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Bonded 10

by Cdpx

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© Copyright 2006 - Cdpx - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF; labratory; accident; coated; transform; latex; bond; gag; toys; insert; lesb; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

Acknowledgements: Thanks to LatexDoll & Vickie for the ideas in this story. The words may be mine but the ideas are from their feverish minds!


Friday afternoons always seem to drag on for eternity. The weekend is but a few hours away. In a low rise building, in the middle of a newly opened industrial park surrounded by tidy gardens and a lake, Doctor Victoria S. Tation and Professor Late X. D'oll, were hard at work in a Laboratory. "So, Late, what are we going to do tonight?" asked Vickie.

"Well, I thought we might get changed here, have a drink or to, order a taxi to pick us up and then head over to the club for a little fun and dancing," replied Late, licking her lips at the prospect.

"Great idea. I've got my stuff in the car and I'm raring to go!" exclaimed Vickie, strutting about in her white lab coat, white hat, face mask, goggles and plastic covered feet.

"Not in that your not," said Late, laughing at the same time.

"Well, it would be different!" Vickie said.

The two women had been working at the Caernarfon institute for only a few months but had hit it off as friends the day they started together as if they known each other for years. They were scientists in slightly different fields but were both basically chemists. They had found the posts via an advert in the New Scientist and had been interviewed by the backer of the research institute, Josie Caernarfon a woman in her forties who the women called Joanie on account of her uncanny resemblance to Joan Collins. She was an elegant, expensively dressed woman who exuded an aura of quiet power. During the initial interview for the posts both women had felt as if they knew her and had felt at ease in her company. The positions were both well paid, enabling both to afford to run cars and apartments and still have disposable cash in hand to fritter away on life's little luxuries, a philosophy that was whole heartedly indulged in by Mrs. Caernarfon. Hubby, she explained, had died in an accident in a laboratory twenty odd years ago.

The building they worked in was a large single storey warehouse in reality with a loading bay and a high roof. Nondescript from the outside but inside it was well appointed with a state of the art laboratory occupying three quarters of the space, a plush suite of offices, one of which was Mrs. Caernarfon's and luxury sleeping quarters with showers, if anyone wanted to stay late and was too tired to go home. There was even a small kitchen, a gym and a rest area too. All in all a very pleasant working environment. The project? Well, there were two. One was a new material to be used to make clothing, this was the secondary project, while the main one was for an anti-ageing cream. So far the scientists had come up with some pretty good compounds, in the computer model anyway. The cream though, when they had made up a batch of the stuff was black and smelt awful. The colouring and smell of the wonder cream was a problem. Customers would have problems smearing smelly black goo all over their skin. Whereas the material that behaved rather like a combination of rubber and Lycra was white in colour, attracted dirt like a TV collecting dust and it too smelt rank.

In front of the inquiring eyes of Vickie and Late was a small collection of glass tubes through which was flowing the black compound. Next to that was a similar collection of tubes that contained the white compound. On the polished work surface standing next to each as an interesting contrast were two jars. One black and one white. The compounds were filtering into their respective jars. It was half four and the women were getting itchy feet, an urge to leave work that after a while becomes irresistible.

"Shall we call it a day?" asked the Doctor.

"It's a day. Yeah, let's get out of this place" replied the Professor in high spirits.

"We'd better put that stuff in the store." Vickie said picking up the jar of black goo.

"I'll give you a hand." Late said and with that she picked up the jar of white compound.

Just then the power went out plunging the room into darkness and causing the air conditioning and filtering systems to switch off. Seconds later the reserve generators cut in but before the laboratory was reanimated there was a "crash!" as the two women bumped into each other, momentarily surprised by the onset of sudden darkness. The jars and their precious contents fell to the floor, as did the carriers of the cargo. "Shit!" they both said to each other as the sat in a heap on the floor surrounded by glass and a black and white pool of goo which had been formed out of the spilled contents of the jars.

"I'll clear the glass and you get a waste containment unit out for the stuff," said Vickie.

"Ok. No problem," replied Late walking purposely towards a cupboard. On the floor the two compounds were fusing together like blobs of mercury. Vickie had cleaned the glass up and deposited it in the bin. She came over to join Late and help remove the pool from the floor. For a moment the two of them watched the pool as it began to bubble and spit. It hissed and turned a shiny, iridescent black, absorbing all the available light. Then it bonded together and combusted. It exploded upwards into the air, showering both of the women on the face.

