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Storycodes: M/f; F/m; latex; bond; bdsm; vacbed; oral; sex; toys; reluct; XX

First let me tell you a little about Arthur Verbrook, or Art as he prefers to be called

Art wasn’t what you’d call a man of stature by any means. 

At 5’4 he was easily lost in a crowd and over looked by many women his entire life.

To make up for this, he developed an aggressive, almost overbearing attitude that showed in both work and women, the former helping he become successful, the latter less so.  Still in his mind he thought he was the top dog.

At the firm, he was a lawyer by the way, he quickly became one of the most successful Defenders and there was talk that he would soon be made into a full partner by the end of the year.

Art was sifting through the Gander files.  This one would be an all nighter.  Mr. Gander was caught cheating on his wife and she was going to get everything from him.

“Not if I have anything to say about it” he spoke softly to himself.

He took a sip from his coffee only to be rewarded by the stale bitter coldness of that which had been sitting there far too long.  He reached over, not even needing to look, and pressed his intercom.

“Janice, bring me in a fresh pot would you?”

No answer.

Art was becoming annoyed.  All he wanted was a damn cup of coffee so he could finish his initial report.


Still no answer.

Many secretaries had come and gone in his time at the firm.  Art had a problem with most.  Many of them were moved to another office to avoid a harassment scandal as Art had problems with the word no.  The firm didn’t want to loose the best defender they’d seen, but they couldn’t let him get involved in a lawsuit of his own.  Janice was their ace in the hole.  She was in her 50’s, overweight and by no accounts attractive to Art.  It worked out perfectly until she decided to retire.


He sighed and got up and walked to his secretary’s office.  Boxes were strewn about and Janice’s name plate was missing.  Bent over going through one of the boxes Art noticed a tight little heart shaped package.

“Excuse me?” he said “Who the hell are you, where the hell is Janice, and more importantly, where the FUCK is my coffee?”

He didn’t mean to lose his temper, but he was the Firms golden child after all and his time was important.

Shawnda Gasped, Startled and stood up.

Great she thought to herself.  Not even here 10 minutes and I’m already in trouble.

“I’m sorry Mr. Verbrook.  I’m Shawnda, I’m replacing Janice.  I haven’t really figured out everything here yet.  As you can see I’m still trying to get organized.

Art was taken aback.  There was more to this creature than just a nice ass.  He figured she stood about 5’10, maybe even taller.  Hard to tell with Heels.  Her blonde hair was cut short, but it suited her face as it lengthened down the further forward it fell.  Her chest was ample enough, but he found he had trouble pulling his gave from her eyes.  A Smokey Green that just begged to be seen.

“Art” he replied

“Excuse me?” Shawnda was nervous

“Call me Art.  My father was Mr. Verbrook.”  He looked around the office.  “Don’t worry about it, sorry I startled you, just… just get me some coffee and you can get back to doing whatever it is your doing”.  And with that he walked back into his office.

He waited in his office until Shawnda brought him his coffee.  He quietly sifted through his papers, though in reality he was watching her every move.  He noted the grace with which she moved, her hips, swaying back and forth, hypnotizing. 

She left as soon as she came. Closing the door behind her.

Art’s gaze lingered on the door for minutes after she left.  He cursed himself for letting her get to him like that.

He tried to get more of the Gander file done, but found he just couldn’t concentrate.  He picked up the files and shoved them in his brief case and headed for home.

Shawnda was sitting at her desk.  An organized mess if anyone asked her.

“I’m going home for the day.  Cancel my appointments and call me if Mr. Klein try’s to get a hold of me.”

“Yes Mr. Verbrook”

He looked at her, contemplated for a second and thought what the hell. “Shawnda, How’s about you and I go for a drink this weekend? It will give us a chance to get to know each other.”

“I don’t know Mr. Verbrook.  I’m not sure that’s such a great idea to mingle with my boss.  I’m sure you understand?”

