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Colleagues Part 2

by Cdp

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© Copyright 2006 - Cdp - Used by permission

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story continued from chapter one

Part 4

I woke up in a strange bed, in a strange room, in a stranger's house. The door had opened and the smell of bacon, orange juice and coffee wafted into the room after the black bobbed latex clad form of the maid Sara. "Rise and shine. Wakey wakey Simon," she said brightly and cheerfully a huge grin all over her face. "There's an ensuite bathroom where you can go and have a shower. I'll leave some clothes for you on the bed and you can come and join us in the breakfast room. Don't be too long or it'll be cold," she said opening the bathroom door. "Oh and don't bother to shave," she added.

I showered, talced and put on the clothes provided, a white latex T-shirt, black jeans, white latex boxer shorts, white latex socks, black polo necked wool jumper and black Caterpillar boots, which fit! I went downstairs and sat and ate a hearty breakfast with Sara and the Mistress who was wearing a full length pink latex and fur trimmed dressing gown, fluffy pink high heeled mules and thin latex pyjamas. This woman had a serious latex fetish. "We are going shopping after I have showered and changed and then lunch at a pub." She announced and with that strode of upstairs.

Going round a supermarket with a woman wearing a full-length black leather coat and black zipped snakeskin ankle boots, with a very pointed toe and four inch heels was an another new experience for me. Not only did she get the odd stare in her direction but I did as well. Underneath her coat she was wearing a wool trouser suit with a white blouse. Sara meanwhile had on jeans, a v-necked jumper and four-inch stack heeled ankle boots. As we were standing in the checkout queue I wondered what the other two were wearing under their normal attire. I had noticed that beneath the blouse the Mistress had a white latex bra but that was only because I had got near enough to catch a glimpse. The same went for Sara, who seeing as I was wrapped up in my own thoughts, said, "I'm also wearing latex panties as well." Well, well, well.

After paying we then visited some more stores, packed our numerous bags of shopping in the boot of the car and then headed off to a pub in the centre of the town.

Lunch was pleasant and convivial. The pub was quiet and the service and food not bad at all. At one point, Mistress said, "I've been invited to a dinner party this evening. Out in the country, not that far from home. There'll be three other couples including the hostess and I want you to come with me to make up the numbers. Sara has a night off tonight. It is a rather special party and Sara will drive us there and pick us up later. I'll call her on the mobile when we're ready. Now unlike the one we went to yesterday this one has a specific theme. It's fancy dress all right but somewhat stricter in the dress code. Now Sara will help both of us prepare this afternoon. Do you have any special skills?"

"Well," I replied, "I can sing",

"and you can certainly dance," she interjected,

"Yes, I can dance. I can also play the guitar a little."

"Ok," she nodded her head, "Fine. I think the music will be provided anyway."

Once we had finished we left and headed back to the Mistress's house, the car laden with her purchases. On the drive back I wondered what she had in mind. I also asked myself why when presented with another chance to escape, I didn't? I think curiosity once again got the better of me. Why did she want to know what skills I had? Who cares about party tricks? Ah, maybe that was it. Party tricks. No Sara there to talk to or there to provide moral support. Surely Christine didn't just want me to accompany her to two parties? She could have asked me nicely and I might have said yes. We'll see what this afternoon and tonight has in store then.

We arrived back at her house that nestled quietly and cosily amongst the cloned homes of the law abiding, straight laced denizens of suburbia. It was late afternoon. The birds were singing while the sound of power drills, hedge trimmers and electric saws filled the air with activity. Her house was surrounded on all sides by a high garden wall and tall trees, which provided a pleasant shade in summer and protection from any inadvertantly straying eyes. Once inside Sara and I proceeded up to the main bathroom. A picture of blue and white tiles, a large bath cum Jacuzzi, a huge shower cubicle and a toilet and bidet, very posh!

"It's time you got ready," said Sara with a smile on her face. "Come on now, Simon, get those clothes off." She ordered, breaking out into laughter.

"Why? What for? I'm cleanish." I retorted quickly, a smile around my lips.

"Not for what the Mistress has in mind you're not. Look, we can play this nice and easy or I'll get angry and it'll be no more nice woman from here on in." She said sternly, fixing me with a no nonsense stare.

"Ok, ok, ok. I'll come quietly." I protested. I started to undress in front of Sara; feeling rather embarrassed about the whole thing and fortunately she left after one item had fallen to the carpeted floor. She returned just as I had finished with a bag in her left hand.

"That's better," she said, walking towards me. She reached me and quickly spun me round, handcuffing my wrists.

"Oi what's going on," I shouted. With that a gag was swiftly and professionally popped into my open mouth and secured fast. She led me down to the cellar where after securing my cuffed wrists to a ring in the wall she proceeded to get changed. White latex knickers, white bra, white latex stockings and shoulder length white gloves, white latex girdle and then a blue short sleeved, low cut dress which barely covered her bottom, a white apron and hat and sensible laced up white shoes with a six-inch heel!

I stared at the nurse, looking her up and down, full-mouthed! "No talking back or questioning, just do as you are told. You are a guest here not a member of the household," she lectured whilst removing the gag. Thoughts of the Carry on films flashed through my head while she was so close that I could touch the latex with my nose. She was unlike any nurse from those films though! Her large, full breasts looked as though they were bursting to escape their rubber confines.

"Don't say a word or things may get worse for you and better for me." She said venomously. I was led over to the shower cubicle again. A familiar place. This time I was secured with me suspended from a ring in the ceiling by my roped wrists and my legs spread-eagled and bound at the ankle again with rope to two floor rings. I was on tiptoe. Ouch.

She roughly stuffed a large white plastic ball gag into my mouth after holding my nose as I was trying to stop it entering. The hot jets of water drenched my naked body. Then she lathered me all over with shaving gel, my penis springing to attention. "Keep still. Very still." She said with a chill in her voice as she brandished a cut-throat razor in front of my horror stricken face. The razor's edge gleamed with potential danger. With great care but some speed she shaved my legs, arms and armpits. Judging by the look on her face she enjoyed her work. I felt very naked now and humiliated. I looked down to my crotch and so did she! Slowly and carefully she shaved off my pubes. She rinsed me off, undid the bindings and led me dripping, slightly, over to a dentists chair which she fastened me to with the aid of leather straps around my ankles, wrists and neck, the gag in my mouth making my jaw ache.

