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Claudia’s Exquisite Death

by Michael Knight

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© Copyright 2002 - Michael Knight - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; dress; nanotech; machine; bagged; strapon; les; cons; futuristic; X

Claudia sat back in her red imitation leather easy chair watching the carnage before her on her full size wall screen, two Goliaths battled it out in the centre of a huge arena, one a cyber armour-suited human wielding some sort of laser aux while his lizard-like alien foe jockeyed for a position to strike with his own lethal weapon, a moment later there was a large spatter of crimson blood splashed onto the view screen and trickled down before the automated cleansing beams removed the blood from the screen once again providing the thousands of spectators with a crystal clear 3D image of the continuing carnage.

Entertainment producers a long time ago figured the best results were achieved when the blood remained on the screen just long enough for the viewing audience to be properly grossed out before the cleansing beams were activated providing the viewer once again with crystal clear vision of the carnage ensuing before them in full panoramic, quadraphonic sound and vision.

Claudia feeling properly disgusted shouted at the screen “NEXT Channel!” “Only twenty thousand more to go.” She thought as she sighed and leaned back stroking a finger along the neckline of her black latex mini dress, she crossed her long shapely black stockinged legs, “Next,” She sighed and the wall screen switched to another channel..... “Oh God!....Not another Alien death match.” She grumbled as her entire panoramic vision was again assaulted with a splash of crimson as some huge white and green furry Goliath from some distant galaxy took the head clean of his human combatant, the head bounced spinning slightly off of the upper right corner of her view screen leaving behind a crimson splatter mark, the blood trickled a little before the cleansing beams whisked it away. “Shit this stuff is so grisly!”......”NEXT!” She shouted at the screen again.

The channels flipped endlessly, Claudia thought about how we really do live in a “Been there, seen that, done that” type of world. The Human race had reached some of the furthest stars and had colonised them, the only people that worked in this computerised, synthesised, machines do everything world were the ones who felt they needed to do something to pass the time, and there was an awful lot of those, thanks to the perfection of Nano technology the need for Doctors and hospitals was virtually eliminated, at birth infants were injected with a series of their own completely self sufficient Nano Bots, any ailments even the once dreaded common Cold were immediately dealt with before you would even feel so much as a sniffle coming on, their wasn’t a single thing the Nano Bots couldn’t handle, Claudia had been in several nasty skycar accidents each time her Nano Bots reassembled her back to her perfect five and a half foot statuesque figure with not even so much as a blemish, even death itself had been cheated, Claudia herself was over five hundred years old but to look at her you would never know it, her Nano Bots kept her a perfect optimum age of twenty six by appearance.

The silent buzzing of her automated daily planer interrupted her grimacing at another alien human grudge match as her wall screen was again splashed with a gruesome crimson streak.

“Sorry to interrupt your entertainment Claudia but it’s time for your appointment with your friend Kathryn at club Noir.” The small oval shaped machine said in an artificial female voice as it hovered beside her with it’s response indicator light flashing to the right of it’s mechanical face.

“yes... thank you Chirp... will you revise my schedule for tomorrow and make sure there’s nothing too early planned....I expect after tonight I’ll want to sleep in.” Claudia said as the wall screen was again assaulted with another splash of blood, here ears filled with it’s wet sound as it oozed down the screen, the sound of a large alien lizard chuckled slyly with his forked tongue slathering from side to side as his ugly scaly mug filled the screen as he drew closer to the camera for full effect as he neared to deliver the death blow with some sort of laser aux.

“Oh Christ!.....Off...Off!” Claudia shouted at the wall screen in front of her. The wall screen flickered momentarily and then went blank.  “ that all anybody watches anymore?” she grumbled.

“I can get a report on it for you if you like?... I have over six million research channels at my disposal.” Her automated daily planner buzzed around to the other side of her, stopped and hovered with it’s response indicator flashing.

“No.... that’s ok Chirp.... it was a rhetorical question.” Claudia smiled and than added, “You can go on sleep mode once you’ve revised my schedule for tomorrow if you like.... I expect I’ll be home late from the club.”

“Yes Claudia.” Chirp said as she buzzed off down the hall way and disappeared into one of the room just off hallway.