They scrabbled to peel and pick the hot, sticky substances from their faces. To no avail and rather than diminish in quantity the stuff just kept expanding. "Run for the decontamination room," shouted Late.

"Ok!", yelled Vickie.

They set off for the door in the corner of the laboratory labelled, 'Decontamination'. On the way they divested themselves of their clothes and jumped under the shower that was activated by the single push of a large green button. The warm water cascaded down over the two naked bodies. This had the effect of spreading the goo all over their bodies. "Oh my god!" They both spluttered under the torrent of water from the showerhead. Vickie punched the red off button and the water subsided. They were covered in a layer of black material. Water cascaded off them and formed a puddle around their feet. Jewellry and hair clogged up the drain in the shower. They stepped out of the shower and into the changing room and just stared at each other open mouthed and wide eyed.

They both stood and surveyed each other from top to toe. They were smooth, ebony figures. All their old features were still visible. Fingernails, veins, moles, blemishes, fingerprints, everything perfectly covered and rendered in what appeared to be highly polished latex. They took a step towards each other and ran their newly coated fingers over each others silken looking bodies. They were perfectly smooth and cool to the touch. Despite their condition they grabbed each other around the waist and danced round in a circle laughing and skipping.

"What are we going to do?" asked Vickie.

"I don't know about you girl but I intend to have some fun!" Late said, a wicked grin on her shiny black face.

"Oh yeah?" Vickie squeaked back, "at a time like this! You're outa you're gord."

"Calm down. Let's make the most of this situation. We're going to have to contact a hospital or something."

"And tell them what exactly?"

"Um, well. I don't know." snapped Late.

"Look. This is some kind of accident that has fused the two compunds to our bodies. Before we go squealing to the authorities I think as Scientists we ought to investigate and document exactly what has happended to us." Late said, trying to sound reasonable and not give in to a slowly building wave of panic.

"Yeah. You're right. Well, I feel ok. I don't feel cold or hot, just... normal really." Vickie explained.

"Well that's something then. Perhaps we won't die then." Late blurted out.

"Perhaps that comes later. Stand up Late. Lets have a look at each other." Said Vickie in a matter of fact voice.

"Well we're both very black!" blurted out Late.

"Our limbs work. We can talk and dur, think?" said Vickie protruding her bottom lip in an exagerated way.

"Yep. We can think. Move?" asked Vickie, jumping into the air and then walking towards Late.

"Move indeed," remarked Late. "Pinch me so I know it's real." Vickie pinched her hard on the bottom. "Ow! That hurt" yelped Late.

"Just wanted to make sure you could feel that. After all I needed to check how thick this stuff is." Vickie said, grinning.

"Can we be damaged? You know how delicate latex can be. Can't let it get exposed to sunlight as it discolours. Picks up and retains smells from its environment. Easy to cut. God, we could easily be hurt or worse." Vickie exclaimed, looking worriedly at Late's concerned face.

They both laughed nervously trying to defuse the seriousness of their predicament. "What was in those compounds?" Vickie asked out loud.

"Some organic material!" they both chorused, smiles on their perfect mask like faces.

"Your teeth are black." pointed out Vickie.

"Your eyes are black." said Late pointing.

"I'm starting to feel warm in here." said Vickie, quietly.

"Let's go into the living quarters." said Late leading the way.

They sat down on the large leather sofa in what was the living room. They both remarked on how sensual the feel of the leather was on their bottoms. Vickie reached over and kissed Late full on her lips, a black tongue exploring and probing the black maw of Late's mouth. Late responded and licked Vickie's teeth with her tongue while they were embraced in a passionate kiss that was timeless. They parted and eyed each other lustfully.

Vickie reached out with her long black slender fingers and slowly, sensuously, touched Late's left nipple, teasing it, rolling and pinching it with the thumb and index finger of her right hand until it became hard and upright. She placed her mouth on it and licked it slowly with her shiny black tongue. An involuntary shiver went up Late's spine. She did the same on the other nipple, teasing it to an unnatural hardness. Vickie was feeling wanton. Both were feeling turned on and hot.

Late's shiny black hand reached down towards Vickie's mons, brushing the hairless area slowly and carefully before trailing her fingertips over Vickie's clitoris. Vickie shuddered with the cool light touch of Late's expert fingers. Vickie cupped Late's breast in her hand and brought her mouth down onto the hard nipple, gently biting and sucking on it. Late groaned, her eyes and thick black eyelashes fluttering like humming bird wings. Her fingers slowly traced a circle around Vickie's clitoris and then rubbed her silky smooth fingertip against it bringing a loud moan from the depths of Vickie's throat.

