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Betty's Travels

by Greyrose

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© Copyright 2001 - Greyrose - Used by permission

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Chapter 1: Welcome to the Big City

The wipers beat double time to push the rain aside, Betty peered through the windshield trying to find her way. Not for the first time she regretted taking that turn off, but she had been sure that was the one that would get her to that gas station. The noise under the hood was getting worse and worse and she had less and less hope of finding a phone let alone someplace to get help with her car. When the engine finally gave out Betty was able to get it over to the curb. Looking out the windows all she could see through the rain were deserted streets and buildings that went into the clouds.

'Wait, is that a light..? Yes! Somebody's still open!' Betty thought to herself. Gathering up her purse and coat, she jumped out and ran for the store. Before she managed 10 steps, she was soaked to the skin. By the time she reached the door, a block away, water oozed out of her clothes.

The door chimed as she entered. Intent on leaving as much water outside as possible, it was the voice that caused her to look up. Betty froze, before her was the most bizarre figure she had ever seen. The figure, a woman's, was gleaming red, white, and black. Suspended and spread arms and legs wide apart by chrome chains. Betty traced the shiny chain from the ceiling and floor to the wrists and ankles, attached to thick black cuffs. On the wrists were thin red latex gloves that went to the elbow. The feet up to the knee were covered in red latex boots, but what boots! These must have come from a dancers nightmare, all toe and heels at least 9 inches long! From there the arms and legs were covered in pure white latex that looked sprayed on.

About the waist was a crushingly tight red latex corset, the boning outlined in black. Above this the swell of her chest and nipples strained the white material, topped by the collar. The collar was a smaller version of the corset, red and black latex, holding the head up and rigid. But it was the head that held Betty's fascination. There were features under the white latex, but none could be seen since the material covered all.

Betty did not know how long she stared, but it was the voice that broke her daze. "... I said Can I help you?" Betty turned and was again lost, stunned by what she saw. The woman talking to her was wearing a black latex bustier that left her midrift bare, a red collar with spikes with cuffs to match, and gloves that ran all the way to her shoulder. The lower parts were hidden behind the counter, but the woman towered over Betty's 5'8". Her blond hair pulled up in an elegant style.

"Wha.. Oh yes, can I use your phone? My car broke down just down the street," Betty replied.

The woman's eyes opened wide, "I'm sure the story of how you broke down in this area is a long one." Smiling and placing the phone and yellow pages on the counter, "Here's the phone. Let me take your coat before you drip all over the book." Coming around the counter Betty could now see that below her waist the woman was wearing a long red latex skirt that split at the waist exposing a spike studded crotch framed by black boots that rose up to the top of her thighs, with lacing matching the skirt. The boots had heels that must have been 6" long.

As Betty started calling tow truck services the woman took her dripping coat into the back. She returned with a large towel and draped it over Betty's shoulders. Betty tried a number of places and was told by each that due to the weather there would be at least a 3 to 4 hour wait. While she listened to Betty's futile calls, the woman took a mop and dried the floor. Time after time Betty was put on hold and had time to look over the store she was in. Everywhere there was latex of every shape and form. There were straps in all colors and sizes and in tangles that made it impossible to guess what they were for. And there were clothes! Lingerie that was much the same as what she had modeled for stores back home, except for the material. Then there was everything else corsets and boots and gloves, and skin tight catsuits like the hanging figure wore. And there were lots more that Betty would not even try to describe.

Betty had always enjoyed dressing for pleasure, but had never even imagined this. To herself she did admit that wearing such things as these could very easily be a pleasure. On top of all the excitement she felt for the clothes, there was all the bondage.. stuff. Betty could see a display that had a wide selection of locks, many sizes and shapes for all kinds of strange places and purposes. Betty had never been more than lightly bound in some games with lovers and had enjoyed them, but this was a dimension that she had never even imagined. Her musings were interrupted by the woman.

"Any luck?"

"No, they all say that it will be after midnight before they will have time to come out this way," Betty replied, suppressing a shiver.

Frowning, the woman said, "Well if it's going to be that long we need to get you out of those wet clothes. Come into the back, there's a better place for you to drip on than my good floor!"

As they went into the back Betty could see a bathroom with a shower, where her coat was already hanging. "Sometimes after a fitting a shower is needed to clean off. Here is another towel, hang your clothes up in there and I will get something for you to wear." Betty gladly removed all her wet clothing, and by the time she had her hair wrapped, the woman was back.

Having something red and slithery draped over her left arm the woman said, "By the way my name is Nika, Mistress Nika." As she held out the garment, Betty could see that it was a full length, something.

"Betty, call me Betty." As Nika held it open, Betty put her feet in through the zipper that ran up the back, from around her mid thigh all the way to the top of a high collar. She noticed that the sleeves had gloves built in, and that the bottom was closed off. As she seated her hands and adjusted the front, Nika started zipping it closed. It was then that the tightness, forcing her thighs tightly together and continuing up over her hips, slimming her waist and emphasizing her bust, became so noticeable. It so felt like being wrapped from head to toe in a lovers embrace, she almost moaned with delight.

