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Center for Deviate Dreams

by James Raynor

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© Copyright 2013 - James Raynor - Used by permission

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Center for Deviate Dreams

In an obviously upscale office a beautiful and well dressed woman in her early 30's is on the phone. "C'mon, c'mon, come ooooon pick up the phone".

"Center for deviate dreams Miss deWilde speaking".

"Hello Miss deWilde this is Sharon Moreau speaking".

"Miss Moreau, how wonderful to hear from you again. It must be at least a month since your last visit, I was beginning to fear we might have lost you".

"Actually I think it's closer to two months since my last visit. The end of the year is always an exceptionally hectic period at the firm and I just couldn't find any time to slip away even for an hour or so in the weekend. Fortunately we have next week off to celebrate the holidays and charge our battery for the onslaught of January".

"Poor thing, that sounds like quite the ride you had there. So with next week off I'm guessing you would like to book a session somewhere next week, possibly a double one?".

"Yes Miss deWilde, I'd definitely like to book a session for next week but I don't think a double will cut it for me".

"Really?.. So what is it you are looking to book?".

"Well Miss deWilde doesn't your institute also offer a full domestic training course? That's a full 7 days right and I would have the final weekend to ..".

"MISS MOREAU!, the full domestic training course isn't something you just decide on a whim! That program is a lot more strict than your usual sessions. Besides it's simply not feasible. That program would require fulltime trainers over the Christmas week and it requires the trainee to have a handler".

"Please, PLEASE, Miss deWilde this isn't just on a whim, I have been considering this request for almost two months now. The first few months of next year are already shaping up to be at least as intense as the last two which means that this will be my only session for months to come. I will gladly pay quadruple fee's to compensate for your inconvenience over Christmas and Ivy has already accepted being my handler if I want to take this course. Please Miss deWilde, please".

"Miss Moreau I'm really not sure that you know what you are signing up for here and ..".

" I do, I do, sorry Miss deWilde I really have to run to my next meeting now, I'll be at the center Saturday 8am sharp to begin the course, please accept me". With that the well dressed woman in her 30's puts down her phone, quickly gathered her notes and rushed off to her next meeting.

Monday the next week:

The lights in the room are clearly positioned such that they highlight the main attraction: a male mannequin doll, it's upper body hidden in shadow but his prominent penis well lit. Equally well lit is the woman in front kneeling and orally servicing the mannequin. The woman is wearing a black latex catsuit, her feet covered by ballet boots. Around her ankles are shackles connected by a chain to the black leather armbinder that is keeping the woman's arms pinned behind her back and her breasts pushing forward against the catsuit.

The catsuit's rear zipper is pulled down slightly and from the opening over her ass come a number of wires that are connected to a computer in the back and a hose that is connected to a nearly empty enema bag suspended from the ceiling. Judging by the bag and the woman's belly it is clear that she is holding a large enema. Except for her bright red lips the woman's face and head too are covered by a latex hood. The numerous streaks of white liquid sprayed across her black latex hood suggest she has already stimulated the mannequin orgasm numerous times.

It was quite a sight for Ivy to behold and was taking some time to sink in. "Can... can she, does she know we are here?"

"Well her hood is an excellent blindfold and the ear buds she's wearing underneath are also great earplugs. Most importantly though her training is conditioning her to focus solely on the task assigned to her."

"Allow me to explain in a little more detail. Domestic training focuses on two things: the acquisition of skill and conditioning in the execution of these skills. This particular exercise is aimed at conditioning her skill at orally pleasing a master. Through her earphones the computer in the background is continually instructing her how to better please her 'master'. If the computer judges that she's doing a good job the computer stimulates her clitoris. Ultimately a well trained slave is capable of being stimulated to orgasm without her oral performance suffering from it. Boobara however is not quite that far just yet". she said.

"You see when a slaves performance is insufficient the computer sends electric shocks through her pussy and ass as a means of quickly motivating her to improve performance. In addition the computer also opens the tap of the enema bag for a short while to give her a more long term incentive to improve performance. The enema plug is not removed until the training is over so this can get quite uncomfortable. The nearly empty bag hanging from the ceiling shows that her performance today is still not up to standard. In fact her performance at this training yesterday was so poor that she earned an additional incentive. Do you see those little round impressions on the latex covering her breasts? The Catsuit she's wearing is equipped with a prickle bra and those little round impressions are the disks with prickles that line the inside of the bra inside the suit. They are not terribly sharp but they are certainly uncomfortable."

All the while she spoke the latex covered woman had continued to suck, lick and tease the mannequins penis. "Would you like to listen to how the computer is currently instructing Boobara?"

