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The Audition


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Jennifer and Marie lived together as roommates. Jennifer, as the straight-laced one and Marie, as the free spirit. Jennifer had worked her way up the corporate ladder. Marie, on the other hand, was a wanna be actress. The two girls totally opposite of each other.

"Marie, I’m home; where are you?" Then Jennifer, saw the note, 'Jennifer, my agent called on a rewrite of a new script, I will be late tonight. But I’m expecting a delivery from the studio any time soon; please watch for it - Thanks'.

The letter went on to say it was her costume for the shoot. Oh darn, all I wanted to do tonight is take a long hot bath and then wine and sleep. Oh well, I can wait after all Marie, is a good roommate. So a glass of wine is in order. She poured a glass of wine and plopped herself down on the sofa. No sooner than she sat, the doorbell rang.

Jennifer, open the door and saw a handsome young delivery guy. She smiles at him. A thought came over her, ‘has it been so long since I had any fun. All work and no play makes Jennifer, a horny lonely girl. Oh well.’ So she turns back to the guy. "Miss M Smith?"

"No, that’s my roommate"

"OK will you accept delivery?"

"Yes", says Jennifer, there are two big boxes, "So could you bring them in and put them down here."

"Yes Ma'am."

"Oh please don’t call me that I’m not that old."

"Sorry says the delivery guy", as he puts the boxes down and says, "Sign here please," and then left. Jennifer was sorry to see him go.

Wow!! these boxes are big, I wonder what Marie, has gotten herself into this time.

But my hot bath is calling me, so off she went. Upon drawing the bath she grabs for the bottle of wine and stepped in. After an hour long soak and more wine she got out and began to towel herself off, Whoa a little tipsy she grabbed for the wall to steady herself. Jennifer, made it out to the couch plopped down and passed out. ‘Wow two hours passed’, Jennifer thought a little two much wine. Just then the phone rang and went to the answering machine. "Sorry Jennifer, I will be tied up a little longer sorry. "

Truth be told Marie, was tied up at the time for her part in the movie. Marie, was to be the Damsel in Distress in the Movie. Marie couldn’t help but giggle,when she told Jennifer. So Jennifer thought ‘Oh well another night by myself’. Then she glanced over to the two boxes on the floor and got curious. What part was she going to play that would require these two big boxes? Jennifer, had to find out even if Marie was going to be mad to see that she had opened them. She would tell Marie, that they were delivered that way.

So the boxes were labelled M and S. Jennifer thought the M was for Marie, so she would open the other one, that way she wouldn’t be in more trouble if she opened Marie’s. Not knowing M was for Mistress and S was for Slave. Upon opening the box she gasped in shock, for in there lay a costume for the S part, it was a shiny black latex one piece leotard, or so she thought, after pulling it out and looking further there was more to it. It had a high neck collar and cut outs for her breasts, also there was a zipper in the lower part of the garment. Jennifer could not understand what this was for.

At that moment Jennifer’s life thought came back to her, ‘all work and no fun’. Jennifer giggled I wonder what it might be like, if I try it on? She and Marie were the same size, so she knew it would fit her. Jennifer jumped at the sound of the phone, it was Marie, again saying sorry, and it would be a few more hours until she would be freed. Jennifer did not catch the word freed. Thinking it would be a few more until she would be free. Marie was still tied up in her part of the movie.

So onward Jennifer went, thinking she had two more hours until Marie was home. Enough time to try out the costume! Jennifer, picked up the leotard and then saw the other things too! Thigh high latex black stockings, above the elbow long latex gloves, a pair of 5-inch high stilettos heels, and finally a 1-inch locking collar with a chrome ring attached. Wow Jennifer could never imagine anyone wearing this outfit out in public. But she had to try it on.

So on she went until the last items in the box were the latex stockings and shoes. Where upon lifting them up there was one last thing though, a Police style double hinged pair of hand-cuffs. Jennifer, wondered what on earth these were for. But she had to know what this outfit felt like, after finishing getting dressed a dilemma occurred, to handcuff herself in front or behind, the police do not handcuff perp’s with cuffs in front so behind then. Click went the sound they made and then…

"JENNIFER!" Screamed Marie.

"Oh Hi Marie, your home early", she turned bright red. "I can explain!"

"Please do."

"Well you see I was bored and then I got curious about what was in these boxes."

"So you thought you would open them and then try my costume on."

"Yours!! No I thought the box marked M was yours?"

"No Jennifer that’s not what the M stands for. But if you want to know, I need to rehearse my role. But I can do the M part instead."

