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Club 10

by Rubbere

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© Copyright 2006 - Rubbere - Used by permission

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I grasped the knob on the glossy black door. The anonymous alley entrance to the club on the other side had no sign, no name, no hint of its existence. My heart was pounding as anxiety welled up inside my body and replaced the roaring desire for sex that had been there earlier in the day. Now I was nervous, my hands cold and clammy, and I felt extremely heavy, exhausted, and not quite sure I had the ability to finally go through with what we had discussed so many times. But I would not allow myself to turn back. I couldn’t return to my apartment knowing I would regret not doing this. 

Doubt flooded my mind. This was the right place wasn’t it? I looked back at the street from which I had turned. The sign for Club 10 lit the sidewalk with a red glow. “In the alley behind Club 10,” her instructions played back in my head. I turned the knob and pushed open the door. Music exploded from inside, the heavy, pulsing bass practically blasted me back into the alley. 

Closing the door behind me, I looked around. It was very dark, and very busy, providing both a sense of mystery and confusion. The warmth and humidity carried the odor of cigarettes and perfume, invading my nostrils, triggering an additional dose of adrenaline. 

“May I see your membership card?” 

Eyes slowly adjusting, I made out a large hulk of a man standing beneath a black light behind a podium. His hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail, and his muscular chest was decorated with brightly colored tattoos, showing from beneath a black leather vest. A chrome chain attached to a large black leather choker led downward, the other end of which was hidden behind the podium. Heart racing, I reached into my pocket and grasped the guest card I had been given the evening before. I showed it to him. 

“You must be in fetish attire to enter the club,” he replied. I opened the top of my overcoat so he could see I was in compliance. I had never worn latex in public, and now I became extremely self-conscious. My hope was that the two glasses of cabernet I drank before I left the apartment would take over soon, and shut down my inhibitions. 

“Thank you. The bar is to your left, show room on your right, dressing rooms in the center, enjoy your evening,” the hulk motioned with a massive tattooed arm as he spoke. I headed for the dressing room, following the advice I had been given earlier. My eyes were still adjusting to the dimness, and as I entered the dressing room, my courage rose. The room was lit with red lights, giving an otherwise utilitarian room a somewhat erotic glow. Two men were changing in front of a row of lockers. One was wearing tight rubber chaps, open at the rear, and was pouring talc into the bottom of a latex t-shirt while chatting matter-of-factly with the other. A black latex cock and ball sheath covered his genitals. His perfect penis was semi-erect, and his balls, held tight by the latex, had been forced into a single, shiny black globe. 

The second man, naked, save for a pair of rubber briefs and gold rings through his pierced nipples, was rummaging through his sports bag. The sight of others in outrageous rubber was encouraging, and my anxiety began to back down. I walked over to an empty locker and removed my coat. I still felt conspicuous, but they continued talking, and barely noticed my presence. I hung up my coat and removed my latex hood from the pocket. Closing the door, I hurried to the mirror on the opposite side of the lockers. The sight of myself approaching in the mirror fascinated me. My catsuit fits extremely well, it is tight, and the hours of lifting weights and endless stomach crunches show through its shiny black skin. The rear of the catsuit is custom fitted so that it enters and accentuates the crack of my firm round ass like a second skin. In the front, a latex pouch covers my cock and balls, revealing their shape through stretched rubber. The pouch is basically a thong with thick rubber straps forming the waist, front, and rear bands, and employs silky thin black latex for covering the genitals. It bulges where my catsuit is unzipped above the crotch, where my cock and balls are squeezed out and held proud by the tightness of the suit. Allowing freedom of movement as I walk or become aroused, I like the way it looks, the way it feels, and the way it adds to the overall sensual experience. 

