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The Bondage Warehouse

by Lastdirewolf

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© Copyright 2014 - Lastdirewolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f+; MM/f; furry; bond; leather; latex; chairtie; hoods; catsuit; slaves; bdsm; electro; toys; oral; denial; climax; cons/nc; XX

It had been the perfect day for running - The sun was shining, but the air was cool and crisp, if it weren't for the leaves crunching on the ground, Sallem would've spaced out a long time ago. The sun was nearly set now, though she was not afraid of the dark, but really wanted to get home, since running in the dark was dangerous - Potholes, cracks in the ground, and various rubbish as well. She's a package runner - Not like a post worker, but rather, a drug mule to a certain extent. She never knew what she was carrying, the weight and size varied vastly, but it was always in a very non-descript package, and so thickly layered, that there was no inherent scent. After all these years, she figured it was probably drugs, or something illegal, but never had the guts to open one of the packages - Being the head runner for the pack that took her in off the streets, it simply was too important to not anger them.

Sallem knew she was unique. She was neither a full-blown wolf, nor a human, but at the same time, she was not a werewolf or lycan - Just a wolf girl, much like a neko, for canines. Having the lower legs of a wolf, along with the teeth, ears, eyes, and tail made sure she was visually different, but her eyesight, sense of smell, speed, and stamina were beyond compare. This what got her to the top, and why she's able to hold it - She's small, at five foot tall, and given her body's specialty's, no human could match her without the aid of a machine. Escaping police used to be a daily occurance, so she learned the extended county quite quickly, but she's gotten smarter now, and learned many of the policing routes - So it was a lot easier to go around, even if it took extra time. The only physical downside she thought she had though, was being born mute. A pad and pen were her best friends for many years, until her pack took her in and gave her a special cellphone. It's what all the runners had, they were effectively 'burner' phones that could be destroyed without hesitation, and were untraceable, but the pack's techy guy made a speech program for her that allowed her to 'speak' through the phone, though it would not keep the text written, and could be installed on any phone they gave her.

This run was rather new to her though - She usually delivered to houses within the county, but this package had her nearly at the edge of town and she still couldn't find it. There was not a soul in sight, and she hadn't passed anyone for almost fifteen minutes - There had to be a mistake on the address. Coming to a stop at a busted bus stop in front of a bunch of old factory warehouses, Sallem plopped on the bench and started texting the organiser. 'Dude, WTF? This addy is wack.' Sighing and leaning back - She could use a break, but she was going to be so pissed if she was on the wrong side of town. Looking around the worn down area was a tad depressing - It didn't seem like many people, if any, lived or even worked in the area. The bus stop was barely just a bench at this point, there were no posted schedules, and she was almost certain that it didn't stop here anymore. Catching the scent of something delicious really picked up her mood though - It was a familiar smell, but it was weak, and she couldn't quite place it, so she started to follow it.

Ignoring the buzz of her cellphone, Sallem followed the invisibe trail that her nose led her upon, and ended up poking her nose through a doorway to one of the warehouses. It was warm inside - Which given the destitute look of the warehouse, was quite a big surprise. The door was cracked open, so she merely headed inside. The smell was stronger, but now it was mixed in with a wide variety of other scents as well. Hitting the light switch did nothing, but there was still enough sun to see the shapes of things. Sallem shed her jacket and squeezed it inside the backpack that held the package she was to deliver before continuing to explore. There were tall shelves filled with all sorts of junk, and stacks of boxes twice her size, the smells were interesting but she was losing track of what initially caught her attention.

Going further in, winding past the shelving, Sallem tripped hard over something just lying on the floor - Grunting and rolling over, rubbing her foot and knee as she squinted to see what she tripped over. Pulling out her cellphone to use as a flashlight led her to the dismay of finding the screen was cracked badly, and she couldn't really read the text that was sent back. Growling some, she turned it over and shined the light from her broken screen over what could best be described as a large bellow, but there was more to it. It had no handles, and instead, seemed built into a wide wooden platform of sorts, but most curious of all, it had a fairly good sized dildo just sticking up from near the end where the handles would've been.

Gripping the toy, she blushed heavily and smirked - This was just downright odd! It wasn't just a plain'ol B.O.B., but a bumpy, nubby number that looked like it'd hit all the right places. Pushing down on it was not too easy of a task, but it produced an expected wheeze of air - Except that she felt the puff of air aimed at her, where it should've shot out straight forward. Shining her light over and spotting a medical grade oxygen mask, with the tube leading down to where the air should pump out.

Biting her bottom lip, she peered around and wagged her tail - Her ears were picking up faint sounds, but combined with the groaning and creaking of an old factory warehouse, she paid little attention to them after that moment. Setting her backpack down, she slipped her pants and panties off in one fell swoop - Sitting them on top of the package, along with her phone with the screen kept on. There was no apparent lube, so she sheepishly wrapped her lips around the phallic toy and gave it a nice spit-shine to get it prepped for her. There was a fascination she couldn't explain when it came to such odd things, and the curiousity of how it worked, plus how it felt was killing her - Nobody would know if she used it anyways!

