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The Catacombs 2

by Lckdnrbbr

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Chapter Six: “Pack your bags”

Outside, someone unzipped the outer chamber easily, and walked in. They were wearing work clothes, the name of some moving company on them. Chet noticed the sounds from where he was locked he was scared, but the oxygen they had pumped in had made him too high to care. One of the females took cutters to the chain holding him to the floor and Alai. Chet fell back onto the floor, naked save the collar and chain around his neck and blindfold on his head. The woman slit the long black leather glove that held his arms behind his back, and proceeded to wrap his arms separately in some thin black plastic.

Once his arms were encased, she wrapped his legs the same way. He lay somewhat still as she mummified him inside the stretchy blackness, only moving once in a while as he tried to fight. She wrapped his legs together inside the plastic, and then his arms to the side of his body. She then wrapped his torso and finished the roll. She left momentarily once she was finished.

One of the men began wheeling in large moving crates filled with styrofoam beads into the chamber. He wheeled one to where Tom hung inside the bag, and then clicked something above Tom’s head. Tom flopped down into the crate, sending the beads about. The man shifted Tom the rest of the way into the crate, pulling the breathing tube out to a small hole in the side. He then took long length of chain that was gathered at the top of the crate and ran in through the 20 some D-rings that adorned the outside of the bag. When the chain had encircled Tom, the man fastened a large lock onto the chain and the ring mounted inside the bottom the crate near Tom’s feet. The man pushed on the side of Toms bag, testing it. It squished a little at his touch.

“Shit.” He said. “We’re early”

“Who cares?” The woman said as she walked back in.

“The boss cares, that’s who. He said they gotta be fully locked in…”

The woman scowled… “All the boss cares about is money… We get paid the same whether or not the fluid’s gone solid.. right?”

“Yeah yeah…” the man said, dismissing the problem. He pushed the beads that were around Tom up an over him, watching Tom sink down into the sea of white. Once he was covered, he sprayed something over the beads, soaking them. They liquified, melting into a white ooze. “You got the heat rod?”

“Hang on a sec.. I’ve gotta finish up this one. We weren’t expecting the two extras…” She said as she turned on the heat rod. It glowed red in a few seconds. “Jesus this thing gets hot.” She said with a little smile. She brought it down to Chet’s feet where he lay encased in the plastic. Chet began to squirm a little under the heat. As she held the rod near, the black plastic began to crinkle and shrink, molding into a skin tight casing and melting along the contours of Chet’s body. As she worked her way up him, she noticed that he moved somewhat more when she reached his crotch area. The plastic grew tight around his member, and she could see it’s shape completely incased in the black. Chet moaned a little as she enjoyed making sure that the plastic melted completely and shrank around him. “You like that.. don’t you?” She whispered near his plastic wrapped ear. He groaned again and began shifting his weight, moving back and forth as much as the encasement allowed. As she continued to melt the rest of the plastic, she quietly stroked him further. “mmm… I love a boy in vinyl….” She continued to encase him as he groaned against her hand.

The third man had entered with another heat rod, and he moved it along the white ooze that the beads had become, re-solidifying them into a hard plastic around Tom’s body. The other man continued to do the same thing with Alai. He smiled with some satisfaction when he tested Alai’s bag and found in solid as a rock. When Tom was fully entombed in the bag, the white plastic, and the chain, the Man placed the top of the crate on. It locked in countless numbers of places, and compacted the cocooned form down into the crate.

While he did the same on Alai, the bigger man proceeded to wrap Mandy the way Chet had been. Before he wrapped her torso however, he pulled her pants out and slid something inside of her. A cord ran down out of her skin tight vinyl pants now. He continued to wrap the opaque black plastic around her, turning her into a shiny black plastic mummy. He left the cord to hang out from between the plastic and continued to wrap her. Being chained to the ceiling still and wearing the vinyl hood, Mandy could do little to get away from what was happening. She also could discern little about it, and wasn’t too scared. She trusted Tom very much, and knew he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Being somewhat relaxed she was becoming very much aroused. She could feel herself being cocooned by the plastic, but even lifted her arms some as the man got to her torso. She was wet and waiting, and just wished whoever was doing that would finish up and fuck her When he inserted the dildo, she moaned against the gag in her mouth and ground her hips against it. As the man began to move the heat rod up and down against her melting and shrinking the plastic he began to rub his arms against the front of his pants. She was exactly his type and as the plastic became smooth and shiny against her form all he could think about was the erection in his pants.

