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The Audition


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Storycodes: F/f; bond; armbinder; straps; gag; toys; rope; susp; hogtie; reluct; whip; X

Part 1

Jennifer can't wait to start her 3-day holiday weekend.

Jennifer phone rings, it's Marie, Jennifers BFF.

Marie says "Jennifer could you stop by I have something to show you?"

Jennifer says "Marie all I want to do is get into a hot bath and some wine. Maybe tomorrow??"

"All come on Jennifer it won't take long to show you what I got!"

"Ok Marie, But it better be good."

Jennifer arrives at Marie's place and lets herself in.

"Marie, I'm here, where are you?"

Then Jennifer, sees the note on a pile of stuff covered up on the table.

Jennifer, I'm in the basement be up in a minute.

Oh that girl, she invites me over and she not here, Ugh.

So, girls being girls, what has Marie gotten herself in this time? She pulls the cover off and screams. Not again, the table was full of leather Bondage Gear. I'm out of here.

Jennifer turns and sees Marie standing in the doorway dressed in a John Willie Agent U-89 costume holding a stun gun. ZAP!!

"Ow!! What happened?"

"I zapped you, Marie."

"No!! Not again. Let me out. Marie why did you do this to me?

"Easy Jennifer I was not going to let you spend the 3 day weekend on the couch sipping wine and playing with your vibrator alone in your apartment. When you can help me rehearse my new role as Agent U-69 in the recreation of John Willie's Sweet Gwen. You will be Gwen."

"NO!! NO!! NO! You cant, the last time you tricked me into helping you rehearse. You kept me tied up and helpless for two weeks."

"Jennifer, you enjoyed every minute of it."

"That's beside the point," Jennifer gives a laughing grin. "Now as you can see I use leather restraints on you for the first scene."

"Marie, it is so tight, please let me go."

"No, It took me a long time to restrain you like that. I used every piece of leather the studio sent over on you. Let me explain. 

"First, as you know by now I laced you into a very small leather Armbinder. It took me three tries to tighten up the laces and to get your elbows to touch."

"What do you think Jennifer, tight huh?"

"Yes Marie very tight, I'm in agony please loosen it."

"Jennifer, it will do your flexibility good for your yoga class. Now, where was I. Oh yeah, next I put you in a three-inch reducing leather corset and put you into a full chastity belt with attachments in. I will turn the random timer on when I'm done getting you into your role.

"Next a full body harness on you and tightened all the straps to their last notch, thus restricting your movements. Shoes next! Knee high ballet boots with 6-inch stilettos and a few ankle cuffs around your boots."

"Marie, you are NOT!! agent U-69, let me go.

"Now, Now, Gwen it 's for your own good and training.

"My name is Jennifer, not Gwen, Marie, please!!"

"Ok, Gwen let me get you in your final position." With that Marie drags Gwen over to the pulley. Marie hooks the pulleys chain to the bottom of the armbinder and starts to pull Gwen up onto her feet. "There Gwen that was the hard part, a few more things and we are done." Marie grabs a 3-foot spreader bar and attaches it to Gwen's ankle cuffs thus spreading Gwen's legs wide, this also causes the attachments on her chastity belt to move.

Gwen let out a moan. "Stop that Gwen, it's too soon for that. Later, OK my pet?"

A four-inch neck collar is next. "Please, Marie no more."

"I'm afraid there are just a few more things. So to stop your whining, a nice 2-inch big black ball gag." A tear comes to Gwen, it is hopeless, Marie now has her totally bound and gagged and helpless in leather restraints. "Ok, Gwen now the final position." With that said Marie starts to pull on the chain to raise Gwen's armbinder up and bend her body down until she is in a tight strappado. Just a few more straps, one from the end of the armbinder up and through the pulley down to her chastity belt, the other went from Gwen's collar to the middle of the spreader bar.  

Marie pulled on the chain a few more time to ensure she was very taught in her strappado. "There, Gwen, I'm done and I'm bushed, it took a lot out of me to put you in this. So I think I will call it a night. Maybe a glass of wine and make sure you are ok in this position. Ok, it looks good. See you in the morning. Oh, I almost forgot to turn on your vibrator! Bye my Sweet Gwendoline pleasant dreams."

