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Birthday Surprise

by Rubber Devotee

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubber Devotee - Used by permission

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Birthday Surprise by Ruber Devotee

What a year it has been, I must say. My wife Karen, had been laid off her job as a stewardess due to the sagging economy. I have been able to pick up our expenses but our extra spending money has become almost non-existent. Our lives have been going well except for one thing. 

Karen and I have been married for 11 years, and our sex life has been mostly satisfying. In the last year though I have rediscovered a sexual desire that I have kept under wraps since I was a teenager. When I married Karen I had fallen deeply in love, and our personalities went well together. My personality is of a mediating type, always looking for a way to settle arguments peacefully, very easy going, etc. Karen also has these traits, but is a little more aggressive in dealing with people. She does happen to have red hair, which may have something to do with it. 

Since Karen was laid off, our relationship has become a little bit stressed. Both of our tempers have been short. As a result our sex-life has suffered. Karen usually wanting to make love often seemingly was too stressed-out for sex. As for myself, my desires to explore my new interests have exacerbated our troubles. 
My sexual desires stem from an experience I had when I was 14. I was interested in body surfing and wanted to purchase my first wet suit. I went to a flea market in Santa Cruz and found a suit that fit well and bought it for sixty dollars. When I tried it on my body seemed to crave the feeling of being encased. This overwhelming tingle, starting at my toes went up my back, and felt as if it went through my head. My whole body felt as if it was electrically charged. I touched my neoprene covered arm and felt an intense tingle wherever I felt my hand touching. Just as one might get goose bumps from something cold, I had a similar sensation but from something warm, it was as if I was being touched all over my body. 

Needless to say I was excited. When I got home I had an urge to wear my new suit. I ended up sleeping in the suit and wearing it several times a week for a few months. My love for this tingly feeling never seemed to decrease, and I even felt the need to masturbate from time to time in the suit. 

It wouldn't be until I was 19 that I lost my virginity and after that my desire for the suit seemed to fade. That was until this year. Some nights when Karen and I were making love I would fantasize of how it felt to be in the wet suit, in my mind. The memories easily pushed me to climax. I imagined the two of us being in wet suits and making love. During my fantasies I could see her lustful eyes begging for me to please her. One night in April I decided to tell her about my fantasies of us in wetsuits.

After dinner I decided to tell her. 
"Karen, have you ever thought of adding anything to our sex life?" I suggestively said. 
"Like what?" Karen asks
"Well, have you ever thought of wearing a wet suit during sex?"

There was a pause, which led to a look of dismay.
"Are you unhappy Steve?'
"No, no, don't get the wrong idea, it's just that lately I have been having fantasies of us having sex in wetsuits."

I told her of my fantasies that included the wetsuits and even maybe adding someone else to our love life. Karen was upset; she immediately felt that she was not enough for me. Despite my urging that these fantasies were merely ideas, Karen seemed to become increasingly upset.

I decided to stop trying to appease her and just give it some time. That was about six months ago, since then I haven't really mentioned my desires. Karen seemed okay after that. Karen was able to find work with a Dutch airline, which was such an improvement over United airlines. The only problem with the job is that she had to fly overseas much more often, but at least the airline had more time off. Things seemed to get back to normal. 

While I was glad that our relationship seemed to relax more, I found myself desiring my wetsuit again. I dug it out of the closet and tried it on; boy it was tight, too tight. I decided that I needed some other outlet and one Saturday when Karen was flying I decided to explore the web to find some adult stores. I found one in my city and set out. I hadn't been to one of these places since I was 18. Not much had changed since then; even that strange plastic smell was the same. I cruised the magazine rack, skipping over the tasteless porn present on most of the covers. As I bent down to look at the bottom section of the racks I noticed some magazines that I had never seen before. The first one I grabbed was Skin Two. The cover showed a woman in a full body cat suit that looked almost like a wet suit except it was shiny. I flipped open to the middle to see some the pictures, and to my delight I saw a beautiful woman clad from head to toe in as I discovered in the caption, a purple rubber suit. There was another woman in the picture who was on her hands and knees also in a suit but hers was yellow. The woman standing also had some kind of a dildo attached to her suit. She was suggestively bent to a position that implied future penetration. My penis hardened immediately and I quickly purchased the magazine and head for home.

