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Ballet Boot Whores

by Vidking

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© Copyright 2012 - Vidking - Used by permission

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Anita rushed up to Karen, “we’ve got it, we’ve got” she was shouting excitedly, Karen was half way through a complex ballet routine at the time and would normally have reacted angrily but she just couldn’t believe her ears. Normally it was impossible to get an apartment in the city, and this one was such a beauty she had dismissed it from her hopes, “Are you sure Nita ?” she quizzed. “Absolutely 100 % certain, I have the contract here it just needs your signature” replied Anita, Karen rushed over and signed the contract.

“When can we move in, Nita?”

“Anytime we want the, previous occupant has already gone, the place is a bit of a tip though. I think that they had to leave in a rush. The landlady says that she will meet us there this evening at 6 to finalise things”

“I can’t believe it Nita, we have waited so long for this, no more bedsits, no more seedy flat shares” Karens reply hid nothing of her excitement.

Anita left the ballet class room and waited outside for Karen to finish her exercises, they were both senior students at the Royal Ballet and were keen to fulfil their ambitions of dancing with one of the big ballet companies. Anita watched the graceful moves of her friend she had the classic body of a dancer,  slender almost sinuous body with long legs, her stomach was tight with highly exercised muscles there was no hint of any fat covering it. As Karen carried on her routine Anita was transfixed by her grace and almost sexual dance routine, she watched as Karen gently caressed her body sliding her hands over those small breasts and along her long a slender neck. It would have taken someone made of stone to not be aroused by the performance, Anita wasn’t such a person she could feel her arousal she felt her nipples harden and her juices start to flow, her body was preparing itself for lovemaking. Anita started to breathe hard, she recognised the signs it happened all the time with Karen, she knew that her desires were only one way Karen had only one desire in life, Ballet.

The feeling was too much for Anita, she walked down the corridor and into the ladies toilets. Breathing hard she jumped into one of the cubicles and pulled her short skirt up, she wasn’t wearing knickers and so quickly dragged her fingers to her clitoris, within seconds she could feel the orgasm coming but she wanted to delay it, to enjoy her fantasy while the memory was still clear in her mind. Anita fumbled in her bag she found the small dildoe there and slowly inserted it into her pussy. The dildoe slid easily into her dripping pussy, gradually she slid it in and out her body started to move in rhythm with the thrusts, slowly at first then faster and faster. The orgasm was perfectly timed with her fantasy, she was being screwed by a massive dildoe whilst bound and gagged by her dominant mistress Karen. It was a recurring fantasy of Anitas one which she knew Karen had no idea about, the massive dildoe was stretching her pussy she came as Karen was yelling humiliating curses at her. As Anita collected her thoughts she wondered why she had these fantasies, until meeting Karen she had been strictly heterosexual. The fantasies had become more detailed and extreme over time and had been Anitas main sexual outlet as she masturbated to climax during them. Anita washed her hands and left the toilets, it was perfect timing Karen had just finished changing and was waiting for her.

Karen looked at her friend she was blond which contrasted to her dark hair but in other respects they were almost identical, that’s probably why they had become such inseparable friends over the last few months, there was never any competition between them. Karen smiled at her friend, “so at last we get somewhere to call home eh!” The two of them walked out of the dance studios arm in arm quickly discussing what they would do to the flat to make it theirs.

It was 6 and the landlady arrived on the dot, “have you been waiting long?” the landlady knew that the girls would have been waiting sometime they were both so keen to get the flat.

“Only a few minutes” lied Anita, they had been there over 15 minutes waiting impatiently.

“Well lets get in and finalise everything” the landlady was caught up with the girls excitement, she unlocked the door and went in. “As you can see that last occupants had to leave, shall we say in a hurry. They  have left it a bit untidy but they has also left some interesting items that might be very useful like that custom metal bed. They did  seem to have some unusual tastes, well it is all yours now”

Both Anita and Karen looked at the bed Anita immediately saw the bondage possibilities and wanted to claim it as hers, “I’ll have that if you don’t mind Nita it sort of appeals to me” Anita was disappointed and surprised at the same time she was amazed that Karen had found the bed so interesting.

“No problem” said Anita but I get first option on the other things.

The Landlady managed to gain the attention of the two excited girls, “if we could just sign the lease and then I will be on my way”

“Of course” both of the girls answered in unison. Once the formalities were over the landlady moved to go. “I nearly forgot there is a big suitcase in the cellar downstairs that is also yours now, it was to heavy to bring up myself but I am sure you two could manage it” The landlady turned and walked out of the door.

