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Chapter 1

Christy started her first day of her first job. She was right out of business school, inexperienced, and very shy and nervous. On top of that, she wasn't sure that she would fit in with her co-workers. They were so much more experienced and confident and no one made any move to make her feel welcome. She went home that night totally up tight and in a cold sweat. How badly she needed the security of her rubber bed. 

She had developed a need for rubber comfort as a result of her unfortunate childhood. Christy's parents had been killed in a traffic accident when she was two months old and she had been given to the custody of her elderly grandmother. Grandma was too old to do all the work cleaning up after a baby, so when she put Christy to bed at night she laid gum rubber sheets on the bed and put rubber pants on Christy. Christy got very little love from grandma and even as an infant learned that the most comfortable, softest and most loving place in the world was in her rubber pants, between her rubber sheets. Of course, at this age, it had no connection to sex and, when she grew past the wetting stage, her grandmother put away the rubber sheets and pants. 

Christy grew into a teenager and had started to have sexual feelings. She did not understand what they were and she was too shy to ask anyone. Due to her shyness she had no close friends and boys frightened her with their roughness. She only knew that she was lonely and had strange bodily urges. 

One of her favourite diversions was to nose around the attic where her grandmother's old clothes were, and to dress up in them. One day, while rummaging around through the old trunks, she felt something cool, soft and slippery. She did not know what it was, but is sent a wonderful warm feeling through her body. She dug deeper and pulled out the object. It was an old rubber sheet from her infancy. She didn't consciously remember her association with rubber but felt a strong urge to feel the rubber against her body. Without even thinking about what she was doing, she quickly undressed and wrapped the rubber sheet around her and immediately felt the warm loving feelings that she had known as an infant. She could not help but caress the rubber over her now well developed breasts, and, as she did so immediately felt warm moist feelings in her pussy. 

In her rubbery excitement and with the rubber sheet still wrapped around her shoulders Christy dug deeper into the trunk and found three more rubber sheets and two pairs of adult rubber bloomers that her grandma had used when going through a period of incontinence after an operation. Christy quickly slipped on one of the rubber bloomers. The feeling of the rubber sliding up her legs and covering her buttocks, pussy and belly brought her to a dreamy state of ecstasy. Impulsively she gathered up all the rubber and her clothes. Wrapped in rubber, she carried it all down to her bedroom and made up her bed with two of the rubber sheets. 

She couldn't wait to slide in between the rubber sheets. As she did so, it pulled the rubber bloomers tight against her now slippery pussy. The effect was electrifying! She reached down and rubbed herself between her legs, rubbed her clit with the juicy rubber bloomers, and had a thunderous orgasm. It was her first sexual experience. She didn't know what was happening to her. All she knew was that it was wonderful and that it was the rubber that brought it on. 

Every night from then on she climbed into her rubber bed wearing her rubber bloomers, brought herself to a climax and slept like a baby in her secure rubber nest. All through high school and business school she continued relieve her daily tension alone at night in her rubber bed. Grandma had died and left the house to her. She thought she must be strange and, because of that and her shyness, gave up hope of ever having someone else to share her life. Alone in the house, she revelled in her rubber pleasure. 

Now Christy had started her first job. She was terrified. With her shyness she could not relate easily to the other girls in the office and she stumbled her way through the day. She couldn't wait to get home and climb in to her rubber nest. That was her security. 

As Christy dressed for her second day on the job she saw her rubber bloomers lying on the bed and thought, "Maybe I will have more confidence at work if I wear the bloomers". Quickly she took off her cotton underpants and slipped the rubber on under her dress. All the way to work she could feel the rubber massaging her pussy and ass. She arrived at work all keyed up and even said "Hello" to Maxine, the girl that sat next to her at the office. "Hi Christy," Maxine said, "Just call me Max. Everyone else does". "Say, you looked awfully tense and nervous yesterday. Are you OK?" 