Picking up the mask after she straddled the bellow, slowly easing the heavily textured toy inside of her and murring to herself - It required her to be on her knees, and she felt something rubbing on her ankles as she settled in on her knees - Grabbing her phone and shining it down, she saw that there were straps! This just went from odd masturbation device, to something extra kinky! Her tail was twitching with anticipation, and she couldn't help but buckle her ankles in, though this gave her an even better idea. First, she had to put the oxygen mask on, and found that the straps weren't simply strings, but full on, thick rubber straps that went both around and over the head - Assuring it would fit tightly, since she had to squeeze her head and face into place. It covered her nose and mouth, as well as a good bit of her face, but didn't block too much of her vision.

Quickly realising that this completely blocked her airflow, she pushed her weight down on the toy slowly and fed herself air - Not a lot of air, but enough to help her figure out how this worked. Upon going completely down, she heard a click, but thought little of it, and started to sit up - Though the bellow didn't come with her. Furrowing her brows, she sank down onto the toy once more and sat up with the same result - She went down a third time, coating the toy with more and more of her juices, and clenched her muscles while pulling up. The bellow came with her that time! Pushing down again on the device, a little faster, but only going half way down gave her some air - Just not enough to satisfy her lungs. Adding this all up, she pushed down all the way to get the 'click' and a nice breath of air - It filled her lungs up enough to last a few seconds, but it seemed the idea was to continually bounce and pull on the dildo-bellow combo to keep a constant flow of air - Which she became more than happy to do, but wanted to up the ante things up.

She grabbed her bikini-style panties and pulled her arms back, putting her wrists through the leg holes, then twisting it multiple times until her panties cinched on her wrists and provided a make-shift set of cuffs behind her back. Now she could REALLY enjoy it. Dropping down faster and then clenching again to pull the bellow up - Air became quite the necessity as she was moaning louder and digging deeper into her fantasies, as well as her reserve air supply.

An abrupt groan, as well as a jingle of metal caught her hearing. It was fairly close sounding, and took her right out of the moment - Sallem grumbled, an orgasm snatched right away from her, but she unwound the panties she so delightfully struggled against, and undid all the fun stuff - Standing up off the juice-coated bellow device and setting the mask down. Slipping her panties on, instantly soaking them in her juices and reminding her of the fun that was so rudely interrupted. Picking up her phone, she sniffed around a bit and caught faint sounds of jingling again, so she carefully wandered away from the device.

What caught her attention in the low light was a medium sized box with something roundish moving back and forth on top - Stepping over various discarded junk and coming upon closer inspecting, appeared to be a person sitting INSIDE a box judging by the groaning sounds, but their head was draped in a lot of shiny material - However the box seemed barely big enough for the person to be sitting inside. A number of locks adorned what she thought might be the lid, so she wasn't going to be able to open it. Obviously she couldn't ask if they needed help, so instead, she picked up what she thought was the edge of the material and peered inside. There was certainly a face inside, but it was coated in what she found out to be rubber - No eyeholes, but a nosehole and a nice wide ring appeared to keep the person from talking, while also keeping their mouth available. The material seemed coated in some sort of gel as well.

Furrowing her brows, she couldn't really tell if it was male or female, but what was catching her eye was how this extra material was shaped. It wasn't just a sheet of latex, and there seemed to be three holes in total, while the edges seemed to be reinforced rubber. Putting her phone in her mouth so the light shown down, she used both hands to hold up the material and realised it looked like a pair of shorts! Kinky, tight, rubber shorts, but all the same! Not only that, but the persons face seemed to be oddly positioned in the seat of it, and the area around their neck appeared to be cushioned. Her tail began to wag again, she was so caught up in the idea she almost dropped her phone.

Fumbling for it quickly before it hit the ground, she managed to catch it, but not before seeing an odd remote control with wires that fed into the bottom of the box, as well as a bulb pump that had a tube feeding into the box the same way. Perking a brow, a grin slowly crept on her face - Squeezing the bulb ellicited a moan from the hooded creature, to which she discovered was female. Pushing up on one of the sliding knobs on the controller immediately kicked on a nice hum at the bottom of the box, and another moan. There was a button that had a dull blue light lit up, and it moved across the controller every time she pushed it, but didn't seem to change anything. The final sliding knob had a dull green light, which turned yellow when the slider hit the half-way point, and to confirm it, the hooded woman squealed out in pain. Sliding that knob down until it was green, the girl struggled more, but who wouldn't in that situation?

Setting the remote and bulb back on their respective holders, Sallem decided she HAD to try this, and tucked her phone into her bra in hopes of avoiding more damage to it, then slipped her wet panties off once more - Her slit was still dripping eagerly, so she wasted no time in holding open the odd shorts and climbing over the box to squeeze her legs through the tight holes. She nearly fell over as she fit the shorts over her hips, but the sturdy box kept her up. It became immediately obvious that the womans face was nestled tightly against her crotch - The open mouth was sitting right over her slit! The poor boxed woman was straining her neck and head, but the rubber hood-shorts combo was far too tight for her to pull away.

