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After a short walk from where the taxi had dropped her at the curb, Kristen was stepping into her dorm for the first time. Her mothers will had provided her and her sisters with the majority of the insurance money to be used for college. Kristen had excellent records in high school and was accepted at a prominent college. A mistake in processing had provided her with the best dorm on campus. By the time the mistake was discovered, all of the general housing was gone and they let her keep it for the same price. As she made her way through the building, she was feeling a little out of her league. Knocking on the door to her room, a tall beautiful woman answered the door. Already feeling a little meek by the whole experience of leaving home for the first time, she was a little disappointed that her roommate was so hot. Part of her wished for someone homely looking and less intimidating.

She did her best to seem confident as they made their introductions. Shannon, as she had introduced herself, towered over Kristen’s petite five foot five frame as she entered the room. Kristen tried to hide her intimidation as she deposited her bags on the bed and began to unpack. As they broke the air with the usual first encounter chit chat, Kristen couldn’t help noting the perfection of this woman’s build. She had to be at least five foot ten with perfect tits and a tight round ass. Her long blond hair had that sexy golden wave to it and framed her potently blue eyes and tanned face perfectly.

It didn’t take Kristen long to unpack and as she hadn’t brought much with her. She figured she would size up her stay and decide what she would bring with her after her first break at her parents. As they continued to talk, she was relieved to find out Shannon was also taking psychology and being a year ahead of her would be a big help in her studies.

That first night, Shannon invited her to go out. Kristen happily accepted, deciding she could use some work on her social skills and some bonding time with her roommate.  Kristen exited the shower and reached for a towel, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror on the back of the bathroom door. She gained a little confidence as she sized herself up. With the exception of her reddish brown hair, at five foot five her build was much like Shannon’s. The shape of her face was more innocent looking, but picturing herself with blond hair she bet people could mistake her for being Shannon’s younger sister.

Shannon loaned her a mini skirt and tube top, as she hadn’t packed anything for going out in. Not that she owned much sexy clothing any way. Living in a rural area hadn’t afforded her much opportunity to get out much and growing up in a close nit family, sharing a room with two younger sisters had kept her relatively innocent. The clothing felt a little skimpy and more like a costume as she donned the garments. The only times she had displayed this much flesh in the past was when she was at the high school’s pool.

Shannon helped her with her makeup and hair. Kristen couldn’t help feeling a little strange as Shannon painted her up. The sensations were weird and she didn’t quite know what to make of it. “Must be the anxiety of being away from home.” she thought to herself. When Shannon finished and let her look into the mirror, Kristen didn’t recognize the lady on the other side of the glass. The little farm girl had been replaced with a sexy woman.

Once they were out in the parking lot, the pair approached a brand new BMW. It wasn’t one of the cheaper models either. As They got closer, the “SHAN-NZ” printed across the license plate confirmed the owner. “Wow, this is yours?”

“Yeah, dad bought it for me when I completed my first year here. It’s better than the crappy Lexus I had to drive in high school.”

Kristen wanted to feel some sort of spite or jealousy for Shannon’s silver spoon life, but for some reason it wasn’t bothering her at all. She was only glad she hadn’t taken her fathers offer of one of the ranch trucks. As she climbed into the passenger seat of the BMW, she couldn’t help think of how embarrassed she would be if she were seen in the beat up old Chevy.

With Kristen only being nineteen, they decided on going to one of the smaller clubs where she could get in with a hand stamp or a wrist band. From the time they arrived at the club, Kristen was definitely feeling out of place. The music was so loud and everyone seemed so confident. As the night rolled on, She found herself feeling small and her wrist band screaming out to everyone she was a minor. She watched Shannon dance with guy after guy, leaving her huddled over a soda in a plastic cup.

Kristen was completely depressed by the end of the evening. The only part of the night she enjoyed was the fact Shannon was tipsy and let her drive the BMW back to the dorm. Shannon had picked up on Kristen’s disappointment in the nights events and when they arrived in the room, she went straight to the mini fridge and pulled out a wine bottle.

