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Caught & Punished

by Shinyhood

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© Copyright 2013 - Shinyhood - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; F/m; chains; padlocks; latex; collar; hood; cd; hogtie; caught; bond; tease; denial; toys; cons; X

"What the hell do you think...........what!"

There, laying, no struggling, on the bed was a bundle of shiny black, with what looked like chains and padlocks, glinting, rattling, and incomprehensible grunting, almost sobbing, coming from within.

She moved closer, she grabbed a length of chain and pulled, the struggling froze, "Is that you in there?"

The blubbering and sobbing continued with a 'double grunt' as confirmation, "Well well well, lets take a look".

"Naoh naoh" came from within, slowly it took shape, it appeared two stilletto booted feet, two arms, connected by loops of chains and padlocked, a further chain to a thick collar and padlock, and laying on the bed underneath the shiny black rubber chained mass a small key ring, the means of escape?

"Looks like you didn't find the key in time, so this is what you get up to the moment my back is turned. This explains so much".

A further push on the blackness rolled the mass onto its side, revealing a heavily hooded head, drawstrings pulled tight, pulling the hood against what looked like another face covering, a tube projecting from within, gagged with a breathing tube, he couldn't see but could feel her glare, he waited for a reaction.

He felt her touch the padlocks securing both wrists and ankles, tightly pulled together in the hogtie he had created only minutes earlier, the click of the final lock was always the biggest blast, but when he dropped the key, suddenly fantasy became reality, worse still, the front door opening......... panic!

She traced the chain from hogtie to the thick leather collar with large d-rings, to which another padlock secured the chain, "How on earth did you do this?"

He was surprised, her voice was amazed rather than annoyed, "You should have told me, that explains your obsession for wanting to buy me a mac, a shiny hooded mac. It wasn't for me was it?"

"Well, I need to think. Are you comfortable like that?"


"I'll take that as a yes". He felt her rise off the bed, he pulled at the bondage, and groped again for the keys, "No, I've got those... now its my turn to play. Shout if you need me."

It seemed like hours, but it was probably more like 20 minutes, "How long have you been collecting this stuff?" She was refering to his stash of shiny clothing and bondage paraphenalia duly discovered in his 'office' in the next bedroom. "You must have spent a lot of our money on all of this". She sounded annoyed. "You should have told me. Well seeing as you love wearing it so much, we'd better get our monies worth. I see you have a perchant for cross dressing too, that should prove really interesting, I've always wondered what it would be like to be a lesbian..."

He couldn't believe his ears, at the very least he expected to be cast out, probably dressed as he was, god forbid, she hadn't seen what was underneath the mack yet, instead he seemed to be in a fantasy bubble, was this really happening, was he dreaming, the pain in his ankles and wrist was real, the stretch against collar and neck, the tighness of the hoods and gag were real........ the click of the padlock releasing connecting chain of ankle, wrist and collar was real.

Suddenly he could stretch his aching arms, legs, back. "So lets see what else you've got on", she rolled him onto his back, releasing the strap around his ankles and thick neck collar, zzzzzzzzzzzz unzipping the long front zip of the mac revealing his heavy shiny pvc jumpsuit, suitably hooded as well.

"I bet your nice and warm in all that get up, lets keep you that way!" She rezipped up the mac and replaced the collar, "I know what to do with you...." she added a chain to the collar and like a lead tugged at it to make him move and follow, "Come on you, this way" she felt a slight resistance, "no choice, you follow or stay like that all weekend!"

She thought for a second, 'he might like that' then added, "Tied to the tree in the garden so the neighbours can see you!"

Immediately the resistance ceased "good boy!" she pulled him out of the bedroom and along the hallway, "Careful, we are now going down the stairs" and carefully guided him blindly down, then down the hallway into the kitchen, the sound of his ankle boots clip clopped across the stone floor. In the middle of their kitchen was the old wooden supporting beam the centre point of the cottage kitchen, from which various decorative items hung.

"Stand still" she commanded and continued to remove the hanging items, placing them on the work surfaces adjacent. She pulled the collar chain around to the back of the hood and looped the link through a vacant hook just above head level stretching him slightly upward, a grunt was heard, he raised his hands, only to have them pulled back around the beam. A lock she had stashed in her pocket clicked into place leaving him standing on tiptoe somewhat unsteadily on the heels and balancing himself with his now redundant arms. 

"We don't want you chocking yourself so this should hold you upright" he felt a belt or rope (it was actually a belt from her pair of jeans),  tighten around his waist pulling him tightly to the post,  "Hows that feel?"


"Good, I'm going to see what other toys we've been buying with our money."' She left, to recheck out his 'office' stash.

Ten minutes later she returned, quietly tiptoe in bare feet back into the kitchen, the shiny black prisoner was puffing and grunting into its gag, gently writhing against his bonds, one hand stretching back around to the front of his mack pushing and rubbing..... "Oh no you don't, you dirty little pervert, you definitely don't deserve that.........yet!"

He quickly pulled his hand away, back around the post, another padlock appeared tightly linking his wrist chains together, "There, that will stop anymore of that, however, I think this is designed to do a similar job", he heard a click and a familiar huuummmmm........ and then the touch, he nearly chocked himself as he bucked backwards and downwards away from the touch against his groin, the vibrator hit the spot like a bolt of electricity. She purposely touched and away, touched and away, leaving him bucking and groaning as the vibrator did its magic, he started thrusting forward desperate for more, for relief, she just played and stopped and played and stopped and.......... stopped...... "No more, you can stew for a while".

"I didn't know I could enjoy myself so much, my slave, I love it. You can stay like that until I get bored, in fact now I think I can see the fascination in shiny black, it looks so seductive and..." she touched the front of his mac and gently rubbed his groin area, "so smoooooth.... I think I might even go and get that mac you bought me and put it on....". She left him, his raging hard on, desperate for more, still disbelief in what was happening.

The touch again was gentle, a press, a rub, again his thrust forward demanding more, her hand caressed upwards, pushing gently on his soft warm mac, pressing the now wet sweaty pvc suit beneath, against his stomach and chest, she gently pulled on his collar and played with the protruding tube of his breath through gag, he couldn't, he couldn't draw breath, his face hood sucked tightly to his face, he strained his hands to try to reach, he struggled, still tightly bound to the post, air, precious air, flooded down the tube, he relaxed, only for a few seconds, the bitch, he thought, as she thumbed over his breathing tube again.

"Good game yeh", this time longer, he struggled harder, close to panic, pleading through the gag, "Oh yes, I like this control", his air flooded in again, "you had better be good".

He felt her touch behind his neck, a click, the collar slackened and he relaxed a little, a slight zzzip and he felt his mac loosen around his neck, she untied the hood drawstrings and rested his mac hood across his shoulders and with a slight fumble the buckle behind his head released the padded leather blindfold.

Blearily he looked, tried to focus, blinked, blinked again and squinted and slowly the dark image in front of him came into focus, she was standing there smiling, her beautiful face framed by the huge shiny black pvc mac hood, gently tied in a large bow under her chin, fully zipped up tightly belted and reaching down to her ankles, his dream fetish image, he could only look, admire and grunt approval.....

"And for your final treat......" click, hhhhhuuummmmm, a wicked grin, she slowly walked towards him...........

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