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Between the Rubber

by Druid5

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Sally groaned as she rocked against her latest suitor, despite the huge member entering her, she knew this would be another guy she would pass off. Once he shot off his load they slid apart and lay out on the rubber sheeting. Above a door closed on the gantry, although hidden from view her companion had no intention of being caught by his manager. Sally had no such issues, her father owned the company and so she simply lay out catching her breath. Her father owned a drinks company as well as several small ships to move ingredients and product between factories. Sally sometimes accompanied the ships and helped keep the spirits of the sailors up with small favours.

She was never without a willing partner, her smooth brown hair reached down the back of her thin hourglass figure and her 20 year old toned body well adorned by her generous breasts and tight rear. Overall she was very proud of her body but was disappointed with her experiences of trying to please it. She had had many orgasms before with her lovers but no one had quite taken her beyond the ordinary. No matter what she did with vibrator rings or gels had improved the performances, she'd even experimented with multiple guys at once, but try as she may she was resigned to dreaming of what she was missing. Laid out on the rubber she began to rub her clit and her racing thoughts carried her off to a deep sleep.

The ship Sally had boarded had dropped of its cargo of ingredients to the production factory. Her father had been able to buy out a production facility further down the river, even with the cost of running the ships it was saving money for the company. The only issue for them was the transporting of the products, the drink was made without air and would spoil if kept in wooden barrels that leaked air, and yet metal tanks would give the liquid a metal taste again spoiling it. In the end the company had found a rubber that neither spoiled nor left a taste in the drinks. The ships had several huge balloons that could be filled and emptied suspended from the holds top. Having them swinging meant using thicker rubber but also prevented any metal from splitting them. It was between two of these huge sacks that Sally now rested. Above her the workmen were busy fastening up the hoses connecting the factory to the ship.

Sally awoke to the sound of liquid churning all around. Beneath her the rubber was beginning to ripple as the liquid began to start lifting her up. She began to reach around her to gather up her clothing without much worry. Above the high volume hoses were hooked up and the valves readied. Sally began dressing by inserting the two dildos she liked to keep inside her moving around as she walked the ship. This secret allowed her some fond moments on the slow moving ships and was a source of fun for the crew who had discovered them during their encounters. Normally the intruders were simple to ease in, however with the liquid below her throwing her balance it was a lot harder to position them. The anal plug took a while to fit in and by the time it was settled in place the liquid had got a foot deep, her clothing had been in the gap between rubber sacks and were now stuck below the liquid. Sally tried to reach between the layers of rubber but the liquid was too heavy to simply lift out of the way. Unable to dress herself any further and now beginning to worry what she may start by running through the deck naked, Sally began to try and move across to the edge of the rubber and escape.

Above her the high volume pipes began to pour out their contents and the liquid began to rise rapidly. Underfoot Sally was struggling to lift her feet, as she fought to pull one free of the layers of rubber pressing from both sides, the other was becoming stuck. After a few moments she found she was unable to lift either and was now completely trapped, the liquid would rise up and trap her whole body and unless she could get free there was no help. The hold was reinforced and she knew it was sound proof as that was the reason she used it so often for pleasure along with the normally safe feel of the rubber.

She shouted anyway and was unsurprised when her cries brought no answer, no dashing hero. The liquid was beginning to rise up her legs, as it did the rubber hugged her skin tightly holding her in place. Sally began to pull on the rubber but no matter how hard she pulled, her grip on the rubber failed well before the rubbers grip on her legs. The rubber was pushed higher and higher and was gaining speed, Sally tried one last attempt to wriggle up but her only gain was a few centimetres and was far slower than the liquid level. Close to her a plastic hose hung down, she only noticed it as she moved the folds in the rubber. She pulled with all her might but too her dismay the pipe simply pulled out of its socket and fell down and out between the rubbers, the place Sally longed to be.

