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Bound in Latex (Seven days a slave)

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2018 - Mikel - Used by kind permission.

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; latex; catsuit; corset; boots; hoods; gag; bond; cuffs; rope; straps; bfold; hogtie; frogtie; outdoors; bdsm; cane; spank; punish; slave; climax; denial; cons; X

Janet sat stroking her latex covered body, she loved being tightly encased in her rubber clothes. Still admiring herself and relishing the feeling of the rubber she stretched out her pointed feet looking at the ballet boots she had learned to wear so quickly. Not that she had given herself much choice since she locked the first pair on leaving the key to the lock box in her closet at the far end of her gravel driveway knowing there was no way she could crawl there and back with her hands cuffed so closely together. Janet had spent twenty four hours learning how to walk in the towering heels before being able to retrieve the key and now wore them more than she didn’t.

The cuffs around her wrists held them extremely close together making it difficult to unlock and uncomfortable to wear for long periods. Janet had been wearing the catsuit and corset for the last three days, tightening the corset much tighter just before locking her hands together, of course the ballet boots were laced tightly and locked on as well. She had been unsure about the dominate service she had contacted but her desire to be dominated while incased in latex had become too overwhelming and she had broken down and set up a date for her seven days as a slave to begin. She had requested to be bound for the entire time and never be allowed out of her latex. The instructions were short she was to encase herself in latex restrain her ankles, ballet boots would suffice, and cuff her wrists together as tightly as possible and wait for her mistress to arrive.

Janet sat wishing she had gagged herself and maybe chained her ankles together and was about to go and get some ankle chains and try to gag herself when she heard the front door open and heard the clicking of high heels on her tile floor. Janet was starting to struggle against the cuffs as she began to debate with herself that this was a good idea or not. She had agreed to the terms of the contract and knew it was going to be a long seven days. Janet had originally hoped she would get a very stern mistress but as she sat there stewing in her tight latex she had changed her mind and hoped she might get a compassionate one that would understand her needs and help fulfill them. As her heart beat faster she could see the choices for what type of mistress she wanted on the screen and remembered picking the most severe option.

The footsteps grew closer and Janet’s breathing became faster as she waited for the woman to enter the room she now sat helpless in. Janet closed her eyes and waited until the sound of the high heels stopped in front of her before opening them. When she did she gasped at the imposing figure standing in front of her. The woman was beautiful with black hair and dark skin, her large eyes looked stern already and her ruby red lips sealed tightly together made her even more impressive. The woman opened her coat revealing the tight corset under it with attached stockings that fed into the thigh high leather of the towering high heeled boots she was wearing. She had completed the look with thin leather gloves and stood in front of Janet eyeing her with a look of disgust before saying “Show me your gear now!” Janet was surprised at her angry tone and jumped to her pointed toes and headed to her special closet.

“You will lower your head when in my presence!” Janet heard from behind and squealed when she felt the whip slap across her rubber covered ass. Janet lowered her head and stopped in front of the closet “Open it!” her new mistress yelled making Janet jump and yank the door open. Speaking as she walked into the closet “Normally I would tell my slaves what to call me but since you will not have that option it doesn’t matter”. Janet was looking at the floor fidgeting in her latex as she listened to her new torturer. “You have chosen to be totally encased and dominated for the period of seven days” Janet stood waiting to see if she should acknowledge the statement or not noticing how much she was sweating now as it streamed in between her skin and the tight rubber.

The woman continued not waiting for a response “I am pleased you seem to have all the necessary gear I will require and that it means I will not have to hold back since I already know that you want to be forced into submission”. Janet suddenly felt very uncomfortable with her decision to hire this person and was about to try and talk her way out of it when she felt the large phallus being stuffed into her mouth. The mistress was quick closing the first strap around Janet’s head and when Janet tried to resist she saw the leash wrapped around the center of the cuffs then felt them being pulled brutally hard down to her pussy as the leash was pulled upwards between her legs. Once her hands were secured mistress locked Janet’s ankles together with police style handcuffs squeezing both hard to get them to close over the tops of the boots.

