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Cindy Lovedoll

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; sexdoll; discovery; surprise; bond; wrap; latex; catsuit; toys; boxed; objectify; stored; put-away; used; oral; anal; mast; sex; climax; cons; X

Cindy saw red as she spotted her rival for her boyfriends affections, until she came up with a plan that would change her life forever, to take her rivals place and become a sexdoll...

Part 1: Surprise

I’d been away on a business trip; I had finished up early and decided to surprise my man with me dressed in some new drop dead gorgeous lingerie that I’d purchased on my trip. My flight brought me home at about midday, so I knew I had plenty of time to get my little surprise ready. I have my own key to his apartment, we live together but I still maintain my own home, for no other reason than if I need a break or he goes away. Anyway I let myself in, it was very quiet in his place, and everyone at work I suppose no neighbours making any noise.

I hid my luggage in the hallway closet after removing the items I needed for my little surprise, and then I headed to the bathroom to start running a bath and get myself ready for his return. I’d planned to be suitably sultry & sexy in my new lingerie, make-up with my hair done and looking like a model from a magazine. After starting the bath I began to walk around the apartment to get everything ready, champagne cooling in the refrigerator, chocolates that I’d bought from my trip, very expensive Belgium ones, I looked forward to trying those. As I continued around his place I finally ended up in his bedroom, I was going to change the sheets to some nice sexy satin one’s that I’d picked up before my trip. The room was in darkness with the curtains cutting off the daylight from outside, I found the light switch and turned it on, as my eyes adjusted to the light I saw laying on the bed something that resembled a body.

I walked over closer to the bed thinking that my lover had been seeing someone else whilst I was away, but as I got closer I could not see any movement from whoever was lying there, then I saw that this was not human – but a doll, a sex doll! It lay there with its legs wide exposing “her” sex, its mouth formed into an “O” shape. I don’t know if I was shocked or amused at finding this little discovery, “she” looked the same size and shape as me, I’m small about 4’8”, petite with average breasts, with my body on the smaller side, my hair reddish-brown, except down below which is kept shaved clean, I love the feel and the heightened sensuality. I could see a resemblance between “her” & me; I wondered if that was why he had chosen this particular doll.

I examined “her” body closer, my eyes casting down to it’s sex, I wondered if she’d been used by him during the night, maybe he had fantasized that it was me. My mind had visions of my boyfriend using “her” & a pang of jealousy wheeled up within me towards this lifeless object. I quickly returned to the bathroom to turn off the bath and decided to go back into the bedroom for another look at “her”. I began to have these wicked, sexy thoughts of him using me the same as he’d used “her”, what if I was in “her” place, how would it feel? Then an idea came to me, I could replace “her” but how?

I again left the bedroom, my mind racing with delicious thoughts of what could happen later on, I undressed, my mind still exploring the possibilities of how I could be in “her” place when he returns. I looked across at the full length mirror in the bathroom, I was pleased with my body, okay so my height wasn’t average but I’d had no problem with guys and dates, maybe they felt protective towards me due to my small size, still I loved myself and that seemed the most important to me. I shook myself from my reverie and climbed into the bath. Relaxing in it’s luxurious warmth, the water lapping over my tummy and up to my breasts, my hands began exploring running down over my body from my sensitive breasts down to my tummy and onto my little mound. The smooth area around my sweet pussy felt soft, my lips parting as my fingers pushed within me, moving them around until I found my little pleasure centre, upon touching this it sent shivers throughout my body, the electricity giving waves of pleasure deep within me. I relaxed deeper into the water, dreaming of my boyfriend making love to me, the pleasure building within me until I reached a delicious climax, much needed after being away for the past few days.

As my mind drifted as I lay there, my thoughts began to return to how I was going to surprise him tonight, my original plan of him finding me dressed in my new lingerie put on hold for another night. I wanted to be that doll, maybe to find out what it felt like but I seemed to have this craving to be “her”. I quickly finished my bath, cleaning up behind me so that he wouldn’t know I’d been here, and then walked back into the bedroom to ponder over my problem. “She” was laying there as before, eyes open looking up at the ceiling, “her” body unmoving, “her” mouth still rounded into an “O”, thoughts dashed into my head of him using my mouth and other places for his pleasure. My body began to react to these visions, my pussy again becoming wet at these wicked thoughts. I picked the doll up off the bed to examine “her”, I thought of “her” as another body and was surprised at the weight. 