"Ohh yes, please."

Flicking a switch on a panel in the wall the room fills with the sound of Miss deWilde's voice calmly instructing the woman what to do next.

"Very well Boobara, take that big penis and suck it down your throat as deep as you can."

"Deeper.. Deeeeeeper... that's right now swallow, swallow and slowly release it from your mouth."

"Very good, can you feel the penis throbbing? It's about to come! Assume the receiving position."

Without hesitating Boobara places her open mouth in front of the penis while using her stuck out tongue to stimulate the bottom of the dickhead. After a few seconds the Penis ejaculated across her tongue and face and into her wide open mouth.

"Good now make sure you master is all empty and clean."

Wasting no time Boobara takes the top of the penis in her mouth and uses her lips to suck off the remaining sperm.

"Good, now clean yourself slave."

Once again using her tongue Boobara licks her own lips and face eagerly swallowing any sperm her tongue manages to pull back into her mouth.

"Very good, you'll be a descent cocksucker some day, now get him hard again"

Once more Boobara plunges her mouth onto the mannequins dick.

"Wow", Ivy exclaimed "she's getting really good at that."

"That wasn't bad but to be honest I don't think she's committed to this well enough just yet, watch."

Walking over to the unsuspecting woman on the floor Miss deWilde kneels next to her and without hesitation squeezes both prickled breasts. Shocked by the sudden sensation Boobara jerks back letting the cock slip from her mouth.

"SLAVE, get back to pleasing that cock!" booms the computer.

Judging from the twitch in Boobara's ass this command from the computer came accompanied by a hefty electric motivation. Within seconds Boobara is back pleasing the cock with her mouth.

"How many times do I have to tell you, you will keep focusing on your instructions no matter the outside stimulation, pleasurable OR painful" the computer continued. "Well you know what's next. You still have 20 minutes of training remaining so you have ample time to consider your behavior. Providing of course that thinking about such things does not decrease you oral performance."

A clearly audible click can be heard from the computer controlled valve as the last of the contents of the enema bag started to flow.

"See what I mean? A properly trained girl would not have been distracted by that." Idly flipping the switch to turn off the speakers Miss deWilde turns to Ivy. "Seeing as we still have a good 20 minutes until she's done with this exercise how about you tell me a little bit more about your common history."

Six Months ago

Ivy walks into Sharon Moreau's office where she finds Sharon obviously agitated on the phone. "No and I don't care, look Peter we are through... It's stressful enough having to order my team around I don't care to have a boyfriend that also needs to be ordered around... I don't care if women are supposed to enjoy the fact that a man asks her what she likes, I don't enjoy you anymore... Look we're through, I'm going to attend my next meeting and tonight maybe I can finally find a way to relax, BYE!"

"Sorry for holding up our meeting Ivy."

"No need to apologize, I know how stressful ordering my team around is, I can certainly understand that you want none of that at home as well."

"You just need to find a way to get it out of your system." Ivy adds with a sly smile.

"Now that you mention it Ivy I know of no one in our investment firm, not even the senior partners, that seem to shrug off the pressure like you do. How do you get it out of your system?"

"Thats a bit complex and personal, besides we have a merger to fund." Ivy retorts prominently dropping a large folder on the desk.

Briefly distracted Sharon opens the folder and starts reading the first page. Having read the first few words of the synopsis Sharon looks up to Ivy, "So the deal is less than 10 Million, and we distribute the work between our teams exactly like we did last three cases, right?"

"Yes but..."

"Good I agree with your proposal Ivy." Sharon slams the folder close again and gives it a shove sending the dossier sliding across the desk back to Ivy. "Good, boring work done, now tell me about the complex way of relaxing you found".

With Sharon's unrelenting gaze affixed on her Ivy, obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation squirms in her chair. Reluctantly Ivy grabs her blackberry and from it transcribes a phone number to a piece of paper. "Give this number a call, make an appointment, see if they can help you." With that Ivy dashes from the room leaving behind an obviously curious Sharon.

Six months later, Sunday 8 am Sharp:

Obviously uncomfortable with the whole situation Sharon sits on a bench in a beautifully lit dungeon. Next to her lies a folded blue latex catsuit and a bottle of lubricant. Suddenly Miss deWilde walks into the room. She is dressed in traditional horse riding attire: white jodhpurs and white blouse, cap, whip, gloves and riding boots. There was something odd though: The riding boots were impractically high heeled and her jodhpurs and blouse were made out of latex not silk. Before Sharon could finish her thoughts she was interrupted.