I stopped in front of the mirror, and raised the hood to my head. I pulled it down over my face and neck, breathing in the exotic rubber aroma I have begun to associate with sex, pussy cum, and orgasm. The smell triggered a rush of blood to my penis, swelling it and setting the pleasure nerves under its tip to tingling. The wine was definitely taking effect. My semi-swollen sex was now obvious to anyone, to everyone, yet my hood and mask gave me complete anonymity and an increased sense of boldness. I felt aroused and wicked. I thrust my pelvis forward and gave my cock a squeeze to force the blood out of it so I could enjoy the feeling of it pulsing back in, increasing its size and making it more sensitive. 

I adjusted the eye and mouth holes in my mask so they lined up correctly. I smoothed the neck down, making sure it fit snugly, feeling its tightness across my face as I tucked it into the collar. It had to be perfectly smooth for the right effect, and I enjoyed the ritual this entailed. The hood restricted my breathing somewhat and amplified the sound of air being sucked in and forced out. I stood and admired myself in the mirror. The look was otherworldly, alien, and astonishingly erotic. Now my dick was fully erect, but held in its place by the pouch, its swollen head clearly visible through the stretched black latex. 

As I turned and headed for the door, my swollen organ bulging in front of me, I noticed the two men staring as I left, and it gave me another engorging surge. To get to the show room, I had to cross the foyer into which I had first entered. Several people were showing ID to the ‘hulk’ and stopped what they were doing to observe me as I passed. My pace slowed as the exhibitionist in me took over. One of the women patted my ass as I went by. “Very nice!” she yelled to be heard over the music. I turned to face her, so she could see I was aroused. Her eyes widened when they dropped to my crotch, and I could see her lips form the word “Fuck”. I wanted to walk up to her and place her hand on my cock, but I had an appointment to keep, so I continued on to the show room where ‘she’ had said she would meet me. 

‘She’ was an amazing woman, confident in her outrageous sexuality, silky smooth in her conversation, and always ready for a good time. But when I entered the show room, I wasn’t ready for what I saw. The show room was small, with perhaps only 10 table-booths around its purple walls. It was lit with dimmed recessed lights that glowed orange from within a black ceiling. Men and women dressed in various rubber and bondage costumes were seated in the booths engaged in varying stages of sexual activity, their bodies reflecting the cozy glow of candlelight. 

Their attention was riveted on the figure in the center of the room. She was slouched in a chair that was on a small raised platform. A single spotlight in the ceiling above her was brighter than the rest, making it look as though she were onstage. The amber light gleamed on her dazzling rubber body. A black skin-tight latex hood and mask covered her head and face, fitting her perfectly, without a wrinkle, so that her head appeared to be made from a single piece of polished ebony. Bright red lips protruded from her mouth hole, and contrasted dramatically with the blackness covering her face. Shiny latex accentuated her pert round breasts, making them appear as though they had been molded in rubber, their nipples permanently erect and exaggerated. Each was pierced with a glistening silver ring and connected to the other by a silver chain. Her long latex legs were spread wide, supported by extremely high, spiked-heeled boots. 

She had unzipped her catsuit from back to front to expose twin mounds of engorged shiny labia below a small patch of blonde hair. She was immensely proud of her sex, and the others in the room had their attention fully upon it. She loved that. It excited her, and made her cum run from her hole like a slow, weak stream of creamy urine, steadily dripping from those swollen lips into a small puddle on the seat of the chair. She teased them, repeatedly dipping her finger into the puddle to suck it off as the room hooted and cheered. She was demonstrating her adeptness with a long black, cock-shaped dildo that was protruding from her vagina. I watched her as she held it with black rubber hands and plunged it in again and again. In and out of her cunt, she rammed it with a fury, thrusting her pelvis forward, only pausing to stir it ferociously after burying it in her as far as it would go. 

The music was blaring, but I could hear her loud, guttural grunt with each stroke as it slammed into her. “Unnh unnh unnh fuck! Unnh! Unnh! Fuck! Unnh! Shit! Fuck me! – Fuck me! Fuck! - Oh fuck! Fuck my fucking fuck hole! Unnh! Shit! Uhnnnnnnhh! 

