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Ariel staggered through her apartment door in an exhausted huff.

Things were not exactly going the way she had hoped. Three years since she had graduated from design school and she had been unable to break her way into the fashion industry. It had taken her almost a year to get the unpaid internship in a Manhattan design house that had itself eaten another year of her life in a series of menial tasks and drudgery. Right when her internship was ending (and her chance to join the company seemed imminent) the economic recession crashed down on them with layoffs and lost opportunities. She had spent the last year working a series of low-paying temp office jobs, sending out resumes that never brought a reply. Her portfolio sat in a corner, gathering dust, her designs ignored.

So now, yet again, Ariel entered her tiny, shabby apartment wearing her ill-fitting business suit and clunky heels. She dropped her bag and keys on the counter in her galley kitchen and stood in the middle of her “charming” living room. The only thing drearier than her job and apartment was her social life. It was a Friday, but she had no plans, and no money to go out anyways. Her few friends had long forgotten about her. She faced the prospect of another weekend alone in the big city.

Going to the alcove where her bed was, she stripped off her work clothes and looked at herself in the mirror. With her hectic schedule and meager funds for food and treats, it had been easy to keep her figure even without a gym membership. Looking at herself in the mirror, clad only in her underwear, she gazed as her hands began to wander up and down in search of relief from the tensions of the day. Her explorations continued for a minute or two before inspiration crept into her thoughts. It had been so very long since she had opened the bag at the back of her closet, the one containing her special wardrobe that held so many pleasant memories for her. There was always a reason why not to open that bag – too tired after work, too many things to do.

“Well, I have an entire weekend to myself”, Ariel thought, “and nothing else to do but chores. Time for a little ‘Me’ time!”

Quickly stripping off the rest of her clothes, she put her chestnut hair up in a ponytail and rummaged in the back of the closet until she pulled out the large, bulging satchel and poured its contents on the bed. Her breathing was growing quick as she fixed her gaze on the shiny pile of black and silver items from the bag. She sorted out the silver items, mostly light chrome chains and cuffs that clanged and tinkled as she put them aside, and put her hands into the pile of slippery black latex that remained.

Ariel raised the largest item, a full-body catsuit with hood and feet, and held it to her face. Breathing in deeply, she savored the aroma of the latex. Her breath came out in a slow sigh, her eyes closed, as she hugged the garment to her chest, rubbing it against her now-erect nipples. She put it down for a moment as her hands reached for the bottle of silicon lube. A minute later, her skin glistening with its slippery coating, she retrieved the catsuit and fed one leg, then another into the eager maw of its rear zipper.

It took a few frustrating minutes to work out the air bubbles from the attached stockings and tug everything into place. Then she pulled the upper half to her chest and worked her arms and shoulders into the sleeves before pulling the open-faced hood over her head, funneling her ponytail through the hair tube at the top. She wriggled and writhed while working the rear zip up past her shoulder blades, setting it into its lock with a satisfying ‘click’, sealing herself inside.

Ariel slipped on a pair of black latex gloves and admired herself in the mirror. Only her face was unchanged.  The glossy skin that covered her now transformed her into a rubber vixen, accenting every curve. Old, neglected feelings began to rise in her as she struck a few languid, sultry poses, the warming latex of her suit caressing her. “Ooh, how I have missed you!” she said to her reflection. A playful smile crossed her face. The cares of her life, the drudgery of her work all began to slip away as her fingers did some slipping and sliding of their own, across and down her stretchy new skin, conjuring that melty feeling in her tummy with its promises of the pleasures to come.

“Time for a little magic”, she thought as she went to her bedside table and retrieved her wand, a purple silicone number with a knurled knob at its base. “Haven’t seen you in a while, either. Miss me?” She lay back on the bed and stretched out, enjoying the feel as the latex slid over her skin, then twisted the knob at the bottom of her toy, which greeted her in turn with a happy buzz and purr. She hummed blissfully as she lowered her hands to her thighs, teasing herself with the gentle vibration as it danced around her fingers. The temptation was great, but she wasn’t about to rush through to the end. She wanted it to last, to savor it.

The heat was building now, and Ariel twisted the knob roughly to its maximum setting. Her little friend roared to life as she slowly fed it into herself, greedy for its energy. Once fully inserted she gripped and held, then relaxed before gripping again, the wave building. The suit was heating up as well, caressing her from tip to toe, an inescapable sensation. Her breaths grew long and heavy, her mind given over to the scarlet haze of the imminent eruption within.

Then the buzzing stopped.

