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Behind the Closed Door

by Bike

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© Copyright 2007 - Bike - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; latex; catsuit; caught; bond; cuffs; hoods; gag; straitjacket; chair; straps; headcage; chast; toys; insert; denial; cons/reluct; X

“Debbie, OPEN THE DOOR!” Sue hammered on the door as the rain lashed onto her bare shoulders, drenching the skimpy cocktail dress that was all she had on. “I know you’re in there, I’ve seen your shadow on the curtains. You’ve got to let me in, I’ve nowhere else to go”

There was a rattling from behind the door and it opened to a tiny crack. Sue could just see Debbie’s face.

“You can’t come in, it’s not convenient”, she said.

“What do you mean, not convenient!” retorted Sue, “That Bastard’s just dumped me out of his car, I’m 20 miles from home with no money and if I don’t get out of this rain soon, I’m going to get pneumonia. PLEASE let me in.”

Debbie took a deep breath. “Oh well, come on in then, but you mustn’t be surprised at what you might see, okay.”

“Look, I’ll agree to anything, just let me get out of this rain, PLEASE!”

With more fumbling and rattling the door suddenly swung open and Sue fell through. From behind her, Debbie said, “Just go straight up to the bathroom, you know where it is, have a hot shower and dry yourself off, you’ll find a dressing gown up there, get yourself warm”

“Oh, thankyou, thankyou, thankyou,” a relieved Sue nearly ran up the stairs and disappeared into the welcoming warmth of the bathroom.

Half an hour later, a warm, dry and dressing gown wrapped Sue pottered slowly back down the stairs looking for Debbie. She called out for her but only caught a fleeting glimpse of her rushing into her lounge. She went to the door, but as she tried to turn the handle realised that Debbie was holding the handle shut against her turning it. “Debbie, why won’t you open the door? Are you okay, is something wrong, look we’ve been friends for years, what’s the matter?” With a little harder twist, the handle gave and Sue pushed the door open. “Debbie, what’s going on, wha…..!” She stood there, open mouthed, stunned into silence by the sight that greeted her.

“Oh dear,” said Debbie. “Now I’ve got some explaining to do!”

Debbie stood there, dressed in a lustrous black skin tight catsuit that accentuated every inch of her perfect 36-24-36 body. Sue knew that Debbie had legs to die for but this showed them off to perfection. What really caught Sue’s breath, though, were her hands secured in handcuffs that were locked to a chain that ran tightly around her waist and more chains on her ankles that meant she could only take small steps.

“How long have you been like this? Who’s done it to you? Is that Rubber?” asked an incredulous Sue, when she had recovered her breath.

“Look, I’ll answer all your questions in a minute and we’ll sit down and have a chat, but first I need your help. You see this glass cylinder, there’s a catch release at this end and while you hold that in with one hand you can unscrew the stopper at the other end. The keys to this lot are inside it, but I can’t open it with my hands in handcuffs because I can’t reach both ends at the same time. Be a sweetie and undo it for me so I can get the keys.”

Disbelievingly, Sue opened the cylinder and the keys fell out and deftly, Debbie undid all the handcuffs and chains securing her. “Here,” she offered, “I’d better get you a stiff drink I think, you look quite pale what with you being caught in the rain and then the shock of seeing me like this”. She quickly returned with 2 large glasses and proceeded to fill them from the Brandy decanter on the sideboard. They were soon comfortably ensconced in front of a blazing fire that gently diffused the rigours of the storm from Sue’s mind.

“What happened to you, first,” asked Debbie, “Why are you on my doorstep at this time of night?”

“You know I’d met this new bloke called Roger and I really fancied him, well I finally managed to get him to invite me out for a nice meal at this restaurant just up the road from you, beautiful wine, all candlelit and romantic, God he was making me feel randy, then suddenly at the end of the meal he tells me he hasn’t got enough money on his cards. It cleaned me out paying for it and we ended up with a blistering row and he just slammed his car door and roared off leaving me stranded. There I was, no money, 20 miles from home, what else could I do? Boy do I need cheering up!”