Anita and Karen looked at each other they couldn’t believe this place was now theirs, “so when do we fully move in then?” asked Anita. “Well I guess now would be a good time, lets go and fetch our worldly goods eh!” they both laughed their worldly goods could be fitted in a single box and a suitcase.

Packing their things was a simple case of throwing them into black bags and putting the bags into Karens car, it was completed in less than an hour.

“I guess we will need to buy some furniture, a TV, Stereo and get a telephone fitted. We also need a bed as you seem to have bagged the only one here” Anita was half joking but it was a point that they didn’t have much furniture.

“Well lets see what we do have then” Karen started to search around the flat, “MY bed, some draws, wardrobe and a couple of chairs” it could be worse.

“What about the suitcase downstairs” reminded Anita. “Well what are you waiting for lets go” Karen turned and raced Anita downstairs to the cellar, they both arrived almost together. “Don’t forget the deal, I get first choice” reminded Anita.

“How could I forget” replied Karen

It took both of them some time to drag the heavy suitcase up the stairs, once back in the flat they were both exhausted but eager to discover the cases contents. The locks of the case broke easily when Karen used a screwdriver she had found in the cellar to prise open the locks.

Both of the girls were open mouthed with surprise, “you sure you still want the contents Nita?”

“You bet I do !” was Anitas excited reply.

Anita looked again, inside the case was packed with latex clothing, bondage gear and something's she just didn’t recognise.

“Wow these look real cool” Anita picked up a pair of black shiny boots. The heels were amazing the whole design was extreme the feet were parallel to the heels. “They’re my size Karen, I wonder” Anita took off her flat shoes and slipped her foot into this object of desire, her foot slid in but was held in a tip toe position. Anita slipped the other boot on and pulled the myriad of laces tight. “Wow these feel so horny” Anita stood up it took a few seconds to gain her balance but there she stood towering over her friend. “it feels like walking on point but not so painful, god they are soooooo horny.

Karen had watched her friend put the boots on, initially she hadn’t been interested but once Anita was wearing the boots and was stood and walking around in them she could see the attraction. “Yep they certainly look good on you Nita, and you’re so tall now, I must do something about that”. Karen looked into the case and found a similar pair of boots these were slightly longer in the leg but looked to be her size as well. “It appears our benefactor shared our size in shoes Nita I wonder if he or she did in clothes as well?

Karen pulled on her pair of boots, her feet were forced into the strange tip toe shape by them. Once both feet were in the boots she pulled the laces tight and pulled the straps around. The straps seemed to have two small padlocks  one for each strap. Karen pulled the straps around and clipped the connected padlocks together she was aware that she couldn’t remove the boots without a key for the padlock.

“Have you got the keys Karen” Anita asked after watching her friend

“Nope but I guess they will be in the case”. Karen took her first wobbly steps but soon gained her balance and walked easily around the room. “You’re right Nita these boots are horny I have never felt anything like this before”

Anita was watching Karen walk around the flat she looked like a goddess, she had never seen anything so truly erotic, her pussy was having its own reactions and would need some serious attention and soon. “God Karen you look so fucking horny”

Karen turned around shocked at the words that her friend had uttered, “what did you say” demanded Karen.

Anita had gone red she hadn’t meant to say the words they had come out by accident, she looked sheepish “er I said er that you looked sexy”.

“NO YOU DIDN’T” shouted Karen “you said that I looked fucking horny!”

“I know I did I’m sorry I didn’t mean it came out by accident” Anita sheepishly replied she was regretting saying anything now. “Sorry why sorry, so don’t I look fucking horny then!” Karen realised she had the upper hand “well?” Anita was completely confused, “you do look very horny, I just shouldn’t have said it that’s all now you are disgusted with me”. “Disgusted yes but not because of what you said but the way you are acting, so I look good do I ? you obviously like these boots.”

“You always look good Karen, you just look so horny in those boots, I think they are amazing!” Anita bowed her head in shame as the admission came out.

“So you like these boots, OK get on your knees!” Karen almost barked the order. Anita was stunned but slowly lowered herself to the ground and crouched on her knees. “Now bend down and lick these boots you like so much” Anita was stunned but she couldn’t help herself she kneeled over her ass high in the air as she lowered her head to those objects of her desire. She forced her tongue out of her mouth as far as possible and started to lick the shiny black boots, she was surprised how much she enjoyed acting so submissively. Her tongue licked the boots over and over she wrapped it around those spiked heels.