"Well when you first came in, you looked like something even the proverbial cat would throw out, but you do clean up fine!" Nika moved over to a mirror and adjusted it so that Betty could see herself. Whoever it was in the mirror was stunning! Betty knew she looked good but in this gown, she could make most men come in their pants without even trying. She let her hair down, no longer dripping, and saw how her dark tresses were well matched by the red of the gown. Betty tried a couple of glamour poses, but as she started to step, she was caught short by the closed off bottom. Nika caught her and the two of them laughed. "Careful, walking in a hobble skirt is an art."

"Now you tell me," chuckled Betty. She tried another step, then another quickly getting her balance and stride. As she became more comfortable she felt more and more the arousing properties of the latex and the tightness of the gown. Her breathing deepened and her nipples became hard knots pushing against the tightly stretched latex.

Her practiced eye taking in all the details, Mistress Nika said, "Hmm how do I know that your not going to go dashing out the door with my expensive inventory?" When Betty turned, she saw a mischievous grin on the lips of the other woman.

Suddenly feeling like going along with whatever else this evening brought to her, Betty smiled back. "And what do you think you could do to stop me?" she challenged. "Do you think to put me where that other woman is hanging?"

Glancing to the front area, Mistress Nika chuckled and said, "No nothing so elaborate... yet. Just something to keep you from grabbing things you shouldn't." She then sauntered over to a wide belt with some wider pieces on it, all of it black with numerous silver buckles.

Betty started to follow and met Nika part way. Nika stood behind Betty and reached around her waist and buckled 3 small straps, closing the belt tightly around Betty's waist. She then pulled Betty's arms behind her and wrapped the fingers of each hand around the other arms elbow. Betty could then feel the wider bands being wrapped and strapped over her forearms. In just seconds her hands were completely useless and her breasts were thrust further out than Betty felt they ever needed to be. First with a twist of the wrist, going on up the arm and finally the shoulders, Betty tested her predicament. As she twisted the latex slid and slithered over her breasts, exciting her nipples to levels she had never felt before!

As she struggled, "Hey no fair! I was just getting the hang of walking and you do this." Betty grumped playfully.

Mistress Nika, smiled back and said, "You'll do fine. You learned how to do it with arms so fast, I doubt that this will present any problems for you. Now stay out of mischief while I go make some calls." With that Nika strode to the front counter, leaving Betty to inch her way around the store as best she could. As Betty made her slow way around the store she questioned her actions since she stepped into the store. She was acting like she was drunk! She decided that it must be the stress of leaving her home town, the long drive, the rain and finally the breakdown itself. After all that she is suddenly presented with something exotic and new, something to have fun with. Maybe the last bit of fun for quite a while, depending on how fast she could find a job.

Suddenly Mistress Nika's voice rose, "..but you were... Oh no, not you too! .... This storm is...." As Betty moved to the far side of the suspended woman, Nika's conversation regained its privacy. Buzzing from all of the excitement, Betty took a close look at the mid-air 'display'. She was fascinated by the tightness of the material and the idea of reducing a grown woman, a person, to an immobile thing. Just as she was realizing that the figure was not breathing, Nika spoke from behind her. "Do you like it? I try to put something artistic here. I think it gives the shop a better feel than just another display stand."

Betty was startled and tried to flail her arms to regain her balance, but their lack threw her further off balance. Mistress Nika caught her, and helped Betty regain her balance. "God you startled me! Wait, she's not breathing! We've got to do something!" Betty exclaimed.

"Hold on. Hold on. Relax, you should be more worried if she did start breathing. This is a mannequin. I use her when I can't get a live model to pose here." Mistress Nika explained.

"Oh, I had just realized that I could not see where she was getting air to breath and I could not see any movement at all. Then I guess I started to think how helpless I...." Betty blushed with embarrassment.

Shaking her head, "No, anyone I put in that kind of bind will get a lot more attention than Monique's been getting today. Besides there are holes for breathing through the nose, it's just with this lighting you almost have to be in her nose to see them."

Mistress Nika looks at Betty for a long moment, thinking. Then, "Betty, I need to ask you something. I have been expecting one of my models to arrive, and I finally talked with her. You're not the only one this weather has stopped." (Sigh) "I have a big client coming in later, and the model was supposed to help me demonstrate some clothing and accessories. Without a model I might still make the sale, but having someone to actually try things out on would make the customer much happier. I've noticed that you move very well, and that you have the looks to be a model. Do you think that I could talk you into doing this for me?"

Betty had been feeling apprehensive during that long searching look. But as Nika went on she could feel her excitement and interest rising. A sudden case of wariness struck her as she suddenly realized exactly how helpless she was before this powerful woman. If Mistress Nika decided that Betty was going to help, there was nothing Betty could do to change that. Shaking off a feeling of foreboding, Betty thought about the offer.

"I'm not sure what it is that you need me to do, and I do have to worry about my car..."

"Well as for what you would do, think of yourself as a Barbie doll and the customer or myself get to play dress up with you. You just do or wear or stand or bend or whatever it is we tell you to do. As for your car... hmmm How about this, I was going to offer you the same pay that Bobby, the girl that was supposed to be here, was going to be paid, and I'll throw in a place to stay for the next week. If you work out tonight maybe we can arrange for you to do some more modeling. If I don't need it I know of numbers of people that could offer you something. I don't think that I can offer much more than that."