Sara now the curvaceous latex clad nurse placed a sticky strip on my chest and pulled it off with ear and skin stinging 'Rrrrrippp!'. Each strip she pulled off with a look that mixed viciousness with pure pleasure. This, torture continued until all the hair on my chest had disappeared! So that was what it was like to have a waxing. I heard a buzzing sound from behind me. The seat was returned to the upright position as she ran the electric razor over my head. The hair cascaded onto the floor. I suddenly felt very cold and frightened. She then lathered my head and shaved off the remaining stubble with the cutthroat. Bald as a coot. She then shaved off the stubble on my face with a safety razor after applying shaving oil. No hair except my eyebrows and lashes. What a humiliation but somehow liberating at the same time. She wasn't finished though. She plucked my eyebrows too.

"Now you're nearly ready. It's so much easier to wear latex when you have no hair," she said with a pleasant smile on her pleasant face. She released me from the chair but refettered my limbs. We proceeded into a gleaming, eye dazzling, white tiled bathroom dominated by a huge sunken bath.

As if by some kind of telepathy, the Mistress appeared, clad in a long maroon latex dressing gown trimmed with dark red fur on the hem, cuffs and collar that clung to and emphasised her curves. Her hair was scrapped back from her forehead. On her feet were feather trimmed red mules! "Ah. I see he is shorn," she said with a beaming smile on her face. "Let me have a look at your handiwork."

Sara lifted my cuffed arms up above my shaved head and held them there while the Mistress examined me closely from head to toe. "A lovely job." She said. She ran her hands slowly over my smooth, hairless body. "Smooth too." She said as her hand rounded my bottom. "He needs some moisturiser I think," she said thoughtfully. "One more thing Sara dear. I think he needs a thorough cleansing before he's absolutely ready for tonight."

The Mistress said with a wink and a smile. "I think I'll stay and watch before I start on my preparations." She whispered in my ear.

I was led over to a sparkling white toilet bowl. My wrists were fastened far above my head so that I was unable to squat, my anus parked some inches above the entrance to the bowl itself. Sara undid my ankle cuffs only to replace the chain with a two and a half-foot long metal leg-spreading bar! Oh boy. As if having all my hair removed hadn't been humiliating enough, what I imagined might come next might be worse. I felt a flush of embarrassment wash over my entire body.

Sara walked over to a wall and opened a concealed floor to ceiling height cupboard door. The Mistress sat down on the edge of the large bath. She wheeled out a stand with hooks on and a trolley laden with shiny instruments that exuded menace as they caught the bright, clinical light of the room. She put on a white latex mask, fitted with a rebreather that covered her mouth and nose. The Mistress did the same.

It was very quiet in that room. Too quiet. Unnaturally silent. Sara opened a pot containing a clear lubricant some of which she scooped up with her gloved hands. Her fingers glistened with the stuff which she then smeared all over my anus and then inside it with her nimble agile fingers. From the trolley she picked up a catheter which she smeared the end of with something else. She grabbed my penis and holding it firmly threaded it down my urethra until I suddenly felt the urge to pee. This disappeared as soon as I caught sight of the Mistress and also I didn't want to but that was more out of a fear of embarrassment and not wanting to lose some semblance of control. Sara connected up another tube, this one having a small tap mechanism on it. I had not expected any of that but what came next I had and the sense of horror and fear in my eyes must have been seen by both of the women because their eyes crinkled up at the edges as if grinning with pleasure or worse.

I breathed uneasily through the ball gag that was distending my jaw. She picked up a long tube with two deflated balloons, each with an inflator and a steel nozzle at its end. She reapplied lubrication to her gloved hands, squatted down in front of me and with her knees forced my legs apart and then plunged her index finger into my anus, working it around and then probing deep into it. My penis shot up erect and huge at this intrusion. The sight made more obscene by the catheter sticking up straight out of the end and then drooping slightly with the weight of the little tap. She pushed another finger into my anus that caused my erection to grow even more. This was not an activity without some pleasure on my part, so far anyway.

She removed her fingers only to replace them with the tubing. The nozzle disappeared followed by one of the balloons the other remained at the entrance to my anus, the rest of the rubber tube then being hooked up to bag hanging about five feet off the ground on a hook on the wheeled stand. There was a tap at the end of the tube. Sara inflated each of the balloons in turn, the one in my anus first. This she did with some relish squeezing the bulb with such strength that the inflator collapsed each time like a prune. I felt it expand inside me, getting bigger and bigger until I thought I would explode. A look of utter fear on my face. She inflated the other one with hardly any relish. The Mistress stood up and walked over peering down at me from upon her high heels. She turned the tap, slowly. The tube vibrated as liquid poured down it and entered my rectum and then bowels.

I visibly shuddered as the warm, soapy liquid kept flowing. I don't know how much there was but it felt like pints. My abdomen swelled up. I was gasping for breath looking like a stuffed fish. Sara pulled out part of the tubing, the ballons remained lodged trapping the liquid. I started to feel cramp in my stomach and abdomen which was travelling down to my legs and now up to arms. My whole body was cramping up. It was unbearable. It felt like I'd been in this position for hours. Then she picked up a small glass container from the top of the trolley into the top of which she plugged the catheter and then secured it in a stand. I didn't feel in any way turned on even though my penis was still rock hard with the occasional ministrations of the latex clad fingers.

Two pairs of intense eyes stared at me and my predicament. All the bright white colour of the room was featureless apart from the two pairs of piercing eyes into whose depths I felt lost in. Why? For guidance? Help? Mercy? All of those and more. Sara's expert fingers started once again on my penis. Her free hand cupped my balls gently with its cool latex touch. My whole body tensed and quivered like jelly. She sensed that I was building up to a climax. She increased the speed of her left hand, gripping, rubbing and fondling my painfully erect phallus. Just before I came she removed the bung from my bum and I erupted not only from my penis but my anus. I bellowed and raged and screamed as fluids escaped from both orifices. The small glass container filled up as did the toilet bowl. I had been milked!

"You are now cleansed and milked," Mistress said with a huge grin on her face and a wicked gleam in her eye. The two women looked at each other and smiled. I felt relieved that that was over. It had been the most humiliating experience in my entire life. I was as red as a beetroot. My head bowed, looking at the shiny white shoes of the nurse, Sara. The toilet flushed and washed away some of my old life and thoughts with it. "Come on. Let's go and get you ready for the evening," said Sara.