“So you like licking my boots do you ? well lets try a little higher shall we?”

Anita was shocked but as with the boots she wantonly licked further and further up her friends legs she past her knees and along the milky white slim but firm thighs. Anita gradually moved upto Karens pussy, she was sure Karen would stop her soon. Anita parted the panties that blocked her access to pussy, she could hear her friend breathing harder. Anita pulled the panties to one side with her teeth and stared at the beautiful pussy, it was covered in a blond soft down like hair. Anita licked the pussy and gently forced the lips apart with her tongue, it was soaking ! her friend was enjoying this. Karens lips parted easily Anita was almost soaked with her friends dripping juices, she lapped at the lips and drank down those honey like drops of sex.

Anita moved from the lips she nuzzled up to Karens massively swollen clitoris. Karen groaned out loud as she felt Anitas tongue touch her clit, Anita felt a hand on the back of her head, it forced her mouth onto the wet pussy, it forced her tongue to lap the clit harder and harder. Karen started to moan louder and louder, the hand on the back of Anitas head was almost suffocating her in that wet pussy, those pussy juices were now flowing over Anitas face and soaking her hair. Karen screamed and screamed she clamped Anitas head to her pussy, Anita couldn’t breathe, Karen didn’t care she had only one thought and that was to prolong this ecstatic moment. Eventually Karen came to her senses and realised that Anita was gagging for air. “God Nita that was so good,  I never realised that you were a lesbian, we have missed so much !”

“I don’t think I am a full lesbian Karen, I have always wanted men but you were different, I just wanted you from the day I first met you.”

Karen looked down on the face that was soaked with her pussy juices, I was a truly erotic sight. “So why did you wait so long, to tell me ?”

“Well I thought that you wouldn’t be interested as you never talk about anything else but dancing” Anita was relieved to be able to confess her feelings.

“I only concentrate so much on dancing because it’s the only way I can work off my frustrations, I have never found anyone that I can share them with, I warn you my desires and fantasies can get a bit weird you know.”

Anita looked up at the stunning blond, “I bet your fantasies are nothing compared to mine” it was almost a dare and Karen took the bait. “ Well it looks like we might just be able to find that out won’t we!” Anita smiled, “what about checking out the gear in the case to see what might help out”

The two girls excitedly but carefully laid out the contents of the case on the floor, there was an amazing array of fetish outfits and accessories. The amazing thing was that there was always two of everything and all of the items were in the same sizes as the girls. It got stranger as when there were two outfits and one depicted a submissive it fitted Anita and the dominant outfits fitted Karen, amazing seeing as both girls were almost identical sizes. “I think these outfits are telling us something” said Anita, “in my fantasies I have to admit that I am the submissive one and you are the dominant one”.

“Same here” said Karen “I can see this being the start of a very satisfying time!”

Anita checked out one of the outfits, she picked one up, “Well my mistress, would you like to see me wearing this then?” Anita held out a transparent latex catsuit, attached to it was a matching latex hood it gleamed and slithered in her hands.

“Well if my little slave would put it on I could tell couldn’t I!”.

Anita slipped out of the room and went to the bathroom, taking the catsuit with her. In the bathroom Anita quickly stripped her clothes of including the ballet boots. She looked at her body in the mirror the only major difference between her body and Karens was her dark bush between her legs, where Karens was light and soft hers was black and bushy. “Only one thing for it” Anita got a pair of scissors out of her toiletry bag and started to trim her pubic hair. The feeling was amazing it actually turned her on! The more she trimmed the hornier she felt, soon there was just a black shadow of hair left, she felt the tufts of hair it was still not as soft as Karens. Anita spotted Karens razor and had an idea she washed her pussy  and slowly drew the razor over the stubborn hair. It was amazingly easy to do, her pubic hair rapidly disappeared to be replaced with smooth soft sensitive skin, it didn’t take long before all of the black pubic hair had gone. Anita stared into the mirror she looked like a little girl again, but it felt so good. Her pussy was now bald and  it was beautifully smooth and sensitive, it was also dripping with her juices.