Betty thought it over, tonight would probably be at least a couple of hours, and at even normal modeling pay that would go a long way. And throwing in a place to stay so she could wait till tomorrow to deal with the car sounded even better. The offer of money now and the savings of not having to pay for a place to sleep for a week were really enticing, but it was the smell of the latex that decided her. The aroma was so totally filling the store that it was hard to realize what it was. But having worn the gown long enough for her body to warm it up and the warm, spicy scent got her head spinning. The thought of trying on more and different things of this exotic, erotic pleasure stuff brought out a shiver of anticipation.

"I'm probably certifiable for agreeing but I'll do it. What do I need to do to get ready?"

A look of relief swept over Mistress Nika's face, "Well first we make sure that you understand that everything in this store relates in some way to sex. Stimulation, pleasure, gratification, anything and every part of the body is involved." Betty nods her understanding. "If you have any problems with your body being seen or handled by a man that you have never met bothers you then we stop right now. If you are claustrophobic or have any other issues that I need to know about tell me now. If you have any problem with my touching your pussy or ass, tell me now." With each statement Betty indicated for Nika to continue but was feeling more and more swept away by Mistress Nika's growing air of command.

"Fine then, what we do is get you changed and then straighten the store up." As she said this Nika leads Betty toward the back. As she takes Betty out of the belt and gown, Nika starts telling Betty about the store and its product. "This store sells almost exclusively latex. While I can get almost any leather item wanted I don't carry them. I do design and create my own garments and bondage equipment. I've been open for almost a year now and a major payment is due to my backer. I desperately need this contract tonight. Our customer is the master of a large dungeon, and he is looking to make me his primary supplier of latex gear. If I get his check tonight I will be in time to avoid a rather stringent penalty for late payment to my backer."

As Mistress Nika continues to tell Betty about the store and what's going on tonight, they dress Betty. First a white latex corset that runs from her hips to a partial lift for her 38C breasts. This lifted them into proud round globes of enticing flesh. Nika attached the laces to a winch and goes to gather the remaining items. Upon returning with the rest of Betty's attire, Nika stops the winch and hands Betty some gloves. "Take some breaths and wiggle a little, to help settle your body to the corset. As you do that put some talc on your arms before you put the gloves on. I'll talc your legs for the stockings."

The gloves and stockings were a matching set in blue. The hands and feet were solid with a net pattern above the wrists & ankles. They went all the way up, gloves to the shoulder, the stockings to the crotch. Next Nika laced a pair of white ankle boots with 6" heels onto Betty's feet. Pulling the feet a little further apart, Nika strapped them down saying, "You're going to need some anchoring for the remaining lacing."

Betty just nodded her head and concentrated on breathing and balancing. Before turning the winch back on Mistress Nika takes Betty's hands and straps them to the bar directly in front of her. After the winch is running smoothly Nika starts brushing Betty's hair. "Hmm you have lovely hair, I think I know just what I want to do with it. I'll just have to change one little thing." Stepping to the pile of remaining items Nika takes some straps back to the wall and returns with another harness and some locks.

"Any last words? After this all you will be is my playtoy." Seeing the twinkle in Mistress Nika's eyes reassured Betty.

Feeling totally swept away by everything, Betty could not trust herself to speak. She just shook her head and studied the harness, noticing that it matched the blue of the gloves and stockings, trying to understand where it would go.

"Very well slave and now to continue." Taking the large cupped part in one hand, and pulling Betty's chin down, inserted a small looking empty sack into Betty's mouth. The cupped section covered Betty's face from the eyes down, with an opening letting the nose poke through. Straps ran from the top over her head, and from the sides around below her ears. Betty could feel Nika buckling them together just at the base of her skull.

Mistress Nika then started working Betty's hair over and around the harness straps. After stopping the winch and tying off the laceing's, she readjusted the head harness straps tighter, finally securing them with two small locks. "Is that too tight? Since we don't know how long you'll be wearing this we don't want you to get a headache from it."

Moving her head a bit Betty nodded and gave a muffled "s'ok".

Mistress Nika then returned to working Betty's hair, braiding the hair over and concealing the locks and buckles.

"There that looks wonderful, it actually looks like the harness is formed onto your head. And this color matches your eyes beautifully. But you were able to make way too much noise when you answered me, so lets fix that right now." Taking a small round object with a short hose attached, Nika secured it below Betty's left cheek and started squeezing it. As she did that, the sack in Betty's mouth grew. Not expecting this Betty tried to say something, but her sounds grew smaller and fainter the larger the gag grew.

About the time that Betty felt that something had to give, Mistress Nika stopped. "Say something, and let me know your trying!" Betty gave out what should have been a wild yell, the "mmph" that came out could have been covered by a mouse's squeak.

"Good, now," and pinching off Betty's nose, "breath through your mouth. Do it!" In a growing panic Betty tried, and discovered that with effort she could breath.

"Good, there's a tube inside the gag bladder, running out under your right cheek. I'm glad that it works well for you, later when you're probably going to need all the air you can get, you'll be very glad of this."