“Well I could certainly take your mind off it! You know you may as well stay the night, I’m certainly not going to drive you home tonight in this storm, but you need to understand what was going on here. Before I tell you though, answer me this. Be honest, does it make you feel sexy when you have really nice satin or lace underwear on?”

With a slight blush, Sue admitted that was true.

“Well think of those feelings and then magnify them so that you’re being touched and squeezed and caressed in all the right places and, boy, does it feel really good. That’s what this Rubber suit does to me and those feelings are intensified even more if you can’t get away from them and it’s locked on!”

“What, it’s locked on?” gasped Sue.

“It’s a little game that Charlie and I play. I “secure” myself and wait for him to come home. I know that Sex is coming and I can’t escape it, I won’t be released until I’ve Orgasmed, it’s all incredibly exiting. Chaining myself up is all part of the experience, the last click of the handcuffs as I relinquish all control and know I’ve got no choice but to be ravaged when he gets home, gives me an incredible rush. That glass cylinder is a safety back-up, if something went disastrously wrong like I was ill or there was a fire or a burglar, then I can always break the cylinder and get the keys, but it cost us a fortune to have it specially made so I daren’t do that unless I was forced to. Even then, I haven’t got the key to release myself from the suit, I’d just have to throw some clothes on over it if I needed to go outside. Words don’t really explain the feelings, you have to experience it yourself to understand, it really is amazing. Look, would you like to just try something simple to start with, then you might understand a bit more?”

The combined effects of the wine with Roger and the Brandy she had now had were taking their toll of Sue’s inhibitions. “Well….”, was all she managed. Debbie took her non-committal answer as a sign that she wasn’t actually saying no and leapt up and ran out of the room. Moments later she returned with a small bundle of black Rubber.

“Look, this is a simple bra and pair of knickers, that’s all. I’ll help you put them on, there’s nothing to them, they’re not frightening”

Debbie’s reassuring tone melted away the last of Sue’s sense of uncertainty. She’d never suspected anything like this, but she’d known Debbie for years and always trusted her. Perhaps this might be an interesting experience and she really did need cheering up after what had happened earlier. And it wasn’t as if Debbie could rape her, could she, and she could always take it off if she didn’t like it. As if in a dream, she stood up and let the dressing gown fall. Quietly, Debbie fed the knickers over her feet and pulled them up her legs. “Just spread your legs a bit and let them settle” she suggested. Sue acquiesced and felt the knickers pull gently into her most intimate area, softly pressing and pulling and yes, it was in just the right way to make her feel really sexy. The way they touched and caressed……..

“Now for the bra, close your eyes and imagine that the most desirable man you’ve ever seen has come and is caressing your nipples and making you fell really good”

Sue closed her eyes and as she felt the bra straps slide down her arms and onto her shoulders tried to imagine Orlando Bloom gently taking her in his arms and… “Ooh” with a gasp she felt her nipples nuzzled and nipped in the cups of the bra as it gently squeezed and supported her as it slid into place. “Wow….that’s…..interesting!” Her breath came in short gasps as the nibbling, kneading feeling continued, sending little electric shocks across her chest. She was suddenly feeling increasingly randy. “My god”, she said. “If this is what just a bra and knickers do, I don’t think I could cope with the full suit!”

“It’s good, isn’t it. Once I realised that it wasn’t all dirty pervs but could be a really good experience, I was hooked. Would you like to try anything else?”

Sue was completely torn. Part of her was thinking surely this Rubber is only for really strange people who did their dirty thing in remote corners of the Internet, but the booze and the her lustful side were reacting to what the bra and knickers were doing to her and screaming try it, try it, what have you got to lose! “Erm…..” was again all she managed to say.

“Look, lets just go and have a look at some stuff, I’ll show you how it works and we can see what you think. I’ve got quite a bit of this sort of thing that’s….…hidden away, come and have a look, no pressure.” Once again, Debbie’s reassuring and calming tone swept away Sue’s reticence. Debbie led her to a large cupboard under the stairs, moved some boxes and, using a handle in the floor that Sue had never noticed before, pulled up the floor of the cupboard revealing a set of steps that obviously led down into a cellar.