Suddenly, she stopped. She sat motionless for a moment, as if she was spent. Having a flare for the dramatic, she began pulling the rubber cock out slowly, so as not to lose any of the precious honey that had accumulated on it. Her glistening inner labia gripped it and were pulled along the length of it as it slid from her drooling lips. She raised it to her mouth and coyly licked it while watching the reaction of the others. Her cum gleamed on the dildo as she inserted and withdrew it once more from her steaming slit. It dripped with that thick white cum that is present when women are first aroused. My cock twitched and grew as I beheld this incredible sight. She noticed me standing at the door, and turned herself toward me, spreading her thighs slowly to expose herself to me. She motioned me over to her. 

My heart pounded as I moved to the center of the room, my bulge moving from side to side ahead of me as I walked. I left the security of the dark corner in which I had been standing into the very center of all attention. I loved it. My hand stroked and squeezed my cock hoping everyone was watching as I walked over and stood in front of her. "Lick it" she mouthed, and held the dildo to my mouth. Kneeling to receive her offering, I sensed its warmth, it having just been inside her, and its scent was a delicious mixture of sweat, cum, and the pungent perfume of her anus. I didn't hesitate, but devoured it in my mouth, pushing it down my throat to where her hand held it. She placed her hand on the back of my head and moved it in and out of my mouth several times, fucking my face with her dildo. It slipped between my lips easily, still slimy with her thick cum, and I was able to control my gag reflex enough to enjoy its fullness in my throat. She pulled it out one last time and returned it to her pussy. I looked up at her, cum and saliva dripping from my lips, and moved closer, wanting to get between her thighs. 

But before I could move, she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me to her mouth and kissed me, her tongue penetrating my mouth, cleaning the her cum deep from within me. The smell of her latex was intoxicating. The shininess of her legs and the warmth I could feel through the rubber was pure sex. I felt my cock straining against its pouch, stretching it tight against the underside of my balls, lifting and separating them. I pulled at the pouch but before I could release myself, she had slid from her chair, and had encircled her gloved hand around my cock. She squeezed it, and with rubber fingers, lightly stroked the rubber covering my balls, creating tiny pleasure vibrations that traveled up my shaft. She continued stroking while she delivered the kiss to my lips. She has incredibly soft lips, and the smell of her saliva and lipstick compelled me to pull her closer. 

At this she pulled away and, pushing me to the floor, dropped her head between my legs and plunged my rubber-covered penis down her throat. Her free hand squeezed and pulled at my balls till they ached with pleasure. Then she released me, and pulled the pouch to one side, exposing my stiff shaft. She gazed at it, and played with it, lightly stroking its underside, lightly licking around its head. I saw my veins enlarge and that purple head grow as she squeezed the base of my cock. When a drop of cum formed at the tip, she squeezed again and watched, mesmerized, as the drop enlarged. She then slowly moved her lips to it and kissed it off. Cum shined on her bottom lip as she pulled away, her heavy-lidded eyes visible through the holes of her mask. She was the picture of sex. I was staring at her when movement from behind her caught my attention. It was the trio seated in a booth behind her. 

One woman was laying on the table on her back while another was naked above her, straddling her face and humping it with her pussy. The woman on her back was wearing transparent rubber slacks. She had her hand down inside them, moisture clearly visible clinging to their insides, her shaved pussy lips pressed against them, distorted, as though they were pressed against a pane of glass. She was vigorously stroking her clit with one hand while jacking off her male partner with the other. His hands were on her transparent rubbered-breasts, squeezing her nipples red, all the while watching us have sex on the floor. The sight made my cock so hard it ached. 