"Well, first day jitters, I guess" Christy replied. "I'm still a little tense" Christy was delighted that someone was taking an interest in her and that wearing the rubber bloomers had given her a little confidence. 

"Let me see if I can help", Max said as she walked around behind Christy and started to massage her neck and shoulders. She leaned over to say something to Christy and as she did so the lovely odour of rubber came to her and she smiled hungrily. She whispered softly into Christy's ear, "There, there, dear, doesn't that feel better, especially with rubber on". 

Christy jumped and turned bright red. "W-Wh-what did you say?" 

"Oh, sweetheart," Max murmured, "I didn't mean to frighten you. It’s OK. I love rubber too. I have a whole house full of it. Maybe we can get together after work and talk about it." 

Christy was confused. She said, "I thought I was the only one". 

"Oh no, my dear, a lot of people love to live in rubber. Why don't you have dinner with me at my house tonight and I will show you". Christy had no idea what she was getting into but she was so intrigued with the thought of discussing her rubber love with a sympathetic listener and so, eager for a friend, that she readily agreed. 

After work, Max took Christy by the arm and led her down to her car. As Christy sat down in the car she realized that the seats were upholstered in rubber and sliding her rubber covered bottom over the seat gave her a wonderful feeling, her pussy started to get slippery and she shivered with pleasure. Max patted her on her rubber covered thigh and the left her hand there as she said softly, "Take it easy, this is only the beginning.” and left her softly caressing hand on Christy's thigh for a minute. It felt so good that Christy couldn't even think of saying no. 

When they arrived at Max's house Christy was led into the living room and was astonished to see that everything was rubber; the drapes, upholstery, table coverings and carpets were all done in shimmering colours of pure rubber. Max directed her to a well-padded chair covered in black rubber and told her to sit while she changed out of her work clothes into something more comfortable. Christy sat down and sank into the softly padded chair that enfolded her in its rubber embrace. Her rubber covered ass rubbed against the seat which began to softly vibrate sending off a wave of pleasure in her already slippery pussy. As she waited for Max to return, she noticed several magazines on the rubber covered table and picked one up. It was totally devoted to rubber love. Christy became more and more excited as a whole new world opened up to her. Here were many people that loved rubber like she did and they were doing things that challenged Christy's imagination. She grew hotter and hotter as she looked through the pictures while the vibrations tingled her rubber covered pussy. 

She was so entranced with the rubber pictures that she did not hear Max return to the room and was startled to hear her ask, "How are you feeling. Is the chair satisfactory?" She returned from her reverie and looked up to see Max standing there in a skin tight red rubber cat suit. 

"Oh, you are beautiful!" she cried. 

"I'm glad you like it" Max replied. "Now it is time to get you properly dressed. Come with me!" 

Max led her into the bedroom and instructed her to undress. "And throw those old useless bloomers in the trash" 

"Oh, but I love them" Christy exclaimed. 

"Don't argue with me -- EVER" Max commanded. "If you ever want to come back here again you will do everything you are told, without argument. Do you understand" The thought of never seeing all this rubber again was too much for Christy and she quickly agreed. 

"Now put on this suit." Max instructed, and handed her a transparent latex cat suit.

Christy slid into it and Max quickly zipped up the back. Christy was in heaven. Walking around in the rubber suit was even better than lying in her rubber nest at home and her pussy began to run with love juice. Max then gave her a baby doll pyjama set made from light weight shimmering lilac rubber trimmed with white rubber lace. Slipping it on over her rubber covered body sent more waves of pleasure through her body. She started to reach for her pussy to give it a good rubber massage, but Max grabbed her arm and commanded, "You will not do that unless I give you permission, and I will only do that if you follow my every command. You are here to give me pleasure. You can continue to enjoy my rubber palace only as long as I am happy with your performance. Do you understand?"

Christy was so hungry for continued rubbering that she quickly agreed.