Becoming frustrated that he couldn’t get at her like this he finished the shrink wrap quickly and then violently flipped the switch at the end of the cord hanging from inside of her. She began to gyrate against the chains and cocoon as the vibrator began its merciless work. He left the chamber abruptly still rubbing the front of his pants. The female and male left in the room looked at each other bewildered for a moment, and then burst out laughing. The other two finished packing them into the boxes and then wheeled the boxes out like normal movers. No one gave them a second look.

It seemed like hours to Alai as he could feel the bag getting tighter and tighter around him. The gag in his mouth was growing as well, and the fluid in his collar made it harder and harder to breathe as it became solid and tight. He should have been panicking, he should have been scared. Something was distracting him though. Maybe there was something in the air, or some chemical that was on the gag in his mouth. He didn’t know which or what it was, or if he was just completely aroused by the situation, but one thing he knew, all he could think about was sex.

The others were all in the same boat, grinding against their binds, and loving it. All fear had dissipated from them, and they were totally lost in enjoying their bonds.

Chapter Seven: The Lease

“How long before the kids wake up?” The large man in the passenger seat of the moving van said.

“Probably a day or two… It took me about 24 hours before I first snapped out of it and realized what was going on. God… I remember that day.” She pushed the inside of her arm against her crotch and moaned. “That was the most sexual experience of my life. I would give anything to go back.”

The man next to her was red in the face, embarrassed.

“Hey, it’s okay,” She said to him, noticing the look on his face.

“They drugged us all that day. Every one of us had the same feelings. You don’t have to be ashamed of it.”

“But sometimes I wonder why I’m still here, still doing this...” He paused… “I have a hard time justifying that I am a slave to my own sexuality.”

“You’re here on the lease project too then?”

“Yeah… 100 days in the Catacombs for 200 days work like this. Other than that, I get a little vacation time to visit my parents. They still think I joined some programming firm in Redmond right out of college.”

“Goddamn… You got 100 days in for 200 out? I got 60 in for 150… Your deal sounds a bit sweeter to me… What contract did you sign? I had to sign for 8 years just to get the 60 days in. ”

“Yeah well… I uh… I signed for life.”

She looked over at him as the van bounced along the long expanses of country highway. “Really?” She said, half-unbelieving, half in awe. He turned his head away from her, lifting his hair along the back of his neck. At the hair lifted away, she could see the barcode tattooed on the back of his neck.

He turned back and smiled warmly. Shrugging his shoulders a little as he spoke, he said, “Sometimes I regret the decision, other days all I can do is dream about the Catacombs. I think part of me came to accept this as me long ago. It’s just that I always thought that I was going to do something with my life. Start a family, make my parents proud.”

“But doesn’t The Company allow intra-lease marriages?” Kara asked him. She looked over in his general direction. He was watching the late fall foliage of New England pass by as the van sped along the highway.

She regarded Greg as he started to answer. He was a good looking man, probably quite the stud back in college. His deep blue eyes shining with the sun as it reflected through the passing trees. He was so shy. He couldn’t look at her as he talked about this choice that they had both made. There was something about him that made her want to push him, to see if she could break him of his repression, maybe the spark in his eyes when he talked about the catacombs. He avoided her carefully weighted conversation. Looking in her eyes, he began to stand and move towards the back seat of the hauler, where a modified bench seat lay.

“They allow Intra-lease ownership. My owner will choose me, and then I may accept or leave the catacombs. I plan to accept. It’s a little different than what I’d been taught all my life. I’m not saying it’s wrong, or that it’s not what I want, just that it’s different.” He climbed into the back seat and lay on the billowy black vinyl of the modified bench. As he lay back into the head piece, a toggle switched around his neck and pulled him securely down into the soft vinyl pillow, dragging him down in with the padded toggle now securely latched around his neck, the clingy vinyl of the pillow billowing up around the sides of his face.

“And yes…” Greg said, “I would be most willing to belong to you.” Answering the question Kara had not yet asked. As Greg spoke, he pushed his arms down into the clasps at his biceps, forearms, and wrists. The toggles there also snapped shut, pulling him securely down and locking him there. He snapped his ankles in where they lay, the toggle switching closed, clicking locked, and then the entire mechanism began to beep. After three beeps, a latch snapped from above Greg’s head, flipping a springloaded gag down to his lips. He took a deep breath through his nose holding his lips tightly closed, and then opened his mouth slightly, letting the heavily springloaded gag force it’s way between his lips. It entered his mouth and began to fill with air, the springloading clicking each way as it went, locking the gag down over his head and into his mouth. As the gag filled his mouth, he heard one more beep. The headpiece between the gag and his face swooshed down on him, and encompased his face in a thin black plastic. As he breathed out, all the air he released flapped out the sides, and the plastic sucked to his face and nose. He could feel the rest of his body being covered in thin flexible vinyl much the same way, wrapping over his locked in appendages. He struggled for a second against the bonds as he tried to get a breath, but only managed to slurp one small gasp out the side of the plastic face mask before he sucked it even further onto his face.

