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Angel in the Night

by crispydave

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© Copyright 2009 - crispydave - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; vacbed; caught; F/m; latex; leotard; stockings; bdsm; mast; climax; cons; X

Tula turned off the engine and stepped out of the car at the last house. Stretching from the long drive she looked down the valley at the lights of the small town twinkling in the dusk. The flurry of snow had stopped and the clouds were breaking so she should have no problem getting the job finished and home.

She set off round the house to check it was all still secure and in passing the back door she noticed vapour issuing from the boiler vent. ‘Strange’ she thought, the security firm who employed her usually e-mailed if the owners wanted something like that doing. As she rounded the corner she saw the car. It had been carefully parked by the detached garage so as to be out of sight from the front of the house. Checking her options she didn’t recognise it as one belonging to the owners.

Her job was go round the second homes of people who lived in London and sometimes do other jobs like collect mail or turn the heating on but they always let her know if someone was coming. Retracing her steps she rechecked the windows and doors for any sign of forced entry. Deciding anyone up to no good would not have put the heating on she collected the house keys and approached the front door and rang the doorbell.

There was no answer after the second ring and taking it as a good sign that no one had fled she let herself in. Touring the ground floor there were supplies in the fridge so whoever was here for the weekend. Going upstairs she began checking the bedrooms. Moving quietly towards the master bedroom she noticed a sweet aroma she couldn’t identify. Reaching for the door she gently pushed it open and stopped in shock and amazement at what she saw.

She stood in the doorway drinking in the sight of a man tightly packaged face up in rectangular shiny black rubber. The only analogy her mind could find was like a piece of meat in a supermarket. The rubber picked out every detail of his form as it was sucked down on the contents in the same way. She watched his head move as he sensed someone else in the room. The short breathing tube moving to point to where she stood, his breath quickening in time with the rise and fall of his chest. She had heard of such things but to see it so unexpectedly left her mind reeling.

The floor creaked as she stepped into the room and the response on the sealed form was electric. He struggled against the tight rubber making it squeak. His arms were above his head and his legs were slightly spread and he was trying to free himself but as the rubber flexed it was clear he was going nowhere.

Tula had seen porn and rubber clothing on the web but to encounter it first hand left her feeling slightly bewildered and confused. Should she free him and explain who she was? Or should she leave and pretend that it had never happened? Now it was obvious why the car had been parked out of sight, the owners must have figured she would have done her rounds by the time he got here, so didn’t mention security to him.

Moving round the room she noticed two large holdalls by the side of the bed. She suddenly felt like a small child, rummaging through mum and dads bedroom drawers when they were not there. As she peeked into the holdalls she found them stuffed with inventive erotica, hoods, ropes and clothing all of it made of the same sleek rubber that was encasing the man on the floor. She turned to look at him again and her eyes followed the frame and the tube leading from the rubber sheet that led to a domestic vacuum cleaner. Examining it she saw the simplicity of the set up was inspired. It was plugged into a timer set for half an hour to start with, and then fifteen minutes every hour. The last one was set for five hours time and it showed he had only been sealed in for half of the first hour.

Going over to his side she watched his struggles increase as he felt her presence come closer. As she knelt beside him she was unable to resist and reached out tentatively. As her fingers touched his chest he felt warm, wonderfully smooth but yet somehow separate from her. She placed her hand flat and ran it down his chest onto his stomach, his struggles eased and as she moved her hand back up he lifted his chest against the roving touch. She sensed his thoughts as she caressed him, his movements slowly becoming more languid. He had set all this up to be alone and sealed in tight rubber bondage only to be discovered. Now he was being caressed instead of shouts of horror, or loud cries of ‘here come and look at this’. Feeling her face flush she became aware that her own body was responding to the superbly sexy sight of the male form held immobile where, as her eyes were drawn to his crotch, every detail was visible.

She was about to speak, to reassure him when she noticed, as his head moved, the deep square profile to his neck and the rings distorting the rubber. Looking up and down she now made out the bands and rings at his wrists and ankles. Her exploring fingers told her there was another layer of rubber underneath the top sheet, showing he had dressed himself in rubber before getting inside the bag. A warm flush ran through her body as she realised how totally he had committed himself to his venture. He seemed to be effectively gagged by the muted noises coming from the breathing tube. As his movements became more sensual underneath her hands she realised that her arousal was building with his.