The liquid was now beginning to creep up her upper legs and was putting pressure on her crotch and rear, the rippling liquid sending pulses through the rubber. The sudden pulses coupled with a pressure on her plugs was making Sally wet, she couldn’t help herself but to admire the way the rubber clung to her and feeling the liquids cool feel rising up her ass cheeks. She began to feel her waist being lubricated and was able to make several small sliding movements side to side. While this was turning her on below, a concern was beginning to rise in her head, the liquid would rise quite high and would certainly rise above her head, with the rubber closing round her body, there would be soon be no way for her to breath.

She looked at the plastic tube, it was flexible but very strong and shouldn’t be crushed by the liquid. She reached as best she could but her fingers were just out of range, in desperation she began to wriggle her waist to gain a few more centimetres. She managed to grab hold before the rubber held her back any more. Up close the pipe was filthy and had a layer of gunk round the outside of it, she took a sniff of it and smelled nothing untoward so she pulled more of the length up to her face.

With the liquid now rising up her stomach she was going to be getting into trouble, she knew she’d have to keep her hands below her head to avoid the blood running out of them over the journey, and if she didn’t commit them soon they would be stuck at awkward angles. Taking a deep breath she put the pipe against her lips and blew through the pipe in the hope it would clear any gunk within it. When her lungs were crying out for air she had no choice but to breathe in. it wasn’t fresh but it was air and she could hardly be fussy at that moment in time.

Knowing a little about bondage from reading stories online, Sally tried to ensure the pipe couldn’t be pulled out of her mouth. She pushed it as far as she could into her mouth without gagging and found a groove with only a little gunk for her teeth to sit in, the pipe forcing her tongue to stay glued to the bottom of her mouth. The liquid had got half way up her stomach and Sally resigned herself to her fate. She stuck her arms out as far as she could and spread her fingers. If she had to go through with this, she decided that she would enjoy the sensations at least that were sending waves of pleasure through her plugs. One by one the liquid encased her fingers and trapped it in the rubber layers.

As it rose over her lower arms the liquid also reached the bottom of her breasts. This was the most sensual experience yet, the waves sent out by the crashing liquid lapped against her breasts sending more waves of pleasure through her body. The gentle and rhythmic caress of the rising rubber pressure was sending her mind into a world of delight, several larger waves caused a few moans to escape down her breathing pipe. The rubber compressed her breasts until they were almost flat and only her erect nipples were poking out.

The liquid was now rising up to her shoulders and her neck, the tubing was starting to slip a little to the side but this simply meant Sally could keep the tube in the side of her mouth and look forward avoiding an aching neck. The liquid began to lap against her chin as she felt it pour over her shoulders, the rubber forced together locking them into a tight seal. That seal was now rising up her chin, her breathing was becoming very panicked and she felt herself unable to go willingly and so her muscles were trying to wriggle around and getting nowhere.

The rubber cover her mouth and the liquid pressed it round her tubing and pushed her lips tight around it helping seal it in. Up it continued rising round her nose and beginning to reach eye level, the way the rubber pressed against her meant it past her eyelids and only pushed in slightly allowing her to watch the liquid rise up and over, the waves lapping against her sight. As the level rose she finally closed her eyes aware of the increasing pressure on her head. She could feel the liquid rise up her forehead and at last it flowed over the top, the rubber now completely encasing her.

It took another ten minutes for the crew to finish pumping in the liquid and to cap the seals before removing the hoses. The crewman, who had arrived late to his post after his encounter with Sally, noted in his log that a newly repaired hose had come unattached. He put it down to the resin not being set before being dropped into the hold to wait to be fitted back into its other socket. The crew began the process of preparing to set off and no one had time to notice Sally hadn’t come up from below deck.

Trapped in her rubber prison Sally was trying to come to terms with what had happened, and inevitably how she looked pressed from both sides between rubber unable to move. Her prison was very still and she was calming down from the pleasure the liquids waves had caused her. Her plugs were pressed in deep but were not yet painful. One small mercy was that she'd only had a small dinner, she knew it would be a while before she would need to shit. All the liquid sounds however and the thought of what had trapped her were playing havoc on her bladder.

