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by Liquidlatexking

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"You received the payment?"

In the darkened room, the woman her slaves only knew as Mistress K settled back into the soft, dark, red leather of a lounge chair and pale blue almond shaped eyes flicked to the laptop and the encrypted transmission it was connected to. 

"Yes, we have." The synthesised voice, despite the static, was clearly amused. "You were very quick with the transfer so I presume you're rather... eager, shall we say?"

A glossy latex clad hand reached out and picked up a slender glass of red wine and raised it to her lips. They curved after taking a sip. "Eager, yes I suppose so. The package is... perfect and I've had my eye on this little diamond for over a month now. I want... it!"

"Well, we aim to please. It'll take twenty four hours to scout the package out and come up with an... acquisition plan. Is that acceptable?"

"Yes, and you'll perform all the checks before delivery?"

"You'll have the paperwork in your hand before it's set off the van. It'll be guaranteed 100% clean, otherwise we'll return the deposit and you can select another package or, if you prefer, one of our stored models."

"Well, I had a good look at this one before I made my choice. I'm pretty certain it's clean." The lips curved and another slip was taken from the wine glass. Firelight flickered off impressively curved legs clad in high quality and exquisitely fitted black latex. "So, our business is concluded for the moment."

"Yes, of course. We shall begin to locate the package now. A pleasure as always."

"Mmmn, same here. Goodbye."

Mistress K watched as the encrypted communiqué closed and shut itself down, before reaching forward and closing the laptop. With a sigh of pleasure, she stood and stretched slightly.

Against the wall, slave maids One and Two watched silently as their mistress continued to stretch, drinking in her beauty.

An elegant five foot ten in her thigh length boots, Mistress K reached up and ran her hands slowly through her luxurious long black ponytail, itself bound with tiny leather thongs, flipping it gently from side to side as she moved her hands lower and massaged her neck.

With a beautiful face formed of light Asian curves and tanned skin of an almost faint caramel, her lips were full and slickly coated in dark red lipstick, better to show off the pearly teeth as she smiled with catlike satisfaction.

Her body, clad in the most expensive latex catsuit money could buy, had maids One and Two shivering at the sight of her pert and foxy breasts straining against such thin and tight black latex.

The suit itself was a seamless one piece of elegant, almost artisan design. No off the peg or mass produced suit came close to matching it. It betrayed countless hours of skilled work, something only a true master at handling latex and the designs and construction of catsuits could create.

Designed to slickly coat her entire body in the shimmering, slick blackness of the thinnest latex money could provide, and shined by the maids to an almost impossible degree, it was like staring at a mirror of the purest oil. Light did not escape the material and instead highlighted the curves it traced by its very absence.

The design itself was perfect. Honed to wetly follow from the tips of her fingers to the end of her toes, perfectly tracing the curvy muscles of her toned and impressively proportioned body as though it were liquid.

Embossed on the suit, across her heart, was a silver letter K.

One and Two knew, to their pleasure, that the outfit wickedly traced her stomach muscles, even outlining her belly button ever so faintly, before sinfully slicking itself across their Mistress’s firm and elegant labia.

It slithered along firm thighs, nuzzled down elegant calves to end tightly coating dainty and elegant feet with smooth and perfect arches and toes.

It was, quite literally, sin.

Sin in a form that should only have been possible in liquid and yet had been achieved in thin latex. The fact that Mistress K had decided to complete her outfit in elegant thigh boots of the softest red leather to be found, only added to the sheer seductive danger she oozed.

She lethal, seductive, sexy, and the single authority both Maids had been trained to service without question.

Neither maid knew how their Mistress had obtained the money needed to provide her fetish lifestyle, but they knew she had almost limitless funds. After all, that was how they had been... obtained.

They had been people, women with their own lives, before their Mistress had personally broken them into her obedient and docile servants.

They would never dare cross her.

The Maids had been clad in the same perfectly form fitted and one piece latex catsuits as their Mistress, this being her desired form of outfit for them to wear in her presence. These; however, were transparent and designed so that Mistress K could revel in One and Two's impressively endowed bodies and the tattoo of ownership that she had each maid branded with just below her navel.

The suits were also fitted with face hoods, and the only reason their faces were unadorned with latex was due to their Mistress having enclosed their heads in head harnesses of black leather and stainless steel rings. It not only delighted K to see them so enslaved, but also was practical for her, allowing gags of various forms to be used instantly, and the rings adorning each head harness made it easy to clip them to leads or bondage devices.

Nor did it end there for One and Two, for surrounding the transparent latex, Mistress K had completed the head harnesses by enclosing their bodies in slave harnesses of the same stainless steel and black leather. Hundreds of leather straps surrounded One and Two's curves, cinching each Maids breasts tightly, designed to push them up and outwards.

The same straps were fitted, designed to have twenty centimetre gaps along their arms, thighs and legs. Beginning at the wrist cuffs, a single leather strap ran along the outside of each arm and leg connecting them and running up to interlink around each maids neck and the collar that they wore. The centre strap that cinched their breasts followed a similar pattern, trailing down to the belt that tightly wrapped around their 22 inch waists, before splitting into dual straps that trailed down the outside of each leg and secured themselves via ankle cuffs.

The collars K had fitted around her maids’ necks were solid titanium with thin silver plates around the outside, each  bearing her personal seal. A single ring had been placed dead centre on each maids collar for Mistress K's ease of control.

Both slaves wore ballet boots around their feet, arching their toes into a perfect point. Both had long since become accustomed to the suffering this caused, and instead admired the improvement to the arch of their feet when they were dismissed to the slavery quarters and allowed to remove the boots for sleep.

Indeed, both maids would be indistinguishable, except that One had pale blond hair and Two had dark chestnut hair. Both slaves’ hair spilled from the rear of the hoods in long luscious ponytails, as their Mistress found such hairstyles easy for bondage, especially excruciating hogties.

Both were her prized possessions, and she knew that privately in the circle she ran in One and Two were highly desired by other dominants. Something that brought her almost as great a pleasure as using them for her own desires did.

Mistress K turned, and beckoned to the two maids. "One, come. Two, you as well."

Bowing her head, her voice silenced due to the gag built into the hood of her suit, One clicked forward, her waist swaying sexily due the way she was forced to step in her ballet boots.

One had recently incurred her Mistress’s displeasure for questioning one of her orders. As punishment, K had removed access to her voice with a long, thick, penis gag.

Two clicked behind her, desperately trying not to show her smug pleasure at the knowledge her bondage sister was being punished and suffering, and inclined her head at the same time as One. "What is our Mistress’s pleasure?"

"Three will be arriving to me in the next few days. You know my plans for her?"

One and Two both nodded. "Yes, Mistress, we have memorised your instructions to the letter and stand ready to measure and send the information to the Crafter."

"Excellent." K smiled and beckoned to Two. "You have both served well today and so punishment will not be needed. Besides, we have much to do to prepare for your new sister. So, instructions."

"Command us, Mistress."

"One, you still have not deserved my mercy yet and so the gag remains." One hung her head lower and nodded faintly. "So, you will go down to the lower levels and ensure the preparation chamber is ready to receive Three when she comes. Also, contact the Crafter and make sure the vacbed instructions have been received correctly. Measurements for it's design elements will arrive once Three has been... delivered to me."

Bowing, One stepped back and turned to head for the rear 'maid' staircase. The click and clack of her ballet boots echoed around the hall and Mistress K felt herself become aroused as she watched One's slender, pert buttocks twitch with each step into the distance.

She felt the crotch of her catsuit become subtly slicker and rub gently against the soft, sensitive skin of her labia and clitoris, slowly heating her simmering arousal. K turned towards Two, who had remained where she was, head hung and hands behind her back, in the submissive position K had long ago tortured her body into remembering.

"Two, I have a treat for you." Settling back into the lounge chair, Mistress K slowly spread her long legs and beckoned to her latex maid with a single finger. "You know what to do, so get on with your duty to your Mistress."

"Yes, my Mistress." Two whispered, stepping forward with the same clicking of heels on wood and, with skills learned over many months, elegantly dropping into a kneeling position.

Reaching forward, the maid lightly ran her latex gloved hand across the surface of her Mistress’s catsuit, admiring the outlined labia and thin slit between them. As if by magic, when in fact it was skilled design, a tiny zip popped into view. Gripping it gently, Two pulled it down smoothly and watched with barely restrained desire as her Mistress’s firm, moist pussy slipped into view.

She inhaled gently, scenting her Mistress’s sexual essence and arousal, and licked her lips at the feast that was to come. She knew her duties; however, and looked up. "How many times does my Mistress desire to come?"

K's booted foot smacked, none too gently, against the back of her head and Two shivered at the discipline. She had overstepped her bounds in her haste to please, and the maid cringed, praying that her Mistress would be compassionate this one time.

"You dare ask me how many times?" K stared down at the hung head of her maid. "If it was not for the fact that you have a rather... skilled tongue, you'd be in the torture room within the next five minutes, begging me to stop." She watched the shiver, a mingle of excitement and fear, tremble down her slave’s spine and smirked. "However, I am merciful as I am in quite the good mood tonight. So, get that eager little tongue doing what it should, and keep going until I tell you to stop, Two."

"Yes, my Mistress! Thank you, my Mistress, for forgiving me."

Trembling, Two moved forwards, her lips bare millimetres from the rosy red flesh of her Mistress’s labia. She could see the arousal her Mistress was in, no doubt at the thought of breaking Three into her role, and took in the scent and sight as K's labia parted slightly to show the darker red flesh inside, slickly coated in her personal juices.

Opening her mouth, Two pressed her lips gently against K's labia, pressing firmer after a few seconds to ensure a firm lock against the sensitive flesh. She felt a flush of pride hit her as Mistress K let out a gentle moan and sigh, legs sliding further apart as the pleasure slithered into her body and trailed up her spine.

Two let her tongue slide out slowly, pushing gently into the wet folds of her Mistress, savouring the musky taste of her essences, and the pulse of the muscles surrounding her tongue as K basked in the sensation.

"Oh, yesssss.... good girl!" K hissed, before letting out a tiny gasp as her maid flicked her tongue around inside her body, grazing her clit through the soft skin. "Ah, oh!"

Hearing such sounds, Two pushed her tongue harder and further inside her Mistress, her hands snaking up to gently push her Mistress’s thighs even further apart. She waited for any command, any punishment to counter her move to gain deeper access, but receiving none, turned her attention to the slick, hot, wonderfully tasting flesh wrapped around her tongue.

"Rub my clit!" K hissed, pushing her hips into her maids face. "Now!"

Still suckling and probing her Mistress’s pussy with her tongue, Two slid a coated hand down and along the smooth lips just above her mouth, seeking the hard nub of K's clitoris. With a sudden flick, she felt the hood of flesh that covered the rock hard nub of her Mistress’s pleasure centre slip away, leaving K's clit undefended.

Gently, Two tapped and whisperingly rubbed the top of the clit, and sucked hard when she felt K buck underneath her and let out a high pitched cry of pleasure. She continued to rub and play with the hard nub of nerves and flesh, rolling it left, right, and tapping it often with a gentle rhythm that K herself had used once as part of Two's own breaking into a maid.

With each gentle tapping, K's breathing became more and more laboured, and Two could only savour her Mistress’s cries of pleasure and bask in the knowledge that her duty was being performed correctly. Indeed, such knowledge was heating her own desire and arousal and she could feel her own catsuit, pressed tightly against her own, pertly tight labia rubbing silkily against her flesh,  her own juices making the material slippery and sensual.

She knew the punishments for paying attention to her own body and not her Mistress’s, and despite the heating desperation for someone to touch her body, Two focused on K's pulsing and slick pussy with obedient attention.

With each rub, each slender and seductive lick of her tongue, K's burning need to come grew hotter and hotter. Her legs spread as wide as they could, and her hands pressed tightly to the back of Two's head, pushing her slave maid as hard as possible against her hot, sensitive pussy. She could feel Two licking deeper and deeper inside her, twirling her tongue and using oral techniques months of training with other slaves had provided.

Suddenly, Two gave a deep suck and lightly squeezed her Mistress’s clit with her fingers.

"Oh!! Ahhhhh!" K managed, before fading into choked and heavy panting for a few seconds. Arching her back, she let out a passionate scream as the sensation drove her to a wild and violent orgasm.