"OK, go sit on the edge of the bed.” Max commanded. Christy sat on the rubbersheeted bed and more waves of pleasure went through her as her ass and pussy settled into the soft cool rubber. At this point she would have agreed to anything, but little did she know. Max stood in front of her and asked, "Do you like the feel of rubber on your face?" Christy nodded. "Then rub your face over my rubber covered pussy!" Christy did so and felt the warm rubber slip and slide around on Max's wet pussy. It felt S-O-O good. "Now lick the rubber!” Max ordered. "You might as well get used to the taste of rubber." Christy did as she was told. She was now intoxicated with pleasure and didn't care what she did as long as the rubber delirium lasted. 

As Christy continued to lick Max's rubber covered pussy, Max slowly lowered the zipper in the front of her suit until her throbbing cunt was in front of Christy's mouth. Christy had never heard of such a thing, but Max ordered her to continue licking. She did as she was told and tasted pussy cum for the first time. In her rubber ecstasy she couldn't help but like it. "Find my clit and give it a good tongue massage", Max ordered. Christy found it and rubbed her tongue around and around it until Max moaned with pleasure. "Now, slide your tongue into my cunt. Give me a good tongue fucking" Again, Christy did as she was told. Her mouth was now full of Max's love juices and Christy swallowed them all. She continued to fuck Max with her tongue until Max jumped and shook in a mighty orgasm. Finally Max stepped back. "That was good.” She said. "You did an excellent job and now you may bring yourself off." 

Christy reached down between her rubber-covered legs and furiously rubbed her pussy until she had a magnificent rubber cum. She was delighted with her rubber clothes and ecstatic that Max was pleased with her performance. It meant that she would be allowed to return to this rubber pleasure house again. 

As the two women lay resting on the rubber bed, Max encouraged Christy to tell her all about her lonely childhood and the beginnings of her love of rubber. As Max listened, plans started to take form. "I want you to come and live here with me and be my live in rubber maid", Max said.

"Oh, but what about my house.” Christy asked.

"You will sell it and give the money to me in lieu of rent and you will quit your job. You will take care of the house and be my full time rubber lover." Max told her.

"But then I won't have anything" Christy whined.

"You will have me to take care of you and you will have all of this rubber to wallow in. If you don't you can go back to your solitary life and never be with me again". 

Christy could not bear the thought of leaving her new found rubber friend, and so she reluctantly agreed. "Good," Max said, "Now go put on the rubber maids dress that is on the chair and get to work cleaning this place up. Make sure that all the rubber is clean and powdered and put away neatly" 

A few days later, after the house was sold and the money turned over to Max, Christy realized that she now had no place to go and no money and had no choice but to do everything she could to be sure that Max was always pleased. That night Max cuddled her in her rubber arms and murmured, "I have great ideas on many different ways that you can give me pleasure. I am really going to enjoy having a rubber slave." 

Christy wondered what was in store for her. 

Chapter 2 

Christy quickly fell asleep in the comfort of her rubber mistress's arms, but it wasn't for long. She was roughly awakened by a stinging swat on her rubber bottom and jumped up to see her mistress standing over her with a long rubber whip. "Get your lazy ass up, my rubber slave", Max yelled. "You have a lot of work to do before tomorrow. I have friends coming home with me after work to play cards and I want every bit of rubber in the house to be sparkling clean. I want the card table set up and refreshments ready before we get here and you are to be dressed in your clear rubber cat suit and best rubber maids uniform. Now get busy, I'm leaving for work" 

As Max started out the door she turned and threw something at Christy and ordered loudly, "Be wearing this under your cat suit. It's a special surprise for you". She then walked out and locked the door. Christy stood up and examined the object that Max had thrown at her. I was obviously a piece of rubber clothing but it felt like it had lumps in it. As she unfolded it she could see that it was a tight pair of rubber briefs. The lumps were made by two long rubber dildoes, one in front and one in back and a box on the back that looked like it contained batteries. 