As soon as I got home I had to relieve myself, I could hardly keep myself from looking at the magazine on my way home. I had found my ultimate material, rubber! The only problem was that Karen probably wouldn't be into it. 

It was two weeks before my 35th birthday and Karen had asked me what I wanted to do for it. I said maybe we could go for dinner or something. She agreed and we roughly planned that we would go out that night. After that I didn't think much about my birthday that was until the day came.
I came home from work at my usual time 6:00 P.M., and saw that Karen's car was in the driveway. I felt a little tired as I opened the door. As I walked into the house I looked for Karen in TV room then the living room. I called out her name, no answer. It was strange, she wasn't anywhere in the front of the house as usual. The house was very quiet, I suspected a surprise party, but as I eliminated rooms I became perplexed. Her car was there, yet she wasn't home. Where the hell could she be! As I entered our bedroom I went over to my closet and started to undress. I heard a giggle coming from Karen's closet. I smiled and as I walked over to her closet I noticed a note on the doorknob. 

'Steve, I have a surprise for you, go back to your closet and look on the floor'. Even though I really wanted to open the door, I went along with her instructions. On the floor of my closet I found an in-descript box, when I opened it there was a pile of black material with a note on top. The note read, "Put all of this on my dear." 

The first item on top was a pair of bicycle shorts, then a full body cat suit with attached feet and gloves, and the last item was a hood that had a hose sticking out of a zipper. I unzipped the hood to reveal eye, nose and mouth holes, and some kind of gag with a hole in it. I was shocked and very excited about these items. I found all the items were powdered and I began to put on the shorts. The shorts fit me well and even had a sheath attached that was difficult to put on since I was already hard. After that I spent a few minutes putting on the cat suit, which felt incredible. The fit was perfect! I couldn't believe how great the rubber felt clinging to my skin entirely encasing my body. I was tingling all over! The hood was a little more difficult to put on due to the unfamiliarity and tightness, but I managed to get it on. 

"Are you done yet?" Karen asked.
"Just about"
"The last thing I want you to do is zip the hood."

I zipped the hood and watched the room disappear. There was a mouthpiece that was perfectly placed that was part of the hood. I entered the gag mouthpiece and finished zipping. There I was fully clothed in rubber and not able to see a thing. My body was energized totally! I felt so cozy and comforted, yet with a sexual excitement so powerful I felt as if my knees would give out! This really was the ultimate material! Though my hearing was reduced due to the hood I could hear the creak of the closet door opening. What does Karen have in store for me I thought? 

As I was thinking that thought, I felt a hand touch my shoulder and then Karen told me to sit in the chair across the room. She couldn't stop giggling at the site of me; I could hear her laughter though muffled. I obediently sat in the chair and heard Karen whisper something.
"Is he ready I'm ready." 
I could hardly make out what she was saying but it didn't sound like she was talking to me. There was a rustling sound and squeaking noises. Then, "You can unzip your eyes now."

To my astonishment there was Karen in a beautiful purple cat suit and another woman who I didn't recognize since she was wearing a full face hood and black cat suit. Karen's hair was in a vertical ponytail coming out of the hood. The contrast of her red hair on the purple was so pretty. My eyes must have looked as if they were popping out of their sockets. Karen and her friend just smiled at me. As I looked down Karen's body I noticed something else, a dildo! She must have found my magazine; I can't believe this was happening. Karen proceeded to unzip her friend's cat suit and then lubed up her dildo. 

I was so turned on my body was pulsing with energy. The feeling was so intense, stronger than I could have imagined compared to my experiences in my wet suit. Karen's friend turned over onto her back and Karen entered her. It was such a beautiful site to see Karen in her suit pleasing her friend. Her movements were so graceful; I could see her friend's eyes close with the movements from Karen. Each thrust a carefully executed motion, leaving a smile of pleasure in the recipient. Karen friend reached up to grab Karen's head and pull her down to kiss her. They embraced and touched each other's bodies. Slowly they caressed each other's breast, then sliding their hand up and down their bodies. Each woman touching each other, giving pleasures I can only imagine. 

