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Angela's Story

by Lockedinlatex

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© Copyright 2015 - Lockedinlatex - Used by permission

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I lay there and struggled against the cuffs and chains that held me fast to the bed. There was no use pleading – even if my muffled sounds through the gag could have been understood, Dave had made it quite clear that I was going to be there until he decided it was time to let me out. There had been a time in our bondage games when he got bored before I was ready to be released – leaving me feeling rather let down, but that had all changed since the arrival of Angela. I need to explain about Angela – but to do that I must go back to the beginning.

Dave and I had been friends for a few years. We were both single, had plenty in common and saw each other frequently. One fairly drunken New Year we started talking about sexual fantasies and I confessed that I had a thing about bondage; that I had been trying self bondage for years, but really wanted ‘the real thing’ You can imagine my astonishment when Dave admitted he felt the same – but had never even attempted to do anything for himself. Once we had sobered up, we agreed that this was something we needed to explore.

Over the next few months there was a lot of activity. Equipment was purchased and various positions and ideas tried out. Some worked better than others and we began to get a feel for what worked for each of us. As both of us were more interested on taking the ‘sub’ role, being in charge was something we both found quite difficult at first.

The other problem I had was being naked in front of another man. While I fully trusted my friend, it just didn’t feel right. We talked about it and Dave suggested that perhaps I should try some type of fetish clothing – maybe leather or latex. Shortly afterwards I was in Birmingham on business and took the opportunity to visit Cocoon – which led me down the path I was to follow. Latex was definitely the ‘fabric of choice’ and it wasn’t too long before I had my first latex catsuit and suitable accessories.

The suit was quite thick and I found the build up of heat and sweat a bit of a problem, so I would wear it around the house at weekends for a few hours to get used to it before I put it on for ‘playtime’.

A couple of weeks later I turned up at Dave’s house late Friday night for the weekend. I had already decided that I would put my latex suit on as soon as I got up on Saturday – and I was pleased to see the look on my friends face when I came down for breakfast. We both had a bondage session during the daytime on Saturday and again on Sunday. I had worn the suit for about 8 hours on each day and was beginning to enjoy the sensations and get used to the less pleasant aspects of it.

Having got over the nakedness issue, we settled into a routine of not particularly adventurous but nonetheless enjoyable bondage sessions about once a month. Probably down to us both being hetro (and wanting it to be quite clear that we were really hetro) there was minimal physical contact between us. We didn’t get involved in any type of punishment/torture (even for fun) and the sub was rarely gagged as we both enjoyed talking while bound. Sessions rarely lasted more than 2 or 3 hours, which seemed to suit him but was rarely long enough for me.

I suspect this would have gone on indefinitely, had it not been for a chance comment made by Dave one weekend. He was having some work done at home, which meant that the computer wasn’t in the dining room where it normally lived, but on the table in the spare bedroom – where our bondage games were normally carried out. I was tied down to the bed and Dave was messing around on the internet. He was working his way though a number of fetish sites and commented about a particularly striking picture of a bound female he had found. “Now that’s what I call really sexy, I think I’ll keep that one for the scrapbook” he said and duly saved the image. After I had been released I asked to look at the picture and I could see what he was getting at.

The lady in question was tall with a great figure, which was accentuated by the tightly laced corset and the high heels she was wearing. She was clad in highly polished black latex from head to toe. There was no skin visible with her head enclosed by an inflatable hood with a breathing tube. She was standing with her arms spread above her head and handcuffed to a beam.

I can’t remember exactly what I said but will never forget Dave’s reply, which was “it’s a shame you haven’t got the urge to dress like that for when we play our little games”. Up until that point I had not had the urge to try dressing like a woman, but looking at the vision on the screen in front of me, it hit me almost at once that I could become a reasonable likeness to the woman in the photo. At that time I was slim (at least slimmer than I am now) and below average height so the physical appearance should be possible, but how would it feel? That was definitely something to consider so I didn’t say anything to Dave, but just laughed and changed the subject.

After I had gone back home I had a good think about it and decided it might be quite fun to ‘give it a go’. I don’t have hang ups over peoples sexuality, fetishes and sexual habits – to my mind as long as it goes on between consenting adults it’s fine; just don’t expect me to do something I don’t feel comfortable with. This idea definitely had potential but whether I would feel comfortable to be dressed in such a way was the one thing I was not sure of. Anyway, I drew up a list of what I would need to make it work and set about getting a suitable outfit together.