Her ass plug was tight fitting and would give into leaking. Her dildo pushed into her pussy was a different matter. She knew if she had to go, the dildo would let her pee escape around it. Her worries were mainly on where any such leak could go and the ideas were not good forming in her head. All her worries were suddenly forced out as she felt the vibrations of the engines begin to tremble through the rubber and across her naked form. The ship began to move out of its berth and the movement was replicated by movements in the two rubber sacks. Both rocked slightly, the motion in the liquid sent the motion through for Sally to experience the increased motion. Her crotch began to lubricate itself again and she moved her hips slightly side to side and the feeling of the rubber getting slippery made it even more sensual.

The river at this point was wide and deep but also at times tidal, the waves from the sea snaking their way up the channel until they ran out of energy. Entering the tidal area the boat pitched and tossed backwards and forwards with the waves, the further it got the rougher the water. Down in the hold the rubber sacks were also pitching around side to side and back and forth. Trapped between them, Sally was being taken to the place she had only dreamed of. The rocking motion was repetitive and her hips fell in time with the liquids movement, the pressure on her plugs switching from her ass to her pussy and back. The movement of the water and the pulses it sent out were giving each rocking motion a tremendous caressing feel on her body.

With the motion taking her into a huge orgasm brought on by her dildo, Sally could feel her sweat allowing her a little extra squirming movement. The lubrication meant the rubber didn’t pull on her skin as the sacks shifted but slid across her body. The sliding rubber also carried her tits up and down in time as the rubber moved up and down her front.  Wave after wave rocked the boat and orgasm after orgasm rocked Sally. She was getting exhausted and yet still the orgasms came. She had found her bliss and she wanted it to never end. Eventually her body reached its limit and she passed out, sleeping deeply in her tight rubber support.

When she awoke again she was very disoriented, she had imagined herself stuck between two huge rubber sacks swinging about and enjoying every moment of it. She had not then thought to awaken in the same position. The sacks were still and the boat was quiet, Sally tried to concentrate, she needed to think about what was supposed to happen next. All the times she had sneaked around with guys in this hold and not once had she taken any notice of the operations going on around. The lack of engine noise indicated they had docked up at the bottle plant, but the liquids were drained straight away. In the back of her mind a faint worry sparked along with a vague memory of a cleaning day at the plant. The machines were occasionally shut down for cleaning and maintenance. That meant Sally could be remaining in her cocoon for another day at least.

She gave her hips a slight shake to see if the rubber had any slack. The rubber didn’t budge but her dildo in her pussy moved to the side slightly and released a small amount of piss that had been pushing at it. Inside her, her bladder was competing with the rubber outside over the dildo. Her bladder was trying to force liquid out around the dildo while the rubber sack pushed it in too deep. With her movements her bladder gained the upper hand. The warm liquid couldn’t get passed the rubber seal below her and the easiest route for it was between Sally and the rubber. She could feel some squeeze down her leg while the rest made its way up her back after running up the middle of her butt cheeks.

Her body gave an involuntary shake as much as it could, the liquid once again providing some amount of lubrication. The extra motion was all that was needed and her bladder finally gave its full force and a torrent of pee began to squirt out. The pee was forced up her back, the rubber squeezing it upwards until it reached her neck and the breathing pipe. Sally sighed in relief as the pee escaped following her breathing tubes outside between the rubber folds to leave a puddle on the hold floor.

Sally hung on as the hours past, her only method of timing was her occasional floods of pee flowing across her skin to escape the compression. She had tried to make any form of movements that could ignite her passion again, despite feeling horny from her situation, her rubber prison wouldn’t allow enough of a wiggle to move the plugs enough without the movement of the sacks. Eventually she fell asleep once more.