Watching this, I was becoming increasingly excited. My body was experiencing wave after wave of tingling. It was almost unbearable! I unzipped my cat suit to reveal my enshrouded penis. I began stroking myself to try to relieve myself. Despite my efforts, there were too many layers of rubber preventing any feeling. Meanwhile Karen and her friend were have the time of their lives.
"Hon why don't you come over hear and join us." Karen said seductively. 

As I came over Karen unzipped her suit to reveal another dildo in her pussy. She pulled it out and told me to enter her. There we were, me inside Karen, Karen inside of her friend. Karen instructed me to stay still as she moved back and forth to please herself and her friend. The sheath allowed just enough stimulation to keep me at that intense anticipatory level, causing my body to shake involuntarily. I reached around Karen's back to stimulate her rubber-covered nipples. She moaned quietly with pleasure at my actions.

Meanwhile Karen's friend was rubbing her clit through her cat suit while being penetrated by Karen. Her breathing became excited and she orgasmed. Her body writhed with pleasure, as she held Karen's hips down while her muscles squeezed the dildo. I continued thrusting into Karen who was rubbing her clit. Karen orgasmed right after her friend, she kissed her friend as she climaxed, pushed over the edge after watching her friend climax. I was getting close to climax as I felt Karen's muscles clenching me, my orgasm was so strong I shook with each thrust until I collapsed on top of Karen. My body rejoiced in the feeling of being completely encased. The smell about the room was a mixture of sweat, rubber, and the smell of women. My body continued to have wave after wave of tingling feeling. I had never had such an exhilarating experience.

At this point we slowly disengaged and collapsed next to each other on the bed. 
"Hi there." I gasped to Karen's friend.
"Have we met before?" I ask
"I am a good friend of Karen's who used to work with her at United, we met at Karen's birthday party five years ago." She said.

I recognized her voice and realized it was Jill!
"What an incredible birthday gift you two have given me!" I say to both women.
"Well when I found your magazine a month ago I knew what to get you for your birthday." Karen said.
"Where did you go to get all this stuff?" I asked.
"On my flights to Europe I scheduled some time to go shopping in England at a shop called Libidex. I'll have to take you there some time." Karen said.
"Wow, you are so wonderful honey, I love you so much!" I said.

We continued to talk about Karen's shopping trip and how they set everything up. I felt so lucky to be married to someone so giving. I had no idea she would ever do anything like that for me. We all decided to go for dinner after our festivities. Before leaving, Karen took out another box filled with various toys and a few more rubber garments. It was going to be an interesting dinner indeed!

Birthday Surprise II

Karen started pulling out another pile of rubber and some other items. I looked down into my box and pulled out another garment, some kind of jumpsuit. Underneath I noticed a butt plug that had some wires coming out of it. I asked Karen that I needed some help; she responded that she'd be with me in a minute. The jumpsuit had a sheath and had wires coming out of the nipples. I looked over at Karen who was putting on the most beautiful jumpsuit with holes in the right places to accommodate the wires that were already coming out of her pussy and ass. Meanwhile as Jill was watching us put on our gear, she busily squeezed into a pretty top and bottom set with similar wire devices as Karen's.

Karen grabbed this special bottle of lube and proceeded to put some on my plug. She started to smile as she was doing this, quite devilishly I might add! 
"Are you ready hon?" Karen said with a crooked smile.
"Yup." I said with a slight apprehension.

I had never done anything anal before, nor had Karen until now or so I thought. I turned around and Karen gently started to push the plug in, moving in and out gently. At first my muscles clenched to prevent the insertion, but right after that Jill came over and started licking my penis, instantly arousing me. 
"Hon, I think you going to like your little friend when the night is through." Karen said lightly. 

Once the plug was in, Karen signaled to Jill to stop. I was so turned on by the teasing; I didn't feel like going out anymore. Next I put on the jumpsuit and wiggled into the sheath. Once on, I wrestled the wires out through the hole in the bottom of the suit, then I looked up. There was Karen working Jill's wires onto some kind of electronic receiver. Next she hooked herself up, and then me. What a sight we were, three rubber clad, wired sex machines. 