I didn’t intend to turn myself into a replica of the lady in the photo – if I was going to be a rubber doll, it would be my own rubber doll. However at the outset I didn’t intend to spend any more than I had to on clothes until I was sure that I was going to enjoy this. I decided that I needed a corset, some padding, a rubber dress and some heels. This would do for starters, could be worn over my trusty catsuit and give the illusion I was looking for.

It took a while to pluck up the courage but another business trip saw me in the wilds of Lincolnshire where a great little shop in a small town (and a very helpful lady) saw me equipped with what I wanted. Although I was rather embarrassed at first, once I had explained what I wanted, I began to relax and as soon as I tried on the corset and the heels I knew I was going to enjoy this. I packed up my goodies and returned home, impatient for our next get together. In the same way that I had tried the rubber suit on to get used to it, so I spent a few (no lets be honest – many) hours with the corset and heels on getting used to the sensations.

Dave of course was completely in the dark about my plans. The next weekend get together was at my house and he duly arrived mid evening. We chatted and had a few drinks and turned in with the unspoken promise of a Saturday of bondage fun and games.

I rose early on the Saturday morning and showered. My clothes were laid out on the bed and after I had carefully dried and applied talc to my body, I slipped into the familiar embrace of my rubber suit. The hood went on next, carefully aligning the eye, nose and mouth holes and then zipping up and tucking it inside the collar of the suit. I struggled to get the latex bra on over the suit and once this was in place I slipped the padding into place. The corset was satin (I would have preferred leather or PVC but this would have to do for a while) and nicely filled the gap between my groin and the bottom of the bra. I fastened the busk and gradually tightened the laces to pull everything in. I had quickly learnt that too loose is no good and too tight is even worse. Once I had it adjusted correctly I tied off the laces at the back and tucked the ends away. Next came the black latex dress – sleeveless and very short, it barely covered my crotch. The back zip was a bit of a struggle but eventually I got it all the way up.

To my mind latex looks at it’s best when highly polished, and this was the next step. I was beginning to get hot by now, not just turned on but the constant movement was causing a build up of heat and sweat within the suit, so I took a breather and lay on the bed for 10 minutes to relax. Resisting the temptation to masturbate, I finally finished off the polishing and put on the shoes. They were black patent with a 5” stiletto heel and an ankle strap so they couldn’t be kicked off. Once all was in place I rolled back the wrist cuff on the suit, pulled on some short latex gloves and then pulled the sleeve back in place. Apart from my eyes and mouth, everything was clad in shiny black latex – I couldn’t believe it when I looked in the mirror – I knew it was me inside the outfit, but nobody else would have.

I opened the bedroom door and headed downstairs. My intention was to be down first but Dave had already beaten me to it. He was in the kitchen reading a magazine when I walked in. As soon as he heard the clicking of my heels on the tiled floor he looked up and his face was a picture. He didn’t say anything so I asked him, “Was this something like what you had in mind?”

He got up and crossed the room to where I was standing in the doorway. Previously he would not have touched me but it seemed like he was helpless to resist the urge to run his hands over my latex clad form.

“That is incredible!” he breathed hoarsely, “I wouldn’t have known it was you. How does it feel?”

“It’s great” I answered. “I love the way the corset squeezes me in and I find wearing high heels really erotic. Also I find them easy to walk in – which really surprises me. This is the first time I have had the whole outfit on – I take it you like it?”

“Like it – I think it’s terrific. I didn’t expect this – you just laughed the idea off when I mentioned it” he said.

“Well I wasn’t sure myself at the time,” I replied, “so I didn’t want to raise any false hopes until I was sure”.

We had a light breakfast and then I asked the all important question.

“Who goes first today, me or you?”

“As you’re already dressed up, I suppose it has to be you,” he replied.

“Why” I asked. “I fully expected you would want me to tie you up while dressed like this – in fact I can’t see any reason why I should dress any differently for either role.”

“If you’re sure, I would love for you to tie me up dressed like that,” he responded – his voice full of suppressed longing. “Do you want me to call you mistress?”

That floored me – I hadn’t thought about that dynamic at all.

“No, I don’t think that will be necessary. I am not your mistress, just a friend who enjoys the same sort of games as you do. But I should have a name don’t you think” I replied after a few moments thought.

“Would it be OK if I call you Angela?” he asked.

And so Angela was born.