Anita picked up the Catsuit, she had thought that it would need talcum powder to get the suit on but it didn’t, it seemed to be coated in a slight lubricant, the catsuit slid  over her body. It fitted easily, there were no visible creases in the latex covering her body, she pulled the zip from in front of her pussy and upto the top of the back of her neck. This just left the hood, this slid over her head, she panicked a little as her breath was blocked off until the nostril holes aligned with her nose. She tucked her hair up into the hood and zipped it up. She looked into the mirror, she was stunned her body was now covered in the beautiful gleaming but totally transparent second skin, the hood distorted her facial features slightly, underneath it she wouldn’t be able to recognise herself. The effect was electric under this hood she wasn’t Anita anymore she was just a rubber whore.

“What is happening  to me ? this outfit seems to be taking me over or is it just allowing me to be the real me ?” Anita replaced those delicious boots and walked easily out of the bathroom.

A low whistle filled the room, Karen couldn’t believe the breathtaking vision that walked into the room. Anita was surprised too, Karen had obviously been busy herself, there in the room stood Karen but she was clothed in a stunning black latex catsuit which was otherwise identical to hers. She gleamed and shone in the rooms lights, her face covered in a black latex hood and her blond hair poured out in a long pony tail. Anita spoke “Tell me Karen how do you feel when you put your outfit on?”

Karens answer was short “Fucking horny, just how you look, and guess what I have found”. Anita didn’t need to guess Karen held up the black gleaming dildoe it was attached to a pair of latex knickers.

“So why is it in your hands and not around your body” Anita couldn’t wait.

Karen slowly slid the knickers up her body until the black parody of a mans penis jutted out from her public bone, it was rigid and wanton. Anita walked up to the massive dildoe she kneeled in front of it and slowly forced it down her throat, she felt the rubber stretch her mouth, it continued down her throat stretching that as it continued on its journey, suddenly Karens body stopped the journey. The cock was now fully embedded in Anitas throat, she was stunned she could never have done this before but it was easy she hadn’t gagged or choked. Karen looked stunned as she watched Anita swallow the huge dildoe she thought that she would gag at anytime but no the rubber penis disappeared down the womans latex covered face until her pubic bone pressed against Anitas face. Anita greedily tried to force the dildoe in further, she could feel her pussy aching for it to go in further but it couldn’t.

She looked up at her mistress and pulled the cock out of her mouth, “Fuck me now and fuck me hard” Anita was begging Karen, it wasn’t necessary.

Karen spun Anita around as she stood up, in one swift move she unzipped the catsuit and touched the bald pussy. “You kinky little whore, so you shaved your pussy” Karen revelled in the soft bald skin and fondled it.

But Anita wanted relief, “Please now shove that cock in me, do it now please please ”she was still begging as Karen thrust the cock straight into the willing hole.

Karen was again stunned the dildoe easily disappeared into that juicy hole, again it was only her pubic bone that stopped it. Karen thrust again and again she could feel the power she had over the other woman she was in control of this whore, she just fucked the whore until she moaned. Anita did moan, the massive penis was stretching her pussy and her mistresses pubic bone was crushing her clitoris. Anitas moans increased in volume and speed she was begging again “harder, harder fuck me harder”.

Karen revelled in this new role and power she had, her thrusts got faster and harder she wanted to hurt this little whore she wanted to force the plastic cock in as hard as she could, she felt demonic in her power. Anita was beyond all caring her orgasms hit her hard but they just made her want more she wanted to be filled completely. She heard herself scream at her mistress “Up my ass, I want it up my ass now, please now” the pleading just took Karen to a new level of power.

She took the dildoe out of the moaning whore and thrust it straight into the tight virginal ass hole, Anita screamed the sound was of pure pain and ecstasy. Karen was engulfed in the power she could see the asshole stretch around the black penis. The two women were totally debauched in their actions, they fed each other and each feed took them to new heights.  Anita screamed and begged as Karen thrust into her,  the screams demanded more and more, Karen was revelled in it. Suddenly there was a knock at the door, it brought both women back to some sanity. The knock got louder, Karen stopped her thrusts and Anita stopped her desperate begging and screams. Karen looked at the woman that she was so enthusiastically abusing, “you ok Anita”.

“I don’t know, I didn’t want you to stop it was so fucking perfect, but shouldn’t we answer  the door?”

“What dressed like this?”

“Look just take your hood off and put that dressing gown on”

“Good idea Nita” Karen reluctantly took off her hood and pulled the Dressing gown on.

Karen opened the door there was an old woman there, “I don’t mean to be rude, but could you please keep the noise of your lovemaking down if you don’t mind. There were two girls and a man here before and they were so noisy.”