"You'll need some help you know," added the Mistress. I was untied but the catheter was still left in place, only the tube with the tap on removed. I was taken upstairs, a shuffling abject wreck of humanity. I felt weak and weary. Things couldn't get any worse for me now I thought. Mind you it wasn't the end of the world. I was going to a dinner party which could mean I'll get fed and watered. Who knows, perhaps I'll have something great to wear, probably involving rubber knowing these two. I was led to a room on the first floor which I hadn't been in before. It was a very big room. One wall was completely covered with doors and the other with a mirror. There was a table with a mirror and some chairs, a large iron framed bed and a dentists chair. What now?

Part 5

"OK Simon, I've got to get you ready, into your costume. Some co-operation would be appreciated." Sara said.

I nodded. I wasn't really in the mood to disagree with her. She smiled and removed the ball gag from my aching jaws. I moved them about trying to get some feeling of normality back into them as if they were really part of my body. She removed all my bonds. They thudded to the carpeted floor; the sound absorbed by the room sucked into the very walls themselves. She sat me down on a chair and removed from a cupboard something that looked remarkably like the lower half of a catsuit except that it was flesh coloured looked too small to fit me.

"Oh don't worry that will fit you despite its appearance. It fits very snugly and is very resilient to wear and tear. It just requires extra help to get into," Sara said reassuringly as she knelt down at my feet. I looked at her and she smiled back. "All that before was part of the cleaning ritual. You're now ready to wear this costume."

She eased my right foot into the foot of the flesh-coloured latex hanging limply before me on the floor. It resembled a foot with individual black painted toes as well. It was a tight fit, perhaps two sizes too small so that it fitted very snugly but was lined with a very thin coating of lubrication which made the journey of my toes and foot into the darkness easier than I'd imagined. She ensured that there were no air pockets whatsoever, a task that took some time. Then she did the same for my left foot. Walking at this point in time would have been difficult indeed with legs around my ankles!

She eased the smooth, tight material up to my knees and bade me to stand up. She continued up to my mid thigh which was when I noticed that there was not only somewhere for my penis to be tucked into, a 'cache sexe' as used by professional 'drag artists' but also a tiny hole where the catheter would be plugged into and a small length of a latex tube which would be inserted into my anus. It glistened with the lubricant coated on its outside.

She continued pulling and easing the tight latex higher up my thigh, carefully inserting the catheter and my penis into its recess and securing it. She pulled the rest up and over my bottom smoothing the material around my anus and in-between the crack in my bottom. The very top was thinner and ended just above my rib cage. She walked me over to the mirror so that I could see the lower half. It altered my shape such that you wouldn't notice I was a man. I now had woman's tummy, wider thighs, hips and bottom. She spread my legs with her hands and showed me the details of my pubic hair, labia and vagina.

"We're nearly there. In case you were wondering, you even have a vagina as the body part of the suit comes down a little lower. It's not the real depth but it's there." She laughed and smiled at me.

"Well that's very useful to know," I replied a small smile on my lips.

"Sit down please Simon," she said.

She retrieved the upper torso. It too was flesh coloured. The feeling of the extremely tight latex around my lower half felt overwhelmingly sexy. I moved my legs and there wasn't a ripple or blemish to be seen in my new outer skin. You could see the muscle and sinew definition but nothing else. I touched it with my hand, it was warm and smooth and felt remarkably lifelike. It did have some inbuilt features such as it had internal boning on the torso to reduce my waist by six inches and boning on the neck to keep my head up and erect in a haughty manner. Breathing was hard work but possible. I raised my eyebrows in surprise.

"Good isn't it?" said Sara sadistically.

"Fantastic." I remarked.

She pulled my arms up and manoeuvred and manhandled the material down my arms, wrists, hands, upper torso, neck and around my head. The thin material around my upper torso stuck to the thin material of the lower garment like static forming a smooth seal. The material covering my entire body was now the same thickness all over much thicker but more elastic than that of medium weight rubber more like the stuff used for tights or stockings. I was led over to the large mirror and gazed at my now completely changed body that had just my face poking through like the tableaux on the pier at the seaside. My outer skin made me look like a voluptuously curvaceous woman but bald! I flexed my black fingernailed fingers in front of my unchanged face. I gasped at my reflection that almost wasn't me.

"Not finished yet you know," Sara chided me. "Sit down over here."

This was opposite a table mounted with a lighted mirror. I padded over to it, my hips swaying, breasts jiggling slightly and ass wobbling slightly too. Strange. Sara picked up a limp mask and eased onto my face, securing it too the side of the hood of the suit I was wearing forming a smooth seal. She eased and smoothed it into place hiding my features, replacing them with something different. She stopped to let me catch a glimpse. I stared into my own eyes but now I could no longer see myself.

I moved my left hand and waved and the figure in the reflection moved its right hand and waved back. She delicately finished the mask. "Now for the make up, beautiful." she said with a wink and a smile in the direction of my reflection. She placed a long black wig onto the baldpate and secured it. "Head back and eyes open please," she said sternly. She popped a contact lens into each eye, which gave my eyes black irises. I winked at her, my reflection and she winked back, her unnaturally long eyelashes fluttered in front of my eye somewhat disconcertingly. I pouted my full red lips and peered intently down my new long, pointed nose. Sitting in front of the mirror or behind it I wasn't sure was a beautiful woman, staring right back. Bizarre to say the least.

"Over here Simone," laughed Sara.

I walked over, the suit's dynamics were such that I couldn't help but walk in the manner of a woman. Everything swayed and bounced in the correct manner. The breasts above my thin waist were large and firm looking, the bottom round but fleshy looking to impart movement in my bottom and breasts. Sara stared at me, eyeing me up and down. She pulled out from the wardrobe a long dark blue dress made of velvet. "You're going to need some help with this. Stand over there in the middle of the room," Sara said, pointing. She dragged a chair over behind where I was standing and then stood on it. "Raise your hands in the air," she ordered. She dropped the dress over me and I shimmied and wriggled as she helped me to position the dress. It was a tight fit.

It was long sleeved but with the luscious velvet rippling in folds around my wrists and the hem touched the floor. The front was cut in a 'v' from the shoulders to the sternum and the back cut to the small of the back. Feet of the material trailed out behind me on the floor. "Sit." Sara said as if ordering a dog. She picked up a large shoebox and removed a pair of shoes wrapped in tissue paper. Slowly she unwrapped them to reveal a pair of black sandals. She put them on. They had seven-inch steel heels and straps that wound round my calf to just below my knee. A thin strap just behind my toes held them on.