Janet was still pulling at the leash when the mistress started closing the remaining straps on the head harness. She carefully pulled each strap very tight over the rubber encasing Janet’s head before locking each. Janet was still trying to struggle and communicate she wanted to stop but her new mistress ignored her pleas completely. Mistress stepped back and watched her new submissive struggling with her bonds enjoying the fear in her eyes as she looked up at her tormentor. Mistress explained her routine for the next week or so telling Janet she would as she had requested be left alone for the majority of the time and would never be released. Janet felt her pussy dampen at these words only to be shocked when she heard that she would not be allowed to orgasm at any time and if she did her new mistress would add a day to her confinement for each one.

Janet thought back on her enrollment form and remembered nothing about no orgasms and remembered checking the box for multiple. Mistress saw her confusion and reminded her that she had checked the box of total domination giving all power and decisions to her mistress. Janet’s eyes got very large when she heard this and saw the smile her new tormentor had on her face when she said it. “Now I’ve got to go so let’s get you ready”. Janet tried to move away from her but couldn’t in her current state and was forced to the floor.

Janet struggled as she felt her hands being uncuffed and pulled roughly behind her back and a thick strap wrapped around her elbows and pulled tight. Janet was mumbling and grunting as she tried to fight her mistress only making it easier for her to strap her wrists together cinching them tight. Janet was now helpless again and lay gasping from her struggles as her mistress strapped her ankles, still cuffed together then felt the wide strap being pulled between her wrist and ankle restraints and pulled hard yanking her ankles to her wrists. Janet thought she was finished binding her when she felt another strap being wrapped around her forehead then her head being yanked back violently towards her pointed toes. Janet started to struggle again finding she was tightly bound into a very strict hogtie and had no way to release herself or get anyone to release her.

Janet’s eyes were searching from side to side, the only parts of her body she could still move when suddenly everything went black and she was left in total darkness. Janet listened to her tormentor laughing at her futile struggles then say “Yes struggle all you can, twenty four hours like this will calm you some then maybe we can get down to your training!” Janet heard the heels on the floor as they walked to the front door and just before it closed she heard “I’ll leave the door unlocked so I can get back in the next time I’m in the neighborhood!” Janet started flailing and twisting not wanting to be left like this and desperately wanting to be freed and hoped she was just teasing her about leaving the door unlocked.

For the next twenty four hours Janet’s mind and body went through every emotion she had from being angry and struggling until she almost passed out to weeping as she felt total despair and lost all hope of her mistress returning. Without being able to see she lost all track of time and quickly felt it had already been much longer than one day. Her body was exhausted and could no longer struggle or move anymore so she lay very close to where she had been strapped so tightly. As Janet’s mind drifted it tried to find a place to avoid the aches and pains her body was experiencing finally leaving Janet in a dream state where she actually started enjoying the bondage and the broken woman lay bound, her body swimming in the fluids it had produced during her long struggles.

Janet lay dreaming enjoying the incredible orgasm’s her dreams were producing when she suddenly felt a sharp stinging on her rubber covered ass making her wake up screaming as she heard her mistress laughing again and saying “I guess my warning wasn’t enough, I counted at least two orgasm’s while I sat watching you so now you will remain bound for two more days!” Janet was groggy as she continued twisting and whining as her ass was abused by her cruel mistress. After what seemed like hours Janet’s warden unstrapped her legs from her wrists and forced her to stand on shaking legs leading her into the bathroom and forcing her to sit. Janet felt fresh air on her damp pussy and was told she had three minutes to relieve herself.

