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Storycodes: F+/m+; slave; bond; rubber; girdle; boots; breathplay; force; bar; pickup; drug; revenge; rim; mast; climax; cons/nc; XX

story continued from A Curious Fashion Statement

Monica had no clue as to what to expect from her treatment of Jon. This experience was fueled by her longtime anger, the urge to obtain revenge for the loss of her sister Dawn so many years ago. But passion in many forms can sublimate, evolve to take on a character unexpected. Such was the case as Jon flailed helplessly, pounding on Monica’s firm rubber ass, desperately struggling to escape her suffocating deathtrap. On the other end of the bizarre physical connection between the two, Monica was finding the sucking feeling of Jon’s attempts to inhale, & the squirming of his face & head against her buttocks & crotch to be unexpectedly erotic, stimulating, & empowering.

The passion of her anger morphed into arousal, a restless sense of desire for fulfillment. She couldn’t resist the urge to participate, & found herself rocking her hips & pelvis rhythmically, rubbing his nose & chin deep into the space between her “sit bones”, keeping him longer & longer up in the firm, delicate surface of her seat with each pelvic thrust. Knowing she could control his very breath, his life & death, made her feel fiercely powerful, a feline predator using her body to conquer a weaker creature. She saw no harm in assisting the process with first a little, then vigorous, forceful pressure of her hand against her clitoris through the thick lacquered rubber.

As if from nowhere, she followed her juicy vaginal contractions over the edge into an explosive total body orgasm unlike any she’d ever felt before. As she came, Jon slowed his frantic movements, & Monica at first relaxed deliciously, then felt the disappointment of knowing that her moment of triumph was over. She knew he would quickly be in the irreversible throes of death. Reluctantly, she decided to pass up the chance to luxuriate in the post-orgasmic moment, as the next thought that came to her, was, “I’ve got to do that again, & I will!”

Monica struggled to remove the boot holding the key to the girdle’s padlocks clumsily, but released Jon’s lock first, liberating his head, which initially appeared blue & lifeless. “Well, that was what I set out to do, wasn’t it?” Monica asked herself. She rolled him over on his back, started a couple of half-hearted chest compressions, & he began gasping weakly. Within a minute his breathing became regular, & Jon opened his eyes to see Monica’s plaid gleaming rubber girdle towering above him, but this time with an open-ended tail coming out the back.

“Am I dead? Where am I?” Jon stammered in a stunned, dazed state.

Monica realized he would soon be able to resist her efforts to restrain him, so she quickly opened a dresser drawer to find a thick latex arm binder, which she promptly applied to the overwhelmed victim at her feet. Within moments, Jon angrily struggled to escape his newest confinement, demanding loudly that Monica release him, yelling “What kind of deranged psychotic bitch are you? Don’t you realize you smothered me to within an inch of my death?”

Monica just smugly smiled knowingly, for now she had a new plan, a better, long term punishment for Jon that would serve her with more satisfaction than she had ever imagined before today’s climactic epiphany.

Plan B Begins to Gel

Monica’s experience was unusual for her. Although she’d long been attracted to & was familiar with a variety of kinky sexual practices, she’d been largely chaste for several years after her sister’s death. Even though extremely attractive, she was not exactly trusting of men after Dawn’s experience. The occasional date only rarely turned into a relationship, & after a few such failed efforts, a sense of apathetic, resentful bitterness ensued. Monica hadn’t touched a man in 6 or 8 months until now, at least partly due to the obsession of planning elaborately to find Jon & luring him to his demise. Now that she saw the results of all her efforts to her benefit, she devised a plan to continue his suffering without granting him the escape of a quick, final death.

First, she dragged him, kicking & screaming, into her bedroom closet, which was situated in the center of her house, without exterior walls. She secured the end of the arm binder to a thick steel anchor in the wall with one of her by now large collection of unbreakable padlocks. She further installed a heavy metal collar around Jon’s neck, locked it closed with another padlock into which was attached a second chain, that locked onto the wall anchor with a third padlock. Jon swore, hollered, wriggled, & squirmed, but without the use of his arms, he was a poor match for the athletic Monica, & his noisy struggle into her hastily constructed dungeon was inaudible after they got past the heavy wooden closet door.