* * * *

Although I was now dressing up as a rubber doll for our games, not a lot really changed. There was a bit more physical contact and I must admit that I found it easier taking the dominant role. The more I changed my appearance, the easier I was finding it to separate the real me from the play me/Angela. In essence we had become two different people, and I admit that I found being Angela hugely enjoyable – both erotic and relaxing at the same time.

At first Dave was a bit concerned that I might object to being expected / asked to turn into Angela whenever we got together, but when I had explained my feelings on the subject he happily accepted that I was just as keen about it as he was.

The only issue I had was that we only managed to meet up about once a month and often only played on one of the two days. I had mentioned spending longer ‘in costume’ on several occasions, but Dave never took the hint and although I enjoyed our sessions hugely, was looking for a way to improve the experience. I didn’t want Angela to spill over into my everyday life – this was something to be kept for special weekends. After much thought I came to the conclusion that within the relationship we had, there was only one option: change the outfit to make the experience more intense so that the relatively short timescale would seem long enough. It didn’t occur to me to extend the duration by starting the process before his visit – at least not at the time.

Quite unexpectedly I was promoted at work which meant not only significant extra money but also a move. This meant I was living in a hotel for best part of 6 months and Dave and I didn’t get together during this period – at least not in the sense that this story is about. Evenings in a hotel can be lonely, but I put them to good use, searching the internet for inspiration and designing and buying Angela’s next outfit. I knew that I enjoyed this and was determined to spend what was needed to get it right.

Eventually I moved into my new house and things began to settle down. Dave booked in his next visit and I laid my plans accordingly. The new outfit had been designed to be erotic and intense, and I was looking forward to wearing it. I had tried all the component parts on but again had resisted the temptation to put everything on together. This was going to be as much a surprise for me as it was for Dave. By the time we had got to the start of the week before his arrival I was beginning to find it difficult to focus on much other than the slowly approaching weekend.

A few hours was clearly not going to be enough, and it then occurred to me that if I were to put the outfit on before he got there, I would be able to extend the scenario as long as I wanted. On several previous occasions I had enjoyed overnight self bondage sessions in latex, and had once spent most of a weekend enclosed in the stuff, and my mind began to explore a new theme. If I was to lock myself ‘in costume’ prior to Dave’s arrival, he could let me out when he got there. I needed a backup or two in case things went wrong, but there was a ready solution – I had read enough self bondage stories to sort that out.

Thursday finally came and after a seemingly endless day in the office I drove home, pausing at the local sub post office to drop a letter into the box. It was addressed to me and contained a single key – which fitted a metal box which secured with a hasp and padlock. As luck would have it, I had just missed the last collection of the day, so all things being equal the letter would arrive on Saturday morning. There were 2 other keys to the padlock – one had been posted to Dave and he confirmed it was on his car key ring and he would have it with him when he arrived on Friday – although he had no idea of my plan. The third key had already been put in a place of safety, but getting to it required going out ‘in costume’ – which I was only going to consider as a last resort.

I had booked the Friday as a holiday and my plan was to get dressed up first thing on Friday morning, lock everything on and wait patiently for Dave to arrive. However by the time I got home I was so in need of a ‘rubber fix’ that I decided to start the preparations that evening. I made sure that all my keys were locked in the box and laid out the component parts of my outfit on the bed. There was an awful lot of it – was I really going to lock all that lot on (too right I was).

I checked the new bed in the spare room that would be used for play. It had a substantial metal frame and had a good number of chains attached to various points around it. This would enable numerous variations and easy access for attaching things – no more grovelling around under the bed for chains!

I slept – but not particularly well and was awake early on the Friday morning. After breakfast I went upstairs, showered and dried carefully. I then proceeded to apply a coat of bright red nail polish to both fingers and toes – they would be completely hidden but I felt better knowing that I was being thorough. Once this was dry I started to get dressed. Whereas previously I had simply pulled on a male catsuit and layered things on top, now I was working from the bottom up.

The first issue I had was with the male plumbing. There didn’t seem to be anything on the market that readily fitted the bill, so I had needed to be a bit inventive. I selected the first garments from the sea of mainly black latex and pulled on a latex tee shirt with short sleeves followed by a cock and ball sheath with a drainage tube. The next item was a pair of Bermuda shorts with a penis sheath attached. I had cut a small hole in the end of the sheath, through which I could feed the drainage tube and fitted a zip at the back, enabling both important bodily functions to be carried out without the need to get undressed.

