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Be Careful

by BishopFan

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Storycodes: F/m; latex; bond; dungeon; catsuit; gloves; gag; enema; anal; toys; trick; sound; electro; cuffs; machine; rack; cbt; cons; XX

“Be careful what you ask for!” people always said. “You just might get it!”

As part of his application to Madame V’s Dungeon to be accepted for a monthly appointment in Her private facility, Charles had been required to fill out a lengthy form that listed everything that gave him pleasure, or did not. After he had finally been accepted as a client many of these revelations had been used on him, to him or against him. He never knew what was going to happen to him at 9 a.m. on the 17th of each month. All he knew was that until 9 p.m. he was utterly Hers.

On this particular day he showed up an hour early as usual, went down the stairs to the bathroom next to the dungeon area, and waited for the steel door to the outside world to click locked. He then put his clothes into the locker, used the enema kit, toilet and bidet, and showered as required. After drying himself off he stood naked for several minutes before the second steel door to the Dungeon area, eyes closed and hands behind his back, and waited for it to click open.

A click and a waft of cool, dry air told him that She was there, but of course he did not move until She said “Come in!” Eyes still closed he stepped forwards five paces and stopped, then felt Her presence walk around him. Finally She said “You are doing well on the diet and exercise program I gave you. I have decided to accept you as a client for another year. Now open your eyes and stand at ease.”

He saw that She was in the black latex catsuit that he liked, as well as the leather accessories that She liked. She let him gaze upon Her for a full minute, then pointed to a padded bench against the wall and said “Get dressed. I have something special for you today. Be sure to put the earbuds in before you put on the hoods!”

He saw that his uniform for the day was latex, which he loved, and inwardly rejoiced. “Oh boy,” he thought, “this is going to be one of the good days!” Quickly he donned the stockings with toes in them, the opera length gloves, and the thin pullover open faced hood to hold the ear buds in. Next came the heavy zippered hood with the small eye and mouth openings and two four-inch internal nose tubes, which he had originally hated but which he had come to tolerate for lack of any choice in the matter. 

The heavy back-zip catsuit anchored them all in place. As usual he used the string through the pull tab to close the zipper up to his neck, then used one end of the string to pull it out of the hole in the tab so that he could not get out of the suit without Her help. Once finished he stood at attention and waited for Her to apply any restraints that he must wear for the scene that She had planned. After She locked the hood zipper pull to the catsuit zipper pull as She usually did, he was a bit surprised when all She added was a high posture collar that She locked at the back with two combination locks. 

“Come over here” She ordered through the ear buds, and led him to the latex covered bed. “Sit on the edge and lay back. You need to be catheterized for today’s session.” Uh oh, he thought. A long one with no pee breaks. This might be another mummification session, or the leather sleepsack, or the locked steel box with his head sticking out the hole in the end. Maybe all three, he hoped!

Instead, once She unzipped the crotch of his catsuit, She quickly but professionally inserted a curiously copper-colored catheter (lubricated, but without using the numbing gel that the nurses used at the hospital) and inflated the bulb that locked it inside of him. To further insure that it could not be pulled out of him, She showed him a thick steel ball stretcher with an O-ring attached to the front of it, which was clamped around the base of his scrotum and screwed shut with an allen wrench. “Definitely not coming out” he thought. “I wonder why it has holes in it?”

“Stand up!” She ordered and led him like a pull toy by the tube up his penis around and around the dungeon, stopping at various devices to make him wonder what was in store for him, before finally leading him over to the heavy steel fucking bench he both loved and feared. He knew its embrace well, and remembered the day She had tested his ability to accept Her ever bigger and bigger strapons until he literally cried out “Uncle,” at which point he was released and sent home without an orgasm as punishment for giving up. It had taken him a week to fully recover from that session, and he wondered what was going to be “special” today. 

As if to answer his unspoken question She said “Look under the belly rest. Notice that I have had this rocker arm added since last time. It is hinged in the middle so that either end can go up or down. Now get on it” She ordered and he lay upon the padded belly rest. 

His right wrist was placed in the metal cuff at the end of the arm rest, which was then closed and padlocked. “Click!” he could hear through Her microphone; God he loved that sound! His left wrist and ankles quickly followed, after which a variety of straps were buckled and tightened around his upper and lower arms, his back, and his thighs and calves. Only then did he notice that the usual neck ring was missing.