"Ok it might be fun!" said Jennifer. "Marie, what about this costume?"

"Oh that, I play the role of a kidnapped heiress, who is held for ransom."

"Oh", said Jennifer.

"Now let me look at the costume. You haven’t finished trying it on, there more to it. But first let me get the M costume on OK Jennifer."

With that Marie, grabbed the box and went into her bedroom, meanwhile Jennifer, tried to get loose from the cuffs, she couldn’t.

"OK Jennifer, I’m ready." Out came Marie, in the costume. She was wearing a head to toe, full body red latex catsuit, with a corset, a pair of thigh high red latex boots with 6-inch high heels and last a red studded collar.

"Wow that is intense!" said Jennifer.

"I know but let’s get you finished in yours, and then I will explain all."

"OK these cuffs are tight and I can’t get loose."

"Here let me get the key to them."

So after releasing Jennifer, she goes over to the box and pulls out a black latex straitjacket.

"Wow is that a Straitjacket?" asks Jennifer.

"Yep", says Marie, "part of your costume."

"I don’t know about that?"

"Nothing to worry about and it will be fun, don’t you trust me?" (famous last words)

"Sorry Marie, yes I do," so with that Marie, fits Jennifer into the straitjacket and begins to tighten all the straps. There are three in back then when the arms are pulled threw the loop in front, they also attach in back, the front loop is tightened also, a chest strap is pulled around the torso just above the breasts and secured behind the back. Marie, "just two more," then reaches down to pull the two crotch straps threw her legs and secure them too. Marie begins to feel a strange sensation come over her.

"Marie, this is tight" says Jennifer.

"Really it looks loose", says Marie, "give it a try."

Jennifer, struggles for a while. "It’s no use I get out."

"OK then just let me tighten everything again", says Marie.

"No let me out, not tighten."

"But Jennifer, I need to see how tight it looks for when I try Ok, please."

"Oh alright just a little more," with that Marie, pulled every strap into their last hole.

"Great let me check the script, Oops sorry Jennifer, there’s a little more, just three things."

"Enough is enough, let me out!" screamed Jennifer.

"Quiet", says Marie, "you have no choice now." With that she shows Jennifer the last three things. "Just in time to quiet you down, a black panel face gag with a two inch ball attached."

"No!!" screamed Jennifer, but very little sound came out after that.

"Now onto this a 4-inch locking posture collar with slave ring. And finally a set of locking metal shackles. There all done Jennifer," says Marie.

Jennifer just stares at Marie.

"Now let me tell you about the part. I play a spoiled, defiant, daughter of a rich industrialist magnate, who is kidnapped and held for ransom. But unfortunately her father doesn’t believe the kidnappers. His daughter has a wild streak of wearing sleazy, exotic and erotic clothing and pulling such pranks to get attention. So the kidnapper decided to step up their resolve and tell him that his daughter will be tormented for days without mercy. They would send daily pics of her torment to prove it, until he gives up the ransom. See Jennifer that’s my part. But you now are going to help me rehearse it. Oh and by the way M stands for MISTRESS and S stands for SLAVE."

 Jennifer eyes open wide and she began to scream, all for not.

"Jennifer, I’m tired from rehearsing all day. I spent most of it, in that costume you now wear, so I’m going to bed. But one last thing to do. I will get you ready for bed."

With that she walked over to Jennifer, picks her up over her shoulder and carried her into her bedroom and stood her up against the wall. She left and then came back with more straps and a blindfold. First she closed the gap between Jennifer’s ankles with a pad-lock, then she took the mattress off the bed, laid the 3-inch wide straps down on the bed, she put the mattress back on the bed. Then picked up Jennifer again and threw her on the bed. There were 4 straps that went over her body, ankles, knees, chest and neck when she was done poor Jennifer, could not move an inch, she was strapped down really tight to the bed.

"OK one last thing Jenifer, the blindfold." But before she put it on Marie, began talking, "There all snug and comfy. Tomorrow is going to be a long and fun day (for me) so good night and sleep tight", and then slips on the blindfold. Poor Jennifer, trapped in a straitjacket , tied to her bed to await her fate in the morning.

* * *

"Morning Jennifer, I have a busy day planned for you." Marie comes over to Jennifer and takes off her blindfold and gag. Jennifer moans "What time is it?"

"Noon", Marie, says, "time to get going on the rehearsal."

"You can’t do this to me Marie, this is wrong."

"But Jennifer, you said you wanted to try it and it would be fun"

"I have a job I can’t spend a day rehearsing with you."

