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The Birthday Party

by rubbermark

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© Copyright 2019 - rubbermark - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; D/s; captive; slave; latex; catsuit; bond; cuffs; chastity; edgeplay; denial; toys; insert; party; maid; cd; lube; tease; torment; cons/nc; X

Author’s Note: I wrote this story for my previous Mistress as a birthday present to her. The main event in the story is actually based on an online conversation I had with another Mistress who claimed to have done this to her slave. I have elaborated with some of the details but the main gist remains the same as she told me. I have no way of knowing if she was telling me the truth, but if she was I can only say that I envy and pity her slave in almost equal measures. As ever, feedback is gratefully received. 


His whole world revolved around his cock. Strapped into the thick rubber bondage sack with just his cock and nipples exposed really didn't leave him any other choice. He'd got used to most things she had done to him over the last five years, but the daily edging session were the thing he dreaded most. He'd been forced to dress as a 'rubber slut', as she described him, almost twenty four seven. He could deal with this. Not that he had always been so relaxed about it. It had taken him time to accept it, but in the end he came to the conclusion, for his own sanity as much as anything, that 'these are just clothes, they don't have to define me. And it's her that's making me wear them anyway.'

Not that most men would get used to what she had him wear. The heels were the trickiest to master. Up to seven inches high at times. Hours on the treadmill, held in a full body harness and forced to walk to exhaustion, just to get that sexy sway in his hips she wanted from him. Obviously it wasn't normal for guy to be wearing women's clothes, and he had resisted at first. In fact he had fought with all his strength, so much so she had actually resorted to locking his clothing on him and keeping him in stringent bondage at most times. But eventually he accepted it. He was actually strangely proud of his resilience in that matter - the edging was another thing entirely though.

The anal training had been another fight. Although the first time, restrained on his back, ankles strapped into stirrups on the table, his feet locked into impossibly high ballet heels, he really wasn't in any position to fight back. As soon as he saw the first butt plug she had prepared for him he didn't need to have any kinky experience to know where she planned on putting it. His struggles against the unrelenting leather straps of the professionally built bondage table simply brought a smile of pleasure across his captor's face. Knowing how much he didn't want this to happen just made her already wet pussy almost gush with pleasure.

But today he found himself totally immobile and all his attention focussed directly on his only exposed areas. Before all of this he had taken pride in his manhood, in the number of women he'd bedded and his ability to pleasure himself as and when it pleased him. Now he could barely remember the last orgasm he had been allowed. Almost five years to the day he had been restrained, hands chained above him, ankles locked together with a spreader bar, six inch heels adorning his feet, latex stockings slicking up his legs held up by suspenders connected to the tight and heavily steel boned latex corset fastened around his waist. His Mistress had teased and played with him for several hours, keeping him on the edge of the most explosive orgasm he could imagine. But imagine he would have to.

As he neared the edge for what seemed like the thousandth time him Mistress stimulated him just enough to tip over the edge but then removed all forms of stimulation from his throbbing and desperate cock. He could barely think as he felt the unrelenting orgasm rising from his balls and pressing up his cock but he knew that without any further stimulation it would be horrendously frustrating. His cum simply began to dribble from the tip of his cock, but no spurting, or the pleasurable sensations that come with the spurts, were able to form in his understimulated cock. His screams for another touch and his frantic bucking (or as much bucking as his tight restraints would allow) demonstrated to his Mistress that she had performed her task to perfection. Now for the piece de resistance...

Leaving him to continue his frustrated and angry cries into his ball gag she moved over to a cabinet and pulled out a metal device lined with rubber. She held it in front of his eyes as she explained that it was a titanium chastity belt and he was to be locked in it. No further orgasms would be allowed unless she permitted it. He'd only ever heard about chastity belts from medieval tales of knights locking up their wives until they returned from the crusades and here was this mad woman telling him he was about to be denied any access to his own cock unless she permitted it.

