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The Catacombs

by Lckdnrbbr

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© Copyright 2001 - Lckdnrbbr - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; F/f; Sbf; latex; bagged; oral; breathplay; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter One: Just another night…

Alai walked down the long corridor leading to his dorm room. He shifted the weight of his bookbag on his shoulder as he fumbled for his keys. It has been a long day, and Alai was glad to be back at his room. As Alai rummaged for his keys, he took a moment to enjoy the slippery feeling of the latex briefs he was wearing as underwear under his jeans. He slid his hand over is thigh discreetly inside his pocket, and then pulled up his keys. Just as he was about to put the key in the lock, he heard a voice call down the hall.

“Alai!” Tom yelled down the hall, a big smile on his face. Alai smiled back. He and Tom had been good friends since freshman year, and Alai never minded hanging out with Tom. He was one of the people at college that Alai really appreciated. Everyone else was always in such a rush, or always had other people to see, or other things to do.

“Hey, I just got back” Alai yelled down the hall to Tom. Tom was jogging down the hall to catch up with his friend. “Give me a minute to catch my breath” Alai said. “I need to put my stuff down, but you’re welcome to come in and visit for a while.”

“Sure,” Tom said, as he reached Alai and slowed to a walk. Alai fitted the key into the lock, and then looked both ways down the hall. Satisfied that no one was coming, he swung the door open, let Tom in, and then promptly shut it.

“Mmm… I do love your room…” Tom said almost lustfully. Alai had a flair for being rather artistic, and his room hung with his many paintings, draped among black fabric and candles. A thick black curtain shut out the light from the room, and for a moment, Tom could only stand there and breathe in that familiar smell as Alai walked through the darkness to turn on the light.

The faint amber glow of Alai’s desk lamp lit the room, and Tom gazed around at all the reflections of the light on the various latex objects in the room. Two beds, completely dressed in latex sheeting. Alai’s high bed, the one on the left side of the room had two soft pillows with latex pillow cases, and a special soft latex comforter that Alai had made himself. That was the bed that Alai slept in on nightly basis. The other bed was the bed that Tom knew well. It was covered in smooth shiny black latex as well, but where the blanket should be, there was a large bondage sleep sack, and a hood. Both of which were chained by the various D-rings to the bed. There were also numerous D rings mounted to the bedposts where one could be secured to the bed for more active play than the bondage sack provided.

Tom immediately swung himself up onto the high bed where Alai sleeps and sprawled out. “This comforter is so great… It’s so soft… It’s got to be great to sleep under”

Alai smiled. He and Tom shared the same fetish, and Alai was always happy to show off his newest creations and toys. Tom relished the feeling of the slippery latex all around him… He though back nostalgicly to freshman year, when Alai and he had first discovered their mutual fetish. A lot of lines had been crossed that year, and Tom had spent quite a bit of time in that bed.

“Yeah” Alai replied. “I have to admit, I haven’t been sleeping in that bed much lately though.”

“No?” Tom asked. “Where’ve you been sleeping?” Tom asked this was an all too knowing inflection in his voice. He knew that Alai had been seeing Mandy lately, and that she was notorious for being the one of the biggest fetishists both in the college and in the city. Tom had had his share of good times with her.

“It’s not quite what you thinking… Close but not quite..”

“So… Tell me”

“Well, you know that Mandy and I have been talking quite a bit”


“It turns out that one of her biggest turn-ons is total enclosure, the same as me.”

“Yeah, we’d kind of gotten into that when she was with me. I think I actually might have even been the one who turned her onto it… But anyway”

“Anyway, we’ve worked out this deal, where every other week, one of us will ‘Tuck the other in’ so to speak.”

“So she’s been putting you in your bondage bag at night and then leaving?”

“Yeah… She’s sort of seeing someone right now, so it’s not like we’re screwing around, but man is it incredible being locked in there at night and knowing that I can’t get out unless she unlocks me in the morning.”

“That’s pretty cool… I’ll have to work something like that out sometime…”

“Speaking of.. You’ve got the rest of the night free, right?” Tom said.

“Yeah…” Alai smiled “What did you have in mind”

“Well, you know the project I’ve been working on…”

“The chamber, right?”