It took a moment for her to realize what was wrong. She was right, it had been too long. The batteries had gone dead in the drawer. Frantic, her rapture disrupted, she thrust her hands between her legs, twisting the knob to no avail. “No, no, no, No, NO, NO NO NO!!!” she screeched. In frustration she pulled the dead dildo out of her and, shouting, “DAMN YOU!!!” threw it across the room, where it bounced off the door of her dingy microwave and rattled back towards her across the floor. She threw herself back onto the bed and pounded the mattress with her fists, tears welling in the corners of her eyes.

Her wallow in self-pity was rudely interrupted by a bright red flash and the sound of a thunderous explosion. Sitting up with a shriek, she saw that the door of her microwave had been flung open and was banging back and forth. But the big surprise was the curvaceous redhead who was now standing in front of it, wreathed in a dissipating nimbus of smoke and flame. She was dressed from the neck down in brilliantly polished red latex, with matching corset and skyscraper knee-length boots that seemed to end in hooves. In her left hand was a nasty-looking iron pitchfork, and from her hair poked a pair of dainty red horns. An arrow-pointed red rubber tail swished behind her.

The redhead took a lock of her shoulder-length hair and gave it a sniff, then made a face and muttered, “Christ, not again.” She flicked her hair back in place and, clearing her throat, gave Ariel a (ahem) devilish look.

“Somebody call for me?”

Ariel was gobsmacked. “Wha, huh, who are you?”

The scarlet woman smiled. “Call me Lilith. Because that’s my name. And you, of course, are Ariel.” Her voice had a hint of Southern debutante lilt. She gave the stunned rubber-clad girl a saucy once-over. “My, you do look good in black. And your face, so adorable when you’re confused. But, let’s get down to business. I’m here to help you with your problems.”

Ariel was starting to come around. “Are you a genie?”

Lilith’s smile flickered, her eyes rolled a bit.

“I’m not a genie, hun. They come out of bottles and lamps. I just came out of your microwave – which, by the way, could use a good cleaning, and is why my hair now smells like frozen pizza. I usually come in through the chimney or furnace, but we work with what we have.” The scarlet stranger took a step towards the bed. She cast an appreciative glance over Ariel’s rubberized form. “Now, I can see that you’re my type of gal, and I’m all about having a good time. So tell me, hun, are you having a good time? Are you happy with your lot in life?”

Ariel sat back on the bed, the weight of the question bringing her down despite the rather odd scenario. “No, I’m not. I can’t get a job, I can’t catch a break, and I’m lonely as hell. I can’t even get a decent buzz from my vibrator. Everything sucks!” With that, tears again threatened as she pouted like a lost kitten.

“Aww, don’t be sad, Ariel. I can help you with all of that. Here”, she said as she picked the purple toy off the floor and tapped it with the tip of her pitchfork. To Ariel’s amazement it seemed to swell and grow a bit, turn a deep scarlet and produce some interesting nibs and nubbies. Lilith handed it to Ariel. “Why don’t you try it again? Go ahead, turn the knob.” Ariel reached out and took her toy, then gave its base a twist. It roared to life, growling as it jumped about in her hand. She looked up at the stranger quizzically.

“Don’t sweat the details. Just lie back, and enjoy.” She placed a hand on Ariel’s shoulder and gently pressed. Ariel felt compelled to lie down once again, and despite the stranger’s nearness raised her knees and let her hands drift down to her thighs. Nuzzling the now-jumping toy into her, it seemed to leap from her hands and enter of its own volition. Instantly Ariel was overwhelmed as waves of pleasure surged forth through her, and she writhed about on her bed as her suit assailed her with what seemed the caress of a dozen hands, tongues, embraces. Her mind was lost, awash in sensation that grew to a shattering climax, the explosion of it all echoing in her ears as she arched rigidly, then collapsed back onto the bed.

When she returned to her senses, the scarlet stranger was standing above her, an evil grin on her face. “Having fun yet?”

“…That. Was. AMAZING. I haven’t felt like that in… no, I’ve never felt like that. Oh, God!”

“Mm, not quite. But yeah, that’s how it could be all the time, if you want.”

Ariel smiled a dreamy smile, lost in the glow. “You sure you’re not a genie?”

“Positive. But you know what, I’ll play along. I’m feeling generous tonight. I usually stick to the standard contract, but for you I’ll make an exception. What would you say if I offered to make three of your wishes come true? Anything you want, all you have to do is ask.”

“Really?” Ariel was coming out of her rapture, and a skeptical doubt crept into her mind. “Wait”, she said as she raised herself up on her elbows, eyeing Lilith askance. “Why are you doing this? What do you get out of it?”