"Oh that reminds me, your Boss called he was so pleased with your work on the Johnson account he gave you time off from work. He’s not expecting you back for a while. Lucky you, see you do have the time to rehearse with me. Also my producer was so please that I found a replacement for my part, he gave me the M part permanently and sent over the props for movie."

"The guys have just finished installing it down in the basement in the secret room you found last year, the dungeon looks so fantastic and realistic too. So times a wasting."

"Marie, please don’t do this, I don’t want to try it anymore."

"Sorry Jennifer, I can’t find a replacement in time now, so let’s go. You need a shower first you stink from last night’s rehearsal."

 As Jennifer, comes out of the shower Marie, locks the shackles back on her and attaches a leash on the collar ring. "Marie, do I have to wear these shackles?"

"Yes! Until you learn your role, now let’s go down to the basement, I can’t wait to show you what they did down there."

 Marie, grabbed Jennifer’s leash and turned and lead her out and down to the basement. Jennifer, didn’t know this at this time, but she was being lead into her new life forever more. Upon reaching the secret hidden room. Marie, reached out to pull the special book on the shelve that opens the hidden door (hidden secrets) the then door slowly opens to reveal the hidden room, that now was turn into a fully stocked Dungeon. Marie, dragged Jennifer, through the door and closed it shut with a thud.

"I ‘ll let you look around to take it all in. But then we get started with the first part of the script OK."

Marie, was right about a fully stocked dungeon, it had everything, there were cells, cages, pillory stocks, benches, chains, shackles, and a very stout looking chair made of oak.

"Well what do you think Jennifer?"

"It looks scary and so real, are you sure these are just props?"

"I‘ll have to ask the producer." Marie, knew damn well, all of this is real. "Ok time is up let us rehearse!"

The Strappado

"Wardrobe then the scene". Marie, goes over to the clothes rack and picks out Jennifer’s costume for the day. "A purple skin tight latex body suit with matching 5 inch purple high heel knee boots. My outfit will always be the same. A red catsuit, with matching high heel stilettos, a red latex corset, red choker with chrome ring. Sexy Huh !!"

"Now the restraints. All color matching (purple ) Arm-binder, 4-inch collar with ring, ankle, knee, and thigh cuffs, a chastity belt with dildo and rear plug, plus a panel gag with 2-inch ball gag."

Jennifer began to worry about what was about to happen to her. Marie grabs a roll of purple duct tape. "OK hands behind your back Jennifer". Slowly she complies. Marie wraps the tape around her wrists 4 times. "Comfy, now the arm-binder, the tape will make it easier to slip it on."

Marie, crosses the straps in front and through her breasts and back over the shoulders to buckle in the back. "Jennifer now we tighten up the laces", step by step Marie pulls the laces to their tightest all the way up past the elbows, this made her arm to come together. Marie did this three times and when she was done her arms were welded together up to her elbows which were touching together.

"Ugh that’s tight!" screams Jennifer.

"That’s good it will look real on film."

Next were the thigh and ankle cuff, which were locked on. "Ok Jennifer, just a few more items."

Marie, grabs the chastity belt with some lube, she buckles the waist belt first then takes the dildo and rear plug and slides them on the crotch strap, Marie fumbles around with the pussy zipper to open it , "Ready?" asks Marie.

‘No please don’t use that on me’ thought Jennifer.

"Sorry it’s in the script." In they go with some ease, evidently Jennifer was heating up just nicely. The collar came next and it too was locked on. Finally the panel gag, silencing her for good.

"Ok Jennifer, let’s move you under the beam." Marie attached a small pulley just under the beam, "Ok now the chains and small locks. First we hook a chain to the waist belt, then pull it up to and through the pulley to her arm-binder ring making her bend at the waist, next a chain from her collar down to her ankles, preventing her from lifting up to ease the strain on her arms, last a chain from her waist down to her ankles. One last chain from her wrists to a head ring on top of her Panel Gag. There almost done Jennifer."

"Mmmph!" replied Jennifer.

"But I forgot about these a pair of weighted nipple clamps." Marie opened the chest zippers to apply the weighted nipple clamps. Jennifer screamed into her gag.

"There that’s the first torment, A 24 hour tight strappado."

What did Marie, just say? NO!!! She will die.

"Don’t worry I will check on you throughout the day Jennifer, you look FANTASTIC that way. OK bye for now!" Marie then turned and left the chamber .

POOR Jennifer.

24 hours later, Marie comes into the chamber, "Jennifer, how are we doing?"