The lights and the sounds of Club Noir were at their best tonight, every body was dressed in their favourite fetish gear but it all looked the same to Claudia as she scanned the crowd looking for Kathryn. She finally spotted her over by the bar dressed head to toe in a highly polished red rubber catsuit made of absolutely seamless red rubber right down to her six in high heels, the only way into it was through the open faced hood of the suit, her long red crimped hair was pulled through a rubber cone atop of the rubber hood and flowed majestically down her back, she sat on a bar stool with her long red rubber encased legs crossed sipping some kind of drink with a paper umbrella in it.

Claudia snuck up behind her and gave her a slap on her perfect red rubber covered butt as she got up and leaned over the bar to get the attention of the bartender.

“Oh.....Hi!” Kathryn said surprised and then added smiling, “I was almost afraid you had forgotten.”

“For you...never.” Claudia smiled back at her and then grabbed her around her waist and pulled her close to her giving her a deep passionate kiss. “You’re the only thing that makes going out worth while anymore.” She added squeezing her a little tighter.

“Yeah, you have seemed a little depressed lately.” Kathryn said as she motioned with a nod of her head over towards a corner table as she slid off of the bar stool. The two women seated themselves quietly at the table along the side of the bar, Claudia was gazing at the people dancing on the dance floor, she had a long far away look in her eyes.

“Jezus!.... you do seem really out there tonight.... anything you want to talk about?” Kathryn said as she looked at her waiting for a reply. A long moment passed before Claudia took her eyes off of the people dancing and looked back at Kathryn, she sighed a moment and then said. “Don’t you ever get tired of living?.... I mean constantly living where you’ve been everywhere, seen everything, and done everything you’ve ever wanted to do and there’s just nothing left?” 

Kathryn could tell that this was something that was bothering her, in fact her whole attitude over the past few years was beginning to reflect this. She looked at her and said, “You know I’ve never really thought about it much, for me I like living, I like my life, and even though I’ve been most everywhere in the Galaxy there are still billions of places I would like to go again."

Claudia stared distantly back at the people dancing, a long moment passed before she said anything. “I'm just so tired of living.” She sighed, “There’s just nothing I want to do anymore.”

Kathryn could tell by the look in her eyes that there was no getting her out of this mood, she knew Claudia had been feeling badly for some time and by the way she had talked she could tell she was getting tired of life, she wished she could change the way Claudia felt but knew it was impossible, she had been able to lift her spirits a little in the past but she had been getting steadily worse as time wore on.

“Let’s get out of here!” Kathryn said suddenly in a cheerful voice trying to snap Claudia out of her trance. “Let’s go over to your place and have a few laughs.” She added.

Claudia looked at her and forced a smile and said. “Nah!.... I like your place better... you’ve got a better view of the city from your balcony than I do.” The two of them got up and left the bar.

An hour or so later the two of them stumbled into Kathryn’s spacious apartment with their arms around each other each carrying an almost depleted bottle of wine swaying from their free hands giving the impression of two drunken sailors on leave.

“Oh My God!....” Claudia exclaimed.... “You’ve redecorated again!” She looked at her smiling.

The layout of Kathryn’s apartment was very wide and open, she had a seating arrangement almost like an island in the middle of a huge black and white marble tiled floor, in the far corner about twenty feet away from the centre seating arrangement was her huge luxurious looking bed not more than eight feet from a ten foot wide, eight foot high half-arch- leading to her balcony, just beyond which was an incredible view of the city with it’s lights shining brightly pushing back the night sky. Even at night the sky ways were filled with traffic, the head lamps and navigational lights of each one making the whole thing look like some kind of organised dance of Fire Fly’s. Scattered around the rest of her spacious apartment were all sorts of exotic plants she had collected from around the Galaxy, two such plants framed the balcony archway beautifully while others were dotted about the apartment in choice locations of aesthetic beauty.

“Oh... would you just look at it out there!” Claudia said as she staggered towards the balcony, the bottle of wine still swaying from her clutched hand.

Claudia stood in the centre of the balcony gazing over the immense beauty of the magnificent lighted metropolis before her, from two hundred stories up the view was breath taking, she took another swig of wine from her bottle and looked downwards into the several layers of streaming air cars criss-crossing each other, the steady drone of traffic broken occasionally by the flashing bright lights and siren of a police cruiser rushing off to some distant location, the sides of the buildings disappeared into the mist of pollution far below the vanishing point. No mater how many times she had seen the view from Kathryn’s balcony it was one of the one true things she had never grown tired of.