“Oh my god, this is like going down to the dungeons up at the castle!” laughed Sue.

“Don’t be so dramatic, it’s just our playroom, but we have to keep it and what’s in it well hidden, I think you can guess why!” With a giggle, they both went down the stairs and Sue found a large brightly lit room that had several cupboards around the sides and a table and big heavy chair in one corner. It didn’t look any different to any of the cellars in any of her other friends houses.

Debbie went to one of the drawers and returned with some small bundles of Rubber. “These are hoods. They come in all sorts of styles, open faced or enclosing but if you really want to go for the experience you should at least try on a full face one. The idea is that it blocks off your external senses, sight, hearing and makes you concentrate on the feelings in your body. Just try them on, see what you think, I’m here to help.”

Sue tried an open face one on first, it was quite light and slipped on really easily, it just held her head softly. “There, it’s really easy and not threatening at all, just like I told you.” said Debbie.

Sue had to admit that it was certainly very comfortable. She took it off and Debbie handed her a full face helmet with eye, nose and mouth openings. “Here you go then, try this one on next” Suddenly Sue realised that the tension inside her was building. The nibbling, kneading little electric shocks that she had felt in her nipples from the bra had never gone away and were continuing, if anything gently increasing, and there was a growing warmth between her legs that was also beginning to distract her, those knickers certainly felt good.

She took the hood and, with Debbie’s help, placed it over her face and as Debbie pulled the zip on it’s back closed, a flush and a warmth went through her and she could imagine someone gently caressing her cheeks, suddenly everything seemed a bit distant, it was almost as if she was in a beautiful dream, a haze of gentle pleasure. She suddenly realised that Debbie was speaking to her. “……….so you have to try a gag as well”

Pardon? But before she could ask, Debbie suddenly said, “Damn, that’s the phone, I was expecting Charlie to ring” She quickly undid the zip at the back of the hood and Sue pulled it off. “Look, carry on, have a look around whilst I nip back up to answer the phone, I’ll be right back.” she called as she ran back up the stairs.

Sue was now enjoying herself so much that she couldn’t hold herself back. She felt so alive and invigorated, she just wanted to find out more about these strange effects that this stuff was having on her. And what was Debbie saying about gags? It certainly sounded like she had to try one! She wandered over to the open drawer to replace the hoods that she had tried and noticed in the bottom another bundle of Rubber. She picked it up and unfolded it, it was obviously a hood as well but it was made of heavier Rubber and more sturdy construction. There was an industrial strength zip at the back and eye and nose holes but the mouth appeared to be covered and there was something solid on the inside. She turned it inside out and out popped a Rubber Penis, firmly attached where the mouth hole should be. “Well,” she thought “Perhaps this is the gag that she said I have to try?”

With hardly a moment’s hesitation, she slipped the penis into her mouth. It nearly filled her and with an inner smile she thought of the pleasure it had given her giving another boyfriend a blowjob, she pretended to herself that she was doing it again, but then curiosity got the better of her. What would it feel like if that penis was fixed inside her mouth and she was forced to do the blowjob, I mean, she could always take the hood off if she didn’t like it, couldn’t she? Again, without hesitation, she flipped the sides of the hood over her head and tried to pull down the zip. It was immediately apparent that this hood was going to be a lot tighter than the others and was going to take a bit of a struggle to get the zip closed, but she told herself that the only way she was going to find out was to do it, so, with some determination she pulled firmly down on the zip and suddenly it was moving and with growing tension across her face and head, it ran closed.

The effect was incredible. The penis gag was pulled hard into her mouth, filling her completely and with the new found tension in the Rubber, her jaw was held so securely that her mouth was clamped firmly around it. She tried with her tongue to push it out, but found that there was hardly room to move her tongue at all, let alone push on the Penis. Her whole head was being squeezed, almost like when he had squeezed her head between his thighs whilst she was doing that blowjob, but it was even more intense than that.