Although Monica led a withdrawn, more or less solitary life, she had a sense of compassion & empathy for various individuals she encountered from time to time. She had recently become friendly with a sweet, but wholesome appearing, young woman in her workplace who had confided to Monica that she’d been the victim of a date rape at the hands of a co-worker who was especially distasteful to Monica, as well. The girl’s name was April, & Monica had become the confidant of this petite, graceful, sensitive, & exceedingly cute young woman over the last few months. She also had put a great deal of time into the process of having a three-legged rubber girdle fashioned to her measurements & expectations. If only they had more experience & volume of sales for this particular item, she’d been told at the latex shop, the workmanship would improve, & the price could come down. Why not share her discovery with someone else who would appreciate it fully?

She equipped Jon’s new digs with a commode, a hanging bag of Gatorade & oatmeal accessible by a nozzle in reach of his mouth, & enough chain for him to stand, but not much else. Convinced that his basic needs would be addressed in this manner without any short term time limit, Monica went to work as per her usual habit, & made a point of seeking out April. She alluded to a plan that would enable her to exact a frightening revenge on the perpetrator of April’s rape, but explained it would take a minimum of a week for April to design a fashionable instrument of torture to scare him to within an inch of his life. April found the outline of the plan particularly alluring, as it involved the use of a date rape drug, thereby turning the tables on the unsuspecting victim. Monica invited April over for a more detailed demonstration that night.

The Demo Session

Monica greeted April at the door wearing a silky robe over her undergarments, but made a point of wearing her tall glossy rain boots, which April of course found amusing on a clear autumn evening. As April entered, Monica opened her robe to reveal the matching plaid girdle & bra set, introducing the instruments of torture with a dramatic “Ta Da!” Monica explained the events of her encounter with Jon, why revenge was in order, & how much sweeter than expected it had become. She spun around, & asked April to just sit on the edge of the bed, watch how it worked & give her some “off the cuff” feedback.

Monica had dragged Jon out of the closet in anticipation of April’s visit, & secured the ring at the end of the arm binder with a chain which was locked around the same vertical water pipe that had been the backdrop of his initial misfortune. He was cursing & yelling up a storm, which at first intimidated the shy, submissive April.

“Just watch this” Monica instructed, as she unlocked the belt of her thick rubber girdle, slid it down over her boots, & pulled out the zippered tail section. April found this strangely intriguing, & even Jon became subdued, as his eyes grew wide with the fear of the torture he already knew too well.

“You can’t be doing this again, Monica!” he moaned.

“Oh yeah, just watch me!” retorted Monica. April watched with amazement as Monica slid the open end of the heavy latex sleeve over Jon’s head & neck, zipping it closed & securing it with a padlock before anyone could speak.

“Next, April, watch carefully, this part is just so much fun” added Monica, as she slid a booted heel past Jon’s right cheek, then his left, as he pleaded for mercy. “Please, please, Monica don’t do this, not again!” he begged.

“Believe me, April, no amount of suffering is too much for this bastard” Monica reassured her. As Monica shimmied into the form-fitting girdle, zipped up the front zipper, & locked it shut, the room was silent save for the muffled grunts coming from between Monica’s muscular cheeks. She ground her palm over her pubis, rocked her pelvis back & forth, & flexed her hips to put the maximum pressure over Jon’s face, holding the position until she came ecstatically.

Although more than a little shocked by what she was seeing, April became concerned. “You’re going to kill him, Monica, stop!” she stammered. Monica, though, kept her cool, unlocking Jon’s neck collar just as he stopped struggling, for by now she figured it best to avoid overdoing the suffocation process, as she admitted to herself she done on the maiden voyage of her adventure. Jon emerged, gasping, sweating, & fuming, but apparently none the worse for wear.

“Here, you try it, it feels so good, you can’t imagine” implored Monica. April seemed a little reluctant, but when Monica suggested she imagine the face of her recent rapist trapped between her cheeks, she agreed to at least step into the custom garment for a preview of the novel experience. Jon spluttered, “Let me out, you bitches!”, to no avail, as Monica had locked the girdle back onto his head & neck in preparation for April’s initiation.

April stepped gingerly into the device, sliding her right foot & leg slowly past Jon’s face, looking up to Monica for encouragement, then inserting her left leg. She cautiously pulled up on the handles of the waistband, but only until Jon’s nose just barely touched the crack between her cheeks, stopping for a long moment. Jon protested as he recoiled in the overwhelmingly sweet, fragrant, but sickening odor of April’s ass. “Just get it over with, don’t tease me, girl.”