Kathryn came up beside Claudia who was lost wide eyed in the beauty of the city lights, a gentle breeze blew her hair slightly across her face, tonight the wind was calm, most times it was pretty windy depending on the direction of the wind, most of the other huge buildings channelled or blocked the wind altogether. Their was a slight chill in the air and Kathryn could see Claudia’s nipples hard under the tight latex of her mini dress, she had brought with her a small blanket which she draped over Claudia’s shoulders.

Claudia turned her gaze from the city momentarily and smiled at Kathryn and said, “ always seem to know how to care for me.”

Kathryn smiled back at her and then she to turned her gaze out into the city and said, “It really is beautiful isn’t it?”

“It’s the only thing next to you I think I’ll really miss.” Claudia said quietly as she soaked in the view of the city.

“You know... that’s something I’ve been wanting to talk to you about.....” Katrine said, she paused a moment as if she was waiting for the right moment and then added, “You are the best friend I’ve ever had and I would hate to loose you... you know everything about me... you know how to please me and you always enjoy our games together.... such a friend like you is hard to come by....” She paused again staring out into the city. “I’ve been expecting this for a long time and I wonder if you would do me a favour?”

Kathryn produced a small black oval shaped device with a headset like affair connected to two wires connected to it’s side, there were two flashing red lights pulsing on the top of the device.

“What is it?” Claudia asked a little surprised, in all the centuries that she had known Kathryn she had never asked for anything ever, she wondered what it could be.

Kathryn looked back at her and said, “I got this off of the Universal Network, it’s a sort of Memory Transfer device.” She held up a small optical data disk and inserted it into the side of the device and continued explaining, “You see this device has the ability to store your entire lives memory, personality, even genetic information as well....  basically all the things that define you as a person.”

“What’s it for?” Claudia Asked.

“Well I was thinking that once you were gone I’d take a Shuttle to Tau Ceti, I hear there is a place there that can take this information and make an exact replica of the person stored on the optical data disk, pretty neat.. huh?” Kathryn said smiling at her, “This way I’ll never really loose you.” She added.

Claudia didn’t really know how to react, on one hand she was deeply flattered that Kathryn felt so strongly about her and on the other hand she thought the whole thing was ghastly, but since she figured she wasn’t planning on being around for much longer she figured what the Hell, her double could even take over her life while she ended her’s.

“Sounds positively ghastly.” Claudia chuckled.

“So you’ll do it then?” Kathryn smiled.

“Yes... I’ll do it.... anything for a true friend.” Claudia answered smiling at her. “C’mere.” she said holding out her arms for a hug still holding her bottle of wine, she squeezed her friend tightly and said softly in her ear, “I’ll probably regret it in the morning.”
Kathryn placed the head set of the little device onto Claudia’s head.

“Will this hurt?” Claudia asked looking a little worried.

“You’re such a baby... of course it won’t hurt.” Kathryn said as she switched on the device.

“Ohh!...” Claudia exclaimed as she felt a slight tingle at her temples where the head set rested and made contact with her. There was a slight “wiring” sound from the device as the optical disk spun inside of the black casing, the red lights pulsed faster and faster, two of the three lights went out and a beep sounded.

“There.... all done.” Kathryn said.

Claudia rubbed her temples a little where she could still feel them tingling a little, she was starting to lose her buzz from the alcohol, she looked up at Kathryn and forced a smile.

“What Happens now?” Claudia Asked, her hands slipped down behind Kathryn’s tight red latex clad form and she grabbed her by the butt and pulled her closer.

“Ooh!” Kathryn gasped and then kissed her passionately for a moment and then tuned her face away to catch her breath, “N now we have some fun.” She gasped giggling a little.

The two women entered back into the spacious apartment from the balcony, the sound of their high heels clicked on the hard marble floor as they walked towards the bed.

“There’s something I’ve been dying to try out.” Kathryn said. She strutted over to the far side of the bed and knelt down.

Claudia could see her struggling with something under the bed. “What is it?” She asked just as Kathryn had managed to pull out a large black bundle of rubber and straps and plopped the whole thing onto the top of the bed.

“I’ve been saving this for a special occasion, and this seems as special an occasion as any I guess.” Kathryn said as she started to unravel the bundle of rubber. “Could you give me a hand?” She added smiling.

Claudia stepped up close to the bed and began helping Kathryn unravel the bundle of rubber, right away she could feel the thickness of the rubber, it was almost as thick as the rubber from an inner-tube or something. As they worked to spread it out she could see it was some sort of thick rubber bag a little over six feet in length and about two feet wide, at the top of the bag were two open faced hoods moulded seamlessly to the surface of the bag, the face openings of which were facing each other while a long silver zipper ran down the top of the bag and finished just below the open faced hood of the top position, four thick rubber straps with silver buckles were attached to the four corners of the rubber bag.