“She” was well made as dolls go and looked expensive and not a cheap plastic doll, I’d seen a couple during college that were brought out during parties, much to the embarrassment of some poor slob whose doll it was or was being set up for. Everyone’d remorselessly tease him over the next few weeks, until the joke wore thin. Upon turning her over & looking at “her” back an idea flashed into my mind, I could cut an opening up the back & climb inside “her”. I placed the doll down upon the bed and laid down beside it to check if it was the same size as me, I even climbed on top and then held it on top of me. I was sure it would work; now all I needed was something to cut “her” with. I climbed off of the bed and searched for something to cut with.

I found a sharp pair of scissors in the kitchen and returned to the bedroom, sitting down on the bed I pulled the doll across my lap and placed my hands on “her” back, trying to decide where to start cutting. I pulled the plug to let the air out and deflated “her” until the doll was flat. Grabbing the scissors I pierced the doll in the lower back, it felt as though I was stabbing someone real, a rival for my man’s affections. I began cutting upwards towards the head trying to keep the cut as straight as I could, as I reached the base of the neck I thought again about how I was going to climb inside. The head would be a problem, visions of loose latex giving the game away, then the idea of using tape to seal the opening came to me, we had purchased some duct tape recently for some bondage we’d done before my trip. That would be perfect.

Grabbing the scissors I continued cutting the back of the head until I thought I could fit within there, I tested it by placing it down over my face and after a bit of squeezing & pushing my head popped into place. I could not see, my eyes where covered by the latex as was my nose, I took it off and made small hole so I could see and be able to breathe. I then thought about the other holes needed and after looking inside the doll decided to cut these openings too. First the back of the mouth, just in case I needed to breathe this way, also to taste him as he used me here, then onto “her” sex, this definitely had to go as I loved the feel of him without having a false condom between us, that I would definitely not give up. Then I came across the other tube that made up “her” rectum, to be polite! Should I or shouldn’t I, it was hard to decide as I’d never before had anal sex, sure I’d been asked but I had always declined fearing the pain or just not having any interest in that area. I decided not to cut here yet; I would have to push the tube into me so as not to give myself away should he use this part.

I found the tape inside the wardrobe left over from our adventure into bondage before. The doll’s body now deflated and cut open at the rear, lay there resembling a crime scene I expected to see the chalk outline around “her” body. I quickly rushed into the bathroom and applied talcum powder over my body, I had read this in one of his magazines about people wearing latex, he said that it was left over from an old girlfriend of his that was into that stuff, but I had my doubts. Once done I moved back into the bedroom and picked up the doll, I sat on the edge of the bed and placed my foot inside the doll, the latex felt cool and clammy against my skin, I pushed my foot down into the leg opening until it reached near the foot. It was a bit tighter than I’d thought it would be but I was determined to carry on. I bunched up the leg part and pulled it over my foot until it popped into place, the dolls foot was indeed the same size as mine.

I then placed my other foot down into the other leg and pushed it home until it too popped into place within the latex confines. It felt good, the latex closed in around my legs and feet just like a second skin. Now I had to slide it over my hips and bottom, I thought that this would be hard; all women think that their bottoms are too big! Its just part of female psyche. Maybe it was the cut up the back or not but it slipped easily over my hips and up onto my waist, again the latex clung to my skin. It was beginning to feel deliciously warm and cosy within its grasp.

My hands and arms where next, placing my left hand within the dolls arm I pushed downwards whilst holding its shoulder with my other hand, it slid down into the glove without too much trouble and again seemed to pop into place. I looked over the arm at the latex covering me it seemed to adapt to my body shape, close in onto my skin. I continued with my right hand until my right arm was also covered in the latex. Whether it was the tight feel of the latex or the thought of what would be happening later, I began to get very turned on, a warm tingly sensation ran throughout my body, my sex felt as though it were on fire and I had to stop myself from playing with it to douse the flames.