“Yah of course.  It’s not like it meant anything.” And with that he stormed out of the office

“Bitch” he said to himself

“Just because she’s taller than me, she thinks she’s better? I’ll Show Her.  She’ll beg me to fuck her by the time i'm done”

All Night long Art plotted out his revenge.

The next morning Art came into the office early.  He put the Gander file away and waiting for the day to unfold.

Shawnda came in at 9 o’clock sharp.

“What’s on the agenda today Shawnda?”

“You have a 10 o’clock with Mr. Gander and a 2 o’clock with Mrs. Fetch.  Your Lunch is scheduled with Judge Klein.”

“Excellent.  Have my Coffee Ready in 10 and don’t disturb me until I call for you”

“Yes Mr. Verbrook”

As she left Art was painfully aware of how tight her skirt was.  Any thoughts that what he was going to do was quickly put aside.  She was obviously asking for it, begging even.

The day passed by quickly.  He had to stay late and finish up the Gander file, but it would be good to go for Monday.  He stepped out of his office and noticed the telltale signs of darkness.  He and Shawnda would be the only two people left

“So, given any more thought to my offer?”

Jeeze this guy was a creep she thought. “Again, I think I may have to decline Mr. Verbrook.  I just don’t think it would be right.”

“How about this then.  You come to my place, we have drinks and dinner.  I can make things very difficult here for you.  Who do you think the firm will favor?  You? Or me?  And i'd reach your answer soon because this offer is now limited.”  He Fixed his steel gaze on her

She bit her lip.  Damn, she had been warned about him, but thought she could handle herself.  He was right though.  In the end she'd get fired and he’d just get another secretary.  What harm could dinner be?”


“What’s that?”

“Ok, Mr. Verbrook”

“That’s better.  I’ll expect you at my place within the hour” he left her his address and left.

55 Minutes later He answered his door. “Cutting it close aren’t you?”

“Sorry Mr. Verbrook” she explained “I had to finish filing, then find your place”

“No matter, you’re here now, Dinner is almost done, come” He took her coat and placed it in the closet.

She stepped in and looked around.  She was suitably impressed.  He may be an ass but he had taste.  A very modern looking décor surrounded her and she walked about the place looking at different pieces of art.

“Dinners ready he called out”

She followed his voice and he was waiting

Dinner was quiet, awkwardly so.

After they both finished she sat looking demur while he just stared back at her.  A Predators look in his eyes.

“Look Art” she began

“So its Art now is it?”

“Excuse me?”

“I told you to call me Art after we first met, this is the first time you actually called me that”


“Look. I’m going to propose something.  Feel free to say no, but again, remember our talk earlier.”

She closed her eyes. “Yes?”

“One night.  One night with me, my rules, my game. If you be good about it.  I'll make sure you stick with me.  I’m going places and i'll take you to the top with me.”

Shawnda didn’t really know what to do.  It’s not like he was a bad looking guy.  But this was too much.  She couldn’t afford to get fired, but how far was this going to go?

She swallowed hard and nodded

Arts smile was impossible to ignore “Excellent”

“Follow Me; leave your clothing beside my couch.  You won’t be needing it”

She did as she was bid, feeling no less exposed, no less frightened as she followed him through his home.

He led her to his spare room.

She gasped as she entered.  Strewn about, and placed neatly all over the wall and along shelves laid bare for the world to see was Arts “Dungeon”. 

Shawnda had heard of such devices, even fantasized about them.  But never had she used any.  She walked slowly about the room, her fingers trailing along paddles and whips, clamps and crops.

“Like what you see?” Art snickered?

Shawnda blushed.  “I do”

He went into a closet and pulled out a leather corset and harness. Helped her into it and tightened the straps to fit her body.  Still trembling, now with anticipation vice the fear she felt earlier

He led her to a cross and tied her hands spread eagle.

“Have you had any experience with this before?”


“All I can tell you then is to relax; your body will know what to do”

And with that he slid a blindfold over her eyes. He sifted through his toys, picking up a nice velvet flogger and began to swing it against her body.  Its soft falls brushing against her skin, bringing small murmurs from her lips.