A clanking sound from above was enough to wake her. The sound of her salvation she hoped, in a few minutes the hatches would open and hoses would drop down and begin to suck up the liquid. Once drained enough the rubber would release its grip and she may get out without anyone knowing. The sounds above changed and she could hear metal moving around. Bellow a couple of workers entered the hold unbeknown to Sally. They were there to lock the metal sides together to form the metal crate for shipping. The batch of liquid was being sent away to a rich client who had a private drinks dispenser for his parties and didn’t need bottles.

The workmen were puzzled as to why there was a puddle of urine on the floor but when they saw Sally’s clothes they simply believed she'd been caught short with one of her latest companions and were now hiding. For a laugh knowing she would have to run across the upper deck to reach her cabin, the workmen gathered up the clothes before sealing the container. The last job for the crew prior to unloading was to put a rubber covered camera in each sack. That way anyone trying to tamper with the shipment would be photographed and logged on the company system. The small probes were motion activated and had little fins to move round. The rubber coating prevented any contamination of the drink. The probes were inserted from the top and they waited for signs of movement.

The heavy crate was lifted by crane from the hold and placed onto a railway flat wagon joining a long container train. Inside the crate the sacks were swung from side to side and between them Sally was stretched up with one movement and compressed with the other as by now the rubber was dry and once again unyielding to movement. This was enough to activate the probes, the small machines moved to a position one in front and one behind and took some pictures using led’s to light up Sally’s spread eagle body. The rubber was fairly transparent and so the images appearing on the company computers were stunning and high quality. More than one employee would have an exciting morning when they arrived after the weekend.

Once loaded with Sally’s crate, the train pulled out of the shipping yard on its 18 hour journey. The whole way the train jerked around and Sally was finally treated to a second round of mind blowing orgasms as her plugs danced around and her juices lubbed the rubber. This time each of her bodies jerking movements were captured in a series of still images. Her tits rubbed between the sacks and her nipples now erect were pulled and pushed, the rubber was still dry on her ass and felt like a pair of gloved hands were pulling her cheeks in circles.

Her breathing tube was also pulled about, the sticky substance had set hard and so it pulled on her tongue and teeth, in and out it moved with small limited movements and tugging the side of her mouth. Waves of pleasure drove her to orgasm after orgasm and this time she felt them all. 18 hours felt like years for Sally, her mind was blank except for the endless pleasure of the motion in her pussy and her ass and the discomfort of her breasts and nipples being tugged on. The journey ended at a freight terminal and only a short road journey brought the crate to the mansion estate. A small warehouse crane lifted it up and off the truck and placed it in to the holding bars beneath the serving pumps. Sally’s orgasms slowly stopped and she hung completely drained and too exhausted to sleep.

Back in the company office, the photos had shot round the employees like wildfire until the boss found out. He wandered down to the tech centre to see what was taking up all of his employee’s time that morning. In front of him several guys clustered around a large monitor. On it was a young girl naked and spread between the liquid sacks clearly in the middle of a huge climax as the slideshow continued. His interest was piqued by the firm little ass being pulled in all directions by the rubber around it. That interest dropped when the screen flicked to the front view and his daughter was revealed from the front. The guys saw him with a start and from his facial expression knew it was no use trying to hide it. Then the boss turned and walked away calling back to them to enjoy the images at home not on company time. In his office he made a few calls to a friend of his and then simply turned his attention back to the finance statements knowing he now had one less worry.

Sally had come round from her experience and found that her head was now loose. She opened her eyes and saw the sack in front had a tube in it sucking up liquid at a slow rate. The rubber from round her head had slackened in front but not at the back leaving her a cushion. Looking round she saw she was in a moderately sized warehouse, a number of barrels and hoses were hooked up and all ran into a hole in the wall to her right along with the hose from her own sack. Above her head a metal gantry followed the wall, in the middle a women stood clad in red latex catsuit. As she saw Sally looking she walked along until she was in an easier position to be seen. “I am so happy you are more awake now Sally, after we found you in our delivery we thought you may not recover from the experience. I am going to be your new mistress from now on.”

