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Baby Mouse and Cathenne

by DeeDee V Iante

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© Copyright 2021 - DeeDee V Iante - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; latex; inf; catsuit; mittens; diapers; sleepsack; pacifier; gag; feed; corset; hood; toys; cons; X

For clarity, both of the protagonists in this story are above the age of consent (see the previous story that features them).

Act 1

Driving home from the shop, Mouse came in the door, and before she could say anything, mummy told her that it was bedtime. Mouse whined, "But mummy, it is not bedtime yet, and I am hungry," Mummy took her by the hand and brought her to her bedroom. There she helped Mouse undress then led her to the bath. It was cold!"

Mouse protested, “No mummy, no, please, not a cold bath mummy, please.”

But mummy reminded Mouse that they agreed that she would get a cold bath when she came late. If she protested anymore, it would be the icy shower. Mouse stepped into the bathtub gingerly, sat down, and started to shiver.

Two washes, one conditioner, then mummy rinsed her down with not-too-cold water. Mummy washed Mouse all over, back, front, arms, in between her legs, souls of her feet and all. The brush was not too stiff, and she only dwelled a little longer between her legs. Mummy let the water out of the tub, rinsed Mouse down, and dried her.

In her bedroom, Mummy had Mouse on the diaper change table next to the bed. First came her rubber panties, which stopped Mouse from leaking and bedwetting. Mummy doubled up and wrapped Mouse in two diapers, then put her in an all-covering rubber onesie over her legs and hips. This suit had no openings for her hands, so mummy put thick mittens on Mouse’s hands so that her fingernails would not cut into her hands. Mummy balled up Mouse’s hands and drew the onesie over.

Mummy sat her up, dried her hair, then stretched Mouse’s sleep hood on, the one that covered her head, neck, and eyes. Mummy said that Mouse slept better that way, and it was true. After mummy kissed Mouse, she folded Mouse’s legs in half, then fitted them into the rubber baby onesie’s legs. Mummy did the same with Mouse’s arms, then turned Mouse over and stretched the onesie until she could zip up the back. Mouse was not cold anymore but felt tired, hot, and well compressed.

Mummy put Mouse into her rubber sleeping bag, straining to fit Mouse into it. Mouse appreciated her mummy's efforts in preparing Mouse for bed. She helped as best she could, but Mouse was just a baby, so she could not do much. When mummy finished, she had to sit and rest a moment, but mummy sounded pleased and kissed Mouse long and hard. Mouse loved mummy's kisses and loved her sooooo much for all the effort.

Once rested, Mummy kissed Mouse on the head, said that she was a good girl, and shifted her into bed, onto the padded sleeping bag. She zipped it closed, positioned the hood then asked which bedtime story Mouse wanted her to play during the bottle feeding. Mouse so loved Spider Gwen, her hero. Mouse chose Ghost-Spider. Mummy set the spoken word story to start while she prepared Mouse’s bottle.

Mouse almost fell asleep, but mummy came back, came into bed with Mouse, propped up her head, and put the solid rubber large nipple into Mouse’s mouth. Mouse wanted to sleep but knew that mummy looked after her, making sure she was well hydrated for the night. So, with mummy beside her in bed, bottle-feeding Mouse, they listened to how Spider Gwen returned to Earth-65. Mouse felt hot and tired, but mummy made sure she finished the second bottle before she slipped in Mouse’s night comforter.

Mummy pumped the gel comforter until it filled Mouse’s mouth so that it could not fall out while Mouse slept. Listening to Spider-Gwen’s adventures, with the comforter tickling her throat at every breath, it took a while before Mouse could sleep...

Act 2

Mouse woke when mummy released and removed her comforter. Mummy kissed her, then bottle-fed Mouse. Mummy would feed Mouse every two hours so that Mouse grew up strong and healthy. Mouse was full, but mummy insisted she finish her bottle.

When Mouse did, mommy gave her a long kiss then replaced her comforter. She pumped it up a bit more, and Mouse needed a little while to regulate her breathing to the tickler again while mummy massaged her hurting jaw. It would be easier for Mouse if mummy dressed her into the thick winter hood, which eased her jaw pains, but mummy knew best.

Mouse woke up with her legs and hands cramping. She could not call for mummy with the comforter in her mouth, but mummy was there. She massaged her arms and legs where it hurt, and it was better. Then she released and removed the comforter, gave Mouse a bottle, and made sure Mouse remained awake until it was all finished.

Mouse got a specially long good-night kiss. Then mummy inserted and pumped up her comforter, drew the heavy rubber hood over, which eased Mouse’s aching jaw. Mouse fell asleep during mummy’s jaw massage.