Undecided what she should do next, she stood up and stepped back to look at the form in front of her as waves of emotions washed over her. Her sex life had never been hugely adventurous and being christened Tallulah Belle she always felt hadn’t helped. She had done the usual round of boyfriends before getting married, but then life had settled into a series of moves and hosting parties for people her ex was trying to impress. She had told him she wanted to settle down and have kids while he was working for promotion. So Tula had been washed up in this small place when his firm had moved her ex on again, each of them deciding to go their own separate ways. Tula then discovered how, in a small town as a 37-year-old divorcee she had been isolated by the women who feared she would steal their men, and by the men who wouldn’t talk to her for what the women would say.

She caught sight herself in the mirror on the dressing table, 5’ 8” with enough muscles not to be skinny, smooth skin and her figure still had a waist and flat tummy, could do with losing a few pounds though. Not bad she thought and as the image looked back at her, the round face topped with an Auburn bob nodded in approval.

Her eyes were drawn back to the shimmering black rectangle containing the clearly outlined form. He was about the same height as her, muscled and in trim. Her loins sent their message as she felt them moisten. She felt she was able to justify getting turned on by this strange sight on the basis of not having had any sex for nearly a year. The possibilities opened up in her mind as she remembered the unsatisfying sessions as she tried to masturbate herself to sleep. How much easier might that have been if she had known about this kind of thing happened for real and had been able include them in her fantasies?

She crossed to the pile of clothes in the corner and feeling like a thief in the night she began feeling pockets for a wallet. Flipping it open she found his driving licence, looking up at her was a serene face with brown hair, gentle eyes and a strong jaw line. His name was Adam and it was a London address. That solved one problem, he wasn’t local but would he tell anyone else if she did anything other than leave now? Her mind was telling her she should be good and leave him to his own mischief but her body was telling her something else.

To put off a decision she replaced his wallet and moved across to the holdalls and began to empty their contents. The first bag had a number of coils of soft white quarter inch rope among which was an invoice for the Vac Bed from a company called King Engineering in Canada dated the previous week. So this was a new toy for Adam and his journey here was probably a spur of the moment decision, which was why she hadn’t been informed. She flicked through the brochure and its instructions. Reaching in further, she found a large heavy fold of latex, which it became apparent, was a sheet.

Exploring the second holdall Tula was intrigued by the range of clothing made of rubber from tights, gloves, stockings, one set with a sheath, to dress shirts and hoods. She felt her nipples tingle as she explored further. There was a heavy flogger with a penis shaped handle with about a dozen two-foot long quarter inch wide straps from its base. As she lifted a magazine out she flicked through the pages that contained many pictures of both men and women tied up and being beaten. At the bottom were black plastic bags with white sticky labels.

One said ‘Dildo pants (female)’. Opening the lumpy package with care she opened the briefs out and saw two rods inside them, almost dome shaped with lumps and nodules on them, the larger one at the front and the thinner rod to the rear. ‘For later maybe’ she thought as she put them down with a slight shudder. The other labelled ‘Leotard (female)’ which as she held it up she saw was like a schoolgirls gymslip, with short sleeves and square cut legs but with the addition of moulded breast shapes.

Turning it over and running it through her hands she felt the smoothness of the rubber her eyes noticing the back zip from waist to the high neck. It looked a little small but she somehow knew it would fit. Examining the garments and packaging they appeared as though they had never been opened from ordering. In her minds eye she pictured them being purchased for some aborted lover who fled when he revealed his fetish. Thoughtfully she brought handfuls of the clothes up to her nose and breathed in the heavenly sweet scent. As she rubbed it gently on her face her eyes flicking round the items they kept coming to rest on the pants which were so intimate and deeply provocative and knew she would like to feel the material on her body.

Tula looked round at the writhing form on the floor, the fading light from the window picking up details from his fingers and toes to his thighs and his biceps. Now she began to perceive what drove Adam to seek the tight embrace all over his body. The timer clicked, making her jump as the Hoover grumbled into life against the load. The rubber began to pull down tighter against him, delineating his limbs and torso more clearly. His struggles continuing, a new shape formed as his penis rose over his stomach as he lifted his hips against his confine and lowered them again it lay straight and proudly outlined. ‘So the tightness turns him on’ she thought as she imagined how he must be feeling, bound helpless, and fearful knowing someone else was there. Someone who had not revealed him on discovery, but was exploring his darkest most personal secrets. Watching him Tula began to know, whether by telepathy or the awakening of her desires that beneath all the surface thoughts his innermost secret desire was to be taken and whipped used to satisfy his tormentor.