The rest of the dressing went swiftly, Mistress Nika released Betty's hands and feet. First handing Betty a pair of blue panties, with a zipper on the front and some clips over the zipper. After they were in place, Mistress Nika helped Betty into her dress, a short skirted hobble dress in white with short sleeves and a low scooped neck line. The cut of the bodice squeezed Betty's breasts together and made them nearly spill out the top.

Only three items remained. The next item was a white belt that fastened in back with two cuffs attached by short silver chains to the back. The cuffs were buckled just above the elbows, pulling her shoulders back and limiting the reach of her hands. Over this belt was a blue latex apron. The final item was a 3" wide white collar. It was stiff and made so that it slid into itself, the join point was hidden under a silver fixture from which hung an 8" silver chain, the ring at the end settled between her breasts. The chain was cold at first but her body heat soon warmed it up.

Turning, carefully, to look in the mirror, Betty saw a luscious, exotic, erotic dream of a latex maid. She noticed that in these shoes she was the same height as Mistress Nika, and that they had almost identical proportions. They made a stunning pair in the mirror, one gleaming black and red, other a glossy blue and white. Looking her new slave maid over carefully, Mistress Nika nodded her head in satisfaction.

"My dear we'll have to be careful that our customer doesn't insist in you being part of the deal! You look marvelous! Now lets get out there and spruce the place up! He's due any moment!"

Chapter 2: And here's the Pitch

Outside the rain had stopped, and the fog that now closed in would have been a credit to London itself. Inside the store two women moved about, Mistress Nika striding about nervously double checking everything, Betty inching her way along, trying to look busy so that she would not receive any more adjustments to her attire. In the half-hour that Betty had been dressed, Mistress Nika had come along and adjusted her outfit twice. The first time the Mistress had changed her mind on the shoes, adding a locking strap over the lacings on the latex ankle boots with 6" heels. Also she had added a short chain to link both of Betty's ankles, allowing them no more than a foot of space. Betty thought that the chain was overkill since the hobble skirt, even though it stopped at the middle of her thigh, kept her from taking longer steps anyway.

The other time, Mistress Nika had decided that Betty had too much reach with her arms. So the chains that linked Betty's elbows to a belt, were shortened. Now Betty could not hold anything with both hands unless it was wider than her shoulders. Each time that this had happened, Betty had stopped to catch her breath from moving around in a corset that had taken 4 inches off her waist. The thought that she might complain or disagree was not an option, what with the, oh so effective gag, that locked off all possibility of sound covering half her face. Turning, she noticed Mistress Nika scrutinizing her once again. 'No! I've been good!' Betty thought in a panic, 'I'm still moving, still working!' Betty realized she sounded and felt more like a cringing maid before a stringent boss, than the strong independent woman she had been when she had entered this place earlier. Before the Mistress could decide on any more adjustments, both women turned to look as the front door chimed.

Two men had entered the store, both tall. The man in front was fair haired, wearing a long dark grey latex coat over a smokey see-through rubber shirt, above skin tight latex jodhpurs the same color as the coat. Gleaming black rubber riding boots rose to his knees. The other man wore a medium grey chauffeur's uniform all in latex. Accented by black boots and gloves.

"Master Donovan! I'm so glad to see you in my shop. Please come in. Is there anything I can get you?" Mistress Nika greeted the gentleman in the long coat, moving forward to take his hands.

"My, my Mistress Nika. You certainly know how to set the mood," Master Donovan took her hands and inclined his head to the woman's figure stretched mid-air before the door, his eyes also swept over the heavily restrained figure of Betty, before returning his attention to Mistress Nika.

"Why thank you, the compliment of such a renowned Master as yourself is something I will always cherish," Mistress Nika, took his arm and led him over to some chairs. "Please sit down, and lets relax before we get started. Betty! Go get the wine and glasses!"

As best she could Betty curtsied, and hobbled her way to the back. The tray was already set and waiting, all she had to do was pick it up and return. But with her elbows behind her back, she had to squeeze in to get a hold of both handles. It took all of her concentration to keep from dropping the tray and walk with it too. Mistress Nika and Master Donovan were seated so that they could watch her slow and torturous return. They sat in silence enjoying her struggle. As Betty finally reached them she had to bend at her hips, since the corset prevented her from bending at the waist, and presented the tray. The neck of the bottle was nestled between her outstandingly presented breasts, and the tall glasses rubbed on her already excited nipples, bringing a moan of pleasure from her.

Mistress Nika removed one glass and the bottle, Master Donovan took the other. As he did his fingers caressed and teased her nipple, finally giving it a pinch. Betty shuddered from his touch, when pinched she jumped loosing her grip on one side of the tray.

"Naughty, naughty slave. You could have hit me with that tray," Master Donovan said with a chuckle. Turning to Mistress Nika, "May I?"

Eyeing Betty closely, "She is a new slave, not really trained yet. But still she should know better. You are my guest, go ahead."

Betty was shuddering from his touch, not really seeing what was going on around her. She could feel his driver come up behind her and take the tray from her, as he pushed her gently toward Master Donovan. His touch fanned the fires in her body, her breasts heaving as she drowned in passion she had not expected.