Mouse woke up when mummy released and removed the comforter. Mummy bottle-fed Mouse having to wake Mouse up a few times and keep her drinking. Mouse so wanted to sleep, but mummy was insistent that Mouse finish the bottle to stay hydrated. Mouse did, and mummy kissed her goodnight.

Mummy inserted the comforter, pumped it up until Mouse woke, with aching jaws and spasming neck from the new comforter's longer tickler. But mummy massaged Mouse’s face and neck, until she fell asleep.

Mouse woke up two more times to feed.

Act 3

Mouse woke when Mummy took her out of her sleeping bag onto the nappy change table. It would be a while before Mouse was undressed, so Mouse snoozed and dreamt that she was Spider Gwen.

Mummy had to work hard to peel her rubber sleeping bag away from Mouse, and Mouse kept dreaming of Spider Gwen to distract from the tingling, then burning when some of the pressure reduced. Her short rubber onesie was next, and Mouse almost screamed when her arms and legs were freed, but the comforter helped her not to scream out loud. Mummy heard her whimper and was ready.

Mummy rubbed her arms and legs down until Mouse’s breathing was almost normal. Mummy removed Mouse’s rubber sleep onesie slowly, rubbing each arm and leg back into circulation. Each undressing was so painful at first, but then it turned into pure pleasure as mummy rubbed her arms and legs back into feeling. Mouse so loved mummy and the care she took, especially when Mummy removed the ball-gloves. It was the most painful. But Mummy knew this and did only one at a time and rubbed each finger back to feeling. The tingling and pain were excruciating, but that was just for a moment, and the recovery was so incredibly elating, sending Mouse into bliss.

Mummy removed the diapers and folded them away quickly because Mouse felt naked without them. Mummy took Mouse to the bathtub and had her hold onto Mummy while drawing down the rubber panties. As they came off, Mouse could not help herself and peed and peed and peed. Mummy threw the soiled panties into the rubber wash basket.

Mouse still wore her hoods and comforter, but she recognized every sound and what mummy did. Inside the mansion, Mouse did not need her eyes, just her mummy.

Mummy ran the water warm then rinsed Mouse’s legs clean. She came into the tub behind Mouse and held her while the bathtub filled. Mummy washed Mouse, and she washed mummy, and life was just perfect. Mummy could not have children, and Mouse lost her mummy early, and this was the best, having a mummy that is also an elder sister and lover.

Mouse and mummy dried each other, then mummy brought Mouse back to the bedroom. Mouse was cold, so mummy dressed her first, although mummy was cold too. Mummy put on a pair of rubber pantaloons, rubber gloves, and her favorite rubber dressing gown, then started to dress Mouse.

Rubber panties first, then the thick day diapers. A long-legged rubber onesie to keep the diapers in place next over which mummy had her step into a pair of warm tights. Drawing them up, mummy whispers that Mouse would wear the pink and yellow ensemble for the morning exercises.

While Mouse visualized the outfit, mummy dressed her into her rubber catsuit with feet and mittened gloves. Over this came a second and third pair of tights, then the warm fluffy yellow catsuit with feet and mittened hands.

Mouse was warm again, not just because of the lovely clothing. Mummy had Mouse step into her short pink dress with frilly short sleeves and skirt, then dressed over her pink bonnet and tied it off under her chin.

Mummy slipped Mouse’s feet into ball boots which had Mouse’s feet pointed. Round like a ball from the ankle down, Mouse could not walk in the boots. Mummy laced the boots onto Mouse's feet then helped her stand up. Mouse could not hold her balance, so mummy sat her on the floor to wait for her while she dressed. Mouse folded her knees under and sat.

Her heavy ball-boots made it difficult to sit comfortably. Mouse shifted until her knees were together and put her feet on either side of her behind. When ready, Mouse listened to mummy dressing. She knew every and every garment, just not what color. Mouse was still entranced when mummy helped her stand and walk to the kitchen.

Act 4

Mummy sat her in the high chair, removed Mouse’s comforter, and massaged her jaws to help with the stiffness and ache. Then mummy put a rubber bib over because Mouse always spilled food. Mummy put a bowl with gruel on the table and handed her a spoon that was far too big for her mouth but just right for her awkward mittened hand. 

Mouse and mummy ate, and, as usual, Mouse spilled as much of the gruel onto her bib as she managed to get into her mouth. When she finished, Mummy inserted her day comforter, which also had an orthopedic lip stretcher. It was very uncomfortable, even painful, but Mouse wanted a beautiful mouth like a mummy. Mummy also removed her bonnet and stretched her day hood over Mouse’s head to keep the comforter and mouth stretcher in place. And so, Mouse was ready for the day's activities.