Sallem was quite enjoying the tightness of the rubber, but not so much the struggling from her new-found slave. Picking up the remote and bulb again, she squeezed the bulb a few times - Drawing out more moans from her crotch-captive, but it didn't settle her down too much. Pushing the vibration knob up helped calm the woman down, though didn't do much for Sallem. Unable to resist slapping the head of the woman, trying to get her in gear, but it wasn't until Sallem pushed the other slider up again that the woman finally extended her tongue and started to do her job. Keeping that slider up had the woman twitching, so Sallem figured it must've been electricity flowing from the vibrating dildo - Or at least, some sort of punishment. It did keep the woman licking her though, so she rewarded her with sliding the punishment knob down a couple notches while sliding the 'reward' knob up almost all the way.

Sallem rocked her hips and ground down into the trapped face, it seemed the woman must've been a lesbian or has been here awhile, because Sallem would've been squealing out loud if she could vocalise herself. Thanks to the complexly textured bellow device, and the overall excitement she's been having, an orgasm was not too far away - It wasn't more than ten or fifteen minutes before her orgasm, and it was quite powerful as she had taken off her shirt and bra to get her hands on her breasts to thoroughly enjoy herself. The box-slave even kept going, though it seemed more of a clean-up job than an attempt at giving another orgasm. Sallem wasn't sure if the woman eating her out had climaxed, but her feisty mood had her turning down the vibration and turning the punishment slider again - Keeping both at about 50%, while the anal intruder was inflated a bit more. Picking her phone up off the ground was odd with the face buried in her crotch, but she discovered that the shorts had an access zipper - Getting out of the shorts wasn't something she had thought of, but now realised without it, she would've had quite a fun time trying to get out.

Petting the box-slave's head, Sallem reluctantly unzipped the shorts and stepped from the box. The woman started to loudly whine and plead, which Sallem quickly stuffed her panties into the open mouth - Effectively quiting her down quite a bit. 'Enjoy those, I'll be baaack~' Sallem mouthed to the hooded woman, and couldn't help but giggle - A mute talking to a blind person!

Sallem put her bra back on, but only as a means to hold her phone - It was quite warm inside the warehouse anyways, and given the kinky sexual devices, she figured that nudity wasn't going to be an issue.

Spying some shiny things glittering in a corner caught Sallem's eye next, it was a little disappointing at initial glance when she got there, because all she could see was a chair with some odd fixings on the back - It wasn't until she pulled out her phone to get a closer look did she really appreciate it. The chair was not like anything she's ever seen before - It was heavy, so she knew the construction was solid, and it had wide octopus-like legs that made it impossible to tip over or move without quite a bit of effort - A plug-wire ran from the central base of the legs, but wasn't plugged in. The seat was split into two sections, and seemed shaped perfectly to cup someone's rear while leaving their rear available from behind - An opened belt sat on each seat piece, right around where the thigh would rest.

A strangely shaped orb sat sunk in the middle between the seat separation, judging by the way the seat was shaped, it would press right up against the crotch of the sitter. The arm rests were surprisingly comfortable-looking, although they hardly seemed like you could rest your arms ON them - They were longish tubes that looked like they were taken straight from a pharmacy's blood-pressure machine. The backrest was hardly that, it was tall and skinny - Probably not very comfortable, but heavy-duty looking - With a belt on one side and the matching buckle on the other side. On the backside at the top of the back rest was the strangest thing next to the orb sitting in the seat. A medium-sized glass... bucket of some sort hanging out from the seat. It had a tube coming down from the bottom that seemed just long enough to extend down a little past the seat-sitters ass, but not taut enough to pull it out, a twist knob sat just below the glass bucket and the tip of the tube was bulbous as well. The chair seemed to have the ablity to spin, as well as rock back, and she could see sliding arms beneath the seat that could likely lock the chair in any position. The bucket seemed full, but she had to really feel along the wall to find an electrical outlet. Plugging it in didn't seem like any fancy affair, nothing happened, but before she could sit in the seat and try it out, she heard a light moan and scuffling coming towards her.

It wasn't hard to hide in the darkness, but she felt pretty silly when she saw a woman barely lit by the little sunlight left. The woman was hooded with a black head-shaped leather sack of sorts - It was heavily stitched, and only had two metal-lined noseholes for facial features, but with locked straps behind her head, and a tall built-in posture collar, it was definitely not about to come off. The woman was walking with great care, her feet were strapped into thigh-high black leather heels that had a length Sallem could tell was significantly impacting her ability to walk. Aside from the hood her hands were bound inside white leather fist-mittens that looked medical grade, with locks adorning the buckles that were tightened about her wrists, and if all that weren't enough, she had a heavy duty boned corset tightened about her torso.