April, though, was actually enjoying rubbing her crack up & down over Jon’s nose repeatedly, slowly closing her eyes in a dreamlike state, relishing the moment, & finding a sense of power & dominance that she hadn’t felt within herself in many years, if ever. She straightened up, surrounding Jon’s face with her cheeks, & pulled the garment easily up over hips. The girdle, however, wasn’t tailored for April’s slender build, so a little more gap appeared around her waist & thighs, actually making it easier for Monica to zip & lock the waistband more loosely around April’s hips than her own.

“Oooohhh, it’s wonderful” April groaned, rocking, rubbing, & bending her hips over the edge of the bed, sticking her butt cheeks in the air with abandon. Jon was suffering, though, his face deeply trapped between her slender hip bones, his arms pulled back by the arm binder attached to the water pipe, threatening to dislocate both shoulders. His only consolation was the minimal air he could occasionally find due to the loose fit on April’s thin body type, allowing him to endure the tortuous process longer than he could when Monica filled out the rubber prison with her muscular, round buttocks. Of course, this gave April the chance to really savor the moment, & she reached her orgasmic tipping point within moments.

“I’m letting him out, April” Monica intervened once she saw April had been pushed over the edge. “We’re going to need him, with what I’ve got planned”.

Monica released the again gasping, sweaty Jon, whose face was now covered in the sticky, thick vaginal secretions of both women. “Thank you, finally” Jon responded to Monica’s rescue, as it was now obvious that he needed her, too, if he wanted to escape the smothering sessions in time to survive. April, for her part, looked like the cat that ate the canary, & murmured, “That was fantastic” before dropping off into a satisfied nap.

April Buys In

The local latex shop was quite accommodating. Monica introduced April to the staff, had her measured, & negotiated a mutually agreeable price & timeline for the project. April was on her way to have a custom made locking rubber suffocation girdle of her own. The last sticking point was the color, & April just couldn’t decide. Monica encouraged her to consider a matching pair of boots, as she’d done, to create the full, seductive effect of latex entrapment for April’s victim. April remembered, “I’ve got the most beautiful, slinky pair of tall silver rain boots, what do you think?”

Monica agreed, explaining, “Every girl’s got a color that takes her sexuality to the next level, it’s of course the color of latex in which you look the most fetching. With your fine, delicate, misleadingly kind, loving features, silver’s perfect. You’ll have him groveling at your feet.”

And so April picked up her completed undergarment the following week, & with her signature color of silver she was the debutante of Monica’s operation. She really looked stunning when she dropped over to her mentor’s place to give her a preview, just glowing & glistening in silvery elegance. “I have to say, April, you’ve really got the look down pat. It turns me on, just seeing you like this” Monica complimented her approvingly. “Why don’t you try it out, just to see if it’s functional? I’ll be glad to let you use my ‘rubber girdle slave’” as she now cynically referred to Jon.

“Well, maybe, it makes a certain amount of sense” responded April.

So Monica dragged Jon, the newly appointed RGS, out of his captivity, chained him to the water pipe in the bedroom, & let April have her way with him. Initially, again, Jon was angry, reluctant to accept this rough treatment, but he had become more acceptant, sullen, & put up much less of a struggle with each session. April had her silver girdle off in no time, evaginated the tail extension, opened the zipper, & wriggled it over Jon’s head. The dimensions of the garment were smaller in keeping with April’s petite build, so it fit Jon’s head & neck more tightly than he expected.

April hesitantly zipped the closure over the back of Jon’s neck & locked it in place. The waistband was still zippered & locked, when Monica sensed that April needed to go slow & get her nerve up for this second encounter with this weird practice. “Let him get nice & used to your girdle, you know, warmed up in it while we mix up a drink to celebrate”, Monica intervened. “Sounds like a plan” agreed April.

Monica & April’s rubber girdle slave found breathing to be more difficult in this smaller, newer version of Monica’s dreaded contraption. The smell of April’s womanly vaginal secretions & the strangely sweet & fragrant, but still foul aroma from her backside permeated the inside of the garment, competing with the newness of the latex & rubber glue. He began to perspire & hyperventilate. Where were they? Why were they teasing him by making him sweat it out in April’s new girdle? Although he dreaded the sessions, he had come to anticipate them with ambivalence, as they broke up the unending boredom spent in Monica’s claustrophobic closet.

Finally, the two now loosened up women reappeared, unlocked the waistband, & without so much as a glance toward Monica for approval, April backed her silver rubber boots down the legs of the latex girdle, pulling the device forcefully up over her hips. The sweet crack of April’s ass met the RGS’s nose, & again, she rubbed his nose up & down her crack, deeper & deeper, until his face met her anus. She flexed forward, then straightened up, abruptly zipping the waistband closed, & locking the padlock in place.