Janet had no problem relieving her bladder even though she felt completely humiliated and shuddered when she felt the zipper being yanked up sealing her pussy again. Janet was drug into her kitchen and pushed into a chair, her bound arms pulled roughly behind it and strapped to the cross bar tight making her moan as she struggled to adjust to her new position. The gag was ripped from Janet’s mouth then the hood removed, the blindfold was pulled back over her eyes and gag was replaced before she could say anything by the large nipple Janet knew was on the end of a feeding bottle she had used in the past. “You have five minutes to finish this before we start”. Janet sucked the foul tasting fluid into her body glad for the relief of her terrible thirst and hoped she would have a chance to say her safe word when it was removed.

While Janet drank her mistress was planning her next session and this one would make for a very long day for her salve. Janet felt the bottle yanked from her mouth and quickly yelled “Strawberry!” and waited on her mistress to stop, for a long minute Janet sat waiting for a response. She heard her mistress laughing as she said “I suppose that’s your safe word, well I just checked your contract to make sure and you asked for no safe word you stupid little slut!” With that Janet felt another ball being shoved into her mouth and heard several strips of tape being pulled off the roll then firmly applied over her lower face and mouth sealing it completely. The cruel mistress removed the blindfold and pulled another of Janet’s rubber hoods over her face, this hood left her nose and eyes open but Janet’s sight was quickly blocked again by the blindfold.

With her arms still strapped together behind her back and her ankles still cuffed together Janet was drug through the house blindly trying to follow the mean woman pulling and yanking on her leash. Janet became lost quickly not knowing where she was when she was pushed to the ground on her stomach. She felt her legs being strapped together grunting as her captor folded them over and strapped them even tighter to her thighs. Now she was essentially in a tight hogtie still encapsulated in her rubber cocoon, her pointed feet twisting as Janet tries to struggle. Her bound wrists were pulled towards her bent knees and two more straps were wrapped around her body pinning her already bound arms to her back. Janet listened to her mistress panting as she knelt next to her trapped body and stopped struggling waiting to hear what was going to happen next.

Janet lay gasping through her nose finally hearing her tormentor stand up and say “You will remain in this position until you reach the door”. Janet moaned knowing she could never find the door being blind when her mistress said “Oh you think it’s unfair if I leave you unable to see don’t you?” Janet whined and nodded her head in agreement. “Well I guess you really do need to see” her mistress said as she pulled the blindfold off her rubber covered head. Janet slowly opened her eyes and started to whine and desperately thrash in her bonds as she realized why she it had felt so much different to her as she had been drug along, she was outside! Janet had been concentrating so hard on keeping up with her mistress that she hadn’t thought about why the ground had felt so much different under her pointed toes.

Now Janet lay on her side bound in an exceedingly tight hogtie in the grass of her backyard watching her cruel mistress walk back towards the house in her tall boots. Janet twisted her bound body and focused on her house knowing she had been bound and the very back of her yard meaning she would have to struggle almost a hundred feet to reach the door. Janet was already sweating badly as the sun beat down on her black rubber body and Janet knew it was only going to get hotter as the day progressed. Janet struggled to up right her body finding she could only bend at her hips and neck and knew it was going to be a long day. Janet began to worm walk her way towards the house making very little progress and having to stop every few minutes to gasp through her nose for air. After two hours she had only made it about ten feet and lay panting as she felt the heat building inside the tight rubber. Janet opened her eyes and saw her corseted mistress sitting on her porch drinking something with her feet up and could just hear her laughing over her desperate gasps.

Janet twisted and turned herself until she was sideways and started forcing her body up using her knees and head then rolled over. Janet made more progress in twenty minutes than in the previous two hours but the rolling maneuver took much more effort making her have to stop more often to catch her breath. Janet felt she was cooking inside her rubber prison but knew she had no choice but to continue since she had watched her tormentor walk back into the house leaving her alone again. Janet continued to struggle towards the house rolling in the grass getting more grass in her nose and eyes then she thought possible. As she struggled the heat made her slowly slip into her subspace and choose to keep trying just to please her mistress no longer caring if she got to climax or not only wanting to prove she was worthy to serve her.