Given the nature of both of her discoveries, and her embellished kinky attitude, Sallem pounced on the leather-clad woman and dragged her to the chair. Sallem then noticed she was wearing panties - Though a bit disappointed that they weren't leather like the rest of the outfit, but was happy that they at least fit the theme. Shoving the confused and squealing woman into the chair was a bit more difficult than expected, but once her leather-clad hands were forced through each arm-tube, she was a lot easier to control. It seems the arm-tubes automatically closed when plugged in and something is inserted, so that was helpful. The panties had to come off though, and the woman hadn't fully settled into the seat yet, so it was a little easier - Other than the wildly kicking legs.

Once they were off, Sallem went behind the seat and tightened the torso strap mid-way around the woman and forced her back flush with the back rest. This certainly didn't please the captive, but it settled her crotch up against the sunk-in bulb, much of her weight now pressing against it - The orb suddenly began to buzz rather loudly, muffled slightly by the legs of the woman being strapped in, but it had her moaning within minutes. Those few minutes were spent strapping her legs into the edges of the seat, and generously licking the bulbous tip of the enema tube before inserting it into her squealing little slave. Sallem deduced the woman was probably gagged under the hood, her fantasies made her believe the gag was panties as well - Much like her little box slave whom she's almost totally forgotten about. Twisting the release knob, she couldn't really tell if the liquid was flowing until the moaning woman gave a hefty gasp. Watching the woman in the darkness, the moon's light coming to play just enough to let her see the struggling silhoutte.

'How many people are IN here?' Sallem started to wonder to herself. It was like a fetish playground, and SHE was in control!

Sallem cupped the woman's breasts, and played with her nipples for some time - Even slapping them, and twisting the sensitive nubs harshly - Exploring her desires while forcing the chair-slave to cum again and again! The built-in seat orb must've been one hell of a vibrator, and Sallem was getting a little jealous of the struggling, bound woman, but... really didn't want to have an angry blind slave on her hands - So she stroked the woman's cheek before kissing it's leathery cover, 'I'll be back for you too.' Sallem mouthed and turned to go explore more.

Sallem was more than lost at this point, the moon-light was enough to make out basic shapes, but so many things looked the same, and she no longer had a wall to follow, but she could hear the far-off moans, a vague but slightly helpful anchor point to which way she was going.

Her phone guided her from heap of trash to stack of boxes, through a maze of shelves filled with scrap metal and parts to a strange looking... chair? It had no arm-rests, and it didn't look particularly comfortable. She didn't know what the heck to call it, but it was large. The base was square and wide with a couple buttons and switches on it, the whole seat-to-back portion curved slightly like a verticle banana and was padded with latex like the other devices, but the actual seat itself seemed designed to make sure that the sitter was at an angle that encouraged sliding forwards. It had a wheel dotted with strange flat pink pieces sticking straight out splitting a third of the way up into the seat, Sallem could start to picture that those pink things would essentially be grinding on the sitters crotch and drag past it, between the legs and back around the wheel again once it started.

There were two bars sticking up like rabbit ears from the top of the chair, which she hadn't put much thought into until realising there were no arm-rests. Shining her phone up there, she noticed they had hinges, and quickly tugged them down. They stopped at a point that they were roughly parallel with the curve of the chair, and were similar to over-the-shoulder harnesses one would be buckled in with at a theme park, except were a little further apart, leaving the torso mostly exposed. There were padded holes in the middle of them, similar to the arm-tubes of the previous chair, but these seemed designed to just hold the wrist. Sallem knew the previous chair was electric, so this one must be too. She could see that on one of the shoulder-harnesses, there was as LED display window, but it was dead.

Exploring the chair further lead her to the back side of it, which was surprisingly adorned with... underwear. There was also an ankle spreader about a foot or so wider than her shoulder width, with medical-grade looking cuffs on each end, and both cuffs had open longs hanging from them. She could smell that the underwear was all clean, possibly even cleaned recently, and that despite sharing the same white colour, they were each a different material. While the silk ones were tempting, she had been jealous of her previous slaves' panties, and went for the latex ones. They were thinner than she would've expected, small and stretchy, but all hers - She was quick to slip them on and bask in the tight rubbery grip, before she'd set her phone on the ground and switch her bra with the matching demi-cupped rubber set to complete the look. Sallem couldn't help but note that the the bra had a cold, possibly metal lining that warmed up quickly enough, so she ignored it, but it felt weird at first.

The chair... thing was intriguing, and the previous encounter with the other chair had her aching for another orgasm, so she decided to test the thing out. Though she tapped the buttons in the base to see what they'd do, but nothing happened. She even dared sticking her hand through the wrist-tube, but it failed to do anything. Back to exploring, she picked up her phone and searched around the base for a cord - Off to the side were both a plug, and an extension cord just a few inches away, so she quickly plugged it in. The machine whirred to life, the LED panel began rapidly running through numbers until it settled on a set of zeroes, and the buttons on the base lit up. They were labeled: 'Speed', 'Duration', 'Preset Mode(s)' 'Direction', and 'Auto'. This excited her even more! It wasn't just some freaky bondage chair, but it was designed with self-bondage enthusiastis, as well as Masters and slaves in mind as well! The only trouble, she initially noticed, was that there was no way to know what meant what - Was the duration in minutes or hours? What were the modes? How fast or slow could it go? They were options, but nothing related to explain it.