The knowledge brought her confusion as Tula saw two selves, one who walked away and continued her boring life and one who followed this through to explore these strange new thoughts, feelings and emotions that raised more powerful sexual desire than she could ever remember feeling.

Drinking in the aromas of the sweet rubber as the latex leotard warmed in her hands she watched Adam as his hips began a steady rhythm pushing up against the rubber. Her heart quickened as she saw the idea form in her mind and suddenly knew which path she had chosen. Spurred on by impulse and desire she took the latex sheet from the holdall, and while the Hoover was distracting Adam and covering any noise she might make she threw the pillows and Duvet in a corner and opened up the sheet over the bed. Tucking it in she suddenly realised what a transformation it made to the room as the dusky light from the window cast long shadows on Adams form on the floor and intensified the situation. It seemed to call to her to sate her animal lusts on it.

Moving over to stand at the feet of this strange incarnation in the rubber rectangle she slowly began to undress watching him writhe. Naked, Tula rubbed her hands over her body and tweaking her nipples she felt a tingle run down her body to her crotch. As she squeezed her thighs together the timer clicked and as silence enveloped the room she stepped forward feeling the cool rubber on her feet. Placing her feet astride him she lowered herself onto the stiff bar of his penis. He started moving against the restrictions of his confinement and her juices made him slide easily through her cleft. Leaning forward and putting her hands on his shoulders allowed more pressure onto her tingling clit, his movements increased in speed and force as she rode his thrashing form. As she breathed in the sweet aroma of warm bodies and rubber, her orgasm came quickly, coursing through her, sending shudders and waves of electricity through her body. Tula knew he had come too as the last deep pushes against her had slowed but she held her position until the movement below her stopped.

She lowered herself slowly and slid her legs out until she lay mirroring his pose. His warmth radiated up into her as she slowly explored the feeling of the warm rubber against her flesh. Moving slowly to bring as much of herself into contact with him and the rubber as possible, she felt Adam’s euphoria through the layers of rubber separating them. As he moved against her she knew he thought he had found the answer to all his dreams in her arrival. As she digested this she realised his love was for rubber and someone who would enhance the experience for him, yet she now realised that she too desired sexual release from the material and the sensations it will give with its ability to transport you into its world where the only purpose was gratification of all of those inhibited Demons.

As they both relaxed from their post orgasmic high she eased herself off him and stood over the black form, the wet patch over his relaxed semi-erect penis conspicuous on the sheen of rubber. She felt strong. Never had she taken pleasure for herself like this and it felt deviously good. The image of Adam imprinted in her mind forever. The rectangle of black smoothly outlining in its inexorable grip the shape of a man that was now hers to do with as she wished separated by so little, both so apart and yet, satisfying their own needs.

Her eyes flicked to the seductive black sheet on the bed but she felt something else that needed to be done first. Moving over she gathered up the leotard and began to undo the zipper.

As she pulled it up her thighs the cold material almost made her gasp but as she took handfuls and pulled it up she felt it warm to her skin. It was a bit tight but having never worn latex before she figured this was part of its appeal. The shape of the legs meant there was plenty of material to slide into the crack of her backside and snuggle in round her bottom. As she pulled it up she leant forward and threaded her arms through the short sleeves settling the shoulder seams into position. Taking a breath she stood straight and felt it pull into her stomach and ease round her back, jiggling a bit she settled her breasts into the moulded cups. They were a bit large, probably a C cup- she was a B but they formed smoothly as her breasts just filled them. Reaching round she began doing the zipper up. Revelling in the sensuous feelings as the rubber tightened round her body. Reaching over her shoulders to catch the zip and finish it off on the high collar she stretched into the rubber and found it pulled up into her crotch. Her arousal made the feeling deeply intimate as though a sensuous lover was caressing her.

As she looked down at the form moving gently under the shining black ripples a resurgent feeling arose, one of strength giving her purpose.

Strewing garments around her emptying the holdall she found the tights and socks, working the tights up she pulled the crotch up tight and felt the leotard move against her, the tingle up to her nipples presaging the climb to another orgasm. She pulled on the socks and slipped her hands into the opera gloves and worked the top up until it covered the short sleeves. Dressed for sex and games only one thing was missing. As her mind told her she was succumbing to this wonderful materials eternal embrace, ‘do this now’ it said ‘and it will never let you go’ but her hands had already closed on the hood with eye nose and mouth holes. As she stretched the neck and drew it down over her face her vagina swelled and pulsed in its rubbery embrace as she rubbed her hands over the features of her face, her hands wandered downwards caressing her body, smoothing and luxuriating in the feel of the rubber over every inch of her skin marvelling at the way it slid over her with every move she made. As her eyes drank in the new reflection in the mirror through the tiny eye holes in the hood, she admired her new look, her waist and flat tummy accentuated by the tightness of the rubber, grinning to herself, those few pounds had disappeared under the rubber’s tight hold. She recognised herself by her body shape, yet felt strangely and wonderfully different from her everyday self.