Poor Jennifer, bound and gagged as Sweet Gwendoline awaiting her next torment and fate, and then the vibrator kicks in. Gwendoline starts screaming in ecstasy. How long this time will Marie keep her bound and gagged and tightly trussed up and tormented.

Part 2: Classic Gwendoline

Morning comes, Marie opens the door to their secret dungeon, comes over to Gwen still in a tight strappado. She gives Gwen a whiff of smelling sauce to awaken her. Morning my pet how did you sleep, have any pleasant wet dreams?"

Gwen moans.

"Oh silly me, here let me take that gag off." She gave her some water to drink. "Well Gwen answer me, how was your night?"

"Please, Marie, my name is Jennifer NOT Gwendoline let me go! No more." 

"You know I can't do that Gwen, we still have two more scenes to rehearse. But if you insist on not cooperating I'm afraid I will have to use chloroform on you to get you ready for the next scene."

"No Marie! I will be good."

"Too late."

"I have a strict timeline to keep." She reaches into the medicine cabinet and pulls out the bottle of chloroform with a rag.

"No Marie," screams Gwen.

All for not, Marie takes the rag and soaks it in the chloroform and presses it to Gwen's lower face. It only takes a moment before Gwen passes out. "Ok, Gwen on to your next scene, the classic pole tie but with a new twist."


Gwen awakes on her own this time and immediately feels the tight ropes all over her body. First, she was dressed in the classic white outfit, a multi-piece nightgown affair with thigh high stockings and garters. The ropes were next, and they were pulled very tight around her body and pole. Starting with her wrist pulled back behind the pole and wrapped four times around and cinched tight. Her elbows were next, tied the same way and very tight, welding her elbows to the pole, Finally when all the ropes were tied she was bound head to toe, hands, elbows, chest above and below. Waist, thighs, knees above and below too, and to finish, her ankles.

"Ok Gwen now for that twist I told you about."

Marie takes a long rope and winds it around her waist and then down and through her pussy up the back to her waist rope over and back down and through again up to her waist, but instead of tying it off, she threads it through an overhead pulley system down to awaiting 25 pound weight on a high stool and then ties it off. When Gwen saw this, she was horrified and knew what comes next. She was to be tormented mercilessly all day long. Marie kicked over the stool and came over to Gwen. "Now in this scene, you are tormented to tell where the formula is. Of course, you refuse."

"So 3 hours with the weights and 3 hours of whipping you. I will be doing the whipping so don't worry, wouldn't want to hurt or harm you my pet."


"Gwen, you were fantastic the scene went so well and looks great, time for bed."

"Please, Marie, have mercy, let me go."

"Soon my pet, only one more scene to do and then the movie is complete. Time to go bed."

"Please Marie don't tie me to the bed tonight."

"Oh all right I won't tie you to the bed but you will be tied up for bed."

Gwen thought Marie would go easy on her. Think again. When Marie was done tying Gwen she was left in a very tight reverse arm tie and attached to a crossed leg hogtie, no slack what so ever!

"Marie, you promised to go easy on me tonight."

"No, Gwen, I promised not to tie you to the bed tonight. Too bad, I was going to treat you to a night of passion and love making and sleep with you tonight but you complained so much, this is your fate for tonight."

"Please, Marie, I accept."

"Too late Gwen and you are making too much noise again so..." Marie grabs three very long silk scarfs, comes over to Gwen rolls up two of them into a tight ball and then shoves both of them into Gwen's mouth. The third she ties a double knot in the middle and secures both silk cloths in Gwen's mouth. With the leftover scarf, she wraps it around Gwen's head and ties it off. One last thing to make it a classic, Marie grabs a black silk tie, then grabs Gwen long blond hair and ties a bow around a ponytail. But Marie takes another black silk tie and attaches her ponytail to her reverse wrist tie, pulling Gwen's head back. "Next time don't complain."

Part 3: The Pony Ride

"Up and Adam Gwen." Gwen moans, Marie comes over to Gwen. "Sorry Gwen I'm running late you have to stay like that a little longer."