Well, if he had fought before his first anal plugging this signified a step too far for him and he almost burst a blood vessel in his determination to free himself. His Mistress had anticipated this. She just stood and watched, allowing him to tire himself out. She knew the straps and chains holding him were unbreakable. In his spread position he was in no way able to prevent her fitting it to him, even if he kept trying to thrash around for the next day.

Slowly she walked up to him and moved behind him. His body continued to pull and strain against his bonds but his movements were really restricted to only a few inches. He was pleading through his gag. Despite the intruder in his mouth she knew well enough what begging sounded like, and she could tell he meant it. Her panties were soaked knowing this was something he absolutely did not want. Taking away his manhood would break him, or at least allow her to exert even more control over him. He was in way too deep now and this would seal his fate ultimately and indefinitely.

She took a couple of squirts of lube and began to spread it inside the metal sheath where his manhood would soon be firmly nestled. She reached around and spread the rest along his softening shaft, careful not to stimulate him too much, lest he get hard again and she would have to wait to get him into the device even longer. His terror at the prospect seemed to be doing the job of softening him for her though. No ice required - she thought.

She looped the belt around his waist, just under the bottom edge of his corset. She had to unhook the suspenders to make sure they didn't get caught in the device. Fortunately the high quality latex the stockings were made from prevented them from rolling down and didn't ruin the sexy and shapely legs she thought he had. She checked the setting of the belt to make sure he would be unable to pull it off under his hips. Feeling the cold touch of the belt he shook violently but she just smiled and held the belt firm and moved her hands and the belt with him as he thrashed his torso about as best he could.

The belt had another rubber lined metal part that ran through the crotch from the middle of the back of the belt and would connect up to the front of the belt. On this crotch piece there was a perfectly shaped steel cock and ball pouch designed to totally encapsulate the male's genitals.

She began passing the crotch piece between his legs, smiling to herself as she watched his futile wriggling. The spreader bar locked his ankles apart and it was itself connected to the floor, preventing any effective movement in his legs except the little slack provided in the chains. As the cock tube came up she carefully slid his lubricated member into its new prison, eliciting frantic cries from behind his gag. He clearly knew this was possibly his last chance at freedom. The crotch piece connected to the front of the waist belt. Looking directly into his eyes his Mistress clicked the lock shut, smiling to herself as his thrashing stopped, clear in the realisation of his long term predicament.

That was five years ago though. Almost every day since then he had been restrained at some point in the day, his belt removed and his cock teased and played with for at least an hour, often much longer. The methods used to tease him were inventive and varied but the consistent element that always remained was that he was never permitted to reach any kind of orgasm, even a ruined one. His life was one never ending frustration, always kept at maximum arousal but never allowed to reach the peak of his desires. This all in spite of the outfits he was forced to wear and the demeaning and degrading tortures his Mistress enjoyed performing on him.

It was during one of these teasing sessions that he found himself listening to his Mistress opening up a ray of hope for him.

"Do you know what is happening next week, slave? Hmm? I can't hear you. Well, just in case you had forgotten it is your birthday. You had forgotten? Silly you."

He writhed in the strict rubber sack, barely able to process what he was hearing as she moved her delicate fingers, slick with lube, in repetitive upwards strokes along the length of his steel-hard cock.

"I know I can be a rather, shall we say, strict Mistress, but you know that is for your own good. How can I guarantee you behave as a slave should if I don't ensure your training is stringent? But anyway, that doesn't mean I am not a kind Mistress too. And for that reason I will be throwing a party for you."

She paused, allowing this news to sink in. He had served at parties before and had not enjoyed the experience. Being used as a serving maid in front of a room of attractive women whilst he himself was locked into a frilly rubber maids outfit and ludicrously high heels was one of the most awful experiences of his life. He knew that, despite his Mistress's upbeat tone in describing his birthday party, he was very unlikely to enjoy it.

"As it is your birthday though, you will also be given a present. I wonder what you might wish for?" She gripped his cock more firmly around the head, punctuating each of the next few words with a swift and firm downwards pump. "More" pump "than" pump "anything" pump "in" pump "the" pump "world?" pump.