Two felt a sudden hot flush as her Mistress’s musky essence spilled onto her tongue and trickled into her mouth. It was wonderful, and Two drank as deeply as she could, feeling her Mistress pulsing and milking her tongue as she continued to flick and swirl it deep inside, forcing the orgasm to last for as long as possible.

Eventually, K moaned and settled back, her muscles relaxing, and Two gently slid her tongue free and pulled back, leaving a gentle kiss on the soft, and still engorged and deep red labia of her Mistress. She licked her lips and looked up at K with obedient eyes.

"Did I perform correctly, Mistress?"

K smiled, perspiration making her skin gleam in the warm orange glow of the firelight. Closing her eyes, Two's mistress basked in the sensation of her catsuit, now slick with perspiration inside, stroking her body with every breath. She loved the sensation, like a thousand hands touching her body all at once. Pleasuring it.

"You performed very well... however," K cracked one slender eye open and fixed Two with a stare. "I never said to stop."

Shivering, Two nodded and leaned forwards, her tongue sliding out to caress her Mistress’s pussy once more, managing once sentence before burrowing gently inside.

"Forgive me, Mistress."

K leaned back, feeling the remains of her orgasm being pushed aside by the mounting heat that Two was beginning to stir deep inside her belly once more, and she closed her eyes, imagining the delightful transformation of Three into trapped, encased, ecstasy.


Emma Line, biology student, stepped from the strip club where she was currently working part time as an underpaid waitress- as well as trying to stop the clientele from slipping hands up her skirt- and took in a deep breath of midnight city air.

At the age of twenty, she had thought coming to New York had been exciting, and to study at university there too, well, that was the topping on the cake. Her plans had all been laid out while sitting in her bedroom flat back home. Do her degree, become a world class biochemist, live in a plush house and enjoy the rest of her life as she chose, with the option to retire as soon as possible.

Reality had proven to be a sharp shock to her system. The grants her academy had gifted just about covered the rent on the tiny one bedroom apartment she currently lived in, miles away from the university, in the Bronx.

Sitting above a Thai takeaway joint, it always smelt of onions, and the facilities were old, ratty and half the time did not function. If she wanted a shower, she had to be awake at five in the morning and endure fifteen minutes of lukewarm water before jumping out to avoid it turning to freezing ice.

To live, or more importantly to eat, Emma had been forced to look for employment, part time employment. This had proved to be surprisingly hard. There were thousands of people like herself, students, those living on the breadline, who wanted the same jobs she did and were willing to work full time to obtain them. The only people who had been willing to take her on had been the strip club, a seedy dive where the dancers were as tired looking as the decor.

She'd refused, and still did refuse, to try the dancing role, much to the disappointment of the dive’s manager, and his continual taunting to try to make her do so.

She knew that at five foot six, chestnut red hair currently schooled into elegant bangs with a little quiff at the ends, green eyes, lightly tanned skin, and a trim and fit body with barely an ounce of fat - thanks to workouts at the university gym- plus a well toned bum and some nicely pert breasts, she was a desirable young woman.

However, she was more interested in someone who focused on her mind rather than her body and its physical assets. She considered those a side benefit for anyone she became interested in enough to date. So far, nobody at university had sparked her interest, and she kept to herself enough that no-one had decided to ask her out.

Her pay check, if you could call it that, was barely enough to buy her food for the week, let alone books and pens. So, where she would obtain money to indulge in dating was another thing entirely. Still, she muddled through somehow.

Life Emma thought with vehemence.  Sucks.

Her only escape, her one way out of the muck and crap that she struggled through to reach her goal of living a comfortable life, was the second hand laptop her parents had bought her before she'd left to pursue her dreams. It was ancient, barely able to run any decent software, but it did have internet access thanks to her mobile phone and the cheap plan she could afford out of her meagre salary.

That was her window to life and fun. She'd been everywhere online, and belonged to many clubs and forums, a few on the wild side of living and society, but she loved those the most. They were dangerous, in a safe way, and the anonymity of the internet provided her with safety she couldn't find in reality.

Her favourites were the more risqué clubs and forums. Talking to BDSM masters and mistresses, latex lovers, everything she could find. Emma found these people fascinating, considered them to be living how she hoped in the future, their dreams and goals already part of their life. She loved it.

Especially a few of the mistresses she talked to. A special few, she'd confided a desire to maybe one day try out their side of life. Admitted to these special friends that the type of lifestyle they indulged in thrilled her, deep down.

Many of these people had suggested she come and try living as they did for a few days, to let them be her guide into the erotic and sexually charged underbelly of the privileged mistresses that lived in New York. But that had been too dangerous for Emma to consider and she had turned them down. All had been understanding and friendly and so she had decided to consider their offers later in life.

For now, Emma would concentrate on her career and her degree. And trying to stop old men shoving their hands up her skirts.

Yawning, and soaked to the skin due to the pounding rain, she glanced up at the crumbling and ratty building that housed the Thai restaurant and, dreaming of a hot meal, stomped around to the side of it and the dark alley that led to her poorly lit doorway.

Letting herself in, Emma failed to notice the darkly coloured van sitting on the other side of the alley, away from the restaurant, or that the sickly yellow street lamp that usually lit that area of the alleyway had been broken, the glass freshly littering the filthy tarmac. She certainly failed to notice the blue sheen of night vision glasses.

But the dark figures inside noticed her.

Throwing open her door with her body weight, after thrusting her hip against it four or five times, Emma staggered into her poky apartment and slammed the door behind her. It barely muffled the kitchen noises and yelled conversations from the restaurant downstairs that carried up and along the corridor from the cheap separating door at the other end to her flat.

Sighing in relief, she threw down her book bag and unzipped her fake leather jacket to reveal the tight 'NYU' T-shirt and the curve of her breasts as they strained against the fabric and bra she used to keep them in check. Stretching, she reached down to unhook the belt holding up her faded blue denim jeans, and wiggled out of them slowly. Kicking them to one side and standing in T-shirt and thin black cotton thong, Emma yawned and wandered across to her fridge.

Pondering the remains of noodles and meatballs or a half finished carton of cheap Chinese takeout, Emma grumbled and dreamed of an expensive restaurant and some good quality, thick, steak and chips. With a sigh of resignation, she reached in and pulled out the noodles and turned to the cheap microwave propped on the tiny Formica work surface.

Just as her slender fingers were about to type in a time, a loud rap at her door had Emma glancing up in surprise that quickly turned to suspicion. Who the hell would be ringing my flat at this time of night?

"Who is it?" She called out in her young, softly melodious voice.

"Umm, E-link express twenty four hour delivery. I have a package for a Miss Line... from a Mr and Mrs Line in Illinois. This was the address, and I was told not to deliver until now."

Well, I did tell mum and dad what times I'd be working... just not where I was working.

Cautiously, she put her green eye against the peephole and looked through, thankful that the landlord had not been too cheap to have one fitted. There, standing just outside the door and looking very self conscious, was a young delivery boy. Cap slightly askew with E-link blazoned on it, he held a slender package wrapped in brown paper in one hand and an electronic clipboard device in the other.

"Come on, lady, please? It's late and this is my last delivery before I can go home."

"Show me some ID first, please!" Emma called out, eye still glued to the peephole.

"Okay, jeez." Fumbling, the delivery man flipped out the ID badge secured around his neck and held it closely up to the small peep hole for her to see. Staring at it, Emma could see a small bar code and personal details, along with a small picture of young man's face.

Quickly shrugging on a ratty robe, she opened the door and slid back the locking bar she had paid to be fitted in addition to the normal locks. As the door creaked open, she tensed slightly and stared at the obviously tired man on the other side. "Hi, thanks for showing the ID. Sorry about that."

"Hey, you wanna be safe in the city, totally understand considering how cute you are." The delivery man smiled warmly and then yawned. "Sorry, long day."

Warming slightly to him, Emma smiled. "No problem, here I'll sign."

"Oh, yeah, please do. And fingerprint too if you would." At her raised eyebrow, the delivery man chuckled. "New procedure. If you say it was never received and they want legal proof I delivered and didn't forge your signature, I also have your thumbprint. It's totally secured and encrypted and things."

"Well, okay." Emma sighed and signed her name using the plastic stylus offered to her and then pressed her finger to the pad as well. With a blink, the device beeped quietly and the young man smiled and proffered the package.

"All yours, and thanks for using E-link express."

"Thanks." Taking the package and frowning at it as she wondered what it was, Emma looked up at the delivery man. "Um, let me see here about a tip."

Glancing around, the redhead picked up her discarded jeans and rummaged around until she found a couple of dollars. Handing them to the young man, she smiled. "Again, thanks."

"No, thank you." The delivery man told her, smiling. "Bye."

Pushing the door closed, Emma picked up the package and frowned. Wonder what it is?

A sudden whine began to come from the package and the redhead glanced around, before turning the package over to see if there was a way to open it. Before she could turn it back, the whine grew louder and began to grate on her hearing.

What the hell is-

Suddenly, the package exploded in her hands, exuding a fine whitish gas into the air, right into Emma's face.  At the same time, the package also emitted a bright flash of light, blinding Emma completely. The student choked and stumbled around the room, inhaling the gas with every single breath.

To her horror, the redhead found the extremities of her body were beginning to tingle, especially her fingers, and lose sensation. Also, the room had begun to spin slightly, and she felt slightly detached from her surroundings.

What... wh... what's happening to me?

Emma suddenly found herself slumping to the floor, her legs no longer able to support her, and she felt the impact of the cheap carpet smack into the bare skin on her shins as she fell onto them in a half kneeling position.

"Muhhhn..." She managed, and her brain froze in fear at a sudden realisation.

Oh my god! I'm paralysed!

The creaking scrape of her flat door behind her caused a spurt of terror to flood the young woman and she struggled to move her body even as the quiet scuffle of trainers on her cheap carpet came from behind her. 

"Cheap ass lock. Waste of my skills, picking that."

"Glarrrhhhh!" She managed, trying to scream or cry out.

"Now, now, none of that." A familiar voice whispered quietly, and Emma barely managed to turn her eyes slightly as the thud of a very large bag, formed of some sort of stretchy blue material, was unceremoniously dropped next to her. "We don't want anyone rushing to help you now, do we?"

Yes! Fuck yes! Emma screamed, knowing that the voice, oh god the voice, was the delivery guy who had delivered the package to her. I don't wanna die!!

"Okay, Miss Line, I'm a professional and so let me tell you two things that may just make this situation less frightening for you. Number one, myself and my colleague who is currently coming up to your flat are not here to rape you in any way." The delivery man watched her shiver, imperceptibly. "Nor are we here to kill you."

Why are you here then?

"Now, you have been specially chosen, Miss Line, by one of our clients."


"We have been employed to... collect you and deliver you to this client for, well, we have no idea but I'm sure it will make your life interesting in the future. Personally, I can understand why she chose you, you're quite the sexy little thing, aren't you?"

Fuck you!

A sudden thud of boots behind the paralysed teen announced the arrival of the delivery man's assistant and Emma wished she could turn, or roll to at least see her attackers.

"Alright, there?" The new voice was just as calm as the smooth delivery man's, but this one was far rougher and not as kind. "Package giving you trouble?"

"Nope, she fell like a baby and we were having a little chat, just to calm her down. The drug she released can sometimes have nasty side effects if mixed with adrenaline and so I've found it's best to calm them down before we start... prepping for delivery."

What the hell does that mean? Emma thought wildly, panicked. What are they gonna do to me?

"Okay, well the more we discuss it, the more likely someone will discover us." The rough voice muttered. "Let's get going and prep the package."

"Okay." The delivery man walked around and crouched in front of Emma, and for the first time she could see he was wearing a small mask across his mouth. "You wanna flip for the fun part?"

"Hell no. I'm not into the girlies." The rough voiced man snorted in amusement. "I prefer the guys."

"Ah, right." Delivery man chuckled. "Well, seems to be my lucky day. Now then, I suppose you deserve to know what I'm going to do next."

No! I wanna escape and run to the goddamn cops!

With a zipping noise, Emma knew that delivery man was opening the stretchy bag and removing some implements from inside. She felt her heartbeat thump wildly at the thought of what this sick pervert and his friend would have brought with them.

"Now, I have to deliver you unharmed, but I also have to make sure you're clean."

Clean? What the hell do you mean clean?

"Glghh?" Emma managed and the delivery man chuckled.

"Hey, she's got some spirit!" The gruff voiced man chuckled. "Damn me, despite all the drug swimming in her bloodstream, she's actually able to make some noise."

