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Andrea's SaddleBack Vacuum Exhibit

by GrinderTX

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© Copyright 2009 - GrinderTX - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; vacbed; display; party; susp; toys; cons; X

Andrea's long shapely legs and firm round ass drew plenty of looks even when she wore ordinary clothing. Today, though, squeezed into a tight rubber corset, she left a steady trail of gawkers behind her. The smoothly tapered layers of her wrist and ankle cuffs looked more like fashion than function, despite the straps locked under her stilt-heeled boots. Around her neck, the matching collar fit snugly, with rings low at front and back, and higher on the sides.
Reveling inwardly at the occasional whistles and catcalls, she strutted her stuff along the row of Georgetown brownstones. The short walk from the train pinked her cheeks, and the crisp fall air tightened her nipples under the sheer red spandex top, as she paused at the end of the block. After a quick glance in her compact-mirror to check her make-up, she mounted the broad granite steps.
Taking a deep breath, she lifted the knocker's massive bronze ring, and delivered three steady strokes. As the echoes faded along the sunny street and empty hallways behind the door, she reviewed her memorized instructions one last time.
With a muted click, the door swung slowly open, and from down the wide corridor a cheerful voice bellowed.
"Pizza guy! Cash on the kitchen counter, second door on your left, keep the change and thank you! Gold Star Catering! Set up on the foyer tables. Marissa! Get your cute butt in here, double time! Anybody else, go away!"
Andrea grinned to herself, closed the door gently, and tiptoed down the hall as quietly as her boots allowed. Stopping to peek into the third door, she found the studio more festively cluttered than usual. Red carpet marked out a rough labyrinth between the projects, but with random heaps of scrap material and occasional hand-tools as decoration.
"Marissa?" came a jovial question from beneath a large steel framework.

"It's Andrea, silly!" she replied with a giggle, and slipped into the room, adding a sultry wiggle that wasn't taught in charm schools.
The ratcheting sounds stopped, and from below the sculpture appeared a pair of worn loafers, blue jeans, a workman's apron, a starched white shirt, and finally a salt-n-pepper beard followed by lively green eyes. Grinder rolled to his feet for a big warm bear-hug of greeting.
"And a very nice Andrea it is, indeed!" he chuckled, spinning her into a pirouette with an appreciative roguish glint.
"Marissa was due fifteen minutes ago, so let's get you fitted. Everything off but the collar and cuffs, hangers on the back wall, and hit the head now if you need it. We'll have to ad-lib the stripping, no time for that now. On second thought, keep the corset. Scoot!"
"You like the cuffs?" Andrea asked coyly.
"And the collar, those are perfect. Now strip!" he growled. "I'll get the locking pins out and lay the frame down."
While Andrea began to slither out of her skirt and top, Grinder released a pair of thick stainless pegs and lowered a large black panel into horizontal position. It looked somewhat like a large rubber saddle, about eight-feet long. Along its sides a pair of steel tubes arched above sturdy pivots, then bent lower at their ends to join the cross tubes at both ends. Heavy rubber sheets stretched across the curving tubes formed the distinctive natural saddle-shape, with some small fittings visible underneath at the corners and along the edges.
"Get that face-form from last week, it's on the workbench over there, with your name on it," Grinder pointed. "I want the seamless look for this exhibit." He started carefully unzipping the top rubber sheet, running the slides along the top and side tubes of the frame.
Naked top and bottom, with her nipple rings perking in the studio's cool air, Andrea tapped over to the bench, and found a clear plastic mask with her name stenciled in small gold letters. Two clear tubes about twice the size of a pencil blended seamlessly into its sides, and joined a smaller tube leading from the top. Channels layered into the mask allowed her to breathe through the larger tubes, but the smaller tube connected to the short wide plug that would hold her mouth and lips open in a perfectly surprised "O" expression. Just recalling the life-mask casting they'd done last week gave her a quick thrill of anticipation.
With several puffs from an air-hose, a large quilted bolster inflated to half-round, rising under the stretched rubber. Andrea returned with her mask, looking at the equipment curiously.
"That will hold you up until until the vacuum squeezes the panels together. Now climb up there, carefully, and spread eagle. I've got the straps ready to go."
Andrea eased herself onto the rubber sheet, then rolled and squirmed until she was in the middle. Thick black straps clipped to her cuffs, and connected to the corners of the frame, holding her widely spread. The straps were stretchy enough to give an inch or two if she pulled as hard as she could. Deep inside, her mind and body started to flutter like the beginning of a rollercoaster ride. Now that it had started, she knew she soon would be past the point where she could stop.
Grinder snugged two smaller straps from the top of the frame to rings on the sides of her collar. Another pair of straps spiralled from the rear of her collar in opposite directions around her back, crossing her corset in front, then worked behind each hip to meet again at her tailbone and be pulled up between her legs.
"How do you like that so far?" he grinned, and began spreading lubricant on a long sculptured rubber device.
"I'm fine. Good really. Really good." Andrea replied, slowly. "What's that thing?"