Now I stood covered from my chest down to my toes in latex, the dolls head hung limply at the front, I reached down between my legs and pushed the remaining part of the dolls sex within me, just an inch or two within me just to look the part. Then I began to reach around behind me, my mind split into two whether I wanted this part to happen, summoning up my courage I pushed the tube into my rear, it slid within me fairly easily which was a great shock to me, I wondered if he’d use me there.  Now all that was left to do was to place my head inside the doll and I would be nearly ready.

I looked down at the head and made sure that the holes for my nose and mouth would be sufficient for me to breathe through, also that the small opening in the eyes would allow me to see him. Satisfied I grabbed hold of both side of the head with my latex coated hands and pulled it over my face, up over the top of my head until it had popped into place, a few minor adjustments, lining up the hole and placing the mouthpiece within me and I was done. Covered head to toe in the latex doll. Now for the tape to seal me within.

Picking up the tape & scissors I cut several strips from the roll, as I would be unable to handle more than a foot of tape at a time. I had to return to the bathroom to use the mirror to place the tape correctly. I started at the top and sealed the back of my neck to between my shoulders first. I tried to make it as tight as possible so as to look realistic, it wasn’t easy at first but I soon managed to achieve the desired effect. Working my way downwards the hardest part was my mid-back area which was difficult to reach, but after spending some time struggling I managed to close this area. When finished I looked at my latex coated self in the mirror, my mouth now forming the familiar “O” shape as was the dolls, my new skin gleaming in the light, smooth against my ‘inner’ skin,  Now looking back at me in the reflection was the doll, she looked just like I’d seen her in the bedroom, her eyes staring back at me, I’d become “her”.

I ran my hands over my new flesh, the sensations seemed more extreme than before, heightened to a new level, as my hands touched my sex I seemed to have a mini orgasm as my body shuddered and my legs felt weak. I had to sit on the edge of the bath to recover. After a few minutes I stood up and returned to the bedroom, satisfied with the job I’d done to convert myself into this plaything, every move of my body seemed to play on my skin, my body was now very sensitive to touch.

It was now getting closer to the time when he’d be returning from work, so I decided to get myself into place ready for his return. The doll had been laying there with one leg on the bed and one off over the side, I tried to replicate this position, but after a short while my leg started to ache so I decided that I would chance that he would not remember how he’d left “her” that morning. He would not be expecting me home for a couple of days yet, so I doubted if he would put “her” away just yet. I arranged myself on the bed into a comfortable position and spread my legs as far as the doll had been. Laying there on my back just trying to stay still was hard at first but I started to doze and my body just seemed to relax, just before I fell into a deep sleep.

Whether it was my orgasm or the trip but I had fallen into such a deep sleep that I didn’t hear him return home, I had been dreaming about being used sexually by several people whilst dressed as this doll when I was disturbed by him sitting down on the bed. I opened my eyes startled at being woken so fast from a deep sleep, I very nearly let out a cry but remembered in time to stifle it. It was dark outside, I could just see an outline in the corner of my vision, I could not move my head otherwise I would give myself away. I lay there still as possible, trying to slow down my breathing as I wanted to give no indication that I was here or that the doll was indeed ALIVE! 

I enjoy bondage and this to me seemed to another form of self imposed bondage, just laying here not daring to move, not wishing to move, it was as though my limbs, indeed my entire body was tied to the bed, fixed solidly to the mattress, more so than by mere rope would have done. But as it turned out I needed have worried on my part as he’d been out drinking with his workmates and had returned home late, while not drunk and incapable his senses were impaired.

He climbed into bed, my heart thumping with excitement and my sex becoming warm & moist at the thought of sex. He lay there next to me for a while before I felt his hands move, he seemed to be playing with himself and I had visions of him masturbating himself before going to sleep and not using me, but just before I began to move he rolled over in my direction & climbed on top of me. He did not seem to notice that his inflatable doll was now a solid living object and I felt him slip inside my now very wet love hole. He began to pump himself inside me, I resisted all urges to place my arms and legs around him, as I would normally do during lovemaking, I wanted to be his sexdoll, just used for his sexual gratification.