Karen looked at the old woman, “I am really sorry about that, and of course we will try and keep the noise down”

“Oh thank you so much, the man and two girls were so nice to start with but the noises never got quieter even after I threatened to report them” The old lady turned away and left.

“Did you hear that Nita, it appears the previous occupant was a very horny guy it sounds like he kept two girls very happy”

Anita looked up at her friend, “I don’t really care, how happy he kept them I just want to make sure that I keep you happy, that was one of my favourite fantasies that we just performed there and I have got plenty more!”

Karen looked at Anita she hadn’t seen just how gorgeous she looked, the latex catsuit was a perfect fit it was completely transparent as was the hood. Anitas face was strangely changed by the hood, she couldn’t make out any of her features but the image was definitely female and gorgeous. Karen took the latex covered face in her hands and kissed her little whores lips, her tongue disappeared down her throat it seemed perfectly natural that her tongue disappeared deep into the little whores throat. Anita stood mesmerised her mouth was forced onto the lips of her mistress as her mistresses tongue slid down her throat. Karens tongue was exceptionally long and thick it filled her throat like the plastic dildoe, but it never stopped it just continued deep into her throat. The tongue was warm and inviting, Anita opened her throat voluntarily as the tongue swelled to fill it.

Slowly her mistress started to thrust the massive tongue in and out of her mouth, she could hear her start to breathe heavily. The tongue had become more of a penis, the thrusting was bringing her mistress to an orgasm. The orgasm hit Karen hard, what was happening, she had wished earlier that the plastic penis was real but now it was her tongue that had become that penis. The more she thrust her tongue into the whores willing mouth the more she came, her moans were muffled but distinctive. Eventually Anita had to pull the tongue from her throat, she had to breathe or die.

Karen was enraged she had been denied her pleasure by this little slut. She turned her around and forced her huge penis shaped tongue deep into the whores wet and willing pussy. Once in the pussy Karens tongue expanded to new dimensions. Anita screamed as her pussy was stretched “We can’t have you upsetting the neighbours can we!”

Karen leaned over to the case and pulled out an inflatable gag. Anita felt the gag enter her mouth and instantly fill it as her mistress pumped rapidly on the attached bulb, her jaws stretched as the gag expanded, the pumping stopped just as Anita thought her jaw would dislocate. Anita felt her mistresses tongue swell even more but her pussy just expanded to accommodate it, when her pussy expanded it demanded more she was out of control her pussy had taken over, its demands equalled the demands of the swelling tongue that ravaged her body. Anita screamed into her massively stretched gag but no sound came out, at least the neighbours would be happy.

It was eerie, here were two women engaged in an almost torturous love making session but the scene was almost deathly quiet, Karen could make no noise as it was her tongue that had taken on the role of penis it effectively gagged her, Anita was just as effectively gagged. The two women twisted and writhed in a tormented ecstasy. The quiet scene played out for most of the night, only the rising sun seemed to bring the two entwined lovers back to life. Karens tongue returned back to its normal size and Anitas pussy gained normal dimensions, her jaw started to hurt. Karen noticed that her lover had started to look uncomfortable she deflated the massive gag and removed it. “God that hurt, its funny I never noticed the pain until just now” Anitas voice broke the silence.

“What happened Nita, I can’t seem to remember exactly what we were doing”, Anita looked at her “that’s funny its like a dream and the memories disappear when I have woken up”

“But these aren’t dreams are they?” Karen pointed out the outfits they were wearing.

“Thankfully last night was Friday we don’t have any classes today and I am knackered”

“Me too” answered Anita,” whatever we got upto it must have been good!! I guess that after what we have discovered about each other you will not have any objections to me sharing a bed with you”.

“Objections of course not, but don’t expect any action though!”

Anita and Karen stripped off the latex outfits and ballet boots, then made the bed and slid under the welcoming quilt, Anita cuddled up to Karens warm back and fell straight to sleep.

Anita woke up first, it was about 4.30 p.m. they had slept for about 8 or nine hours, Karen was still sleeping deeply next to her. Anita felt her hand touch her pussy it was surprising to feel the baldness there, it was still smooth and sensitive she loved it. Anita was drawn again to the suitcase the outfits were still placed all over the floor. There was an amazing variety of clothes from catsuits to dresses, every kind of gag imaginable, shoes, boots, armbinders, legbinders, suspension harnesses, pony girl outfits, there were some outfits that Anita just could not recognise the use of. Anita checked out a transparent dress with matching transparent hood, knickers and armbinder. “I wonder, if it fits” certainly all of the outfits so far had fitted perfectly.