The final part of this assembly was a ‘home made’ harness made of soft leather. This comprised a waist belt which was connected from the front to an open ended tube. The end of the tube was fitted with two straps which fitted to the sides of the waist belt at the rear. Once this was on (a bit of a fiddle) and tightened up, my cock and balls were securely fastened between my legs, no bulge and no chance of an erection. There was a small strap hanging down from the centre back of the waist belt with a D ring at the end of it. There was a matching D ring at the end of the tube – and a little strap would link through the two rings and was ideal for keeping a butt plug in place.

Difficult to describe, but I’m sure you get the idea. I would like to take credit for creating this; I had the idea but a craftsman friend put it together. The last part of the underwear was a latex bra complete with breast forms and my well worn corset. Regular use had reduced my waist to the point where I could fully close the back of the corset and it was still bearable for a long time. Once the corset was laced shut, all the fastenings on the chastity harness were hidden underneath, so while the corset remained on, there was no chance of any relief. The two D rings for the crotch strap were still accessible of course!

Pausing to admire my shape in the mirror, it suddenly occurred to me that this was a pretty intense outfit I had devised and I was planning to lock myself into it for at least 12 hours. Was this wise? Probably not, but I wasn’t about to stop now.

The next layer was a new black latex catsuit. It was made to measure and built to my new female shape. There was a through-crotch zip and shoulder zips, so once this was on I couldn’t get to the laces to loosen the corset if I wanted to. Not that I did want to, but the outfit was designed so that one layer covered the zips to the next, making access all but impossible once completed.

I applied the talc liberally and I slowly worked my feet and legs into the suit. Once the feet were in, it was a relatively easy job to slide the smooth cold latex up over my thighs until the crotch was tight against the lower edge of my chastity harness. I then applied more talc to the sleeves and slid my arms into them. After a bit of effort I had the suit in place and I closed the zips. Apart from my head and hands I was now totally covered in shiny black latex.

The next item in the pile was a bright red leotard with no sleeves, back zip and high collar. This slid on easily over the latex and was zipped up almost to the top. A red mini skirt followed, which didn’t cover an awful lot – but that was the idea. The hood and gloves would be left until the end, so resisting the temptation to have a look in the mirror until everything was complete, I turned to the next item …. the boots.

Being totally honest, my favourite part of the whole thing is wearing high heels – preferably long boots, but anything is good. The boots I had chosen to finish the outfit were red patent leather, thigh high (very high) with 2” platform and 7” stiletto heels. They zipped up to knee level and fitted snugly. I had been surprised when I tried them on how comfortable they were and how easily I could walk around in them. I stepped into them and zipped them up.

Now on the home stretch I unzipped the black latex hood. It had shaped eye holes and mouth which were lined in red and nose holes. I took a deep breath and pulled the hood over my head. Taking time to line everything up I then zipped it closed and tucked the bottom under the collar of the leotard – which I then zipped up. I wanted to make sure that everything was right before I added the gloves, and tried sitting, standing, walking and lying for a bit to make sure nothing was rubbing – if it did, I needed to find out before it was too late.

Once I was convinced that I wasn’t going to require emergency alterations I pulled on the short black latex gloves and then the open fingered lace up gauntlets. These were mainly red with black lacing and finished the outfit off nicely. A final application of polish to give a nice shine and I was done – well nearly.

To make sure I didn’t change my mind and wimp out, I was going to lock myself in the outfit. I quickly buckled collar, wrist and ankle cuffs in place and finally the waist belt. All of these had locking buckles and without hesitation I slipped a succession of keyed alike padlocks through the loops and locked them shut. I didn’t have the key and there was no way I was getting out until evening when Dave arrived.

I spent the day relaxing, messing around on the internet and sleeping a bit – just in case I didn’t get much later! Dave was expected to arrive about 6.00 in the evening so I began preparations for the next stage around 4.00. All the necessary chains and padlocks were laid out on the spare bed, with a couple of other bits of equipment I would need.

It’s very easy at times like this to allow enthusiasm to get the better of you and make a mistake that cannot easily be rectified, so I double checked everything before I started. The first item to be sorted was a butt plug. Now I’m not a great fan of these, but honestly, it’s something any self respecting rubber doll should have to wear. I unzipped the three layers, carefully lubricated as required and eased the plug into place. It was about as large as I can manage and it seemed to take ages to slide in – until that wonderful feeling when the arsehole can close around the narrow part of the shaft. I zipped up the first layer, located the small strap, threaded it through the D rings on the chastity harness and buckled it tight shut. It pushed the plug even further inside and I winced ever so slightly. Relax, relax I told myself, knowing that it would soon feel a lot easier.