"Heh, yeah." Delivery man chuckled and Emma watched as he drew out a small hypodermic and a tiny glass vial. Slotting the vial into the plastic holder attached to the needle, he sighed. "Okay, Emma, let's get this bit over with."

Reaching out, he swabbed her arm gently with a pad soaked in alcohol and Emma winced inside her unresponsive body as the needle slid into her skin and the small vial began to fill with blood. With a click, delivery man popped the vial free and removed the needle device and then pressed hard against the puncture area with a cotton ball for a few moments. Once he was sure the blood flow had stopped, he reached into the bag a second time and brought out a long cylinder of transparent material.

"Okay, Emma, this may be a little uncomfortable for you." With a smile, he winked at her. “This is actually one of the best parts of my day. But trust me. As I said, I'm a professional."

What are you, ah!! Emma's mind froze in shock as the delivery man pushed her backwards and she fell hard onto the carpet. What are you DOING to me?!

The outraged shock turned into horror as she felt the ratty bathrobe yanked clear of her firm, muscular body and tossed to one side. At the same time, there was a quiet snick and the redhead yelled inside her mind as she felt something cold and hard press against her skin.

"Relax, this makes it easier to get the T-shirt off you. And yeah, if you hadn't figured it out already, you're gonna be stripped naked. It's necessary." He chuckled. "And kinda fun."

No, no!!

Emma gasped as felt the cool air of her apartment trickle over her suddenly naked breasts as the delivery man slid the blade upwards and across, shredding the tight T-shirt as though it wasn't there. In response to the cold air and their freedom, her nipples hardened automatically, and Emma swore in outrage as her kidnapper chuckled.

"Yeah, looks like the client was right about you. If I didn't know better, I'd say you were kinda enjoying this... the whole submission angle."

Fuck you! You total... wait, what? Oh my god... all those BDSM forums, the slavery forums. One of those people has... how did they manage to find me? Emma could only curse her stupidity as she felt the remains of the T-shirt being pulled free from under her. Who the hell could have done this? Have the money to do this to me? And they're wrong, I don't WANT to be a slave!

Adamant, she tried to ignore the way the brush of her kidnapper’s hand accidentally across her left breast sent a mixed ripple of pleasure and shame through her. Someone help me!

Humming quietly, delivery man moved lower down her body and slid a thumb under her panties. With a smooth motion, he pulled hard and Emma felt her outrage and shame flare as the thin and light cotton ripped easily away from her body in thin black shreds, exposing her young, firm pussy. Naked, despite the paralytic flowing through her body, the redhead’s cheeks flushed pink in shame.

"Wow, our client really does know what they want. Look at that... ain't it pretty tasty?"


"Hey," the gruff voice of delivery mans partner hissed. "Stop fucking around with the little bitch and get her wrapped for transport!"

"Okay, okay." Emma watched as delivery man, resigned to his task, fished around and picked up the large roll of clear material. "Let's get you prepped to meet your new owner."

Reaching down, he gently gripped Emma's left shoulder and rolled her over until her pert bum poked into the air. Humming as he did so, she felt him run his hands down her spine and thighs to her ankles. Even as she cursed helplessly, she felt him pull her feet together, the right slightly overlapping the left.

The flat was silent for a few seconds, and Emma felt his touch leave her skin until, suddenly, she inwardly gasped as something sticky and stretchy touched the sole of her left foot. She felt it stretch and then the same sensation slicked itself over the right foot, binding her feet together in its sticky embrace.

Wha... what, oh... what IS this?

Delivery man hummed with pleasure as the thin bondage wrap - a substance much like Clingfilm or the saran wrap that heath spas used, but stickier and thinner, yet just as strong - tightened as he pulled against the roll and held the free end just under the three turns of material around Emma's feet. So thin was the wrap, and so tightly had he bound her, that every single curve of her toes and the arch of her feet could be seen through the hazy transparency.

Urgh, god this stuff is like... god, never felt anything like it! Emma shivered slightly, the movement just managing to make her muscles shiver. So tight... so.... damn!

The redhead gasped inwardly as the sticky and tight sensation continued up her legs, and then around her thighs, slowing slightly as the delivery man was forced to carefully lift her bound legs as he passed the tube of wrap underneath her. With it up to her lower thighs, she looked like a tightly cocooned mummy, the wrap gleaming in the lights of her flat. Underneath, the curves of her legs were hazy, but still defined.

"This will keep you nice and safe while we transport you to your new home, Emma." Chuckling, he gripped her wrapped legs and pulled them up against her thighs and then rewrapped the bondage wrap around her legs and thighs, securing them folded underneath her. "Sorry, but you won't fit in your little bag otherwise."

The redhead blinked in disbelief. He's going to force me into that bag and carry me? Oh my god... that's impossible. Even as she thought this; however, Emma realised how clever it was. By carrying her outside via the bag, nobody would know she had been kidnapped until it was too late.

Continuing to wrap, delivery man pulled long sheets off the tube and carefully wrapped her stomach, ensuring the lines of sticky wrap merged with each other, sealing her more and more into a helpless mummified package. The process was slow, but inevitable, and soon Emma found the wrap compressing her breasts in a thin yet inescapable hold.

She could feel the paralytic wearing off, and tried to move. However, even as she twitched, she realised that the tight wrap that held her breasts in their grip applied the same cocooning force around her body. She couldn't get away.

She did, however, feel her jaw move slightly, and she hoped it would un-seize enough for her to cry for help.

This one small avenue of bringing the police or anyone to her assistance was snuffed out rapidly as her captor rolled her onto her side and stared into her frightened eyes. Smiling, he held up a red ball and squeezed it gently. "Foam rubber, don't want you letting anyone know we have you with a cry or a squeak, do we?"

"Nugghh!!" Emma managed, even as he pried her jaw open and forced the squishy red ball deep into her mouth. Her nostrils flared as she drew in air, and she cursed soundlessly again as the bondage wrap began to wrap around her neck and then swiftly her jaw, sealing the ball inside.

Humming again, delivery man's wrapping increased in speed, wrapping her head tighter and tighter in the sticky cocooning material. As it reached her pleading green eyes, he paused for a mo ment until he had her full attention, only to wink and pull the wrap firmly across them.

The sounds Emma could hear were muffled now, her ears covered by the wrap.  Only her own breathing, irregular, and her heartbeat, rapid with fear, were all that she could hear.

"There... lovely." Delivery man stood up and took a step back. "All safe and sound and ready for transport."

Where a young redhead, naked and helpless, had lain, now there was a perfectly wrapped mummified female form. Only the hiss of air coming from her unwrapped nostrils gave any sign that the hazy curves underneath were still alive and kicking.

"Bout goddamn time!" Gruff man stomped over and opened the mouth of the bag as wide as it would go. "Let's get the silly bitch inside."

Silly bitch??! Emma huffed, outraged despite her predicament.


Both men straddled her barely wiggling, carefully wrapped form, and as Delivery man picked her up by her shoulders, Gruff man slid his hands none too gently under her wrapped thighs and gripped tightly. With a mutual nod, both men flexed and picked up the slender, fit young woman as though she weighed nothing at all. Carefully, they carried her over to the bag and ultimately, her fate.

Please, god, someone help me! Emma thought, desperately aware that she would soon be spirited away forever. Someone stop this!

"Okay... gently now. No bonus for damaged goods."

"Yeah, yeah... I don't like gals, but I'm not a bastard!"

Emma moaned inwardly as she felt her bound thighs slowly slip past the bag’s opening, the zip rasping lightly along the sticky wrap until she felt it trailing up her spine and then, as she felt her head forced gently inside, the back of her skull. Once in, she again felt hands gently reach for the zip and pull, sealing her inside.

For a moment she panicked, terrified that she would suffocate. However, the fabric the bag had been constructed of was not only tight, but it seemed to be permeable as well. She had, as her nostrils sucked desperate frightened gasps of air, plenty of oxygen.

The world tilted suddenly and Emma shivered and wished she could do anything, scream, cry, sob, as they picked up her encased form and carried it slowly towards her door and the empty night, where she was sure she would vanish forever.

"Don't forget her computer, the client doesn't want any files on this... the rest of the trail they say they can deal with themselves." Gruff man told his colleague.

"Yeah, yeah." Delivery man's voice echoed above her and Emma felt a hollow satisfaction that she'd pinned correctly how she had arrived at such a terrible predicament for herself. "I've got it."

As his larger colleague strode silently from Emma's decrepit flat, the bag with Emma inside carried in one large hand, Delivery man looked over her aged and warped laptop with a pitying expression and then picked it up and carried it with him out of the flat, yanking Emma's busted door closed behind him.

Within one hour and six minutes, Emma Line's old life had been left behind. Her new life had only just begun.

The unmarked van pulled up outside the empty country road in the middle of nowhere and killed its lights. Just over the horizon, the dark sky of night was finally starting to give way to the dull and sickly blue of very early morning, the moon still clearly visible.

As the van stopped, the sliding door on its side slid open silently on well oiled hinges, and the bulky figure of the gruff voiced man jumped out of the vehicle. On the other side, the quiet snick of the passenger door, followed by the light crunch of boots on soil, heralded delivery man.

"Here?" Gruff voiced man looked around in dismay and sneered. "I hate this cloak and dagger shit."

"Look, this is what we do. The sooner you learn to get used to it the better. Now, payment's already been confirmed in full." Glancing around Delivery man shrugged. "These were the sat-nav coordinates the client provided. We're to drop her here and leave. No skin off our noses what happens afterwards... let's dump the little cracker and go get a drink."


Turning back, gruff voiced man reached inside the van and gripped the blue bag that sat in the middle. Now; however, it wiggled constantly, and quiet moans and squeals could be heard from inside.

"Heh, look who's shaken off the juice you gave her." Gruff man chuckled and pulled the bag free. "Anywhere in particular?"

Glancing around, Delivery man spotted a small sign stuck on the side of the road. On it's surface was a single word.


"Well, looks like someone has given this little sweetheart a welcome mat."

Rolling his eyes, Gruff voiced man stomped over to the small sign and gently lowered the wiggling and moaning bag. "Right, let's get outta here. I need a drink."

Both men hurried back to the van and, after a quick look around to ensure nobody had seen their roles in dropping off the bag, clambered into the van and drove off into the distance.

Emma, now un-paralysed, but still tightly bound and encased, wiggled helplessly inside her bag, fighting the soft squishy ball tightly forced inside her mouth and which her teeth had dug firmly into, to provide any sound she could.

The coolness of the damp ground the bag was placed on began to seep into the bondage wrap and the redhead shivered slightly at the cold. She wondered where the hell she was, considering that to her best ability to keep track of time, it had been roughly a four hour drive to wherever she was. So that meant she could still be in New York state somewhere, or one of the surrounding states. Wherever she was, she knew that it was quiet and out of the way, considering the silence that met her muffled ears.

After a period of time that she had no way of measuring, the redhead blinked as she heard the quiet purr of an engine and the whispering crunch of tires on soil that came closer and closer to where she lay helplessly.

Oh, oh thank god. Someone's come! I'm saved!

As the purr stopped very close to her, Emma listened with growing hope as there was the sound of clicking doors and boots crunching across the soil towards her. Emma, deciding to try to make herself as visible as possible, wiggled her body as hard as possible and made as much noise as she could.

Saved! Saved!! Sav-

Outside, as One opened the door for her, Mistress K stepped out of the elegant BMW’s rear seats and absently pulled her leather coat tighter around her body. The cool air ruffled her dark hair as she  stared down at the wiggling bag in front of her, and her mouth slowly slid into a cold smirk.

“Ahh, there’s my delivery!”

Emma's triumphant jubilation at being rescued was just as swiftly dashed at the sudden cold, amused laughter that echoed around her trapped form. It was smooth, melodious and feminine, but very cool and lacked compassion. Emma shivered, realising with crushing depression that the laughter had to belong to the 'client' her kidnappers had talked about.

Mistress K glanced over to where One and Two stood next to each other, arms behind their backs and heads bowed. “And your new sister as well, my dears. Now remember, treat her well, for you three will have to comfort each other for the rest of your lives.”

“Yes, mistress.” Two mumbled, silently staring at the bag and with a docile expression wondered what her new sister would look like. One, still gagged, shuffled slightly and nodded.

“Right then. One, Two? Pick up our little delivery and slide her into the trunk, would you? Then, I want us back to my home as fast as possible. But make certain we’re following the rules of the road. I don’t want any police making an appearance. Understand?”