"Okay everyone, now we need to get dressed with normal clothes, to cover ourselves totally." Karen instructed. I put on a pair of jeans and a turtleneck to cover the top of the suit. Karen put on an elegant full-length leather dress, which was very sexy. It had a zipper all the way down the front complete with sleeves to cover her jumpsuit completely. The dress was very flattering to her hourglass figure. It had been many years since she had worn that dress which I always adored. Jill had put on a flowing blouse and leather miniskirt. Just as I was about to grab the keys Karen told me to wait.

"Let me give you and Jill your remote controllers, now I will have Steve's controller, Steve you'll have Jill's and Jill will have mine." It will be all of our responsibility to not blow our cover since we are going to a nice restaurant." Karen said as if she were talking to a couple of ten year olds! We all had smiles on our faces, I was so tempted to turn the dial on Jill's controller to see what would happen, Karen saw the look in my face and frowned lovingly at me. I acknowledged her look and put the remote in my pocket. I grabbed my wallet and keys and we went to the restaurant.

Luckily the restaurant was only 15 minutes away since we all were so turned on I needed release! Karen looked very relaxed, as we were driving I couldn't tell if she was tired or what, then her eyes suddenly closed and her head tilted slightly. She just had an orgasm! I looked at Jill in the mirror and she blew me a kiss followed by a sultry look leaving her mouth open enough to be able to run her tongue along her bottom lip. 

I was getting so hard and turned on I felt the urge to touch myself. As Karen came down from her orgasm we pulled into the parking lot of our favorite French restaurant in town, Chez Panice. The restaurant was a somewhat upscale but still reasonably priced. I was trying to get anything on my mind to stop thinking of how turned on I was. We got our table and sat down. Looking across the table Karen was wearing a very naughty look. Her eyes were looking right into mine, seemingly through me. I felt my heart become tingly as I remembered that feeling from when we first met, such strong attraction and mental connection. 

Just at that moment I felt a shock at my nipples, I shook in my chair in surprise and the leg of the chair made a loud wood scrapping noise that echoed throughout the restaurant. I looked around; a couple people looked over but quickly turned around. Then another shock, but this time I kept my composure. Karen and Jill giggled at me; I returned to them a distrustful smile. Then I felt the butt plug come to life, it made my anal muscles contract and then release. Karen made the plug do this about ten times. My penis meanwhile was throbbing from the lack of attention. Just as my eyes started to close she stopped. I shakily reached for my water to try and look as if everything was fine. Karen just kept on giggling. 

I looked over at Jill and she put her hand over her mouth in an effort to stop giggling at me. Without looking down I took out my remote and turned the dial a bit. Jill jumped in her chair as I saw her body shake from my actions. I turned it off, not knowing what area I had stimulated. I felt the controller and turned another of the three dials. This time her head tilted and her eyelids almost closed, as she imperceptibly murmured an mmmmmm.
"Are you ready to order?" asked the waitress.

Quickly we all gained our composure and ordered drinks and an appetizer. Once our drinks arrived we returned to our conversation about Karen's travels to Europe and the various latex shops she visited and purchased from. I couldn't believe how well she was able to keep everything such a secret. We kept talking, almost forgetting all of the sexy toys that were inside us. The waitress came back and we ordered dinner. 

After we ordered dinner, I put my attention back onto Jill. In our discussions I discovered what each dial did and I set Jill's plug and her dildo to a varying current that felt as if she was being fucked in both places. Intermittently I would shock her breasts while she fought to look as if nothing was going on. The only perceptible signs were slight facial muscle movements in her face. She was definitely enjoying herself. She kept her eyes on me as I pleasured her, she was so turned on I could see her rock hard nipple showing through her blouse. Jill's mouth opened slightly as she climaxed as her eyes closed, she brought her hand up trying to make it look as if she was yawning. I turned off the dials while she continued to slightly shake in her chair. 