Sally still felt a little groggy but she registered the tone and began to moan down her tube. “Now none of that Sally, or I will have to put you through some training on obedience. And before you begin to consider your company rescuing you, your father saw your photos that were taken on the journey here. It seems he’s got fed up hearing stories about your ship habits and has decided that if you like nothing more than sex, and then this will be the perfect place for you. He has arranged for you to go to a private clinic for long term health reasons and explained you will be unreachable. He and my husband are good friends and have reached a deal regarding your stay here.” 

Sally couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Her mind was telling her she couldn’t be saying these things, and yet here she was and the company had not tried to claim her back. Above her the women pressed a few buttons on the panels. “Now I know that you’re comfy in your current position so I’ve made sure we empty those sacks nice and slowly, it will take a number of weeks to begin to relieve the pressure on you. However we need to get something done about that pipe in your mouth. It would appear you managed to grab a pipe covered in an epoxy resin so it’s stuck to you completely. But luckily for you we have the tools to sort that out.”

Below her two men came into view carrying a set of ladders and a bag that clanked as it moved. They secured the ladder and climbed up and on to the rubber sack. Below them the liquid moved with them and lapped at the top of Sally’s breasts. The men began taking out tools and chemicals. One cut off most of the pipe while the other began using cotton buds to wipe a reverser for the resin and gradually unstuck her mouth. It took half an hour before the tube finally sprang free leaving Sally gagging. She tried to speak but her tongue was not strong enough yet. The men had not finished however.

They took a large penis gag from their bag, Sally tried to lean back but just met rubber sack instead. Fighting her weak movements the men placed the gag in her mouth and pushed it in deep into her throat. The gag was inflated and the end hooked to a long hose from above. Inside the gag a small hole began to drip a liquid down her throat. “I hope you like it, after all this is your company’s drinks or at least a special order variation. It has all the nutrients for a liquid diet. We use it to feed all our residents that way we remove the need of your bodies to shit and only need your bladder catheterizing. For you we don’t need to worry as the pee will find its way out for now.”

With that she and the men packed up and left her to her prison. For a few hours Sally just cried at her situation, then without warning the sack behind her was pushed up from below and dropped. The same happened again but in front of her. This began to repeat itself with a quickening rhythm. Below the sacks a set of metal rods were being moved to push the sacks and force the liquid to move around and set Sally up for her biggest orgasm yet. She was tossed around within the confines of her rubber encasement as the sacks were shaken far more violently than any boat or ship could manage. Sally climaxed with such force that she passed out after the first one.

Sally was kept in the rubber bondage for several months. Every time the liquid level lowered the sacks were pushed in from the sides to maintain the intense compression. Every few hours the system would manipulate the sacks and force Sally to endure crippling orgasms before fainting and starting the process over and over. Once a day her mistress came to check on her but said no more. One of the days the master even had a look at her but left without any comment. Sally fell into the routine of orgasm - sleep - pee – orgasm and began to forget about other things such as her old life. She simply existed to be encased.

After her months in rubber the day arrived when the liquid was getting below the levels needed to keep Sally compressed. If she had wanted to she could have squirmed away by this point but had no energy after her regular climax. The mistress had come to see that the preparations were complete and to oversee the next step for Sally. The liquid sack began to slacken its grip on Sally’s waist, the rubber peeling off her skin. Below her she could feel her legs slipping down slightly. The gag began to deliver her liquid meal and drained more from the sack. Slowly but surely Sally began to slide down through the rubber. Her feet felt the cold air and the shock sent shivers up her body, the movement speeding up her progress. She slipped lower and lower until her feet felt a plastic mat.