Who was that? Emma thought desperately. Is that voice the one who set this all up? What the hell is going on?!

Nods from both maids satisfied K and she turned back to the car, waiting while Two opened it quickly, before stepping back inside and, as the door was closed once more, wound down the window to watch.

The two maids approached the wiggling bag and glancing at each other, moved to opposite ends of it and carefully found handholds. Both maids let out quiet gasps of exertion as they lifted the bag between them, carefully making sure that the precious cargo inside was undamaged.  Slowly, One and Two made their way back to the car and the trunk, the hatch clicking open automatically as two pressed the keychain she still clutched tightly next to the wiggling form of Emma. Both maids carefully positioned the bag at the mouth of the trunk and pushed, sliding her form into the darkness.

Ouch! Damn it… now where am I?

The rumble of the car engine, though muffled, answered Emma’s questions, and the young student twisted her mummified form desperately left and right as she felt the floor begin to shake and bounce her around slightly.

If I can just get free I could surprise them when they open the boot and escape. Gotta break free.

For nearly thirty minutes, the redhead struggled and rocked her body as hard as she could, flexing muscles that were finely toned by years of gym work. However, the bondage wrap stretched slightly,  even bulging in places as the thin material restrained her impressive thighs,  yet Emma found it was too strong for her to break. Exhausted, she slumped back against the floor of the car and fought the urge to weep angrily.

In the rear of her car, Mistress K leaned back, a glass of champagne in her hand, and chuckled as the quiet thumping and rustling she had been quietly listening to slowly tapered off and then stopped completely. She wondered, just for a second, if anyone had noticed yet that her new slave was missing at her home, and if so what they were doing about it. Not that it mattered, considering  any trace of herself had long since been erased.

“No, you’re mine now…” she muttered, sipping her champagne as the miles shot by. “mine and ready to be broken. I’m looking forward to it.”

Arriving at Mistress K’s large estate house, the BMW drove through the elegant and  tall gates and quietly rolled up the driveway, before taking a left to continue around to the rear of the house.  Once there, a white garage door slid open silently and it backed quietly into the garage space. Parked, One and Two stepped out of the car and, while One walked over to the nearside wall, Two popped the trunk open and began to pull the bag containing Emma towards her.

Mistress K stepped out of the car and watched with satisfaction as her maids dealt with Emma’s mummified form efficiently. The wall where One had walked to contained a small steel keypad and she typed in a code that had a section of the wall next to her at waist height slide upwards. Inside lay a stainless steel slide, very much like the slides that hotels used to collect laundry for washing.

Walking back to where Two had pulled the, now wriggling, form of Emma to the lip of the trunk, the gagged slave reached inwards next to her bondage sister, and helped lift the mummified redhead out of the car.

Hey, what the hell is going on? Now where are we and, WOAH!

Emma let out a muffled gasp of shock from her gagged lips as One and Two carried her across to the slide  and hauled her over the edge. She felt the world drop out from underneath her as she slid smoothly down the polished metal deep into the depths of K’s home. Above her, One walked back to the keypad and hit in another code, allowing the door to snick back across the slide with a gentle click.

“Excellent. Now, I intend to change.” K told One and Two as they kneeled on the concrete in front of her, hands in their laps and obedient eyes staring up at her. “You will go down to the slave chamber and place  my new slave onto the preparation table. Do not untie or de-mummify her, understand?!”

Nodding, One and Two watched their mistress sweep off into the main house, then the two of them moved to the concealed elevator next to the slide and entered. With a few presses, the elevator moved swiftly down into the depths to where Emma had disappeared.

At the bottom of the lift shaft, a good two floors down, the doors hissed open allowing the maids to walk into a room they had both become very, veyr accustomed to while being trained into their new life.

The room was roughly fifteen metres square from end to end. Bare concrete walls and a tiled floor gave it a clinical atmosphere, which was only enhanced by the stainless steel shelves that lined the north and south facing walls. In the middle of the room a table had been bolted into the tiled flooring. A toilet, sink and shower completed the design.

The table was waist height, and also composed of stainless steel that had been polished to a high degree. The surface of the bed was leather, good quality and black in colour, with enough padding to make it tolerable, but not comfortable to lay on it. At the four corners, thin chains of steel lead to high quality leather cuffs, each locked closed with a steel buckle and, if needed, a padlock. At the bottom end of the table was a small drain.

Around the room on the shelves, various objects - fetish and medical in nature- shone clean and coolly in the clean white light that illuminated the chamber. One shelf contained various butt plugs of all shapes, sizes, materials and uses. Another held dildos and stimulation devices, many of which that made One and Two both shiver in anticipation. A third contained masks, again of various types and colours, but the majority were formed of latex.

In the corner of the room, a small doorway led to a large wardrobe, air conditioned, that stored Mistress K's collection of latex catsuits, leather outfits, and boots of various types and forms, including ballet boots, thigh high numbers and slender ankle high "slavery" booties.

The latex suits were the largest in numbers. Hundreds, all designed differently, from simple body hugging black, to complete encasement numbers of bright neon blue, right down to mermaid outfits, with connections for air tubes and tank straps.

It was a fetish lovers dream, and for any woman who went into it with Mistress K, the start of a life of obedient control and subjugation to her will. And this was the room the slide had deposited the wiggling, encased form of Emma Line.

Emma herself lay on something hard, though what she had no idea, still blind from the bondage wrap. She twisted experimentally and slumped back dejectedly, aware that she could not break free.

Now what do I do... ahh! What the hell? She thought, feeling her body lifted up and slid onto a softer, yet still quite hard surface.

She then heard the zip above her head being slid open, and smooth hands pulled her free of it's tight embrace. She moaned in relief, feeling some of the pressure on her body dissipate and silently thanked the people who had freed her. For a second she hopefully pleaded that they would release her from the tight wrap, only to then feel the same hands slip away and leave her alone once more. Dismayed, Emma slumped in the wrap and sighed.

Whatever's going on, I'm pretty certain that it's not good. The wry thought popped into her head, just as she heard a distant click and the metallic sounding tap of boots on tile. Uh oh...

Mistress K strode into the room. Her ink black hair had been restyled slightly, the wind having swept errant strands free of the ponytail it usually was held in. K had ruthlessly pulled her hair back into one sleek tail, this time bound with thin red leather chords in a tight fishbone weave.

Her body was clad in a fresh latex catsuit. While still as sinfully body hugging as any of them, instead of being one colour, this suit was a mixture of red and black, stylized into flames that licked across K's thighs and up around her naval in a seductive sweep of curls and twists. Thigh length boots of darkest red, a thin rod style whip just visible as the tip poked out of the left boots custom designed holder, topped off her outfit.

Her almond eyes glazed at the wiggling form of Emma on the preparation tables red leather and she glanced towards One and Two.

"Good. Now, scissors?"

Two bowed her head and held out a pair of stainless steel medical scissors to her mistress, before stepping back and adopting her usual slave position.

K licked her lips in anticipation and walked up to the wriggling bundle. Leaning close to the black wrap, K reached out and ran a slender hand across the surface, and listened to the inhale of breath through the exposed nostrils as the bundle stiffened into a tight mass under her fingertips. Grinning, she leaned in even further and pursed her lips in the area where she knew Emma's ears would be.

"Can you hear me?" She murmured, and chuckled as a whimper just managed to get past the gag she knew the delivery team had forced into the redheads mouth. "Ah, you can. Good. I'm going to cut you free now, and introduce myself and, sadly, the new life you will soon be part of. Now, if you don't want to be cut or stabbed by the scissors, stay totally still."

Emma froze, scared out of her mind at both the tone of the voice and the mild threat of the words whoever they were was using. At the advice to stay still or be stabbed, she felt her blood run cold, but remained rock still.

Mistress K nodded in satisfaction as the bundle barely twitched in front of her. Examining the skillful wrap, she reached up and cut across the thin sheets of material binding Emma's feet up and around into a partial hogtie. As the wrap snapped with a semi plastic rustle, K reached up and pulled Emma's legs slowly down until her wrapped toes impacted with the leather and smiled coldly at the moan of relief from her new slave.

Glancing up, K snapped out an order. "One, Two, hot water, soap and the D-cream. Now!"

As the two maids bowed their heads for a second and then rushed to fulfill her orders, K turned back to the wrapped Emma. Placing a hand on top of the redheads legs to hold her feet still, K slowly ran the tip of the blade down along the soles of Emma's feet, smirking as she felt the muscles under her grip twitch slightly. After a few seconds of stroking the sharp tip up and down, K moved the tip to the point between Emma's feet and carefully pushed the tip into the material. With a pop, the scissors sank into the wrap.

Concentrating carefully, K began to cut slowly, parting the wrap along the line between Emma's legs and, as she moved upwards, her thighs. Creamy skin, glistening with perspiration, and the firm muscle that twitched and bunched under it, slid into view with every snip of the metal against the wrap and the dominatrix felt herself becoming moist between her thighs at the thought of the curves she was slowly releasing being encased in ultra thin latex for her enjoyment.

Reaching the crack of her pert bottom, K licked her lips and slid two fingers from her other hand under the wrap. She could feel the taut muscle and skin of Emma's buttocks through the thin latex gloves and the twitch as the redhead felt the gentle pressure against her.

Perfect... just perfect for a nice, thick butt plug. And, maybe in the future, a ponytail too.

Chuckling to herself, K worked faster now, slitting the plastic by just running the blade along the taut wrap as she slid her fingers along underneath, protecting Emma's skin. More lightly tanned skin came into view as the blade slid along and across her new slaves spine.

Emma, who had remained stiff at this point, felt the sudden change in the wrap binding her arms against her body, could feel it become slack and loose against her skin. Part of her wanted to use this advantage and break free, to lash out at the woman unsealing her from the thin pliant bindings and escape.

Better not. The rational side of her warned. Not yet. She's got a blade against your spine and it's pretty close to your neck. In fact, yeah... there we go. Emma twitched ever so slightly as the scissors and fingers began to move up the back of her neck, cutting her head free of the wrap while making sure her hair was free. One false move and she could really hurt or even kill you. So, not yet. I've got to stay still.

The final few inches of wrap slipped free of her head and Emma was free of the mummification that had so tightly bound her. At the same time, there was a metallic clink which the redhead was certain had been the surgical scissors.

She lifted her head slightly, feeling the remains of the material cling to her face for a few seconds before a gloved hand pulled them away. Another gloved hand was busily wrapping itself into her hair and, with a yank that caused her to let out a high pitched cry, that hand pulled her head upwards sharply.

"Hello, my latest little toy." K's cool, commanding voice purred in Emma's ears. "Welcome home."

Now! Emma thought and bucked violently against K. The hands gripping her released as her body slammed into the Asian woman's with substantial force. K staggered back, blinking at the impact, and Emma rolled free of the wrap, legs and arms waving violently as she did so.

The redheads head snapped up, trying to take in her surroundings and any threats close to her, but the hours wrapped in the tight black bondage material had made her eyes sensitive to light and she cursed as the bright panels in the roof above her temporarily blinded her.

"Damn!" She hissed, and blinked furiously, trying to clear them as tears began to spill into her vision as her eyes tried to cope with the sudden change in the light levels.

Mistress K, stared at the woman on the table, thrashing wildly to keep invisble attackers at bay and scowled slightly. She knew that this one was passionate and had a will that was strong, just like One and Two had been. She chose women like this because, once broken, they proved to make excellent slaves. Less resistant women were too pliable, and she had sold the last girl to have snapped so easily a long time ago.

Plus it was so much fun to break the resistant and strong willed.

But as she watched Emma thrash and rubbed the spot on her stomach where Emma's elbow had caught her, she hissed in annoyance.

I should have realized she might do this. Foolish of me.

Still, there was no real harm done and she had the means to regain control.

Glancing left and right to where One and Two, their faces emotionless as they watched the redhead glancing desperately around and blinking rapidly as she did so, stood with bowls of water and cloths, Mistress K snapped her latex covered fingers.

"One, Two, bind her!"

Emma jumped at the snapped command from the blurred figure in front of her and she cursed as the two similarly indistinct figures on either side of her leaped towards her, hands reaching. Before she could do anything, her failing left arm was gripped tightly, gloved hands slipping around her wrist and holding it down for a second before something cold and soft, leather she was certain, was slipped around it and closed with a click.

"Fuck!" She hissed, as she felt her other arm brush past similar gloved hands, and the figure in front step forward to grab her right leg with both hands and pulled it taut. As she moved to kick with her left foot, she felt that snagged as well, by the figure who had just restrained her arm with a cuff.