The Master had set his glass on the table between the chairs, for Mistress Nika to fill. Then he laid Betty over his lap, running his hands up and down her body as he did so. Taking his time, Master Donovan's hands roamed over her taughtly covered and helplessly presented ass. Betty squirmed and writhed with arousal, grinding her rock hard nipples against his leg. Her moans were soft until with a lighting strike, the Master's hand struck her right cheek. With a stifled shriek, Betty convulsed, her breathing going double time with all the new sensations running through her.

Leisurely, Master Donovan interspersed caresses with swift hard strokes, timing his choices to the slaves responses. He also took note of the reactions of both observers. Richard, both his driver and an assistant master in the dungeon, was keeping a good poker face, but Donovan knew him too well. Richard had great interest in this slave, perhaps even lust at first sight. The other presence, Mistress Nika, had calmly poured them each a glass of wine, then casually picked up her glass and toyed with it as he toyed with her slave. Master Donovan excelled at the art of reading people, so he noticed the passion hiding behind that cool facade. He knew that she was reacting to the passions of the slave more than to the slave's being controlled. A plan for the evening's later events began to unfold in his minds eye.

With reluctance, as this pleasure was not the business he was here for, he stood the slave up. He noted her glazed, far away look, smiling at her confusion and passion. Betty not knowing if she should be outraged at the casual spanking or excited from the tender caresses, stood trembling for several seconds. The driver timed his rescue perfectly, even as she staggered, his arms wrapped themselves about her waist. Being held firmly against his muscular body, Betty could feel his powerful arousal. With his manhood rubbing the crack of her ass and one hand cupping her pussy, Betty came hard, one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

As the slave helplessly twitched in the throws of her passion, both Master and Mistress drank wine, and enjoyed the show. Mistress Nika was concerned for Betty, things were going far faster and intensely than she had thought they would. She hoped that Betty would be all right, it certainly looked like she was enjoying herself! Master Donovan could tell that it was his drivers touch that the slave responded to the most strongly. That boded well for his later plans, leaving himself free to play with Mistress Nika. By the time that Betty could stand on her own, the Master and Mistress were discussing various items in the store. The driver slowly and reluctantly released his hold on Betty and stepped back, she still faught to regain her breath. Slowly she regained her poise, finally she was able to focus on the room around her.

Mistress Nika gestured for her to come closer. "This gag is one of my newest creations. It's a pump-gag." Slowly Betty tottered over and stood at Mistress Nika's knee.

"What? It can't be, where is the nozzle for the bladder to be pumped up?" Master Donovan asked. He grabbed her dangling chain and pulled her down, for a closer look.

Mistress Nika pointed to the underside of the jawline, "Under the left cheek is a very small, quick connect valve. A hose runs from there to the bladder in her mouth."

Looking more closely now, "Yes, I see it now. Even knowing it is there it would be hard to see from more than a few feet away. Wonderful! But what is this other one on the other side?"

"Ah, that is most often for extra air, just as a safety measure. But say you wanted a slave punished and did not want to remove the gag, but they needed water? Well then you could do this." Mistress Nika pulled out something that looked like a syringe, dipped it into her wine glass and drew out about 1oz of wine. She then took the syringe and plugged it into the right side of the gag. With a smile she emptied the wine into Betty. "Now Betty, suck on the gag, and clear the last bits from the tube!" With a twist she removed the syringe.

Betty was helpless to stop Mistress Nika from doing any of this. Also she thought that the wine would taste good right about now. When the wine just burst into her throat, totally by-passing her palette, she was caught by surprise. Swallowing instinctively, it all went down with only a little choking on her part. She did as Mistress Nika commanded, and the last drops of wine shot into her throat, followed by fresh air. The wine formed a warm pool deep within her corseted belly.

"With a gag like this you could feed a slave broth and water, keeping them totally silenced for days at a time!" Mistress Nika pointed out.

Laughing, Master Donovan said, "Or put them on diets! There are a few slaves I know that could do with some of that. I take it that it locks on?"

"Yes, it all joins up together in the back," Mistress Nika affirmed.

"Now everything else she is wearing is made by me, except for these."

With this she rolled Betty's skirt up revealing her panties. "These Chastity Panties I get from another shop, but I am working on my own design."

Betty knew that anything she wore was there to be shown off to the customer, but having her panties revealed so casually caused her to flush and squirm with embarrassment. The discussion continued with the belt being removed for inspection, followed by the apron and dress. During this slow disrobing, Betty watched the driver out of the corner of her eye. She found his eyes devouring her every curve and caressing every inch of exposed skin. Seeing him look at her that way, she shuddered with refreshed desire, her breasts heaving anew. Betty was sent to fetch several items from about the store. She slowly made her hobbled way back and forth, knowing that the driver was following her every move. Beyond her heavy breathing, her arousal was displayed by both a flush that extended from her face down to her breasts, and by her nipples, bared for all the world to see, which were rock hard and fully extended.