"The top part, here, I cast in a life-sized mold a couple of weeks ago. It's a thick rubber shell, so that it stays firm when inflated by the fluid warmed in the reservoir down here. It also vibrates, and twists, by remote control. Oh, and I was thoughtful enough to model for it," he winked. "The bottom end latches onto the frame and the batteries are good for about 12 hours. I think you'll like it, at least most of the time."
Looking at the size of the lifelike dildo, Andrea swallowed, and felt her chest begin to flush. A couple of button pushes started up a rising sequence of twists and vibrations, and she pulled hard at the straps, trying to squirm away as the well-lubed probe slid slowly into her crotch. It felt shockingly huge, driving inward against the corset's compression. With a solid thunk, the motors stopped as the bottom end latched onto the frame. Spread-eagled on the firm rubber sheet, Andrea lay keenly aware that every time her hips moved in any direction, the massive cock shifted deep inside them.
"Comfy now?" Grinder asked. "There's only the mask and top sheet to go. No, wait. Oops. I almost forgot one last thing."
After showing her a small rubber disk about the size of half-dollar, he spread thick lubricant on it, then began settling it into place just below her mons. As her clit, already pushed out by the corset and probe, slid through the hole in the disk's center, he added more lube, working slowly and carefully despite her attempts to thrust towards his hand. Using one more thin strap to the front of her collar, and the two straps laced between her legs from behind, Grinder snugged the ring firmly into place. Andrea twitched and moaned when each snap closed, and again when the strap ends were clipped off.
Every time she moved, the ring settled deeper, and her clit pressed further out the hole, moist, swollen, and sensitive to the slightest breath of air. Andrea moaned again, almost speechless, and pushed her body towards his hand, desperately excited. That shifted the ring around the base of her clit, and the probe tilted almost ominously, but not quite enough to push her over the edge.
With a knowing smile, Grinder slowly applied another dollop of lube, filling in the entire ring.
"Trust me, you'll appreciate that later," he said.
"Please!" Andrea panted. "Just one first, I really want to come."
"Nope, not until the party, you know the rules. And by the way," he asked, "this isn't a trial run. Do you want one last look at the other girls?"
Andrea nodded, slowly.
"Over there, to the right, that's Jamie. The base to her vacuum display is a two-foot diameter barrel, and she's arched backward around it. I put pivots on the ends, like on yours, so that she can spin like a gyroscope, in any direction."
Andrea strained to see better, noticing the amber rubber cylinder drawn tightly over Jamie's body, and she could barely hear the occasional deep throb of a strong vibrator set to tease mode.
"Over to the left, Kitty is in a vertical hogtie, with crossbars behind her hips and shoulders. The vacuum frame attaches to the ends of those, and it has pivots like yours and Jamie's. Jane is in the frogtie version next to her, and they've both been in for about an hour."
Looking to the other side, Andrea noticed a tall panel and a vertical sculpture, "Is that Liz in the column?" she asked.
"I put Liz in that standard flat frame over by the door. It has a clear panel so she can see the guests arrive," Grinder explained. "and she has a six-rope shibari dress underneath the vacuum. That should leave some pretty marks afterward."
"The red column is Terry with a pair of poles behind her to provide support. The rubber was stretched over her, like rolling up a stocking, so that it wouldn't wrinkle when the vacuum was applied. Mary is behind you, ball-tied in that small blue sack, and suspended on a swivel. They've all got a mask like yours, too."
Andrea's imagination began to run wild, as Grinder picked up her mask and leaned closer.
"This will be a wonderful exhibit and party!" he grinned widely. "Now here's a kiss for love and luck, and I'll see you again a little after midnight."
As the mask approached, Andrea began to squirm. Midnight, she thought, that's more than four hours away! Pressure against her lips drove that thought away, and her mouth spread to "O" of surprise around the firm plastic mouthpiece. when the mask sealed fully against her face, she found that she could breathe through its laminated channels. The lenses allowed her to see, too, somewhat fuzzily.
With a few deft movements, Grinder connected her air tubes to fittings on the top of the frame, and checked to make sure the pairs of tiny red and green lights tracked her steady but excited breathing. Satisfied with that safety measure, he smoothed the amber topsheet into place, and carefully slid the airtight zippers closed around all the edges. After checking one more time, he started the vacuum pump, watching as the rubber stretched around her body, and working out the wrinkles.
Inside her rubber cocoon, Andrea felt the pressure gradually increase, holding her limbs and entire body in an incredible overall body-hug. As the rubber began to draw deeper between her legs, its long slow slide across her clit finally drove her over the top. Twisting in her bonds, and gasping for breath, she scarcely noticed as the bolster deflated, and the pivots were unlocked. When her curved panel swung into a vertical position, she sagged downwards slightly, which suddenly drew her attention back to the probe, as it started to throb with deep, frustrating pulses.
Grinder moved closer, tilting her frame forward, and whispered quietly, "I don't know if you will be able to see it, but there are fluorescent designs painted into the rubber, and the frames' pivots are motorized too. I'll switch them on to the slow-random setting in a few minutes for the display, but the guests can set them to spin or freewheel. I've also set all the vibrators to maintenance mode, so you should all be right on the edge when they arrive."
"Oh, and since it's a vacuum-rubber theme, I'm issuing small floggers made with thin rubber vacuum tubing to all of the visitors. That should be lots of fun for you with your nipples and clit pressed against the rubber. Have a wonderful evening, babe."
Lifting the remote control from his pocket, Grinder tapped a few buttons. The worklights dimmed and all the sculptures began to rotate slowly, producing a series of soft moans as the women inside them shifted within their snug rubber envelopes. Hidden blacklights brightened, revealing the bold strokes of colorful kanji, fountains, and birds worked around the bodies suspended in their translucent or shining panels.
"Yes," Grinder mused quietly, "all that is coming along nicely."
Giving the remote a couple of taps on its pulse button, he headed for the hallway, leaving a fresh chorus on moans behind him. Another knock boomed from the front door, and he headed off to answer it in person.
"Marissa! Where are you, girl?" his voice echoed back into the gallery. "I've got your splits-display ready, and it won't take long to rig, but the party starts in half an hour. Get a wiggle on and over here!"
Andrea strained against the straps and probe as her frame rotated slowly end for end. Four hours, she thought! At least the rubber holds me up comfortably. But they've all got little flogs. And with that rubber sliding on my clit. The probe pulsed again, and she gasped, wildly. Almost, almost! she thought.