As he lay there, the piece below his crotch began to slowly move towards him, flipping up from the seat. The machine, made to work with the standard issue employee retrieval suit he was wearing, pulled sideways and ripped open the flap above his manhood. As he struggled for breath, the liquid filled vinyl piece descending on his crotch enveloped him, and began a slow and rhythmic up and down motion. As it did, it made small slurping noises, and several small clicks, locking more and more firmly down onto his crotch until it too pushed him firmly down into the seat.

As Greg began to grunt from the lack of air and movements at his crotch, motors began to whir in the seat. The back panel, which was facing the front windshield, began to descend over Greg, pushing him down with it’s liquid filled vinyl as well. When it neared horizontal, it made a higher pitched whir and several clicks, locking very firmly down into position. When it had fully enclosed Greg in the low seat, there was no way to tell that someone was inside. It looked simply like a normal backseat for a large hauler. Inside all that vinyl, padding, and metal, Greg was still not breathing, and was about to come. He was bucking inside the binds, at least as much as he could. In fact, he was probably only moving about a millimeter with each thrust. As he lay there motionlessly thrashing, a small device whirred through the padding toward his nose. Suddenly, two tapered plastic hoses shoved up into his nostrils with a click. Greg sucked in the air that whooshed in through the hoses, came, and lay there, trapped in utter ecstasy.

Chapter Eight: A Rare Find

Kara sighed lightly and continued the drive down the northeastern highway. There was a long drive ahead of them, and Kara was glad to see Greg getting some “rest” She herself needed some release, though. Taking this group of kids had been hard on her. She remembered fondly being inside those bags as they shrank and compressed around her. She yearned for the comforting “hug” that they provided, the warmth of her own body heat and the solidifying fluid around her.

She daydreamed for an hour or two as the foliage turned more and more green, passing from the colorful fall climate of the northeast into the more temperate climate of new jersey. After 5 hours of driving this way, she stopped at a rest area, to relieve herself and switch places with Greg. She needed to sleep, and her daydreams had her horney as hell. She only vaguely remembered passing through new jersey, and they were well on the start of their journey.

She turned off the large moving truck in the corner of the rest area, where she could be sure no one would bother it. The rest area was adjacent to some anonymous suburban town, and through the row of trees between the highway and the town, she could see a tiny main road, a highschool, and what appeared to be a coffee shop. There was a large gathering of oddly dressed teenagers outside the coffee house, and Kara could head the faint “thump thump thump” of a concert in the distance. “probably some local garage band,” Kara thought as she listened to the music in the distance. “hmm… not too bad, though… Sounds like punk…”

Kara began to walk towards the rest area. She badly needed to relieve herself, and this would give Greg a chance to clean up in privacy.
As she closed the door, she flipped a small switch under the handle, and released the back seat, with Greg still inside. It popped open with a hiss, and she walked away.

As she entered the bathroom in the run down rest stop, she began to undo the movers garb she was wearing. Like all standard issue catacomb clothing, the movers garb was made of loose fabric which hung around Kara’s shapely form nondescriptly. Beneath that was a full catsuit and corset, made of shiny black vinyl and metal buckles securing it into place all over her body. She would have to remove the outer garb to be able to use the bathroom and get at the access hatch at her crotch. She stripped down to just the catsuit in the stall, and slowly unlocked, then unzipped the seam at her crotch. She let go a stream of piss into the toilet and sighed. She had needed to do that about 20 miles ago.

Relaxing, her hand found it’s way between her legs, and relieved some of her tension. She stopped suddenly as someone opened the bathroom door and went into another stall. She saw black vinyl boots walk into the stall next to her and sit down, and then a pair of Birkenstock sandals beneath a long skirt. No doubt that these were kids from the coffee house. She remained quiet as the two of them talked. The were both talking about some guy at the coffee house, and much to Kara’s surprise, they were talking very frankly about what they wanted to do to him. As they talked about tying him to their beds and coccooning him in black plastic while they screwed him, Kara found herself getting wet. She didn’t need this right now, she was already going nuts. She just needed someone, anyone, to finish the job. She got up and left the stall as the two girls began to talk about different times they had been tied up by or had tied this kid up… She needed to get out of here….