She was lost in a plethora of erotic bliss, again everything became a little bit distant, her hands wandered unconsciously across her body. One hand arrived at her breasts where it gently touched and caressed, encouraging the delightful stimulation in her nipples. The other hand rubbed onto the knickers which felt so smooth and sensuous. The strange thing was that the rubber was putting a barrier between what her hands were doing and the feelings she was receiving inside, the rubbing on her clit that gave her such pleasure felt like someone else’s hand! The dreaming continued, he was nibbling at her nipples whilst his fingers did heavenly things to her crotch, his thighs clamped around her head whilst she sucked his huge penis, her knees began to tremble.……

“Well, you look like you’re enjoying yourself now!” Debbie’s voice cut through her thoughts like a knife.

In a panic, Sue immediately reached up and tried to pull the zip open, but it appeared to be stuck. She turned and pointed to the zip and tried to say “Can you undo it please” but all that came out was a quiet “aaauuuoooiiiiee” and with a surge of adrenaline, Sue realised that she couldn’t ask for help. She tried to open the zip again, but it was still stuck.

“No, you need to leave it on for a bit to get the full effect.” said Debbie, “I’ve got something else that you really should try as well”. She went to one of the cupboards and returned with a larger bundle. “It’s a jacket, but it’s got a back zip so put your arms in straight. It’s an all-in-one, so we need to take your knickers off”.

As if in a dream, Sue just stood there. Debbie reached round and pulled her knickers down and gave her a gentle push so that she stepped out of them and then, picking up the jacket, guided Sue’s hands into the sleeves and started to pull it up. “These sleeves are quite tight, you’ll have to work your hands into them” she continued.

Without thinking, Sue shimmied her hands into the sleeves, pushing until suddenly they popped past the wrist bands, but strangely not out into the air but into what appeared to be small bags attached to the ends of the sleeves. She felt for finger holes in the bags but couldn’t find any and the bags were clearly of very heavy and stiff Rubber.

Whilst she was trying to work out what had happened to her hands, she hadn’t noticed that Debbie had swiftly settled the jacket into place and whizzed up the zip at the back. Immediately, the tension in the Jacket pressed down on her breasts and the little electric shocks increased dramatically, someone was biting on her nipples now. Her hands instinctively flew up to her breasts to try and stop the biting but with them caught in the bags she couldn’t grip anything, they just slid uselessly across her chest. She felt a sinking feeling that she also couldn’t tell Debbie what the problem was.

“Cross your arms then” ordered Debbie and reluctantly, because she knew she couldn’t do anything about the biting, Sue obeyed.

Suddenly she felt her hands and arms being drawn tightly around her waist, forcing her to reach round behind her and then there was a click and she found she couldn’t move them back. “Hang on,” thought Sue “I’m not sure about this” She squirmed in the suit to try and free up something, but all she managed to do was increase the torment on her nipples.

Meanwhile, Debbie was busily doing up straps that held Sue’s arms fixed to the outside of the jacket at the front and by her elbows. As Debbie finished, Sue realised that what little movement she had had for her arms had all but disappeared. With growing apprehension, she watched and felt Debbie reach through between her legs and come forward with another 2 straps that attached to the front of the jacket, pulling it down. Debbie’s hand brushed lightly across the engorged lips of Sue’s Vagina and her knees buckled as a wave of stimulation coursed through her body. “My, you are wet down there, aren’t you!” she gloated.

“No, please, stop” thought Sue. “I’m not a Lesbian, why does this feel so good?”

“Look, I think I need to tell you a bit more about what’s happening here.” said Debbie. “Come over here and sit down and I’ll explain”

With her legs only just able to support her as the sensations she was experiencing threatened to overwhelm her, she staggered to the heavy chair that she had seen in the corner and sat down. Immediately, Debbie reached round and pulled through a belt that she buckled around Sue’s waist.

“Well, I don’t want you to fall off,” she said. “In fact, let’s make you completely secure”.