She wasted no time poring Kristen a glass and consoling her about her disappointing evening. She talked about confidence and the psyche of the male mind. How to get the attention of a man and then make him feel like he was the one chasing her. Before long, Kristen was on her second and third glass of wine. She felt warm all over and was finally loosening up a bit. The more Kristen thought about it, Shannon seemed like the perfect person to teach her about socializing. “So forward and confident, I want to be with her. No, I meant like her. Don’t I? I wouldn’t sleep with a girl, I’m not gay! I don’t think I am… Crap, why do I even need to think about this.” As Kristen continued to ramble in her mind, she realized The wine had her really buzzing and she couldn’t think straight.

Shannon was getting a little more hands on with her lessons, showing her how eye contact and a simple touch could set the hook on a guy. Kristen was back and fourth emotionally as Shannon got more and more physical. The fact that they were both dressed so sexy and had so much bare skin showing made her flush. The fact that she wasn’t repulsed by the contact of another woman and in fact was turning her on, frightened her a bit. It felt wrong but at the same time, she didn’t want to show intimidation or fear in front of Shannon.

Her mind was frozen when Shannon brought her face within an inch of her own. She wanted to turn away. She wanted to grab Shannon’s hair and pull her in for a kiss. She decided this was too much. She wasn’t going to let this go any further. Not finding the ability to speak, she reached forward to push Shannon back. Instead of pushing Shannon away, her hand landed squarely on Shannon’s breast.  She was frozen by the shock of doing such a thing. Every instinct told her to recoil and apologize for the accidental contact, but she just stared at her hand, frozen like a deer in the headlights.

Shannon herself was a little taken by the action. Her mind went immediately to a more innocent time when she had kissed her best friend, practicing for the boys they were to meet. She remembered the strange and erotic sensation it had produced. Moving purely on reaction, she cupped the back of Kristen’s head with her hands and moved in slowly with her lips. When they met, the pair instantly let go and began making out passionately and groped each other’s forms.

In no time they were pealing each others clothes off, so caught up in the passion they could barely maintain their balance. As they made their way between the beds, Kristen found her tube top scrunched up in her arm pits, leaving her breasts exposed to Shannon’s mouth. When her swollen nipple was ensnared by lips and teeth, her legs buckled and she collapsed onto the bed. As Shannon climbed onto the bed, kneeling on top of her and began to work her fingers into her moist folds, Kristen wanted to say “No. Don’t. Stop.” When the words came out, it was “No, don’t stop.”

After hours of pleasurable exchanges, the pair fell asleep in each others arms. When they woke in the morning, there was a surreal feeling about what had transpired the night before. They had both partaken in something that was a first for the both of them. Both completely sober now, there was an uncomfortable feeling in the air. The two barely spoke as they cleaned up and readied for the first day of the semester. Every once and a while, they would catch each others eyes and give an uncomfortable smile before self consciously looking away.

At the end of the day, when they found themselves back in the room together, the discomfort resumed. Kristen surprised herself by being the first one to break the air. Once they both opened up on the subject, they agreed it was just the alcohol and to put it behind them, pretending it didn’t happen. In truth it wouldn’t be an easy task for either of them. Both of them were hiding the attraction for the other. For the duration of the semester neither one let on to the other how they really felt.

Kristen began to admire Shannon for who she was despite her money. She naturally had one of those personalities that lit a room when she entered. Shannon had nice things and often spent like money was going out of style, but she managed to do it without flaunting it. Kristen never saw her judge anyone for their lack of money either. At the same time, Shannon admired Kristen’s up beat spirit and innocent ways. She seemed to have fun no matter what she was doing. Even if she wasn’t any good at it. Not once had Kristen asked for anything other than friendship.

Winter break was fast approaching and Kristen was becoming more and more exited about getting home. Her bus schedule left her stuck at the dorm for the first two days of break. It was the only way she didn’t wind up stuck in a hotel waiting to catch a bus exchange. The thought of being alone here for two days was better than spending a night alone some place strange.

Shannon on the other hand, was driving herself home shortly after her last class of the day. Her parents home was only a six hour drive. By the time the goodbyes were said and Shannon was pulling out of the parking lot, Kristen was already feeling bored and lonely. She wasn’t self confident enough to go out on her own, so she was already predicting a lonely time at the dorm. Making her way back to the room, she knew her only source of entertainment was Shannon’s flat screen television.

