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The Boxes

by J

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© Copyright 2001 - J - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; shave; enema; latex; panties; bra; toys; insert; jell; tights; unitard; catsuits; hood; bodybag; multi-layer; boxed; punish; climax; cons/reluct; XX

Authors Note: NOTICE this is a work of fiction! Warning DO NOT TRY IT MIGHT END A LIFE.

As you come walking into the house you see a note and 4 boxes

The note says:

Dearest slave,

You see before you the boxes of your plight tonight and what you will be wearing is in those 4 boxes. But first you must shave your body clean, and give yourself a series of enemas to make sure you are good and cleaned out, you will be in the contents of the boxes for the weekend. Now go and do as I say. There will be other notes in the boxes detailing what to do next.



You go and do what the note says. You shave your body so that no hair is left. And give yourself 5 enemas to make sure you are clean for your master. You walk back out into the room and decide to start in your journey.

Box #1

You go and pick up the first boxes lid. In this box you see a pair of latex panties and bra. The latex panties have two dildoes in it one that is 8 inches long and 3 inches in girth and the second one is 6 inches long and 2 inches in girth. ‘I am glad my master made me get used to huge toys’ you say to yourself. Also there is a jar of jelly, it says it will help you insert and put on all of your clothes.

As you work the jelly all over you crotch area and then begin work the panties up your legs you start to wonder if it is glue or not. Finally you get to the point where you have to insert the dildos, you grab the huge one and point it to your already wet mounds, put some of the jell on it and insert it, you feel yourself expand as it goes inside of your wet pussy. You start to wonder how long you will be encased in the latex. 

You start working the other dildo up your tight anus feeling the dildo split you in two and pull the panties up until they are very tight and seem like it will take a while to take them off again even if you HAD to..

Box #2

Inside box #2 there is a pair of latex tights with feet and a latex unitard with long sleeves.

The latex unitard from the looks of it can be locked on. Inside the box is another note saying to spread the jelly all over your legs, the panties and your chest and bra and as much of your back as you can. Now being rather flexible you can bring both of your hands together in prayer fashion so it should be no problem for you to get your back as best as you can. You start working the tights up your legs, the jelly making it easier but not a lot, you can feel the latex is a bit thicker than what you have worn before. And you are starting to feel an orgasm grow inside your body, one that you feel will be the best one you have ever had in your life. Next you work the unitard up your legs. It too feels thicker then anything you have ever worn before.

You close the zipper on the unitard and head to the 3rd box

Box #3

In the 3rd box is a latex catsuit this time with gloves and feet and a full-face hood, with no eyes or mouth just two tubes that gives you air thru your nose. And as before in the other boxes you read a note that say to spread the jelly all over yourself again including your head this time, hence the shaving of all body hair. You start to pull up the catsuit and work your feet into the feet of the suit; you slowly start working it up your all ready latex encased legs pulling it up to your thighs and over your hips.

‘Man this is really tight’ you think to yourself, ‘I wonder how long I am really going to be in this.’

Fear starts to well up in you just then the dildos come alive and make you forget about your fear and drive you like a torrent of rain to your first of many orgasms to come. You start your jelled up hands and arms inside the sleeves of the catsuit. Once you get your fingers settled into place you can feel just how hard it is to move your body in and big movements.

Now you just wait for me sealed in the latex.

Box #4

4 hours and 6 orgasms later I come home. I go right to the room you are in and see you have followed my directions to the letter. ‘Good she doesn’t know it but the jell has set and has glued her inside of the latex until I decide when to let her out.’

I walk over to you and get the last box, open it up and describe the last two outfits that you are to get into.

“Hello slave! The next outfit I have for you is a latex catsuit but with a twist it has no arms but it does have legs and feet. Now I want you to stand up and step into the suit, I will guide you the rest of the way from here my slave.”

You stand up and I guide your right foot into the leg of the suit then the left. You seem to be a bit apprehensive about this new catsuit but I just push a bit harder and you relent to my will. I work it up your legs, up your thighs over your hips and say, “Now put your arms in front of you like a mummy.” You do so and I pull the rest of the suit up to your neck and close the zipper, encasing your arms within.

Next I bring out the last item in the box, a latex body bag that if you could see would be skintight and seems to be made just for you. I lay it on the bed and open it up. “Now lay down on the bed, your last item of latex is there I will guide you.” I say as I am spreading more of the jell inside of it. You lay down inside of the body bag and I begin to lace it closed pulling as tight as I can before the jell sets up.

You fell like you’re being crushed by a huge vice and grunt in pain as you feel yourself becoming smaller by the second. An unrelenting pressure is covering you from your toes to your chest and getting tighter.

I lean over you and place my mouth next to your right ear and say, “My dear slave you are now encased in latex from head to toe and in 6 layers as well. Oh you know the jelly I had you spread on yourself and the other layers? That is was glue and only I have the bottle of glue remover that will ever let you out of this. This is your punishment for not giving yourself an enema once and allowing me to get shit on my dick when I fucked you in your ass. I hope your newfound friends will keep you busy while you’re here. Oh once last thing bitch, you’re going inside of one of those boxes, that last one is made out of steel and can be locked shut! Knowing that you’re very flexible and do yoga to keep it up I know I can force your body into the small box and keep you in there for one week or longer if I hear you make ANY noise!”

I open the last box, go over and pick you up and make you kneel inside of it. I grab the back of your neck and force you down, you grunt as your last big breath of air is forced out of you. “That will add another week!” I say as I hold you down with one hand and close the lid with the other. I grab the tubes and plug them into two holes inside the box so you can still breath.

The last sounds you hear are me locking the box and putting the keys on top of it, adding to your torment knowing the keys are just with in reach if you were not encased in latex and glued in.

The end



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