Richard watched the slave as she sauntered back and forth. Watched as those rubber clad legs scissored back and forth controlled by the bright chrome of the chain dancing between her ankles. Watched as those hips swung to and fro, this way and that. His eyes danced over her cruelly corseted waist, up to her proudly thrusting breasts as they demanded to be touched. He hungered to taste those fiercely pointing nipples, to control her, to take her and bind her in tight, stretchy, restricting rubber. To bind her as his. Mistress Nika watched as Betty tortured Master Donovan's driver, and remembered how in times past she was the object of desire. The memories brought an itch to her pussy, one that she hid from her guest. After all, as a Mistress with her own domain it would not be fitting for her to submit to him to for an evenings pleasure as his slave.

Master Donovan had been looking at Mistress Nika's offerings for about an hour, noticing the effects the evening were having on those about him.

"Mistress Nika, I believe that I have seen quite enough tonight. I would like to engage you as my primary supplier. I can write you a check tonight for the retainer fee as we agreed. Or..." Master Donovan trailed off teasingly.

Mistress Nika turned to him with an eyebrow raised, "Or what Master Donovan?" 'Was that a little too much emphasis on Master?' she asked herself.

Master Donovan smiled, knowing he had her hooked, "Well my dear, I could invite you and your slave up to the club and from there I could electronically transfer the funds to your account, and then we could all have a late dinner."

Richard turned to look at his boss in surprise. He caught Master Donovan winking at him. The smile that crossed his face was quickly covered, after a glance at the two women. Mistress Nika missed this exchange as she reveled in getting a personal invitation to the most prestigious and exclusive fetish club in the city. "Why of course, my slave and I would be honored to visit your esteemed establishment," Nika replied. She turned and looked at Betty, hoping that she would indeed agree. Betty lost in her own world of lust and arousal, mearly returned the Mistress's inquiring look. For the first time that night the Richard spoke, "But sir, have you forgotten? Tonight is restricted entry." He did his best to keep a straight face as he delivered the set up his boss wanted.

Mistress Nika turned first to the driver, then to Master Donovan.

"What does that mean? Since you own the club, don't you control what rules apply to you and when?" She asked ancsously.

"Yes, now I remember. I am sorry my dear, tonight is for Members only. And yes I make the rules, but as a Mistress yourself, you understand that discipline must be maintained. No tonight is only for Masters and their slaves," Master Donovan said, with a shake of his head, and a hidden twinkle in his eye.

"Just the Masters and their slaves," Nika quoted softly, her thoughts turning inward. She looks at Master Donovan for a moment, then turns and takes Betty's arm and escorts her to the back room.

Betty not really following what either of them mean by their words, looks over at the driver. Suddenly she understands that if they go with Master Donovan tonight, she will be in HIS hands, the drivers. Just as this realization hits, Nika and Betty leave the room. As the women leave, Richard smiles and gives his boss a 'thumbs up'.

"Not yet my friend, the ladies have not yet risen to the bait. But if they do, would you be so kind as to keep her slave busy while I see to her mistress?" Master Donovan whispers to his friend.

"If they don't take the bait, can't we kidnap them anyway?" Richard asks, only half joking. With a sigh, he settles back to see what happens next.

In the back room, Nika places a hand on each of Betty's shoulders, and looks her in the eye. "Oh Betty, I really need that money available now. If we go with them tonight, I can write that check tomorrow and make my deadline without fail."

"But Betty, if we go, it will be as slaves. We can set some conditions before hand, so you will have some protection, but there are no guaranties that things won't get out of hand later."

Betty's eyes are still glazed with lust and arousal, though she nods at the appropriate points to Nika's words. Nika seeing this stops and hugs Betty.

"I see that you're not going to be any help with this decision," Nika chuckles, "and I'm not sure that I'm in any better shape myself. All right I'll ask him if we could go as his slaves tonight. Somehow I don't think Master Donovan is going to have any problems with that."

With that she takes Betty's hand and the two of them walk back out to stand before Master Donovan. Having to match Betty's pace, Nika has time to observe both men. Master Donovan awaits their decision with an air of cool detachment, though Nika senses his strong interest in her answer. His driver on the other hand was far from as polished in his demeanor, he was trying for stoic indifference but as soon as he saw Betty his eyes burned with desire.

"Master Donovan, if we were to agree to be your slaves at your club tonight, would you be interested in our company?" Nika asked softly. Master Donovan looks both women over slowly, "If you were to agree to be my slaves? No, I would not be interested, but if you were to ask to be my slaves, that I would consider."

A part of Nika both chilled and thrilled to feel the strength emanating from the man seated before her. It had been a long time since she felt this way about anyone. Without turning from his eyes, Nika pulls Betty down with her. Once both women are on their knees, "Please Master Donovan, would you take us to be your slaves?" Though she tried to speak with a normal voice, it broke on the first word and the rest came out as a strained whisper. Master Donovan sat and gave their request a moments thought, looking them over slowly and lingering on the obvious treats both women possessed in abundance.

"Very nicely done. I accept your offerings," the Master assented with a slight smile. "Now we must see to your being properly attired for your debut. Hmm, slave," he points at Nika, "I would have the two of you wearing the riveted latex body harness that was mentioned to me earlier, by the Mistress of this store. I also want the two of you in knee high latex boots and elbow length latex gloves. Immediately after these are on your bodies, return here and we will finish getting you ready for travel."