"Miss Moreau, so happy to you decided to give our service a try. As the interview and questionnaire revealed that what you are looking for is a way to let go of responsibility that is the scenario we are going to act out today. But first, we need to help you get dressed for the part, don't we? Disrobe and I'll help you put on the outfit."

Hesitantly Sharon started to disrobe, carefully folding her suit into a neat pile.

"Panties and bra as well, don't be overly modest dear it ruins the experience."

Shielding her modesty with her hands and blushing Sharon stares at the ground wondering if this was such a good idea to start with.

"Now dear let's get you ready for the catsuit."

Gently and sensually Miss deWilde starts to apply lubricant to Sharon body. Starting with the blushing woman's shoulders she gently applies the lubricant and then starts to massage her shoulders. Although still not fully comfortable with the situation Sharon had to admit that she was enjoying the massage given to her and it was actually making her feel relaxed. Noticing the change in Sharon's body language Miss deWilde started to slowly make her way towards Sharon's arms. Calmly and sensually she lubricates the arms and massages the wrists caressing Sharon's with her breasts. As Sharon relaxes further Miss deWilde slowly moves her arms from protecting her sex and to her sides. From that Miss deWilde starts with the belly, moving up until she reaches Sharons breasts.

"Don't worry dear" Miss deWilde speaks as she applies the lubricant to Sharon's bosom and gently starts to massage both breasts.

Shocked by her own obviously enjoyment of the stimulation Sharon starts to speak up but as she does the hands move away again, this time to her legs. After teasingly massaging Sharon's hands and feet Miss deWilde moves to her buttocks. Now totally relaxed Sharon lets the woman extensively touch and stimulate her two buttocks. With a smile of satisfaction on her face Miss deWilde picks up the blue catsuit and hands it to Sharon.

"Let's get you in this outfit now that you are all lubed up. Put your feet in first."

Gently Miss deWilde helps Sharon ease into the outfit, helping her smooth each wrinkle and close the zip until catsuit fits like a second skin. Amazed by the sensation Sharon slowly caresses her own body through the catsuit, first her arms, then her belly, slowly moving upwards to her breast. Slowly and without Sharon being fully aware of it her gentle caressing of her latex clad breasts turns into outright groping. Meanwhile Miss deWilde picks up a pair of white knee-high pony boots and walks back to Sharon.

"I see that you are enjoying the outfit so far." She says with a wink and a smirk on her face upon seeing Sharon play with herself.

Sharon's face immediately turns bright read in realization of what she's been doing but before she can say anything else on the topic here eye's are drawn to the boots Miss deWilde is holding. "I can't walk in those! those heels are impossibly high, the tip of my toes would barely touch the ground!"

"That's the idea behind this scenario love. We take ordinary things and make them difficult. Practice is encouraged and mastery rewarded. No stress or complex thinking, just simple cause and effect."

"All right now sit down on this bench and we'll get your feet into these."

The boots fitted like a glove around her feet and it wasn't long until Miss deWilde had laced them tightly around Sharon's feet.

"All done, now let's get you on your feet and see if these boots really fit as well they seem".

Hesitantly and obviously not used to wearing heels this long Sharon tried to get on her feet. With a little assistance of Miss deWilde she managed and hesitantly walked the first few steps. 'This isn't half bad' Sharon thought to herself as she gained confidence in walking on these heels.

"Excellent I see you are already quite well adjusted to these boots, let's put on the rest of your outfit and we can start the session".

The first piece of the outfit was a white leather harness that went around Sharons middle with. It was a bit tight but Sharon was definitely enjoying what it was doing for her figure. Then while Sharon was still distracted with her own figure in the mirror Miss deWilde quickly placed white leather cuffs around her wrists and linked those to the harness tying Sharon's hands to her middle and preventing the woman from getting out of this without some help.

"Wait, I'm not sure if mrphhphph" the now obviously nervous Sharon tried to exclaim. But before she could even finish her sentence Miss deWilde shoved a bit gag in her mouth and then proceeded to secure it with a head harness around Sharon's head. Undisturbed by the frantic moaning Miss deWilde then fitted Sharon with a White leather posture collar fixing her head in place.

"Wow you are a feisty horsy aren't you!" Miss deWilde says with a wink as she attached the reigns to Sharons head harness. "Let's see if we can get you some training, now WALK."

Startled by the audacity of the command and the flick of the whip on her butt Sharon just stood there. "Walk" the second command and the second flick of the whip snapped Sharon out of her trance and slowly she started walking. "That's right, now raise those knees a little higher" <snap> "HIGHER" "That's right".

Guided by the leash, Miss deWilde's commands and the occasional crack of the whip Sharon quickly started to get a hold of the various commands. Encouraged by the compliments she started to walk ever more proudly. Much to her own surprise Sharon started to notice that she found all this very relaxing. In fact although she would not have admitted it she was actually starting to get aroused.