I stood up on the spindly heels and gazed majestically around the room stopping and admiring m image in the mirror when I caught sight of it. My it was impressive like something out of a John Willie or Eric Stanton illustration or perhaps more like Morticia Adams!

"You look fantastic, Simone!" laughed Sara. "Come on downstairs and you can have a little drink and wait for Mistress Christine," she said grabbing me by the hand and leading me downstairs. She mixed me a Gin and tonic in a tall glass. "Wait here. I'll be back soon and then we can go." Purred Sara. I sat for a while sipping my drink and contemplating my predicament.

I heard coming down the corridor the stomp stomp stomp of a large pair of boots. I got up and walked to the door to have a look when I was confronted by the enormous figure of a person, who looked down and said in a very deep voice, "Ah there you are. Come on now, Simone, we're off now."

He turned and walked out followed by a madly grinning Sara and myself. As we walked out to the car, the monster, a huge man mountain, the spitting image of Lurch, said, "Now we are going to have some fun. You may address me as Lurch but I'm still in charge."

It was Mistress Christine dressed as Lurch. Sara was now attired as our latex chauffeur for the evening. We sat next to each other in the back of the car. She explained that the outfit consisted of a built up latex covered exoskeleton and head with the rest of the costume on the top of that. It fitted snugly and had fully working appendages at which remark she attempted to smile but weakly. We all laughed. She complimented my appearance adding that no one had ever worn the woman suit, as she called it, before, that I was the guinea pig. Every so often Sara would look in the rear view mirror and her eyes would burn into me, devouring me with every glance. I felt surprised and flattered by her looks and attention.

We eventually stopped at a road blocked by a barrier. Sara dropped us off. It was a private road. It was starting to get dark. The two of us walked down the middle of the well-lit tree lined road. I did occasionally catch the glimpse of a face at a curtained window as the curtain feel back into place. Some people standing outside a front door talking turned to gawp at us. We waived back, smiling. We walked to the end of the road, a cul de sac, until we reached a house surrounded by hedges and with only a gap in them to denote the entrance to a gravel drive down which we crunched slowly. The front of the house was bright with light.

As we got to the door it opened and we were greeted by Count Dracula! Mistress Christine handed him a card that she fished out of a jacket pocket. The Count bowed and we walked in and were ushered into a room by the Mummy! Seated and standing in the well appointed room, around a roaring fire, sipping drinks were a Zombie, the Wicked Queen from Snow White, a Werewolf, and Freddy Kruger. A strange combination of people indeed. We were offered some drinks which I gratefully accepted using the best imitation of a husky female voice that I could muster. Lurch smiled at my attempt. From the outside everyone had on regular costumes but I was willing to bet money that what the eye couldn't see was much more interesting.

Small talk punctured the sound of clinking and tinkling glasses and ice. The Mummy banged a gong and we were shown to the dining room. There were eight place settings and the characters were arranged with the Count and Mummy at either end of the table and Lurch, the Werewolf and the Wicked Queen on one side and myself, Freddie and the Zombie on the other. The table and chairs were all of solid oak construction and appeared to be Mediaeval in appearance.

The cutlery, plates and goblets also gave the same appearance, as did the huge fireplace within which someone could stand up in. Food started to arrive wheeled in on a trolley by the Mummy. Dracula had to help, as the Mummy couldn't use its hands poor thing, they were bound up tight by a grey, discoloured wrapping. Dracula poured me a drink and looked deep into my black eyes, so deep that he overfilled my goblet, which brought about a peel of laughter. Conversations became more animated as the participants became ever filled with the alcohol being avidly consumed by all concerned.

Through the course of the meal I learned a little about my horrible dining companions. It seems that this happened every year but at a different location every time and between people who didn't directly know each other. A friend of aquaitances or recommendation by someone you knew. Plus everyone was obliged to wear fancy dress. There were I learned by deduction and guesswork, four women and four men around the table who consisted of two dominants, two subservients, two slaves and a Master and Mistress. I think I knew that I was one of the slaves or thought I was, I wasn't too sure of my exact relationship with Christine.

I examined the outward appearance of the guests around the table as well. The Count looked like something out of a thirties horror movie, fangs as well as slicked back black hair. The Mummy was stiff and unable to do much except nod and grunt. She and the Count had something going on, perhaps he the dominant and she, I thought it was a woman, the sub. The Werewolf was very furry all teeth and nails like a lady who lunched except I thought that it was a man under that fur, perhaps a Master, who knows. The partner of this creature appeared to be Freddy Kruger, horrible scarred face, probably a latex mask and large razor talons on the fingers. The striped jumper had seen better days! He had lots of trouble eating, as did the Werewolf, those nails were a nuisance. Freddy was a woman underneath, the movements of the fingers gave that away and she was probably the other slave. Lastly, the Zombie and the Wicked Queen. The Queen perhaps a Dominant woman and the Zombie, tattered clothes, shuffling gait and lack of vocabulary maybe a male sub. I was fascinated to know if anyone of them had on as elaborate a costume as Lurch and me.

The meal ended and we adjourned to another room. This was a large but cosy room with a large fireplace and old leather chairs, sofas and a table filled it. The meal itself had been very enjoyable and as I was hungry I consumed most of what was put in front of me given the constriction of my costume and was feeling in a very good mood indeed. I felt in a caprious and playful state of mind. On my way to the room the Count had patted my bottom as had the Werewolf earlier on. Hmm.

We were all offered Brandy and cigars, thin cheeroots. Not everyone took one though. I took one and started puffing away on the thing. It didn't smell like any cigar I'd tasted, not very many admittedly but it sure smelled and tasted like weed though. Other substances were offered around as well, tablets and powders. I checked the grandfather clock hidden in the shadows of the room. It wasn't quite yet eleven. The cigar was starting to have an effect on me. I was beginning to get the feeling of paranoia as I was in a strange place amongst people I'd never met and with a strange sense of foreboding building up inside and outside of me.

I looked over at Christine but she just smiled back. Dracula picked up some cards and handed them out to everyone, face side downwards. I had an ace as had the Zombie, Freddy and the Mummy. The others had twos. This meant the holders of an ace could decide what the forfeits and the tasks to be done were while those with a two would have to carry out the task and endure the forfeit. My disposition suddenly brightened up. Lurch's face, along with the Wicked Queen's, Dracula's and the Werewolf had suddenly lost some of their glow and knowing smug looks. Someone was looking favourably on the lower orders tonight.