“Yup… It’s finished”

“Finished! It can’t be, you had at least 20 hours of work left the last time that I was in your room.”

“I know... I’ve pulled three all nighters since then… But boy has it been worth it.”

“So you have it all built up to the factory specs?”

“Everything’s built the way it’s supposed to be… I’m still not sure what some of it does, but I got to try out one of the bags before I attached it to the rest of the chamber… It’s incredible”

“Mmm… So we’re going to play tonight”

“If you’re up for it” Tom said with a wicked smile.

“I’m always up for it.” Alai said, walking over to Tom.

“Follow me”

Chapter Two: The Chamber

Tom led Alai to his room. It was down a couple of floors, and Alai knew where it was, but he let Tom lead him for the fun of it. Tom was stepping right back into the role of dominant as well, even though he had been playing botTom more and more lately. He still enjoyed being the master once in a while, especially when playing with Alai. Tom unlocked his room and led Alai in.

“You know the rules in this room”

“Yes, Master” Alai said.

“Good, you haven’t forgotten.” Tom said as he took a step closer to Alai and smiled mischeviously. He was now almost nose to nose with Alai, and he could see the anticipation growing in Alai’s eyes. They both had played together enough to know just what buttons to push to drive each other wild. Just hearing Alai call him master gave Tom a little rush. “When you are in this room, slave” Tom ran his hands up Alai’s thighs, and over his crotch. “You’re body belongs to me.” Alai closed his eyes and moaned at the feeling of Tom’s hands over his Jean and Latex encased cock. Tom began to unbutton his Jeans, and unzipped them. “Sit on the bed, slave”

“Yes Master.”

Alai sat on the bed, and Tom reached down and pulled off Alai’s boots, and then his Jeans. Alai was now sitting there in only his black latex boxer breifs and his black tank top. Tom took a moment to look over Alai. He had lost some weight and toned his muscles since they had last played together, and he looked really good sitting there.

“What do you want most, slave?”

“To please you, master”

“Then do exactly as I say. If you question me or make a sound, you will be punished. Do you understand?”

“Perfectly Master.”


Tom walked over to the left side of the room where there was a seeming wall of latex. It was really a thick rubber sheeting draped over a frame made of thick PCV piping. In essence, it was a comepletely sealed rubber box, but it extended from floor to ceiling, and was 8 feet wide and long. Tom pulled down the heavy industrial zipper in one side of the rubber wall, and motioned for Alai to step through. He did. Tom followed him, and closed the zipper behind them. Inside the chamber it was dimly lit by one small hanging bluelight fixture in the corner, and it had that warm musty rubber smell of they both knew so fondly. From each of the rubber walls, there hung a bag of some sort. They seemed just big enough to snugly fit someone into, but Alai could not see how one would get in the bag.

“Strip” Tom ordered Alai, snapping him back into reality. Alai quickly removed his black tank top and then his briefs, leaving himself exposed, his stiff member bobbing in the air as he pulled off his latex briefs.

“You know the construction of the chamber fairly well, as I had started it the last time you were down here, but some things have changed. It is together and fully operational now. From each of the three sealed walls there hangs a restriction bag. They are specially designed for use with the chamber, and I have modified them slightly for my own tastes.” Tom walked over to the east wall and lifted the bag from where it rested against the latex outer wall. There was a thick metal piping on the inside of the chamber which the bag was attached to, and there were various tubes and chains leading down to the top of it from the ceiling of the chamber. Alai could feel himself growing harder at the thought of what was to come.

“Lie down on your back, with your head towards the bag” Tom said. “there is a tube of lubricant to your left, apply it to your entire body, and make sure that you are fully lubed.”

Alai gobbed the lubricant into his hand and began to spread it all over his body. He squirmed and writhed on the slippery and soft latex covered floor of the chamber, getting the latex all over himself by rolling in it. “now slave, slide towards the bag.”

Alai did as he was told, and scooted himself so that his head met the bottom of the bag, He could feel Tom pulling the bag down around his head, and the elastic band at the bottom of the bag slipped over his head and down around his neck.