Finding the remote on Shannon’s dresser, She turned the set on and began flipping channels. The dorm provided basic cable, about fifty channels worth and still she couldn’t find anything worth watching. Shannon had a good selection of DVDs in a case on her night stand, so Kristen figured she might find something there.

Picking through the case, she still had a hard time finding anything. Figuring her lack of interest was due to her depressed state, she grabbed a comedy in the hopes of cheering herself up. When she opened the player to insert it, she found a disk already in the tray. As she reached to extract it, she noticed the title- Deluxe Vac Bed Instructional Video. Glancing over at Shannon’s bed, she didn’t see any evidence she had gotten a new mattress or anything.

Curious, Kristen closed the player. The screen lit up with a menu laid over a most unusual background. It appeared to be a female form encased in some kind of plastic outfit. Stranger than that was the fact the material seemed to run out over something flat. It was hard for her to tell exactly what the image was, as it was a close up section of the female‘s torso. Her curiosity was really peaked now. Looking back over the menu, Kristen considered her options. Introduction and use, Care and maintenance and Other products and accessories. The first option was already lit, so she selected it.

The screen went black before it faded to the image of an obviously fake bedroom. It was in a shop or warehouse from the looks of it. An attractive woman came into the picture carrying a long black canvas bag that was longer than the woman was tall. Kristen recognized the bag immediately. The same thing had appeared in Shannon’s closet a couple of days ago. Shannon had explained it off as a pair of skis that a friend didn’t have room for at his place. It seemed perfectly reasonable and she hadn’t given it a second thought until now.

The woman on the screen stood on the other side of the bed and laid the bag on it. Turning to the camera, she began to speak. “Thank you for purchasing our Deluxe model Vac bed system. This discrete canvas bag is our gift to you for making your purchase.” The woman continued to talk as she demonstrated the unpacking process. She described each component of the kit as she began to assemble everything. There were tubes, elbows, a blanket like pad, latex cover and a pump with timer option.

The woman completed the assembly by stretching the transparent latex over the frame and laid out the mat inside. Once that was done, a petite woman in a red bikini walked up to the other woman and stood with her back to the camera. At this point, Kristen was thinking perhaps this thing would make a normal bed feel like a water bed or air mattress. She still didn’t have a clue. She was puzzled even further when the woman held open the side of the cover and the bikini clad woman began to climb inside. Kristen couldn’t think of any reason a person would want to sleep inside a plastic bed.

The woman in the bed worked herself into position, with feet close together but knees splayed outward slightly as the other lady zipped the side of the bed closed. Inside the woman positioned a tube into her mouth that allowed her to breathe air from outside of the sheet and positioned her hands flat on the front of her bikini bottom. Her fingertips were just shy of touching her mound. Kristen thought to herself “Surely this gal wasn’t going to play with herself on video, right?”

The woman by the bed connected a hose to a corner of the bed and turned the knob on the pump to the left. A low humming could be heard as the top sheet of the bed began to settle down on the girl inside. Almost at once the sheet shaped itself to her and the bottom of the bed, the pitch of the pump rising higher, like when you put your hand over the nozzle of a vacuum. This was the strangest thing Kristen had ever witnessed. As she watched in a bizarre confusion, she realized the whole scene was making her feel strange. It was that funny feeling she had experienced as a child, tied up playing cops and robbers. The same feeling when she had given her virginity. Most of all she recalled that same sensation that night with Shannon.

As the woman on the screen moved about the bed and talked of the vulnerability of a person in the bed and how toys could be used inside and out of it, Kristen couldn’t help imagine being the one inside the thing with Shannon teasing her. She found herself in a state of absolute lust. The bed was the most bizarre thing she had ever seen and yet the concept was making her have feelings like the first time she had discovered playing with herself as a budding woman.