She took the whole outfit to the bathroom and tried each item on. First the transparent knickers, which looked normal apart from the double attached dildoes each with their own electrical stimulators, she slid the knickers up her legs until the two dildoes touched her pussy and anus. Slowly she inserted each dildoe into its relevant hole again they fitted perfectly, she pulled the knickers up. Anita walked around the feeling was indescribable as she walked the electrodes shot a small current through her pussy, her clitoris and her anus. The faster she walked the higher the shock, within a few seconds she was almost running around the bathroom.

Anita calmed down enough to try the dress, it had a front zip which made it easier to pull on, the zip was fashioned so that it was always tight at the bottom, this created a problem with walking as the skirt almost clamped her legs together. Anita closed the zip fully and tried to walk around the room all she could manage was a few hobbling steps, she was sure that the dress was fighting her. The restriction in movement, whilst erotic was frustrating her attempts to get the Electro stimulator working, try as she could she could not combine the erotic bondage feeling of the dress with those delicious electric shocks.

Anita gave up and tried the matching hood like the dress it fitted perfectly, her features were instantly distorted, definitely female, definitely gorgeous but not recognisable as herself. Anita looked longingly at the armbinder it would be impossible to put it on herself but she so wanted to try it. She tried tying the laces to the door handle, wriggling her arms down the latex glove and pulling away. The effect was enough to show her how it could feel when fully laced. Even this crude attempt was enough to get her elbows crushed together, Anita was tempted to call Karen. Just as the thought occurred to her she turned and saw her friend in the doorway.

“Well my little latex slut you just cannot get enough can you ?”

Anita just smiled and offered her semi-bondaged arms. Karen took the laces and pulled them tight, Anitas arms immediately screamed in agony as they were forced into an extreme angle, her breathing increased as she tried to cope with the new feelings, it was unbelievably tight yet also so erotic. She looked at herself in the mirror, the action of clamping her arms together had made her shoulders  arch and forced her tits out it was staggeringly horny posture.

"You do look very good Nita, kind of extremely vulnerable and deliciously available to do with as I please, but I think that I will just look at you and wait"

With that Karen took the metal loop in the end of the Armbinder and pulled it up, Anita nearly toppled over as she fought for her balance her tight hobble dress did not help at all but the act of stumbling had resurrected the Electro stimulators so deeply embedded in her Nita let out a loud moan as a sharp electric shock hit her clit and anus simultaneously. Up to this point Karen hadn't noticed that the latex knickers Anita was wearing had anything special about them, but she soon discovered their true use !

"Nita you are a secretive little whore aren't you" Karen didn't wait for the reply. " So you decided to wear a pair of dildoe pants and didn't tell me, but not just normal dildoe pants are they if I am not mistaken these little metal studs are Electrodes !"

Nita looked up at Karen with distant eyes " I found them in the suitcase and wanted to try them, you were asleep at the time, the thing is that if I move they hit me with a small shock in my anus and clit, it was great until I put the dress on and then I couldn't move enough to get the same feeling!"

"I see, so what happened just now then ?"

"I guess that the stumble had the same effect and hit me with a huge shock!"

Karen took hold of the Armbinder ring and pulled, Nita struggled to stop from falling as the Rubber dress fought to keep her legs held tightly together. Karen ignored her friends situation and just pulled the hobbling creature around the room. Within seconds the hobbling creature had become a moaning screaming creature as huge shocks hit her anus and clitoris. Karen revelled in this power she had over her friend, she pulled her even faster around the room !

Anita couldn't believe the feelings that were hitting her pussy and anus they were both receiving continuous shocks and reducing her to an moaning creature addicted to the pleasure this pain was giving her. Eventually Karen stopped pulling, "enough you seem to be having all of the fun here what about me ?”

Karen left Anita there still shuddering with the multiple orgasms and discovered a face harness with a dildoe attached. "Kneel down Nita so that I can put this on you"

Anita immediately obeyed and with difficulty managed to kneel before the stunning blonde. Karen placed the harness over her friends head and inserted the gag end of the dildoe into her mouth, she then tightened all of the straps until the harness was almost a fixture of her latex covered friends face. The dildoe stuck out of Anitas face it was huge, Karen took a handful of her friends hair and pulled her head back, the dildo was now pointing directly at her dripping pussy. With one swift movement Karen straddled the offered dildoe and inserted it into herself. Anitas face was pressed against the Blondes pussy she could feel the heat even through the latex that covered her face.