The air was even more sparse in April’s rubber prison than it was in Monica’s, the girdle being tighter, custom made for April’s slight form, & of course not at all taking into account the dimensions of the occupant’s head in her back seat. He began to struggle more violently than during April’s first outing, becoming panicky with the tightness & closely sealed off environment of the silver latex. April now felt his sucking & rubbing against her vulva & anus more intensely than ever. She rocked wildly, making broad arcing movements of her hips in the air, spending more time flexed & pointing her ass toward the ceiling with each cycle, until she came, forcefully holding RGS’s head up over her arched backside, deprived of air & limp from his efforts.

“Whoa, hold on there, girlfriend!” Monica eased April & her exhausted, seemingly lifeless passenger down to the floor, & released her RGS from the grip of April’s crotch & buttocks. This time he wasn’t breathing much at all, hadn’t opened his eyes or seemed conscious, so Monica grabbed an Ambu bag & facemask she’d found at the latex shop. Her limited medical background had taught her that the original purpose of these items was for resuscitation, despite their popularity with the kinky crowd of the fetish underworld. She had wanted to be prepared, & a few quick forced inhalations brought him around more easily than expected.

“You really got carried away this time, April!” Monica admonished. “We do have plans for this guy.” April tried to look minimally sheepish, but obviously was not at all sorry for taking her pleasure to the limit.

A Shy Creature’s Revenge

April & Monica carefully plotted the details of the plan to exact a mind-blowing amount of shock into the world of her recent rapist, a wise-ass guy named Marty. The plan involved using April as bait, with Monica as back-up, which Monica was now convinced was necessary to prevent April from actually killing Marty, or anyone else she abused with her newfound skill. Monica had concluded that disposing of dead bodies would be more trouble than it could ever be worth, & enjoyed the prospect of enslaving her victims more than finishing them off in one fell swoop.

The stage for the deed was set, & April dressed up to the hilt on a foggy Friday night. She set out for a bar where she knew she’d find Marty hanging out, & probably a little bit tipsy by mid-evening. All went well & they exchanged cautious greetings, especially as Marty was surprised to find April coming on to him after their previously contentious encounter. April took advantage of Marty’s trip to the restroom to slip a Roofie in his drink, & he started slurring his words, nodding off in mid-sentence not long afterwards. April saw her chance, signaled Monica to enter the bar, & the two women helped him into Monica’s waiting car, reassuring Marty’s friends that he’d just had too much to drink. Since Marty would not recognize Monica, the conspirators wisely chose to use her apartment for the task at hand, in case he ever considered trying to payback April in the future for tonight’s ordeal.

Marty awoke in much the same condition as Jon had several weeks before. Now, however, the odds had improved for his captors, as they had experience on their side, & they had the advantage of 2 against 1. Marty complained loudly as he recognized April & found himself bound to the water pipe, hands behind his back. He demanded April tell him what she wanted, & “BTW, who’s your helper bitch?”, referring to Monica. The mastermind, Monica, though, left all the handiwork to April, figuring she’d enjoy the experience all the more if she did it entirely by herself.

And do it herself, she did! April danced victoriously around Marty, backed the U-shaped mouth of the backside extension up against his face, & slid her tight rubber boot off her right foot. “Oh, look what I found” she teased him with a wondrous tone, as she withdrew the key to her padlocks from the toe of the boot. She briskly unlocked the hasp of both the backside zipper & the waistband padlocks with it, dropping it back into the depths of the boot before replacing it on her sweaty foot. As she eased the girdle off her hips & showed him the now open posterior extension cuff, he began to see what she was up to & started to sweat.

“Please, April, don’t hurt me, I was just having a little fun when we last met. I won’t do it again” he pleaded.

“I’m quite sure you won’t, Marty” she retorted. April twisted & rotated the open backside of the girdle forcefully over his head, as he inhaled deeply, becoming panicky at the pungent odors of her underside & new apparel. April didn’t hesitate as she locked the zippered cuff tightly around Marty’s neck. She shoved the sole of her boot onto his temple, down his cheek, first one leg, then the other, & she was in!

No amount of begging would dissuade April from going through with the plan. Monica watched silently from the corner of the room, & almost felt sorry for Marty. April, though, was too busy snugging the tight contraption over her hips, bending & straightening until she had him where she wanted him, nose pressed deeply into her ass. She zipped & locked the waist closed in a brisk, deliberate motion, just like Monica had shown her. The one who had struck fear in her heart was now at her mercy!