As she made her way out of the stall, the two girls gasped. They hadn’t realized that someone else was in the bathroom with them.
“Oh my god,” the first girl said. She turned a deep red in the face, and then began to giggle. “I’m so sorry,” she said “I didn’t think that anyone else was in here”

Kara smiled a little, “that’s okay, I’ve just got to be on my way. I mean, don’t worry, it’s not anything I haven’t said myself” Just as she said that, Kara realized that she hadn’t yet replaced her movers garb over her catsuit. She was still carrying the drab brownish gray coverall in her arms.
“Well, with what you’re wearing, I didn’t think that we’d offended you, it’s just… this was kinda personal”

The girl dressed in the long skirt and sandals said. “I’m melissa, and this is Holly” She said, as she motioned to the girl wearing the vinyl boots. As Kara now got a better look, she could see that other than the vinyl boots, Holly was wearing a short vinyl skirt, and a longsleeve fishnet top with a vinyl tanktop over it. Her makeup was dark and gothic, and she wore a collar and bondage bracelets on her wrists.

“You two are from the coffee house, huh?”

“Yeah, isn’t that where you came from ?”

“No, I’m… Um… I’m with a moving company”

“Dressed like that?”

“yeah… It’s a long story.”

As Kara spoke, she began to edge her way to the door.. She didn’t want any trouble here, she just wanted to be on her way. As she inched away, she rearranged the movers coverall in her arms, getting ready to put it back over her catsuit before she ventured out of the bathroom. As she did so, the logo from the fictitious moving company unfolded and was in plain view of the two girls. It read HSC Movers. Nothing too suspicious, but Holly, the girl dressed in vinyl, could not take her eyes off the logo.

“Wait a second…” holly said “You’re with a company called HSC, and dressed like that… You’re from the catacombs, aren’t you?”

Kara’s eyes went wide. How could this girl know? No one that she had ever talked to had known about the catacombs before.

“Human servitude catacombs, that’s HSC, right?” The girls head was cocked, and she was walking slowly towards Kara...

“No!” Kara blurted out “No, I mean, I’m just working for some moving company.”

“And it took you that long to answer? Come on, you can tell us.”

Kara regarded the two girls. Holly was obviously a fetishist, and from the conversation she was having with the other girl, both of them were no stranger to bondage. But they were so young. Holly had to be no more than 18. She was a skinny girl, with a rather modest chest, smaller than her own, Kara noticed. Short, dyed red hair flopped down over her darkly made up eyes and the shaved back of her head. Her fishnet covered arms and upper chest stood out in a strange contrast to the perfectly smooth and shining vinyl that covered her chest, sTomach, and upper legs. Then fishnet again until about a quarter of the way down her calfs, where a pair of 12 holed shiny black Dr. Martins finished the look.

“How do you know about the catacombs?” Kara asked, indirectly admitting that the girl was right.

“Ha! I knew it!” Holly exclaimed. “It’s all over the net. Any of us who are even a little into bdsm have seen stories about the catacombs. Once someones been in, it’s all they ever talk about.” The girl moved closer to Kara, and leaned towards her, pressing against her side. Kara could feel the slippery movement of vinyl against vinyl as the girl pressed close to her. Holly whispered in her ear, as if to keep the other girl from hearing. “Is it as amazing as they say it is?” Holly whispered.

“Better.” Kara said. She said it frankly, honestly.

It was true.

“So then, you’re with a retrieval crew?” Holly said, not backing away from Kara much. She motioned to the movers outfit.

“Yeah. We’re on the latter half of a pickup”

“Oooh.” Holly closed her eyes and smiled. Suddenly, her eyes flashed open, and her smile grew almost mischevious. “do you think I could see?”

“What?” Kara said. “I don’t think so… I mean, I’ve never heard of anything like that”

“And I bet you thought that no one knew about the catacombs too, right?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“But nothing, come on,” holly said, taking Kara by the wrist and leading her out of the bathroom, still in her catsuit. “Wait a sec… Don’t go anywhere.” Holly said, and burst back into the bathroom.

