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The Bath

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; catsuit; chast; encased; jelly; stuck; toys; cons; X

Julie watched the last of the ice cubes melt in the bathtub.  She dipped her finger in the bright red liquid but it was still too hot.  She slipped the two dildoes in front and back and fastened her chastity belt over them, locking it in place.  She covered her naked body with talc and started to slide the blue latex suit up her legs.  She loved the feeling of the tight smooth latex against her shaved skin. 

Sliding her arms into the arms, pushing her fingers into the gloves, she then pulled the suit around her body and zipped it up, feeling the pressure on her breasts as she did so.  She pulled her latex hood over her head, sliding the breathing tubes into her nose.  The hood had clear lenses over her eyes so she could still see what she was doing.  The neck of the hood zipped snugly onto the collar of her suit creating a watertight seal.  Now her only contact with the outside air was through the tubes tucked tightly into her nose.  She could hear her breathing from inside her head but all other sounds were distant and muffled.

Julie had planned for this evening.  Her trusted friend Mary knew of her plan and would come round in the morning to rescue her.  She was hot at the thought of what she was doing, even without turning on her little friends.

She ran her hands over her body, delighting in the smooth feel of latex on latex.  She breathed deeply, enjoying the rubbery smell of the breathing tubes.  The hood was too tight for her to open her mouth at all.

Julie's heart was pounding as she tested the bath with her gloved hand.  She held it in for a while to give the heat time to penetrate the rubber.  Not too bad.  She could stand it.

Julie put one foot into the bath and then the other.  Holding the sides, she slowly sat down, feeling the heat work its way through her suit.  She reached for the remote on the toilet seat and pressed three buttons, feeling her friends start their work as the lights went out.  Leaning back, she let her head go under the surface, seeing the world turn red as the liquid covered her lenses.

Everything was all right.  She felt no telltale leaks.  The pressure of the liquid pressed harder on her suit, forcing it against her excited body.  She brought her hands down to her sides so that she was totally submerged and let the vibration and excitement bring her to her first climax.

Julie struggled to stay still as her body thrilled.  She had had the idea months ago but had been afraid at first and then, when she finally got the courage to try it, had waited for the right time.

As her orgasm passed, Julie tried to relax against the steady rhythm of the dildoes.  She wanted to test her situation, but knew she would have to wait for at least an hour before she tried to move.  The rubbery smell in her nostrils was tinged with a cherry sweetness.

Time crawled by as she waited for the ring of the timer she had set in motion before getting in.  Her body responded to the vibration again and she struggled with herself, fighting the urge to rub her pussy and fondle her breasts as the climax came.

Finally, she heard the timer ring distantly.  Gently, Julie tried to push her right hand away from her body. She could feel the resistance as it stayed right where it was.  She flexed her legs and they too remained stationary.

Working her way around her body, she tried each limb in turn and then her head.  Nothing moved.  Julie was more turned on than she had expected at her helpless situation.  The dildoes continued to vibrate and she found herself coming again.  This time she really tried to touch herself but couldn't move at all.  She struggled helplessly, making her third orgasm even more delicious than before.

As the evening wore on, Julie lost track of time, losing herself in her self-made casing.  She lost count of the number of times her body responded to the combination of tight bondage and internal vibration.  This was well worth the wait.  She was in ecstasy.  At times she imagined herself buried alive.  Sometimes she pretended she was dead, lying in state.  She laughed at the idea that she was experiencing wild orgasms while her friends came to weep at her viewing.

There was no way to judge how much time had passed.  With no windows in her bathroom, Julie couldn't know when dawn came.  She lay there in the dark unable to move as the vibrators kept waking her body again and again.

There came a time when she began to wonder if Mary would come.  What if something had happened to her? No-one else knew she was there.  Without food or water, she could die before anyone came to find out why she hadn't turned up at work.  She started to panic but that just made her more excited as she experienced yet another orgasm.

When it passed, Julie decided enough was enough.  She struggled more and more to escape her cocoon but to no avail.  As time had passed, the jello had got harder and harder and now she could not make even the slightest movement.

Surely by now it was morning.  Mary would come and dig her out.  They had laughed about how difficult it would be to clean the bathtub - perhaps they should just get a big tub of Cool Whip and eat her out.  Now it didn't seem quite so laughable.

Although she had avoided drinking anything all afternoon, Julie wanted to pee.  Her elbow itched and she couldn't do anything about it.  The air coming down the breathing tubes seemed stale and she longed to be breathing clean air.  Her skin was covered with sweat under the tight suit.

OK, she thought.  Enough is enough.  She tried to call out, thinking Mary was perhaps there watching her, but no sound could escape from her closed lips.

Come on, Mary.  Come on.

The tension acted with the dildoes to build her excitement again.  She couldn't help but lose herself in another orgasm.  As her body relaxed, she let go and felt warm liquid running down her legs and up her back.

Come on, Mary.  Get me out of here.

Come on......



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