 Lilith looked at Ariel with a raised eyebrow. “You’re not very religious, are you, Ariel?”

“Sure I am. Well, not lately, I guess. So what?”

“Because I’m a kind of angel. A fallen angel. And it’s my job to work with people who are lost, like you.”

Ariel’s face went scrunchy in confusion. “If you’re an angel, why are you dressed like a devil?”

Now it was Lilith’s turn to be gobsmacked. She just stared at Ariel for a second before smiling and saying to herself, “You are so adorably dense”. Then, more loudly and brightly, “Let’s move on, shall we? Why don’t you make some wishes.”

Ariel moved as if to speak, then caught herself and thought a moment. She’d seen enough movies and TV shows about this kind of thing to know she had to be very careful about what she wished for, and how she wished for it. After a long moment of staring at the foot of the bed she looked up at her devilish guest.

“Okay, for my first wish, I want one MILLION dollars, in used and unmarked twenties and hundreds that you did NOT steal from a bank, orphanage or charity.”

Lilith laughed. “Wow, you do watch a lot of TV, don’t you? Okay, done. What’s the next wish?”

Ariel looked around. “Where’s the money?”

“Make all three wishes first, and then I’ll grant them all at once.”

“Mmmmmokay. Second wish. I want to be tops in my chosen profession. I want everyone to know who I am, and what I do. I want to be famous for it!”

“Easy, and done! Now, your final wish?”

Ariel thought a moment, and sagged a bit as she quietly continued. “Yeah… I want love. I want to be with someone who appreciates me for who and what I am, who adores me and who will be with me, cherish me and keep me safe, forever.” That last one came out a bit quick, without a great deal of forethought, for it came from deep within Ariel. She had been lonely too long.

Lilith beamed at Ariel on hearing the third wish. “Oh, how romantic! That’s one I’ll enjoy fulfilling. Now, let’s make your wishes come true! First wish first. Shazam!” With a theatrical flourish of her pitchfork Lilith jabbed at the space on the bed between Ariel’s splayed legs, and suddenly there appeared a large, black duffel bag stuffed with cash. It took a second for Ariel to react, stunned as she was by its appearance, but she reached forward in bug-eyed astonishment and grabbed a wad of Benjamins. Then she thrust her hands into the bag and brought out a double handful. It was more money than she had ever seen in her entire life.

“It’s real. You did it! I’m rich! I’M RICH!” She jumped from the bed and with a squeal of delight and cash flying everywhere, gave Lilith a big hug (noting as she did that her hair did smell a bit like frozen pizza). She then surprised them both by giving Lilith a big, long kiss, one that Lilith returned after only a moment of hesitation, joining in her embrace. The two rubber-clad women remained like this for many moments before slowly detaching, Ariel shy and embarrassed, Lilith smiling brightly.

“Um, sorry. Not sure why, I mean, I guess, I was just, you know.”

“No worries, hun” said Lilith as she gave her another squeeze. “It made you happy. You deserve to be happy. Everyone does. Now, why don’t you put your money away, and we’ll get to that second wish.” Ariel nodded demurely and broke off, her hands trailing the rubber-clad thighs of her benefactor as she turned to the bed and started gathering up the loose cash that had been strewn about in her excitement.

As she went to put a handful in the duffel she noticed a plastic zip-lock bag stuffed inside. Curious, she pulled it out and found it contained a manila folder with EVIDENCE stamped across it and some other writings below. This brought her up short. She opened the bag and retrieved the envelope, scanning its contents. The color drained from her face as she did. She looked up at Lilith in shock.

“This is a police report! The money came from a drugs bust and was seized as evidence. Did you get this from the police station!?”

“Of course. You didn’t give me a lot of other choices for where to get it.”

“But they need this to prosecute criminals. And, I’ve got a bag of drugs money in my apartment! The police will arrest me if they find it here!”

“I’m sure they will, unless the dealers get wind of it and find you first.”

Ariel was in shock. “How – how could you do this to me!?”

Lilith gestured broadly with her hands, her tail waving at Ariel from behind. “Hello, devil, remember? You did notice my outfit? No one gets something for nothing. There’s always a clause, and a cost. You accepted the bargain, you made the terms and I agreed. Now, I’ve fulfilled that bargain. You should be happy.”

“Well, I’m not! I have to get rid of this, fast!” And with that, Ariel began frantically grabbing and stuffing the cash back into the bag, as Lilith leaned against the wall and watched in amusement. Panting with effort and fear, Ariel began to sweat in the confinement of her playsuit. She was also getting aroused again, from the exertion and from the glide of the suit, but also because she - oh, you’ll see in a moment.