The sack held her chest the longest and refused to let her tits go. But even they could only slow the inevitable. Her tits popped out and she followed too, a slow birthing is what it looked like for the onlookers. Once clear of the rubber sacks, Sally just collapsed. Her legs and her arms couldn’t move and so she just lay out. The males picked her up and carefully placed her in a wheelchair and entered the mansion with her. Along the corridors Sally could only stare at the sights, everything furniture wise appeared to be a female shape holding it up or balanced underneath. On one such passage way Sally noticed a statue with a machine controlled dildo fucking the pussy. She realised each statue was actually alive and was a girl in tight bondage. Sally was pushed into a doorway and beyond it was confronted by a plain white room. In the floor a pool of water with a circle of all kinds of tools laid out on tables.

Sally was tipped into the pool and two girls clad in latex nurse outfits silently entered the water and washed her body all over. They scrubbed her down and shaved her pussy, they then lifted her out to a hole in the floor. There they removed her two plugs. A trickle of pee came from her wide pussy while her ass practically exploded when the butt plug was removed. Once more the girls scrubbed every inch of her body until it had a gleam to it as well as cleaning her holes. Now fresh and clean, Sally was outfitted with two new plugs matching her gag. These were also inflated in place and held tight, her pussy plug also had a tube through it and the jerk of pain was the attachment of a catheter.

Cleaned and now fully repluged, Sally was placed on to a cold table. Under the clear top she could see four girls on all fours balancing the surface on their backs. Her mistress walked round and stood over her. “It was hard to find a place for you here, I wanted to allow you to keep feeling the experience you have had getting to this point. Finally I decided that the master and I needed a new cushion for our love seat. And you will be the perfect fit.”

A set of the nurses brought over a thick transparent latex sleep sack. “This is for you, its double layered and reinforced to allow filling with liquid not air. Inside you’ll be compressed by liquid all around you evenly as it has no zip only entry in the neck of the sack by stretching. Through the liquid you’ll find you feel every movement we make on you.”

At a click of her fingers the nurse girls pulled the latex up Sally’s legs and pushing her inside. It was already well lubed up and so she simply slid right down into it. Over her ass and then swallowing up her breasts and right up to the neck. Behind her head a latex hood pulled down until it covered her eyes and nose leaving only her gags cords sticking out. A hose connected to the base of the sack and at a motion from mistress, the girls opened the flow to her father’s drink. The latex allowed the liquid to flow round and over her body. The liquid flowed and pushed into all her folds and crevasses. The latex began to compress her pushing in as the level filled up. Sally felt like she was in a crusher as the liquid finally stopped.

Sally was now stuck in a long cushion style latex sack unable to move and was just as compressed as the full sacks before. Even the hood had inflated, the eyes left raised to allow her to see as normal. The girls then carried Sally out of the infirmary. Up two flights of stairs the team entered a lavish latex den. Opposite the large 4 poster bed was a classical love seat sofa missing its cushion. The girls deposited Sally and then ran outside to wait.

“Now Sally I know you can hear me so let me explain your situation. This cushion will be your home, your food and catheter tubes will go through the seat legs to the ports on the floor. During your time here we have provided some entertainment through your plugs, at random they will activate and vibrate you to orgasm. If you squirm about, the liquid will begin to move with you heightening the pleasure. The greatest honour however is when the master uses you to pleasure me. With us bouncing on top the liquid will give you a good feel for our passion. Your body will be sealed like this forever as a favour to your father. Now as it would be considered mad to talk to a cushion, I will take my leave and let you settle in.”

That night the master took his mistress from behind on the new love seat. Sally could watch them and could fell the rocking motion. The liquid around her sent ripples of pleasure through her body and her plugs each began to pulsate in size and with the vibrations. She climaxed twice while the pair bucked ever faster. Her mind was once more concerned solely about getting a good climax and wish her master would forget the large king size bed and use her to fuck on all the time, his moves creating the huge sensual waves. The old Sally was no more, sadly just a cushion just interested in the feel good moments.

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