Janet’s body continued forcing itself to roll even though Janet’s mind could no longer think, she was too exhausted and getting dehydrated to be able to think clearly. Janet opened her eyes when she felt her body hit something, looking up she could see she was at the house! Her foggy mind made her twist to find the door behind her, Janet twisted and turned wiggling her exhausted body to the door. The sun was going down as Janet banged her head on the door then just lay there waiting for her mistress eager to show her she had made it. As the sun continued to drop Janet could feel the temperature dropping and knew this time of year it could get quite cold at night and hoped she had pleased her enough to be allowed to be spend the night indoors.

Janet lay outside the door until it was totally dark too exhausted to even whine finally falling asleep dreaming about being drug inside and feeling her body being moved and twisted in strange ways. Janet was awakened by a stinging sensation on her inner thighs and tried to move finding that she could not move anything other than her hands. Janet lay struggling pulling at her bonds discovering her arms and legs had been frog tied and her head was covered in another layer of latex that covered her head leaving only her eyes open. While her mistress caned her weakened body Janet struggled against the straps holding her frog tied body with her legs spread open making her feel very exposed, the tall stiff posture collar forcing her head to remain completely straight keeping her from being able to look at anything but the ceiling.

Janet could feel the tight strap around her waist and upper chest crushing both and not only holding her tightly to whatever it was she was on but making it very difficult to for her to take a deep breath. As she began to struggle she found her bent knees and elbows were secured making it impossible for her to close or move either and making the only things she could move was her hands and pointed feet. Her mistress was standing just out of her sight watching her captive struggling while she relentlessly caned her helpless victim. Janet was still unsure what was happening as she felt the thin cane steadily hitting her inner thighs. As the whipping continued Janet started struggling harder as the stinging hits began to become painful. Janet started whining and thrashing as she was tortured by the thin cane making her mistress cackle evilly beside her while she was helpless to stop the stinging cane.

As Janet’s struggles increased her cruel tormentor moved the stinging cane to her pert breasts making the restrained woman scream into the thick gag covering her mouth. Janet was now thrashing wildly in her bonds gasping desperately through her nose as the pain from her whipped thighs combined with the increasing pain in her breasts. Janet was gasping and squealing as her mistress continued caning her breasts laughing at her futile struggles taunting her by asking “Why don’t you do something to stop me?” Janet was desperate to stop the torture but could feel her pussy getting wet as she continued to struggle harder, even in her fatigued state she couldn’t believe she was being aroused by the mistreatment. Janet was whipped for almost another hour, the location where the cane landed were changed several times leaving Janet’s whole body covered in growing welt’s. As her mistress continued to laugh and whip the wailing woman Janet’s body betrayed her and a large orgasm exploded through Janet’s tortured body making her scream while her body tensed and quivered making her mistress mad at her slaves pleasure making her begin to whip her much harder.

Janet lay silent, strapped and spread out on the table while her mistress whipped her only stopping when her arms became tired. Mistress left her new slave bound to the table for the night making sure she couldn’t get any comfort from the stinging welts she had left on her body knowing that the pain would continue to radiate through Janet’s encased and restrained body all night. Janet didn’t hear the door close, her mind had shut down leaving her spent body shivering in the cool night air alone in the dark unable to move or fight her bonds.

Janet drifted in and out of sleep until she felt her exhausted body being released from the table top. Janet was too confused and exhausted to resist as she was moved into another position. Janet’s body was forced into a crouching position with her arms bound behind her back. Her frog tied legs bound together then wide straps where pulled tight crushing her body to her thighs. The latex hoods and tape gag were removed from Janet’s sweat soaked head, her mistress inspected her captives face before slapping it brutally and laughing loudly as she got no response from Janet. Janet stared straight ahead watching her mistress gather up another latex hood and began wrestling it over her damp head making sure the large gag with its breathing tube was shoved deep into Janet’s mouth.