Despite their alien covering their bodies still behaved and betrayed them in the same ancient human way. Vickie slipped her a long finger from her free hand into Late's waiting vagina. It slid in easily and quickly. Their two hungry mouths met again in a lingering, breathless kiss. Eyes tightly shut behind black eyelids, chests heaving with each lustful breath through the black nostrils. One hand of each perfect black body cupping a breast, the other's fingers disappearing into the moist vaginas of each other. The two bodies a mass of writhing indeterminate legs and arms.

Vickie sunk two fingers into Late's wet vagina. Late moaned as she then sunk two of her smooth black fingers into Vickie's moist vagina. The fragrant scent of musky female sex began to permeate the room. Colourless fluids were dripping onto the leather sofa that the two women were draped over in their dance of lust. Late took one of Vickie's hard nipples in her mouth, sucking it and licking it with her black tongue. A small low moan escaped from Vickie. Three fingers plunged into Late's sopping vagina and a thumb rubbed hard against her now engorging clitoris. Late did the same to Vickie, sinking three fingers in up to her knuckles.

Both women were red hot with lust. The leather sofa creaked as they moved around on its polished surface, mouth to vagina, breast to abdomen, Late's pert backside poised over Vickie's expectant mouth. Late's mouth hungrly seeked out Vickie's moist vagina and plunged in licking and teasing the vagina and clitoris. Vickie's deft tongue probed and circled the dripping vagina and enlarged clitoris of Late, biting it gently. Both women moaned and writhed in unison. Their slick bodies pressed together squeaking as they touched.

Lips and tongues moved about the moist sexual organs, exciting and inticing both of the lithe black bodies. The pungent smell of sex and fluids spilling onto latex shod bodies filled the air with a heady perfume. Bodies began to tense and relax, sinews and muscles becoming rigid. Soft thighs squeezed round slick black heads tight. The pace of lustful actions increased as the slurp of tongues and vaginas grew louder.

Vickie began to arch her back, raise her elegant hips, thrust them in the face of her fellow partner in latex. Late quivered as she bucked her hips against Vickie's face and sought out the depths of the vagina gaping millimetres from her eager eyes. Both bodies became tense and rigid as two stiffled cries, submerged and covered by each others vaginas rent the quiet, funk filled air of the room and reverberated around the flimsy walls.

Two black, relaxed bodies lay sprawled over the leather sofa. The only movement of what looked like two shop dummies being the slow up and down of their chests. Vickie and Late awoke and looked into each others black eyes. Then both sets of eyes rolled up into their respective sockets at the realisation that what had happened was not a dream but a stark reality.

"So, what are we going to do?" Asked Late, standing up.

"Well, I have my bag with my party clothes over there," said Vickie pointing at her black holdall sitting in the corner. There was another one next to it. "That one your's then?" asked Vickie.

"Yeah. I was gonna change before left for our night out," replied Late. They rushed eagerly over to the bags.

"How long were we asleep?" asked Vickie.

"Quite a few hours I think". Said Late. She looked at the clock on the video, the display was still blinking. It was dark outside though. A few security lamps in the industrial estate were on for illumination. Vickie tried to open the door to the outside but it was locked.

"Hang on I thought the keypad was on the outside?" she said.

"It is," replied Late.

"The door won't open." She said rattling the door knob. "Shit. When the power went off all the doors lock automatically." Vickie said, despair spreading on her shiny latex face.

"Yeah and this place gets sealed up nice and tight. Although the emergency air conditioning and filtering equipment are on. So we won't die through lack of air." Late said.

"Heh, perhaps Joanie gets notified if the emergency equipment gets triggered," remembred Vickie.

"Yeah. That's right. We'll still have to wait for her to arrive." Late said quietly.

"Whenever that is." Vickie sighed.

"So what's in the bag of tricks then Vickie?" Asked Late, trying to peer over Vickie's shoulder.

"I'll show you if you give me a chance. I know. Let's have our own little party here. The tv and video still work, right? And I bet the stereo works." Vickie said enthusiastically.

Late turned them all on. "Yep they sure do." She shouted over the din of the noise. She switched the telelvision off. "Let's both get dressed up," said Late holding up a lifeless item of latex.

"Hang on a minute. Do we need too?" asked Vickie.

"Are we or we not, already latex or latex like at least?" enquired Vickie.

"Well, possibly. I'm not entirely sure what we are at the moment," answered Late, continuing, "I don't see how that stuff could have behaved the way it did. Maybe there was some kind of imperfection in the compounds. They were both inert."