"OK bitch now get moving I want this dildoe forced deep up me!"

Anita felt her hair being pulled and forcing her head even further onto her mistresses pussy, the dildoe was almost fully impaled inside her she felt her hair being dragged back and pull the dildoe out. The whole process was repeated over and over again for what seemed like ages Anita felt her face slam into that overheated pussy, she could feel her mistress start to orgasm. The orgasm hit Karen hard, it wasn't just the physical pleasure of the huge dildoe but the total domination she now had over her friend, she wasn't a friend anymore she was now her slave rubber whore with that thought her orgasms came again and again.

"On your back slave!"

Karens order took Anita by surprise but she obeyed immediately even if it was extremely difficult with the tight dress and armbinder fighting against her, she was rewarded with a huge shock from the Electrodes though. Once Anita was on her back  Karen  straddled the dildoe and dropped herself onto it. Anita almost choked on her gag as the weight of her mistresses almost crushed her. Again and again the Blond mistress straddled and rode the huge dildoe that inserted into the face of her so obedient slave.

Eventually Karen relented the onslaught and gradually slowed her thrusts, "God that was good you are so delicious as my obedient slave"

Although Anita hadn't gained any physical pleasure she had learned that she enjoyed pleasing her mistress, this alone had been enough to bring her to orgasm more than once whist her mistress drenched her latex covered face with her dripping pussy juices. Karen looked into the face of her slave and through the harness and wet latex she saw Anitas adoring eyes that were almost worshipping her. Karen looked at the clock it was now almost 8.30 p.m., "Jeez where does all of the time go? It just felt like a few minutes had past but it must have been 4 hours!" there was genuine surprise in Karens voice.

Karen was still on a high after discovering the mutual pleasure the derived from this mistress slave situation, "Nita what do you think to stepping out tonight dressed in our Latex gear?"

"Mistress you know I would obey any of your orders but that sounds like a great idea!"

The two girls rummaged excitedly through the suitcase which seemed to have an inexhaustible supply of latex outfits, they both chose almost the same outfits. In a strange coincidence both girls had picked black latex catsuits, with matching black ballet boots  black latex hoods and black ballet tutus, the only differences between the two outfits was that Karen had a pony tail in her hood and Anita didn't also Karen had insisted that Anita keep her Electro dildoe pants on, an order that Anita was only to happy to obey.

The two girls helped each other dress, Anita strips off her movement inhibiting Latex hobble dress and lets her Electro dildoe pants provide distracting pleasures. Eventually two latex covered dolls have replaced the blond Karen and Raven haired Anita. The two girls add the final polishing to each other and watch as the black latex becomes alive with glossy reflections that mirror the stunning bodies that are so beautifully and full encapsulated. Karen walks up to to her latex covered submissive slave and attaches a dog lead to the girls metal collar, "And now my obedient little slave you are fully my little pet to play with".

Karens smile barely hides the sadistic pleasures she has in mind for the night. Anita sees the gleam in her mistresses eyes and yearns for that domination to be totally subservient to the blond girl she has secretly admired for so long for her the night will be all to short.

"Now slave, these are my first instructions, you follow behind me at all times you always look up and face those stares, you will obey every order without question is that clear ?"

Anita replied with a submissive nod "yes mistress".

With that reply Karen pulled her young pet outside and into lit streets. As the pair walked along the streets Karen was amazed at how many people didn't notice them, but was always rewarded with wolf whistles from some guys or envious looks from other women she surprisingly didn't encounter any hostility. Anita followed behind her mistress sometimes stumbling on her Ballet boots, the two girls were already tall but the Ballet boots gave them at least 9 inches extra height, they towered over all but the tallest men. Anita looked into the faces of the passers by, glad of the presence of the depersonalising hood, nobody would recognise her and this allowed her to be what she wanted her mistresses slave. The walk into town was short but very pleasurable for Anita, her dildoe pants had been working all of the way and had all but taken over her mind such was the intensity of the orgasms she had received. Her journey of pleasure was brought to an all to short end as Karen stopped at the door to the Bar. Karen pushed the door open and strode in dragging her slave pet after her.

The bar immediately went quiet and all eyes were focused on the two girls, the image was stunning all were open mouthed. These two latex clad women entered the bar and walled up to the counter. 'A bottle red wine for me and a bowl of water for my pet please!" the authority in Karens voice brought the barman back to reality, he had been in heaven watching the two latex beauties.