"No!" screams Gwen, but of course no sound came out. Gwen sees Marie dragging over a steamer trunk.

No, she is going to lock me in that, I'll die in there.

"Ok, Gwen, I can't transport you like that in the open in the back of my truck. So you are going into the trunk and then we are going to my ranch in the country."

"Marie that's 3hours away," if Gwen could speak. Gwen felt Marie lifting her and putting her in the trunk and slamming and locking her in. She was then loaded into the back of the truck and they were off. Finally, after a long ride where she felt every bump in the road, they arrived at the ranch. Marie pulled Gwen out of the trunk, took her inside and put her in the shower. Gwen slid down into a sitting position and just let the hot shower clean her body.


Marie came in and attached a high collar on her and took her out to the barn.

"Ok, Gwen last scene you are here to be trained as a ponygirl. But I have a lot of set up to do. So I will just lock your collar to the stalls ring, for now, so get some sleep this will be a tough scene for you, Could make your career."

"No, Marie, I don't want to be trained as a ponygirl."

"Too late Gwen I already arranged for your training by one of the best in the business. It's only three months long. Your ponygirl name is now Sweeter Gwen."

"No, please!!"


Three months later Marie comes back for Gwen.

"How was it, Gwen?"

"Oh Mistress I enjoyed all of it."

"I  hear you won a couple of races too. I knew you would get the hang of it. So let's go home. I have something very special for you. Ok, Now get in the trunk."

"Do I have to?!"

"Yes, you do. Will you get in the trunk voluntarily or do you want me to tie you in a tight hogtie?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Just for that remark, you will be punished when we get home and you will not like it."

Part 4: The Cage

Marie pulls up to her castle in the country, Well not a true castle but an old stone fort. She renovated it to look like one after her last movie was a success. It had high walls, turrets and a moat, she dug out to surround it.

But the best part was the dungeon below the castle. Marie filled it from the props the studio sent over the last time she rehearsed with Jennifer. Marie drives around back to the cellar door. Marie goes inside and comes back with something in her hand. A black metal 6-cuff set of slaver's chains.

"Ok Gwen, we're here. Time to let you out." As soon as she steps down to the ground Marie grabs the set of slavers chains and begins to lock Gwen into them.

The collar was first and followed by the elbow cuffs, which only had 1 link between them, next were the wrist cuffs, also only 1 link between them.

They were also attached to a very heavy metal chastity belt with plugs, a chain continues down to the ankle chain, but it had a foot of chain between them so she could walk.

"Marie why are you doing this to me? I thought I did good, with my Ponygirl training?"

"You did, and Master Jack wants you back in 6 months. This is for being rude with the comment you made."

"I'm sorry."

"Sorry, won't cut it. You will always be punished for your bad behavior. Now, let's go, to the dungeon with you."

Will Gwen ever learn, maybe after she sees what is in store for her, she just might.

"Ok Gwen, strip."

"NO! Please not naked."

"I said strip, or do you want the whip too?"

Gwen sobs, and then strips.

"Ok, Gwen, I had this made just for you." Gwen looks at the device in horror. Gwen looks at a black metal frame made to enclose a human inside it. Marie said, "I had it made with your measurements in mind maybe a little smaller too and very snug around the body. Let's get those shackles off and you into it."

Marie was right about it being snug. It fit her perfectly. It was made by starting with a wide metal slat which went around her head and body at her side. There were 6 body-hugging bands that started around her ankles, knees, waist, chest, above and below and it had a high neck collar too. But the final piece was a scary wide metal Scold's Bridle. Poor Gwen.

"Ok, Gwen that just about does it, just one more thing."

"Marie please not the gag."

"Gwen you silly girl, of course, you have to be gagged. Keeps the noise down when you start screaming when I whip you."


"I think a week in this will soften you up and then you will learn to hold your tongue. Gwen, one more thing the Studio ordered another movie. It is called Sweet Gwendoline: Training to be a Slave. Now, where did I put that cat-of-nine-tails?"

Poor Jennifer, will she ever get her name back?


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