The next half-hour passed for Andrea in blurry, almost timeless cascade of sensations. Since the frame had started to rotate slowly sideways as well, she only caught passing glimpses of Grinder strapping Marissa into another frame. A limber young gymnast, her legs were spread in classic split, and her arms were held outwards parallel to that. For the next several turns Andrea couldn't see her, and could only imagine what Marissa was feeling. Just before the lights dimmed, she swung slowly into view, pivoting end for end in a blue butterfly motif, and moaning quietly, like Andrea and the others, as the vibrators pulsed at random.
When the lights began to brighten, guests started wandering in from the foyer with their champagne flutes, and strolling among the sculptures appreciatively. 
"Remember, ladies and gentlemen, this is a hands-on exhibit. The young women are here for mutual pleasure, yours and theirs, so reward them with kindness and imagination," Grinder announced. "I'm going to start with Andrea here, and the original pervertible toy, this big feather duster! You'll find remote controls for each display attached to the frames. Enjoy!"
He moved closer to Andrea, and spoke in a soft stage whisper, so that only she and the people nearby could hear, "I noticed that you had a little unscheduled fun when the vacuum took hold, so you can bet I'll be watching closely now."
The probe started to swell and twist deep inside her, in slow rythmic pulses, as the feathers slid lightly across her body, swirling teasingly around her as she rotated slowly in all directions. Every time she pulled or strained, the rubber sheets held her tightly, and gently in position, unable to hurry the slowly building, impossible tension in her soul. Another button inflated the soft bulb behind the mask, silencing her completely. Andrea's hours of saddleback display had finally begun. The feathers brushed her clit again, enough to bring her to the edge, again, and hold her there, it seemed to her, forever.


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