I could feel him inside me as he pumped himself within my sex, then his penis began to swell within me and I knew that it would not be long before his climax. I began to relish the prospect of his seed splashing within me, but to my surprise and amazement as he came I also came too, I had one of the most intense orgasms of my life at that point, my whole body seemed to go into spasm. He continued pumping into me until his climax subsided and he lay there on top of me as I continued with mine, then he climbed off of me and rolled over to go to sleep without another thought of me. I was in bliss; this was exactly how I’d imagined it would be like. I lay there in my afterglow, not moving a muscle, as I did not want the feeling to subside too quickly. I closed my eyes, relaxed and drifted off back into a deep sleep.

It wasn’t until morning that I awoke, I was startled by him moving in the bed, he was sitting up with his feet on the floor ready to get up when I made a sound, he was startled and quickly turned his head in my direction and looked at his sexdoll. I don’t know what thoughts went through his mind, but he quickly jumped off the bed, turned and shook his head in disbelief. I couldn’t help but smile inside the doll and tried to remain still but as he looked closer he could see my chest moving as I breathed. I moved my head in his direction and watched as he jumped backwards, nearly tripping over his clothes on the floor. With a look of horror on his face he approached the bed again and it wasn’t until I spoke that it shook him out of his stupor.

As he got closer I reached up with my latex coated arms to pull him towards me, down onto the bed so that he was now lying on his back with me above him. I moved my head down over his body and was soon enjoying the taste of his penis within my mouth. He started to react to my playing with his penis and soon it was hard, I had this irresistible urge to taste his come and nothing would stop me from achieving this goal. It seemed to be my only thought, he tried to sit up but I pushed him back down on the bed, he didn’t talk or attempt to say anything. I felt him swell within my mouth and his hands reach down and held me on either side of my head as his sperm gushed within my mouth, I had to quickly swallow every drop, trying to breath as he squirted down the back of my throat. It just seemed to be the thing I most craved and was disappointed when he’d stopped.

Satisfied with myself that I had pleased him, I laid beside him with my latex coated arms encircled about his body. He seemed hesitant to talk, maybe he thought he was dreaming that his sexdoll had sprung to life, maybe he was afraid it would end. It wasn’t until I spoke that he seemed to relax. I said, “Good morning, darling, surprised?”
He stuttered at first then asked me why?

I told him about my plans to return early and surprise him by him finding me in his bed clad only in sheer lingerie, my plans for his seduction and then finding this doll lying on his bed. How I’d thought of this way of surprising him and asked if he’d liked it. He began by sitting up, as he did so I rolled onto my back for him to examine me. He ran his hands over my latex coated body, looking at me lying there, then he asked me why again?

I said that after finding the doll I wanted to see for myself how it would feel to be used as a sex toy, I could not explain what motivated me to do this other than seeing “her” on the bed, the thoughts had just flashed into my head. He then asked me to roll over to show him how I’d got inside the doll, this turned out to be a trick on his part for as I rolled over to lay on my front, he quickly climbed on top of me and said that as I was now his sexdoll to use how he pleased, I should experience all the pleasures of its anatomy.

I could feel his erection pushing against my latex coated bottom, he pushed me down into the bed and pressed his now erect member against my rear hole. What with my saliva clinging to the outside of his penis or whatever but he slipped inside me easily and began using me for his delight whilst holding me down. Not that I wanted to move or resist, this just felt right and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before. But now I was beginning to enjoy this, every movement of his body against mine seemed to send flashes of pleasure through me. I was now his to use for his pleasure and when he came within my rear I felt not only joy but also experienced what felt like an orgasm, but could this be possible?

As we lay there I did not want him to pull out, I wanted to remain connected for as long as possible but all good moments must end and he pulled out and got off the bed. He was unsure what my reaction would be to this event, for myself I could not move nor did I want to, I was in heaven, I had enjoyed being used as his sex toy. 

He got off the bed as I lay there dreaming, not fully focused, he left me there as he went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast, while I drifted he’d called work to say he would not be in today. He returned carrying a tray with breakfast and coffee for us both, I rolled over and he asked me if I wanted any help in getting out of the latex. I declined his offer and said that I’d like to stay inside the doll for a while longer, maybe for some more fun too!

After breakfast we lay around on the bed talking about various things including my trip but the conversation soon drifted back to the doll and me. I said that as I’d destroyed his doll I would replace it for him. He said literally! I laughed and nodded in agreement and said that anytime he felt the need to use his sexdoll that he should tell me. I continued saying that I’d loved the feel of the latex on my skin and being used by him too. He said that he was beginning to get that urge right now! I rolled onto my back and laid there as he climbed back on top of me, entering me and using me for his pleasure.