Once this was sorted I closed the other two zips and returned to the bed. A second set of keyed alike padlocks were there and I checked each one with the key to ensure that no strays had got in to mess things up. Once satisfied, I clipped the key to the centre ring of the waist belt, where it would be handy if needed.

Settling myself in position on the bed, it was time to start locking me down. Having locked the ankle cuffs on, there was only one useful anchorage point for my lower legs. However ingenuity is the watchword for self bondage practitioners and I had a simple solution to achieve maximum security. For each ankle there was a chain linked to the side of the bed frame and one coming up from the bottom. In addition I needed a 6’ length of chain and two padlocks. Starting with the right ankle I threaded the chain though the padlock securing the cuff and wrapped it round the ankle, adjusting it so the end was in the right place to be secured to the empty D ring. Spreading my legs as far as was reasonably comfortable I secured the three pieces of chain to the cuff with the padlock. My right ankle was now well secured to the corner of the bed. I then repeated the process with the other end of the 6’ chain and after a bit of a struggle I had both ankles secured about 4 feet apart, with a taut chain between and pretty much motionless.

Encased in all the rubber and stuff, this was pretty exhausting and I lay back on the bed to relax for a bit. Once recovered I pressed on – this job had to be finished before my guest arrived. Chains from the centre of the frame were locked to D rings on the waist band leaving enough spare chain from each side to reach the front D ring (but more on that later).

From here on in it was going to get tricky – as it would have to be done in the dark. I buckled a leather blindfold on – this has large pads and fits over the nose so it is impossible to get it off without unbuckling it. Once on I was in total darkness. Over this I put on my favourite gag harness, it has an inflatable breathe through gag and enough straps to keep it firmly in place. Once it was on, I pumped the bulb to inflate to a sensible size and firmness and removed the bulb.

Laying back on the bed I took two further padlocks and fastened the chains coming up from the head of the bed and from the side onto the side D rings on the collar. I was now firmly attached to the bed and apart from my arms and a little bit of movement with my head, pretty much immobile.

Just one more thing left to do! The chains connected to the waist belt had about 9 inches extra and I threaded the ends in turn through the D ring on the wrist cuffs. Using the final padlock, I secured the ends of the chains to the centre D ring on the waist belt. I still had the key to the locks clipped to the waist belt, but if I were to remove this I would be helpless.

I wriggled about and struggled as much as I could but I had done a good job and was very firmly secured. Lying back I relaxed and explored the sensations – the tightness of the corset and chastity harness and the way my feet were moulded by the boots. My breathing sounded really loud and I forced myself to slow this down and quieten it. Soon all I could hear was the odd creak of my leather bonds.

This had been an intricate and lengthy tying up process and I was completely unaware of the time. After a while I heard the church clock striking twice – the sound faint but just audible. Half past – not four, it must be half past five, so Dave would be here shortly. I lay back and waited. After a seeming eternity I heard a car pull up nearby, the engine turned off and a door slammed shut. Footsteps and then…. the sound of a key turning in the front door.

I heard Dave call out from the hallway. I couldn’t answer, but assumed he would guess what was going on. I carefully unclipped the key from the waist belt and threw it away; hearing it clatter against something as it fell onto the floor. There was silence downstairs and then the sound of footsteps slowly coming towards me. A pause – I could imagine Dave finding the envelope with his name on it that I had propped against the top step. I could imagine him reading what I had written:


It’s been a while since we’ve had a chance to get together and play. In celebration of a return to regular get-togethers, I have got myself a new outfit, which I do hope you will like. It will be the first time I have worn the whole lot, and I hope I will enjoy it as much as I think I might. Anyway, I finished work a bit early and decided that I might as well make good use of the time and get ready before you arrive. To add a bit of spice to the occasion I have locked everything on; there are only two keys that will release me – you have one of them and the other is in the post and should arrive tomorrow. This of course means that if you had failed to turn up, I would be stuck in what I’m wearing until about 11.00 tomorrow morning!

Well, you know me – having got dressed I thought I might as well catch a bit of extra ‘bound time’ so have already locked myself down. By the time you read this I will be good and secure – not perhaps as totally immobile as you know I like to be, but certainly not going anywhere. Perhaps you would do me the favour of finishing things off properly. After that, as the saying goes, I am in your hands.


I heard a slight creak as the door was opened and then further footsteps.