“Push with your legs so that you slide up and into the bag. Sit up as you go.”

Alai pushed himself up into a sitting position, and Tom forced the bag down over his shoulders and then his elbows. The bag was beginning to get a little warm as Alai breathed the air inside out and in again.

“Now stand up, and push your head up into the rest of the bag.”

Alai got to his feet with some trouble not being able to use his arms and being so slipperily lubed, but Tom helped him up, and then pulled the rest of the bag down around him. It was all very tight around Alai’s body, and it held him in the position that Tom wanted him in. Alai pushed his head up into the hood part of the bag, and he could feel something at his lips. He recognised that this was probably a gag of some sort, so he pulled it into his mouth with his tongue. Alai took a breath in, and quickly , the sides of the tight stretchy rubber hood sucked to the sides of his head. He could not get a breath. He sucked on the gag, hoping to find and air hole, but nothing.

“Pick up your right foot” Tom ordered, and as he did, Tom slid the zipper on the bottom of the bag halfway. “now your other foot” Alai tried to stand on the inside end of the bag, but it was too short, and he lost his balance. He slipped and fell left, the chains holding the bag up, and as Alai began to slide down in the bag, the vacuum effect of the tight rubber held him up and served to make the bag suction to his body. The hood held onto his head as well, as he tried to take a breath again, and it just sucked even harder to his face.

“I told you to lift your foot” Tom said sternly, and Alai pulled his leg up into the bag. Tom quickly zipped and locked the end of the bag, leaving Alai hanging there, sucking the hood to his face. Tom laced the neckpiece around Alai’s neck, and buckeled it tight, Alai still fighting for a breath, and now beginning to panic a bit.

“Bite down on the gag” Tom said.

Alai did so, and as he did, he could feel a gush of hot fluid pour down over his latex covered head. It oozed between the inner and outer layers of the bag he was in, pressing him on all sides with the pressure of the liquid inflating the suspension bag. It also filled the gag in his mouth until it was almost solid with the pressure, pushing his cheeks out slightly. As the gag became hard, it opened the breathing valve inside itself, and gave Alai his air supply back.

The neckpiece that Tom had cinched around his neck also began to fill with the fluid, drawing tighter around his throat, and closing Alai’s jaw. As the fluid filled the bag, Tom began to manoeuvre below. Through the plastic, he pulled Alai’s hard cock into the black leather sheath that was in the front of the bag. Tom had modified a chastity belt that he had ordered from Skin Two, and built it into the bag. Fluid filled the ring behind Alai’s base, and secured him down there as well. Tom’s work, combined with the situation, sent Alai into convulsions. It was enough of a cue for Tom that he went to work. He brought his mouth carefully around Alai, so that he didn’t know what was coming until he went at it full force. Tom sucked vigorously, until Alai came inside the chastity belt. Exhausted and extremely happy, Tom laid there for a while. He attended to his own business and then nodded off. He awoke little more than a half an hour later. He arose, dragging his nails along the bag that held Alai. The chamber was wonderfully hot, and Tom could still smell the bittersweet come that tainted the air. He was surprised to find that Alai was already aroused again, and panting for more.

“Ah ah.. You’ve had your fun, and now you’ll pay the price. You walked into my trap, now your stuck.” Tom said, taking a firm hold on Alai’s cock.

Alai could feel himself swelling below. A twinge of fear ran through his body that he might have indeed walked into a trap, but the sweet submission and feelings of lust kept him content. He wouldn’t mind this kind of captivity.

“Now, I’ve got some business to attend to. I’ll be back.. Sometime,” Tom said with a viscous smile. “This should let you breathe fairly well.” Tom said as he attached a long hose to the tube at Alai’s mouth. “I’ve tried it myself once or twice, and found it quite enjoyable. As far as bodily functions, there are provisions for that in the suit. Have fun.”