Christy went into the bedroom, took off her rubber nightie and cat suit and took a shower while deciding what to do with the panties. She knew about sex from her school books but she had never had anything inserted into her body openings before. It was obvious where the dildoes were to go, but this was all so strange to her. As she was drying off and powdering her body she decided that she could not risk offending her mistress and so she started to slide the panties over her legs. When she got them up to her hips she paused and shivered with a mixture of anticipation and fear. "Oh well," she thought, "I've got no choice." She slid the dildoes into her ass and pussy and pulled the panties up tight over her hips. As she moved around she could feel the dildoes squirming around inside of her and started to get excited. "They feel pretty good", she thought and reached down to rub her clit and that made the dildoes jump even more. She started to push the dildo in and out of her cunt and as she was really getting hot the phone rang. It was Max. 

"Do you have your new panties on", she asked. 

"Yes, Mistress." 

"Good. But under no circumstances are you to play with yourself. Is that clear?" 

"Yes, Mistress" 

"Well, get to work", Max commanded. 

Christy pulled on her rubber cat suit over the dildo pants and started her work. All day, as she did the chores Max had ordered, the rubber dildoes kept moving in an out as she bent and stretched. In addition to that, just wearing the rubber cat suit was thrilling. By the time Max was due home Christy was in such a state of excitement that she was ready for anything. Christy hurried to get into her rubber maid's uniform before Max arrived. 

When the front door opened, she was waiting to greet her mistress. Max strode in with three other women each of whom was carrying a suitcase. "Christy," Max said, "this is Mary, Joan and Ann. Take them into the bedroom and help them get into their rubber outfits".

As they headed off Mary turned and said to Max, " She's a real cute one! I think we are going to all have a lot of fun", and smiled greedily at Christy. 

In the bedroom the three women undressed, opened their suitcases and removed their rubber cat suits, each in a different colour, One red, one white and one blue. Christy helped them powder the suits and then Mary ordered her to powder her body. Mary looked over the rubber clad maid before her and demanded that first she suck her tits. Christy was beyond caring at this point and leaned forward and took one of Mary's soft round breasts in her mouth and began to suck on it and run her tongue around the nipple. "Suck harder, bitch", Mary demanded, and Christy began to suck the tit deeper and deeper into her mouth until she could hold no more. "Oh, that's good.” Mary moaned . "Now powder me”. Christy rubbed the powder all over Mary's body and then helped her to slide the rubber up over her legs and hips. 

As she stooped and bent and ran her powdery hands over the women's bodies, and as the dildoes continued to move around in her pussy and ass, she grew hotter and hotter. While she was helping the women into their rubber suits she paused to give each of their pussies a few licks. She associated the rubbery feelings she was having with the taste of their pussies and couldn't help but love it. When the three women were dressed they paraded out to the living room. Christy watched their rubber asses bouncing inside their suits with great feelings of pleasure. When they all arrived in the living room, Max had completed dressing in her black rubber cat suit and greeted them warmly. "It is now time to play cards", she announced. "Christy, go in the kitchen and start preparing the refreshments, while I explain the rules of the card game to my friends". 

She held up a black box with several switches on it and explained that this was the control box for the electronic dildoes in Christy's pants. The switches controlled the plunging, vibrating and gentle electric shocks in the dildoes. "We will play poker and the winner will get the control box and be permitted to order Christy to perform whatever acts that will give the winner pleasure. You will reward Christy by giving her a few plunges if she gives you mild pleasure, deep plunges for a better job and vibrations for a very good job. You will save the electric stimulation for a reward if she brings you to a complete orgasm". Max explained that, in this way, she would train her rubber slave that her greatest pleasure would come from pleasing another woman and that eventually she could eliminate the dildoes and Christy would hunger for a woman's pussy without them. She expected that the slave would learn to plead for a chance to lap up her pussy juices and fuck her with her tongue. Then she would be in complete control. 