Continuing with the video, she watched the next scene begin. The vac bed was lying on the floor and the woman was narrating from off screen. She was talking about the beds solo use. As she went on, the same bikini clad woman came into view. Showing a close up of the control on the pump, she was given both a visual and verbal demonstration of its operation. Kristen was elated to learn of the self use feature. As the woman turned the knob, the narrator explained how the pump would begin operating two minutes after the knob was turned to the right and how an audible alarm would be emitted ten seconds before activation. The woman explained that playing alone was dangerous and if you did, the up most care needed to be taken with having the breathing tube in place before the pump activated. By the time the bikini lady had placed herself in the bed and the alarm sounded, Kristen knew she was going to get Shannon’s bed out. Whether she would have the courage to try it out was yet to be seen.

The vacuum fires up and the girl was again pinned down by the latex. This time she had positioned herself with her hands palm up above her head, fingertips close to each other. Her feet were splayed out wide, nearly touching the frame. As Kristen watched, dampness was working its way through her panties and through the crotch of her pants. The idea of being pinned down without the ability to stimulate herself or even have someone there to do it for her seemed most cruel and arousing at the same time. All too soon The scene was over and she was looking at the menu again. The Care selection told her all about latex friendly oils and sharp objects. She learned how to clean the thing after each use. After the section was over, the menu reappeared. Clicking on it, she was bombarded with scenes of toys beyond her wildest imagination. Kristen was given a crash course in everything fetish and bondage. There were gags, blindfolds, hoods, hoods with gags and blindfolds. She was shown everything from Fuzzy handcuffs to suspension cuffs.

A short time later, the scene came to an end and the menu reappeared. Kristen took this opportunity to get the bag out of Shannon’s closet. As she placed the bag on her own bed, she had to admit a certain part of her hoped there would be a pair of skis inside. The guilt of getting into Shannon’s private things and the apprehension of engaging in such bizarre activity was eating at her pretty good. She was excited and disappointed at the same time when she found the pipes and roll of latex inside.

Working against her sense of trespass, she dumped everything out onto the bed. At first, she thought the thing might be difficult to put together. As she played with the pipes and elbows, she found it quite easy. The only parts of the whole procedure that were remotely challenging was getting the rubbery skin over the frame and getting the mat even inside. As she climbed halfway into the thing to get the task done, she was overwhelmed with the odor. It wasn’t unpleasant, but she knew she would never see a pair of medical gloves the same again.

With the assembly complete, she stood back and stared at it for a while. She felt like she might be dreaming or somehow what she was experiencing might not be reality. Looking at the knob and the pump, she still didn’t know if she would have the courage to go through with this. Tuning it on, she watched the latex form to and compress the mat inside. She ran her hand over the surface and was pleasantly surprised to feel how firm the latex and mat were. With all of the air sucked out of the fibrous blanket, it had taken on a hard rubber feel under the latex. She made up her mind and turned the pump off.

Stripping to her panties and bra, she checked her fingernails for any sharp edges. Shannon had taken her to a salon and gotten her false nails a couple of days ago, so even though they were long the edges were quite smooth. As she unzipped the side of the bed, her heart was pounding. She felt the same kind of apprehension she had felt when her and her friends back home found the cliff at a lake. The thought of jumping was terrifying, but the fear of looking like a chicken was even greater. This time it was the fear of disappointing herself that was motivating her. She knew if she didn’t find out what it felt like, she would be haunted by it forever.

At the last minute, she decided the under wire in the bra might somehow poke a hole in the sheet. The last thing she wanted to do was explain to Shannon how she damaged the bed. After dropping her bra to the floor, she twisted the knob to the ten minute mark and crawled into the bed.

Finding the mouth piece, she took the tube in her mouth and held it firmly with her lips and teeth. She knew this was her lifeline to the outside world. It took her a considerable amount of effort to work the plastic closer up the seal with the tube in her mouth, but the fear of not getting it back in place in time kept her from letting go. By the time it was closed, she was sure she knew what a sandwich felt like inside a Ziploc bag.

She splayed herself out, waiting for the warning buzzer to signal. As she waited, she was amazed at how long two minutes could take. She moved her hands and feet back and fourth, finally deciding to lay herself out like the bikini lady had in the last scene of the video. After placing her hands above her head, she fidgeted around a little getting every part of her body as comfortable as possible.