As Jill finished I heard Karen's chair squeak. Karen was in the throws of another orgasm. I was getting so turned on I could barely stand it, just then I felt my plug and nipple sparkers come to life. I so needed to touch myself! The plug felt as if it was going in and out, and my nipples were so sensitive my head started to ache. Just as I was about to touch myself I felt a hand touch my pant zipper. It was Jill; she slowly unzipped my pants, trying to keep very quiet. She grabbed my penis and began to stroke it. I came almost immediately. As I ejaculated I tried to keep my breathing normal, which could only be done by keeping my eyes open and watching all the people in the restaurant talking and eating. I came several times and then felt the plug and nipple things stop. It was so incredible to orgasm in a public place and get away with it! 

All three of us were smiling broadly as they delivered our food. What an amazing night it had been so far. I felt so spent. We ate mostly in silence since all three of us were so worn out from our adventures. I looked over to Karen who appeared to be a little overheated. In between bites she unzipped her dress with her eyes locked to mine. She pulled down on the zipper tag ever so slowly until she was just above her breast. I felt my penis harden again. The look in her eyes made me feel that my knees would wobble if I tried to stand at that moment. I wanted her so bad. Then Karen turned her glance to Jill and they locked eyes. Jill then moved close to Karen's ear and she whispered something. I couldn't make out what they said, but after they had that look in their eyes again. 

"Can I get you three anything else?" The waitress asked.
"Just the check. Thank you." Karen said.
Once I paid the check we quickly left the restaurant. As we walked to the car Jill and Karen started to giggle again. They would whisper and laugh and whisper. 
"What do you guys have up your sleeve this time?" I asked.
"You'll find out soon enough?" Karen said laughingly.

More I thought? I couldn't believe it! We entered the car and this time Karen and Jill both sat in the back. As I drove away I had to adjust the mirror to watch Jill and Karen. They started to kiss each other. Jill unzipped Karen's dress enough to expose one of her breasts. Then as I tried to watch the road and them in the mirror I saw Jill take Karen's nipple stimulator off to expose her breast. Then Jill lovingly sucked Karen's breast through a hole that revealed her nipple; free to make noise, Karen moaned with pleasure. I was turned on once again and started to touch myself. This was so hot I had to turn the mirror away and concentrate on driving. I could only hear the sounds of kissing and sucking coming from behind me. I was in such disbelief that this was all happening. I never would have thought that Karen would go for such a thing. I was loving every minute. 

As we pulled up the driveway, Jill and Karen started whispering again. I just knew one thing; I needed to fuck one of them after watching them play. We walked in and embraced one another. I kissed Karen and then Jill as we walked into the bedroom. We lay down and turned on our remotes once again. We all started to breath heavy as our bodies got more and more turned on. We all took off our clothes and touched each other's rubber clad bodies. 

Just as things were getting hot I told Jill, I wanted to be inside her. Karen kissed Jill then me and said, "I'll be right back." I helped Jill pull out her dildo and I then I mounted her doggy style. When Karen returned I was already inside Jill, then I felt my plug turn off. Karen pulled it out and then I felt something else going in. I turned my head around to see what it was and Karen smiled. She slowly inserted her strap on into my ass and slowly moved in and out. 

"You know you want it baby!" Karen said forcefully to me. I felt this guilty pleasure come over me. It felt so taboo, being fucked by a woman. It didn't take long for all of us to climax. Our orgasms were so strong; I could feel Jill squeezing me with her vaginal muscles. Karen climaxed in a powerful orgasm that left her gasping as she collapsed onto my back. I burst with all the energy I had left. 

My whole body pulsed with wave after wave of post orgasmic bliss. We fell over to our sides still inside one another and held each other. We fell asleep holding each other for about an hour exhausted from the night. It was about midnight when I woke up and realized that I had to work tomorrow. I think that Jill and Karen were flying tomorrow as well. All that didn't matter right now though. At this moment I felt so close to Karen and enjoyed having Jill with us that I just smiled at the wonderful predicament that I found myself in. I pulled the cover up over us and fell asleep.

Just as I was dozing off Karen whispered in my ear, "I love you,.. just wait until tomorrow night, we have plans for you." She squeezed my nipple and I fell back to sleep with dreams of the night's events replaying in my head.



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