* * * *

During the next two weeks if I wasn’t already staying at his place, he’d call me on the phone at work and ask me to come over and perform my little service. Each time I heard him ask me my heart would go into palpitations and I would become moist between my legs. I could say I was beginning to get addicted to this, every time we made love I always placed myself within the doll either physically or mentally when we were just making love normally. The first time he tried to seal me inside the doll, he had trouble with the tape, he said that there must be an easier way than this, maybe he has two thumbs but taken the time I’d never had a great deal of trouble, but he said that he’d look into it.

At the weekend we decided I would spend all day Sunday as the doll, I couldn’t be there Saturday due to other commitments so was pleasantly surprise when I arrived late Saturday evening to find that he’d put a zip fastener in the rear opening. As I climbed into the doll, my limbs slipped easier into the latex, maybe due to practise or the doll adjusting to my size, but it fitted me better than before. Now he reached behind me and pulled the zipper closed and it wasn’t until he reached the back of my neck that I heard the click of a lock. I was secured within the doll now until he decided to release me, he showed me the key and said that he’d also had the lock installed along with the zip.

It felt delicious being in his control, I again was his love toy to use as he saw fit, for his own pleasure. I was now totally enclosed within the latex until such time as he wished to release me. I was pushed back onto the bed and he quickly followed me down, it wasn’t long before he was pushing his member deep within me, the sensations building up within to fever pitch. We both climaxed at the same time, mine seemed to go on forever, he’d stopped moving and laid there on top of me as my orgasm continued. Finally it subsided and we both drifted off into sleep, during the night he woke and again used me for his pleasure, it was sheer bliss. 

I remained enclosed within the doll all day Sunday, most of the time lying on the bed unmoving, I felt as though I was tied down to the bed, but in reality I just didn’t want to move. He would come in every so often to check on me and use me whilst I lay there. It wasn’t until very late in the afternoon that I moved off of the bed, I found him in front of his computer surfing porno sites, he said that he was looking for some ideas to use on me, we sat there together looking at the images. I suggested we look over at some latex sites, seeing that’s what I was wearing they may have something suitable there.

We’d been through several sites and I’d mention the ones that interested me, some the ladies were totally bound head to toes, some wrapped but all clearly enjoying themselves. I was getting incredibly turned on at this point and slipped off of my chair down onto the floor on my knees. I made my way under the table to his lap, undoing his bathrobe I slipped my hands around his limp member moving them up & down to bring some life back into it. This was shortly followed by my mouth gently running my tongue around his now stiffening rod, I could taste our sex mingled together on his penis. He moaned in pleasure, he continued to look at the screen whilst my mouth did its magic on him; too soon his hands dropped down and held my head as he spurted his come in my mouth.

He said his penis was starting to get sore from all this attention and that he would have to put me out of the way for a while until he recovered. He disappeared into the kitchen and held something behind his back when he returned. He asked me to stand, I did so not quite sure of what was to come next, but he reassured me that I would enjoy this. He walked behind me and I heard the distinctive ripping of cling film off a roll as he started to encircle me, enclosing me within its grasp. He continued until I was covered from neck to feet in its clear grip, he left and returned from the kitchen with more wrap, he continued until I had three layers of film around my body. He asked me how’d I feel? I couldn’t answer straight away but said, "...excellent".

Now he started to wrap around my head, making sure that I could breathe through my nose, he continued until my entire head was covered with just a small hole under my nose to breath through. I was wrapped tightly and could not move a muscle, he bent down in front of me and placed me over his shoulder, carrying me into the bedroom and dropping me down onto the bed. He pulled my bound form up into the middle of the bed, and then got some rope out of the bottom of the bedroom cupboard. I was then secured to the bed, not only was I now enclosed in the latex doll, but wrapped very tightly within the cling film and tied down to the bed, unable to move a muscle. He left me saying enjoy yourself, how?