Each pump of his super-sensitive member forced a groan of pleasure from behind his well gagged mouth. He knew exactly what he wanted more than anything in the world. He didn't just want, but needed an orgasm, needed release from the endless and constant teasing he couldn't escape. And so his mind wandered for the rest of the teasing session, as his Mistress iced and locked his cock back in its belt, as he went about his chores for the rest of the week. Would she allow him an orgasm? Finally? An actual orgasm? He allowed himself to dream and his Mistress knew she was even deeper in his head.

* * *

A week later he found himself, as he expected, serving as a maid at his own birthday party. He was dressed in a high collared black latex maids dress with white frilled trim around the top of the sleeves, the edge of the skirt and around the collar. Black latex stockings with white frills around the top encased his legs. Black shoulder length rubber gloves covered his arms completely. His mouth was filled with a single strapped ball gag. On his feet were a pair of 6 inch high black patent pumps with double ankle straps. His usual chastity belt had been replaced with a metal cage which showed off more of his cock but still prevented him from achieving any form of erection. His rear was filled with a large butt plug that had taken some effort to get inside him, despite his regular anal training, and it was a constant reminder of his situation.

His Mistress had instructed him to serve canapés and drinks as directed by a slave girl named Allie. He had met Allie before and dreaded spending more time with her. She was a willing slave girl, someone who enjoyed the lifestyle and wanted to be treated as a slave. His Mistress had used Allie to help with his training in the past, making it clear that although she was a slave, as a female she was automatically higher up in the pecking order than him and he should defer to her as he would any Mistress.

Allie had been put in charge of a team of two other young female slaves and Mark. She ensured that what was being prepared in the kitchen made it out onto the floor and to the fifteen party guests. The guests were all close friends of his Mistress. Some were in the lifestyle and had their own slaves (although none of them had a slave like him who was totally unwilling). Others were more vanilla but she had entrusted with the knowledge of her slave and who had been interested to be more involved in his training, or at the very least his humiliation.

Allie took great delight in working him harder than any of the other serving slaves. She loved to see him rushing around in his heels and was actually secretly impressed with his skill and poise in them. She also knew that the more she had him running around the more the butt plug would be working his stretched hole. Several times through the night she reached under his skirt and rubbed his caged cock or flicked or pinched his sensitive nipples through the latex of his maids dress, telling him how sexy he looked and how wonderfully skilled he was in his heels. She knew by the red flush in his bulging cheeks the humiliating effect this had on him.

She wasn't the only one taking pleasure from his predicament. Almost every woman he met that evening took advantage of him in some way or another. His Mistress took him aside at one point and joked that his chastity cage was actually more for his own protection than anything else! He was poked, prodded, stroked, pinched, licked and tickled all over his body. Nothing seemed to be off limits and as the alcohol flowed the inhibitions of the women decreased even more and his teasing only intensified. It didn't help that every women there was dressed in incredibly sexy evening attire - short hemlines, low cut tops and killer heels. Despite his humiliation his cock was straining against the steel cage.

After a few hours his Mistress called him over as well as Allie and told them it was time to prepare him for his present. "Allie and the girls will get you all set up for your birthday present. I want you to go with them and do whatever they need you to. I will see you again shortly once you are prepared. Remember, sweetie, this is your birthday present and I'm sure you are really going to appreciate it." With that she pecked him on the forehead and he was led out of the room behind Allie, with the other two slave girls following closely behind.

About an hour later a procession entered the room led by Allie, dressed in a head to toe red catsuit with matching rubber corset. In her hand was a leash which was attached to his collar, forcing him to follow on three feet behind her. He had also had a change of clothing from his previous serving maids outfit. He was dressed in a full body black rubber catsuit with built in feet and gloves. Over the top of this was laced a stunningly tight black rubber corset, forcing him into a very feminine hourglass figure. His head was hooded with a black latex hood with eye, nose and mouth holes but his mouth was invisible due to the gag that had been applied. A series of straps created a harness around his head which ultimately held a four inch long inflatable cock inside his mouth. This had been inflated to a level preventing all but the loudest noises from escaping. His neck was encircled by a thick and padded posture collar which held his chin up and forwards and prevented him from turning his head.