The women were entranced with the idea. "Let's play cards.” they all chorused. Max yelled for Christy to come in with the food and drinks. When she arrived, Max instructed her that she was to do whatever one of the women demanded of her. "Yes my mistress" Christy replied. Max dealt the first hand and Mary won. "Christy get over here and lick my rubber ass", she demanded. Christy did as she was told and Mary gave her a slow prod on her pussy dildo. "Now lick my rubber crotch" She did and was rewarded with more prodding in her cunt and a little in her ass. She moaned with pleasure. The second hand was won by Joan. She made Christy open the zipper over her pussy with her teeth and lick her juices until she found her clit and gave it a good lick. Joan gave her a real pumping in her cunt and Christy licked harder and harder as Joan increased the pumping and turned on the vibrations. Max called a halt and said it was time to deal the next hand. Both Joan And Christy moaned in disappointment. 

When Ann won a hand she reached in her bag and pulled out a pair of rubber briefs which had a double-ended dildo moulded into it, one end for Ann's cunt and the other sticking out front. She handed it to Christy and ordered her to helper her into it. "Be sure you get it firmly seated in my cunt," she ordered. Christy slid the pants over Ann's legs and pushed them up to he hips. Unzipping Ann's cat suit she found that Ann was dripping with cunt juice. "May I clean it up a little," she asked. "Oh, please do," Ann replied. Christy stuck her head between Ann's legs and licked her pussy clean. Ann was moaning with pleasure and gave Christy several strong prods in both her ass hole and cunt. Both Ann and Christy were quivering with excitement. 

"Now get that rubber cock into me," Ann demanded. Christy pulled up the briefs making sure that the interior cock was well positioned in Ann's cunt. When she was finished, Ann sat there in her rubber suit with a huge rubber cock sticking out front. "Now get down on your knees and suck my cock," Ann ordered. Christy crawled over and took the rubber cock in her mouth, working up and down on it. As she did so it caused the cock in Ann's cunt to also plunge in and out. Ann was shaking with pleasure and she turned on both of Christy’s dildoes giving her deep rapid plunges with the vibrations set on their highest level. Both girls were in ecstasy. Just as she was about to come, Ann gave Christy a jolt of electricity, and both girls came in a thunderous climax. 

Max won the next hand and ordered Christy to lick her clit until she was running with pussy juice, and at the same time giving Christy a good pumping in both her ass and cunt. "Now lick up my juice and get your tongue up into my cunt and fuck me good" She demanded. As Christy did so she turned on the vibrations in both holes and Christy slid her tongue in and out of Max's cunt faster and faster. Just as Max reached a climax she flipped the switch to give Christy a strong electric stimulus and they both came together. "Don't you love eating my pussy" Max asked and Christy squealed, "I love it, I love it!" The game continued with Christy bringing each woman to a climax several times and have fantastic orgasms herself. By the end of the evening she was exhausted and dripping wet inside her rubber clothes. She stripped, showered and fell into a deep sleep in her rubber bed. 

The poker games were a regular event for the next five weeks, and Christy looked forward to them eagerly. One night Max told Christy to leave off her dildo pants. "Let's see how you do without them." During the game Max found that Christy was just as eager to give the women what they wanted and always had an orgasm while eating their pussies. "Great," she thought, "The training has been successful". That night Max announced that she was calling a temporary halt to the games. All the women protested loudly. "No," said Max, "It is time for the next step in her slave's training. I will let you know when we are ready to proceed."

The next night Max took Christy down to the basement where she had never been allowed before. When the lights came on Christy saw a room lined with rubber and full of different kinds of tables and racks. Hanging on the was were shelves full of whips, gags, dildoes and various other items that Christy could not make out. Max announced that this is where the next step would take place. 

Again, Christy wondered what was in store for her. 

Chapter 3 

Christy looked fearfully around the room, but she could raise no protest. She was totally under the control of her rubber mistress. Aside from the fact that she had nowhere to go and no money, she was totally addicted to rubber and the life that her mistress demanded from her. She lived her life in her rubber clothes and slept in her rubber bed every night. Max, her rubber mistress, gave her total pleasure by allowing her to eat her pussy and fuck her with her tongue which always brought both mistress and slave to a thundering rubber orgasm. She could not object to anything that Max demanded of her. 

