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Body Bagged!

by In Full Attire

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© Copyright 2011 - In Full Attire - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; hotel; latex; drysuit; bagged; gasmask; toys; climax; stuck; cons; X

Henrietta was a 28 years old female university student, who had a passionate fetish addiction to heavy rubber like body bags and gasmasks. She found this deviation a bit embarrassing but she had no chance to share her desire with somebody. One of her favorite fetish outfits was a diving suit made of heavy rubber. It was a dry suit which she had customized with an attached gas mask. Because of her lonely life as a fetishist she had developed various self-bondage techniques. They could be used in a solo setting and combined with the dry suit and also other rubber items. She had self designed and sewed several items of thick rubberized cloth. Her manufacturing technique and sewing standards were of the industrial quality to ensure that the self-bondage equipment would be strong and durable.

During last few weeks she had made ready many of her designs. She shared a student apartment with two other girls, but she wanted to hide her deviation completely. Anyhow, she had a industrial quality sewing machine in her room, which was just normal for a girl. She also had suitable lonely hours at home allowing her to work with her designs. She was especially proud of the bondage body bag. It was equipped with internal sleeves and a zipper closure, all designed by herself . She had performed some tests with it to be confirmed that it was suitable for self-bondage. Actually, a body bag equipped with internal sleeves and zipper enclosure is a luxury which is reserved for those who are enjoying duo sessions. But this item was something else. Henrietta had tested most of her designs separately but hastily for just a few minutes in her room. She was extremely eager to try some of her creations in an all encompassing bondage combination with no fear of being found or uncovered. She wanted to enjoy the whole set of them, wearing the gas masked dry suit and captivate herself totally in her rubber body bag.

Now it was the time to test her designs altogether. But where Henrietta could do it? The three girls shared one student apartment and her own room was not a good place for the experiment. She just could not relax there since she knew that self-bondage sessions can be quite noisy. So she found a solution by checking for one night into a small hotel located near by. So there she could freely have her self-bondage session without being afraid of exposure or embarrassment.

One afternoon Henrietta packed her designs in two suitcases, told other girls that she will be away a day or two and walked to the hotel. She checked in for one night, so she had the whole evening just for her to enjoy her deviations at leisure. The check out from the hotel would be at noon next day, so she could also have a good night sleep after her session. The room was comfortably sized and there was a desk and two arm chairs.

To begin with, she closed the drapes and switched off her mobile. Henrietta emptied the two suitcases on the bed. There was the heavy dry suit, made of thick black rubber, the special designed body bag of hers, several anal plugs, and dildo pants plus various equipments needed in self-bondage. She took the thick black rubber dry suit, it was the perfect choice to start with. Actually it was a real diving suit with water-proof zipper in the back. She had bought it from web auction and had customized it with an attached gasmask. Henrietta was naked, and she put on rubber shorts equipped with two dildos. Without minding to push the dildos entirely inside her she put her legs into the darkness of the dry suit. She knew that the dildos will enter unavoidably her when she wears the tight dry suit. It rustled as she stretched and pulled it, the light reflecting on the surface of the shiny black rubber. The coldness of the rubber slowly engulfed her feet, her ankles, her calves and her thighs as she eased herself into the bottom half of the suit. Henrietta squirmed and squealed pulling the thick heavy suit up over her bottom and stomach. When pulling the suit on her she felt how the vaginal dildo and butt plug were about to enter her orifices. The anal plug needed more assistance, she pushed it slow and decisively into her ass despite of the pain.

To gain a sense of isolation Henrietta fitted earplugs in both ears muffling almost all her hearing. They fitted snugly into her ears, blocking off most sounds of the world, and she completed the hearing loss with a thick swimming cap. With this setting and the hood of the rubber dry suit she would be practically deaf. The hood of the suit hung forlornly in front of her. When she was about to push her head into the hood of the suit she picked a pump gag from the bed… what would be more exciting than being helplessly gagged behind an attached gas mask, she thought. So she really wouldn’t be able to remove the gag which could generate endless muted moans of mmpppps and glmmmhhs behind the gas mask – that would be such a great experience! But Henrietta decided to play safe, no gags when self-bondage. Anyhow, there was many other enjoyable aspects waiting her during this bondage session.