"Insolent little bitch!" K growled, fighting Emma's foot into another leather ankle cuff and snapping it closed. As the chain binding it to the table snapped taut, she glanced over to see Two snapping the second ankle cuff closed over Emma's left and One fighting her right arm into a third cuff. Stepping around the table, she reached over and slid a hand around Emma's neck, forcing her head down onto the leather with a firm thump.

"You listen to me, you little slut. I bought your ass here, I paid for you to be kidnapped, wrapped and delivered to me like a piece of goddamn meat. I could buy and sell you so very easily to people you really, really wouldn't like to meet. Understand?!"

Emma looked up into an Asian face she didn't recognize, even slightly, and felt her blood chill at the anger and simmering heat in the woman's almond eyes. This woman, the one who had paid for her to be kidnapped, was barely holding onto her rage.

"W... who are you?" She managed, still straining against the leather cuffs and steel chain that bound her. She failed to notice that the two maids and K herself were becoming more and more interested in the way she struggled against the table. "P... p... please let me go."

"Now why would I do that?" K asked her, the anger cooling rapidly as the way Emma's thighs and legs were flexing against the chains and creaking leather heated her passion and made the dampness between her thighs grow worse. "I paid quite a lot for you, I chose you as well... out of a large number of women, I picked the best one."

Emma looked up, panic and fear giving way to exhaustion, and she slowly began to go limp, her legs and arms trembling with their exertions. "Why me?"

"Because, secretly, you wanted this." K told her, glancing to One and Two and nodding. "Wash and dilapidation."

"W... what's dilapidation?" Emma managed, as the two latex maids bowed to their mistress and turned to walk back to where they had put down the bowls of water, soap and cloths.

"Oh, you'll find out, my little slave." K walked around the table, smiling and feeling her clit twitch with desire as Emma's frightened eyes followed. "You'll definitely find out. Now, while my maids clean you down from all that disgusting sweat you produced while, delightfully though if I may say, mummified for delivery, I have my own little task to do."

"Wh... what?" Emma whispered, scared.

Opening a box on one of the stainless steel shelves, Mistress K rummaged around inside before pulling out a measuring tape and a small PDA which she flicked on with a smile.

Pressing a few buttons on the slender, glossy device, the Asian domme typed in a few commands with the slender stylus that she popped out of the side and then grinned wider as a spinning logo popped into existence on the screen.

"Yes? This had better be important?" A digitized and scrambled voice grumpily snapped the words from the PDA's small speaker. "Very important! Do you know how difficult it is to make a hydrostatic gel that doesn't burn human tissue?!"

"No, I don't." K answered smoothly, her voice completely neutral." And it's me, client six, four, two, beta."

"Hmmm.... wait a minute." The voice had lost its snap and a faint tapping could be heard from the speaker, obviously the sound of keys being hit. "Ahh, my dear lady! It's so good to hear from you again. Now, what is it today?"

Mistress K smiled toothily and looked across to where the bound Emma watched her conversation with terrified eyes, only to let out a gasp of shock, flinch and begin to jerk helplessly as One and Two began to run soaked cloths of water and soap suds across her naked body.

"S... stop! Pplease stop it!" Emma whimpered, writhing as the water dripped down across her stomach and the suds trickled across her labia. "I... please!"

"Such modesty..." K murmured, amused at how innocent her new purchase was in regards to her body. Shaking her head, she turned her attention to the voice on the other side of the connection. "Crafter, I have a new... toy to play with. You recall the order I put in a few months back?"

"Oh yes, that little piece of elegant craftsmanship is almost complete. I just needed the measurements for the design. Height, width... internal measurements for the devices. The usual."

"Well, I'm about to get them for you," K told him and listened to the inhaled breath and excited mutterings on the other end. "So, get crafting for me, as I'll want it by tomorrow. Can you do it?"

"Yes, yes!" Crafters voice was thready and choked with desire. "If you get me what I need, I'll have it done by tomorrow and deliver it personally. I love working on projects such as this."

"Good, I'll send them via email. Client out." Turning off the PDA, K turned to where Emma lay covered in suds and shivering with shame. "Shall we?"

Reaching out with the tape measure, K subjected Emma to the most humiliating examination the redhead had ever experienced. The Asian dominatrix measured every single angle and curve of her body from head to toe. From the length of her legs, her waist size, her breast size and cup, right down to where her mouth lay compared to her eyes, Emma watched her kidnapper write down every single measurement that the tape produced.

Finally, the latex clad woman stopped and sighed with pleasure. "There, done and ordered... your new future is on its way." She told Emma with a cold and amused grin. "I have a feeling you're going to provide me with a lot of orgasms."

Shivering at that comment, Emma closed her eyes and licked her lips, trying to ignore that One and Two, who had continued to wash and dry her body as Mistress K had measured, were now paying attention to her smooth puss and pert bottom. "What are you going to do with me?"

"That would be telling, you'll have to wait until tomorrow." K  told her. Turning, the domme raised an eyebrow at her maids. "Is she clean?"

"Yes, mistress, and we await your application of depilation cream on our newest sister as you commanded." Two told her quietly. "Would you care to apply it to her?"

Grinning, K accepted the tube and walked over to where Emma lay tied down. As the redhead watched, frozen in fear, K squeezed the tube and let a thick bead of white cream slowly ooze down onto the fine red thatch of pubic hair that Emma had just above her firm labia.

As the cold cream hit her skin, the redhead gasped and curled her toes. "Oh!"

"Mmn, you are quite the little slave, my dear." K murmured as her gloved fingers began to massage the cream across the red hairs. "That's why you're here... and why I wanted you."

"Unh!" Emma moaned as the stroking sensation of K's glove across her skin, so close to the sensitive parts of her body, began to heat her desire. Something that had her opening her eyes in horror.

What am I doing? What's WRONG with me? I've been kidnapped, I shouldn't be getting turned on by this!

The sensation of K's glove began to change, or that was how it felt to Emma. It seemed smoother somehow, easier for the asian domme to rub her fingers across her skin and-

"Ahh, there we go. I do so love this advanced cream. It's so good at removing hair, right down to the roots too."

At K's words, Emma raised her head and gasped in horror. For where her little patch of red pubic hair had been, now lay nothing but pale, smooth skin. Her pussy was now a smooth, hairless, mound surrounded by the remains of the cream and the odd red hair dissolving in it as she watched.

"Why?" She choked, ashamed that she had been enjoying the sensations when they had been doing this to her.

"Oh, don't be so silly." K crooned as she wiped her gloved hands on a towl One proffered. "It's only hair... and you'll thank me when you are shown your new home."

Looking away, Emma put on her best defiant tone. "I don't know who the fuck you think you are, or why you brought me here, but someone is probably looking for me right now!"

"I doubt it, my dear," K smiled as the redhead's face snapped back around towards her. "The delivery team I paid to bring you here are very skilled, and they leave no traces. Trust me on this... to anyone who knows you, it'll be like you dropped off the face of the earth."

"You won't hold me here!" Emma managed, anger growing deep in her belly. "I'll escape somehow!!"

"Maybe, but somehow I doubt it. Tomorrow, I shall fit you with a collar, just like One and Two."

Beckoning, K reached up to One as she walked over and lifted her hair. Underneath, the titanium collar gleamed in the light. "See this? It carries a small set of microchips inset into the inner surface. At the moment it detects you going past the grounds outer sensors, without my permission, you're given enough voltage to stun and incapacitate you, while alarms sound everywhere in my home to let me know what you've tried to do."

"No..." Emma moaned, pulling on the chains that bound her.

"Yes. So escape is quite out of the question." K let go of One's hair and waved her away. "Now, I'm not going to tell you what's going to happen to you tomorrow, just that you will soon be experiencing the most amazing form of bondage I have discovered so far. It will be unique, and quite extreme... so you'll need to get a good nights sleep."

As K told her this, Two began to drape a thin blanket across Emma's bound body.

"I advise you to try and sleep, no matter how angry or defiant you are about your current situation. You'll need your strength tomorrow, my dear Three."


"That will be your name from this point, for me. You've met One and Two" K motioned to the maids, who bowed when their mistress said their name. "You will be their bondage sister, and will be called Three."

"I'll never let you control me!" Emma managed, wishing she felt more confident than she felt.

"Shhh, don't say such things." K told her, giggling slightly as she turned and walked out, One and Two following her. "You may come to regret them. But to answer a question I‘m sure you are still thinking of asking. Basically you want to know why I chose you for this fate."

“Yes… why me?”

“Because you told me some of your secret fantasies, the ones that you refused to discuss with anyone else, except the occasional friends online at the BDSM forums.”

“One of them was you…” The redhead gasped in horror, only to blink as K laughed.

“No, of course I wasn’t one of them, slave. What I was doing was, well, digital evesdropping. It’s how my special inner circle of dominants that I belong to obtain their slaves. Willing or otherwise. But I know you, deep down, slave. I know what you want and, now that I have you, I will show you exactly what it feels like to be a slave girl.”

And with that, and Emma glaring defiantly after her, the lights in the preparation chamber went out, leaving the redhead to ponder her fate.

The next day

“Good morning, Three.”

Emma had spent a terrible night, fitfully sleeping and having various nightmares about her treatment and what this asian dominatrix with a passion for latex had in store for her. It also had not helped that she had been unable to get into a comfortable sleeping position, and her muscles were half asleep due to the same problem.

As she blinked the sleep from her tired eyes, the chains that still bound her in a spread eagle clinked quietly as she shifted and quietly spoke. “Please let me go.”

“Oh do stop asking me to do that. I have no intention of letting you go.” K sighed and turned around as One stepped up to her, her gagged form spotless and elegantly washed and dressed as always, and proffered the item she was holding.

“We have a lot to do today, slave.” K announced, turning to Emma and smiling. “Crafter came through, and your new home awaits your naked body to adorn it. Of course, we’ll need to get you ready.”

“Mistress, the dildo you wish?”

“Ah, yes. We do not need to select one from here, Two, though it was good of you to ask, my little slave.” K patted Two as she kneeled next to her. “Crafter produced the most wonderful slave harness that we’ll be fitting to Three here before we put her into the-”

Breaking off, K chuckled. “Whoops, almost gave it away. Ah, dear me I’m really excited by this. Now then, what comes next?”

“An enema, Mistress.”

“what? You’ve got to be fucking joking!! I’m not letting you do that to me!”

K smiled cruelly as Emma began to struggle in earnest, horrified at the thought of being pumped full of fluid to clean her anal cavity. So distressed and outraged was she, Emma began shouting swearwords at the top of her voice and yanking on the restraints that bound her tightly to the table. As she continued to turn the air blue, Mistress K quickly began to tire of the insults being hurled at her.

"Such insolence... This will have to be dealt with."

Slowly gaining Emma's attention she picked up the ball gag and, with a sudden movement that took her completely by surprise, thrust it into Emma's swearing mouth. “

The redheads eyes bulged as the hard substance hit her teeth, feeling them sinking deep into the rubber, immovable. She strained her jaw as far as it could go trying to spit the ball out.

"No you naughty bitch." Mistress K told her as she noticed what her new slave was trying to do. As a punishment, she reached over and pushed the ball further into her mouth, leaving Emma's jaw stretched to the utmost.

She began to toss her head around as Mistress K reached for the main strap, desperate to prevent herself being gagged again. Mistress K merely slapped her face lightly, bruising the redheads cheek and, while she was distracted, reached behind her head and pulled the leather strap tightly closed.

The ball and strap pulled even tighter causing Emma to gag slightly, the hard leather cutting into the sides of her mouth. Mistress K then reached for the nose strap and pulled it over the long, silky red hair securing it tightly. She walked round to the front and grabbed the final leather strap. Emma glared at her darkly as she pulled the strap tightly under her chin causing her body to jerk in pain.

Mistress K grinned at Emma's discomfort "Not tight enough slave? Well we'll soon have that fixed!"

Mistress K pulled harder increasing the tension over Emma's skin. The ball cutting tighter and tighter into her mouth until with a final muffled cry Emma fell limp.

While she left her new slave to become accustomed to being gagged, a vital need for the future if her final role was to be successful, K beckoned to her two slaves and waited as they quickly walked over to where she stood tapping her booted foot on the floor.

"Yes, Mistress?" Two asked quietly. "What is your wish?"

"Help me set up the enema. I want to be the one to prepare her."

"As my mistress wishes."