With that, he unzipped the larger chamber, and walked out into his dorm, carrying the end of the hose and Alai’s latex briefs and tank top. He shivered at the cold, and zipped up the chamber as quick as he could. He tucked the hose in at the top of the zipper, so Alai would have a fresh exchange of air. Just for fun, he kinked the hose off at the end with his finger. He waited a second, and then he could begin to hear Alai’s grunts. Tom loved the feeling, he held Alai’s very life at remote control. Without thought, he began to reward his waiting cock. He was lost in the feeling until Alai began to buck in the chamber. Tom came back to earth and let go of the hose. He zipped up his pants, and left the dorm.

Chapter Three: Playmates

Tom had it all planned. He was going to round up all of his playmates tonight. Terra, one of Alai’s ex’s, had cheated on Alai with him once or twice, but she had always talked of Alai. She was a Dom in every sense of the word, and wanted nothing more than the lives of all that she cared about at her fingertips. Tom knew that Chet had a crush on Terra as well, and He and Tom had fooled around on occasion. Chet had been the one that worked on the suspension fluid that filled the bags with Tom in the chem lab. Tom found Chet in the community center, and invited him come back to his dorm room with him. Chet knew that Tom had something in mind, but didn’t know what. He followed Tom with horny anticipation.

“I’ve got something extra special planned for tonight, But I don’t want you to see it until it comes. Here, wear this.” Tom handed Chet a padded blindfold. Chet put it on, and felt Tom click something behind. It was locked on. Chet was throbbing already. Tom took a hold of his belt and led him in. He opened the chamber, and brought Chet over to Alai. “Kneel.” Tom said. Wary of being blindfolded and in a strange situation, Chet didn’t move. Tom stroked his lower anatomy, and pleadingly whispered, “For me?” Chet got to his knees. Tom took Chet’s arms, and slid them into a long single black glove. The hand was cut off at the end, so it slid over his hands to the wrists. Chet’s tried to remove his arms, but found the stretchy soft latex was too clingy to allow him to slide out. A smile began to break out across his lips.

“I’ll do anything for you, Tom.”


“Anything, you always knew what got me hot.”

“Really.” Tom grinned as he brought his fingers along Chet’s chest hard. Chet gasped in pain and ecstasy.

“Yeah,” Chet said, panting.

“Then do me a favor..” Tom said as he cut a slit down the front of Chet’s shirt. He cut the sleeves, and pulled it off.

“Yeah. Just don’t stop” Tom was moving to unzip Chet’s pants

“All right. Fair deal” Tom slit the backs of the legs of Chet’s pants, and they fell forward. His underwear came off with two slits. Tom fastened a collar and chain leash around Chet’s neck. He pulled the chain through a ring in Alai’s chastity belt. As Tom pulled on the chain, Chet moved closer and closer to Alai. “Then… Suck” Tom said this as Chet’s lips met Alai’s cock, and Chet didn’t hesitate. Tom locked the chain to a ring on the floor, and slid beneath Chet’s waiting manhood. He began to suck Chet off as well. The three went on until they couldn’t anymore.

“Happy?” Tom said to Chet as he brought himself out from under him.

“mmgph!” Was the only reply that Chet could muster, since he was still fastened to Alai’s leather encased cock.

“Oh yeah… I forgot about that. Well, it seems like you’re having a good time. There’s no need to put a damper on that, right Alai?”


“I thought not. Well, you two have fun.. Oh wait. I almost forgot. I’ve got a surprise for you Chet. Hold still. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this.” Tom slid a sheath around Chet’s midsection as well, and locked it in the back. Chet moaned.

“It’s got a special surprise too.” Tom reached below chet and flipped a switch in the belt. Suddenly, the belt sprang to life. Chet began to sway with the sensation, having just been sucked off by Tom, and being so locked in, he wasn’t far from getting off again. Alai was flying too. He’d been in the bag, completely immobilized for almost an hour, when suddenly someone was in the chamber with him He thought he heard two voices, and then, somebody was on him. Now, he could hear Tom getting ready to leave again, but somebody was still on his cock, apparently locked there very securely. And that person was not still for very long. Just when Alai would get a break, Chet would start rocking again. Also, somehow, the bag seemed to keep getting tighter around him. He thought it must just be the exhaustion of standing through all of the excitement.