It was much later that he came in to release me from my bondage; again he used me for his pleasure taking me from behind again. He seemed to fill me more so than before I suppose due to my previous bondage, but my orgasm was out of this world. I seemed to be growing more into the latex doll the more I remained within it, my mind seemed to be taken over, I was enjoying the experience more. I stayed the rest of the night within the doll and was used by him early the next morning before he’d let me out.

During the week we were both very busy at work so we didn’t see each other, I missed not being enclosed within the latex doll, I seemed to be developing a craving for the latex. I called into an adult store on my way home one night. I have never been inside on before; I had visions of dirty old men in raincoats thumbing through magazines with girls in various stages of undress and positions unimaginable. But was surprised to find that this store was run by a young female, the atmosphere was pleasant and the place was well lit. I went bright red in the face when she walked over and asked if she could help me. I at first stuttered then blurted out something about latex. She held my arm and said not to worry, it’s okay to be here, don’t feel embarrassed.

She lead me over to racks of clothing, I could smell the latex from a distance, she explained various items as she withdrew them from the rack, from catsuits to straitjackets she seemed to have them all. I liked the feel and the look of one particular catsuit and asked if she had it in my size, she said yes and asked if I would like to try it on. I again stuttered and considered heading for the exit, but she ushered me towards the changing room, she pulled the curtain closed telling me to take off my dress while she retrieved my size.

When she returned I was just folding my dress over the back of the chair, she said that I needed to take off everything except my panties, I was extremely embarrassed at this but the thought of wearing the latex overcame my fears. Soon she was helping me get into the catsuit, it was black in colour and had a gloss sheen to the outside, it felt great as it slid up my legs, my mind slipped back to being enclosed within the doll, I could feel my pussy becoming wetter as the suit slipped over my body. I just had to buy this and once it was fully on and zipped closed I knew that this was what I was looking for. I walked about the room looking at myself in the mirror; the assistant disappeared outside and returned with some more latex in her hand. She said that the hood would complete the outfit, I sat down as she slid it down over my head, closing the zipper at the back, it was nice & tight enclosed totally within the latex.

I just had to buy this, she asked if I would like to see some other items that would compliment the suit. I ended up not only purchasing the suit complete with hood but also some locks to secure me within, a vibrating dildo and butt plug, leather cuffs for both wrists and ankles and a penis gag. I couldn’t wait to get home to try everything out and left the store wearing the catsuit under my coat. It was deliciously wicked of me to venture outside covered in latex. As soon as I arrived home I sorted through my new goodies and was soon suitably bound within the latex catsuit and hood, my two holes below plugged and vibrating nicely, my lips stretched around the gag. Bound and squirming on my bed on to several intense orgasms that night. 

I awoke in the morning, I’d managed to untie myself before drifting off to sleep but the gag and plugs were still in place inside me, now run down, their batteries used and spent, just like how my body felt. I got off the bed and walked my latex clad body into the bathroom, where I started to run a bath to ease my aching body before work. I removed each item carefully and placed them within the sink, I would attend to them later. Now taking off the latex hood, my hair a matted mess flat against my head, next off came the suit. As I lay there in the bath I reflected on the few hours I’d spent self bound within the latex, my hand drifting down to my pleasure centre, playing there as I relived last night, my climax came fast and furious. As I came back down to earth as my body recovered, I thought to myself that I would definitely have to have to have a repeat performance of last night.

* * * *

It was Friday afternoon that he rang me at work and asked me to come directly to his place after work. He wouldn’t elaborate but said that I would enjoy myself. My tummy went into back flips at the thought of what might happen, I was certain that I would definitely enjoy myself. I hurried to get through my work, my mind drifting off onto what would be happening later. I decided to finish early and rang him back to tell him so, he agreed to meet me early and have a drink before heading home. Once we were together in the bar I kept asking what he had in store for me this weekend, he refused to answer other than to say that I would be enclosed and maybe bound all weekend.

We eventually arrived back at his place and it wasn’t long before I was naked and getting dressed within the doll, he secured the zip and locked me within the doll. Now I was his again, ready for use, for his pleasure. He said that would come later and that he had something to show me in the bedroom, it was a surprise that he’d worked on all week. He placed a blindfold over my eyes and then led me through his apartment and into his bedroom, when he had put me in the right spot he removed the blindfold and pointed to the floor. There lay a large pink box about 5 feet in length and about 1 ½ wide, the lid was mostly made up of clear cellophane with a banner going diagonally across the middle, it read “Cindy, Latex Love Doll” in gold and blue letters. He moved me forward and pulled off the top, the base had sides that were also overed by the lid. To me it looked like a Barbie dolls box, he said that he’d made it for me, now that I was to be his sexdoll I just had to have a box to contain me. 