Heart pounding wildly, I stood up. She reached out and grasped my balls, pulling me to her. She licked the underside of my cock twice, quickly, sending electric pleasure jolts through my scrotum, then rammed it whole into her mouth. Her hot throat made the head of my dick swell and surge with pleasure. Again and again she stroked me with her mouth and I placed my hands on the sides of her rubber head and fucked it hard, slamming her face against my abdomen. She let out a low growl that sent pleasure vibrations up my shaft. The head of my cock flared and stretched her throat. She gagged, took a moment to recover, and then jammed the throbbing length of me down her throat again. My dick began to jerk in spasms, shooting pleasure jolts to my anus, causing it to contract uncontrollably. I wanted to fuck her fucking throat and I forced my cock into her bulging mouth. I felt her teeth push against my groin and held her there for a moment. 

She sensed that I might cum at any second, so she pushed me away and leaned back onto the floor, leaving my hard dick glistening, jerking slowly in the light. Opening her legs wide, she raised her pelvis high. It was an obvious gesture. She wanted to show everyone, to see the amazement on their faces as they caught sight of the pressure bulb. Dangling beneath her uplifted ass, it was connected to dull red surgical hose that protruded from her anus. She had an inflatable dildo inserted up her rectum. I stared in amazement. I knew that she loved anal play, and could focus on it for hours, but that was always in private. She grasped the bulb and squeezed it three times, a look of ecstasy crossed her face and her head jerked backward in pleasure. With back arched she began slowly thrusting her pelvis in the air, in time to the music, and groaned loudly, while the dildo, still in her pussy, began sliding out of her, pushed by the pressure created in her rectum. Two more squeezes. The dildo moved quicker, as though it was growing out from within her pussy. Finally, it was expelled, and fell gleaming to the floor. A drool of cum followed from her cunt, and pooled next to the rubber cock as it lay on the rug. The inner labia of her cunt were engorged and parted, revealing her dark hole, still open wide from the dildo. She opened the release valve on the bulb, and I could hear the rush of air escaping. She looked straight at me. 

"I want you to fuck me" she growled. I dropped to my hands and knees and slowly crawled toward her, pausing to massage my cock while looking at her eyes. Moving between her open legs, I placed my mouth on her rubber thigh. I kissed, sucked, and bit at her leg through the slick latex, reveling in its smell. Slowly I worked my way up to her crotch, lingering at those places between her legs and pussy lips, sucking on the rubber. I could almost sense the heat of her cunt without even touching it, and I breathed deeply of its sexy aroma. Cum still seeped from her vagina, and I noticed it ran down to her anus, where large drops formed around the hose and fell to the floor. She had a small patch of blonde hair above her vulva, but was smooth and shaven around her moist pussy. 

She had spread her legs as wide as they could go, showing her large, deep purple inner labia, being squeezed into a pout by the tight latex, so that they extended beyond her outer lips. They were dark brown on their edges, and swollen, almost vibrating with her excitement. They gleamed with the wetness created by her play with the dildo. Our rubber suits squeaked as they rubbed against each other as I moved my gloved hands up to message her tits. I grabbed each one at the base, and began squeezing them toward their nipples in a milking motion. Deprived of touch sensitivity by the rubber, I could still feel the warmth and wonderfully full softness of her tits. I worked my hands up until I held each nipple between my fingers, rolling and squeezing them as if to force liquid from their tips. 

She groaned and raised her pelvis to my face. I moved my head back, as I wasn’t ready to allow her that pleasure yet. Instead, I took my tongue and licked the around the outside edge of the rubber slit through which her cunt protruded, allowing it to barely touch her shaved lips. As I worked my way around, I breathed deeply, enjoying the familiar sexy smell of her cunt. That smell that was left on my fingers after being with her in the parking garage last week. She had taken my hand and jammed it up to her crotch to prove to me that she was wet from our kissing. My fingers had probed her deeply, and I withdrew them to lick her cum from them while she watched. On the way home I had held my fingers to my nose and breathed in her scent over and over again, creating a wet spot where my erect penis strained against my jeans. 