Rocking, rubbing, & flexing, along with a little self-stimulation, & above all, with Marty’s frantic squirming with every free muscle left in his neck & trunk, April came quickly. Again, though, Monica found it best to intervene, & she convinced April to use the key in her boot to unlock & loosen the waistband of the murderous undergarment well before Marty gave up & stopped struggling.

Monica became the arbitrator, talking to Marty through April’s crotch, “Are you sure you’ll never bother April or anyone like her again? Are you very sure, because, if not, we’ve got plenty more fun in store for you”

Marty agreed submissively, but came out with a “Fuck you, bitches” too soon just as April reluctantly started lowering the thigh cuffs down her legs. Before he could finish his sentence, she swiftly pulled the whole device up again over her hips & zipped up the front to teach him a lesson. Now he was again helpless, breathless, & still restrained, so when given the second chance, he obeyed like a fearful puppy.

“If you so much as breathe a word about this to anyone, we will hunt you down & you know what will happen, right?” Monica took the initiative. Marty was glad to escape Monica’s apartment with his life, & he was sent out into the night to find his way home.

An Ambitious Venture Is Born

In the aftermath of their recent conquest, Monica & April got together quite a few times over a glass of wine during the following weeks, mulling over what to do next with their newfound skills & equipment. Monica put the plans she had kept to herself for months into words, planting the suggestion in April’s mind that there could actually be a wider market than anticipated for their services.

Another brainstorming session or two under their belts, & April came up with a seminal idea. She had become involved in a support group for rape victims & had made the acquaintance of Barbara, a lovely young woman, who, like April, harbored previously hidden fantasies of lust, revenge, & empowerment since her unfortunate experience. Before long, Barbara joined the conspirators in their efforts; her color was glossy semi-transparent purple, & her stalker never set foot on her doorstep, or anywhere else the trio knew of, again. Of course, our RGS inherited the honor of serving Barbara in a demonstration session that opened a fantastic world up for her, leaving the slave even more resigned to his fate as a long term captive of the group

Once the legendary power of the rubber suffocation girdle project got around the support group, several others joined up, first Joy (bright glossy yellow), then Jen (gleaming black), then Sabrina (pearlsheen bronze), then another, & another. Of course, they met at Monica’s place, all wearing their matching rain boots & custom made latex girdles, comparing notes & trying out new techniques.

For his part, RGS came to at first dread the Tuesday night meetings, but became gradually more & more turned on by the array of passionate beauties & their fragrant, smooth skin. He began to crave having their ass surround his nose & mouth, crushing him with rhythmic pressure & engulfing his face with their erotic juices. Each seemed to be more alluring than the previous. He experienced orgasms that put his previous habit of one night stands to shame, was hooked, & stayed on voluntarily. Week after week, more members joined, some, now without an agenda of revenge, but more & more just for the novelty & pleasure of the experience.

In the local fetish community, word spread in several directions. Of course, new members were attracted by word of mouth, as were submissive candidates for the breath play adventure. Moreover, among would-be sexual predators, the warning also got out to be particularly careful around young women wearing glossy rubber rain boots. You never know what instruments of torture they could be hiding under the alluring skirt you might be tempted to follow.

With respect to the authorities, by the time they got word of the project, all participants in the project were acting consensually & voluntarily, so no unaccounted bodies fitting the group’s MO had appeared in the Bay area. And so, despite transient suspicions, there was no illegal activity to be pursued.

As for the latex shop, the owner & staff were thrilled with the new business as well as the resulting cash flow, offering express service & a group discount to members of the new club. They became shareholders when Monica founded her corporation, of which she was CEO. Of course, April had a prominent position as COO, chief instructor, & a persuasive marketer for new members, as well as new, more than willing, submissive male slaves to provide variety for the membership.

April & Monica held a long group discussion & a vote for the name of the new venture, which Monica loudly announced to the colorful, enthusiastic, albeit somewhat inebriated, audience. It was to be “Curious Fashion Statements, Inc.”, in honor of RGS’s initial comment, reflecting the pioneering spirit of the group’s first slave, who gave up his name, his uninterrupted access to fresh air, & his outside life to become chief new slave instructor. At this time, the association has moved to larger quarters, including an exquisite suite of state of the art dungeons, & expanded the operation to include a splashy online presence. An IPO is in the works. Watch for the stock ticker symbol, “CFSINC”, in your local media.

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