She managed to get the zipper of the bag closed, stuffing the zip lock bag of documents inside before the final tug. Then she picked up the duffel, heavy with its paper load, and, teetering on her heels from the unaccustomed weight, lugged it over to the open window.

Lilith looked bemused. “So, what’s the plan, hun?”

Ariel was huffing a bit as she wrestled the bag onto the window sill. “I’m getting rid of this the fast way. Gonna throw it out onto the street, let someone else worry about it. Out you go!” And with that, she dug in her heels, hoisted the bag and threw it out the window. Exhausted and relieved, she sat on the sill and smiled at Lilith triumphantly. “There! That’s that!”

As if in response, a loud, metallic THUMP came from the street below, followed by the screech of tires as a car stopped quickly, and then a short siren burst and the flash of blue lights. Ariel’s look of triumph melted fast as Lilith raised an eyebrow at her. Ariel turned and leaned out the window, to see that her money missile had landed squarely on the bonnet of a passing police cruiser. She watched as the two policemen inside got out to examine the bag, which had split open from the force of impact and spewed its contents all over the car. There were bundles of money everywhere, with stray bills floating in the breeze. One of the cops picked up the zip lock bag and recognized the contents, while the other looked about in confusion.

What Ariel had neglected to notice in all her excitement was that the angry red dildo was still in situ. Lilith, on the other hand, was well aware of its position, and whispered, “Zing!” as her tail came up and made a stabby motion towards Ariel’s nether regions.

The result was immediate and predictable. The devious device roared into action, taking Ariel completely by surprise. Bug-eyed and open-mouthed, she gripped the window sill in order to steady herself. The climax which quickly overwhelmed her was powerful and noisy. “Oh, OH, OAAAAAAAW!!!” she caterwauled to the neighborhood, barely keeping herself from falling out the window.

The cop who had been driving snapped his gaze to the window where Ariel was perched.

“Hey!” he said, pointing to Ariel. “Look, it’s her! The Cat Burglar!”

“What!?” said Ariel loudly, snapping out of her haze. She realized she was still wearing her black rubber playsuit. They thought she was some kind of super-criminal!

The other one looked up, then at the packet in his hand. “Holy shit, she robbed the police station! C’mon!” With that, he ran to the front door of her apartment building while the other could be heard on the radio: “One Adam-12 to all units, emergency! We have the Cat Burglar cornered! Converge on-“

Ariel leaped back from the window with an alarmed squeal and spun to face the now-laughing Lilith. “What- what-“

“It’s your second wish, hun. Remember? Famous in your chosen profession? Everyone knows it’s you and what you do? Well, with your first wish you chose to steal a lot of money, making you a master criminal. And,” she said while motioning up and down with her pitchfork towards Ariel, “since you decided to do so with fancy tricks and a very sexy costume, that makes you a super villainess. The Cat Burglar! The cops have been looking for her for ages, and now they think you’re her. They got a real good look at your face, they know where you live, and they caught the Cat holding the bag, or dropping it at least.”

She then motioned to the bed, where Ariel was horrified to see several bills still strewn about. “And once they get in here, and see all the cash you didn’t put in the bag, they’ll know you’re their girl. You’ll be all over the news, your picture in all the papers – heck, they might even talk about you on The View. You’re going to be famous, that’s for sure!”

Ariel was crying now. Someone could be heard running hard and fast up the stairs to her floor. She grabbed at the knob of her now-silent intruder and pulled, but it wouldn’t budge, holding fast as if she were gripping it from within. “I wouldn’t bother with that, hun”, Lilith said casually. “Its staying right there until I say it comes out. Want me to switch it on again, one last thrill before the cops take you away?”

Ariel fell to her knees, weeping openly. She raised her tear-streaked face to her tormentor. “You said you wanted to make me happy.”

Lilith walked over to the kneeling girl and cupped her chin gently with her right hand. Her tail came around to tenderly stroke her cheek, wiping the tears away. “I did, I do, and I will. Per our agreement, your soul is mine. Usually, I’d turn you over to the Boss and be done with it. But I have to say, you are so very adorable, and way too much fun to give up. I think it’s time to exercise an option I have, to keep one soul for my own pleasure. Remember, you made one more wish, and I promise that, once you have it, none of this will matter. Do you still want someone to cherish you, and keep you safe, forever?”

There were voices outside her door now, shouting and pounding. The police were coming in.

Ariel sniffled through her tears. “Yes.”

Lilith smiled gently and whispered, “Then stand up, pet. Stand up, and kiss me. And I promise to keep you safe.”

