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A Binding Engagement

by Anon

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© Copyright 2006 - Anon - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/m; latex; bond; cons; X

A Binding Engagement by Anon MM/m; latex; bond; cons; X

P & R were entertaining a new friend, M who had declared himself to love latex in all its forms and to especially love full body suits, hoods, gags and blindfolds. Having no garments of his own at the time M was sharing in R's collection which fortunately fitted him nicely. After an initial introduction they moved into the bedroom where M was impressed by the big black latex sheet which covered the double bed and the black and white latex pillow cases which respectively covered the two pillows. 

Entertainment began with P & R, who were already fully clad in latex, including lovely black latex double capes, helping M into a black latex body suit which sheathed him nicely from wrists to ankles. Then R handed him a black latex helmet which he pulled on over his head. This had eye-holes and a sac which served as a mouth lining. Black latex socks & gloves followed. At their instigation M drew his penis and scrotal sac out through the hole in the crotch of the suit and then drew on a loose-fitting pair of black latex knickers with waist band and bands grasping his legs below the knee. He worked his half-flaccid penis into the penis sheath and worked his balls into the large scrotal sac, where there were a couple of attached rubber ties that were then wound around its base and tied to hold his balls in place. 

That done M really felt enclosed in latex and his penis stiffened under the joint stimulation of smell, vision and feel. P & R then used soft cord to bind M's arms to his sides before slipping on a smooth black latex single cape with hood and face mask. The sound of latex sliding over latex as they did so added a further dimension to the erotic stimulation which M found so delightful. 

The two friends then helped M on to the bed, to lie on his back, and positioning one of the pillows comfortably under his head. Finally they pulled his legs apart with cords around the ankles and pulled on his scrotal sac with another lighter cord. P pulled the face mask forward from its place inside the hood of the cape and arranged it to cover the helmet. The eye-holes in the mask served as breathing holes, their position, and the drawn down front of the hood precluding them from serving for sight. Then P & R stood back and surveyed their handiwork. Their hands now under the capes, holding their own tumescent penises, they were greatly excited by the vision on the latex sheet in front of them. ! !

M for his part felt very comfortable and gently excited, lying there sheathed in latex form head to toe. Shortly afterwards P mounted the bed and straddled M's shoulders. He arranged the skirt of his ample black latex cape so that it draped over M’s doubly latex-masked face, further adding to both sound and smell. Then he began to rub his latex-sheathed penis, at first over the face mask in gentle stroking movements which both maintained his own excitement and served to convey it to the prone figure below him. Now and then the stroking movements were broken by a short burst of tapping as P beat his thick, stiff penis on M’s rubbered cheeks and his protruding latex-masked nose. 

After a while M began panting and moaning gently and his body strained in its latex sheathing. His mouth opened and shut as if trying to grasp the organ which teased him and sucking on the latex mouth lining produced a flow of saliva which drained into his eager throat. 

All the while R was standing by the bed, watching the proceedings and fondling his own tumescent organ. He drew M’s cape up off his crotch to observe any effect of this stimulation on M's lovely latex-sheathed penis, and was delighted to observe that indeed it was already stiffer than when M first lay down. But he did not touch M at that point. That was a pleasure for the future! 

By now P was very excited, his penis slipping and sliding in its pre-cum lubricated latex sheath. Still holding his penis with one hand he reached for the edge of M’s face ask with the other and slowly inserted his big thick organ between the two layers of latex. M was acutely aware of what was happening and his mouth eagerly reached for the tip of Ps rubber rod, working it inside and grasping it with his lips in their latex covering. Then following a short period of sucking and thrusting before P exploded in a tremendous orgasm. Gobbets of white cum shot out of the hole in the tip of Ps sheath to splatter on the inside of M’s latex mouth lining helping to add squelching sounds to the various stimuli which teased M. P held his penis inside M’s mouth until it began to get flaccid and then he withdrew it gently and rolled over to lie beside M on the bed, but in a 69 position. 

All this time R had been standing by the bed, gently fondling his stiff penis in its rubber sheath, watching the proceedings. When P lay down in a 69 position R joined the pair, also with his head opposite M's crotch. Raising themselves on one elbow P & R were able to bring their rubber-masked faces close to M’s exciting (and excited) organs. Pressing downwards, their tongues extended through rubber lips, the pair began licking M’s firmly tied balls in their rubber scrotal sac. Ps mouth gaped wide as he tried to engulf the rubber ball, pushing R away as he did so. But it was too big and he returned to licking, pushing down between M’s rubbered thighs to stimulate the sensitive patch behind and below his scrotum. 

After some time of this kind of play the pair shifted their attention to the stiff rubbered rod which was standing up from M's belly. One on each side they licked up and down. When one held the tip in his rubbered lips the other played his tongue over the sensitive under side of the glans. Then back down and up, again and again. Finally M exploded in a paroxysm of jerking and shuddering and gobbets of white cum shot out of the hole in the tip of his rubber-sheathed organ.

Satisfied with their work P and R slowly got off the bed and, making sure that M was safe and comfortable, they left him for a while. M lay there, relaxed and excited at the same time. Gradually his penis relaxed and he began to feel a different pressure, a desire to release a different fluid, a desire which grew stronger and stronger.



If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!

If you've enjoyed this story, please write to the author and let them know - they may write more!
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