No sound from her. Then Marie tugs on the nipple clamps, this woke up Jennifer, as soon as she saw Marie, she tries to speak, Marie takes off her gag, "How you doing?"

"Please no more!" Jennifer pleads.

"Ok but it’s not in the script, I will you clean up before the next scene." Marie releases Jennifer from all her restraints and helps her to the bathroom. OK while Jennifer, is the bathroom I will set up for the next scene

"Jennifer, it has been an hour, time for the next scene." Marie goes to get Jennifer, from the bathroom, Marie found her sleeping in the shower. "Ah so cute, she is going to make a beautiful Slave."

Hanging by wrists

"Jennifer, this one is easy, not too intense."

"Wardrobe first. A clear see-through full latex body suit from head to toe." It only had two nose ports for air, but before she put Jennifer in the suit she added a remote control vibrating egg. Then after getting Jennifer into the suit all the way up to her neck, she reached for a clear 2-inch latex ball gag, after that she pulled the skin-tight hood over her head and sealed it up in back. This silenced Jennifer, but good, no more talking from Jennifer.

Marie now moved quickly she added wrist and ankle cuffs to her, and then dragged her over to the beam again. She added a foot long chain to her ankles, which was secured to the floor, then hooked the overhead chain to her wrists, Marie starts the winch and up she went until the clutch stopped, this pulls Jennifer very tight between the floor and beam, there was no slack.

"Jennifer, one last thing for safety, a clear air tube connected to a 24 hour air tank. After all can’t lose our star Slave." Marie turned to leave again, but before she left she turned on the vibrating egg and said, "See you in 24!" then closed the door again.

Poor Jennifer, another 24 hours of torment, will she survive?


Next morning Marie comes and frees Jennifer from her bonds. Jennifer says, "Please no more!"

Marie sternly tells Jennifer, "Call me MISTRESS from now!!"

"Yes Mistress", Jennifer quickly obeys; she is accepting her role as a slave. After being allowed to clean up again it’s back to the next scene.

"Sorry Jennifer, but this next scene is brutal."

"Wardrobe, let’s see. A black full body catsuit with quarter-sized nipple cut outs, a two sized too small corset. Will pull her waist in 4 inches, and a pair of knee high ballet boots. A full head inflatable breather hood, for total darkness, and then an arm-binder and a full body harness. Plus vibrating chastity belt and weighted nipple clamps."

First Jennifer is helped into her catsuit and vibrating chastity belt, next she was laced into an arm-binder; the body harness is next, with all straps pulled extra tight. Ballet boots are laced up tight too, and then Jennifer is placed down on the upside down Y-stock and strapped on tight. Her legs are frog tied apart, her body rests on the stock with her chest hanging over the top of it, weighted nipple clamps are applied, and the full inflatable breather hood is secured, taking away all sights and sound.

The final piece is the 4-inch collar with a chain secured to the floor. Marie says, "Wow this a lot, I’m glad I’m not the Slave anymore!" And with that she pats Jennifer on the head, get up and turns on the vibrator and then closes the door for another 24 hours of torment for POOR JENNIFER.

Marie, comes in and releases Jennifer, "How did it go?"

"Oh Mistress it was wonderful. All I could think of was how to please you more."

"What did you come up with Slave?"

"I will do any command you ask, Mistress."

Marie asks, "For now and forever more."


"Well I have good news, your rehearsing is done. There is enough footage of you struggling in your bonds that that they made a film of it for the movie. When they combined my parts they made the whole movie early. It was previewed to a great success. My Boss has ordered the rest of the trilogy."

"OK", Jennifer says, " I guess I will go back to the office tomorrow then."

Marie asks, "But before you do I want try one more position."

"What is it?"

"A Vac Bed."

"Wow that sounds like fun Mistress!"

So in goes Jennifer, this Vac Bed has a built-in hood too. Marie inserts the breather tube into Jennifer’s mouth thus making her silent again.

"Jennifer, about your work. I wrote a letter of resignation by you."

Jennifer, eyes went wide. "You did what!!" But of course nothing was heard another than "MMPHS".

"I stated that while you enjoyed your time there, you needed more in your life other than just work. Your Boss agrees and wishes you well and as a going away gesture, he OK-ed your 5% bonus of the 100 million dollar Johnson account, he sent you a 5 million dollar check. But that doesn’t matter anymore Jennifer, because you belong to me now SLAVE."

With her last word Marie, put a blindfold on Jennifer and turned on the Vac Bed and left the dungeon.

All Jennifer could think of was ‘THANK YOU MISTRESS!!’

The End



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