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A Christmas Gift

by ZM

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© Copyright 2011 - ZM - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; dress; heels; armbinder; collar; cuffs; gag; captive; cons/reluct; X

It happened again, 3 more days until Christmas and Anita doesn´t have a gift for her boyfriend. She thought about it for weeks what is the right gift for him. Every year the same dilemma. Last year she had given him a voucher, which had not pleased him very much because it was very impersonal he thought. This year it had to be overwhelming, but Anita was late once again. So she is on the way to the city with an intent "Today I find something, I don´t go back home without something!"

Once in town, she first looks through some electronics shops in which are all sorts of high tech equipment, from which she don´t understand very much. “Computer games are not his thing anyway.” So on to the clothing stores, maybe there are indeed some nice t-shirt or sweater. As she goes through the ranks she more and more drifts over towards the women's section where she immediately finds a new little dress for the evening in the club. She goes into the dressing room, hanging her jacket on the hooks, pulls out her top and jeans and looks at herself in the mirror. The 20 year old looks in her bright blue eyes, her shoulder-length brown hair, slightly drops in her face. When she looks down on her, she caught her hands caressing her 5.6 feet tall athletic body. She fondle over her C-cup breasts, her nipples are already slightly aroused, continued on to their slim 23 inch waist and her beautiful crack ass towards her non-ending legs. So she slips quickly in the short black mini dress, accented by a large white belt. She looks great, but then she got in mind that she had come for the Christmas present to the city.

Anita hangs the dress back up to the shelf and continues to search. She has almost given up when she discovered a boutique that she hadn´t previously registered before in a little alley. "Kathy's Boutique, clothing, jewelry and related accessories" is in the shop window that is not decorated, only two naked mannequins are seen. Gripped by curiosity Anita goes in the shop. The store interior is bigger than it appeared from the outside and it smells a bit of leather and rubber. Anita ambles around and looks at the things which hang on the racks in the store. There are countless dresses made of latex and leather in all colors and variations to be found. Some short, some long, catsuits, all things that Anita had never seen before. When she holds a catsuit in her hands, a cold shiver runs down her back. Anita was just about on the way out to leave when she hears a voice from behind.

"Hi, can I help you? My name is Kathy."

"Hello," Anita responds frightened. As she turns around, the saleswoman was behind her. Anita looks with wide open eyes at Kathy from top to bottom. Kathy has a nearly perfect body, long blonde hair, blue eyes just like hers, beautiful breasts, little bigger than her own, a slim waist and a nice bubble butt. Her figure is well pronounced by her little strapless dress made of soft black leather. Her feet are endless, so that Kathy, with her 5.5 inch high heels, is about half a head taller than Anita.

"Have you found something that you like?"

"I ... I'm really just looking," says Anita, "I've never seen this shop before, is it new?"

"Yes, we opened a week ago. I'm still placing the goods and decorating the store. If you've found something and want to try it on back there we have a locker room. If you have any questions, just call me and ask!"

"Yes, I take a look around" Anita replies, thinking, "but I could give my friend just me, that is the most personal thing I can give him. Just a little dress that I've seen before and that is all or I just ask Kathy to see what she thinks would fit best."

"Kathy, I´ve got a question," calls Anita.

"Yes, what can I do for you?" comes from behind the shelfs.

"I look for a nice dress or something similar in which I can surprise my boyfriend for Christmas. Have you got an idea what to wear? By the way my name is Anita."

"Hmm, let me consider Anita. You have a very beautiful body. Of course we can do something for you and your boyfriend!"

Kathy goes to a rack and pulls out a pink catsuit.

"How about a catsuit? This will definitely underlining your figure and your boyfriend will sure be pleased too! This one is cut narrow and does well to emphasize your figure! Just go into the locker room and try it on."

"Yes, I try it on" replies Anita and goes with the catsuit in the locker room. She takes off her clothes down to her underwear and slips inside the catsuit. When she puts it on for the first time she feels the cold latex on her skin. She get an endorphin surge as the catsuit raise tight to her body like a second skin. As she the catsuit streaks on her shoulders, her breasts are covered, she noticed in the mirror that the beautiful shape of her waist figure is constricted by her bra. She quickly decides that the bra has to go. The latex now touches directly her beautiful big breasts. In the mirror you can now well recognize that her nipples are quite hard, she also noticed that her pussy is already wet. She turns back and forth for a few times and looks at herself from all angles.

When Anita steps out of the cabin, Kathy stands in front of her with a pair white 3.9 inch high shiny boots.

"These fit perfectly to your outfit! I think you have size 7?"

"Oh, yes I do. Should I try these on," asks Anita

"Yes, of course." Kathy says, and helps her put the boots on.

Kathy shows Anita the mirror in front of her and they´re looking at her. The suit emphasizes her curves really well and the boots have changed her posture, but she is not satisfied with the color combination. Also, the fact that her panties stand out through catsuit does not please her.

"This catsuit is quite good, but Pink is not my color. I also think that this suit does not fit the occasion. I thought of a dress or something."

"We also have dresses if you don´t like this one here."

Kathy goes to a rack and pulls out a dress. It is a red sleeveless latex tube dress with asymmetrical hem that goes down to one knee.

“I would try this one," says Kathy, "it is elegant and very sexy. A perfect fit for this occasion!"

"That pleases me even more"

"Then try it on, we will find the right one for you. Meanwhile I fetch some heels for you."