Once the top was clear I could see several straps inside, he pointed these out saying that they would be used to secure me inside. Me, inside that box, my tummy was doing back flips, my mind was going in two directions, run or stay. I decided that I should stay; I was inside the sexdoll, one of my favourite things in the world at this moment. The feel of the latex took hold; I’d stay and let him do whatever he wanted to me. As I’d promised that I would be his love doll whenever he asked. I asked about the Cindy part on the lid, he said that he would be calling me Cindy whilst I was within the doll, not only was I his totally but now my identity would be altered when coated in latex.

He helped me lay down in the box, it fitted me snugly, and he said that he didn’t want to make it too big for me, he wanted a tight fit. Inside the box I adjusted myself into a comfortable position and when ready he started to strap me down to the box. Each arm and leg was secured separately, along with one around my waist and just above my breasts, then he placed one over my neck, just to hold my head in place he said. Once all the straps were tightened he asked me how I felt, strangely enough I felt contented to be here, an inner peace or calm overcame me, then my body started to react again to the latex, a warm tingly feeling came over me, my sex became moist and the butterflies started dancing in my stomach.

He asked me if I was okay and did I want to continue, I said, “Yes, please!” With that he picked up the lid and placed it back over the base and pushed it home. As the clear plastic closed down on me I could make out the broad smile on his face, this pleased me that I had made him happy. He said that he would leave me in the box for a while, but if I had any problems just shout and he would hear me. He’d taken several photos whilst placing me within the box, strapping me down and now with the lid on several more of me enclosed within my new box, his love toy.

As I lay there in the box after he’d left I could not shake the feeling growing within me of an impending climax very slowly climbing up within my body. After what seemed like several hours, but turned out only to be just over one I had my first orgasm. It was sheer bliss, I had not moved, I had not been touched in any way other than the latex and the straps holding me down. How it happened I don’t know. My cries made whilst in the midst of climax made him come running, he’d thought I was in some trouble and was ready to drag me out of the box. After removing the lid he looked in at his sexdoll, she was breathing hard and he asked if I was okay. I told him about what had just swept over me and he was amazed too. He then asked if I wanted to continue, I said yes.

An hour later he again came into the bedroom and removed the lid, this time he started removing the straps stating that it was time for his fun now. He lifted me from the box, my body limp like a rag doll as he placed me down on the bed, he quickly underdressed and was soon on top of me, his penis buried deep within my very wet hole. He didn’t seem to take long to finish; we must have both been incredibly turned on to have climaxed within that short time. As he lay there next to me on the bed he asked how I felt about the box. I said that I loved being his sex toy and the box was a bonus, I thanked him for being so clever to make it for me. I also hoped that I would be put back inside at some point, I felt a need to be kept inside.

With that he jumped up off the bed and picking me up lowered my latex covered body back down into the box, as he replaced the straps he smiled at me, he said that he was really pleased that I’d liked the box, he’d planned to keep me in it most of the weekend. My heart leaped at the prospect of being bound and enclosed as his toy all weekend, as the straps tightened I started to feel the start of another climax building deep within me, it was going to be a long night. Once tightly bound he said “goodnight, see you in the morning!” and kissed my latex forehead, then he replaced the lid. Now I was just an object again, a love toy ready for use, it was delicious.

In the morning I was let out to be used again by him, most of the morning was spent with me laying around his apartment still covered in latex, he would use me occasionally whenever the mood took him. I was loving every moment. Just before lunch he approached me and unlocked me from the doll, I was allowed to shower and relax for a couple of hours free of any restraint. We had a light lunch then we made love together on the kitchen floor before I asked him to place me back in the box.