First, mummy and Mouse would walk around the mansion to improve Mouse’s walking on her baby shoes. Then Mouse would have a nap, after which she and mummy would go swimming in the basement pool. Mummy had a new dolphin suit for Mouse, much like the rubber sleeping bag but with fins and tail. Mummy would be with her in her whole body latex swim-suit, and Mouse would not be able to touch her. But mummy would be helping her to swim like a dolphin.

After the midday meal, mummy would redress Mouse into her preteen clothing. Mummy and she would go tandem bike riding, a long walk in the estate's gardens, picnic under their mighty ash, and just have a magnificent time.

In the evening, they watched silent movies. Mummy would redress them into 18th-century rubber cloths, with corsets and all and heavy layering. Then they would lay together in bed, and mummy would tell Mouse what happened in the movie. Tonight it was The Leopard and Cyrano de Bergerac. They would fall asleep, exhausted from the heavy layering, of course. Saturday nights with mummy were the best.

Act 5

Mummy woke her, but Mouse wanted to stay in bed. They were still in the many layers of last night. Mummy agreed, and they slept in until midday. After that, it was stretch-and-exercise day. Mouse wanted to keep the corset, but mummy said that she may have it back after sport.

Mummy changed Mouse’s diapers and slipped over the usual rubber catsuits. Mouse needed to be kept warm, so mummy drew a woolen catsuit over, another rubber catsuit, then her rubber stretching catsuit. Mouse was hot and very constricted.

Mummy led Mouse to the stretching machine and strapped Mouse in. Once she made sure Mouse was comfortable, mummy stretched Mouse’s legs apart. Mouse could not move, so she relaxed as mummy read to her from Spider Gwen: Amazing Powers.

Every few pages, mummy stretched her legs further apart until she was at her best stretch. Then mummy started bending Mouse over backward. Once she reached her best stretch, she could look back if she did not have her face covered, of course. Mummy started Mouse bending forward and in between her legs. Even unstretched, when Mouse had her legs apart, she could put her chest on the floor. Next came Mouse’s arms.

Mummy brought them up behind Mouse and then drew them up, rounding Mouse’s shoulders. This was the worst part where Mouse needed a while before the pain and agony turned to pleasure. Then mummy stopped reading and massaged Mouse, increasing her stretch here and there where she thought it was best. Mouse was very hot, but she also felt that they significantly improved her stretching today. When mummy wanted to ease off, Mouse shook her head. Mummy finished the book, but Mouse passed out at some time.

Mouse woke up and felt different. Oh, mummy already had Mouse on her latex Spider-Gwen suit and well layered and the coset. Mouse got so excited that she arched and climaxed. She needed a moment to recover.

Mouse so loved mummy, and she would go find her, only using her sense of hearing. Mouse always wore the hood and could hear well. Mummy would be wearing a hood that allowed her to see but not hear. She also wore high-heeled metal-capped and heeled boots that would give her away if she moved too much.

“Gong, gong, gong.”

Mummy was ready and sounded the electronic gong. Oh, mummy added an extra layer. Good, because Mouse needed the challenge. Sometimes mummy made it just too easy so that they had more bed-play together.

Mouse was running out of places to search, and she was getting tired. Mummy’s extra layering was paying off for her.


Mouse froze. It came from the formal dining room! Mouse had been through, but the sound came from there. Mouse searched the whole room again and almost dismissed it because of the hard parkette flooring. So, Mummy could not sneak up and teg her winning the game.

Oh, oh, Mouse knew. Mummy outsmarted herself this time. Mouse pointed at the center of the dining room table and heard her mother's metal boots coming towards her.

Mouse stood and offered her hand for mummy to come down. She jumped down, and that was the hint. Now it was up to Mouse to guess which superhero or supervillain mummy chose for tonight. Mouse crouched down and ran her hands up mummy’s legs. No, this did not help, but she felt mummy shivering. Mouse stopped before coming to the top and did the same with the other leg. Oh, she had mummy now. Mummy stomped her other foot impatiently. She could not speak with her hood on.

Mouse stood and ran her hands around mummy’s tiny waist. She could do that all day and night, but she felt mummies shaking, so she used her arousal and checked out her breasts in fine detail. Mummy sagged into Mouse’s arms. It was Mouse’s turn to sit mummy down and let her recover. The whole weekend's sexual tension just came out. Mummy wanted to go to bed, but Mouse was not finished.

Mouse worked her way up from mummy’s breasts, up to her neck, and over her head. Mummy had ears. Oh, tiddly-winks and cat’s whiskers. Many characters wore masks with ears at one time or another. She was smooth all over, so before the current superheroines, she was someone not reinvented yet.

She had it! Mouse sighed, White Tiger. Mouse signed this to Mummy, and mummy embraced her. They went upstairs to bed to play. It would be a long time until either of them was undressed.

Act 6

Mouse and Lady Cathenne woke up in each other's arms, naked. It had been a glorious weekend again. Next weekend was Easter, the shop would be closed for four days, and they had four and a half days together. Lady Cathenne was already planning something by the feel of it.