Just as she settled herself into place, the alarm buzzed. The sound nearly caused her to jump out of her skin. It wasn’t that it was loud, but she now realized it meant she was committed to the adventure. Her heart was beating a mile a minute and her throat was burning from the way the tube directed her rapid breaths into the back of her throat. Kristen found herself panicked with second thoughts. She wanted to tear the zipper open and scramble from the bed before it trapped her there. The fear of loosing the mouth piece as the pump was about to activate, kept her from moving a fraction of an inch.

When the pump did hum to life, she nearly lost it. In her mind Kristen was screaming “OH SHIT! OH SHIT! OH SHIT!” The sheet came down on her and closed against every surface of her body. Kristen began to fight against the beds grip. It was pressing against her so hard she couldn’t get a breath. As she fought, the flexibility of the bed allowed her to arch and twist but she couldn’t escape. As her lungs started to burn, she suddenly realized she was going to die and it was her own fault. It was at that moment she realized her tongue was against the tube in her mouth. In her state of panic, she was completely unaware of it. The moment she took it off the tube, she was easily able to draw a breath of sweet cool air.

Calming back down, she was able to feel her arousal setting back in more intense than ever. As the minutes slowly rolled by, Kristen relished in the grip of the latex. She never felt a stronger urge to touch herself and yet she was glad she couldn’t. She wanted to feel like this forever. It was as if she had found her own personal utopia. The pump turned off all too soon and Kristen could feel the bed slowly releasing its grip. The moment enough air entered the bed to allow her to move, her fingers went straight for her mound. Just as she was about to cum, she stopped herself. She wanted more of the bed. She had never tried drugs, but she had just discovered hers.

Letting go of the tube she had held in her mouth since she first entered the bed, she unzipped the side of the bed and rush of cool air replaced the warm dampness she had gotten used to. First she peeled off her moist panties and dropped them to the floor. Leaning over and climbing part way out of the bed, she supported her herself with her arms, sort of walking her upper body to the idle pump.  Once she could reach it, the hose prevented her from turning the thing far enough to see the dial.

As she fussed around with the contraption, it never dawned on her to climb the rest of the way from the vac bed or rolling the pump onto its side where she could see the controls. She was too focused on getting the thing fired back up to think straight. Finding the knob, she started to turn it. The pump immediately fired up. Realizing she turned it the wrong way, she quickly turned it the other direction. Not being able to tell how long she was setting it for, she decided to go for the gusto and cranked the knob until it stopped.

With new confidence, she backed herself back into the bed and worked the closer back up before getting the tube in her mouth. This time she placed the bottoms of her feet together and splayed her knees out wide. Placing her hands on her mound, she parted her lips with her left index and middle fingers and gripped her delicate bud between them. With her right hand, Kristen worked her index finger into the entrance of her love canal.

At the last minute, she decided she wanted more of the wonderfully torturous denial. She threw her hands above her head and spread her arms wide just as the warning buzzed sounded. The seconds ticked by before the pump started back up. Once again she found herself in the beds wonderful embrace. She experimented with her entrapment for a while, finding she couldn’t move more than a fraction of an inch in any direction. In fact, every attempt to do so only resulted in raising her arousal as the latex continuously forced her back into the exact position she started in. In no time, she had herself worked into a lustful frenzy. It was the most cruel bliss she had ever experienced. The hornier she became, the harder she struggled and the harder she struggled, the hornier it made her.

Kristen had to take a break. The only problem was her arousal wouldn’t give her one. Even as she laid there without moving, the latex pressed against every inch of her body kept her incredibly sensitive. She couldn‘t escape the contact and awareness of her sex. She was ready to get off now, but she had to wait. There was no way for her to tell how much time had passed. Lying still as long as she could, her aroused state was too much. Kristen began to squirm and grind once again. Any attempt to stimulate her mound was futile because the latex simply moved with her.

As she continued to squirm, she tried to remember just what the maximum time on the dial was. She was beginning to realize she hadn‘t paid that much attention. After what seemed like an eternity, she began to have thoughts like, what if it was going to be hours or what if by turning the dial all the way, it had become stuck? The thoughts began to seriously freak her out. Just as true panic began to set in, she thought she heard the front door. Her body froze and she stopped breathing for a moment. For several seconds, she listened. Just as she was about to blow it off as her imagination, she heard an all too familiar voice. “Kristen? Oh my god, You suck! Do you know that. I haven’t even gotten to try it out yet and here you are.”