On his hands were a pair of inflatable latex mittens. Each mitten had a rubber ball inside which he had to grip onto and when they were inflated his fingers were unable to do anything but grip the ball. Each mitten was buckled on around his wrists and secured with a padlock. His feet were encased in a pair of ankle length ballet boots, forcing him to stand en pointe and meaning his progress into the room behind Allie was somewhat slower than might have normally been possible, even when taking into account the considerable amount of training in high heels he had been subjected to. The final piece of his kinky attire was his chastity belt. His steel cage had been replaced by the much more secure full titanium belt he was usually required to wear when unsupervised. His rear had been filled with a vibrating and inflatable butt plug that had been pumped up to a level that was proving truly challenging to him, forcing his anal muscles to involuntarily spasm, causing the plug to fuck his ass in time with the spasms.

The room fell silent on noticing this kinky procession. Allie leading him through, followed closely behind by the other two slave girls, both now wearing identical outfits to Allie as well. He was led into the centre of the room to an area of floor covered with a thick plastic sheeting. Allie unclipped the leash and stood back to join the other women who were now forming a circle around him. They could clearly see tears had dripped down his latex covered cheeks and saw his body shaking in the tight latex totally encasing his trim body. What the guests weren't aware of was what had happened in the back room in the last hour.

The slave girls had spared no time in preparing him and getting him dressed. Lubing him and the latex clothes liberally meant they slid onto him easily, encasing him in no time at all. He was fully dressed within twenty minutes as a result of their well practised team work. He was then strapped down to a bondage table, his wrists, elbows, ankles, knees, hips, chest, forehead and chin held tightly to the padded bench. The girls had then spent the remaining forty minutes taking it in turns to suck him to the edge of orgasm whilst the others either played with his nipples or toyed with the controls to the butt plug lodged in his rear. He was unable to move an inch given the tight constraints of his bondage. All he wanted to do was thrust his hips that one last time to get enough stimulation to push over the edge and into that mind blowing orgasm he had been denied for the last five years. But the girls were too skilful to ever allow that. He was held on the edge for the whole forty minutes, going out of his mind with the need to cum. When it was time his cock was iced and his belt locked onto him, imprisoning his desperate cock far away from any potential for stimulation or pleasure.

Standing in the middle of the room, dressed as he was, having undergone a serious edging session meant he was a complete mess of thoughts. Humiliation, desperation, desire, need, frustration and arousal all rolled into one. Part of him just wanted to run away and never stop. Then he saw his Mistress walking towards him, a huge smile across her face. She came right up to him and took his rubberised face in her hands.

"My little slave boy, happy birthday! Look at you all dressed up in your party outfit. You look amazing. Aren't you lucky to have all these lovely people here to help you celebrate. It's almost time for your present, but I just have to do a couple more things first."

Allie came forward with a set of leather cuffs and chains. She handed two cuffs and a length of chain the the Mistress and then knelt down herself to start securing a leather cuff around each of his ankles, locking them on with little padlocks and then securing a length of chain just over a foot long between them, effectively hobbling the poor latex clad boy. At the same time his Mistress was fastening similar cuffs around his wrists, linking them with a couple of feet of chain. Both his Mistress and Allie then stepped back into the circle as the other two slave girls were handing out items to the guests.

"Please could everyone take a few steps closer to the birthday boy? You have just been given a bottle of silicone lubricant each. I want you all to toast the slave boy by giving him a good squirt of lube!" She said this with a flourish as she squirted a good amount of lube directly at his latex clad body. The guests didn't need telling twice and very soon they were all clamouring to cover him in lube. Within the space of a couple of minutes he was absolutely dripping with lube, not an inch of his latex body was dry.