After what felt like hours but what was probably closer to 30 minutes had actually gotten good at striding around as a human pony. She might be covered in sweat from the unexpected exercise her pussy was also on fire. "You have been a very good pony and very good ponies get rewards."

While Miss deWilde was tying the leash to a post Sharon wondered what she meant with that. Miss deWilde approached Sharon from behind and gave her a hug. Then and before Sharon even realized what had happened she moved her hand to Sharon's crotch, lowered the zipper and started to fondle her clitoris. Past her clitoris Sharon could feel Miss deWilde slide her gloved hand into her pussy, one finger at first but it rapidly became two. Prominently holding the gloved hand covered with Sharon's juices in front of her Miss deWilde whipered, "I'm happy to learn that you enjoy this scenario so much, and I've got another surprise for you".

Suddenly Sharon heard a loud buzzing noise and before she could determine what it was her clitoris lit up in stimulation.

"You have been a good pony so you get to enjoy the vibrator. But NO cumming without my permission".

At first Sharon was simply too embarrassed to even think about an orgasm. After a few seconds though the vibrations combined with Miss deWilde's gloved hand started to get to her. It wasn't long until she started to moan, quietly at first but after a few minutes her body started shaking and the moans were almost screams. Then suddenly Sharon felt it. No matter how hard she tried she simply couldn't hold back any more. Shuddering, moaning and in a wave of orgasmic bliss she came, hard. She could hardly stand on her feet, god this had to be one of her best orgasms ever.

"Bad pony! You came without permission, and for that you will be punished."

Miss deWilde untied the leash and pulled the still dazed girl onto a large rubber covered mattress in the corner of the room. There she proceeded to hogtie Sharons feet to her arms. Then, much to Sharon's surprise she undid the gag from the harness removed if from her mouth.

"I... I.. I am sorrrmphpphh"

Sharons surprise was short lived though as her mouth was quickly refilled but this time with a much larger gag. Once secured to the harness Miss deWilde holds the gags inflation bulb in front of Sharon's face. "I don't want your noise to distract from your punishment so I am going to fill you up good."

With that she started to squeeze the bulb slowly but firmly "One" "Two" "Three". Sharon could feel the intruder fill her mouth completely. She was glad though it had a breathing tube in it as she was still panting from her previous experience. Then she felt Miss deWilde fit something to her harness and between her legs. Something big was now directly touching her clitoris. Miss deWilde one more kneeled in front of her, this time with a ominous looking remote in her hand.

"The forced orgasm belt will keep the vibrator in place and when I flip this switch the vibrator will turn on. It's set to be random so you'll never know how long it will stay on. Don't worry though dear I am sure you will cum quite a few times." With that she flicked the switch and Sharon's crotch exploded. In less than a minute Sharon had her second orgasm of the day and the vibrator showed no signs of stopping just yet.

"You better show some self-control dear, I'll be a while!" Miss deWilde whispered in her ear. Then she got up walked away closing the door behind her and leaving Sharon trapped in her hogtie with her vibrating pleasure.

Covered in sweat Sharon didn't even struggle anymore. She didn't know how long she had been here on the floor so far and she lost count of her orgasms. All she knew was that when the vibrator started she would be engulfed in orgasm and she would remain so until Miss deWilde came back for her, she was finally at peace. The door opened and Miss deWilde, still dressed as she was before walked back in the room. This time though she was also wearing a black strapon dildo. She kneeled in front of Sharon and gently stroked the black cock. She deflated the gag and started to untie it from the head harness. "I'm sure you also give great head." Sharon exploded once more, not sure if it was by the vibrator or the command that send her over the edge.

Monday 20 minutes later

"Thank you Ivy that does explain how she came into contact with my establishment. It doesn't explain her sudden need for a week long training".

"Well I'm afraid I cheated a bit there. We discussed the types of sessions you offer a few months back and I introduced her to the concept then. I then decided to take advantage of the really busy part of the year by lacing her herbal tea with that tasteless energy drink you have to add to another drink. I know she's hyper sensitive to caffeine, that's why she drinks only herbal tea. With the energy drink added the more she drinks to get relaxed the more excited she got. I figured it be a matter of time before she begged you for the full weeks course without ever actually reading any of the description."

"So now that you know I tricked her, what are you going to do?"

"That is quite devious dear, but I am going to do anything. You see I have a deal with Miss Moreau to train her. She told me she read the terms and conditions and thus we engaged in the training. If she hasn't read anything that's her responsibility but I am most definitely going to go through with my part of our agreement."