Ariel rose unsteadily to her feet, stumbling into Lilith’s embrace. Staring into one another’s eyes, they leaned in and kissed.

When the police entered the apartment moments later, they found it empty, except for the remaining cash that blew about in the breeze from the open window, and a large, red vibrator that angrily buzzed its way across the floor.


Twilight, in a scene of pastoral splendor. The setting sun left the grasses awash in gold, undulating as a gentle breeze rustled the treetops and pushed wisps of cloud to and fro.

Off to one side, a rocky crag jutted upwards into the sky. Atop it, ringed with rumbling dark clouds, sat a medieval castle that would have been menacing were it not as incongruous as a haunted house in an amusement park. Flitting about the battlements, several shiny black creatures with giant wings and hooves watched as two strangers crossed the drawbridge and approached the imposing front gate.

The leader of the two, an attractive redhead in crimson latex jeans, blouse and biker jacket, lead the other by a leash she held wrapped about her pointed tail. Approaching the guard door in the gate, she tapped it with her pitchfork, making a loud BOOM that echoed across the hilltop. After a moment’s pause the door opened with an assault of blaring Techno music. A pretty woman with white bobbed hair and wearing a white mini dress and go-go boots came out. In her left hand was a silver leash. Attached at the other end was a creature like those on the battlements, an alluring female covered entirely in black latex, whose glowing red eyes, hooves and wings marked her as one of the castle succubae.

The white-haired woman saw the redhead and squealed with delight, running the few steps between them and giving her a warm embrace, which was equally returned. She smiled at her friend. “Lil! You made it!”

“Of course! Wouldn’t miss it for Armageddon. It’s so good to see you, Sam.”

“And you as well. It’s been ages! We haven’t partied since that Gomorrah thing, have we?”

“Yeah, well, the Boss keeps me busy. Y’know, business is booming Down There.”

“So I’ve heard. Been busy Up Here as well. Lots of changes.”

“Yeah, I see! You’ve done some remodeling since my last visit. I love what you’ve done with the place.”

“We have to keep up with the times. The humans have developed some peculiar ideas of what constitutes Paradise.” She gave the leash in her hand a playful tug, pulling on the upper and lower piercings of the ebony succubus behind her, who writhed slightly in response, shifting on her hooves as she moaned through her mask.

“Oh, Sam, you do such great work! Are you sure you wouldn’t want to join us Down There? I’m sure the Boss would love to have you on the team.”

“Please, I’d have to spend half my time fending him off. He’s so grabby! I don’t know why he chose to be a Serpent. He should have been an octopus!” The two old friends had a good laugh at that one.

Sam then cast an appreciative glance behind Lilith. “But hey, Lil, who did you bring with you?”

Lilith gave a mischievous smile. “Ah. Sam, say hello to Ariel.” She stepped to one side, giving the leash of tiny iron links a tug with her tail. Ariel stepped forward, an angelic vision in white latex. Her entire body was encased in a catsuit, over which she wore a corset, teetering skyscraper calf-high boots and a severe posture collar, with a large ring to which the leash was attached. Her arms were forced behind her in a back prayer, causing her breasts to jut forward, straining against the rubber. Thin white latex straps crisscrossed her outfit, connecting everything to each other. Her head was trapped in a severe white discipline helmet whose blindfold and gag left her in isolated silence, topped with a ponytail spray of silver latex strips that formed a kind of halo. On her back were a pair of angel’s wings fashioned in white latex, concealing her pinioned arms and completing the ensemble.

Sam ran her hands appreciatively over the helpless angel’s costume. “Lil, she looks fabulous! I love the outfit she’s wearing. You really have the touch, don’t you?”

“Oh, that’s not one of mine. She designed it herself. It’s what she was trained for back on Earth. ”

“No! She wanted all these straps and bindings? Oh, Lil, you sure know how to pick ‘em!”

“Thanks, but I think I got lucky with this one. Wait till you see her face, she’s adorable.” She took the leash in her right hand and used her tail to give Ariel a playful smack on the behind, drawing a shake and a squeak of surprise from her angelic toy. She leaned in and whispered through the hood, into Ariel’s ear, “And I’m going to keep her with me, and keep her safe, and cherish her. Forever.” Ariel shuddered and moaned through her gag, lost in the promise of eternal ecstasy.

Sam took her friend arm-in-arm, their charges lead behind them as they entered the castle. “So, come on in! The party is just getting started. Wait till later, Jimi and Kurt have been working up a new song that they’re going to play for us. You’ll love it!” As the door closed behind them, Sam gave Lilith a warm, sisterly hug, then sniffed the air a bit. “Do you smell pizza?”


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