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Call Center

by Phantom

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© Copyright 2018 - Phantom - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF+/mf+; office; latex; catsuits; gags; gasmasks; bond; straps; corset; collar; susp; rubberdoll; bdsm; tease; torment; denial; cons; X

"Call Center" is about a VERY rubbery office.

During the spring, the company would encourage its employees to take the stairs instead of using the lift. For a few brief weeks during the year, it would be a mark of shame to be seen taking the elevator two floors up.  For some employees, taking the elevator was mandatory. Those with a physical impediment obviously used it. Anyone transporting goods took the elevator.  The call center was on the fourth floor. It was close enough that a health-conscious individual might force the jaunt up each landing. It was high enough that taking the elevator would have been acceptable practice. Employees in the call center took a rear elevator. They were unseen by crowds below. The call center's location on the fourth floor meant that it was close to the public eye. Windows were frosted or tinted one way. The contents had to be hidden. Privacy was more rigidly regulated. The location on the fourth floor meant that it was out of the way. Employees could leave their desks and venture one, even two floors down without worrying about exposing themselves to some visitor that lost their way.  It was ordinary for those on the third floor to see their support team from above. The extraordinary costumes made them easy to spot. Some had polished their uniforms to such a shine that they'd reflect light coming in through the window walls. Some would attach filters or respiration equipment to their masks, with oxygen hissing in and out of their tanks. A few wore no mask, but never spoke. Thick gags precluded speech; ballgags would often let saliva dribble from forced mouths; it was to the chagrin of some employees and delight of others.   They called it a "call center" but calls were a rarity. Specialized staff sat and responded to these live requests. Most requests for assistance came in via e-mail or message; this was preferred by the leadership as it allowed greater volume and quicker responses.

Also, it allowed staff to remain gagged. They were not, however, silent.

The Employee tried to keep silent, though he was known to let out the occasional grunt or moan. He sighed and leaned in against his desk, eyes fliting over his screen at his schedule. He was supposed to be in training soon; they would see if he was a candidate to be plugged or filled. That was tomorrow, unless he could make an excuse to avoid it – or pass it on to someone else.

The rubber squeaked as he leaned back in his chair, locking himself in. He took a moment to marvel at his suit. He'd taken great care to polish it. He ran one finger up his own thigh, grinning; the way he indented on the smooth, shining surface brought him no small amount of satisfaction. He teased at the buckles near his hips. He'd thought about wearing a corset at times, but it didn't seem to be up his alley. Fashioanble, absolutely, but perhaps not for him. The leather harness seemed more his style. Straps around his arms and legs, treated black leather, and plenty of D-rings for innumerable configurations. Right now, he was locked to his chair – dozens of tiny locking points making sure he kept ergonomic posture. The tall collar around his neck kept his head back and slightly up. No slouching at this job. The Employee knew the rewards and consequences quite well. 

He ran through a few e-mail requests that had been sitting in his inbox since lunch. There was a certain modicum of joy in explaining how to best use the fashion straitjacket. He was quoting from the guide, of course, but he possessed first-person experience as well. The Employee had tried it on early last month. Of course, it'd be a shame to waste his talents, so he was ungagged, unmasked, and given some time as a representative over the phone. It had been difficult to disguise his situation, especially when other coworkers would visit for a few gropes.

He finished the support e-mail and sent it. Time flew by as he did a half-dozen more. He felt his brain turning off at times. They could be quite formulaic. The break/ing room was fairly well-stocked, though. The amenities were ample and free. New goods were added regularly. Everything was so authentic, and so genuine. Also, there was coffee.

Prathiba's visit helped to break the monotony.

"Are you going to the Labor Day Party?"

His voice was distorted through the mask. She met eyes with him through the dark lenses.

"I don't think so. It's fine to work with someone and it's fine to party with someone." He wiggled his hand to demonstrate the point. "Trying to do both is like... I don't know, I'd worry about the overlap."

"No doubt," Prathiba said. "I think that this one is at her house, though."