"When we get out of here, whenever that is, we'll have to do a proper examination of the stuff in the lab." said Vickie.

"Rubber has certain qualities, doesn't it?" asked Late.

"Yeah, but you need equipment to mould it. Ok, so we can stich and glue it. Yeah right." said Vickie contemptously.

"I don't mean stich each other up or glue each other. Although that's not such a bad idea," Late said with a grin. "I mean it can be shaped and manipulated. Perhaps. Couldn't it?" Late asked looking at Vickie for guidance, her voice trailing off.

Vickie shrugged. "How can we try that out? We might do each other harm." Vickie said.

"You're talking crap, girl. We couldn't do that to our old bodies so what makes you think we can do it to these new ones?" Vickie said pointing at her herself.

"I don't know. I mean, their not our old bodies. These aren't our bodies. They're something different. We've changed. What are they?" Late said while pacing up and down.

"I mean, I can't imagine that my foot is shod with a six inch heeled stiletto, can I?" said Vickie forehead awash with frown lines as she concentrated hard on her right foot, trying to imagine it pointed and heeled like a wicked court shoe. To her and Late's amazement, her right foot became pointed and her heel suddenly sprouted a six inch stiletto from the bottom of her heel, raising her unexpectedly six inches into the air which unbalanced her throwing her sideways onto the sofa.

"Whoah. My god. What the fuck...", Vickie blurted out. Late laughed whilst staring at her. Vickie joined in. "Shit. That is fuckin' fantastic." she said smiling. She tried concentrating on her other foot and the same thing happened. She stood up and stalked off around the room hands on hips.

"My turn!" shouted Late.

Late imagined her dainty feet were ballet boots, all nine inches of heel and toes pointed to the ground. To her astonishment they were!

"Wow! Look at my feet. Aren't they wicked!" She walked slowly to the other end of the room, balanced on points. Both sets of footwear were black. Vickie picked up a cloth from her bag and shined the shoes. They sparkled and shone in the light, shinier, smoother and sleeker than any shoes the two slick coated women could imagine. Late did the same.

"Well, let's finish dressing!" shouted Vickie.

When they had finished they stared at each others handywork. Vickie in a flowing backless ankle length dress with flowing sleeves and a low cut front and Late in a boned, neck high tutu, dancing sprightly on her toes. They collapsed, exhausted on the leather sofa and looked at each other approvingly. The effort of so much thought had taken a lot out of them. The latex clothing was an extension of their own bodies. Late had conjured up a pony tail while Vickie had long flowing hair down her back. They resembled charcoal drawings but dark and unpenetrable by any light. They set about shining each, buffing themsleves to an immaculate shine. Now they shone and refelected all the light in the room as they moved.

"This is just too much," Vickie said quietly. "All that thinking has left me quite exhausted," she sighed.

"Yep, bushed." Said Late matter of factly. "How are we going to replenish our energy?" Asked Late, perplexed. Late reached out lazily towards Vickie and pulled her towards her, staring into the blank black eyes.

"I have no idea," Vickie said, breaking the silence of the moment.

Vickie placed her hands on Late's shoulders and then just stared blankly at Late. Suddenly Late felt something in her mouth. A ball gag which started to expand and fill her mouth. It grew bigger, pushing her cheeks out, causing her to inhale suddenly through her nostrils. Late placed her hands on Vickie's shoulders and suddenly Vickie's mouth filled with a pump up gag which also expanded. Their outward appearance changed as the previous changes disapeared to be replaced by their statue like selves.

Vickie wrapped Late around the waist with her arms and Late did likewise. Rubber shackles then encircled each others wrists, squashing the two bodies together. They rolled each other over on the sofa as clamps appeared on their by now hard and erect nipples, causing a quick wince in the corner of their eyes. Dildoes and plugs appeared and then slotted into each respective orifice as finally their ankles were bound together. Each thrust into the other, in rhythme and harmony, breath escaping from their noses. Clamps touched clamps as gagged mouth touched gagged mouth. The thrusting became more powerful and fierce. They were going at it hammer and tongs. Steam hammers of passion. A large snort preceded their sudden parting as they flopped apart on the sofa.

There they lay, two elegant ebony statues. Black bodies barely moving. A door opened, slowly and into the room stepped a woman, Josie Caernarfon. Clad in leather jeans, white lycra top and a thick woolen coat, she look at the two bodies and smiled. Vickie and Late woke up and rubbed their faces. When they saw Josie their eyes sparkled.