"Right away" was all that the Guy could say managing to close his mouth long enough to utter the words.

The barman came back with the bowl and bottle of Red wine already opened. Karen took the bowl and placed it on the floor by her ballet boot covered feet. "Here is your drink my little pet !"

Anita revelled in the order she was already firmly the slave pet of Karens and immediately obeyed. Anita slid down onto her knees like a graceful Cat she bent over with her ass high in the air and nuzzled upto the bowl and started to lap at the water. "Nice little pet do you like your water ?" Karen uttered the words with utter contempt for the willing slave and kicked the bowl away. Anita was startled but merely crawled on all fours to the bowl and started to lap the water again.

Whilst all of this was happening the crowd in the bar were still stunned in silence. Karen looked at the crowd, "So do you like what you see? Do you see how obedient my little pet is ?"

Nobody murmured all were terrified of this stunning vision in latex. "Ah so you want more do you, are you all voyeurs wanting a bit of action ?" Again silence.

By this time Anita had finished lapping up the bowl of water and Karen had demolished most of the wine, a curious metamorphosis was taking over the girls not noticeable by the crowd or the girls. Anita could almost read her mistresses mind she crawled away from the bowl and with cat like grace turned onto her back. Karen had planned this but was surprised that Anita had guessed her intentions. Karen stood with her legs apart standing over her pets head she unzipped her catsuit to reveal the fine blond down of her pubic hair. She knelt down to place her that blond hair directly over the face of her pet slave. Sitting upright and on Anitas face "Now lap this bitch and make it good I want a big orgasm for these nice people to witness"

Anita could hardly breathe but started to lick the honey dew pussy, as soon as she started her tongue extended and enlarged like a a huge penis. Anitas tongue started to fill her mistresses pussy Karen moaned with pleasure as the penis like tongue explored her insides she could feel it probing around looking for ways to pleasure her. Anitas tongue continued to swell it was successfully gagging her and forcing itself deeply into the offered pussy hole. One of Karens last conscious feelings was of that tongue penis stretching her pussy probing for more and more ways to pleasure its owner. Karen was gyrating on the face of her slave she was coming now, without warning she bent over and moved the Electro-dildoe pants out of their orifices and started to lick her slaves pussy.

Karen was unaware of her tongue becoming alive and enter the bald pussy of her slave, her tongue swelled and started to fill that sweet pussy the swelling gagged Karen as well. The two writhing women were now almost silent apart from a deep erotic continuous moan, no one in the bar was untouched by that moan, all the men had instant erections and all of the women's pussies started to moisten. The sight and sounds of the two latex covered women were hypnotic and deeply arousing. Karen's and Anita's tongues were now huge and probing deep into the bodies of the two women they were beyond orgasm this was now an almost spiritual feeling.

As the two girls continued their erotic dance on the floor some girls were now starting to suck the cocks of the guys next to them, some other women were starting to kneel before other women and lick their wet pussies. It was not to long before the entire bar had become an orgy of sex and depravity, the sex acts being performed were becoming more and more depraved, some women had mens cocks in their mouths, pussies and ass holes riding all at the same time. Some men were masturbating into the open mouths of eager young women the pleasure on the faces not hidden by the male semen dripping from their eyes, noses and hair. One woman had been tied to the bar and was begging two men to enter her asshole at the same time, once inside her the  moans of pleasure overcame her screams of pain. The orgy carried on all night, many people entered the Bar and were immediately caught in the atmosphere they merely added new blood to the orgy.

Slowly the sun started to break and light filled the bar, the orgy had been continuous for almost 8 hours. It was Anita and Karen who were first to become aware of themselves, their tongues had retained their normal dimensions they both stood up and were stunned by the action still going off around them. "Looks like we all had a good night Nita!" Karens words were the key for the others to abruptly come to their senses. The two girls walked out of the bar arm in arm and left the confused occupants of the bar to discover their own actions.

The latex spirits had been released and the girls were their haven……..they would use the girls bodies for their own pleasures but only during the periods of dark.

"Nita how do you fancy spending winter in Sweden ? " The idea had just formed in Karens mind she hadn't consciously thought of it but the promise of those long dark nights were suddenly very appealing.

Anita looked at her mistress, "You took the words straight out of my mouth. Mistress" her smile was almost demonic.

"Don't forget to pack the suitcase Anita"


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