Clearly knowing exactly what she was doing, she went to another drawer and returned with a heavy leather collar that she proceeded to secure around Sue’s neck and then Sue felt her neck being pulled back to the top of the back of the chair and she was held rigidly upright. Her legs were pulled apart and, one leg at a time, more straps were applied across her thighs, at her knees and at her ankles that held her legs wide open at 90 degrees to each other. Debbie reached under the chair and with a clonk, the front of the seat came away in her hands leaving Sue perched on her buttocks with her crotch completely exposed.

“Try not to enjoy this too much” said Debbie and pulled tight a final strap across Sue’s Breasts.

Her Nipples exploded in fire, completely overwhelming her, a desperate scream of “NOOO” was muted by the Rubber Penis Gag into a pitiful nasal squeal and all her massive surging against her bonds resulted in… nothing. With a horrifying grasp on reality, she realised that she was completely trapped, couldn’t do anything about it and hopelessly exposed for whatever Debbie wanted to do now. All she managed was a gasping wailing that slowly subsided into petrified terror, as she remembered Debbie’s earlier comments that it was all about sex and enforced Orgasms. Was she about to be raped?

“Right, I have to admit that I haven’t been completely honest with you. When we started to try this stuff on, right at the beginning, I felt so sorry for you that I thought I ought to spice up your experience. It’s not just a simple bra that you’re wearing, it’s what’s known as a Grope bra, there are little nodules inside the nipple cups that pinch and trap your nipples as you breathe in and out. The breast cups of this catsuit have got the same inserts and if they’ve had the same effect on you as they have on me and, judging from the wetness of your crotch I think they have, then by now you’ll be desperate for a huge penis rammed into your vagina tipping you over into sexual ecstasy. We have a camera here in the playroom that feeds to a monitor upstairs and while I was on the phone to Charlie, I was watching you as you put on that hood. It really was a gift to us, because what you don’t know is that it has a locking zip and steel braid reinforcement. I can’t cut it off, because of the steel braid and I haven’t got the key for it, Charlie’s got it. He’s on his way home but he’s going to be another couple of hours, so since you can’t take the hood off anyway, we agreed that I would “entertain” you until he got home, which is why you’re now wearing a Strait Jacket and are secured in the Bondage Chair. I don’t know what he’s going to do when he gets here, but he certainly sounded very excited and talked about a potential threesome, what do you think?”

“No, please. No, somebody help me, I can’t take this, let me out, help me please…” were the thoughts that spewed through Sue’s consciousness as she desperately surged against the unrelenting bondage that held her secure. Her nipples ground against the grope bra’s nodules clamped against her chest by the strap and the fire exploded into a cataclysm of sensuality that enveloped her whole being and put a massive yawning hunger between her legs. “Oh, God, please do something…..” Her wailing subsided into a desperate gasping.

“I think you’re probably ready for this then” Debbie was holding a broad strap, attached to which was a huge Rubber Penis. “I am going to lock this into your Vagina. If it works for you like it works for me, you’ll be teetering on the edge of an Orgasm in complete sexual surrender but you won’t be able to trip over the edge into ecstasy. You should be desperate for a good screw by the time Charlie gets here. I can assure you that you won’t notice the passage of time.”

With horror, Sue watched Debbie approach and then knelt down in front of her. She reached underneath and Sue felt her fiddling behind her buttocks. “Right, that’s secure at the back, now I need to get this inside you, I suggest you take a good deep breath, you might find this a bit of a challenge”

Sue felt the Penis at the lips of her Vagina and then Debbie started pushing, pushing, Sue felt it engorging into her Vagina, oh yes, then the pain started as this monster that was bigger than anything she had ever had in there forced it’s way in, oh god no, I can’t take it, help, growing bigger and bigger, filling her whole being with pain and suddenly it was sliding smoothly up inside her with an exploding fission, her inner soul screaming in ecstasy, god, it’s big, god I’m full, this is incredible, god I need to cum!