Once a week, they spent a night without any clothes on to give themselves a break. It was healthy and heightened the tension when they redressed again in the morning. They gathered up the stinky rubber clothing and threw it in the rubber wash basket. In the shower, they washed each other thoroughly, inside and out. After showering, they gave each other a moisturizing oil massage then it was time to dress.

During the week, they both wore the long outside gowns from their store, ‘Lady Cathenne’s and Mouse’s Discerning Knitted Clothing’. It had been Lady Cathenne’s clothing, but a few years after she took Mouse in, they had a second backroom internet store, ‘Latex Dreams’, which Mouse managed.

Lady Cathenne dressed Mouse into her rubber knickers then diapers, and Mouse was relieved. She felt so naked without diapers since Lady Cathenne found her passed out between the rubbish cans behind her store, soiled and assaulted. She nursed her back to health and became her mummy.

Lady Cathenne dressed Mouse into her usual latex catsuit with hood. One pair of knitted tights, then a second pair over which came a light gray soft and fluffy catsuit with hood. Zipped up the back, Mouse was ready to help Lady Cathenne.

Latex stockings, latex gloves, a latex t-shirt with suspenders for the gloves and stockings, Lady Cathenne always wore a corset. She could not really belong without it, prone to backaches. Mouse laced the corset on, exactly the way Lady Cathenne needed it. If her waist was any smaller, her health was at risk. She did not allow Mouse to wear a corset all the time.

Mouse helped Lady Cathenne step into her fitted and gloved latex catsuit and drew it up her legs. Before she drew it up, Mouse had a small present for the lady. She slipped in a medium-sized set of lubricated five anal beads. Lady Cathenne let out a very elegant, “Oh.” Mouse quickly drew over her latex suit and sat her down.

Sitting, Lady Cathenne let out a, “Whoopsie!”

Like Mouse’s gel mouth insert, the anal beads inflated when Lady Cathenne sat. The beads would eventually deflate but only slowly under Lady Cathenne’s tight rubber catsuit. She drew Mouse down in her lap and kissed her tenderly and hard while she caressed her between the legs.

Mouse responded well, but she also bounced up and down on her lap, cupped Lady Cathenne’s breast, and held her tightly. Mouse could feel how the bouncing affected Lady Cathenne’s anal insert, and she continued until Lady Cathenne spasmed, climaxed, and sagged into Mouse’s arms. Mouse just held her for a while. The shop opened at eleven, so they had time.

Mouse lay Lady Cathenne down to rest awhile and went about dressing in the clothing Lady Cathenne laid out for her. Latex hood, stretch light-grey leather-gloves, another light grey catsuit with hood, light-grey wedge boots, latex hood, and a matching leather hood laced at the back. Mouse could not really function without the hoods. Lady Cathenne saw Mouse with the hood, and she stood gingerly. It would take a while before the insert contracted.

Lady Cathenne helped Mouse into a dark grey, below-the-knee woolen dress, with beautiful blouse sleeves and a cowled neck that she drew over Mouse’s leather hood. She looked at Mouse and changed her mind. She pulled down the gown's cowl and unlaced the leather hood.

Lady Cathenne, gliding again, not walking like just before, came back with a rubber hood covering Mouse’s face, except for the eyes. She looked at Mouse, and Mouse nodded. Lady Cathenne also had a day comforter and a lip stretcher, which sent Mouse to the edge. Lady Cathenne placed the comforter and lip stretcher into Mouse’s mouth, pumped up the comforter, drew over the latex hood with eye-openings only. Mouse sat while Lady Cathenne positioned the eye holes of the face-covering leather hood. As Lady Cathenne laced the hood nice and proper, Mouse needed a moment.

Downstairs, Lady Cathenne wrapped a grey shawl around Mouse’s face, hiding her most of her leather-covered face. With her face down, cowl over, and a pair of sunglasses, no one would notice her leather Spider-Gwen face. Lady Cathenne did not give her any glasses. They looked each other over, ready to go to the store.

They embraced, and Lady Cathenne patted Mouse's ample diaper rump sending her off to work. It was a warm morning, so Mouse had to pace her walking. She had a mobile phone with her and knew to hit the speed dial if she needed her ‘mummy.’ Mummy would dive to the store and prepare everything. Life was perfect.

Mouse arrived at the store, hot and languid. She curtseyed to Lady Cathenne, like the excellent employee she was during store hours and went to the rear. There she checked their online sales, which were up. With her designs and using marketing skills that Lady Cathenne taught her, their businesses were growing steadily.

Mouse worked away, filling orders, humming Dolly Parton's tune, ‘Nine to Five’. She was a happy little Mouse. 


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