Tula felt instinctively that to set about whipping him without warning wouldn’t work for him and the time for saying something had come. Moving slowly towards him, she leant over him and took the breathing tube and pulled upwards. She saw Adams jaw relax on whatever was on the other end but the rubber held it down too tightly. Reaching up to where she remembered from the instruction leaflet she found the flap over the zipper. Working her fingers in she pulled the zipper down a few inches that immediately drew air in relaxing the sheet. Moving her hand back to the breathing tube she put her mouth next to his ear and said. ‘You have had pleasure now its time for pain. Do you agree?’ Pulling up on the tube it came free. She saw his jaw work and heard ‘Yes, for you my Angel in the Night, anything’. She pushed the tube back down to stifle any further comment and felt it settle in his mouth. She resealed the zipper and flicked the override on the timer.

As it began to draw the air out she lay down on him and worked the top sheet round his form locking him in ever tighter and began running her hands over his body. Exciting him by the sensation of tight rubber on rubber he immediately responded by wriggling as hard as he could against the tight stretched latex. His breath was racing through the tube as his hips jerked against her desperately seeking relief. Without her moving she realised Adam couldn’t find enough friction in his rubber prison to find release he could only torment himself to the point of coming. As she drew her arms down to lift herself off him the rubber leotard moved over her back, pulling the rubber tighter against her throbbing clit, her erect nipples brushing against the cups, sending a further tingle straight to her crotch.

As she flicked the timer off she noticed it had nearly half an hour until it came on again.

Picking the penis shaped flogger up; she stood up and stretched upright against her tight clothing, her nipples flaring against the tight kiss of the rubber. Looking down at Adam, he was moving slowly within the Vac Bed stretching and pulling, trying to lift his hips up against the tension still trying to find his release. The sheet gave little movement allowing his body to move like an oiled eel in the sack, but the frame remained taught and the resistance in the rubber captured him.

Swishing the flogger through the air to get the feel of it, she saw him twitch at the noise. She had never hit another human being in her life but as she moved to stand over him and into position the rubber moving over her body caused a dark door in her mind to open before her. Pausing, uncertain of what she might find she stepped through and let the feelings filling her rise as her arm drew back.

Putting her body weight behind it as her arm came over her shoulder the strands opened beautifully to land across his chest. His legs and arms came up against the sheet as he convulsed with shock and a grunt escaped.

As Tula lifted her arm she felt the sweat slicked rubber allow free a bead of perspiration to run between her breasts, the rubber pulled through her crotch passing silkily over her engorged clit and her nipples fired a response.

As her arm flew time and again her left hand slipped into her crotch massaging the rubber into herself. Lost in her own world watching the writhing form through the eyeholes of the mask she kept herself on the point of orgasm. Riding the inexorable waves as they built to a mighty tsunami that would envelope her when it crashed over her. Noise filled the room as the tawse rose and fell with all her strength. She rode the feelings from within as the tight rubber raged her at every sense, as the blows became her connection to the dark desire to inflict pain. The sweat and heat suddenly built over her head and across her face making the hood move as she tried to stop herself crying out. The sensation of the wet rubber on her face caused her to lose control and she could hold back no longer. The tsunami landed.

Dropping to her knees she fell forward over the writhing body in front of her crying out in ecstasy as her frantically pawing hands roved at her, rubbing the latex into her face and over her breasts. Masturbating furiously her hands explored the tight rubber. She wanted only one thing, to be sealed in to the Vac Bed unable to move while Adam whipped her as she thrashed about, trying to seek the friction to be able to find relief and ultimately climax.

Picking up his mind she rolled onto him and keeping her hands buried in her crotch, she brought her breasts down around his penis, his body jerking upwards as his hips pushed his penis deep into the valley between her encased breasts. The pressure against her breasts and nipples as they moved in time to his motions and his scream of ecstasy, muffled by the gag, echoing around the room sending her to own orgasm to new heights as he jerked against her body.

Where you seek Angels you may find Devils.


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