“Very nice I must say,” Dave exclaimed. “Don’t go anywhere, I will be back in a minute or two”.

He wandered off and returned a short while later. He tugged on my bonds and then said, “you’ve done a really good job here. About the only thing I can improve on is the way your hands are secured”. With this he retrieved the key from the floor, undid the lock and drew the chains out of the wrist cuffs. Then he spread my wrists wide at waist level and locked them to the waist belt chain just about at the edge of the bed. This was my favourite position, very secure, very exposed and vulnerable and comfortable for an extended session.

“Are you comfortable there?” he asked.

We had developed a communication system for when the sub was gagged. One grunt meant ‘yes’, two grunts was ‘no’, three grunts meant ‘take the gag out (or stop what you are doing now – safe word) and silence mean ‘you’ll have to rephrase the question’ (or something similar).

“Ughh” I replied.

“Enjoying it”.


“You’ve managed to get a great shape – I assume there’s a corset under there somewhere”


“So, you locked yourself into that outfit and posted the keys to yourself, knowing that if something happened and I didn’t turn up, you’d be stuck in there until tomorrow morning”


“I’d like to know whether you were hoping that would happen, willing to accept it if it did or not wanting it at all. Were you hoping for it?”

This was a difficult one to answer. I hadn’t really considered it in those terms – if I had been stuck until tomorrow I would have coped with it, but now I was securely locked up like this, I was beginning to wonder what it would be like to spend an (even more) extended period in the outfit. After a short pause I answered with “Ughh Ughh”.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re too sure about that one – how about willing to accept it if it happened?”

“Ughh” – no pause needed that time.

“Now that you’re locked into it and know how it feels, do you feel more inclined to spend a long time like that?”


Silence – I hadn’t heard any sounds to indicate he had left the room but I had no way of telling whether or not he was still there. I shifted restlessly in my bonds and waited – there really wasn’t anything else I could do.

All of a sudden Dave spoke, “I really like the way you look. It seems such a shame to leave you tied to the bed like that. I’ll just go have a look round to see what I can do with you this evening”. He wandered off and I lay there thinking about the options my new home offered for interesting bondage positions. The property was a barn conversion and there were certainly a few possibilities that I had identified and I wondered what devious idea he would come up with. At least I was hoping it would be devious.

After a while he returned and began to rummage in the ‘toy box’ which sat in the corner of the room. This contained an assortment of cuffs, chains and other items. He obviously found what he wanted as he disappeared again accompanied by a rattling of chains.

He came back into the room and started undoing the padlocks that held me to the bed. When I was free he said, “Now I want you to sit up while I remove the blindfold”. This involved unbuckling the gag harness and once the blindfold was off, the gag was swiftly buckled back into place, and just for good measure, he put padlocks through the buckles to make sure I didn’t attempt to remove it.

“Lets see how good you are walking in those boots” he said. “I want you to go down into the lounge”.

The stairs were a bit of a struggle, but once down in the hallway I walked confidently ahead, making sure that I took small steps and placed my feet carefully in line. As soon as I entered the lounge I could see what he had in mind. In the middle of the opposite wall was an inglenook fireplace, which was set well back. The fireplace has recesses either side and an old wooden beam over the top, with a clearance of about 9” between the top of it and the ceiling. Two chains had been secured around the beam – the intent was obvious.

“Now I want you to go over to the fireplace, stand on the hearth and turn round,” he said.

I obeyed and then obediently raised my arms above my head.

“Very good – it makes life so much easier when you anticipate my moves – easier for me that is, it isn’t going to make it any easier for you!”

My wrist cuffs were than locked to the chains keeping me reasonably stretched. He then proceeded to attach a spreader bar between my ankle cuffs. As my legs were spread wider, the tension on my arms intensified and by the time he was satisfied, I was nearly as taut as I could be. There was just a little bit of movement in both arms and legs, and the only sounds were the creaking of the leather cuffs and the click of my heels against the stone hearth.

“I don’t think you’ll be going anywhere do you?” he said. I ignored him and just looked down. It was an interesting view – it seemed impossible to believe it was me inside this shining skin of latex and leather. He went out of the room and eventually returned with a cup of tea. He put some music on the stereo, picked up a magazine and started to read it. This seemed slightly surreal – here was I tied up in my finest rubber doll outfit and he was treating it as if it was nothing unusual. I’m not sure if he’s psychic or not, but he seemed to pick up on my thoughts.