Taking her best guess at it, she pushed the speed button multiple times to see how high it'd go - It only went up to five, according to the shoulder-harness, so she set it at three and moved onto the next button. Duration was a harder choice, because she didn't know what it was using for time - Setting it at one was her only option, because it went to five as well, but that could be five hours for all she knew. She completely skipped the Present Mode(s) button, leaving it at zero, and moved to Direction - It started at one and only went to two, so she figured leaving it at one was a safe bet. Auto was the last button, and unlike the others, pushing it turned the glowing light off - So she left it like that. Auto could mean anything, so she went with the safer-sounding option.

Double-checking the options, she soon grabbed the leg spreader and sat on the oddly angled seat - Sallem didn't opt for the locks, and simply set them aside, but buckled the cuffs about her ankles and enjoyed the frustrating feeling of being unable to close her legs to a respectable level. "User Detected" the chair suddenly spoke as the last cuff was buckled in place, "User Options for complete underwear set: Speed, medium. Duration, fifteen minutes. Preset, randomised. Direction, normal. Automatic, off. To confirm choices, please insert hands through provided aperatures." Sallem was slightly worried about the randomised Preset mode, but it was only fifteen minutes, so how bad could it be?

Sallem took a deep breath and pushed her hands through the holes awaiting them - Without any delay, the rings rapidly inflated to pinch the wrists tightly, but not uncomfortably - Sallem knew there was no going back now though. "User options locked in - Random mode selected; slave, welcome to Punishment mode. Speed override, maximum. Size override, maximum. Duration override, ten minutes. Automatic override note, if slave does not thank master at the end of Punishment mode, or hum the safetune Duration will be doubled once."

Sallem gulped, 'Safetune?!', she had feared the machine going AWOL, but she didn't expect all the settings to change. She didn't get much chance to let everything sink in, because the flat pink things on the wheel suddenly inflated to be nearly hand-sized objects, and soon after, the wheel began to kick into gear. The first minute or so wasn't bad, the wheel was picking up speed constantly though, and by the time she got to the fifth minute - Sallem was in absolute tears. The RPM was just slow enough so that she could feel every hand-like pink nub slap her latex-clad pussy, but fast enough so that each nub seemed to be slapping her at a fairly harsh velocity - It didn't help that they were so flexible, that they were kind-of whipping back after being dragged between her legs. It wasn't just the nubs slapping her slit that had her in tears, but it seemed the machine passed a current through her body that was highlighted in the special lining of the bra - There was an almost constant electrical shock attacking either her breasts or nipples, or both! 'Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!' was all her mind could handle throughout.

It felt like an eternity, but the machine came to a stop for nearly a whole minute. "Slave did not thank master, nor hum safetune, restarting Punishment mode for ten minutes." Sallem had forgotten about that, but even if she had remembered, there was nothing she could do - So she gave the control panel the middle finger while her very short break let the burning pain of her poor crotch sink in fully, though the tears didn't stop flowing quite yet. The cushions kept her hands captive, the ankle-spreader kept her most sensitive region available for abuse, and the angle of the seat made sure her latex-clad crotch was at the best angle for being abused. The shocks to her breasts never stopped, but only seemed to intensify as the wheel betwix her legs got into full gear again and laid hell upon her poor pussy.

Another eternity seemed to pass before it stopped again and the machine spoke: "Punishment completed. Please remove spreader bar before attempting to walk." Sallem was all over that. She was trembling, the aperature's released her wrists, and she quickly ripped the buckles off and tossed the spreader bar behind the chair. Standing up was a necessity, but difficult. Her crotch was still on fire, but she picked up her phone and took a breather - That was by far, the most intense session of anything she's ever been in, and yet, it was just a cold, heartless machine. It definitely hurt, but within that, she seemed to draw a new arousal. The machine could be user-controlled, but also automated beyond user selections, she set it in her mind to try its pleasure mode if that's how hardcore the punishment mode was. She decided to not try it at that moment though, a hand dipped into her panties and gently rubbed her reddened slit - She was still quite sensitive, so she decided to move on and come back for it later.

It was a surprising while before she reached anything else, but she heard the whirring of another machine and followed it. Sallem was lead to another corner, but she could see there was some sort of closet right next to a beautiful sight. A woman was mostly nude; bearing impossibly high black heels, black spherical mittens, and a matching hood that only had noseholes and an obvious gag-bump, but there were two tubes protruding from the mouth - One was half the diameter of her pinky, the other was closer to index finger size. They were connected to two different buckets of some sort, dangling above the captives head. She was bound to something Sallem had never seen before - A giant... pillow, possibly a bean bag? Larger than the woman spread-eagle and bound to it!

