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Bright Morning

by JHarlequin

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© Copyright 2002 - JHarlequin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; reluct; X

Bright Morning by  jharlequin
My name is Jessica and I am on my sixth day of vacation in this country, and I can only imagine it getting even more beautiful.

I woke up in the bed and stretched.  Today I wanted to go out shopping and I knew that my new pantsuit would be wonderful in the sunny weather.  I bet I would impress all the guys that looked at me, and maybe I could even impress a few shopkeepers to give me discounts.

I of course started in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Main Street.  The different shops and street vendors always have impressive new clothes and jewelry.  The noise is always great to hear and seeing all the people so close to each other is impressive.  But after a while I have to go to some of the side streets because that is where I can really save money.

At one shop I noticed several men in dark robes, and what must be a young woman in a very tight shiny red robe.  It seemed strange that she wore something so bright all over her body.  From head to toe she was covered in red, I noticed that her hands even look red when she pushed among the dresses to see the price tags.  I decided though that this must be a good shop to attract people like this so I looked inside to see what I could find.

Inside I saw something totally new to me.  A lot of the dresses were made of leather or some other material.  It felt kind of slick and smooth.  I took it over to the woman at the register to ask about it.

The woman in red had come inside and I saw that she had taken off a glove to feel one of the dresses.  When I was walking past the same rack someone bumped into me and knocked me over.

While trying to get up, I was hearing a woman scream and several shouts from men.  I noticed that I was holding someone’s hand and I guess that I must have grabbed the woman’s hand to keep myself from falling too hard.  I looked up and saw two eyes that looked very surprised, and two large men standing menacingly behind her.

We were picked up and as they started pulling me out of the shop, I began struggling.  They told me, “Your proposal has been accepted.  If you wish to back out now then you will be confined in prison for your violent rape of the princess’s emotions.”

Proposal… “What is going on?”

“You have touched the skin of the first princess,” they told me, “Since she is of age to marry, then your touch means you wished to marry her.  If you back out now then you will be imprisoned.  Will you marry the princess?”

“I can’t go to prison, I am just on vacation…” I started to say.

“Very good miss.  The ceremony will be later today.  Come with us.”

I was shocked as we stepped into the street and they proceeded to pull me along behind the “Princess” towards the large mansion at the center of the city.  As I looked back and forth around the street, I could see many people cheering.  It all seemed too much, and then I just couldn’t keep up with it.

Later I woke up in a large bed.  I must have been dreaming.  I wondered why I wasn’t in my own bed, but when I looked about the room and saw a large man in a black cloak waiting in front of a pair of doors, I realized that I must have passed out in the market.  It wasn’t a dream!  How was I going to get out of this!

The man spoke up, “Miss, We are pleased that you have woken.  We will have to get ready for the ceremony soon.”

I started speaking, “But I can’t go through with this.  I am just on vacation.  I don’t belong here.  I didn’t do anything.”  The look on his face darkened and I believed that I was either going to be put in prison or go through with this marriage to a woman?  They certainly didn’t believe that two woman could marry, did they?

“Miss the princess was surprised that someone would propose to her so quickly but she is following her duty as princess to marry the first person who proposed.  If your proposal was not true, it would hurt her so much, and you would be imprisoned quickly.  Tell me now so I can inform the rest of the royalty, do you want to marry the princess or go to prison?”

I thought about the decision and said the first thing that seemed reasonable to me.  “I will marry the princess.”  I didn’t think that I sounded convincing but he turned and opened the door.  As he left several women came in with several carts and some clothes racks.  They started coming towards me.

A woman in black started speaking while carrying a notepad, “Miss we need to know your name, and we also need to prepare you for your wedding.” 

“Uh, my name is Jessica.”  Things were moving to fast again but I need to pay attention now.  “Why am I supposed to marry the princess?  And what preparations are you going to do?”

She answered me; “You touched the princess’s bare skin after her 18th birthday.  In this country that is a proposal to members of the royal family because then it encourages our people to search for their dreams and be more personal with each other.”  “As for preparations, we need to remove your excess body hair.  Wash your body and then dress you.  Other then that we could just help you recite your lines for the wedding.”

“What lines would that be?”

“All you have to say is I do”

That was kind of a shock.  I don’t know why I kept letting everything happen but I just couldn’t stop it.  I didn’t even think about it anymore.  I just kind of relaxed and enjoyed the ride.

  The women came and pulled my clothes off.  They led me over to a table and after I lay down on it, they began using an electrolysis machine to pull out all the hairs on my body.  After that they used sponges and scrubs to rub soaps and oils into my skin.  It started to feel quite nice.  They even brought in some water for me to drink.  After all that they took me to a shower and rinsed me off.

It really didn’t seem bad.  I guess that I was going to be married.  They walked me over to the clothes racks and started measuring me.  I looked at the racks and noticed that a lot of the dresses and clothing was just like the stuff in the shop.

“What is this stuff?” I asked.

“We are trying to pick out a wedding gown for you from these things.  The clothing you were wearing earlier really isn’t good enough for royalty.  Simple cloth just doesn’t bring out natural beauty, so we are going to make your clothes from rubber.”

“I don’t know about that.  Won’t it get hot.”  I reached out and felt some of the dresses.  The sensation was so different from everything I had felt before.

A girl then pulled a slip over my head.  The feeling was wonderful.  I wanted to know how it looked so I searched for the mirror.  When I saw myself in the pink rubber slip, I asked for more.  They brought me a corset some panties and stockings.  They started sprinkling a powder over me and helped me pull the clothing on.  As the stockings slid along the powder, my legs felt the grip of the stockings.  It was wonderful.  They had me step into the corset and they pulled it up my body till it settled under my slip.  They then tightened it.  The constriction was new but felt good.  I wasn’t sure why everything was becoming so simple.

They connected garters between the stockings and corset, and then pulled then panties over my legs up into place.  It felt almost cold, but it was all just right.  The pink looked appropriate and good for a beginning.  They slid some gloves onto my hands and pulled them up to my elbows.  I rubbed my sides and reveled in the new feelings.

They brought out a long thin white dress.  It was lifted up and they told me to hold my hands over my head.  It was pulled down around me.  I felt its snugness squeezing around me as they fitted it into place.  I looked in the mirror again and saw something so new to me, and something that I didn’t want to give up.

They brought out some make-up and added a light touch of color to my face.  They gave me a small ring box and told me that I was ready.

I babble, “Ready for what?”

“Your ready for your wedding silly!” she said.

Oh my god.  I had forgotten.  What was I going to do?  What would it be like?  Who is giving me away?

It seemed that I only got one answer when another man in a black cloak came in to lead me to the reception hall.


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