As soon as the hood was sealed on Janet’s head her mistress attached a bottle to the hose sticking out of her featureless face and, slowly at first, squeezed it forcing the liquid into Janet’s throat. Janet coughed and choked at first until her bodies instinct took over and began sucking the desperately needed liquid. Janet was forced fed the entire bottle of liquid, even before the bottle was empty Janet’s mind had begun to clear realizing she was strapped into a tight ball tie. When the bottle was empty the mistress stroked Janet’s sore body making her hum into the gag as she enjoyed the soft attention she was getting. The feeling was short lived as her mistress started whipping her arms and ass with a string whip making her whine and scream as the pain radiated through her body.

Janet struggled to move away from her mistress desperately wanting the pain to stop making her mistress laugh as she snapped Janet’s steel collar around her neck. Janet had no idea that her cruel mistress had attached a thick chain to it and an eye bolt Janet had installed for her own use many months ago effectively locking her in place. Janet was whipped for another ten minutes before she heard “Oh I added another day to your incarceration for that last orgasm, I hope it was worth it!” Janet screamed into the gag as she heard the door close and knew she was to spend the night trapped in the tight ball tie. Janet continued to struggle, she had set her mind to escape wanting to move to where she knew an emergency knife was kept. While the hood had been removed she had seen what room she was in and knew she had left a small knife nearby and began flexing and twisting her bound body towards where she thought it was.

Janet struggled to move slowly making progress towards her freedom, her body ached, all her trapped fluids moved under her rubber skin as her crushed body continued to flex and twist. Janet bumped into something and knew she was close squealing as she realized she was getting close. As Janet continued to inch along she felt a tug on her neck and stopped thinking her mistress had returned. After sitting silently gasping she tried to move again feeling the tug again, this time she twisted to her left and felt the pull increase. Janet screamed and flailed uselessly realizing she had been chained to the eye bolt and she was not close enough to her knife. Janet’s frantic struggles finally made the chain yank her onto her side leaving her even more helpless and unable to right herself and now could only turn slowly in a tight circle. Janet continued to struggle until she felt the collar pull tight around her neck, the added tension made it harder for her to breathe and she quickly struggled to ease the tension finally stopping her struggles and lay quietly moaning as she flexed her hands and pointed toes.

Once the pain from her whipping faded Janet drifted into and out of sleep, her struggles wearing her out again and she waited for her mistress feeling more eager than scared to see what she would do to her next. When Janet would come to she would lay thinking about her helplessness relishing it and wanting more and began to hope her mistress would keep her bound forever. As the long night wore on Janet’s bound body began to cramp making her struggle to ease the pain and finding no relief. Hearing the door open and close she whined and struggled on her side desperately wanting to be touched even if it was only by the evil whip. Her mistress cackled at Janet’s new position grabbing the chain and dragging the bound woman by her neck back to where she had started.

Janet felt her neck being pulled on and started struggling as she felt her air being cut off and tried to twist her body and neck to ease the tension around her throat. Mistress rolled her captive onto her knees easing the pressure on her neck making Janet gasp and gulp in air through her nose. Janet was left alone for a long time still bound in the tight ball tie helplessly trapped in the cramped position. Janet could smell something new and finally recognized that her mistress had started a fire in her fireplace and cursed her for making herself at home while Janet struggled just to breathe in the cold rubber position. Janet remained curled up for another few hours before she felt hands stroking her rubber coated body again. Mistress rubbed and caressed Janet until she was humming pleasantly then released the straps holding her body to her legs getting a large relieved sigh.

Janet gasped and moaned as she stretched her sore back wincing behind the layers of rubber covering her head. Again Janet felt hands on her body then both were suddenly on her breasts kneading them gently occasionally one would slip down and rub her sealed and wanting pussy. Janet was enjoying herself immensely forgetting all her aches and pains and rough treatment when she heard her mistress say “You seem cold my pet, let’s get you warmed up shall we”. Janet felt the outer hood being pulled and twisted until the hood was yanked off leaving her with her mouth still brutally gagged but her eyes uncovered. Janet stared at the towering figure standing over her getting aroused at the woman’s tiny waist and the severe looking leather crushing it. She watched her captor move behind her watching her ass that was only covered by thin leather panties wiggle as she walked in her spiked heels.