She spasmed as Debbie pulled the strap up tight and secured it to the belt that was around her waist. She surged again against the bonds that held her so securely, trying desperately to pull away from the overwhelming sensations that assailed her and desperate to push herself over the edge into Orgasm. She succeeded in neither, only managing to prove to herself that she had no choice but to succumb to the torment that she had so willingly entered into.

“Oh, and don’t think that I am going to help you, because I want to complete my own Bondage that I had started earlier. You know I’d always wondered what it was like to dominate and torment someone, thank you so much for letting me do this, I can tell you it’s been one hell of a rush, incredibly exciting. It feels really good that I am able to give you such a fabulous experience! In fact, I can’t resist joining you on your sexual high. I’m going to put on a similar helmet to yours that locks on but this has a blindfold as well as the penis gag that’s so effective, and I am also going to add a lockable steel head cage that looks really good and doubly ensures that I am unable to cry for help or relief from the torment. It’s chained to the wall over here, so once I’ve done that we’re both trapped down here until Charles gets home, because I can’t reach you to release you even if I wanted to."

Debbie continued, "Then I am going to put a dildo like yours inside me, but this one is so big that it makes me desperate to remove it, so to make sure I can’t I’ve mounted it on a Chastity Belt that I am going to lock on. I’ve already undone this tiny zip down here that allows access to my crotch. Then all I have to do is put my wrists into these manacles that are bolted apart on the wall, so I can’t touch any part of my body to relieve the torture. You’ll probably see me thrash around for a while, you know proving to myself that I can’t escape what’s coming adds to the adrenaline rush and I’m probably going to desperately need to escape when I realise what I’ve done to myself. I’d better do this quickly before I think about it and change my mind. This is for real, there’s no backup escape like there was upstairs. With you secured with me I’ve finally plucked up enough courage to make my Bondage inescapable, if Charlie crashes or doesn’t get here, no-one knows we’re here and we’ll be trapped here forever, we’ll probably die in an orgy of sexual excess! God, this is exciting, do enjoy yourself whilst I’m over here, see you in a bit!”

“No, don’t do it, please help me, NNOOOO….” Sue despaired.

Her eyes were riveted as Debbie smoothly slid the Penis Gag into her mouth and flipped the sides of the helmet over her head.. It was obviously just as much of a struggle to close the zip on the back of the hood as Sue had had with hers, and Debbie coughed and gagged as it slid down and the Penis Gag was sealed into her, then there was an ominous tiny click as the zip reached the end of its travel, accompanied by a whimper from Debbie. The steel head cage was an evil looking thing, obviously heavily constructed, that closed with an uncompromising “clonk” as the latches sealed both of them to their fate.

The Chastity belt was also a struggle, Debbie had to take a deep breath and pull her stomach in to make the waist belt close. She reached between her legs and pulled the Crotch strap through, Sue couldn’t believe her eyes, there was no way something that big could possibly go inside Debbie. With her legs spread and her breath coming in short gasping grunts she pulled the crotch band of the belt up which levered the Dildo inside her. Before she could change her mind, she locked the front of the crotch band to the waist, to the accompaniment of an even louder exhaling groan.

For a moment she panicked and Sue watched her frantically pulling on the Chastity belt and then her hands flew up to the head cage, trying desperately to pull it open and then heaving on the chains that held her so securely to the wall. There was clearly no escape from her self-inflicted torture. She raised her hands and placed them gently into the manacles that were secured at arms length on the wall, then suddenly pushed backwards. The self locking mechanism tripped and the front of both manacles flipped down and locked solidly. With a desperate keening scream she thrashed against the unforgiving predicament that she found herself in, her pelvis rocking backwards and forwards in despairing search of fulfilment……..

Sue’s inner psyche collapsed in the sure knowledge that she was now totally vulnerable to whatever Charlie was going to do when he got there, the final push that launched her into a heaven of expanding sexual bliss that enveloped her utter consciousness………..

Sorry, folks, but I have no idea what Charlie’s going to do when he gets there. I’m trapped in a Strait Jacket in the Bondage Chair unable to call for help, waiting for him……
I look to the inventiveness of my readers to provide a suitable sequel.


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