“Open wide” She ordered and then dangled a pump gag in front of his eyes before cramming it into his mouth. The small mouth hole in the hood made a tight seal around the base of the bulb. No mouth breathing today he thought, and no crying “Uncle.” “Wait,” he thought. “What about my safeword?” While he pondered this imponderable the strap was tightly buckled around his head and then locked, after which the gag was inflated to his predetermined limit.

He then saw a movable clamp with an O-ring on it slide down the rocker arm past his eyes to, he guessed, beneath his collar. A few twists of Her arm signified the clamp being tightened to the rocker arm. She then held a padlock in front of his eyes before using it to padlock the D-ring of his collar to the O-ring on the rocker arm. Something new, he thought. “Try to move” She said, and laughed when he lifted his head up and down about four inches. “Remember that range of motion” She said.

She then disappeared from his limited range of view, and within a few minutes he felt the first of a dozen sharpened spikes being screwed into the holes in his ball stretcher. “Oh God that hurts” he thought. “She must really be mad at me! This is not going to be one of the good days!” When all of the holes were filled and then tightened a bit more, the rear end of the rocker arm was lifted up, pulling his head down, and another movable clamp padlocked to the O-ring on his ball stretcher. 

“Now lift your head!” She ordered, and he quickly discovered that any movement of his head pulled the spikes down and tighter into the root of his scrotum. To demonstrate this effect She gave his ass six quick hits with a heavy paddle, knowing from experience that this would cause him to jerk his head back and up. Try as he might he could not prevent the reflex action from occurring.

Helplessly he waited for several minutes while She assembled some infernal device behind him. Then suddenly something that felt like an enema nozzle entered his behind, and he writhed as a quart of what he did not know was lubricant was forced up into his large intestine. “That should keep you lubricated for the next 12 hours, but there’s always more where that came from. You’re going to need it!”

While something long but thin was then stuffed up inside him to the end of his bowel, She said: “Remember on your application you said that passing a very large turd gave you pleasure as it stretched you out? When I asked you about it you seemed embarrassed about it, but did not deny it. Well, I had this new fucking machine made just for you. It goes in small, only an inch or so in diameter, so you can’t cry ‘Uncle!’ Oh wait, you can’t! However, once it is in as far as it can go, the first eight inches inflate to anywhere from 2 to 3-1/2 inches in diameter, and this then gets pulled all the way out of you to give you that filthy pleasure you crave! After it deflates it goes back in and the cycle repeats, with random variations in speed and diameter. I’ll be back in three hours to give you some water, and then we’ll go to the next level. Be sure to thank me when I do!”

With that his ear buds switched over to white noise, and a blindfold was placed around his eyes and locked. With horror he felt the intruder inflate to the threshold of pain, then slowly stretch its way through and out his anus. Oh my god he thought! Was that the big one or the little one? As the cycles repeated over and over, seemingly larger and faster each time, all he could do was moan into his gag and drift off into subspace.

He was brought back to consciousness by the realization that both the machine and the white noise had stopped, and Her voice was telling him “See how quickly three hours flies by when you are having fun? I am now going to remove your gag and give you some water and electrolytes. Drink as much as you want. The catheter bag will take care of it. Just don’t say a word other than what you are permitted to say, or I will have to punish you!”

He gasped as the gag popped out of his mouth, whispered “Thank you, Mistress,” and inhaling deeply blew out any mucus in the nose tubes as he has been taught to do. He drank from whatever straws were put in his mouth, and when he could drink no more swallowed a few times and said “Finished.” She said “I hope you appreciate all of the effort that I went through to have this device built for you. Are you enjoying it?” ”Yes, Mistress” he croaked. “Thank you” he said, then “Ready,” and opened his mouth wide once again.

Once the gag was properly locked and inflated, She reactivated the drip line that applied some extra lubricant onto the inflatable dildo before each insertion and started the next cycle. She then spoke through his ear buds: “Now I have a special surprise for you. For the next three hours, every time that the inflated dildo pulls out of you, you are going to feel an electrical shock from the catheter tube! Yes, really! Did you notice how it was copper colored? That is a thin copper plating that can carry a current. Your pathetic little penis is now electrified from the inside out! Have fun!”

With that She switched on the current and the white noise, and laughed as he screamed through the pump gag. Most of the shocks were at level one, but a bank of ten LED lights lit up to show what the random generator had given him this time. Anything from six to ten caused him to try to arch his back, yanking on the rocker arm. “This is definitely fun!” she thought.

What he did not know was that the first break had been at one hour into the session, not three, as She was deliberately messing with his sense of time. At the end of two hours She told him it had been six, and during his third break told him it had been nine hours, with yet another special addition for the final three hours.