“Mellissa, I’ll see you around,” She said with a wink. “David’s yours for a while. Here’s the key to his collar, she said as she tossed it across the bathroom to her somewhat bewildered but smiling friend. Holly headed for the door, and then stopped in her tracks. Suddenly she turned and ran towards Melissa. She jumped on her, hugged her and said, after a long embrace. “I’m going to miss you!” Melissa just smiled back, a small tear forming in her eye. “ohhh, honey, don’t cry…” Holly hugged her friend again, and then kissed her. After about a minute, she broke the embrace and the kiss gently, and stepped away from melissa. She turned, and ran out the door.

Melissa stood there, black lipstick smeared on her lips, and tears now about to come. “I’ll miss you too…” She said to Holly, her voice echoing in the empty bathroom

Chapter NIne: Mischief

Holly came running out of the bathroom to find that Kara had gone already. “damn:” She said, and headed off in the direction of the parking lot.
She emerged from the rest stop and looked around. After examining a few of the trucks near her, she caught a glimmer of something near one of the moving trucks way out at the edge of the parking lot. She had probably passed that one on her way into the bathroom from the coffeehouse. She ran towards the truck, hoping that the glimmer she saw was the shine of the vinyl catsuit Holly had been wearing. It was.

“Hey, I thought I told you to wait for me”

“We’re already behind schedule… I shouldn’t have stopped for this long. We’re going to have to speed to make up the lost time.”

“Okay okay, I know, but can’t you at least let me see before you go?”

Kara sighed… “Okay… All right. But a quick peek, and then you’ve gotta get out of here so we can get going”

“Okay, I promise, this’ll be quick

“Don’t touch anything.” Kara said as she slid open the rear door of the moving van. Holly, in her eagerness, hopped up and in before the door was all the way open. She was already moving her way into the truck as Kara closed the door and turned on the dim blue overhead light.

“Is this them?” Kara said motioning to the black casket-like moving boxes that the kids from the dorm were in.

“Yeah, that’s them.” Kara said, “Here, we’ll open up this one, and then you gotta get outta here.. Okay?”

“Holly ran up next to Kara and squeezed her arm as she opened the crate. Inside, the styrofoam beads had turned solid and perfectly clear, showing Mandy’s form, entombed inside it, coccooned in black plastic, with tubes coming from her face to the back of the crate, and wires running from her crotch. A faint moaning could be heard coming from her as her breath hissed in an out of the breathing tube, and she was squirming against the solid plastic and the clingy vinyl shrink wrapped all around her. Holly just looked down at the girl so fully entombed in the erotic trap, and smiled a devilish grin.

“This is it” She said “I’ve got you”

“What?” Kara said “What do you mean”? Holly was backing towards the rear of the truck now, preparing to get away.

“All I needed was to see. To see that you’ve got kidnapped people here. There’s no way you can get out of here in time before I’ve got every cop in the city after you!”

“What are you talking about? I thought you wanted to see because you were into it!” Kara screamed.

“Who could be into something like this?” Holly said, and she turned to walk out of the truck. As soon as she turned her back, Kara lunged behind her, and snapped a collar around Holly’s neck. It was made of steel, but had padding covered with leather on the inside. It swung shut around Holly’s neck like a handcuff. The chain attached to it pulled quickly taut, and stopped holly in her tracks.

“What?” Holly said “What are you doing?”

“I can’t have you running off, now can I” Kara said. “You’re locked in now. There is no way for me to undo that collar until we reach the catacombs. You can deal with the Catacomb government when we arrive if you like, or you can agree to enter the catacombs of your own free will. I do recommend the second option. They don’t take well to dissenters there. ”

The chain attached to Holly's collar was reeling her in, pulling her closer and closer to the front of the storage part of the truck. After walking 10 feet in, Holly could see where the chain was pulling her. As she watched, the chain was dissapearing into a 6 foot long vat of a thick black liquid. The chain pulled some of the sticky substance down with it, creating a little dimple in the ooze.

“Wait” Holly said, “I won’t say anything, I’ll keep my mouth shut, just let me go, please”

“I’m sorry” Kara said, as the chain continued to pull Holly towards the black goo. Holly was fighting with, pulling against the chain. As she neared the vat, she stooped over as it pulled her neck down. “You’ll have to lay down into it, or the chain could snap your neck” Kara said calmly.