Now she pushed forward again, eager to have my face buried in her crotch. Again I moved away, not allowing her control over the situation. I pushed her shiny black legs back over her head, rolling her ass into the air, bringing it up to my mouth. I ran my tongue along the cleavage of her butt to where the rubber hose disappeared into her hole. I gave gentle jerks on the hose, stimulating the nerves of her anus, while licking her around the rubber tube. This caused her to shove my head into her with a spasm of pleasure. Again the pungent perfume of her anus delighted my senses and I felt my cock throb as blood surged into it. She released my head and moved her hands up to massage her big black breasts. I licked at the stream of cum from pussy, following it up to its origin, savoring its flavor and swallowing as much as I could. I wanted all of her, her sweat, her cum, everything. 

“Piss now!” I yelled over the music. She closed her eyes and I sensed her relaxing. Then it came. It squirted from her urethra onto my face. I quickly moved to cover her clear fountain with my mouth and began sucking urine from her, swallowing it as though dying from thirst. Its salinity was delicious, and I sucked harder, wanting to taste more of her. She finished, then with a contraction of her muscle, squirted the last of it into my mouth. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to fuck her now. I got to my knees and placed my dick on her pussy. I began to rub the head of my cock against her clit. Reacting to its heat, my cock gave a cum surge involuntarily and I pulled away to regain control. Again I placed myself on her swollen pink clit and dragged my cock head down to her dripping hole where I inserted it teasingly. I stopped with just the head in. Pulling it back out to see her cum shining on it, I pushed it back in, just the head, just the sensitive tip. 

I stopped, savoring the feeling of her wetness and heat closing around me. I felt her squeeze her muscles against me three times in quick succession. I grabbed the base of my cock and shook it, vibrating and stretching the entrance to her cunt. She moaned and turned her head to the side. I slowly pulled the head out again, and spread the wetness clinging to it over her pussy lips and up to her clit. With my hand on my cock, I moved it back and forth across that large pink pearl until it sat shining and erect. 

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! For shit’s sake, fuck me!" she yelled. I moved up to her mouth and pushed my cock, wet with her cum up to her lips. 

"Mouth fuck me," I said, and I pushed myself into her mouth as she moved her head toward it. I felt my cock go in, then stop. She pushed again, and I felt the head of my cock go down her throat. Her mouth bulged with my fullness. She continued shoving me in until she reached the base of my cock, and, rolling her eyes up at me, she closed her teeth lightly around me. I couldn't take it anymore. The head of my cock expanded and my shaft quickly swelled. I was going to shoot down her throat, and fought for control over the urge. I wanted to fuck her. As I pulled out of her mouth, a string of saliva stretched from my cock to her lips. She sucked it in and licked it from her lips with her tongue. 

I quickly moved back between her thighs and positioned myself again. Pushing my swollen cock head up to her, I felt her saliva cooling my cock, and it contrasted with her heat as I inserted it into her wet hole. Again, slowly, but with steady, unrelenting force, I pushed against her, until I felt myself touching the base of her uterus. I pulled out till only the head remained inserted and then jammed it back in quickly. I could feel my shaft slide against the slippery inner sheath of her pussy, the electricity of pleasure racing across my balls to my ass. Again I pulled back and rammed into her. She raised her rubber legs and rested them on my shoulders. I began pounding her pussy with my strokes, shoving her across the platform, faster and harder, the sound of my panting through my mask, the squeaking of our rubber bodies and the slapping noises of our fuck combined to fill the room, overriding the blaring music. 

Breathing heavily, and still grasping the rubber bulb, she pumped quickly. The dildo in her rectum swelled. I rammed my swollen cock deep into that slippery cunt again and then held it there. The pressure of the dildo forced my cock against the walls of her pussy and gripped me tightly. Her eyes rolled back and she continued to pump, once, twice, three times. Her cum began seeping out around the base of my cock, the wall of her rectum pressing against me and devouring every available space in her. She flipped a switch and the swollen dildo began to vibrate. I let out a moan at the surprise of pleasure. 