Dracula spoke, "No more talking for the rest of the evening."

Adding emphasis by putting his fingers to his lips that no one was to talk. He collected the cards into two piles, aces and twos and picked the top one of each pile. An ace of spades and the two of hearts. I had picked the ace of spades the first time, so that was me. The two of hearts was Dracula. What happens next I thought to myself. Everyone turned to look at me. I rose to my feet and walked purposely over to Dracula. I hadn't liked the look of him or his manner despite him being the host. He was too smooth and oily. Not someone I would have shared a meal with. I looked at the faces of the other people in the room as I strode over to him with an exaggerated walk. Hips swaying, one high heeled sandal in front of another as if walking a tightrope. The tension in the room heightened. I stared into his blood red drunken eyes and smiled wickedly at him.

Part 6

As I walked up to Dracula I wondered what he'd appreciate the least. I stood before him, somewhat taller than him. I looked down disdainfully at him. I motioned for him to lie on the floor, beneath me, eyes looking up into mine. I squatted and flicking my dress out of the way straddled his face, my knees pining his arms down. All eyes turned toward us. I pinched his nose and his mouth opened. I had been dying to go the toilet for ages, so I peed in his mouth. After a second I stopped pinching his nose but he didn't close his mouth, he just drank the stuff without hesitation. I stopped and got up turning round to see the huge bulge in his trousers. He enjoyed that much to my annoyance. He attempted to rise but my shoe on his head saw that he sunk to the floor. I waggled my finger at him. I pointed to the Werewolf who came over and gesticulated that he jerk Dracula off and swallowed. He looked aghast beneath the fur but complied. I got Dracula to do the same to the Werewolf.

Dracula licked his lips as he picked another two cards. They were the same as before! I slapped him on the left check with the flat of my hand. He smiled but his check was very red. He looked very surprised at the force of the blow. I pointed at Lurch who rose and came over. By the time I had opened the flies on the trousers, the huge phallus was erect. Dracula looked horrified. Lurch smiled as large a grin as possible. I tapped Dracula on the back of the head and his mouth went to work on Lurch's member. He gagged a few times but swallowed, white liquid dripping from his ruby red lips. He glared at me but sat down quietly.

The room was deathly quiet with only the sound of the crackling fire to intrude upon our thoughts. I felt as though things might get worse. I grabbed Lurch's arm and we strode out of the room, down the hall and out of the front door into the chill of the night air. Shambling behind us as fast as it could go was the Mummy. It was a fairly small thing, about five foot two. Legs and arms stiff, torso tightly bound, so seeing as we were in a hurry, I just picked it up in a fireman's lift and the three of us started to move quickly down the gravel drive.

Dracula came to the front door followed by the others who just swarmed past him, knocking him over, and out into the night. He shouted and swore, waving his fists, as he lay prone on the ground. One of the guests caught up with us as we were running the street, heels and boots clattering as the mob of monsters moved down the lighted street. "We don't half look a sight," said Freddy. I laughed and said, "What will the neighbours say!"

"Am I glad to be out of there," said the Witch Queen. Doors and curtains twitched as we progressed down the road.

At the barrier was the familiar sight of the car and Sara with the doors open, the soft light of the interior beckoning us in. "Does anyone require a lift," said Christine in a concerned tone of voice. Everyone said no except the Mummy who nodded its head up and down vigorously. We bundled into the car, the Mummy in the middle. The car drove off quickly, back through a now sleeping London. The car was silent for a while. Then Christine said, "You know something. I've never liked that man. I've been to his parties a few times and I've hated every one. Other's fine, him no. He always has that card routine and it always ends in tears for someone. This time it was him. Thank you for that." She kissed me on the check. I blushed but you couldn't see but might have felt the heat.

Sara smiled in the mirror. "Who is the Mummy?" She asked.

"No idea," we both chorused.

"I think it's the host's partner." I replied.

"It was." said Christine matter of factly. "I don't think there was any love lost between the two of them." She added. The Mummy nodded. It lent over and brushed what would have been it's lips on my check. It gently raised a mummified hand and gently stroked my lips with the tip of the appendage.

"It's a she, right?" I asked.

"Yes it is a woman." Said Christine.

"What about all this wrapping then? Let's take it off now." I said impatiently, longing to see the face underneath.

"No we'll wait till we get home. It's too difficult to remove here. We need more space." Replied Christine.

"Point taken." I said.

It was odd but at that moment in the back of the car I felt perhaps for the first time in my life a sense of belonging. Whether it was the situation we had just been in or the presence of a stranger who I couldn't see next to me but felt some strange bond with, I wasn't sure but something had happened. Christine didn't seem so frosty now and Sara even exuded an air of bonhomie about her. The car sped onwards through the night. Every so often the Mummy would turn to look at me and I could feel her eyes on me even though her vision was obscured by the bandages wound tightly around her head. She couldn't hear very well if at all because an attempt by me to whisper in her ear was a fruitless exercise. At last we arrived back at Mistress Christine's house. I must remember to call her that. At this moment in time it feels somehow too formal, too strict.

Once inside the safe environs of her large house we headed down to the cellar. "I'll be glad to get out of this thing." Said Mistress Christine once we'd reached the main room of the cellar, a room of large dimensions and lined with a soft substance that absorbed the sound of her voice. "It's heavy. Come on Sara give me a hand. Simon, see if you can manage the Mummy. You know I've never seen what she really looks like. She's always been covered up in some way shape or form."

Sara and Christine went over to one side of the room while the Mummy and I went over to the other side. I smiled at the Mummy. I looked the body up and down, a short body, but long legs, female in shape. Underneath all those bandages I imagined something lovely waiting to emerge like a butterfly from its cocoon. I looked for some way to get a handhold. Nothing. I looked a little closer at the feet of the Mummy. She leaned on me as I bent her leg in order to look at the underside and noticed that some of the wrapping had been damaged. After a minute of furious tugging and nearly causing the Mummy to fall over, I managed to remove some of the material. It had been soaked in something in order to make it sticky and easier to mould to the shape underneath. I started pulling and unwinding and eventually removed the wrapping from both legs. It revealed a gleaming shapely white pair of latex legs, wearing white ankle high ballet boots. The flat part of the feet had been fake and filled with sand to make walking more difficult.