“You’re probably wondering why I’m behaving like this?” he said. “You see, I like the idea of having a rubber clad companion, and having you like that when I’m doing a totally normal everyday activity is great. I can look at you when I want and you just stand there and enjoy it. You are enjoying it, aren’t you?”

How do you answer a question like that? If it hadn’t been for the chastity harness I would have been horny as hell. As it was, the inside of my rubber suit was slick and I could feel tiny rivulets of sweat running down my legs. My legs were beginning to ache from having to stand like this. The butt plug was a constant reminder, and I had just started to drool through the gag. I just groaned and Dave laughed. “Well as you are enjoying it so much, I’ll just leave you there a bit longer!” he said.

He got up and moved over to where I was standing. He knelt and began to run his hand over my boots. Slowly at first and then with increasing vigour, and then he stopped.

“I think we’ll have you down from there,” he said. He removed the spreader bar and reaching up, unlocked my wrist cuffs. I staggered slightly and he caught me and guided me across to the sofa. He gently removed my gag and then settled down beside me. He lifted my feet up and placed them on his lap so that I was laying back along the couch and started gently stroking my booted legs – which I found incredibly erotic.

We talked for a long time. Dave asked me to explain in detail what I was wearing and how it made me feel. In turn I asked him how he felt about me being dressed like this, what he liked best and anything he would improve or change. He said that the overall impact of the outfit was amazing and that changing one or two items wouldn’t really improve things – he liked it just as I was.

It was just after 11 o’clock and Dave decided it was time to turn in. He clipped a lead to the front ring of my collar and led me upstairs. “You’d better use the bathroom now while you can” he said and I headed off to do just that. I had been very careful with limiting liquid intake during the day – I guessed that I wouldn’t get the opportunity to go again before morning and took my time over things. When I was ready, I returned to the spare room where Dave was waiting.

“I want to know exactly where you are tonight, so I think the best thing for me to do is to tie you back down to the bed. First we’ll put your blindfold back on”. He held the leather pads in place and firmly buckled it up behind my head. Then he undid the padlock on the collar and removed it. I was puzzled, but not for long when I felt something being pulled over my head. It was a soft leather hood with eye, nose and mouth openings which laced up the back. Dave laced it into place where it fit very snugly and muffled the noises around me. The collar then went back on and was once again locked into place.

After he had checked that I was OK with this he told me to lie back on the bed. He was getting quite good at this and after only a few minutes I was back where I had been when he arrived, only I wasn’t gagged and my hands were free.

“Now we come to the part where Angela has a choice over something.” he said. “Ideally I would like to leave you totally immobile and gagged until morning – but that isn’t really sensible and safe. I’m sure you could put up with it – well you wouldn’t really have much choice would you? So there are several options. The first of these is we don’t put a gag in and secure your hands very firmly. But because you’re not wearing a gag, there’ll be some punishment inflicted in the morning – I haven’t decided what yet. Secondly I can gag you and secure your hands firmly, but set up the alarm so you can call me if you need help. But that would mean waking me up, so again I’d have to punish you in the morning”.

“Thirdly, I can gag you and secure your hands so you can just reach the gag to remove it. I will set the video camera up on time lapse and record the nights events. You will know that you can remove the gag if you need to (although you won’t be able to replace it) – of course there will be a punishment, but it will reduce the longer you keep the gag in. If you can keep the gag in for 6 hours, you will get away without punishment at all. If you should manage to last until morning without removing it, then you will get a reward. Three choices – it’s up to you which one”.

I thought carefully. I didn’t like the sound of ‘punishment’. We’d never gone down this road before but Dave had mentioned a few things he would like to try and I didn’t fancy being on the receiving end of any of them. I was certain I could remain gagged for the duration, even though I wouldn’t enjoy it much. I could easily breathe through the harness gag and would have enough slack with the neck fastenings to enable me to tilt my head to relieve the drool that would inevitably build up. Not much chance of sleeping – but I had topped up on that during the afternoon and really wasn’t feeling tired anyway.

“I think you’d better get the video camera,” I replied.

The harness gag was replaced and Dave set about fixing my hands. We had used this method before – a chain running from the chain securing the waist belt, through the ring on a wrist cuffs up through the centre D ring on the collar and back down to the waist chain on the other side. At the very bottom of both ends of the long chain a spring link was fixed which was just the right size to trap the ring on the wrist cuffs, if pushed down far enough. The wrist cuffs were then connected with a chain that went through the centre ring on the waist belt. Once adjusted to the right length this enabled the prisoner to get one hand up just far enough to undo the gag harness and slip it off. By doing so, the other wrist was pulled down to the end of the chain and fixed in place. Once the harness was off, you needed both hands to put it back on. The rule then was that once the gag had been removed the ‘free hand’ had to be clipped in place.