She began to massage her tits and then pulled at her nipple rings, stretching her nipples as she let out a low guttural groan, like that of an animal being fucked. I leaned down and took one of her latex nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it hard, so she would feel it through her catsuit, and bit down till she groaned. Her hands grabbed my buttocks and jammed me against her as the vibrations of the dildo shook our pleasure nerves alive. She pulled at the buttocks zipper on my tight rubber suit until she could place her black, gloved finger on my anus. She reached around and wetted it in her mouth, then returned it to my hole. I could feel her finger, gently pressing, circling, probing, to gain entrance...... I felt it, moist with her saliva, slide inside of me. The pleasure tingled along my scrotum to the head of my swollen cock, making it jerk involuntarily, twice, inside her, the intense pleasure moving me to the brink of orgasm…. 

"I felt that", she said, and squeezed the muscles of her hole around my cock, answering my spasms. Slowly she backed her finger out, until just the tip was inserted. She began to move it in tiny circles, teasing, pulling, enlarging the hole she had invaded. Then quickly, she plunged it in again, till I felt her knuckle on my ass. Again her finger moved in circles, deep inside me, stretching me, gently preparing me. There was no pain at all, but the pleasure was so intense, I had stopped moving, except for my heavy breathing. She backed out again, circling, pulling, stretching. She gazed up at me and with her free hand grabbed my neck and pulled my head toward her. She kissed me squarely on the lips, her tongue pushing deep inside my mouth. The taste of her saliva was delicious, being mixed with the remaining drops of urine on my mouth. 

She placed another gloved finger alongside the first and pushed in. Again, a slight pain, disappearing as natural lubricant encircled her fingers. She kept going in circles stretching, stretching. Then she probed forward, deeper. I felt her brush against my prostate. Again she stroked it. She knew she had found it. She began stroking, massaging it, and I could feel cum forced along my urethra out into her moist vagina. She pulled her fingers out. Still kissing me, she rolled from beneath me. As she did, my cock slipped from her cunt, and the cum she had forced from me glistened under the light. 

I had momentarily forgotten everyone in the room, but she obviously had not. She glanced around the room, then coyly moved her head toward my erect penis. She took the tip of her tongue and dipped it in the cum that had smeared over the head of my cock. She pulled away, so that a string of cum extended between her tongue and my dick. Then, looking around the room, she moved her lips back toward my dick until they were just above its head. She lowered, her lips parted, and they just barely touched my cock. She kissed it ever so lightly, then opened until just the head was in her mouth. 

She sucked slowly, licking away the cum that had gathered there. Then, still sucking on my erection, she moved around until she had straddled my head. I gazed up, as her swollen pussy descended on my face. She began grinding herself into me while her head jerked up and down, sucking the shaft of my cock. I sucked hard, while my cum was ready to blast into her mouth. Without warning I let off a shot into her mouth, and she quickly sucked it down. Then she took her mouth away and grabbed my dick with her hand. She began milking my shaft as it spurted long streams of cum uncontrollably, spattering her mask and lips. 

She continued to grind her pussy into my face, growling like a wild animal, pumping furiously across my rubber face. Then she came. She yelled and her entire body jerked spasmodically. Great spurts of cum shot from her hole, drenching my face, depriving me of air. I tried to turn my head to the side to take a breath, but her thighs gripped me like a vise, then shook as the orgasm took control of her muscles. She pressed down hard, and my teeth pressed into her soft flesh. Finally, she released me and rolled over onto the floor, my cum drooling down the sides of her mask to the corner of her mouth. She licked at it and smiled at me, and I slid up against her and squeezed her beautiful rubber body, the scent of her cum still on my lips..…

Story Submitted By Rubbere



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If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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