It was clearly crafted with bondage-enthusiasts in mind, given the built-in arm and leg cuffs near each corner, but the highlight seemed to be the machine Sallem waved her phone over. It was dual fuck machine, nothing too special there, except a chain leading from the base of the vaginal dildo was connected to the bound woman's clit ring. It appeared just the right length to tug on the woman's sensitive nub when the dildo was pulled almost all the way out - Sallem noticed as well, that the woman's nipples were not only pierced, but had golf-ball sized weights hooked to each ring. The woman was moaning softly, as the machine was pumping both her holes quite deep, but not very quickly, allowing her to really feel the ribbed texture of the anal dildo, and the dull-spiked nubs of the vaginal dildo without inducing orgasm.

Sallem returned her phone back to the machine, and saw the no-frills options the machine allowed: dedicated speed control knobs for each penetrator, and two switches that Sallem guessed must control the on/off of the pistons, so it's not always double-penetrating. The woman was squirming a little, though the pillow was squishy-yet-heavy enough to not allow her to move it while bound to it. Sallem decided to turn the vaginal piston down even more, really emphasizing the clit-tugging chain, but turn up the anal piston a couple more notches - This sent the woman into a tizzy, but she was moaning louder in no time! 'You stay there, Imma check this out-' she mouthed playfully to the bound woman, who was feebly struggling against the dense built-in cuffs - The only things on the pillow that had no give.

Smiling back at the woman once more, she went to the closet that was within sight of her new found slave. Though the lights for the factory didn't work, Sallem was almost completely blinded when she had opened the door and instinctively flicked the light-switch on. THAT one was working. Covering her eyes, she hissed in pain, but rested against a wall and let her eyes slowly acclimate to the light. The first thing she saw was another door on the otherside of what she realised was a rear entrance, and the closet was simply an ante-room, though very large for its size, but her mind reeled at the walls - It was like walking into a bondage and fetish shop!

Though when she was turning to glance at the next wall, she silently screamed - There was a man lying there in a dried pool of blood with his hand on his chest, and Sallem quickly noticed he wasn't breathing, this pulled her out of the fantasyland she's been in real quick. Nudging the man with her paw, he was definitely dead. 'This must be the owner' Sallem thought to herself, and crouched down to loot his pants. Drawing out a keyring with a number of keys on it, a cellphone, a heavily packed wallet, passport, and she could see not lying too far away from his other hand was a packet of documents, as well as an open suitcase - It seemed the man was in a hurry to leave the country, and had a gun in his waist.

Opening the wallet, she flicked through the bills within and saw at least ten-thousand dollars inside! Standing up, reeling at the amount of money, she could see that the suitcase had a lot more money. Looking to see who this poor sap was, she actually recognised the name - It was one of the very recent hits her pack did, but the police had gotten tipped off. Taking the phone, popping the battery in and turning it on, thankfully the phone had an internal kill-switch if it hit the ground too hard that would pop the battery out and save the internal memory card. Opening up the texting function, she sent a text to the main phone operator of the pack: 'Clean up on aisle 8, Davy from the navy, no questions asked.' It was all code for, "Send the dead body clean up crew, male/our kill, crew will be paid extra to forget what they see". A text popped up quickly, 'Sales associates en route, requesting five hours of overtime each.' Sallem grumbled, they wanted five thousand EACH - That would kill the money in the wallet, but with that big pile in the suitcase, she hardly seemed worried. Texting back, 'Parking n rear, answer is 3694, my fav club is the warehouse n downtown' this giving the crew directions to the address, and telling them to park behind the building.

Taking the keys and opening the door, Sallem turned to the wall dedicated to fetish clothing and took a leather mini-skirt, along with a thick leather trenchcoat that she could feel had hidden binding points for discreet bondage - Slipping both on. Keeping it loose due to how heavy it was, she put the gun in a pocket and separated the cash into two piles of five grand. Closing the suitcase, she stuck it in a corner and tossed some clothes on it - Pocketing the phone as well.

The crew arrived in a professional looking cleaning van and backed it up to the door, they went inside, and saw Sallem dressed in the fetishy gear - They couldn't help but grin, but she instantly handed them one stack of five-thuosand and pointed at the body. One of the men gave her a wink and the 'call me' gesture, but neither said a word. Sallem stood there watching the men work diligently, and by the time they were done, they had certainly earned every dime. The room's overpowering leather and rubber smell covered up the bleach scent, the floor was spotless, and the body was being disposed of in a large specialised 55-gallon drum. Once she looked it all over and was satisfied, she handed them the second stack of five-thousand.

The warehouse was now hers, as were all the girls inside - And she was certain she didn't even go through the whole thing! There was enough money to pay off any cops that might come sniffing around, but the warehouse looked like all the other ones on the block externally, and they were all fairly destitute, so it was very rare for anyone but druggies to come around. They were easy to scare off anyways.

Locking the back door, she ditched the skirt and jacket, but grabbed and put on some other pieces - Namely an open-faced black rubber hood, full-access black latex catsuit with zippers across each breast and over the crotch and rear, thigh-high leather boots with a modest heel, and a three-pronged strap-on she had to unzip the crotch of the catsuit to slip on properly. Grabbing an LED flashlight whilst feeling like quite the kinky rubber mistress, she opened the door back out into the main warehouse, the dildo stirring in her while the other two bobbed with each step was a delight to see and feel, and after stopping by her double-penetrated slave to reverse the settings - Slower anal piston, faster pussy penetrator - She headed out the opposite way of that slave to see what, or who else was in the factory - All while the cascade of moans became louder.