“The vibrator sheath is on intermittent, Chet. I think it’s set for ten minutes on, twenty off… Or was it the other way round? Oh well. You’ll find out.” Tom was grinning as he set up the chamber again, bringing Alai’s hose to the edge zipper. He knew that he couldn’t leave Chet in there with no new air source forever, but Tom didn’t plan to take long. He walked directly to terra’s dorm, and walked right in. Terra was busy. In the bedroom.

“Ah!… You asshole!.” Terra screamed as she threw a pillow at Tom from across the room. She sprang up, fully frontally naked, and stalked quickly over to Tom. She slapped him. “Never walk in on me!” She jumped onto him, kissing him hard. Tom caught her, and put her down on the bed. He heard a muffled groan, and realized that he had put Terra right down on her partners leg. He recognized Mandy’s body, almost completely encased in black leather, and chained securely to the bed.

“I’ve got something for you, back at the dorm.”

“Yeah, what?” Terra said playfully as she began to unzip Tom’s pants.

They had always been like this. Terra wasted no time with chit chat when she was in this sort of mood. She just went right for what she wanted. And because of it, he lovers couldn’t get enough of it.

“Something I know you’ll like.” Tom removed her hands from his midsection, and threw Terra back on the bed.

“Jerk. What do you have that’s gonna be so great you throw me off you for?”

“Come and see… But first I need to borrow Mandy for a couple of minutes. Follow me up to the dorm in five. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.”

“All right. But this better be good.” She handed Tom the keys to the locks that held Mandy securely to the bed. Tom remembered the position that Mandy was in fondly, and knew where Terra had placed which locks, and what key’s went to them.

“Here, put your clothes on over the rubber.” Tom said to Mandy. This turtle neck should cover the collar in case you see a professor or something on the way there. Mandy dressed in her street clothes, and followed Tom out of the dorm.

“This had better be good, Tom.” Terra said to herself as she laid back down on the bed to wait. She pulled her shiny black latex bra back on, and rubbed herself in anticipation.

Chapter Four: Preparation

Tom and Mandy arrived in the dorm soon after. She was no stranger to Tom’s chamber, as she had been dating Tom while he was building it. She didn’t expect to see Chet and some anonymous other inside going at it though. She was starting to get wet again.

“Take your clothes off” Tom said to Mandy. She removed her street clothes, and then began to undo the vinyl pants she was wearing. “No. leave the b/d stuff on. We can use that.” Tom reached above him and pulled down a chain attached to the metal frame of the chamber. He fastened it to her collar. She was wearing Fuck Boots with heels, so the length was just enough to keep her dangling, but leave enough weight on her feet so that she could stay there a while. He pulled a black vinyl hood over her head, and inserted it’s gag into her mouth. He locked it to her collar and put the key in his pocket with all the others. He took her arms and locked them to the chain above her that was locked to her collar. She was well locked in, and Tom knew that Terra would be on her way, so he began to set up for her arrival.

“Alai, the fluid that emptied into your bag is something special that Chet and I worked on. It will expand and solidify in the first 24 hours, and then decompose and liquefy in the second. In an emergency, you could be cut out of it, but there’s no other way out until it liquefies and I can drain it from the bottom. The keys to everything I’ve locked on all of you are in my pants pockets. I’m going to put myself in a bag matching Alai’s almost identically, except it relies on the fluid completely to lock me in. Once I’m in, I can’t get out until the fluid decomposes and drains out on it’s own. We’ll just have to see if I can get out, won’t we?”

Tom removed his shirt, unzipped his jeans revealing the latex sheath pants he was wearing and slithered into the bag. He guided his cock into the sheath, and pushed his balls into the ring that would fill with the fluid. He found the sleeves that his arms slid into. Pushing with his feet, he popped his head into the upper hood piece. His neckpiece was tighter than Alai’s had been because there was nobody to cinch it tight once he got in. He found the pouch that would fill with the fluid, and took it into his mouth. He could feel the valve that stopped the fluid from flowing in his mouth.