I looked over at Sara and Christine and saw that Christine had been divested of her outer garment and appeared nude, except that she was outwardly a man, flesh coloured latex encasing her female form. The big boots she had worn had acted as stilts so she was still the same height as me but very much broader around the chest and arms with a large penis nestling ominously between her legs. I turned back to strange shape before me and resumed my task with renewed vigour and relish at seeing what was going to take shape before me. After some careful examination of the wrapping I found a loose piece of cloth and began unwinding again.

By the time I'd finished, both Sara, now divested of her uniform and Christine had come over to see the unveiling. Under the bright lights of the cellar, the white catsuit was like the light from a Renaissance Angel. Beatific and angelic, illuminating our awe-struck faces as we worshipped at the shrine of Latex. She stood about six-foot in her towering heels but I could examine back of the hood without too much difficulty as I now towered over them all. The hood was locked on by small padlocks, as was her neck and waist corset, cover over her crotch and the boots. Her arms ended in thumbless mittens. No way for her to get out of all that.

Sara disappeared and then reappeared with some lock picks! We tried them and hey presto! the locks on her boots were opened. Eventually the locks from all her secured clothing were opened and the undressing began. The dildoes attached to the crotch strap were heavily coated and smelt pungently of the activity in her groin. She gasped for breath when we removed the huge gag from her mouth and could hear us when the earplugs were removed. She smiled and hugged as when she was divested of all her accoutrements.

She told us her name was Tina and that she had been the hosts secretary and mistress, he was married but the wife living in ignorance. She was owned by her boss but had wanted to break free as she was sick of his treatment of her had been getting harsher and harsher and ever since the first year together she'd never felt comfortable, just trapped. The man was a bully and we had turned up like the proverbial cavalry. I began to tell her of my situation but Christine cut me dead with a look and word. I thought about shouting it out but decided for some reason not too bother.

The sight of Tina made me slack jawed. She had short-cropped blonde hair and a wonderfully proportioned body which just oused sexuality. I had to stick around now. Christine looked at me and winked. I was surprised. Tina asked if she could stay a couple of days to think things through for a while. She didn't have anywhere to stay as she lived in a flat above the office and didn't have any possessions as he had denied her any only what was provided by him. She was his slave, at work and at play.

"Let's do something, um, interesting," said Christine. "Something I've been meaning to try for ages."

Sara undressed me and then we all wandered out into the corridor and off into another room of the large, labyrinthine cellar. The suits that Christine and I were wearing intrigued Tina and they had initially fooled her until now. The room we entered had a seesaw in it as well as a bed. Some kind of rack, a Saint Andrews cross and various other wood, steel and leather made apparatus littered the place like sculptures in a gallery. Hanging down from the ceiling and stacked on the walls on hooks or perhaps hidden behind some of the impressive cupboards were other items.

"Ok Sara I need you to help me out of this and then dress me in something more appropriate for a woman of my position," commanded Christine imperiously. "Tina you can help Simone out of that gear. Be careful now, I don't want it ruined otherwise they'll be hell to pay," she said with a huge grin on her latex face.

It took Sara and Tina some time to remove our outer skins but eventually we were free only Christine was by now next door, away from our prying and curious eyes. Tina looked me up and seemed quite pleased with what she saw as she nodded appreciatively and walked around me as I circled her to get a better and closer view. We both smiled and started laughing.

Just then in walked Christine, resplendent in a black leather corset, black thigh high six-inch stiletto heeled boots, a black leather neck corset and long black leather gloves. Behind her tottered Sara similarly attired, bald head glinting under the bright lights of the room and held high and proud, chin jutting forward, breasts jiggling and bouncing as she moved each thigh high ballet boot carefully in front of her. This one though ended in shiny steel points the width of a stiletto heel. Her hands were encased in leather mittens which were pointed keeping her hand flat and the neck corset reached under and supported her chin. The corset around her middle reached from her hips to just supporting her breasts and was heavily boned with steel stays on the outside, as was her neck corset.

"Ah, my little beauties. It looks as though you two are getting on very well. Hmm. I'll have to change my plans for tonight then. Sara, go and fetch the trolley with their attire on it for me. If you would be so kind." She said with a cruel sneer on her red lips. Sara hobbled out, click clacking on the stone floor. Tina and I stood, naked, feeling vulnerable before the imperious gaze of Mistress Christine. "Well, kneel before me and kiss my boots dears," she said sternly.

We rushed forward and knelt to kiss her shiny, pointed boots. "Lovely asses. Raise them up for me." She commanded. I felt the air move as two crops swished through the air and connected with our buttocks issuing a sharp 'smack'. She stepped back. "Stay," she said as if commanding a dog. She walked around us.

Just then the trolley trundled in, wheels squeaking loudly amidst the silence of the dungeon. "Dress each other please." She said.

We helped each other into the items. A heavily boned leather corset each. Knee high leather ballet boots which ended in a metal point. "Stay there you two while I see to Sara. Don't move." She said calmly.

The seesaw was made of metal, each arm consisting of parallel tubes with springs that affixed to the floor and ceiling. Sara lay on the arms on her back, staring up at the ceiling. Christine forced a huge hard red rubber ball gag into Sara's mouth and did it up very tightly, the straps marking Sara's face, her eyes wide and moist. She raised Sara and laced her up into a stout leather arm binder, the end of which she fastened to the seesaw's arms. Sara's head and shoulders were supported by nothing but the air around her. A three-foot spreader bar was fastened to her boots ankles and the middle of the bar connected with another bar to the arms of the seesaw. Then some vicious nipple clamps with sprung weights were attached to her hard jutting nipples.

Lastly two double-ended dildoes were inserted into Sara's anus and vagina. The vaginal one had a stop that abutted to Sara's crotch. Christine walked over to the other end and pulled the seesaw up then down. Sara rose in the air about three foot then down three feet, her pointed boots touching the floor just before her head did, absorbing the impact and scraping on the floor. Her body juddered with the movement of the arm, vibrations transmitted by the springs on the structure but also the bouncing weights on her nipples. She gasped and wheezed as drool escaped from her stuffed mouth.

Tina and I both exchanged hurried and excited glances tinged on my part with a little bit of fear as well. Tina was just excited. "Now your turn. You do make a lovely couple," said Christine, brightly.

I walked, as directed by Christine, gingerly over to the seesaw on the tips of my toes. I sat down on the arm of the seesaw first facing away from the middle. Then Tina came over, expertly I might add in her boots, and sat opposite me, legs around my waist and dangling down, right on the end of the arm. Spreader bars were attached to our boots and then secured via a single bar each to the arm. Then connecting nipple clamps were placed on each of us with small sprung loaded weights. We were squashed together. I could now feel the warmth of her breasts pressing tightly to my chest. Our arms were behind each other's back and secured in leather arm binders, the ends of which had 'D' rings which were then secured to the seesaw.