So she just pushed her head through the tight entrance into the tight hood feeling the attached gas mask pressing tightly against her face. Her hands were still outside the suit so she could adjust the hood and gas mask of the suit into proper positions. Then Henrietta slid her hands into the sleeves and the rest of dry suit slipped over her shoulders to encompass her entirely. She pushed her hands deeper into the arms of the suit, feeling the cool rubber surrounding her more and more.

The water- and air-proof zipper of the dry suit was located across the back of the shoulders. Because that kind of zipper is very rigid, it makes difficult for a user to close or open it without external help. But Henrietta had constructed a mechanism for the zipper using a special chain to be fixed to the rack of the room. So the zipper could be managed by herself, also in this hotel room, although it might take a little time and some patience. Standing at the rack she closed the zipper with a rotating movement of upper torso. Through the lenses of the gas mask she saw how the zipper popped to its final position, which made her feeling very horny. Now she was sealed with one layer! And there was more to come!

Most rubber fetishists want to remove restrictive outfit instantly after coming off. Henrietta knew this disposition well and she wanted to be prohibited from that kind of weak-kneed behavior. So the outfit was also to keep her rubberized for an extended period, not just until coming off, but for longer duration. It would force her to stay in rubber outfit even if she changed her mind. This built-in evil feature of this session aroused and agitated her. It was a really intoxicating to think how her sweated body just had to stay rubberized for hours.

The awkward zipper of the dry suit was already one constraint to keep her rubberized. But it was not the only feature for that! Henrietta had constructed a timer mechanism for the body bag, which was closed with a long back zipper ending at the high collar. Because long zippers are unreliable solution for self-bondage the opening mechanism was not based on the zipper. Instead of that there was a closing Velcro strip extending from the knees up to under the chin and it kept the front slit entirely closed. To open the body bag she needed not to open the zipper but to remove the closing strip. The removal of the strip could be regulated with a timer based on melting of an ice cube. It controlled the duration of the bondage and so the victim had to wait until the ice had melted before it was possible to pull off the closing strip. The size of the ice cube determined the duration of bondage. For this purpose she had brought the strapped ice cube with her from home in a portable heat insulator. The ice cube would delay the disrobing for an hour or so. She added the ice cube timer strap to the opening strip of the body bag and fixed an opening cord to the desk of the hotel room to enable the removal of the Velcro strip.

Henrietta had already attached the looped cord to the zipper of the body bag and the ends of the cord to the lock, which was fixed to the armchair. Lying on her back and moving her body downwards would make the tension on the cord to close the zipper of the body bag. Wearing the heavy dry suit made her a bit clumsy, but she slid her feet proficiently into the deepness of the body bag. To maximize the bondage effect she secured her legs tightly together at ankles, below knees and above knees with buckled rubber straps attached to the body bag.

Henrietta pulled slowly the bag upwards to her waist and laid full-length on her back. She proceeded to pull the bag upwards and slipping her rubber-clad hands into the inner sleeves. She dug them deeper, yearning for the feeling of the rubber enclosing her so snugly. Simultaneously when entering deeper into the bag she double-checked that it was climbing upwards and extending to her shoulders. Finally, she could feel how her rubber gloved hands met the blind end of the sleeves. She secured that the body bag covered her shoulders and its collar was extending up to her neck. Cautiously Henrietta tried out the zipper mechanism by crawling an inch downwards on her back. Moving herself should close the back zipper and so she crawled even more and felt how the cord was getting tighter. It got really tight, then finally, she could feel the zipper give. She knew that the process would work!

Because of her ear plugs she couldn’t hear it but she sensed how the zipper was closing little by little under her back. In the thick dry suit Henrietta was getting warmer and simultaneously she started to anticipate how snugly she would be mummified in the body bag. It made her so excited… Shortly the zipper was reaching the midpoint of her back. This was the moment of no return because the closing zipper began to captivate her into the body bag in full effect. She froze for a second, trying to decide if this self-bondage venture was too risky. Maybe she should calm down, quit and give up? But evil siren songs made her body screaming to continue, so she just could not stop. Henrietta just had to keep on crawling, almost like a robot, having no chance to hesitate anymore.