“Now I’m going to set up the camera, so don’t go anywhere,” he said. “You realise if your hands were fixed down again now, you would be really vulnerable – someone could really take advantage of you!”

I wasn’t sure quite what ‘advantage’ he had in mind. Being encased in several layers of latex and leather, butt plugged and gagged as well, I was fairly safe and insulated from whatever might happen. I felt certain that Dave was setting up a dare for me – would I lock my hands in place and let him do whatever he had in mind. I felt this was important – we were going into uncharted territory here and I was curious to see how things might develop. It was fair to say that I wanted to have the opportunity to re-enact this evening session, and was prepared to put up with some things I maybe would rather not do/have done to me if it kept Dave’s interest.

While he was setting up the camera, I extended both arms as far as I could and heard the spring clips lock into place. I was now once again totally helpless.

Dave finished setting up the camera and turned his attention back to me. He checked my wrists and hesitated. I could tell from his voice when he spoke that he wasn’t sure of the signals I was sending.

“Did you do that on purpose?” he asked.

“Ughh” (Yes)

“Have you changed your mind about being gagged”

“Ughh Ughh” (No)

“So do you want to remain gagged and totally helpless for a while longer?”

“Ughh” (Yes)

“Are you willing to accept that I’m totally in control and can do what I want and there’s nothing you can do about it?”

“Ughh” (Yes)

“That’s good. You know I really do find you incredibly attractive – no sexy would be a better word. It’s been really torture this evening looking at you and keeping my hands off you, but now I’ve got you where I want you.”

He was silent for a moment and then I felt his hand grasp my right boot. He started gently caressing the foot and slowly running his hand up and down the leather clad leg. Each time he moved upwards he went a little bit higher. Once he’d reached the top he changed hands and began stroking the left leg. After a while he started at the bottom again – this time both legs together. His went on for quite a while and although there was not much sensation through the layers, I found it quite erotic.

Dave paused and then turned his attentions to other areas. He gently stroked my arms, then fondled my ‘breasts’, ran his hands almost hungrily across my corseted torso and finally down my outer thighs back to my boots.

Again he stopped. The silence stretched out and I waited, slightly tense for something else to happen. Movement and I felt something rubbing against my right foot. I couldn’t place it at first but then I realised that he was licking my boots. Gradually he worked his way up the length of the boot until he reached the top. Expecting him to go back to the sole of the left boot and start again, I was taken by surprise when he kept going and I felt his tongue through the rubber on my thigh. Up and up he went until his head was buried under my skirt and I could feel his tongue pressing against my crotch.

All of a sudden he was on the bed, on top of me and thrusting his rock hard cock against me. He was clearly pretty worked up and it only took a few thrusts before he climaxed, letting out a low groan as he did so. He lay there on top of me for a few moments, then hastily got off and left the room. It was just as well I was firmly gagged as I’m not sure what I would have said to him.

He came back and without saying anything began to wipe up the mess he had obviously made. I could feel the cold through the layers – and liked the sensation.

“I’m sorry about that,” said Dave after a while. “I expect you’re really annoyed. Do you wan’t me to remove the gag so we can talk about it?” he asked.

“Uggh uggh” (no) I replied.

“Are you annoyed?” he asked after another long pause.

“Ughh uggh” (no) I replied immediately.

“So would you let me do it again sometime?” he asked.

It is at times like these when being gagged is a real nuisance. There was so much I wanted to say, and it was going to take an eternity with this grunting. However Dave wasn’t prepared to take the chance and so we carried on until I got the message across.

No, I wasn’t annoyed. After the initial shock I had enjoyed it even though I didn’t get any physical release from what had happened. Mentally I was totally turned on. I wouldn’t just let him do it again – I wanted him to.

Eventually he decided to turn in and unclipped my hands. Without a word he left the room and said he would see me in the morning. I lay there thinking about how things had developed. I didn’t sleep much but dozed on and off. I didn’t remove the gag although at times I really wanted to. When I heard the church clock striking seven I knew Dave was likely to be up and around soon. Making the only decision possible I extended my hands until I heard the click of the spring clips – I was once again helpless and awaiting my reward.

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