"About time too. Are we glad to see you." Vickie exclaimed.

Josie stared at the two scientists. "So it worked," she finally said after a minutes silence.

"What worked? We had an accident. The power went off plunging us into darkness which caused us to drop the containers of stuff which somehow combined and then reacted and covered us in in. Oh I don't know." Late blurted out.

"What we think is some kind of latex like material," added Vickie helpfully.

"Now sit down. Please." Josie said calmly. They did as they were told. "Now what I'm about to tell you two no one else knows. My motives for employing you two on this project were somewhat different to the ones I orginally outlined. One of the reasons is this," said Josie pulling up the right leg of her expensive leather jeans and removing her black ankle boot. She revealed that her foot up to the ankle was the same colour and texture as the two women.

"Oh," gasped Vickie and Late in unison, eyes transfixed by the shining foot.

"The left is the same." Said Josie removing her other boot. "You see I was hoping that you two would come up with something similar. You weren't just the two best in your fields but I was also waiting for you to appear." Josie said.

"What do you mean, waiting? For how long?" asked Vickie.

"Well you were probably aware that I'm older than I look. I've lots of surgery to keep me young," said Josie lowering her voice slightly.

"Yes, nice boobs!" Vickie said brightly.

"Expensive, Vickie," retorted Josie. "Well I'm sixty five." She added.

"You're lookin' good," Late chipped in.

"Thank you. My husband, quite a wealthy man was also something of a scientist. In fact he died in the lab while working on the stuff which you see on my feet. I heard an explosion one night down in the basement and went to investigate. It was dark. I heard my husband moaning and coughing on the floor. I rushed over him unaware that the floor was covered in this stuff. I cradled him in my arms as he died. I ran out in a panic and this stuff just, well, just sort of stuck to my feet. They've never aged. The rest of me has but not them." She sighed.

"Heah, I've seen you wearing sandals in the summer, toe nails painted. Well?" Asked Vickie.

"Covered in make up and nail polish. What else. They go on and come off really easily. In fact better than skin." Josie explained enthusiastically.

"Wow. Hope for us yet then." Late said, smiling.

"Indeed there is." Continued Josie. "That's not all though. The stuff preserves but turns everything to, well, latex. I tried to replicate the stuff. Went to University, studied but to no avail. I've had other people working on this but again no luck. My husband's investments and my own kept me rich enough to pursue this passion. Then I placed another advert and as soon as you two appeared I knew I was nearly there." Josie said, smiling at the two women.

"Us? How?" asked Vickie.

"I knew you two in another life." She said. The women looked blankly at her. "You were my two acolytes. I was a high priestess of a strange cult hundreds of years ago in the far East. I did have some regression therapy and your faces popped into my head. There's more though. You see there are other ingredients in those compounds."

"Fuckin' knew it." said Late.

"Well in additon to my DNA there are some magic ingredients." Said Josie.

"Hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo. So this is your fault then," Late said pointing violently at Josie.

"Hang on. Hang on. You'll never age you know. Your bodies are totally malleable by yourselves and me, of course." Josie added quietly.

"What was that? You, control us?" Shouted Vickie.

"Calm down ladies." Josie said soothingly. They did. "Yes, control. That's what the magic ingredients do. Allow me and yourselves the ability to mould our bodies. See." She said lifting her foot and then willing it into a platform mule with seven inch heel.

"We know. We've tried that." Late and Vickie said flatly.

"Good. Let's get back in that lab. I want the job finished. Now I know it works you will finish covering me. We'll review things after that I think." Josie said standing up. "Come on then." She said chivving them along as she picked up her large handbag.

They followed the barefoot woman to the door to the lab. She opened it. The security devices had already been reset by her. The lab was tidy. It didn't take long for the two women, helped by Josie to make two containers full of the compounds. Josie added the special ingredients to each jar. Josie stripped off in the lab. She defied her age. The compounds were combined and then Josie coated herself in the stuff and calmy walked into the shower and washed herself. She emerged some minutes later looking like an ebony statue.

"That deserves a bonus." She said slowly, smiling. She embraced the two women. They danced in a small circle.

"Well, you'd better come and stay with me for the time being. We'll have to think what we're going to do next. I've got some makeup in the bag. That should get you home for now." Josie said.

"Clothes?" asked Vickie. "Yes, in the car. I'll get them. I'll tell you all about what you can and can't do with your new bodies on our way back to my house," said a smiling Josie.

End of Part One.



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