Now she produced a two-headed hood that she put on both of us. It laced and zipped up the back, making for a very snug fit. They were joined by means of a single tube coming out of each mouth. Each mask had a built in gag but with one bulb that connected to the tube separating us, that Christine squeezed with glee. She ensured the nostril plug fitted snugly. The four steel coated breathing tubes joined together to form one which then led into a rebreather bag, the valve of which started to flutter once we were connected up. She wasn't quite finished though. Oh no.

Now Christine manhandled my penis into a rubber phallus that she secured to my waist then got Tina to slide into her moist vagina. It slipped in easily. Pressed up against her clitoris was a small rubber nodule. Then Christine rudely inserted a double-ended butt plug into both of our bottoms. That was snug and felt strange, as did the phallus. This was because they were both filled with mercury that produced the most delightful sensations. Christine went over to Sara and switched on the dildoes and then did the same for us. She then strapped a dildo on and climbed on, pushing the dildo into Sara and then sitting on the other and sighing as she lowered herself onto it.

Part 7

Staring back at me were Tina's excited eyes. I found it hard to breathe as the corset was crushing my ribs with its vicious steel boning and the neck corset gripped like a garrotte. My feet and toes ached as well being crammed into pointed ballet boots. My nipples burned with exquisite pain as the weights bounced up and down. We dare not move too far apart as a small chain linked our nipples. Her thighs wrapped around my waist and her chest crushed against mine. My anus was filled with a rubber butt plug and my penis gripped inside its own rubber-spiked prison of a phallus.

I breathed as deeply as I could through my nose and tried to look down at the rebreather bag which was located just below my chin. It shuddered and collapsed with the uneven breathing of the two of us connected up to it, never growing to its full round shape. I looked into Tina's eyes and then down at the bag. She did the same. Our eyes met again and she winked. We synchronised our breathing and the bag was now collapsing and expanding evenly. Our end of the seesaw moved upwards and ripples and vibrations juddered through our bodies as the springs tightened and twanged their metallic melody.

The judders and vibrations of the seesaw movement was beginning to have it's effect on us. Up and down it went, remorselessly bouncing my bottom and shoving the butt plug deep into me. Bouncing on my thighs was Tina, gripping the dildo that went in and out of her sopping vagina as the seesaw went up and down. The very act of her squeezing and then releasing the phallus, pressed and then released the little rubber spikes in contact with my rock hard penis. Up and down it went. The weights torturing my nipples with their unpredictable movement. The vibrations from the springs were intense.

My muscles began to tense up, bunch, contract and expand of their own accord. Every time our end of the arm reached the bottom of its arc my poor toes were crunched in the bottom of my severe ballet boots. My tendons and toes were hurting like hell, not to mention my nipples. Opposite me Tina was tensing and relaxing, her breathing becoming more and more erratic. I could see her tendons and muscles so prominent that she looked as she'd been turned inside out. Then from somewhere in the room I heard an almighty scream that wrenched the air like thunder on a hot muggy day. I could feel myself about to explode. In front of me Tina's eyes looked like they would pop out of her head as she came and then I did.

The movement stopped as Christine had got up and the tips of our boots hit the floor. We were released but couldn't walk because we were both so wobbly and exhausted. Once divested of our garments we could all see each other's huge smiles and grins. Muscles tired and aching but minds relaxed and joyous. Sara showed Tina and I to the room we were going to sleep in. She bade me lie on the bed and strapped my wrists and ankles with sheepskin lined leather cuffs. Underneath me was a white latex sheet and under my head a white latex covered pillow. Tina was told to lie on top of me with her head where my crotch was and her pert, peach shaped bottom over my head.

Sara then secured Tina by the wrists and ankles and then eased us into some interesting underwear. Each was made of latex with breathing tubes leading to rebreather bags and then secured tightly so that no light could enter. My nose was firmly wedged against Tina's anus and my mouth below her fragrant vagina and still engorged clitoris. Her vagina was still wet and so my face was getting wet with her. Her breasts with their still hard nipples were pressed against my stomach, while Sara had placed Tina above my limp penis. Sara left the room and turned out the light.

I wasn't as tired as I thought I'd be due the feverish activity of my mind and the desirable woman resting on top of my and whose wondrous odour that pervaded my senses. Tina wasn't too tired either. I licked her lips then probed my tongue into her wet vagina, tasting her sweetness. She started to lick and tease my turgid penis with her wicked tongue. Somewhere I heard a moan as I licked around and then on her clitoris. Strangely I could feel her nipples getting even harder.

Now I plunged my tongue into her gaping vagina as far as I could which meant that my nose sunk into her anus, giving me a huge whiff of her excreta. It was all heady stuff. My temples were throbbing and now my penis was hard again. Tina's thigh gripped my head and I felt as if she was going to crush my poor, fug filled head. We both came loudly and powerfully. I feel asleep not long afterwards and felt a heavy head resting on my groin. I'd wanted to get close to this woman I'd only recently met but maybe not this close!

Like most men of my age I dreamed during the night that a beautiful woman was giving me a blowjob and I that I was reciprocating and giving her a good tonguing. It was true because I awoke with a start to realise that I'd come and that my tongue was aching as if I'd been talking in my sleep all night. I drifted back to sleep and once again like a lot of men my age I awoke with a raging hardon but found it being licked and caressed by the most expert of tongues. I started to lick and probe the vagina suspended above me. The taste and smell was a rich combination. I gently bit the clitoris that elicited a startled squeal from the area of my groin. I suddenly felt her teeth scrapping along the head of my penis that caused me a sharp intake of breath. We continued to lick and tease, probe and plunge, bite and tongue each other until we both came and collapsed in fits of stifled giggles.

After a hearty breakfast all four of us, wearing dressing gowns of silk and having showered, went out into the huge walled garden and off to a small building at the bottom of it. Once inside, Sara helped herself and me to get ready while Christine helped Tina. I had to wear a tight fitting leather catsuit with a waist and neck corset on underneath and a leather hood with only holes for my nostrils and eyes. On my feet were knee high boots with no heel and with a hoof shaped sole with a horseshoe on the bottom. I was thus walking on tiptoe. My arms were bound to the sides of my body. My penis was stuffed into a huge, long thin phallus. My mouth was filled with a gag that had a phallus on the outside. Sara pumped up the gag, filling my mouth with rubber. The leather was very soft and fitted closely.

