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An Unfortunate Nights Work

by Worzel

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© Copyright 2010 - Worzel - Used by permission

Storycodes: MFF/fff; latex; catsuits; hobble; bond; chast; electro; cage; display; tease; toys; cons; X

Toni was at a loose end one Saturday afternoon so Toni suggested going to their local fetish shop. Roni jumped at the chance owing to the fact she, being the sub had the washing to do! Toni squeezed Roni’s shoulders, at five foot four Toni towered over Roni’s five foot two frame. Everything about Roni was small, but perfectly formed, that’s what Toni loved about her!

They walked to the shop which was only a few streets away, And being regulars knew pretty what Sharon, the store owner had in.

As they walked through the door some deliveries had just been dropped off and were in front of them on the floor of the shop.

"Hi Sharon, It’s only us!" Said Toni in a raised voice

"Hi you two ! Want a coffee?"

"Mmmm! Please"

They made their way to the back of the store where the coffee pot was kept.

"I have some news for you two! There is a maker of fetish wear setting up in town, a husband and wife team called New Jerusalem and they’re organizing a fetish show in less than a month and they want me to contribute some "models" So I thought of you two!"

"Wow, when were you approached?"

"Only a couple of days ago, but the thing is they are custom making the outfits for the show, so if you are game We’ll need to measure the pair of you up, as they don’t have a lot of time!"

"Yeah, go for it! " They both said at once! They stripped off for the measuring and Sharon noted down all the information.

"I don’t know what they have in mind, but I’ll have to ask them when they come in again."

When they got home Toni decided to try putting "New Jerusalem" in Google. As she hit the button up came the website "Wow" was indeed the word as they seemed to be custom makers of Latex, leather and Steel Bondage equipment, selling round the world, very expensive but absolute quality.

The next couple of weeks were murder for Toni and Roni.

"I hope Sharon told them you love corsets, because I would love to see you in a real Latex corset, all chained up begging me to fuck you!" Toni, dreamily said to Roni.

"Well I would guess that Sharon probably wrote a small book on the subject!" Laughing at her own joke Roni grabbed Toni and kissed her.

"What’s that for?"



"Yeah, Later Ron!"

Later they couldn’t contain themselves any longer and walked round the shop to find out if there was any news.!

"Hi you two!" As they walked in the shop. "I’ve just been on the phone to New Jerusalem and they're snowed under with work, so what they said was the costumes will be ready on the day, The problem is they have an old guy who does their Stainless Steel work and he’s snowed under as well and the stuff needs polishing and it all takes time."

"We’ll just have to see what they have done for us on the night!"

"Yeah, well now I’ve been roped in as well!"

Hysterical laughter at the pun

"Yes, Yes, well they said I would have something special, so I suppose I’ll find out at the same time as you!"

Saturday eventually came and at closing time the girls walked through the door of the shop.

"Hi only us!" Said Toni in her raised voice, after a few moments Sharon came out of the back.

"The costumes haven’t arrived yet!"

"I hope they give us enough time to sort ourselves out, we don’t know what we’re doing yet either!"

"Well according to you Roni makes it up as she is going along anyway!"

Just then a car pulled up outside the shop.

"Oh it’s him, David Sinister!"

"Hello Sharon, hello ladies, are these the ladies you talked of?"

"Oh yes, have you brought the costumes?"

"No slight change of plans I’m afraid, are you able to lock up and go Sharon?"

"Well yes I suppose so."

"Good then I’ll drive you all to the venue, and we’ll fit you into your costumes once we get there!"

"Where are we going?" Said Roni,

"Oh it’s Thurston Hall, it’s about ten miles out of town and although they don’t like to shout about it they are one of the countries largest Fetish meets."

"Bloody hell!" Snorted Sharon

"The only Fetish shop for miles and I didn’t even get an sniff!"

"Probably not it’s very exclusive, We only found out about it by chance!"

David owned a large Merc, Toni and Roni sat in the back. They didn’t travel much in cars, they didn’t need to. As David drove into Thurston Hall there was no indication that anything was happening that night. It was all very quiet.

They parked around the back and walked back to the hall.

"There’s going to be a lot of cars parked in the front, we’ve allowed for about a hundred and twenty people, It might not sound like much but some have flown in from all round the world! I have better show you your costumes, and introduce you to my wife Kat."

Inside was completely different, the great hall had been transformed into a stage there were every type of bondage furniture all made in Stainless Steel all dotted round the hall. People were setting stuff out ready for the party.

"Right this is my wife Kat!"

Kat stood there towering over them, she was around five seven, but had six inch stiletto heels so appeared over six foot.

"Oh I’m happy to meet you all at last, All we have are your measurements, and now we can put a face to them!"