As he began to panic from lack of air, he flashed second thoughts, what if he hadn’t unlocked the door, what if Terra didn’t come, what if the valve didn’t open. He tried to slide out of the bag, but he was already in too securely to get out in time. He needed air. He bit down hard on the valve. Suddenly, the fluid rushed into the bag, locking him in completely. He couldn’t get out now if his life depended on it. As the fluid drained, the air valve in Tom’s gag opened up. The gag also filled with the fluid, filling his mouth. His neckpiece filled, closing his jaw on the gag, and the rings behind his elbows filled in too, locking his arms down in to the sleeves. The fluid filled the ring at the bottom the bag, making the opening too small for him to fit through. He was stuck, and in heaven. The others began to panic as they sensed Tom was no longer moving around. Both Alai and Chet had no idea Terra was coming, so they thought they were stuck there. Just then Chet’s vibrator kicked in. He began to rock again, getting Alai off. That was when Terra walked in.

“Holy Shit!” Terra said as she walked into the chamber. “Jesus it’s hot in here.” Her eyes slowly began to adjust to the darkness and she realized Mandy was chained to the ceiling. She walked up to her, eager to finish what she had begun in the dorm. “Nice job…” She said as she admired the work done by Tom on Mandy.

“Quick isn’t he?” Terra asked Mandy as her hands roamed down the inside of the tight vinyl pants. Mandy just groaned. Terra took another step towards her, tripping on Chets leg, who was still chained kneeling in front of Alai. “What the hell?” Terra exclaimed as she realized that there was another person in the chamber. “What are you doing in here. Who are you? Chet? Jesus, it’s a fucking orgy in here. What are you chained to? I though you were straight! Who is that in there.?”

The four chained all tried to convey Alai’s identity. “Mmmghp!”

“Wait, I know that voice. Alai?”

“Mmm hmm”

“God damn! Well, this certainly was worth getting out of my dorm for. If Tom were here, I’d thank him…” Terra smiled one of her infamous evil smiles “Yeah I would…”

Chapter Five: Trouble

Just then, a noise came from the wall behind terra. “Oer here” Tom said, muffled by the gag and the hood.

“Jesus Christ!” Terra exclaimed. “Damn your good!” Terra stalked over to Tom and mounted his cocooned form. She began to give him the thanks that she had wanted to express. She remembered what he liked too, and began to press on Toms neck from outside the bag. He moaned inside, and she pressed harder, until there was no way he could be breathing inside. Then she noticed the tube coming out of Toms gag.

“That would be a bit easier, wouldn’t it?” Terra Said, letting go of Toms neck. She got off him and moved began to look around the room. She spotted the long tube that led back to Alai’s mouth. Getting an idea, she picked up the end of the hose.

“This should be fun… I wonder how long two people can stay conscious on one breath of air?” Terra said as she attached the other end of the tube to Toms mouthpiece. There were a few grunts as neither Tom nor Alai expected to have another person conflicting with their breathing, but in a few seconds they had found a common rhythm and were becoming quickly excited. Terra had already moved on from the two of them though, and was now playing with Chet, who was firmly attached to Alai. She wedged herself between Alai and Chet, smothering him with her inner thighs. “If you want to breathe again, Chet, you’re going to have to eat me and Alai at the same time. I won’t get off you until you get me off. ”

Chet didn’t put up too much resistance, and began to feverishly work at Terra's open cunt beyond Alai’s reawakened cock. Alai and Tom were running out of air, and Chet didn’t have much left when finally, Terra screamed in ecstasy. She relished the moment for a second or two, and then hoped off Chet. He gasped of his first breath of air, and collapsed into Alai, almost choking on his throbbing member.

“And how are you two?” Terra asked of the breathing partners. She pinched Mandy’s ass on the way by, going over to free Tom and Alai from the tube. Alai was beginning to noticeably sway against unconsciousness, so Terra knew she had to begin to work a little faster. She went to pull the tube off Toms mouthpiece, but it wouldn’t budge.
“What the Fuck?” Terra said as she pulled hard on the breathing tube. “This isn’t coming off.” Terra was yanking at the tube now. “Jesus Tom! Did you know about this? Where the hell did you get something like this anyway. You’re fucking suicidal!” Just then, the dim light that had been illuminating the chamber turned full white. In the glare Terra could see everybody clearly. She started to panic, running from Chet to get outside of the chamber, maybe find a knife or someone to help.