"Now for the cake. Let's sing!" As the cake was brought in with a single large candle in the middle of it the crowd sang happy birthday to him. He didn't know what was going on but was sure his Mistress had some plan for all this. When the cake was set down and the singing stopped his Mistress approached him again.

"I have a very special present for you, my little rubber slut slave. They say the best presents often come in the smallest packages. Well this is a good example." She said as she held up a small key in front of his eyes, then showing it off to the crowd around the room. "In case you hadn't guessed, this is the key to your chastity belt. I'm giving it to you for your birthday! Are't I kind?!"

His heart raced. As soon as he saw the key a glimmer of hope dared ignite inside him. And now she was saying she was going to give it to him. Could this be possible? Could he finally be allowed to cum after all this time?!

"There are a couple of rules though. They say too much of a good thing is bad for you, and I really do have your best interests at heart. For this reason I'm only going to allow you to have the key for the time it takes for your birthday candle to burn out. But in that time I will allow you to make yourself cum as many times as possible. You will be able to use Allie and the other two girls in any way you like. I know that they have you a little worked up so I'm sure you could take some of that energy out on them! However, if you fail to cum by the time the candle burns out I will give you to the girls for the next forty eight hours to be used in any way they see fit."

He was delighted. He couldn't believe he was going to be allowed to cum. And the negative side seemed impossible to him. How could he not cum? He was a hair trigger away from the most mind blowing orgasm of his life. It was at that very moment that the penny dropped. As did the key.

"Oops, I seem to have dropped the key. You can pick it up though, slave boy. your time has already started and I estimate you have around an hour, tops." His Mistress said with a smirk on her face. The realisation washed across his face as he figured out that he would need to insert the key and turn the lock. No one else was going to help him. He looked at the mittens on his hands, rendering his grip useless. He bent down as best he could in his ballet boots and then got onto his knees. He began to reach for the key but the mittens simply prevented any kind of purchase, particularly with all the lube dripping. He slipped and fell onto his back, the plug buzzing away inside him being forced in even more with the sudden movement.

He let out a scream of anguish as he realised his chances were next to impossible. This elicited titters of laughter from the crowd as they saw his realisation of his predicament. The key to his freedom, the thing he wanted more than anything in the world, was literally within his grasp, but he was completely incapable of capitalising on it.

And so it continued. The next hour was a mass of frantic and increasingly desperate movements from the slave boy. He tried everything he could think of to pick up the key and manoeuvre it to the lock on his belt but every inch of progress was met with a withering failure as his lack of dexterity or the seemingly endless lube vexed his best efforts.

The guests were gathered round watching this most perverse of spectator sports. Some had their hand inside their dresses, pleasuring themselves at the sight and sound of his desperation. Some just marvelled at the ingenious cruelty of his Mistress's present. To his credit he didn't give up, such was his desperation to cum. But sooner than he imagined his candle flickered and then guttered and with a small trail of smoke the flame went out. There was a collective hush across the room and then a low, guttural scream of sheer anger, hatred, frustration and anguish all rolled into one, emanated from behind his gag. This quickly turned into a stream of sobs and the tears flowed freely.

"I'm sorry my poor baby, but you obviously weren't so keen on making use of your generous birthday present. But don't worry, that wasn't your last chance. You have another birthday next year. Perhaps another year of teasing will drive you on to making a more successful attempt in a years time."

She was smiling as she said this, all for his benefit. Despite the strict gag filling his mouth, almost everyone in the room was able to make out the word "no" that he screamed.

"Girls, you may take him away and do what you wish with him for the next couple of days. The only rule for you is he is not allowed to cum."

The three slave girls, led by Allie strode forward triumphantly and clipped the leash back around his neck. They pulled him to his feet and he began to resist them, thrashing at his wrist cuffs and screaming into his gag as they led him back out through the door. The clicking of his and the slave girls' heels, interspersed with his sobs and screams faded out as the door closed behind him.

"I am a kind Mistress to give him such a birthday treat." Said his Mistress as she ushered the guests back to the buffet for more food and conversation.


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