Obviously relieved Ivy turns her gaze once more to the latex clad woman.

"Just one more thing though Ivy, how did you come up with the name Boobara? She seems to respond to it quite strongly."

"We share a housecleaner named Barbara. Good looking but not terribly bright and quite lazy. If she missed a spot or didn't do a good job we call her Boobara. I figured that would be a fitting name for the woman that is now being trained to be my latex maid, even though I doubt shell be doing any cleaning in my house."

Saturday one week later:

The room is the size of a living room but contains no furniture except for a single black leather throne. On the seat of that throne resides a neatly folded stack of clothes. The room is lit by lamps affixed to the walls. The walls are draped with curtains but no windows and a single large door opposite the throne are visible. The floor is paved with a black rubber like substance and contains a drain affixed midway between the throne and the door. The only other items in the room are five tripod's with camcorders aimed at the sink.

The door opens and Ivy strides in the room. Dressed in a long red latex dress with matching red latex opera gloves, beautiful heels, and striking hat she radiates the dominance of a femme fatale from the 50’s with a latex twist. In one hand tucked under her arm she holds a riding crop, in the other she holds the end of Boobara’s leash. Even though Ivy’s pace is brisk and Boobara’s balletboots are still impossibly high heeled the many hours of training make Boobara’s walking seem elegant and almost effortless. In addition to the balletboots Boobara’s legs are covered in black latex stalking’s with elegant metal cuffs around her ankles. The short piece of chain between them ensuring that the slave has to tread quickly to keep up with her mistress.

Between her legs also dangles the inflation bulb that is making the enema plug in her backside so uncomfortably large. The plug itself obscured from view by the short skirt of her latex maid outfit. Her arms are covered in latex opera gloves and have shackles similar to those around her ankles fitted around the wrists. Each wrist cuff being attached to a short piece of chain that in turn is attached to the belt around her waist thus giving the slave a little bit of leeway to stabilize herself or even hold something. Boobara’s face was made up beautifully with deep red lipstick and striking eye shadow. The rest of her head was covered by an open face latex hood, the base of which is covered by the rigid posture collar that is locked around her neck and to which the leash is attached. From a single hole in the back of the hood flows, braided into a ponytail, Boobara's beautiful long hair.

Using the leash Ivy carefully guides Boobara over the drain, orders her to stop and unclips the leash from her collar. "Tell me, how are you feeling dear?" Ivy asks, gently caressing her slave's stomach.

"The enema is causing quite the cramps in my tummy Mistress Ivy".

"Poor thing, well we are almost done, do you think you can hold on a little longer for me dear?".

"Yes Mistress Ivy, if it pleases you."

"Good girl, now I'm going to remove the plug from your anus but you can't expel just yet so you will have to clench your sphincter tightly around the plug as I remove it. Now spread your legs and lift your skirt so the camera's can get a good view of your beautiful butt".

Without hesitation Boobara spreads her legs as far as the chain between her legs allow and lifts her skirt to reveal the base of the enema plug protruding from her anus. Making sure she isn't obstructing the camera's view Ivy positions herself next to Booobara, deflates the plug and slowly begins to remove it.

"That’s it, let the wide bit slip out... good slave. Now clench that sphincter ... tighter, tighter ... that's it ...There you go".

"Now that's a good maid" triumphantly holding the plug in front of Boobara to see. "Well done, we are almost there now" Ivy says as she walks to the throne and from it picks up the neatly folded stack of clothing.

"Do you know who's these clothes are?" She asks holding the stack in front of Boobara.

"Ehhh ye... yes mistress Ivy they are the clothes I arrived... I mean they are the clothes Boobara... the clothes Miss Moreau arrived in".

"That's right dear they are the clothes Miss Moreau arrived in. The thing is I don't think they are suited for my latex maid to leave in, don't you agree?".

"Ehhh" is all the visibly conflicted Boobara can produce.

"Shsss you don't have to speak to answer this question my latex maid. You see it's Saturday, the week has passed and you have finished your training. BUT since we had so much fun together these last few days I'm going to give you a choice. You can pick up Miss Moreau's clothes, get dressed and get back to where your old life awaits you. Or you can follow my instructions and expel your enema all over your old clothing. In which case I will clean you, package you in a nice tight box and take you to my place where you will serve me as my latex maid from now on. No more stress, no more ordering people around having to think and take care of everything. Just blissfully following orders."

"Now squat over the pile of clothing slave".

Desperately trying to make up her mind Boobara squats anxiously awaiting Ivy's next instruction. Hesitantly Ivy walks to the throne, settles herself and gathers her courage.

"Boobara expel for me".

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