Holly looked up to Kara’s unyielding face and realized that she had to do as she was told. She laid down on the thick substance, and it was so dense that she barely began to sink. Only the heels of her feet and where she tried to support herself with her arms sank down into the muck. When she tried to pull them out, the muck was unforgiving, It sucked and pulled her back down into it. As she struggled to get her self situated and keep from sinking in the vat, the chain continued to pull at the slack she had created by laying down. It was attached to the back of the collar, and as the slack disappeared, the chain slowed. It was now pulling her by the neck into the goo. Kara walked up beside the 3 ½ foot tall vat and flipped a switch. Y shaped manacles emerged from inside the vat and pushed against Holly until they had funneled her limbs down inside of themselves. They then clamped padded rubbery cuffs around Holly’s arms and legs, with nothing she could do pull them out of the way.

The Y Shapes retracted, and only the manacles remained attached, also chained to the bottom of the vat. Ever so slowly, the collar and manacles were pulling her down into the black slimy black quicksand. She could feel it against the sides of her body, against the shaven back of her head and at the sides of her neck. Pressing insistently at her crotch and at the sides of her legs as she sank deeper down into it. Kara picked up a hood from beside the vat, and began to move towards Holly’s head. Holly pulled back, but only ended up forcing her head about halfway down into the blackness, tiny walls of black threatening to climb into her ears where she had displaced the fluid. As it began to ooze down around the sides of her head, and she continued to sink deeper, she could feel the ooze taking the front of her neck, Slowly creeping together until it made a bridge of the stuff over her throat. Her arms were lost up to the elbows, and as she tried to hold herself up, she was pushing her butt and crotch deeper into the vat.

She knew that it would only be a minute or two more before she was fully underneath, and could not breathe. This time, as Kara moved to place the hood over her head again Holly did not back away, She could see the breathing tubes coming from the face, and understood that she would need that hood to stay alive.

“I didn’t want this to have to happen” Kara said to the captive sinking below her.

Holly’s fear melted, and her eyes lit up again, and she flashed that same smile Kara had seen in the bathroom. “I did.” She said.

Suddenly Kara realized that she had been set up. This was all to get her to take Holly along with them. As the thought about it, she realized that Holly was probably right. She would not have taken her along with them otherwise. She also felt herself getting wet that this person wanted to be in this situation. Slowly, she pulled Holly’s head out of the muck and slid the hood over her face. It was fully enclosing, and only the breathing tubes extended off of it. As she pulled it down into position, she pulled the roller buckle straps around the neck tight, sealing the muck that clung to the back of Holly’s head in there with her. Kara could hear the hiss of air coming through the breathing tubes.

“She’s not just getting away with this” Kara thought to herself. “You’ve been a bad little girl, Holly, tricking me into this. You’re not getting away without some punishment.”

Kara took hold of the tube that allowed Holly to breath, and kinked it off. Holly’s hood puffed out like a balloon, forcing her head to rise from the muck some, and then it sucked to her face and she arched her back, plunging her head down into it, She gyrated like this as Kara reached down to where the muck was beginning to envelop the front of her crotch. Kara began to rub both her own and Holly’s crotch through the vinyl that they were wearing. The thick black ooze making slurping sounds as Kara worked her magic on Holly. Holly, fighting for breath, did not take long. She was thrashing about, grinding her legs together and forcing Kara to push harder. This was obviously one of her “Things” It was Kara’s too. After almost a minute, Kara and Holly both let out simultaneous screams of pleasure. They had come at exactly the same time, following the rhythm that Kara had given them.

“Finally,” Kara thought as she let got of the breathing tube and gave Holly air again. “I thought I was never going to get off today”

Kara slammed the lid down over Holly’s still sinking and panting body, stringing the breathing tubes into the gas hose above it. She was going to be on the same ride that the rest of the passengers in the truck were. The chains attached to Holly pulled feverishly once the top of the vat was shut, and swiftly locked her against the vinyl padding at the bottom of the vat, underneath three feet of the muck. As she lay there, an intruder pushed up from the area near her feet and pressed firmly against her crotch. She struggled briefly, and breathed in the sweet, drugged air. She relaxed soon, resolve fading, and becoming accustomed to her new friend pressing insistently but not painfully against her down there. She took in another full breath and let it out, beginning to drift with the feeling…

As she breathed out, the thing at her crotch started an urgent vibration. She stopped her breath short, startled, and the machine stopped too. She relaxed, and began to let out the rest of her breath, and the infernal thing started up again. Every time she breathed out, the thing would start buzzing down there, and there was not where she could go but to slurp through the muck, and make that press down against her too. The combination of the machine and the muck surrounding her was going to be enough to get her off pretty quickly. It was going to be a long trip.



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