Anita disappears into the changing room and takes off the catsuit, which she finds a little hard because she was a little sweaty in it and it sticks to her. Also, she takes off her panties now, because otherwise it would be been seen under the dress again. She is now totally naked in the locker room and takes the dress in hand. She slips in to it and pulls it up on her feet. The dress is a bit narrow, so it slips right up by jumping on her ass. She draws the dress on her breasts and admires herself in the mirror.

"This looks better," She says as she sees herself.

When Anita steps out of the cabin, Kathy is back ahead of her with a couple of 5.9 inch black lacquer high heels with ankle straps.

"They will fit perfectly with this outfit!"

"Oh, they're great. I try them on too" says Anita and Kathy puts the shoes on her.

"So almost there" says Kathy and completes the ankle straps with a small padlock and a click.

"What was that?"

"Oh, nothing special. This model has a padlock to lock. Not that they´re can be pulled off quickly."

At the thought that the shoes now are tied to her feet, her knees get very soft and she can only keep up with trouble.

"Are these shoes too high?"

"No, no! These shoes overwhelm me at the moment. I´ve got some of those high heels myself at home."

"Walk a little around the store and look at the mirror."

Anita goes to the mirror, the rattles of the padlock at her ankles excites her even more. Through these high heels, her pose had changed and she sees that her cleavage and her ass sticking out even more what brings a really nice 35, 23, 35 inch figure in the mirror. Kathy is standing behind her with a broad grin and remarks

"That looks super sexy! It´s good that you've taken your panties down, they didn´t fit under the dress! It would be noticed too much."

Anita got slightly red because she did not expect Kathy would notice that.

"You're right, they didn´t fit! But this is only as a dress, he is instantly finished to unpack me and unpacking is the whole fun at Christmas! "

"Oh, I understand, you want more to be ‘packed’ for him. This can be set up."

Kathy quickly disappears behind the shelves and comes back with things that Anita can´t identify.

"What is that all?"

"This is Bondage gear. If you wear these, your friend will be speechless and he certainly needs more time unpacking you!"

Kathy holds up an back prayer bondage item ahead of Anita.

"Ok, and what is that?"

"This is something for your arms. Please plug your arms through this loops here and cross them behind your back. "

Anita looks a bit skeptical, but she puts her arms through the loops and Kathy pulls them immediately over her shoulders.

"With these two locks at the height of the left and right collarbone, the loops are made tighter, so the straps can´t slide down." said Kathy, "Now, please raise your arms behind your back!"

When Anita raises her right arm behind her back, she noticed how it is guided through a loop, which Kathy then immediately tightens. The same happens with the left arm. Anita wants to put back, but did not know what just happend to her. She had previously never felt anything like that and it somehow feels good. A quiet hypocritical "No" is the only thing that she produces.

"I see it like you!"

"Yes, I mean No, Yes!"

"All right, all these buckles here you can also incidentally provide with a lock. I'll get some quickly. Don´t run away."

Endorphins shoot again in Anita's veins as Kathy goes away quickly to get some small padlocks. She moves and twists and turns with her arms at the binds in front of the mirror. With her fingers she tried to open the buckle.

"What are you doing, we do not want to get you out too early, we have only just begun." smiles Kathy as she comes back. She quickly closes the four buckles with a padlock. On each time it clicks, Anita groans. She then looks at the things that are lying before her, her knees were weak again, and she must sit down. Before she knows it, Kathy bends over in front of her, raised black latex leg irons with red margins and a 7.9 inch long connecting chain, and fastened them around her ankles.

"These small accessories complement your outfit amazingly and I can also back it up again with a lock." smiles Kathy.

"Hey," notes Anita, "to me it´s now all a bit too fast. I can´t take correct steps."

"You're right, but that's the whole point!"

"Undo it again, please."

"Wait a bit, two more things then we are done. If you don´t like it then you say it and I will undo you and find something else for you!"

With these words, Kathy takes a neck brace, 4 inch high, with front and side D-rings and also in black latex with red trim, matching the leg irons. She straps Anita's neck, who can then only make very limit movements with her head.

"So … and finally a ballgag."

"What's that?"

"Oh this is the crowning completion!"

"I don´t ... Mmm" can only be heard when the 2.2 inch wide red ball slipped behind her teeth and is fixed with a strap behind her head.

"Let's look at you."

Anita is in front of Kathy, who inspects her. Now Anita becomes aware of her situation. Anita has a tight short latex dress on with nothing underneath it, her hands are safely strapped to her back, she can walk only 7.9 inch large steps in her 5.9 inch high heels, she can´t move her head because of the neck brace and in her mouth is a 2.2 inch large ballgag.

"Gmh mh ohm oh hmmh"

"It suits you, don´t you think so?"


"Come on let me show you something"

Kathy strapped a leash to the neck brace. After a short resistance by Anita, she followed Kathy in small steps. The chains between her feet jingling with every step. They arrived at a column in the back of the store, it takes just one click and the leash is secured with a lock on a ring at the column. Anita immediately pulls on them, but the ring is unyielding. She is now chained to the pillar.

"It's a waiting pillar, here you can leash someone and unattended them without the trouble that they behave mischievously." said Kathy. "Have fun and enjoy it."

She slaps on Anita´s butt and disappears to the shop.

Anita thinks "What have I done, she confesses to herself. And all that because of a stupid gift!"



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