When her voice broke, Nika dropped her eyes to Master Donovan's boots and kept them there until they were dismissed to get changed. Betty saw Nika drop her head out of the corner of her eye, with an effort she tore her eyes from the form of the driver and did the same. Once dismissed Nika rose and helped Betty up as well. They left the room as fast as Nika could get them away. Once in the back, Nika closed the door and gave Betty a hug.

"Well girl we're in for it now. Lets get you out of that getup and get us dressed as we have been commanded to be." Nika's words gave Betty a chill of excitement. She had no idea what was going to be happening tonight and that thrill of something new was what she had left her old home to find! As the door closed behind the women, Richard turned to his boss, "Jeez, when you said no I almost lost it, boss. But I should have had more confidence, that was great!"

Master Donovan chuckled at his friends words, "It was just a flash of inspiration Richard, but you are right, it worked perfectly. Did you notice that there were no time limits specified in the request that I did accept?"

Richard ran over the moment again in his mind, and smiled at his friend. His thoughts covering the possibilities the next hours represent.

"Oh and Richard, do remember that the auburn haired slave is new to the scene. So you will have to play her with a delicate hand," said Master Donovan. Richard accented eagerly, looking forward to that testing. In the back room, Nika had undone Betty's braid so that she could get to the locks on her gag harness. Betty took a minute or so to move her jaw and get the feeling back. "Wow, this evening has really been a trip! Mistress Nika, what...? ," Betty started to say.

"Hold it Betty. Mistress Nika is my Dominatrix persona, I don't think I'm there right now. Call me Nika, or maybe you should call me by my given name, Veronica," Nika said, cutting Betty off short.

Betty gave her a funny look, and then both women burst out laughing.

"Betty & Veronica, you mean just like in the comic books? Does that make one of them," Betty points to the front room, "Archie?"

Still smiling at the joke, "No I don't think that either of them would ever be confused with him. But we have to get going, keeping your Master waiting is very hard on the nerves!"

Laughing and giggling the two women helped each other strip. The tightness of the latex gloves and stockings had left diamond patterned marks on Betty's arms and legs. Once they were naked, Veronica dug out a couple of tangles of black, latex straps. Each strap was about an inch wide and a quarter of an inch thick. There were also a large number of bright chrome D rings, all over them in every possible place. As Veronica arranged the first set of straps for Betty to put her legs into she told Betty about them. "These are latex body harnesses, at the bottom there are a loop for each leg, cut in the French leg style so that the latex runs from your crotch to the outside of the hip. Where it meets up with the straps that run around your belly and lower back, from here straps run up each side. They are attached to the breast loops, each breast has its own loop which makes them stand up & out and also help keep the pressure on as you get more excited. From the outer joins of the breast loops there are two straps that run up to the collar, in the back a single strap runs from the back of the breast straps straight up to the collar. Finally the collar will get sealed about the neck completing the fitting. There are a great number of D rings all over the harness, these are 'tie down points', places the master or mistress can use to bind the slave perfectly."

As she explained each part of the harness, she attached that part of Betty's harness together. The harness was made of a front and back, so that each side had long straps that were not connected. At each place on the sides where they needed to be joined, Nika ran the ends through a box that had a power cable running to it. Just before she put the ends into the box, she would open it and place some black and silver bits inside. "These are the rivets that join the pieces together," Nika explained.

There were two boxes, one for each side. When everything was in place, Nika would hit a button on the main control box. Then the straps would be pulled tight. At a pressure that was a little higher than Betty felt was comfortable, the each box would emit a sharp buzzing sound and then shut off completely. Nika would then press a button on the box and it would pop off, leaving the harness almost invisibly joined and the excess length of strap would fall to the floor.

"If these get popular enough I will make it so that the latex is reflowed into itself, and that the whole harness is literally one single piece!" Nika mused more to herself than to Betty.

"But surely not that many people would be interested in being sealed into something like this, right?" Betty asked with disbelief.

"Believe it! This version is a greatly toned down version of the original design. The original started at the shoes, with 7" heels and a small platform under the toes, ran all the way out to the hands, and all the way up to the top of her head! Also in the middle she had me install a very heavily boned corset. I riveted it onto her over 6 months ago, and her mistress has had her brought in twice to have the corset tightened as her body adjusts to the new compression levels."

Betty just blinked at that thought, to have something so bizarre and so blatant attached so permanently boggled her mind.

"Well we can just cut our way out of these if we need to, right?"

Veronica had stopped on Betty's harness just before she sealed the collar, and started on herself. "Sorry Betty, but it takes special tools to cut these straps. You see inside each strap there are several steel wires, each wire is made up of high tensile specially treated steel. You need a high grade diamond bit cutter to work them. No, we are wearing these until we get back to the store here."

"But don't worry, I have the tools back here to cut us free in just moments. Now for a surprise for our new masters," as Veronica says this, she moves over to a cabinet and pulls out two latex objects. Each one is black and white, but Betty cannot tell anything else about them.

"Tada!" as Veronica holds each one up by what is apparently the crown. She is holding up two full coverage latex hoods, where the face is covered up there is a white stylized face. There are delicate eyebrows picked out in black with black lips and grey shading under where the cheek bones would be. "What are those for," Betty asked, looking at the masks in confusion.