Janet moaned and struggled against the leather holding her arms as her mistress wrapped a posture collar around her neck and buckled it tightly making Janet moan again as she felt she was going to be strangled. Janet was concentrating on her breathing and didn’t notice that her captor had wrapped several leather straps around her chest above and below her breasts and pulled them tight welding her bound arms to her back. Janet was still struggling with getting enough air into her nostrils when mistress stepped back in front of her and began buckling more straps around her already folded legs, pulling each tight sinking them into her rubber covered flesh.

Janet was moaning and desperately trying to let her cruel mistress know she was in distress but the woman ignored her yanking up on her collar forcing Janet up onto her knees. With mistress keeping her steady Janet was forced to walk on her folded knees into the living room. Janet was gasping and grunting as she tried to cope with the tight restraints and mouth stuffing gag only noticing the raging fire as she was led to an eye hook placed right in front of it. Janet whined as she realized she was to be secured to the new addition to her home and hoped it wasn’t going to be another ball tie. Mistress allowed Janet to lower herself over the eyebolt settling it between her bound legs. Janet hadn’t noticed the leather strap already run through the eye bolt and was still panting when she felt her mistress wrapping the strap around her ankles and pulling it tight.

Janet was now strapped firmly to the floor sitting on her folded legs, her arms bound tightly to her body and her filled mouth covered by a large panel that had been strapped tightly around her lower face. She was still encased in layers of tight latex and now she was struggling to breathe with her neck held overly tight by the posture collar restricting her throat. After a few minutes Janet began to feel hotter, she had been concentrating on her breathing so hard she hadn’t noticed she was no longer cold and in fact was feeling quite warm. Janet sat struggling for a few more minutes before she twisted her body and saw she was placed only a few feet away from the roaring fire place.

As the warmth passed from feeling good to making her sweat she watched her mistress drag a chair a few feet away from her placing it directly in front of her. Mistress was now wearing just her leather corset, panties and high heels as she sat down in the chair with a large glass of something that was making the glass sweat. As Janet began feeling the sweat run freely under her latex shell she tried to shake the sweat off her forehead but couldn’t move her head enough and from the corner of her eye watched it slowly roll down until the salty drop ran into her eye making her whine and twist while she stewed in the rubber.

Mistress sat watching the sweat pour from Janet’s brow running down her latex covered face and chest for hours while she drank her ice cold drink taking ice from the glass and sucking on it while Janet felt like she was boiling. Janet was whimpering and frantically struggling against the leather straps desperate to get away from the intense heat but could not move an inch in any direction. Janet’s tormentor slowly lowered herself to her knees and crawled over to the melting woman taking the large ice cube she had in her mouth and rubbing it all over Janet’s hot breasts. Janet tried to watch her mistress’s head moving around her chest moaning as the cold sank into her breasts while the mistress’s head moved and bobbed below her chin.

Janet moaned louder as her mistress continued to rub her captive’s rubber covered skin making Janet moan and relish the attention as she felt her temperature lowering even as her arousal rose. Janet was stroked and cooled by her mistress for an hour before she suddenly felt nothing and opened her eyes and could no longer see her. Janet could feel her temperature rising again and whined into her gag and struggled to get some relief from the building temperature. Janet could see the windows darkening as the sun went down and knew she had been left to roast in front of the fire alone and helpless to stop anything. Janet had struggled to turn enough to see the fireplace noting how many logs had been placed in it that had not caught fire yet and figured the bitch must have added them before she left.

Janet struggled in the hot latex for hours, the feeling of utter helplessness overwhelming her until she sat gasping unable to do anything but gasp as the sweat continued to run freely under the layers of rubber she was trapped in. Janet was stirred out of her submissive world by the feeling of being laid flat on the floor and moaned as she felt the pressure on her body easing as a layer of latex was removed. Janet was starting to regain her strength as the cool liquid was forced down her throat then felt the nipple being pulled from her mouth and another gag was forced into it. She tried to pull away finding she was still bound and wondered when that had happened as another rubber hood was stretched over her head. Janet could only lie on the floor as more straps were wrapped around her body leaving her helpless again and could only hope her mistress would keep her away from the fire place.

