying sex. I, for some reason felt like an observer and not part of the gender I was now a part of in this very strange society. Once in a while, I would masturbate in the toilet always thinking of being sodomized or being forced to give oral sex. It was just difficult for me to actually face reality and do it.

After 2 months Jessie warned me that before sending me out into the city to fend for myself, they would send me to confinement in an area of our building where I would be subjected to forced training incentives for an entire week, and if that did not produce results in two more months, I would be sent out of management. Of course during all this time I had earned a salary and had savings enough to rent some place and hunt for a job just like in any other city in the world except I would have to wear dresses and be feminine. I could never go back to being male in this Colonia. Finally Jessie told me that she warned me and now I was going to be taken to training for q week and to get ready for some pain and pleasure. She continued; "if you come out of the training the same, you better learn how to grow q cumbers" .

I was deep in thought about it when a man dressed in black rubber from head to toe, with his genitals out but also encased in rubber, came in and bent my arms behind me and cuffed my wrists then put a rubber hood over my head leaving only my nose out for breathing. I was pushed by my arm and made to walk a long ways inside the building until he pushed me through a door, closed it behind us and bent me over what felt like a table with a thin rubber mattress laid me face down on it, then he cuffed my ankles to the corners and then took my wrist cuffs off and cuffed my wrists to the corners of the table. He just simply pulled my rubber dress all the way up to my neck and head leaving me naked with my ass up in the air.

After some time there alone, I heard voices and two people started handling my naked body, one from my neck down and one from my ankles up. The one from my neck moved down and embraced me around the back to the front and started massaging my nipples with his fingers. The one in the bottom got as far as my ass, squeezed and opened my cheeks then inserted a much lubricated finger into my rectum. It felt strange but good with all the nipple play. Before long a second finger went in and it hurt a little but all I could think of was that I was glad I had a couple of enemas this morning and I should be nice and clean. The thought of being dirty was unacceptable.

A third finger went in and it was very uncomfortable for a time but it became acceptable. The fingers suddenly left my rectum and I started feeling the pressure of something larger trying to penetrate me, when to my painful surprise, this intruder went in and slowly kept entering until I was worried that it would eventually come up in my mouth. Something was put around me like a harness and this thing was held in place until they decided to remove it. My hood was removed but quickly replaced with another with a gag in the form of a penis shoved in my mouth and the blind fold. The person massaging my nipples stopped and some gadget was placed under me over my nipples and strapped behind my back which kept the nipples stimulus with 5 minutes intervals. Someone said see you in a couple of hours, and then silence.

Every time the nipple thing started I now started swaying my butt and enjoying the thing lodged deep in my rectum. After a time, I started sucking and enjoying the combination of the thing in my rectum and the large penis in my mouth. Time went by who knows how long but, someone finally came in and pumped the thing up in my rectum making it twice the size. The pain lasted about 10 minutes then, became a pleasurable throbbing. I now was enjoying being in this pleasurable predicament knowing that it was done by others and not me. Little did I know that a lot of things were going to be done to me by many others. I had a tremendous hard on and my pre come was dripping all over the table.

Another very long time went by and I snoozed in between nipple actions, then someone came in, removed the dick in my rectum, then the nipple thing and let me loose from the table and took me to another room where all of my clothing was taken off including the hood and gag. I was in a shower area built for several people with 5 shower heads. I took a nice long shower and as I was finishing, the door opened and the rubber man came in with a load of rubber garments under his arm, put it down on the bench and as I was drying myself, he started talcing my body completely, then dressed me in a tight body rubber outfit head to toe, then a hood with eyes mouth and nose openings, boots with five inch heels and finally a shiny rubber corset so tight I was having breathing difficulties.

He marched me to another room with a rubber bed and told me to get on my fours on the bed and not move. After a few minutes another rubber clad man came in but with his genitals out wearing a condom, started handling my entire rubber covered body and at one point opened the rear of my suit exposing my rectum opening. After lubing me and his dick, I felt the pressure of its powerful penetrator against my entrance. It must have been larger than the artificial one because it hurt for a few minutes until it became pure ecstatic sexual pleasure the likes I never experienced in my life before. As he held my hips and pumped into me I felt a thousand constant orgasms that made my entire body shake and weak at my knees. This fantastic feeling went on for about 35 to 40 minutes until he finally started moaning, he pumped and banged into me harder than just kind of laid on top of me until softening and getting out of me leaving the room.

After a few minutes another one just like him came in, told me to lay down on the bed and spread my legs, then just moved in between my legs, pushed his even larger dick into me then laid on top and pumped away calling me bitch, delicious whore, what a delicious ass, and just kept pumping the fantastic orgasms I now craved.

After the fourth guy finished and left, I was told to go back in the shower area take a shower, get dressed in my rubber dress and high heels and go back to my duties. As I walked out I noticed it was morning so I just went about changing and straightening beds but, having little shocks and quick pleasurable episodes while feeling the slight dull pain of all the invasions my rectum suffered. All I could think about was how great it felt. When I went back to the office, whenever a man looked at my ass or someone would make a comment of how my mouth was made for something more important than eating, I would get hard and excited and hoped for an invitation to sex. I was becoming somewhat popular with the men and having sex at least once a week and now my breasts where jutting out invitingly, my ass was bubbly and desirable and my legs where to die for.

I was walking in the arcade one weekend when this well dressed guy started a conversation and invited me to dinner. I accepted and one thing led to another and after going together for 2 months he got tired of feeling my ass through the rubber dress and proposed. Jessie taught me how to play that card. I accepted and only then while visiting his mansion, found out that he owned the factories of producing and making all rubber products including the rubber plantation. We had a small get together and I was the woman of the mansion and wife of Donald Hunts. I travel occasionally to the U.S. and Europe and throughout all my travels no one ever questioned my gender.

When at home I get strongly fucked by Donald’s 9 inch, 2 and 1/4 inch diameter magnificent penis and give him blow jobs at least twice or three times a week

Donald prefers to ignore my genitals and provided me with many special rubber fuck me panties that hid them, and have the convenient opening in my entrance to joyful ecstasy. He once asked me if I wanted him to massage my area for relief but, I told him it was not necessary because I got all the relief I needed from his massages on the inside. Away from home I am the most faithful wife in the world. I learn to love him and respect him and am his for life. To this day very little is known about the COLONIA DA BORRACHA (the rubber colony) the only all gay city in the world.


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