Kat had dressed in a super tight satsuit which had no visible means of entry, or exit. And her Latex stiletto boots that also had no visible joint between the catsuit and boots.

Kat pulled out three large bags, "I take it your all familiar with Latex?"

They all nodded.

"Good if you could get these costumes on, I’ll sort you out then we have to ready our selves as well!"

The girls were eager to open the bags and see what they were wearing for the night, each item was wrapped in plastic and had little messages hand written on them, Toni found a bag that said, "Open this bag first."

After a bit of rummaging they all found the first bag. Toni and Roni had a Latex catsuit with a tin of talcum powder so that was the first to go on. Sharon had a white latex blouse, hobble skirt, garter belt, and stockings. The catsuits fitted like a glove. Sharon pulled up the garter belt, pushed and pulled the stockings up her legs and climbed into the hobble skirt but, unzipped it so she could at least walk. They rummaged through their bags to find the second bag. The second bag had their corsets, the bag said put these on so they did. Next was a large bag which was the boots, Sharon who was physically bigger than Toni and Roni was having trouble getting the boots on, Toni looked at Roni and her six inch heels, Toni’s were very similar. They looked at Sharon struggling and gave her a tug which pulled the boot on.

"I’m not really used to all this! " Said a puffing Sharon.. who because of the ten year difference in age was not as fit as the other two. The next bag had a ordinary looking Latex helmet which zipped up at the back of the head..

"That was all the clothing, that’s what it says here. Now for the hard stuff!"

Sharon opened a very small bag which had a black latex tie and a tube of bright red lipstick "Try me!" it said on the side..

Toni and Roni opened their next bags and were surprised by chastity belts! The belts came with "Additions."

"Now that’s neat! A pump up dildo and a vibrator as well as one for our back door!" The suits had little hole perfectly placed to fit the "Additions" in, after they lubbed up they slipped them in and as they fitted the belts a loud click was heard. There was no padlock, the belt was self locking, and their was no key. The rest of the bag had six Stainless steel rings, one large enough to just go around the corset, just above the Chastity belt. One was a collar that looked too big, two were ankle cuffs, and two were wrist cuffs. None had padlocks and there were no keys, once this lot were on nothing was coming off

Sharon pulled out a pair of latex knickers, as she inspected them there were contacts on the inside from her clit to her anus. She pulled her hobble up to her waist and pulled the knickers up.. She waited half expecting a shock, which never came.

Toni and Roni had got their next bags and had opened them. A very heavy duty latex helmet was inside. There was a stainless steel belt worn just under the bra line and done up there was no way you would release yourself from the helmet because like everything else there were no padlocks the helmet had adjustable straps but were hidden once the helmet was on. They put the belt in place, strapped it tight, then they realised why the collar was so big, it was designed to fit over the neck of the helmet inside the helmet, there was a pump up gag as part of the helmet and zips that once done up prevented the wearer from seeing. As they put each others helmet on they strapped the helmet to the belt and locked it in place. Sharon would have to put everything else on. Sharon looked in their bags there were three plastic bags left in each. The first had a chrome chain which fitted behind their necks which dangled down to their shoulder blades, the second had a pair of mittens which Sharon fitted on the pair and the last bag had a leash which was fitted to the front of the helmets.

Kat and David walked In at that moment, and started adjusting things on the girls, a little here, a little there, but in a few seconds what movement they still had was gone.

"Sharon, your not ready?"

"No, I know I was helping them get ready!"

With Kat at the front and David at the back they finished off Sharon.

David unwrapped a helmet for Sharon and buckled it up. It wasn’t as heavy duty as the other two’s but it wasn’t coming off any time soon! A posture collar was slid round Sharon’s neck and buckled up. As was as a mono glove. They stood back to admire their work.

"We are ready!" David said as if he was waiting for an expectant mother to drop!

They chained Toni behind Sharon, and Roni behind Toni and slowly walked them out of their changing room into the main hall. They were walked to a cage and put inside, they were unclipped from each other and the door was shut, they were on their own in their own hell!

As the place filled up the buyers were keen to touch those that could not see which meant hands on bums, breasts and thighs, after the touching they wisely moved into the centre of the cage. The cage seemed to be large enough to keep them out of harms way in the middle.

Eventually David climbed in to the cage and undid the zips on the helmets so they could see, but took them to individual cages so there was no escape. David whispered to them that the cages had smaller openings in them so people could only get fingers into the cage, rather than a whole hand. David took their chains off of their necks and chained their mittens through the top of their new cages.

Toni realised that she was in a dancing cage, she had seen something similar in a club in London, so she started dancing! Sharon had not grasped it yet, and anyway someone had worked out that a chop stick worked a lot better than fingers and was poking Sharon making her squeal.

