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by Tonya Souther

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© Copyright 2019 - Tonya Souther - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; chastity; blindfold; hood; gag; binder; toys; cons; X

I was completely enclosed in a cloak, hood pulled forward to hide my face - and the blindfold, muzzle gag, and tall posture collar. Even so, I felt more exposed than I have ever been in my life as we walked down the street from the parking garage.

Master told me he had a special evening planned for me this afternoon. It was Thursday, the night for our usual gathering at the local BDSM club. We usually go both dressed in latex that wouldn't violate the indecency laws. I knew tonight would be different when Master handed me a transparent catsuit, tinted a dark red, with holes only for my package and rear opening and neck. I didn't question him, of course. I simply put it on, adjusting things for the proper fit.

Master took it from there. First, he added fist mitts, then latex full ballet knee boots, and a heavy leather corset. Next were the collar and muzzle, for now with no attachments so I could still speak. Then I got my first surprise: an arm binder that looked like a series of latex rings. Well, they were latex, all right, but it was a coating over steel. Once he'd snapped all of the rings closed around my arms and attached the top to a fitting on my collar, I was well and truly restrained. Everything was the same shade of dark red as my catsuit.

I gulped as Master locked my cock cage on securely, added the ball stretcher, and slid the little plug up into my piss slit a good distance. My cock was trying to get hard, but there was no chance of that now. Locks went in all of the buckles, securing everything tight. He commanded me to turn around and bend over, and then he slid a fat plug inside me with a long latex tail attached. It hung down limply.

Finally, he held up a blindfold. "Close your eyes, boy." I did, and he slipped the straps under the muzzle's harness, locking that buckle as well and leaving me very much in the dark. "Open." I opened my mouth, and the familiar dildo gag, made from a mold of his cock, slid home, twisting to lock in place.

I squirmed a little to adjust to the restraints. "Come, boy." He led me out to his SUV and stretched me out in the back, drawing the cargo cover over me. Well, it's not like I was going to be able to sit normally.

The club wasn't far away, but the drive felt shorter than usual. We parked, and he helped me out of the SUV and onto my ballet boots. I felt him throw a cloak over my shoulders and fasten it at my neck, a belt going around my middle to keep it from flapping open, and finally the hood being pulled forward. He gripped my bound arm firmly. "Let's go, boy."

I managed to walk unsteadily. Master's grip on my arm helped me stay upright and guided me around holes in the sidewalk. I knew the way, but being blindfolded made it impossible for me to walk alone, not to mention that I couldn't use my arms for balance. I was very nervous, feeling at any moment the cloak would open up and reveal my secrets to the world.

We made it into the club. They knew Master, of course, and let him in right away. He led me into the cloakroom, where he removed my cloak. I felt the cooler air hit my skin through the thin latex - or nothing at all above the neck and on my cock. It tried shriveling up, but the cage and pee plug stopped that.

He clipped a leash to my collar and walked out, tugging me to let me know to follow. I was still unsteady, but since the floor was very well maintained just for people who might have trouble navigating in kinky footwear, I managed to stay upright. The tail tugging at the plug, making it wiggle inside me, didn't help matters. I could hear conversations stop as we walked into the main room. I knew all eyes were on me, and I blushed, looking even redder inside the red latex, my face almost matching the restraints locked onto it.

We walked in silence until Master stopped me, then carefully guided me up a few steps. He positioned me carefully, spreading my legs wide and placing my boots just so. A click told me they were somehow locked in place, and tugging on them confirmed it. Tugs on my arm binder and cock cage told me they'd been chained to the floor. I heard him say "don't move" and then nothing more. The conversations began to start up again, many of them about me.

Then the floor began to rotate. I thought for a moment, then remembered I'd seen a rotating pedestal there a few times. I realized I was on it, and locked to it, and on full and complete display for everyone there. Just a kinky latex centerpiece.

When we got back home, Master took off the blindfold and showed me the pictures he'd taken on his cellphone. I had to admit I looked hot as hell. He laid me out on the couch, snuggled up to me, pulled the blindfold back down, and said "Goodnight, my slave. I love you." It wasn't long before his breathing evened out. It took me a lot longer to get to sleep, still bound up.


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