Together, One and Two helped collect the devices needed by their mistress, while K busied herself with a wheeled enema bag holder and the computer powered pump underneath that would 'aid' gravity.

Eventually, satisfied that everything was ready, the latex clad domme turned to her gagged slave and smiled with anticipation. “Now then.”

Pressing a button, Emma gasped as the preparation table she was lying on suddenly began to move forcing her to raise her ass upwards as her legs were forced into the air. She blinked, finding her anus exposed by the table, and ready for whatever K wished to do.

"Ahh, lovely. So, I suppose it’s time for you to have your final clean before you get to see what I have for you." She whispered as her gloved hand withdrew a long length of transparent hose with a strangely shaped bulb on one end and placed it on a table.

Rummaging inside the cupboard once more, K pulled out a litre glass bottle, full of clear liquid, out and with a gentle clink pushed it into a holder on the enema bag holder. Turning back to Emma's helpless body she noticed Emma watching her quietly. Gripping the bulbous end of the tube Mistress K walked up to her and faced her bound body.

"If I'm to get this in I'll need lubricant, Three."

Emma watched as Mistress K slowly reached towards her and felt a twinge of apprehension.

Reaching towards her Mistress K gently gripped her bottom lip and, holding the bulb underneath, gently pulled it down. The drool that Emma's lips had been holding back against the ball began to flow, trickling down her chin and dripping onto the bulb. K watched the bulb begin to glisten as Emma's saliva flowed gently over it and to ensure an even coating turned it gently allowing Emma's saliva to flow across her gloved hand.

Mistress K waited until the bulb was coated to her own satisfaction and let go of Emma's bottom lip watching with desire as it slowly stretched back round the ball.

Standing up she walked behind Emma and gripped her buttocks, slowly prizing them apart. Emma resisted, clenching as hard as she could finally realising the purpose of the bulb shaped end. Closing her eyes she braced herself for the painful pressure the bulb would cause as it slid into her anus.

Mistress K smiled as Emma closed her eyes and kneeling down pursed her lips a few inches from her puckered ring. Lifting her tongue up from the base of her mouth Mistress K  let a large drop of her saliva drip slowly onto Emma's fleshy hole. Emma gasped as she felt the warm fluid tough her sensitive flesh and gasped, her eyes flickering open, as Mistress K"s warm fluid gently seeped into her.

Her eyes narrowing in concentration, Mistress K slowly pushed the bulb against Emma's tight glistening ring and pushed gently. With a quiet slurp the rubber bulb slowly began to enter Emma's lubricated passage.

Her reaction was vigorous, Emma bucked moaning as the sensation of pressure flowing from her ass began to stimulate her clit. She began to buck her hips against the bulb in Mistress K's hand as an orgasm bubbled in her. As the rubber continued to slowly fill her body Mistress K watched, an evil grin on her face, as Emma's bucking became more and more urgent.

"Calm down my little slave," she said reaching down to a small bag and removing the contents "I haven't finished yet, not by a long shot. For someone who keeps claiming she doesn't want to become my newest slave girl, you seem to be sending mixed signals."

Chuckling, as Emma continued to wrestle with the heat flowing from her tightly aroused clit, Mistress K pushed the last of the rubber bulb into her. Making sure that Emma couldn't see Mistress K gently attached a small tube to a tiny valve on the protruding black rubber, blocking her ass.

Her fingers slowly rubbing her throbbing pussy, Mistress K began to pump the small bulb attached to the rubber bulb inside Emma. Emma moaned in pain and ecstasy as the pressure inside her body increased. Looking round in she watched transfixed as the protruding tube slowly began to pulse as more and more air inflated the bulb inside her.

The sudden sensations pulsed around Emma's virgin clit, and unable to hold back the heaving power of her body, the redhead reached orgasm with a pop of release that had her gagged head rolling in ecstasy.

Mistress K watched laughing sarcastically as Emma bucked and shook her head in shocked pleasure, her red mane cascading around her shoulders as she writhed, frothy bubbles of saliva trickling around the gags red ball and leather straps. Mistress K removed the small pump.

"That's a good enough seal I think," she muttered to both herself and Emma, though the redhead barely seemed to notice she had spoken. Amused, the latex domme tapped a booted foot. "Now, are you ready to give in to my will, my little slave?"

Mistress K watched as, even though exhausted and twitching with throbbing pain, Emma slowly raised her head and shook her head, the defiant fire in her eyes slowly returning.

"Stupid girl!" Mistress K thought quietly as she pulled a length of rubber hose from another drawer "She's exhausted, all over one tiny orgasm, and she still tries to resist me! Well, I'm sure she'll be rather surprised by this..."

Mistress K walked back behind her and attached the other end of the tube to the glass bottle. Reaching up to the bottle itself she turned a small nozzle and watched satisfied as the liquid slowly began to seep down the tube.

As the fluid reached the bulbed end of the nozzle lodged deep in Emma's anus and slowly seeped into her Mistress K walked round quickly,  wanting to watch the redheads realisation of what was happening for herself.

Emma was beginning to have to deal with mild pain already. Her muscles had become cramped from the unusual position, and coupled with the unexpected orgasm it had only become worse.

That was nothing when the sudden dilation of her sphincter caused her to gasp through the gag.

A cold sensation began to creep upwards slowly inside her, much to her shock and she shivered at the sensation. Her detection of the cause filled her with horror and she began to moan in embarrassment as more of the fluid seeped slowly into her.

‘Now, now slave,’ Mistress K laughed watching with delight as Emma weakly struggled, the horror clearly present in her blue eyes. ‘This is expensive stuff. It's got lots of powerful anti-bacterials and anti-virals, cleaning agents... it's really good for washing out that cute little bottom of yours.’

She sat down on the small stool that One produced behind her, the maid knowing from experience that her mistress enjoyed it when her slaves endured her... play. K, watching in amusement as Emma clenched her anal muscles in a futilely desperate attempt to stop the flow of the cold fluid inside her body, felt her pussy grow damp at the way the redhead was fighting the sensations.

Her quietly growing excitement had K shivering as she watched Emma suffer through her first ever enema and she slowly spread her legs and began to masturbate herself through the thin fabric sheathing her body.

S moaned and felt her hot clit respond to her caresses. Opening her eyes she hungrily devoured the sight of Emma gagged, bent over, fluid flowing deep inside her even as she struggled for freedom. Her clit tightened at the sight before her and her blood burned with desire, yearning with a need to come as the heat between her legs grew stronger.

Her fingers moved of their own accord, slowly sliding inside her pushing the thin fabric in as well. Closing her eyes she slowly began to slide the fingers in and out of her body, feeling the muscles contract rhythmically as she did so. With a sudden gasp K touched her clit and felt it grow hard under her expert teasing and she moaned, feeling the orgasm slowly swell.

For Emma, tied and helpless as the cleaning fluid continued to fill her virgin anus, she was in discomfort as her body had no idea how to respond to the enema. She felt her stomach muscles heave slightly, but the pressure on her clit caused it to convulse perversely at the fullness she felt rushing through her.

For what seemed like hours the pressure inside her body was almost intolerable, and the redhead wondered for how long she could take the enema before it drove her insane.

Worse, she could see K watching her, grinning often, and chuckling whenever she let out a moan or gasp as she fought the odd sensations shooting around her spine from the cleaning liquid held inside her.

Eventually, the Asian woman stepped up to her and nodded. "I think you're probably all clean and tidy inside now. Let's get you emptied and cleaned up. One, Two, flush her."

This was the one part of the process that Mistress K did not enjoy doing or viewing. So, One and Two - being obedient slaves- assisted their new bondage sister in evacuating the cleaning fluid into the preparation tables drainage system and, after this, cleaned her up once more until her skin sparkled and shone.

With that done, Mistress K moved onto the next part of her plan for Emma.

"It's time to get you fitted for the way you will live the rest of your life."

Walking across to the elevator, K pressed the call button and watched it slide open. Inside was a single box and she picked it up, slowly carrying it back to where Emma watched her in trepidation.

Opening it, K's gloved hands produced a thin, elegant strap of leather, steel and what looked like copper plates attached to one side of the surface. Laying this between Emma's spread legs, she proceeded to pull out many more leather straps of the same design as the first, a thin belt with a large steel ring in the middle of it, and then four pairs of what looked to Emma like various sized steel rings attached to each other with slender wires that ran up to a leather cuff with rivet and buckle points.

Emma moaned a question through her ballgag, drool flowing down her chin as she did so and spilling across her firm breasts. K smiled, knowing exactly what she wanted to ask.

"You'll see, Three." With everything unpacked, she turned to One and Two who stood quietly to one side. "Help me with this."

Nodding, they walked over and each picked up a one of the rings with wires. Emma looked frantically to the left and then the right as they approached her, tensing her muscles as they did so. She blinked as either slave maid gripped a hand and stared in confusion as they began to slide the rings up along her fingers, large to smaller ones in sequence, and then gently released her arms so that the cuff attached to the rings could be wrapped and secured around her wrists. Once done, both maids attached the steel chain to her new cuffs.

She shivered as both maids moved down to her feet, and each picked up a second set of rings, this time these were attached to a curved steel plate that had leather straps set in a circular pattern along it, ending in a pair of small straps that ran up to another cuff.

Emma knew that both would go on her feet and she jerked helplessly as the cold rings were slid onto her feet, big to small toes, and the plate pressed gently against the soles of her feet. It was K who walked up to each maid as they help her down and the plate in position, buckling the thin leather straps across her foot until they were secure, quickly followed by the cuff being wrapped and secured in place around her ankle.

What is this thing? Emma thought frantically, more drool spilling down across the red ball and her lips as she protested and was ignored as the second foot device was attached.

Finished with her feet, the trio moved on to the longer, thicker leather straps. One and Two picked up same sized leather straps with smaller ones running off them in carefully spaced positions, again designed to encircle something. That something, Emma swiftly found out, were her legs and thighs as the straps were placed along the outside of them and the buckles began to be tightly secured around her skin.

K had picked up the thicker strap with the circular ring in the middle and Emma bucked as the cool material was slid slowly around her waist, the ring secured above her belly button, and tightened swiftly by the buckle on the side. At the same time, both One and Two secured the tops of the leather straps, now tightly buckled around her thighs, into rivet points on either side of her waist, securing them tightly and then to the steel devices around her feet.

They walked back and picked up a smaller set of the same straps and headed towards Emma's head.

These are for my goddamn arms! She thought bitterly, unable to escape as the two slave girls began to attach and tighten the leather straps in exactly the same way as her legs had been, strap on the outside, smaller circular ones secured around her arm muscles.

Emma hissed into the gag as Mistress  K sauntered up to where her breasts lay, still perky and the nipples aroused from the cold air and cool water used to clean her body, and held a pair of glimmering clips in front of her eyes with a cruel and amused smile.

"Guess where these go?" She asked, earning another muffled moan and spilling of drool down her slaves chin. "Good guess!"

Reaching across to Emma's left breast, she attached one of the clamps to her breast via the taut nipple, watching with delight as the blunt teeth bit tightly into the flesh and secured themselves. Emma bucked violently at the sensation, crying out into the gag and tears spilling down her face at the sensation of her breast as it protested the treatment.

Treatement that was swiftly repeated to her right breast, the teeth sinking in just as deeply and tightly to her flesh as before. K watched her writhing with delight, her heated desire flaring slightly with each moaned cry and quietly rubbed her crotch with a finger, sensing her soaked labia through the thin latex coating them, teasing them, stimulating them.

One and Two joined her at that point, an elegant design of leather held in their hands that was swiftly wrapped around the base of the redhead's breasts and tightened, forcing each globe to pertly stand out due to the constriction. The leather strap that ran between her breasts was trailed down her chest and across the top portion of her belly, secured to the belt with another click of various steel secure points.

K in the meantime, busied herself by securing the nipple clamps to the leather breast harness by way of the slender wires that spilled from behind their elegant metal design. Once done, she smiled at K's tear stained and drool coated face.

"Last part, Three. Your collar, remember?"

Shaking her head, Emma could only watch in dismayed horror as Mistress K held out a hand and Two slid a thin collar exactly the same as the one around her beck, into the Asian dommes hands. Clicking it open, K turned towards Emma and leaned close. The redhead felt the cold metal gently touch her neck, causing her to jerk helplessly, and then slide around her elegant curves to be secured with a horribly terminal click behind her. She could not feel the plates or microchips that now pressed against her skin, but she knew they were there.