Kathryn noticed Claudia looking at the straps and said “Strap those to the corner bed posts.... like this.” She demonstrated with the strap she was holding.

As soon as Claudia had finished Kathryn directed her to secure the strap at the bottom of the bag as well. Kathryn walked around the bed checking all the straps pulling them tight effectively securing the large rubber bag firmly to the surface of the bed, she pulled at it and checked to make sure it was firmly in place and would not slip from side to side, once satisfied she returned to her side of the bed and leaned over and took hold of the silver zipper.

“You’re going to love this.” She said smiling as she unzipped the thick black rubber bag.

As the zipper parted Claudia could see the entire inner surface of the bag was covered with three inch high rubber cones, each cone was rounded at the tip and widened gradually as it neared the base.

Kathryn watched as Claudia examined the rubber bag with a puzzled look on her face, she smiled and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Claudia watched as Kathryn strutted across the huge open space of her apartment, she watched as the light from the open balcony reflected off of the shiny slick surface of her red latex catsuit in the dimness of the imitation candle light, she saw her disappear into the bathroom.

A moment later Kathryn reappeared carrying a bucket, once she reached the bed she placed the bucket on the floor next to the bed, Claudia could see that it contained some sort of clear liquid. “What is that stuff?” She asked.

“Oh it’s lubricant....” She said smiling wickedly half expecting a reply from Claudia who still had a puzzled look on her face. Claudia just nodded.

Kathryn knelt down beside the bed again and was fiddling with something under the bed, when she got up she had a large black box with two electrical cords coming from it, one cord she plugged into a socket located near the bottom of the rubber bag, she placed the black box back onto the floor beside the bed and took the other cord and plugged it into the wall socket.

“Touch one of the cones.” She said to Claudia.

Claudia reached out with her hand and touched the cone. “I don’t feel anything.”

Kathryn pressed a red button on the top of the black box. “How about now?” She said smiling wickedly.

“Ooh!... It’s like it’s alive!” Claudia gasped, she could feel each of the rubber cones expanding and contracting, vibrating, some rotated and squirmed.

“Now for the fun part!” Kathryn said as she picked up the bucket of lubricant. “Hold that open would you dear.” She said nodding to the zippered opening of the rubber bag. Claudia held the bag open as Kathryn poured the contents of the bucket into the bag, a little dripped onto her hand and she could feel that the lubricant had been heated.

“What now?” Claudia asked as Kathryn placed the empty bucket onto the floor beside the bed.

“Wow!....I would have figured you would have figured it out by now....”

Kathryn giggled. “Now we strip and get into it, you get in first.”

Claudia kicked off her high heels and began peeling off her black latex mini dress and pantyhose.

Kathryn unzipped her red latex catsuit and peeled the tight rubber from her body, once she was done she pulled another item from out under the bed, once she shook it out Claudia could see it was a pair of latex bikini briefs with a formidable looking dildo attached to both the outer and inner surface of the crotch, a double dildo, she took the inner dildo and dipped it into the lubricant inside of the rubber bag coating it’s thick rubber shaft, she slipped on the briefs and inserted the inner rubber penis deep into herself, she grunted with pleasure as she pulled the waist band of the panties up over her beautiful shapely hips.

Claudia climbed into the rubber bag and slipped her head up into the rubber open faced hood, she could feel the vibration of the rubber fingers all over her naked body, the heated lubricant oozed over her as she waited for Kathryn to enter the bag. Kathryn carefully stepped into the bag placing her knees on each side of Claudia as she positioned herself into the bag, she pulled the zipper up from the inside of the bag by a long cord tied to the zipper’s handle.  “Hold this a moment would you dear.” She said as she handed the zipper cord to Claudia.

Claudia took the cord and held it while Kathryn slipped her head up and into the open faced rubber hood, now both of their faces were inches apart facing each other.

“Ok... Zip us up!” Kathryn said and Claudia pulled the zipper closed with both hands wrapped around behind Kathryn’s back. The muffled sound of the heavy zipper grated in both of their ears inside of their rubber hoods.

The two women trapped inside of their rubber cocoon began squirming and rubbing up against each other, their two naked faces kissing each other as their hands inside of the rubber cocoon explored each other’s pleasures.

© 1998 Fetish By Knight
Thanks to Wolfent for sending this story to me.


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