"These are mostly for us. Believe me when I tell you that when you are wearing a mask, you loose the sense of self that holds you back, that makes you fight because that's what a 'Good Girl' is supposed to do. What it does is allow you to go with your feelings and enjoy yourself, since its happening to someone else and you get to enjoy the show."

Betty took one and held it up next to her face and looking in a mirror, trying to imagine what it would be like to wear it.

As Betty studied the mask and tried to understand what her new friend had said, Veronica went to a small table with a mirror on it. There she spread some clear gel all across her face, under her jaw, and around her neck, after she had twisted her hair into a quick braid. From here she pulled her hair through an opening in the upper portion of the mask, then she slid the mask down onto her head. She quickly settled it onto her face and placed some flanges into her nose and over her lips. Then she took a towel and pressed firmly over her entire face and neck, for a minute or so.When she looked up at Betty, the only flesh showing on the entire face was a small area around the eyes. The face that she saw was animated with the small movements that everyone has from moment to moment, but the milk white face was of a beautiful stranger. Betty could only gape at the transformation.

"Do you begin to understand? It will help you enjoy this evening more, and tease the men as well. I use a glue that holds the mask to your face and keeps it there regardless of how much you sweat. Will you let me put yours on?"

In something of a daze, Betty nodded and sat down at the table. Veronica then carefully applied the glue to her. Starting with her beautiful auburn hair, she pulled the mask over Betty's head. Working quickly she added glue to the pieces of the mask that went inside the nose and over the lips. Again using a towel Veronica pressed firmly against the mask, making sure that it had a firm grip over the entire face and neck.

When Betty looked at herself in the mirror, she again saw the beautiful stranger, then her twin bent down and looked into the mirror with her.

"What do you think, Betty?" the stranger asked with Veronica's voice.

Betty actually found herself reluctant to answer, she did not know what she would do if she heard her voice come out of that face, or even if it was another's voice that came out. Finally she swallowed hard and said, "I'm not sure what I think, but if we keep our masters waiting much longer, I think they will get mad at us."

Veronica giggled at Betty's words and said, "When you're right your Right! Not much left to do now." With those words she reached to the table and picked up a container of make-up. Not explaining anymore, she spread the white substance over and around each of their eyes, completing the illusion of the masks.

Next Veronica dug out two pairs of latex boots with 6" heels, one set blue for Betty, one set red for herself. Then she found them matching latex gloves, that stopped at the elbow. And as the final step, she sealed the collars of the latex body harnesses over the neck portions of their masks. They stood side by side and looked at their images in the mirror on the wall. What they saw was a pair of latex twins, the two women were the same height, and had almost identical measurements. Betty was a little fuller in the bust, Veronica was a little slimmer in the waist, any difference in their hips was hidden by the rubber straps binding their nether regions of pleasure.

Quickly the two slaves made their way out to where the men were waiting. As soon as the door opened both men looked up from a quiet conversation they had been having. The sight that greeted them left them speechless. Without any planing on their part, both women moved with a slow, measured slink that was designed to drive any man mad with desire. And that they did it in tandem, emphasizing their duplicate appearance, gave the men to feel that they were seeing double. The only difference that the men could see was the color of the gloves and boots, and the color of the pony tails cascading down from the tops of the helmets.

They came to a stop in front of Master Donovan, Veronica placed her hands behind her back, her wrists crossed. Betty saw this and did the same. Both kept their eyes lowered and had not looked at the faces of either man. Both men were entranced by the near duality of the women. The masks gave the impression that before them stood two dolls made from the same mold. The differences being so small, Master Donovan was glad that Nika had chosen to let their hair show, so that he could be confidant that he had the slave of his choice exactly where he wanted her. Richard on the other hand, could feel which one was Betty, he did not need to see her hair, or the color of her latex items.

The remaining preparations were conducted in almost total silence. Master Donovan stepped behind Veronica, as Richard did the same with Betty. Each slaves wrist was locked into a white latex cuff, this was then drawn up high behind the back of the slave and locked in position. In this Veronica was a great deal more limber than Betty. Master Donovan was able to use Veronica's collar to pull her hands up, since the pressure on her neck was balanced by the tightness of the front portions of the harness, up until her fingers could almost touch the collar itself. Betty's hands could only rise as far as the back of the breast strap, but as this thrust her magnificent cones into new levels of desirability Richard accepted her limit and locked the strap off.

Each ankle was locked into a white latex cuff, each cuff was linked to the other with a stretchy white rubberband. Each rubberband was 6" long at rest, but with effort could stretch up to 18" long. Each slave was blindfolded, the items used were thick and soft and when buckled tight, no light entered their eyes. A latex cloak was draped about each slaves shoulders and zipped closed, to hide the valuable jewels within. When fully closed the cloaks hugged the forms of the slaves body's, tugging and brushing against exposed flesh. Master Donovan had a few quiet words with the blond haired slave, about the details of closing the store down, and the location of locks and security systems.

After that each slave had silence enforced upon them by a ballgag that matched the color of their latex accessories, blue for Betty and red for Veronica. The final touch being the raising of the hoods of the cloaks. As Master Donovan closed up the store, Richard placed the two slaves into the back of their car. When Master Donovan was ready they drove off into the night.


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