Leaning back, K smiled and flicked the ring in the centre with a playful swipe. "Gorgeous, young and mine. You'll make quite the vac slave, Three."

A what? Emma thought, shivering as One and Two secured the arm bindings to her collar with the same patient and gentle movements, and K herself brought the top end of the leather strap trailing between her breasts up to the collar and clicked it into place.

"There," the latex domme announced, smirking. "All done and fitted. Now, the fun part... butt plug and dildos."

Shaking her head, K smiled and nodded, walking over to run her hands along the devices at hand. "All of these would be wonderful to slowly insert inside you. However, crafter has been busy and created a set of plugs for your body that match your last gynaecological exam.

Oh my god... she managed to get those?

Turning back, K smiled with pleasure as One held out a thick, tapered butt plug, glistened as the maid her prelubed it for her mistress. Two also had a device held out to her mistress and this one made Emma shiver.

About five inches long, it looked at the base like a normal dildo, one that even Emma owned. In flesh toned material designed to simulate a man's flesh, this one had bumps and ridges all along it, but at the top, while there was a flared head, designed she knew somehow, to help stimulate her, it did not end there. From the tip, a long wand like device stretched into the air. Formed of  a thin black latex tube, about three to four millimetres in diameter and with a glistening copper node at the very end, it made Emma shiver. It too had been lubed carefully.

Picking up the dildo, Emma could only watch as Mistress K gently reached down and rubbed her labia, touching it with two fingers to make them part slightly. To her everlasting shame, the inside flesh was a deep red, aroused and ready for penetration, and she knew, her cheeks flushing red, that she was slightly wet.

Grinning and staring into Emma's eyes, K pressed the flexible tip to her pussy and pushed, watching her labia consume it hungrily. Emma tossed her head as she felt the thin device penetrate deeply inside her, swiftly followed by the large flared head, that had a moan escaping her lips, and the base.

"Oh yes." K whispered, watching her slaves eyes lose focus as she writhed. "Enjoy it, slave, feel it penetrate you!"

Emma shuddered as the cool tip pressed against her cervix, and then stopped, just hovering below the tiny passage.

She got no release or mercy however, as K released her labia, watching them tighten around the base of the dildo, and then clipped the wires from it into the belt that Emma wore.

Snapping her fingers, she received the thick butt plug and, knowing that Emma was still loose from her enema, adjusted her slaves body until she could see the glistening anus, parted the bum cheeks with her free hand and, positioning the thick head against Emma's rosebud, pushed slowly.

Emma let out a high pitched whine, the gag barely able to muffle any of the sound, as she felt the plug push deeper and deeper into her anal passageway. She writhed as it continued to fill her, deeper and deeper, and her legs snapped tautly against the cuffs that held them open as she writhed.

Fully inserted, K finished attaching another wire that came from the base of the plug into the belt at another attachment point, and sighed with pleasure, wiping her gloved hands on a towl that One provided. With a button press, Emma slid back into a horizontal position, the redhead whimpering as her filled anus pressed into the leather of the preparation table.

Oh... oh... god, I... I can't take any more, I can't.

"Now then."

Leaning forward, K reached out and unbuckled the ball gag from her mouth, letting the ball roll onto the table as drool spilled from Emma's chin and trickled around her neck. The redhead moaned, working her jaw, but the release was short lived.

"One final thing, my little slave, and then you can meet your fate.

Raising her head weakly, Emma shook her head. "P...p... please."

"Shhh, it 's going to happen no matter what you say. Relax as much as you can.

The gag was intricacy constructed from rubber and leather and to Emmas eyes looked complicated and painful. 

"Isn't it beautiful slave? I call it the gag pad!"

Stroking her creation Mistress K picked up the first piece and turning to Emma's prone form smiled

"Now then slave?" Mistress K asked picking up the first piece and walking over her. "Shall we begin?"

Shaking her head Emma jerked her hands and feet, desperate to escape. Feeling her feet hit the floor she pushed as hard as possible with her toes and gurgled with triumph as she shifted a few centimetres away.

Her victory she realised quickly was insignificant as Mistress K, laughing, kneeled beside her and gripping her chin began to insert the first piece.

Sliding her fingers into Emma's tightly clenched mouth Mistress K heaved and with a grunt of exertion forced Emma's jaw wide open. Holding the first section in her other hand, Mistress K inserted the tip into Emma's mouth and began to push hard. Constructed of solid rubber the pad section slid gently into place against the redheads gurgling protest. Mistress K watched with pleasure as the two gum shield sections slide tightly over her teeth and tightly gripped them through vacuum.

"It took crafter ages to get Three's dentist to provide her recent x-rays and mouth formations, and even longer for him to design these teeth pads from the pictures of her mouth." Mistress K thought quietly to herself. She watched as Emma bit down against the pads and heard her whimper in horror as her teeth settled further and tighter into them.

"But not," she concluded happily "Wasted time."

Gripping the partly inserted central section Mistress K pushed hard again feeling the second restraining piece come into action.

Emma felt the central section of the pad section slide gently into her mouth and, to her horror, continue down to stop and press gently at the back of her throat. The horrific feeling to wretch stole over her and she felt her mouth and tongue flex in response.

To her astonishment Emma felt her tongue slide gently into another canal of rubber which gripped it tightly on both sides. Desperate to fight against the restraining rubber Emma pushed her tongue hard against the restricting walls in an attempt to remove it.

Unknown to her until it was too late, Emma fell right into the gag pad's trap. Sliding down the channel Emma's tongue hit a curved section of rubber and, with nowhere else to go, bent back on itself and continued to slide gently down another separate channel. Pressing against the end of the second channel Emma's tongue hit a small micro-switch embedded in the rubber. With a quiet "snick" three small needles slide out of the channels and embedded themselves into her flesh. Emma gurgled in response to the intense pain as she suddenly found it incapable of speaking.

As the redheads breath whistled through the small steel hole set at the back of the pad piece Mistress K picked up the gag section and smiling held Emma's face once more and began to insert it.

The feeling slightly coming back to her jaw, Emma gasped as the huge gag section began to worm its way deeply into her mouth. The gag was composed of a huge section of pink rubber formed into a massive ball, a hole drilled in the centre would provide Emma's only source of oxygen.

With a click, it secured in place, and her mistress stepped back, satisfaction plastered across her face.

"Oh yes, you look controlled, Three. It's a wonderful sight."

Emma moaned, and her lips parted slightly to show, not teeth, but a thin band of pink rubber, the surface of the ball that sat deeply inside her mouth, muffling noise. In the centre, a steel screw point whistled as she breathed in and out. She had been as completely gagged as anyone could be.

"Oh yes, finally.. you're prepped for your final existence, Three. One, two unstrap her!"

Nodding, the maids moved to detach the woman's arms and feet from the bed and as Emma sat up, Mistress K wagged a finger at her.

"Remember, no trying to escape or you'll feel a very, very nasty shock as you're knocked out. It would be better for you to just be obedient.

Nodding weakly, Emma slid to her feet and barely made a noise as K attached a leash to her collar and yanked it roughly.

"Come with me."

Entering the elevator, the two women and slave maids travelled in silence and then stepped out of the small space into a wide one.

"Welcome to your home, the torture chamber!"


Around them, the room was huge, with no windows. Designed in a circular form, the walls were a deep red, and the shelves along them were black, and just like the preparation chamber, various sex toys and fetish devices lined the walls. Another, even larger wardrobe sat in the corner, full of the same cat suits and boots as the room below.

But Emma was too busy staring in horror at the device laid on the tiled floor in front of her. It looked like a square of dark, slick oil, stretched across a frame, a small tube protruded from it roughly an inch above the slick surface.

She had never seen anything like it, but it both frightened and thrilled her.

"Say hello to your fate, Three..." Mistress K sighed with delight, and Emma could smell the musky arousal trickling up from her kidnappers most intimate areas. "This is the device you will be sealed in. Come!"

Yanking her across the room, K forced her to kneel and then, with the help of One and Two, unsealed the device and lifted it open. Inside, the cavity glistened with lubricant, unknown to Emma but to K was that it was designed to aid with electrical contact.

"Get in, and spread yourself like you were on the preparation chamber."

As Emma moaned into the gag and shook her head, Mistress K growled and pulled a small device from the belt around her catsuit.

"I told you, there is no escape. You will accept your fate as my vacbed slave. Now, get in or be shocked and One and Two will do it for you!"

Looking left and right and seeing the neutral and obedient expressions on the slave maids faces, Emma slowly slid into the slick, oiled material, tears spilling down her face as she did so.

What is going to happen to me?

The material whispered quietly around her, and stuck to her body slightly, making it hard for her to get into the spread-eagled position K demanded. Hwoever, after a few minutes, she managed it.

K sighed with pleasure at the design of the vacbed. Crafter really had outdone himself.

The top and rear sheet were made of the thinnest black latex money could buy, and the sheets glimmered in the light, having been polished by One and Two to a mirror level of shine. However the device was not plain in its construction.

Starting in the corners, where Emma’s hands lay, were a two strips of transparent latex about three centimetres across. These strips followed the line of Emma’s spread eagled arms, traced along her shoulders to where her collar gleamed underneath. An oval of transparent latex showed off the shimmering metal and then turned back into a strip that trailed down the centre of her body between her firm breasts, also outlined in an oval of transparency.

Again, the strip continued downwards, tracing across her firm stomach muscles and over and across your belly button, clearly displayed in a smaller transparent circle that continued in two separate directions. One was a thin strip to an oval that traced across her mons and labia. The other direction was in two thicker strips that slithered across where her thighs lay, and then down across her legs and ending in widened ovals to display her bound feet.

Crafter had designed this, at Mistress K’s request. The latex domme knew that, as Emma’s body perspired and began to glisten with arousal, her most sensual and sexual areas would slickly press against the clear strips and be completely visible to the person that owned her. This, coupled with the transparent strips showing off the way her arms and legs were bound by the latex, made the vac bed a sensual piece of artwork.

Mistress K’s final request turned that sensual piece of artwork into a clear sign of ownership. For, in the space between Three’s legs as she lay spread eagled, the black latex had been embossed with a giant stylised K. Once Emma was encased and the vac bed sealed, the symbol of K’s dominance and control would sit sensuously below the transparent latex strip that displayed Emma’s labia.

A true sign of who owned the woman encased inside.

And currently, the woman who had been forced inside it by her slave maids was shivering in a spread eagled position, not daring to move for the danger of being electoshocked once more.

"Welcome to the ultimate mummification device, slave." Mistress K said smiling as she ran her fingers along Emma's stomach, and noticing the sudden relived look on the redheads face, began to explain.

"I bet you want to know where you are, yes?" Emma nodded quickly. "You may not like the answer Three, but what the hell."

Mistress K continued to talk as she plugged the wires into a small extension box leading from another console next to the vacbed itself.

"You are currently inserted inside a vacbed, my little slave. The finest rubber mummification device ever created. Normally they are basic, run of the mill fetish devices. This however is custom made by the man who makes my catsuits."

K ran a hand along her body for a second and savoured the feel of the sinful fabric and it stroked and teased her skin.

"I had this made for you, Three. It has been designed and crafted to fit one body. Your body."

What the hell is it supposed to do? Emma thought, shivering as the material hovering slightly above her quivered slightly.

"Your succulent and innocent little form is currently trapped between two sheets of latex, sealed on three sides, and stretched over a steel pipe frame so that I can have my maids move you if needed, without having to release you at the same time."

 “Soon I will zip the final side up, Three, essentially sealing you between the sheets and then…." Mistress K lent close to Emma’s, sweat slicked face and she kissed her firmly on the cheek and stroked the breathing pipe attached to the gag. "The fun can really begin."

Panicking at the feeling of entrapment already around her body, Emma moaned at Mistress K as loudly as possible in supplication, begging her to release her.

"Be silent!" Mistress K snapped at her as she plugged the wires into the control box. "Accept it Three. Accept that this is your new life as my vacbed slave girl. A fate that you will endure until you prove to me that you can be trusted to become a maid like your bondage sisters! "

Slumping her head back in defeat Emma felt Mistress K"s gloved hands on her face and gasped as, with a quiet click, the ring on the front of the gag pad connected to the tube protruding from the beds front.

As she felt the tube connect home, the little light gained from the open zip began to fade as Mistress K zipped the bed up as tight as possible, sealing Emma inside.

After checking the zip to ensure an airtight seal Mistress K walked round to a small hole set into the side of the bed and sliding one hand over Emma's writhing body connected a large tube to the frame.