Sara meanwhile had the same on except that her hood was shaped like a horse's head, complete with a long flowing main and her mouth stuffed with a bridle and bit. On her feet were the same sort of boots I was wearing. The sole was six inches high. Her arms were bound to her side. I stood behind her and was told to insert the curved penis gag into her anus.

Christine and Tina lugged a big package over, which looked heavy. They unpacked it. Metal tubes piled up on the floor. Tina was wearing a black latex catsuit with an anal butt plug with curved dildo protruding obscenely from her bottom like a stiff tail. Her masked face was spoilt by a phallus where her mouth was and tubes from her nostrils that went into a rebreather bag. A strange framework was built using the tubular metal. Sara and I stood still while they laboured Sara getting more agitated by the presence of the anal intruder. The framework was secured to us using various fitting points built into each of our suits.

We resembled a very strange looking creature indeed. Then Tina ducked below me, grabbed me round the waist with her legs and put her hands straight up in front of Sara. Christine secured them to the frame and placed them into a latex single hand glove. My large penis was inserted into her vagina and the anal dildo into my anus. Her legs were then secured to the frame, astride of the lower half of my torso. I was filled with rubber. Tina was filled with rubber and Sara was filled with rubber and metal. Pump up blindfolds were then placed over my eyes and Tina's eyes, plunging us into darkness. Then a leather covering was put over the three of us followed by a saddle that was fastened underneath Tina transforming us into a pantomime horse!

Christine was to be the rider, red latex jacket, white latex jodhpurs, black hard hat and shiny black leather riding boots with spurs and a vicious riding crop that swished menacingly in the cool air of morning. Christine put her boot into the stirrups and mounted the horse. With my back bent she felt heavy. The crop lashed my leg as she pulled on the reins. We moved forward at a walk. On the path our feet clipped clopped on the flagstones. The spurs dug into my thighs and I tried to pick up the speed. We moved into a canter. I couldn't see in front of me. I had to trust the rider and the head of the 'horse'. Christine pulled up with the reins and I bumped into Sara. My back was aching with the strain but the tightness of the corset at least stopped my back from bending!

By the end of half an hour we were being made to jump over some small hurdles. We trotted around again. I could feel Tina squeezing my latex covered penis as if cracking a nut. The dildo in my anus was being shoved relentlessly back and forth. In and out. My head was bobbing up and down, forcing the penis in and out of Sara's anus. All the while Tina's head was being crushed and then squashed by Sara's thighs and bottom. I ached all over but I could feel myself about to explode. This was too much to bear. I came grunting and growling into the gag, the air expelled from my lungs, my legs weak and wobbly with bearing the weight and trying to trot. Sara screamed with pleasure, as did Tina whose breath I could barely feel on my leather sheathed face.

Lunch was eaten in the kitchen in a convivial atmosphere. Then we were all dressed up to go out for a stroll in the wind and rain of a miserable Sunday afternoon. We had on mackintoshes, waders, catuits, gloves, hoods, socks, and layers of clothing to keep out the cold. I was wearing a catsuit with socks and gloves and built in hood and penile sheath. Stuck around the rear was an anal sheath which lined my anus with soft rubber. Then a second, thicker suit was donned followed by waders and thick rubber gloves. Then gas masks were fastened on. Each of us was now in our own self contained world. Lastly the mackintoshes with sou-westers.

We ended up somewhere isolated. Christine grabbed me by the hand and said in a seductive voice, "Follow me." We walked a short distance. Christine pulled me to the floor on top of her. She opened her coat revealing a shiny, skin-tight catsuit underneath. She pulled down the crotch zip and unzipped the short zips over her breasts. Transparent latex covered nipples peeked provocatively through the black surroundings. This was a surprise but not as much as the sight of her transparent latex covered vaginal lips which were pink and fleshy underneath. My latex covered penis was as hard and rigid as a crowbar.

I could hear my own breathing, loudly in my ears and saw the valves on her gasmask fluttering. I rolled her erect nipples with my fingers. Slowly. Squeezing them gently. She was panting and the skin colour had gone a deeper shade of pink. I rubbed her latex lined vagina with my fingers and noticed it was lubricated. She grabbed my waist and guided me into her. I plunged in and was gripped by powerful vaginal muscles. They squeezed as I plunged. In and out. She rotated her hips and then thrust upwards as I thrust down. Up and down. Then I could feel the semen welling up inside waiting to be expelled. I came with an almighty shout and scream that nearly burst my eardrums with the gasmask. Christine did the same seconds after me. She gripped my bottom so hard I thought she would rip the rubber from my body.

We met up with the others again. Beneath their masks were big smiles. Then we frolicked in the cold. Wandering in the woods, larking about in the mud. Then we walked home with joyous hearts and springs in our steps. The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing, reading and chatting. Evening approached and we all sat down to a meal prepared by Sara. I was wearing full evening dress. White tie top hat and tails. In latex! Sara was in a full ball gown as was Tina and Christine. Sara in blue, Tina in red and Christine in black. They were strapless with corset bodices, matching long gloves and yards of latex billowing all around their legs. On their feet were matching six inch high heels. Undergarments were matching latex stocking, knickers, bra and corsets. All latex. Around their fine and slender necks were stainless steel necklaces that fitted perfectly. It was delicious and warming.

We all prepared to retire to bed. Christine took us all aside into the library where a roaring fire was crackling and popping, throwing weird shadows onto the wall opposite. "Now. You two guests. I have a proposition for you. I like you both and Sara likes both of you. I'm in need to some more staff to help run this place. I can't be expected to look after it all on my own. Now don't worry about things like your jobs or residences. I will pay you double what you're currently getting and in addition I'll provide board, lodgings and uniforms. Of my choosing of course." She smiled indulgently at both of us. "You'll be expected to help. Simon, you'll be driver and handyman. Tina will be chambermaid and handywoman. Basically everyone chips in. On the other hand I can get Sara to run the two of you home and you'll never see or hear from me again. I'm going to leave where I'm working at the moment anyway. I'll have some proper employment contracts drawn up for you two tomorrow. What do you say?" She asked looking directly at us. Staring deep into our souls.

I turned to look at Tina. She looked at me. I looked around me at Sara, Christine, the warm room with it's crackling fire and it's warm glow lighting our faces. In unison we replied, "Yes!"


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