('HAPPY' ending ^ cutoff)

('UNhappy' ending v begin)

The flashlight certainly helped her see, but there really didn't seem to be all that much the way she was going, and even with a good source of light, it was difficult to tell where she was in the warehouse - being the overhead lights didn't work, and large stacks of junk, as well as shelves also filled with junk, plagued the floors of this place. That was going to be her first mission with this place, get a crew to clean it out, except her new... bitches, of course. For now though, she simply wandered the maze of junk in search for the next device or slave to capture - It took a bit longer than she would've liked, but she definitely wasn't disappointed, when she stumbled upon a machine unlike any other she's even imagined - let alone seen or heard about.

Setting her flashlight on one of the shelves, so that it would aim at and highlight the device, as well as its controls. It was nearly twice her height and about the same length-wise as well, with a short two-step staircase, and a very box-like shell structure overall. Other than a third of the device dedicated to a sectioned-off vertical rectangle with a couple blank sides, the final side having the control panel on it, it was an intricate straitjacket hanging from a sturdy looking set of chains via shoulder-clips admist the other two-thirds of the device, and had a lot more going on than just binding the arms - It was a collar, straitjacket, and bodysuit combo, with special fixin's too!

Sallem spent a good amount of time trying to figure it out, she simply could not pass up this sort of thing - It was like the ultimate fantasy device for her, but it took her a moment to notice it was plugged in, yet turned off. So she turned it on, and was greeted to a soft whirr of what was likely a computer, as well as a pleasant female voice, "Welcome to the S.B. Psychiatric Hospital, we're here to help!" Sallem would've groaned at the weak opening, but she was so enamored by the opened, empty, and sturdy looking straitjacket hanging in front of her. She figured 'S.B.' stood for 'self-bondage'. "Orderly, please approach control panel and choose mode, duration, severity, and release procedure."

Sallem wasn't bogged down in the details, she simply understood that all four sections needed a selection, and went right to it - Thankfully, these were actually labeled, and had a corresponding verbal confirmation. "You've chosen: Pleasure mode, one hour, moderate severity, and auto-release procedure. Please guide patient onto the platform, and into the corresponding equipment." Sallem's tail was wagging excitedly, though she had to ditch the triple-donged strap-on to do it. Tempted to go in nude, she opted to keep the suit on and let herself be encased in multiple layers of latex. The mechanic voice asserted once more while the strap-on was being removed, "If patient is ready, please carefully step up to the platform, and insert extremities through appropriate holes."

Sallem grumbled at it softly, but carefully slipped her high-heeled feet through the holes in the bodysuit, and matched that motion by pushing her rubber-clad arms through the sleeves of the straitjacket, the machine interjected again, "Do not be alarmed if your hands do not exit the sleeves, they are designed to provide ultimate comfort and safety during your stay." The machine was starting to bug Sallem a bit, but with the crotch of her catsuit already unzipped, she easily wiggled herself onto the internal plugs and seated herself inside of it. The machine came to life, a little hook came down and zipped the zipper up slowly - Sallem was smart enough to feed her tail through one of the high-cut legs, it was a tad uncomfortable, but better than being stuck in a zipper. Ending at the base of her skull, it had forced her head straight and forward with a built-in posture collar, as well as fully sealing her inside the rubber jacket-bodysuit combo.

Little arms with hooks on the end forcefully-tugged the d-ring-equipped tips of the sewn-shut sleeves and forced Sallem to hug herself quite tightly - She was barely able to move her arms, and it pulled the suit tighter on her body, her breasts squeezing against the double layer of latex, as well as the plugs in the suit slipping in just a little deeper - While the rubber wedgied up her rear. The machine made what she thought was a final touch, when it applied a buckle-strap over her criss-crossed arms, it had assured Sallem was completely trapped for the next hour, but when the plugs started to enlarge and vibrate, she knew she was going to be in for a ride.

They didn't get too big, Sallem was somewhat uncomfortable by the final size, but adjusted to it when the vibrations kicked into high gear - or just plum forgot about it, as she was pushed hard towards an orgasm. The powerful buzzing died suddenly, letting Sallem catch her breath, but leaving her on the cusp of orgasm, "Climax limited to one per hour, unless orderly entered more during severity." Sallem was fuming, but being drawn out of her fantasy, she realised she could hear beeps indicating her heartbeat as well as her breathing pattern - It was much more complex a machine than she had realised, and this wildly excited her further, but her present scenario was being slowly built up to another orgasm, before rapidly shutting down, and leaving a heavily bound, struggling wolf-girl silently squealing for more.