"You'd better get into a position that's comfortable slave or you'll regret it!" Mistress K whispered squeezing one of Emma's breasts and noting with delight that the body stopped its wriggling for a few seconds.

"What does she mean by that?" Emma thought, the agony in her breasts causing her to breath in quick pants through the pipe. "Surely I am in enough pain even for Mistress K!"

Sliding her hands over her head, she lay flat feeling foolish at the vulnerable position she found herself in. The latex in response whispered gently over her gelled skin and the leather straps of her harness... almost pleasurable, if it wasn't for the painful clamps nibbling on her breasts.

As she lay there Emma suddenly heard a quiet noise outside the bed, a gentle humming followed by a hissing coming from the frame of the vacbed itself.

"What is going on?" she thought curiously, closing her eyes to concentrate on the sound.

Mistress K sat on a small chair in front of the vacbed holding a small control box . She watched quietly as the vacuum pump she had attached to the port on the side of the bed slowly began to suck the remaining air trapped between the latex sheets. Sliding her fingers down her body she moaned gently, imagining the panic that would soon grip Emmas body as she found herself being cocooned alive!

The thought of Emma's panic made her flush with excitement and as she watched the struggling body forced into an immobile position, a chrysalis containing her suffering victim, she felt herself become hot. Sliding a gloved hand down towards her crotch Mistress K, fingered herself until she came, fluid trickling down her gloved hands and thighs

As Emma lay with her eyes closed trying to distinguish the noise on the edge of her hearing she felt something brush gently against her face. Annoyed by the distraction she opened her eyes.

To her horror the black latex sheeting was coming closer towards her face, slowly being sucked down by a force. Her brain suddenly made the connection between the noise and her sudden predicament.

"A vacuum pump that's what the noise was!"

Panicked by the closeness of the latex and its seeming eagerness to bond to her face, Emma desperately moved her hands to block the latex sheeting. To her horror she found her hands already bonded to the latex sheeting, resisting all of her attempts to pull them free from the latex's sticky, and still tightening embrace.

Too late Emma once again paid attention to the sheeting slowly descending towards her face but it was too late and with a muffled "nuuurrrh" Emma felt her face begin to bind to the latex sheeting.

With a gentle sucking noise the gelled and  sticky latex slowly began to form round the subtle curves of her face slowly immobilising her head from moving, forcing her eyes closed and muffling her hearing until only the pipe connected her face to the outside world.

At the same time Emma felt latex sheeting beginning to mummify the rest of her body as her head was sucked down against her will.

Her stomach quickly became mummified, the outline of her belly button slowly developing into existence as the latex formed around, and then tightened against it. K could only watch in delighted anticipation as the transparent window of latex pressed tighter and tighter against her newest slaves belly, outlining the curves in a sinfully delightful way.

Desperate to maintain a small fraction of movement against this mummification Emma jerked her legs against the cocooning force of the latex sheets but to her horror found  her thighs quickly being incapacitated by the sticky sheets before she could move them any great deal.

Even her feet, including her toes and the metal bands clipped to them, became immobilised as the sticky material formed a perfect second skin around them, aided by her gelled skin.

As her breath whispered out of her body in short panicked breaths, the latex finally played its final and cruellest trick.

Emma felt the sticky latex slowly begin to form round her nipple clamped breasts and in desperation gave a muffled "NO" much to Mistress K's delight.

Slowly the latex tightened round her large breasts pressurising the flesh and pushing firmly against her alveoli and she moaned in pleasure as the fine steel nipple clamps, disturbed by the suction of the latex sheeting, shifted against the bruised flesh and angered the distressed flesh surrounding them.

Mistress K watched excitedly as the body trapped in-between the latex sheets moved less and less as the latex performed its mummification against Emma's will. Eventually Emma’s body lay immobile with only the moaning of pain and arousal coming from the breathing tube giving away her resistance to her predicament.

Three was now gorgeous to behold. The vacbed had completed it's suction and the outline of her fit, curvy and muscular body was clear to see in the thin material. Every single outline was visible, from the slight depression where her toenails were, right through to the faint outline of her eyes, nothing was hidden from view. Even the slave harness was clear to see, every single steel stud and band of the stimulating and restraining device was easy to see.

The vacbed, being black, sucked in the light. It's shimmering pool of darkness outlining Emma in ways that made K's body wet instantly. Even more arousing for the latex domme, as per his word, Crafter’s transparent outline of Emma’s body was working perfectly and her most sexual areas were clearly on display.

The sight was too much for Mistress K to watch and grabbing a dildo she slid it between her thighs, coming almost instantly upon its entry into her hot red flesh. Gasping from the orgasm Mistress K grabbed the box from the floor and rubbed a cum covered hand across its shiny surface and the switches indented into its surface.

"Now then Three, I think its time to test your resistance to electricity, I hope you like high voltage and some rather... explosive orgasms."

As Emma lay immobile, her skin beginning to drip with sweat due to her earlier exertions, she suddenly became aware of an strange itching sensation around her toes. Unable to move or scratch them the itching became worse slowly turning into a hot prickling sensation that Emma found both painful and highly distracting.

Outside Mistress K slowly turned the voltage gain up on the toe rings imagining the painful sensations that Emma would be feeling. Twisting the gain to six Mistress K judged that the sensation would soon become very painful to Emma, an ultra intense bout of pins and needles.

The pleasure suddenly became so intense around her feet that Emma muffled cries through the air pipe served as the only release over the pleasure she was experiencing and unable to stop she continued to moan and wail with each orgasm until her throat became hoarse.

Hearing the cries coming from the vacbed Mistress K smiled, feeling her own desires boil with desire at each muffled moan or screamed curse.

"Well Three, if you thought it felt that good on your toes, lets see how you cope with you stomach and thighs being stimulated in the same way."

Slowly Mistress K turned down the voltage to Emma's feet and giggling to herself switched on the pads around her firm, succulent stomach.

As the incredible sensations of pleasure slowly ebbed away from her feet, Emma shivered with relief until a similar feeling started to pass over her stomach and thighs as the conductive gel transferred the massive voltage over her body. Her stomach, already under pressure caused by the vacbed, jerked and pulled the stretchy material as the redhead writhed pitifully under the intense pleasurable assault of the pads.

Oh... oh... I don't think I can keep this up! It's, it's soooooo goood!

Mistress K watched as the sweat coating Emma's body trickled down the vacbed and was sucked by the vacuum pump into a special holding container next to her chair.

Mistress K giggled as she tapped the container, watching as a steady drip of sweat and juices trickled into it from Emma's electrically tortured body. She felt her own juices trickle down her thighs at the thought of the amount of pain the electrics must be causing for that amount of sweat to collect.

Never did understand why Crafter was so insistent it had this... but I have to admit, it keeps her bound body tightly held by the latex. Without this draining chamber, she'd have made it so slick with her essences, she'd be moving around all over the place.

Reaching for the box Mistress K switched the pads clamped to Emma's stomach to standby and the sweaty figure gripped in the black latex's tight hold moaned with relief, her hissing breath lessening slightly.

"Oh my, Three! I'm having far too much fun with you to stop now. Brace yourself." Smiling Mistress K shook her head as she reached for the two controls that activated the butt plug and the suction pads on Emma's breasts.

With a click she activated the two separate electrical stimulation devices and sat back, ready to watch her victims response as she slowly turned the voltage gain up on both at the same time.

Emma felt the voltage slide into her anus first. Her anal muscles clenching round the metal plug, as the first wave of electricity coursed from it deep into her private passage. The hot fiery stimulation, to her horror, did not stop round her anal muscles even as she clenched in desperation. Aided by the conductive lubricant that K had used to insert the dildo part of her slave harness, the electricity coursed up her intestines like slippery lightning, setting her entire body aflame with arousal in its path.

Unable to hold back Emma screamed through a throat both dry and hoarse from the sexual torture, and sinful pleasure, she had already been forced to endure at Mistress K's whim.

Finally, as the first wave of electricity ebbed away Emma gasped in relief and in desperation, moaning as her clit pulsed in sympathy with her over stimulated anal muscles.

Too late, however, the redhead felt the small clamps nibbling her nipples spark with power as Mistress K activated the breast electrodes and laughing cruelly, and enjoying herself immensely, turned the voltage gain up to maximum power.

Emma's breasts strained against her latex cocoon as the needles, dug into her aureole and charged with electricity, stimulated her nipples to become erect. As Mistress K had planned all along, Emmas nipples slid deeper into the clamps, their teeth allowing her flesh to push further into, but not withdraw, easily.

A light flashed on Mistress K"s control box as the teeth slowly widened as Threes nipples slid slowly into place. "Good," Mistress K thought excitedly "That should bring Three to the brink of orgasm! I think its time to push her over." Pressing a switch Mistress K activated the second section of Emma's breast stimulation.

Emma whimpered in agony as the clamps holding her nipples sparked with voltage, keeping her bruised flesh erect, and the teeth lodged as deep as possible around her tender breast flesh. Just as she thought it could get no worse Emma felt, to her overwhelming horror, the clamps begin to throb with even more electrical power. 

A surge of stimulation ripped through her breasts without warning and Emma screamed in animalistic pleasure at the feeling, her breasts throbbing with residual voltage as Mistress K switched the method of electrical discharge from single to pulsed wave. Emma moaned in unison with each pulsing wave that seared across her tender flesh, her breasts awash with sweat as they desperately tried to cope with the incredible forces flowing through them.

The sounds of Emma in so much pleasure was too much for Mistress K to take. Succumbing to her own body's demands she knew only one thing, she HAD to inflict more stimulation on Emma for her own pleasure to finally hit the point where she would lose control.

Breathing heavily Mistress K slammed a hand down on the control box as  hard as possible, activating all of the electrical torture devices attached to Emma's abused body and growling with animal desire, ran up to the redheads cocooned form.

Unable to resist the curves on display, as her slave writhed and fought against the sticky, sinful embrace of the material that held her tightly in bondage, Mistress K began to fondle her slaves mummified body.

Breasts, legs, belly button, stomach, she touched everywhere she could reach, her fingers eventually reaching down to stroke and tease the firm lips and throbbing clit of Emma's engorged and aroused pussy through the latex sheeting.

Mistress K"s own vagina flowed liquid down her thighs with arousal and like a caged beast desperate for release, the latex domme climbed on top on the vacbed and rubbed her hot aroused body against Emma's tortured form, her clit throbbing in unison with Emma's screams of agony.

With all of the devices suddenly passing current through her body, the excruciating agony Emma began to experience was intense. To her mind it felt as though every molecule of her body was being forced apart.

Suddenly Emma felt hands running over her body, touching her vagina and despite, or maybe because of, the pain Emma found herself responding to the arousal.

Together the pain and pleasure threatened to overload her mind as her clamped clit, engorged with blood and hypersensitive, throbbed in unison with each stroke of pleasure and each wave of pain.

Unable to bear the various sensations coursing through her, Emma's mind shattered. An orgasm of volcanic proportions ripped through her and, even with her body incapacitated and the clit ring restricting her ability to come, the force shook her violently. 

Mistress K, whimpering in ecstasy as she squirmed on top of Emma's violently orgasming body, suddenly shuddered and, screaming with animal pleasure, erupted herself in orgasm. Her creamy juices flowing down her hot thighs cascaded across the redheads mummified body making her black form glisten in the light of her bedchamber.

Both mistress and slave lay panting from their exertions, their sweaty bodies separated only by a thin layer of latex. Emma, the electrical torture devices still inside her, winced occasionally as the waves of voltage still passed through her, mingling with the aftershocks of her orgasms.

“Yes, slave,” K panted, laying on top of her and reaching up with an unsteady hand to stroke the curves of Emma’s encased face.

“You, just like One and Two, are now mine… forever.”

The latex encased head shook from side to side in weak denial, the material stretching and flexing as it did so. The movement aroused K once more and the domme straddled Emma's mummified and wriggling form swiftly.

"Pleasure me, Three. Pleasure your mistress!"

With that, K flicked on the electrodes into one of the pre-programmed settings they contained and the dildo and butt plugs flared to life, making Emma writhe and jerk in the bed, the material holding her tightly, stroking her skin sexily.

As the maddening sensations of pleasure swamped her body and overloaded her system, Emma was capable of one thought.

Will.... I... ever... be... free? And... do I want to be, truly?

And then she fell into the dark well of pleasure the woman who rode her latex coated form had created.

The End.



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