Max threw the electric dildo pants at Christy and ordered her to remove her rubber cat suit and put on the pants. Christy eagerly did so. She knew that, whatever else was in store for her, the dildoes would be used to excite her to a rubber orgasm. 

Max led Christy to the centre of the room where there were rings in the floor and chains hanging from the ceiling. Max attached each of Christy's feet to one of the rings and each hand to a chain. She then went over to the wall and, pushing aside the rubber curtains, revealed a rope hanging there. She proceeded to pull on the rope which pulled Christy’s hands up and out until she was suspended in a spread eagle position. Christy hurt but the slight swaying motion of the chains caused the dildoes to move around inside of her. In spite of the pain, Christy started to feel a warm glow in her pussy. "My dear slave," Max said, "I am now going to show you that there is no difference between pain and pleasure. You will learn to love them both" 

Reaching behind the rubber curtain, Max removed a long rubber whip and slapped it lightly on Christy's ass. As she did so she started a slight pumping action in the dildoes. With each stroke Max hit harder and harder and increased the tempo of the dildoes to match. Christy started to scream, but she didn't know if it was in pain or pleasure. Maybe it was both. As the tempo increased so did the pumping, and then Max turned on the vibrations. Now Christy knew. This was fantastic pleasure. With the final massive blow from the whip, Max gave Christy an electric jolt from the dildoes and Christy climaxed in a total orgasm. Now she knew, pain and pleasure are one and the same. 

While she was still glowing from the orgasm, Max released Christy from the chains and foot rings and led her over to the rubber covered table. She reached over to one corner and undid a zipper and opened the end. Christy saw that it was a large rubber bag. "Climb in!" Max commanded. Christy did so and Max gave her a shove that pushed her all the way down to where here head was completely covered. Max zipped up the bag and inserted a breathing tube through a small hole in the side of the bag. "Take this in your mouth." Max ordered. Christy breathed through the tube and felt the rubber around her. It was wonderful being in this rubber cocoon and she started to ooze from her pussy. 

Soon Christy heard the sound of a pump running and the rubber bag started to close in around her until it was so tight that she could not move. Her only movement was her breathing. It was wonderful being wrapped tight in the rubber and she got hotter and hotter. Suddenly she felt the rubber whip landing on her rubber covered body and at the same time the dildoes in her pussy and ass started to pump. "Oh my god, this is going to be good." she thought. As the blows from the whip became harder and harder, the dildoes pumped deeper and deeper. In one final crashing blow, Max brought the whip down on Christy and turned all the controls on the dildoes up to their maximum. Christy came again and again. She was now a total rubber slave. 

Max released Christy from the rubber bag and asked her if she wanted to go back to her old life. "Oh no, mistress.” she cried, "I love the rubber and the whips and most of all I love you for teaching me the wonderful life of a rubber slave. I will do anything for you. I will eat your pussy, fuck you with my tongue, suck your tits and kiss your ass. Just let me live in your rubber prison forever" 

Max gloated, "It is going to be great having you attend to my every need. Come upstairs with me, my pet". 

In the bedroom Max relaxed on the rubber bed. "Slave, take off your dildo pants and put on the red rubber cat suit" she demanded. "Yes mistress." Christy replied. When she was dressed, Max ordered her to climb up on the bed and eat her pussy. Christy happily complies and buried her face in Max's pussy, licking greedily. The more she licked the more excited she became. As Max began to arouse her pussy became creamy with love juices which Christy eagerly lapped up. She found Max's clit and rolled it around with her tongue, bringing Max to a peak of desire. "Fuck me with your tongue!” she demanded. 

Christy was quivering with pleasure and slid her tongue in and out of Max. Just as Max was about to come, she slashed Christy across her rubber-covered ass with a rubber whip and both women erupted in thunderous rubber orgasms. "Oh, my, that was good," Max moaned, "you have done such a good job, I am going to give you a special reward tonight," Max told Christy. She handed Christy her electric rubber dildo pants and the control box for them. "Here, go up to your room and take the rest of the night to do whatever you please" Max said. 