Kat eventually noticed and politely ask the person to cease, the only problem was that then she gave them her controller for the knickers which gave about two or three seconds of sensation, so they kept bashing the button so it sent her relentlessly onward towards climax! Roni fared better but she was next to David and was enjoying hands that were caressing her breasts (or fried eggs as she always called them).

An older Mistress asked David if she was for sale, "I’ll give you a good price!" Said Mistress Olivia.

"Well she is one of a pair, and neither have been really trained, But if you leave our mobile number with me, perhaps we could arrange something!"

"So where is the other one, can I see her as well?"

"Yes she’s over there behind the stand, she’s in a cage."

"Oh thank you I would like to see the other one, is she as small as this one?

David sifted through some papers and pulled out the measurements and handed them to Mistress Olivia.

"That’s both of their measurements and that would make this one about five two and the other from memory is five foot four."

"Oh my I’ll just go and see the other and I’ll be right back!"

Roni ,who was listening to this unfold was in turmoil wondering what would happen if David and Kat just sold them After the party? Thee was nothing either could do about it! What if Toni wanted it and she didn’t, or the other way round.

David got close to Roni’s ear. "You probably heard that didn’t you?"

Roni nodded. Then silence, except from the crowds of people in the hall. Roni thought it could be a wind up so that made her feel better because no one buys and sells slaves nowadays, do they?

Not having contact with the other two especially Toni was destroying her whole night. Kat opened the cage and took her leash and led her back to the changing room, the other two were already there. Sharon spied a Master key resting on their stuff which unlocked the stainless steel restraints. When her helmet was taken off, her puffy eyes stood testament to the tears she had cried. Anger took over and once she had her hand free threw the rest of the costume on the floor, just then Kat walked through the door!

"You still get fifteen years for kidnap you know!"

Kat genuinely knew nothing about the talk of a sale..

"Look I can see your upset, I'll find David and see what he has to say, Ok!"

Kat ran out, presumably looking for David, Roni explained two the other two what she had heard when David walked in they were all angered by what was said.

"Whatever happened to safe sane and consensual?" Asked Sharon angered by what she had heard.

"Whoa! I know what was said to me and I know what I said, if I take what was said literally, I can see why your angry, I would be! But I know Mistress Olivia, she helped us get started, I’ll go find her and ask her to put thing to rest." A couple of minutes later David walk back in with a tall thin woman dressed entirely in black leather.

When she saw the three angry women she held back a giggle.

"I’m so sorry, I asked David knowing the little one could hear me, she looked so adorable, I couldn’t help myself, but I know he went along with it but he would never do anything like that!"

"They're so frightened they won’t get back in their costumes!" Said Kat fast understanding just what they thought of her, Mistress Olivia, and her husband.

"Oh no, no, no, no, my darlings please, get dressed, I love what you’re wearing, so much I was going to ask David if I could take some pictures of you with the things on. No you must put the costumes on because I know how long these two worked on them and indirectly so have I, you see my brother makes all the stainless steel you have been wearing, so you might say I have a vested interest in what you’re doing, as well."

The girls looked at each other wanting a look. Toni broke the ice.

"Well I feel better about it, now!"

"Well OK."

Having taken a drink which was desperately needed they climbed back into their costumes and restraints and followed Kat to a new cage, Kat pointed out a sign in front of the cage which said,


Kat unhitched their arms and clipped their arms to three stretcher bars hung from the top of the cage, so Toni, then Sharon , then Roni hung across the cage. Kat then pulled their legs apart and clipped more spreader bars between their legs. Kat closed their eye zips, hung a small sign over their necks which read ,


And finished off by starting their electronic stimulators which was powerful enough to make them twitch visibly. So Toni, Sharon and Roni were twitching one after the other because of their clit stims. The shocks were not enough to make them cum, but got them seriously turned on !

Later they could vaguely hear David and Kat thanking them for their help, but they were more interested in cuming!

Mistress Olivia climbed into the cage with them, the place had emptied and had been a great success. Their clit Stims were turned off much to their consternation, and Mistress Olivia spoke to all of them at the same time.

"Toni, Sharon, Roni, The last of the guests have left, and the show was a great success and New Jerusalem have got their order book full for months, thanks to your work. Now do you want to go home, OR come back with us the my home and meet some of my friends? The choice is yours!"

Kat and David had climbed in the cage and already started undoing the costumes, the girls looked at each other.

Sharon Spoke, "I don’t know about these two but I would love to go back and party."

Toni and Roni nodded.

"That’s settled then! I’ll just ask Kat and David to zip you up again so you can enjoy yourselves as we make our way!"

Kat and David pulled their outer helmets back on, and secured them trapping the trio. Their Clit stims went into overdrive and they were back on cloud nine!

"I hope this is the start of a beautiful relationship" Winked Mistress Olivia.



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