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Brian's New Job

by Blackfive

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; catsuit; catheter; enema; cd; mask; corset; cons; X

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It is a few months on from our last visit to Tight-n-Shiny and Brian is well in the groove. One of the unexpected challenges for the staff had come with the introduction of a range of female masks. For the females, just a slightly uncomfortable interlude, which allowed them to hide potential embarrassment behind a mask when wearing the most revealing costumes. For Brian, an unexpected opportunity.

He had discovered on the day he started at the shop that he really liked the feel of a lot of the fetish wear, especially some of the female lines the shop stocked. Working behind a mask provided that opportunity. The chain's store dress code mandated that staff personally tested every item for 24 hours per year although that could be split into separate sections. Brian had decided that one full work-day every fortnight, usually on a Wednesday, he would be fully crossdressed, thereby gaining enough time to wear everything for long enough.

Random Wednesday No. 1

Staff present Brian (Manager), Tracey (Under Manager), June & Adrian (Sales Assistants).

On arriving in the store well before opening time he unlocked the outer door, relocked it and set the burglar alarm again before going through to the dressing and demonstration room at the back of the store. Although all of his colleagues were used to seeing each other in the flesh, most did prefer some modesty when possible and Brian's chosen items for today did need a full strip down, hence the early arrival. He was going to be in today's wear for nearly nine hours (the enema at home being step one) and had to fit a catheter. Over this he pulled on a full body suit with a silicone gel-filled bust and a hip section that could be inflated slightly, with the catheter pipe exiting the suit via a false vagina. He wanted to get these on before the other staff arrived at 8:45 for their own dressing. With a dressing gown over this, and still un-inflated, he went through to the main store to await their arrival.

Adrian was the first in, he'd been able to travel in already dressed, as he was now on the third day of his selection: an open crotch black latex catsuit and chastity tube. Uncomfortable, but manageable, with just a pair of shorts as the added extra. Once June had arrived, who along with Tracey was having a normal dress day (or as normal as it gets in a fetish shop) the pair of them got on with the normal opening process and Adrian went through to help Brian. Pumping the hip pads up first he then zippered up Brian's suit but did not, yet, lock it at the neck. The next item on was the heavy rubber female mask which Adrian also zipped down before now locking both zippers together.

Brian was now more or less able to finish his dressing but was in the suit on a liquids-only diet until the store closed at 17:30. He was going to be very hot and uncomfortable but would feel extremely kinky all day. For his lower half his choice was 30 denier black seamed tights matched with four-inch heeled Oxfords; as a top layer a simple latex all in one dress, albeit with a bodice that he had to lightly lace in for it to fit neatly. He was ready by 9:20 and the store opened on time at 9:30.

The unexpected twist – his wife's arrival!

Sheila had known about the store before he got the job, she walked past it each day on her own way into work, and she'd been the one to see the vacancy advert. She had also occasionally been in the store both before and after Brian had started work there and with what she had seen, and what Brian had told her, knew all about the dress code. On this particular Wednesday she had taken a flexitime afternoon, and at just after 2 o-clock she surprised Brian. Nodding to June she said “Is it ready?”

“Oh yes, just as you asked. We are all really looking forward to this.”

With that she turned to the surprised Brian and suggested they went through to the back office. She had another unexpected treat for him, a slightly belated (his birthday had been on Monday earlier in the week) present.

“Chastity. I know you found the experience interesting when you used the male type a few weeks ago but you knew it was coming, now for the female example, and me being in control. Tights and dress off please, and then you need stockings for this.”

June brought through the fiendish looking chastity device, metal bands for each thigh, a metal crotch plate loop and waist belt together with several linking chains. Brian, gulped, he had also seen the metal bra, which he knew came with this. Before Sheila put it on him though she also slipped a red leather corset round his waist, if he was to wear stockings he needed something to hold them up. Once that was tightened, not excessively just a 3 inch trimming, she put the rest of the gear onto him. Also, as a final twist, she swapped his 4” Oxfords for his own red, ankle strap sandals with the 6” heel. The final dressing was to put him back into the latex dress.

“Right young Brian, you are mine, and in this for the next 24 hours! A small birthday party will be here after work, with just liquids for you, and I'm staying here overnight with you in the back room. I've always wondered what being a Dom would feel like. You never know where this could lead. Now back out into the shop.”


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