His hand reached to another flogger, this one heavier even as his other hand continued to bring the velvet softly across her skin.

Then he brought the heavy leather one down with a crack. Shawnda shuddered and moaned but didn’t try to get away.  Several more of the softer followed by the heavy, her chest was heaving now. Small gasps coming from her lips.

He untied her slowly, to small protest.

“I have something special in store for you”

He lead her to the corner whereupon lay a large latex…thing.  She couldn’t tell what it was

“This is a Vac bed” he explained “it will restrain your movements but feel good”

“Trust me?”

Shawnda nodded.

“Good” Not like you had a choice he told himself

He helped her get undressed and she slid into the black latex, her neck sticking out.

He slid the blind fold back on and hooked up the vacuum.  The loud whirring was lost to her as she felt the latex compress around her, immobilizing her.  She couldn’t move an inch and she liked it.  Her pussy, warmed up by the flogging, was dripping now. But she couldn’t do anything about it.  She ached to touch her self, even as she felt comforted in the restriction now upon her

Art secured the Vac bed and retrieved a simple paint roller.  He began to roll the soft sponge across the latex, tracing the cantors of her body.  Her moans got louder even as he watched her struggle to move.  He brought out the leather flogger again and brought it down upon her again and again. Even as he tired himself out Shawnda was getting noticeably excited.

He put his hands down to her crotch and rubbed against the latex.  Shawnda cried out “Oh yes”

Art smiled “Oh yes what”

“Please.  Please Art.  I need to be fucked”

He smirked, but that would require I take you out.  How about you show me how much you want out first?”

Shawnda's mind was swirling with the rush of being constrained.  She heard some noise then felt something warm and hard pressed against her lips.  She opened up and felt Art slide in.  She lay there helpless as he face fucked her.  But she didn’t mind.  Her only thought was to get him off so she could get fucked.

For his part art continued to take time to flog her as he shoved his cock in.  At least this was one part of his body that wasn’t small. He relished at how easily she fell before him.  He knew she was a slut on the inside.  All girls were.

Not wanting to get off too soon he pulled out of her mouth to small protests

Grinning he releases her from the Vac bed and helps her to her feet. He pulls her by her hair to the cross and bends her over.

“This what you want?” he asks as he slides into her soaked pussy

“Oh god yes” Shawnda moans

Shawnda begins to buck against him even as he slides into her.  Art grabs onto her hips and fucks her over and over.  Finally he cums hard inside her.  They both slide down gasping.

“Mmmmmm” Shawnda can’t quite articulate words yet

Art stands up smiling

“Why don’t you go get us some wine babe? It’s in the Kitchen”

Shawnda stumbles out giggling a little as Art sits back and enjoys his moment.  If he’s lucky he'll be able to play with this one for a while before the firm takes her away like all the others.

Shawnda comes in with two glasses of red and hands one to Art.

“So how was it?” Art Asks

“I never imagined it could feel so good” she explains

“I told you it was a good idea didn’t I?”

“Yes Mr. Verbrook”

Art downs his glass “Look, I keep telling you to….to….call ..What?” Art wobbles a bit. He lays down his eyes looking up, unfocused. 

Shawnda standing up over him.  “Oh, I see the wine finally did its thing” her smile the last thing he remembers.

Art awakens hours later with a splitting headache.  His last thoughts were of Shawnda.

“Bitch” he exclaims

A Loud Stingy Thud is his reply as the flogger is brought down upon him.

Art yelps in pain “What the fuck” he exclaims as he tries to move.  His body is immobilized he realizes as he focuses finally.  Seeing himself attached to his own Vac Bed.

“Mmmmm” looks like the tables have turned Mr. Verbrook” Shawnda gleefully exclaims.  “I hope you’re comfy” she mockingly says, almost pouting “This is going to be a looooong night.”

…. The End?



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