Kristen wanted to hide herself away, but the bed kept her from going anywhere. Tears of her embarrassment and shame spread between the latex and her cheeks. Kristen could hear Shannon messing with her phone. “Hi daddy… Yeah, I made it back to the dorm and found my card holder. It was a good thing I stopped when I did, I barely had enough gas to get back. I think I’m going to stay here tonight. If I head back out now, it will be really late when I get there… I will. I love you too.” As Kristen herd Shannon close her phone, she wondered what she was up to.

When Shannon sat on the edge of the bed and touched her cheek, she thought she might have a clue. All at once her feelings for Shannon tore to the surface. She only wished she could get her eyes open under the latex and see Shannon’s face as she talked. “You look like a dolly in package waiting for me to buy it. Can I play with you?”

Kristen was in a total state of emotional turmoil. For months now, she had convinced herself to bury her feelings and now that mental conditioning was making her hesitant to answer. She wanted it and she knew it, but her emotions were running rampant. With the same reality disconnected sensation jumping from the cliff into the lake had produced, she was able to nod yes. “Don’t go anywhere.” Shannon said with a wicked tone, jumping up from the side of the bed. Kristen’s heart pounded with the anticipation of what Shannon might have in store for her. She felt the edge of the bed sink again a short time later.

“It looks like you only have a couple of minutes left. That’s not going to do at all.” Kristen heard the pump slow for a fraction of a second and then rev back up to full speed. Kristen got butterflies as she realized Shannon now had her captive until she decided to let her out. Knowing someone had complete and total control over her body was a powerful emotion. Her entire body was tense with anticipation.

Kristen expected Shannon to go slow and keep it sensual, but she was proven wrong. Shannon went right in to manhandling her breasts and nipples. She felt her nipples being rolled and pulled by Shannon’s fingers. Kristen suddenly felt Shannon pinching one nipple then the other. It was a firm pinch, but not too painful. It seemed strange that Shannon would just keep pinching steady like that. It suddenly seemed even stranger when she felt Shannon’s hands elsewhere on her body.

Kristen couldn’t believe how sensitive her skin was through the latex. As Shannon caressed her, it was almost electric. She was euphoric when Shannon began kneading her breasts again. She felt Shannon pinch up some flesh on her right breast and let go. When it was released, a pinch like the ones on her nipples remained. This happened a dozen more times before Shannon started to repeat the process on the other breast.

When Shannon was done torturing her breasts for the moment, Kristen felt her take hold of the breathing tube. Kristen suddenly writhed in pleasure as Shannon’s other hand went to her mound. Her breathing was suddenly cut off at the same time. Shannon let her struggle for a few seconds, before removing her thumb from the end of the tube. Kristen  inhaled deeply before moaning in pleasure. The fact that Shannon had total control of her was a definite turn on. The sense of panic when her breathing stopped only heightened her arousal.

First Kristen heard then felt a vibrator held against her clit. The pressure and the vibrations was more than she could bear. As she began writhing in pleasure she felt whatever clamped her breasts being removed one by one. As each one came off, a wicked stinging sensation flooded her senses. Despite the pain, she liked the feeling. Her air supply was cut off once again as Shannon began working the vibe vigorously. She didn’t fight it this time as she came. Her whole body tensed and flexed as the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced rocked her every being. She arched against the latex with every ounce of strength she had. She started a rhythmic convulsion from both the orgasm and the starvation of oxygen. Shannon slowed the assault with the vibe and let her breathe again. Kristen breathed easily as she rode out the rest of the sensation. Nothing she had ever experienced in the past could even compare to the satisfaction she had just received.

Kristen turned off the vibe and shut down the pump. As the latex slowly released its grip, Kristen’s entire body tingled. She could barely move as Shannon helped her from the bed. They curled up together on Shannon’s bed. Shannon ran her fingernails through Kristen’s hair as she rested. Neither of them needed to say a word. They both knew things were going to be different from now on.


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