Janet’s body was exhausted and she could only flex a few parts of her body and could feel her cramping feet still incased in the ballet shoes and wondered if she would ever be able to wear normal shoes again. As the cramps from the day before eased she began exploring exactly how far she could move pulling at the arm sleeve she had been laced into so long ago unable to remember how long she had been bound and panicked when she realized no one knew she was here or about her arrangement with her tormentor. Janet struggled harder finding she was securely bound and that the strap around her crushed together ankles was secured to something not allowing her to move from where she had been placed.

Janet struggled for the rest of the day as she became more terrified that she would never be freed now scared at the possibility of being kept as the bondage pet of a stranger. When the room became dark again Janet knew another day had passed and lay exhausted again and slipped back into her submissive world that was now only about her bondage and pain. Janet was aroused again by someone slapping her in the face and yelling at her. Janet’s eyes snapped open to see another stranger standing over her smiling. Janet’s eyes were wide with fear as she was thinking her worst fears had come true and she began to weakly fight the wide leather straps and latex she had been bound in.

For the next few hours the strange man teased and tormented her changing her position several times before hoisting her feet first up to the ceiling. Janet hung upside down for an hour while the man strapped her arms even tighter to her back before unzipping the crotch of her suit inserting what felt like a huge phallus into her and closing the tight rubber. Janet was no longer able to think about anything other than her torments when suddenly she felt her pussy vibrating. After a few minutes Janet felt her climax getting near and began bucking and fighting her bonds twisting and grunting like a fish on a line until the orgasm slammed into her body making her scream into the gag. Janet’s mind could no longer tell what was happening only able to think about the building orgasm as she felt her body being lowered and forced into another stricter position as the man leaned on her folded legs forcing them tightly onto her thighs before pulling the straps tight. Janet was left in the incredibly tight hogtie with the vibrator forcing her to orgasm until the next morning.

When Janet came too she could feel her arms were free from the tight arm sleeve and groaned as she flexed them and her freed legs and rolled over. When she looked up her mistress was standing in front of her again smiling and asked if she had enjoyed her week as a latex slave? Janet could not grasp what she was asking still groggy from her ordeal as she listened to her say, “I hope you will use our service again, I have left you some food and drinks that will help you regain your strength quicker, Good bye”. Janet watched her strut out of the room and heard the front door open and close rolling over on to her back and lay gasping for an hour before her arms worked well enough to pull the hood off her head and pry the gag out of her mouth. The smell of food and her nagging thirst made Janet pull herself up to her knees and crawl to the table and up to into a chair. Janet ate and drank greedily feeling much better before she pulled her booted foot up on her knee and removed the boot rubbing her foot for several minutes before repeating the process with the other one.

It took Janet the remaining two days of her vacation to regain her strength enough to return to work still weak and unable to wear anything but her highest heels. During the next few months the memories of her week as a slave returned arousing her and driving her to bind herself more than she ever had desperately wanting to recreate those feelings. After six months had passed Janet was ready to take another vacation and tried to decide what she would do this time. On the first day of her vacation Janet was sitting on her bed wearing a latex catsuit her newest corset laced very tight making her chest heave with each breath, the ballet slippers ankle straps locked tightly and a collection of new equipment and restraints lying on the bed next to her. Janet pulled the latex blindfold tightly over her eyes then reached beside her taking the steel cuffs that were linked together with a short chain and locked them around her wrists. Now she was helpless, the keys were out of her reach and she was forced to wait for her mistress again. Janet sat gasping wondering if it was smart to leave herself so open to her tormentors desires and hoped she would use all her new equipment on her and couldn’t wait to feel the endless orgasm’s she had during the last time she spent seven days as a slave.

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