She looked back at the orgy, and realized she’d better solve this problem herself. She got to the zipper that led to the outside, and began to pull down on it. It wouldn’t move either.

“Not now! …Fuck!” Terra said as she tried to rip the heavy-duty zipper open. “God damn it! What the hell Tom! I can’t fucking get out!”

“Don’t panic” Someone said from inside the chamber

“Who the hell is that?” Terra screamed, scared realizing that two of her friends were going to die if she didn’t do something soon, and it would be her fault.

“That doesn’t matter” the speaker next to the light continued. “If you want to save whoever is in those bags, you’re going to have to do what I say, and fast”

“Fuck you! Who are you”

“Unless of course you’d like to be the person who murdered two and was found in a demented orgy afterwards.”

“I said screw you!…” Terra began to cry “Fine… Fine! What do I have to do?”

“There’s a switch inside the third bag. You have to crawl up inside it and bite down on the gag valve to trip it. That will open the breathing tube.”

“Oh god” Terra said, looking at the bag, knowing full well that there would be no way she could get out if she crawled in. “Oh fuck…” She said, now starting to panic.

“You don’t have much time” The voice said. Terra looked over to Alai’s heaving body, horrible hissing sounds coming from the sides of the valve, the hood puffing out and then sucking to his face as he managed tiny wheezing breaths from between where the tube and hood met. “at least he’s getting some air’, Terra thought as she laid down and began to squirm into the bag.

The bag was cold and slippery on the inside, like it was greased with something. She slipped for a second climbing up in, and was caught by the vacuum effect made by her skin and the tight oily vinyl. Getting her footing, she thrust the rest of the way into the gooey blackness, her head popping into the hood. She found the gag, and almost choked on it. It was huge, attempting to slither down her throat. She was acutely aware that she couldn’t get air now if she tried, and bit down on the gag. Terra let out a muffled scream as hot fluid poured over her encased form, into the outer bag. The slime around her inside the first bag insulated some, but it was still painful, she began to sweat as she was pinned into the bag. Outside, the breathing tube was violently popped off both Alai’s and Toms hood.

With it now hard to move, burning hot, and slimy, Terra writhed side to side. She still couldn’t breathe. She was bucking in the bag, trying to get out but only slithering up farther in. “Grab the handles inside the sleeves” A voice said from two earphones inside the hood. Terra reached up and pushed her arms down into the stretchy inner sleeves. The same slimy fluid that had been on the inside of the bag filled the sleeves, and poured out of them as her arms displaced it, running down her legs, even getting inside of her tight leather pants. She grunted against the gag, almost swallowing it now full of fluid and hot.

She bit down on it again, hoping to open something. Nothing budged. She still couldn’t breath. Finally, pushing her hands down, she found two handles. She grabbed them and squeezed, feeling something catch and lock around her wrists and something tighten around her neck. Suddenly the gag in her mouth filled again, becoming almost solid with the pressure. It forced itself partially down her throat and finally opened a breathing tube to the outside.

The air outside was sweet. Hot, tainted, and sweat laden, it was still a wonderful thing to Terra. She spent few minutes just catching her breath. After a while, her bag cooling, the clingy tightness lulling her into a trance, she realized how comfortable she was. She also realized how stupid it was to be comfortable and relaxed in such a situation. “The air is sweet, like the gas mask in a dentist office sweet” She thought. She tried to take little breaths, not to breath the air in… But there was nothing she could do, she gave up, partially because of the oxygen going to work, and breathed in deeply. Her skin had begun to tingle as well. She couldn’t feel her fingers except that they were slightly cold. She pushed one of her fingernails against her thumb. Nothing. She did again, pressing more than hard enough to slice the finger open. Still nothing. There must’ve been something in that slime inside of the bag. The outer bag was getting tighter too. The cooling turning it almost solid already. She couldn’t move.

She knew it was so stupid, but she couldn’t help but smile as she tried to move and ended up grinding her thighs together. The feeling shot through her and she was so horny. She didn’t care where she was anymore, she just wanted someone, anyone, to finish the job. She found that she could at least start it by turning left and right, and was soon in a rhythm with herself.



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