Christy was overjoyed. She ran to her room in wild anticipation. She immediately donned the dildo pants, carefully inserting both the anal and vaginal plugs. She immediately started to get hot. By the time she had pulled on her rubber cat suit she was quivering with desire. She quickly slid in to bed between her rubber sheets and took the control box in her hand. She started by having the rubber dildoes pump slowly in and out of her ass and pussy. She could not lay still and, as she pumped up and down with the motion of the dildoes, the rubber sheets slid back and forth over her body, exciting her even more. She was in a trance of desire. The whole world ceased to exist except for the rubber and the dildoes. 

Christy increased the stroke and speed on the dildoes, and squirmed around even more vigorously. Her passion built higher and higher. She switched on the vibrations, and jumped and shook as the rubber pants with their dildoes pumped her deeper and deeper, and faster and faster, and the vibrations built higher and higher. The rubber bed rubbed her body on the outside and the dildoes on the inside. She shook and shivered and squirmed and bucked until she could stand it no longer. She hit the switch to set off the electrical stimulation and went over the edge to a magnificent crescendo of multiple orgasms as the dildoes pumped, shook and electrified again and again. 

Finally, as Christy turned all the switches off and lay exhausted in her rubber bed, she heard people clapping and cheering. She looked up to find Max standing in the room with several of her friends, all magnificently clad in rubber. "Christy" she said' " That was quite a show". "Now, my friends, you can see that my slave is totally committed to rubber and will do anything you ask, just to have the pleasure of rubber living. She is also conditioned to welcome pain as a sexual pleasure. So what am I bid for her"? 

Christy recoiled in shock. She was being auctioned off! "Mistress," she cried, "What are you..." 

"SHUT UP" Max interrupted her, " You will do as you are told if you ever want to feel the pleasure of rubber again". 

Christy could not stand the thought of that and so she retreated back to her rubber bed and curled up in total submission while Max explained to her friends (and to Christy) that she got her pleasure and made her money by training rubber slaves and selling them for whatever she could get. She described Christy as a premium rubber love object that totally enjoyed her work. 

The bidding went higher and higher. Finally, one of the bidders, a huge man, six foot four and 300 pounds, wearing a tight black rubber cat suit with a huge rubber sheathed cock sticking out of the opening in his suit, said, "If I'm going to bid any higher, I'll have to try her out". Max agreed, and the man commanded Christy to crawl over to him and suck his huge rubber covered hard-on. Christy had never had a man before and was terrified, but she was even more afraid to disobey. She crawled over, with the rubber dildoes still firmly implanted in her openings, and grabbed the man's cock. It was so big she could hardly get her mouth around it. As she took it into her mouth she immediately tasted the rubber and decided it wouldn't be so bad. 

As the man pushed his cock into her mouth, Max found the control box for the dildoes lying on the bed. She saw her chance to really impress her customer and turned on all the controls. The effect on Christy was immediate. She started to suck greedily and massage the cock with her tongue. The man pumped his hard-on in and out of her mouth until he was almost ready to come. "Wait," he commanded, and quickly removed her suit and dildo pants, picked her up and threw her on the rubber sheets. Quickly climbing between her legs he rammed his huge cock into her hot and juicy pussy until he was all the way in and his balls bounced off Christy’s ass. 

Christy screamed with the pain, but it felt so good as he fucked her long and hard. Just as she was about to come, the man gave a tremendous lunge and unloaded a huge volume of cum into his rubber sheath. Christy screamed with pleasure as she came also. "I'll take her," he said, handing Max a large envelope full of money. "Christy, you now belong to me." With that, he removed his cum filled sheath and ordered Christy to turn it inside out and suck it clean. Christy did so and got her first taste of a man. 

She was about to begin a new life.


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