He said that he would do anything to please me, so shortly afterwards I was redressed in the doll, the lock secured behind my neck and carried back into the bedroom, there placed back within the box, strapped down and the lid closed. He asked if I was okay, I asked if he could push the box under the bed, just as he would with a real toy. I could see a broad smile appear as he bent down and lifted the bedclothes and shoved the box with me inside under the bed. He spent the afternoon lazing around the apartment, taking a few phone calls, whilst I lay squirming within the confines of the box, experiencing several orgasms. 

During the evening he came into the bedroom and removed the box from under the bed, I was again released from its confines. He picked me up and pushed me over onto the bed, my tummy lying against the mattress and my legs on the floor. This time he knelt down behind me and entered my rear without muttering a word, just grunting his pleasure into me. I hadn’t come this time and was pleased that he was satisfied with me. Again his pleasure was all that mattered to me, I’d had several already this afternoon so I didn’t mind. 

After he rolled me onto the bed and asked me what I wished to happen to me now, I wanted to go back in the box; I craved the feel of being enclosed, to be taken whenever he felt the need. He said that he would be going out for a short while; some buddies had asked him out. I said that I didn’t mind him leaving me; I wanted him to treat me as his sexual plaything, use me whenever he wanted and discard me thereafter when he’d finished. He seemed very pleased at this; I was soon packed away back in the box, secure in my straps and again the box pushed under the bed. I could hear him getting ready to go out and just before he left he again asked if I was okay. 

Several hours had gone by, I’d drifted off to sleep when I heard a noise from the other room, it sounded as though several of his buddies had come back to party. He came in to check up on me briefly, I said I was okay and to leave me here. I lay there listening to the noise, until after a couple of hours all seemed to go quiet. It was then that I heard the bedroom door quietly open and footsteps enter the room, I heard two bodies sit or fall onto the bed above me, then muffled voices one was female, the other sounded like my boyfriend and they started making love right there above me. They both seemed very intense and their foreplay was short lived as they began moving into each other, they seemed to last for half an hour at least, before finally climaxing. I was peeved to say the least, lying here bound under the bed, as he made out with some other female above me. I was getting to be very angry as they continued but also getting very turned on too and it wasn’t long after that I climaxed too.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I was securely bound within the box and placed under the bed I would have gotten out to confront them, but then again how would my embarrassment be with me clad in a latex doll. I decided to confront him in the morning whenever he’d let me out. Lucky for me I slept on it as come the morning I heard voices, my boyfriend was waking up the two people above me. It seemed that his friends had used his bed whilst he’d fallen asleep beforehand on the couch, they quickly got dressed, apologised for using his bed and left. 

Once he’d gotten rid of the others who’d fallen asleep at the party, cooking them breakfast, they had all finally left by midday. I was bursting within my latex body; I really needed the bathroom very quickly. He pulled the box from under the bed, removed the straps and lifted me out of the box. He checked that I was okay and carried me towards the bathroom, after helping me out of the suit he left me sitting on the toilet as he ran a bath for me. I lay there relaxing as he brought me breakfast and insisted on feeding me as I lay there within the bath. 

The rest of the day he felt so guilty about leaving me bound for so long, he would do anything for me, I was massaged from my neck to my toes, he brought me warm drinks and made sure that I was comfortable, guilt can be such a wonderful thing sometimes. I told him about the couple making love on the bed above me, how it had sounded like him. He told me it was his younger brother and his girlfriend, they’d taken the opportunity to use the bedroom after he’d fallen asleep on the couch. I told him how incredibly turned on I’d felt when I thought it was him using the woman with me laying below.

He said that he would never cheat on me, no matter what the circumstances, he continued to say that he loved me deeply and would not do anything to hurt me. I cuddled up to him and we eventually made love on the couch, it was sheer bliss.

Later on in the early evening he asked me what I wished to do now, I said that it would be good if we could finish off the weekend as planned with me back inside the doll. My craving was starting to get to me again, he lifted me off of the couch and carried me into the bedroom, where soon I was back inside the latex, he used me as he pleased and placed me back inside my box. He left me inside for a couple of hours before bringing me out to use again.

That was how I’d spent my first weekend in the box, dressed up as his love doll. I loved every moment of it and my heart would leap thereafter when he mentioned that he wanted me to be his sexdoll, for his pleasure, his delight. I have spent many other weekends inside the box or just playing his love doll but that’s another story.

Story continues in Part Two


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