The body bag squeezed her more tightly and she sensed how the zipper was closing the high collar which was tightening up around her neck forming a close seal. Finally Henrietta felt how the puller of the zipper was popped into it ultimate position in her neck. Yeah, that’s the right place for you!, she thought. The closure of the zipper was completed and it thrust her into the definitive rubber bondage. To finish her mummification she wanted to disentangle the cord loop attached to the puller of the zipper. This was simple to do, just some minimal movements sideways which opened the cord lock and the loop was pulled off. If somebody now stepped into the gloomy room, he would be shocked to see a gas masked figure squirming and puffing in a black rubber sack. Such a vigor and passion for heavy rubber!

Henrietta was immediately more than ready to come off but she managed to control her urge. She was concerned that if she climaxed now it would certainly make her rushing to backtrack from her desire to be mummified. It was all too early for that, and she wanted to enjoy this captivating moment. She decided to freeze and just alleviate the overt excitement. For a while the only activities were her slow and deep breathing, and the muted sounds of the valves of the gas mask. After ten minutes of waiting Henrietta just could not resist it anymore and wanted to let her go. She felt how the tight body bag was arousing her when encompassing her body and restricting all her movements. Her breathing got heavier, making the gasmask squeeze tightly against her sweated face. The silence of the lonely hotel room was discontinued with her quick and passionate gasping through the ports and valves of the gasmask accompanied by creaks and squeaks of her rubber outfit. Then she began to come off, one, two, three times - and then the world exploded - and stopped.

Inevitabily the nirvana started to fade and gradually she started to get a bit anxious. A mild restlessness started to worry Henrietta. Oh lord, I came off all too early!, she thought.

She knew so well that after coming off, she started to yearn to get out of her rubber bondage, wanting to remove the gasmask away from her face. She felt how her hands and feet were bound so tightly and the heavy rubber outfit was squeezing her chest making the breathing less easier. She felt that the gas mask was suffocating her and it was so hot inside the rubber sack! But she knew that the ice lock still needs time to melt for at least a while. She tried to be patient and wait, stay still and breathe normally. But after fifteen minutes she started to panic again. Henrietta’s massive sweating was making the gas mask and hood to suck ever more tightly against her forehead, chin and cheeks, sealing her face. It was so hot and she got scared that the gas mask or its valves might go dysfunctional.

She wanted to believe that the ice lock had already melt enough to allow the opening of the closing mechanism. Desperately she crawled and squirmed to draw the string which would open the freedom gate, the Velcro strip. She prayed that the remaining ice had melted enough to break up. Aww, the strip is all too stuck, she thought when she felt the resistance. She tried again but she was not cautious enough drawing the cord impatiently.… She felt a snap only to see through the steamy lenses of the gas mask how the cord was broken in two parts. There was nothing left to remove the Velcro strip! Henrietta snorted her frustration. Holy shit! Oh my god! Oh my god!

She was panicking and did not know how to open the body bag. She tried to tear the thick rubber material of it at full stretch but her struggle was pointless, she could not tear the rubberized material or the Velcro closed front seam. It was all too carefully sewed, and the strong and durable inner sleeves kept her firmly in the bondage. Henrietta really was trapped inside the bag and it was impossible to escape from without help. Grunts and snorts damming up behind the gas mask she felt how the warm tickle and trickle of sweat trapped everywhere between her skin and rubber. She wiggled and wiggled but could not get her arms out of the internal sleeves.

The check-out from the hotel was so far, at noon tomorrow! So there were a long time waiting in her mummysack. Probably the room service would enter the room sometimes in the afternoon, if she did not come up to check-out. Maybe later, even at 4 pm or so? That would make more than twenty hour in bondage! The heat and sweat was all too much combined with the expected humiliation tomorrow.

What Henrietta will say to the room maid? What if the maid just refuses to release her from the rubber bag? Maybe the room service leaves her just like that and call police to the hotel?!

Her intense perspiration was making the lenses of the gas mask more and more opaque and gradually non-transparent. Very soon she would be not only deaf but also blinded by the steamed lenses. The only good news was that she was wise enough not to gag herself! It was also so ironical, what now happened to Henrietta was really her ultimate dream. Being helplessly rubberized and mummified for an undefined duration…



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