“For the rest of your session I am going to electrify your cock ring as well, so that sometimes it is shocking you, and sometimes the catheter is shocking you, and sometimes both! I will turn down the maximum voltage so that hopefully it will not harm you. Good luck!”

For what he thought were his final three hours he writhed in agony every time the inflated dildo was withdrawn, being thoroughly conditioned to never enjoy that secret pleasure ever again. The electrified spikes in the cock ring were not as bad as the electrified catheter, but when they both went off together he saw stars. “Three more hours!” he thought. “I don’t know if I can take this!”

At what he thought was the end of his twelfth hour She stopped the machine and the white noise and removed his gag, but instead of releasing him as She normally did, instead gave him his normal drinking straws plus one thick one containing a protein shake. “I have some good news and some bad news” She said. “My appointment for tomorrow called and cancelled. That’s the bad news. The good news is that I have decided to keep you on the bench for another 24 hours! Won’t this be fun???”

“But Mistress, I have to work tomorrow…” he got out before the gag was reinserted. “Don’t worry,” She said, “I’ll give you some more fluids at Midnight, then let you sleep through the night.” After another hour She stopped everything and removed his gag and gave him more fluids. “No talking now, but I can’t have you sleeping all night with a gag in, so I’ll just leave you like this. It’s Midnight now, and I’ll wake you up at six. Pleasant dreams!”

Despite his discomfort he did eventually drift off to sleep, only to be awakened two hours later by a cheerful “Good morning! I don’t know how you can snore through those nose tubes! I will have to make them longer before your next session. Here’s your breakfast; drink up!” 

He was surprised to get coffee and orange juice for breakfast, but the trick thoroughly convinced him that he had indeed been there for almost a full day. To reinforce the illusion She said “I’ll have to give you another enema before we start the day. No talking now, just hold on, this won’t hurt me a bit!”

She left his gag out while administering a succession of alternating hot and cold enemas, after which She once again pumped his large intestine full of lubricant and then reattached the fucking machine. She slowly inserted it to its maximum length, inflated it to its maximum width, switched on the electrification circuits, and asked “Any last words before we start? You may speak for thirty seconds!”

“Please Mistress! I can’t take another day of this! I don’t know what I did wrong but please forgive me! Please just mummify me with the itching powder again! You can lock me in the steel coffin if you like! Pleammmmph!”

Once the gag was locked back into place and the white noise started. She powered up the fucking machine on its slowest cycle. She smiled when the inflated dildo emerged with a faint but audible “Pop!” She waited a few minutes before turning on the electricity just so that he might hope that She had forgotten about it. No chance.

For the next three hours She continued to make him think each hour was three. For the final two hours of his session She unshipped the fucking machine and reamed him out Herself with a variety of ever increasing strap-ons. She smiled when She used the one that had made him cry Uncle and his whimpering hardly increased. There were three more in the set yet to be used.

At long last She took off Her strap-on, unplugged the electro-stim units, removed the restraining straps from his limbs and torso, and one by one unlocked the steel cuffs that had held him to the bench for the past 12 hours. Only then did She unlock and then unscrew the cock ring holding him down to the back end of the bench, and then deflate and remove the catheter. Finally She undid the combination locks at the back of his posture collar, leaving the D-ring at its front locked to the rocker arm, freeing him from the infernal device. 

“Get up!” She ordered when he did not move, and once he shakily regained his feet She unlocked and removed the blindfold and finally the gag. “How did you like that?” She demanded.

“I – I – don’t know what to say” he mumbled while his body twitched back and forth. “Thank you Mistress, I think.” he said as he slowly collapsed into a pool of sweaty latex.

A bucket of ice water sloshed down his face and torso revived him enough that he was able to crawl towards the bed to undress. She unlocked the zipper pulls and graciously helped him unzip and peel out of the latex, letting it fall onto the floor for Her night slave to come in and wash later. “Good thing she likes the smell of man sweat and latex,” She thought to herself. “It makes her horny for what I do to her later.”

She even helped him stagger into the shower, and made sure he was stable enough to wash himself without collapsing again. She then closed and locked the inner door, and monitored his safety via the hidden cameras that recorded everything in the changing room. Once She had caught a client pleasuring himself before his session, and dearly made him pay for that!

Eventually he got himself cleaned up and dressed and was ready to return to the vanilla world, and She smiled as She wondered how he was going to discover that it was not really the following day. He put his hand on the door to the outside world, but hesitated and then turned and, against all protocol, knocked on the inner door. Curious as to what he wanted, She opened it.

“How much do I owe you for the extra day?” he asked.


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