"How does that change anything?"  

Prathiba took a seat on his desk. He didn't appreciate it. Her curves were quite pleasant, though. The Employee would never admit it, but he was envious of the way she wore all those straps. They webbed around her torso like a spider's embrace. It was quite the sight to see her curves so constricted.

"Well, it's at her house. So, that's like – a game-changer. It's not going out for drinks with your boss, it's hanging out with your boss."

"That's nice, but I still don't know. That's almost worse."

Prathiba giggled. "Yeah. Because – you can get more intimate..."

The Employee cut her off. "But you might not want it."  

They chuckled  slightly. Prathiba managed to get him to say "yes." She left.

He'd been glancing at the clock the past five minutes. If he were to visit the break/ing room before the rush... no, it was probably too late. Prathiba's conversation had dragged on just a few moments too long.

He squeaked there, but it was indeed too late. The best stuff was already gone.

The rubberslut he'd had his eye on was #d44n10m. The memo said she'd volunteered for training, and was only more eager after being processed. He sighed – apparently he wasn't the only one who wanted to test her out. Somehow, Prathiba had made it here before him and was already giving her a spin. He cursed himself for installing the locks. 

Doll #d44n10m looked refreshing, too. Her catsuit was entirely white save the rigid corset and the thick posture collar; both were a creamy off-white. Prathiba had installed her in a corner of the room onto the swings. Thick silk rope straddled her at a dozen contact points, raising her off the ground and leaving her to swing helplessly through the air. The back of her head, both arms, her abdomen and shoulders – it was quite a web, but it meant that she was well and truly stuck. She flailed her mittened hands now and again, but it was doubtless just for show – judging by the sounds coming from her hood, she wouldn't want to go anywhere else. Prathiba had taken the crop and was teasing her swing-slave quite a bit; running it up and down her form before striking her vulnerable white curves with its hard leather keeper. 

The Employee's arousal was so intense, it was practically painful. Every time Prathiba struck her vulnerable breast, he felt his spine tingle. The doll was so ecstatic, so eager for more; it was refreshing indeed, if not satisfying. He played a bit with another doll who'd been set up in the public groping station. He didn't recognize the barcode on her thigh, but he thought he'd seen her in the room before. An older unit with a rigid, plastic bane helmet – she was quieter, but still appreciative. 

All the dolls that could be borrowed had already been so borrowed. No doubt they were getting up to something fun – the sort of fun that he wouldn't be allowed to have with the public ones. He grunted again, trying to play down his arousal as he returned to his office. 

Ugh. He flopped onto his chair. He cycled through a few more requests for help. Response sent. Response sent. A live chat for tips on using a particular tape drone came in, but he was sluggish in his responses. He kept on shutting his eyes and envisioning something else. He'd purse his lips, lean back for just a moment of fantasty, and return – and two minutes had passed. The customer would beg for a response. "Are you still there?" He'd respond, start the next step, and lean back again. 

He was getting distracted.

Someone on the fifth floor keyed in a request.

When the Employee next checked his inbox, it was empty. The screen announced that it was going to lock down. He tapped and clicked for a furious few seconds to try and understand the strange message. He moved to get up from his chair, but he found that the locks had re-engaged. They wouldn't respond. He reached into his drawer for the keys, but was interrupted before he could free himself.

Two figures presented themselves before him. #d44n10m bowed and moved forward. The other figure's outfit looked very familiar to him. The long, slinky latex dress and web of straps contrasted with a hood that looked like it had been very recently added. It was tight against her face – six buckles that connected two halves of a thick rubber shell. Aside from two ports for breathing, it was flush against her face. He could practically make out features beneath it – a face beneath a faceless mask.

The two visitors worked in tandem as they rewarded the employee. The chair reclined back, and the white doll unzipped his uniform. He looked down and noticed she was removing her own posture collar. There was one part of her that wasn't white  - her dark, red lips. She knelt before him. The Employee changed his status to 'BREAK.' 

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