As the hour drew on, the machine had started adding electrical stimulation as well, to keep its 'patient' highly aroused, but nowhere near going over the 'edge'. Both plugs seemed lined with metal she hadn't initially felt, and the zippers to her breast conducted some electricity to her poor nipples as well. It had started to seem like hours to Sallem though, she was panting heavily and sweating profusely in the double layer of latex, being brought to the edge of orgasm again and again was draining her excitement, as well as her stamina. She couldn't vocalise to make it stop, even if she could, she wouldn't know what to say, but just as she was starting to go through one of her dozen-or-more build-ups, it suddenly went into overdrive. Sallem eyes flared awake, taking deeper breathes, moaning and squirming as both vibration and electrical jolts were used to bring her to an orgasm unlike any she's ever had.

The machine's whirring cooled off as the vibrations clicked off and the plugs shrunk down again, but it didn't release her as outlined by what it had said before. "Mode changed to: Punishment, duration changed to: ten minutes, severity changed to: intense, and release procedure changed to: fully-contained, orderly-assisted release."

Sallem started to bug out, wildly struggling in the jacket - This wasn't what she selected at all! Of course, she was completely helpless, but a rubber cap of sorts appeared out of the top of the walled-off section of the device. It's little arms settled the cap over her head, and suddenly began to unfurl it over her head - It wasn't a cap, but a rolled up hood! An additional arm came down to accompany the others with forcing itself through the mouth-hole in the hood and spreading her jaws open, revealing her very sharp set of canine-like teeth. Another arm extended from the jaw-spreaders, and while the hood was cinched down over her face and head, it applied the hood's built-in ring-gag to the forcibly spread teeth - To which the arms acted in unison, to release her jaws, as well as the gag so that her jaws would clamp over the large rubber-coated ring.

The arms that finished pulling the hood on picked up a strap each, one was a panel that would be pulled over her mouth, but not before plunging a realistically-textured phallus into her opened maw, the other was simply an accompanying blindfold - Sallem couldn't struggle her head nor twist her neck enough to avoid this either, but what she did see were two creatures dressed as professional house cleaners, before the blindfold was also buckled in like the gag, and the machine whirred back to life. The men had been watching her the whole time, but had only moved into the light to see the final piece equipped to the struggling wolf-girl, as she was suddenly attacked by the plugs seated in the crotch. They didn't just rapidly inflate to nearly double their size, straining Sallem's poor holes quite wide, but they started to viciously electrify her - The jolts zapping up and down each dildo, then alternating between one another for a couple minutes, before finally activating both in varying levels of intensity - Though to Sallem, it was simply alternating between 'incredibly painful' and 'hell'. Her nipples got much of the action too, it was an additional bonus for her wearing a fully zippered catsuit.

Once the machine clicked off to a gentle whirr again, the chains slowly lowered her bound body to the ground, and unclasped from the shoulder-binding points, but left everything else buckled tightly into place. The plugs shrank to some extent, but Sallem's holes had been forcibly clenching and clamping around each plug, so they felt quite large to her regardless. Still twitching and crying into the gag as the two cleaning crew members picked her body up off the floor. "I told you she'd go for it, now pay up!"

The other groaned, "Fine, you win, but -I- get first crack at her. Five-thou, and keys~"

Sallem could vaguely hear the keys jingling into another's hands, and another sturdy set of hands picked her up, slinging her over their shoulder - After an hour of orgasm denial, to one of the most intense climaxes she's ever had, and back-to-back with an incredibly painful additional ten minutes, she could hardly even move - let alone struggle. She could feel herself haphazardly tossed into the van, but she definitely didn't land on a hard surface - it was a cushioned surface that her whole body sank into, but not really a 'typical' bed. "Enjoy that oversized doggie bed, I got it on sale at that wholesale club just for you."

She could barely piece together if these assholes planned all of this with the phone-op, or were just lucky to have come back, but either way - They were leaving with a faceless, mute, slave wolf-girl that nobody would ever find. That was pack policy - if a member was MIA for over 48 hours without warning, they were presumed dead, and every trace of their connection to the pack was erased - Even the higher ranks.

"Dude, check it out, that S.B. Psycho machine has an app!" The other pack member growled out. "What? Lemme get that." Sallem vaguely heard, 'Download complete' twice, and then some soft murmuring, then suddenly, the plugs came to life. Sending her tiredly squirming again, "It totally works! And there's like, no lag! Look!"

Sallem's body suddenly tensed up for a moment as shocks shot through her system. She cried out in vain, they couldn't even hear her pitiful attempts at pleading as they were too busy drooling over the app, and sending her body into a tizzy with all sorts of jolts, vibrations, and plug-size control.

"I don't think any of us are going to sleep tonight, isn't that right princess?" Laughed one of the guys. "That's a good name! Princess wolfslut...hrmm...or Wolfslut Princess? What do you think?" Sallem wasn't even sure if it was aimed at her, but her body arched off the bed intensely as the vibrators kicked up to maximum. "We are going to have SO much fun tonight." The van turned over and she soon felt it moving, she heard the phones' screens click off, but could hardly keep a central thought as she was brought to a powerful orgasm, and not let off the hook by the vigorously vibrating plugs - They forgot to turn them off before closing the app!


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