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Among the Missing Chapter 3

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2004 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

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Among The Missing - Chapter 3
by Rubberwolf mong the Missing Chapter 3 by Rubberwolf

Ann sipped her coffee, while sitting on Dave’s lap and accepting a cuddle while they chatted.  Dave, it appeared was a self employed programmer.  This meant that he worked from home; only venturing out to meet clients, discuss requirements and to trouble shoots their systems.  He had known Nicky since she moved in.  Although they had had a brief affair, it soon became apparent that two doms did not mix.  They had remained friends and still went out together.  But that was all.

Ann explained to him about her life and how she would go about finding Nicky.  Once they had finished their coffees, they both got changed back in to more conventional clothing.  Before leaving with Dave, Ann finished her search, finding nothing else of interest until she had gotten to the computer.  Although she could not access the internet, due to password protection, Nicky had not been keeping up with her housekeeping and the “Cookies” file contained hundreds of listings.  Ann smiled at the thought of all of the junk mail that must have built up in the e-mail since Nicky had left.  However, Ann was not sorry for Nicky’s sloppiness and quickly transferred a copy of the folder on to disc.  She would drop it in to the office for them to look at later.  Having found all that she could set off, arm in arm with Dave, for what he described as the shopping experience of a lifetime.

Ann thought that she knew how to shop.  After all, it was the other major female prerogative.  However, after a couple of hours with Dave, she was forced to reconsider.  She also decided that it was time for a coffee.  Dave had walked the legs off of her, taking her to small out of the way boutiques and alternative fashion shops.  They found a small coffee house in which to recuperate, with old world charm, clean tables and the look of a small family business that had been heard since the Middle Ages.  Quiet, cozy, and just the place for examining the days purchases. 

Ann rummaged through her bags, seeing what two hours of hard shopping had yielded.  She was now the proud owner of three pairs of court shoes, with six inch heels.  One pair in red, one in white and one in black.  Another bag held a rather nice, Victorian style lace corset in purple, with black lace trim.  She also had a leather bustier and matching thong, as well as a variety of stockings to go with a rather nice leather suspender belt and bra. She had also amassed an assortment of rather harsh jewelry and accessories.

Dave returned with a tray of coffee and cakes and they spent a pleasant half an hour discussing life, the universe and shopping.  Having consumed their cakes and drank their coffee, Dave proposed that they drop the shopping off at the car, before returning to the town centre.  Ann had thought that the shopping trip was over.  As if reading this from her face, Dave stated that he had saved the best for last and that she should come bearing plastic, since she would need it.  Half an hour later, having deposited her shopping, Ann followed Dave as he meandered his way through the back streets in the old part of town.

Eventually, they arrived at the shop, which was situated next to the harbor, in the barbican district, so named because of the old fortifications that dominated the entrance to the harbor and rose up behind the shops, like an ancient wonder of the world, testimony to a troubled history that was now, only remembered in films.  It was quite an old building, made of stone, with a grey slate roof and a metal grid covering the darkened window.  Peering in to the window, Ann noticed that the dummies were wearing a variety of rubber and leather clothes.  Some wore masks of leather; some brandished whips, or were restrained in some manner.  This, Ann decided, was definitely their destination.

Unlike the outside, the interior was brightly lit, with the most amazing clothes ranged around her in an explosion of bright colors.  Next to the door, the owner had arranged a display of shoes and boots.  Bright patent reds and high glossy blacks vied for attention like fetish flowers competing for sunlight on a forest floor.  Taking her eyes away from the shoes, she was stunned by a variety of rubber garments which took up the entire length of one wall, on two levels, while other clothes hung from racks in the centre of the shop.  The till area was bracketed on all sides by various things in boxes, most of which required batteries, while the wall next to the changing area sported whips, manacles, cuffs, gags, masks and all manner of interesting items.

The shop assistant, a young woman, sat quietly at her station, doing her best to be discreet, while giving the air of approachability, as Ann turned in slow circles, mouth open, taking in the variety of goods that would fill her dreams from now on.  As if a stage hypnotist had snapped his fingers, Ann suddenly sprang in to action, descending on the racks of clothes like a lioness pouncing on an unsuspecting impala. 

Two hours later Ann staggered back to her car, with Dave’s help, as she struggled beneath a small mountain of bags and boxes.  In fact, it took two runs in order for all of Ann’s purchases to be secreted in to her small car.

Although Dave had helped her to choose various garments, offering advice and opinions as Ann emerged from the changing room, only to disappear with another item of clothing clutched to her chest, it was the young shop assistant who had been the most help, offering opinions and advice as she passed various items in to the changing rooms, chatting merrily to her customer as though they were two close friend choosing outfits for a girls night out.

Ann arrived home an hour later, having dropped Dave off, having arranged to meet at seven O’clock, so that he could sign her in at the club.  Although it was only two O’clock, Ann did not consider this a great deal of time to get ready.  Even so, she put the kettle on, made herself a coffee, re-heated a ready meal in the microwave and sat amid the carnage of carrier bags and boxes so that she could inspect the day’s purchases.  Although her credit card had suffered, business had been good and, she could easily afford the balance transfer that she would have to make before the end of the month.

Feeling slightly less tired, having finished her weight watchers pizza and chips and high octane coffee (Uganda Robusta – dark roast), she e-mailed the cookies file to the office and then set about inspecting her haul.  She took all of the bags and boxes in to the bedroom, emptying their contents, while making room in her wardrobe to accommodate her new look.  She now owned several corsets, shoes, knickers, hoods, masks, gags, whips, shackles, hand cuffs, boots, skirts and dresses.  This was not going to be easy.  However, after some shuffling and clearing out, her wardrobe bulged at the seams with new garments and toys.  She had left several items on the bed, to try out now, as well as an outfit for the evening.

Having sorted out all of the keys from the various locks and cuffs, she separated them so that one set of each was placed in her dressing table draw; while the spare set she took with her in to the kitchen.  She opened the refrigerator and, emptying the ice trays, placed the keys in to the appropriate containers, before filling them with water and placing them in the ice box.  After this, she went to her bedroom, undressed and took a shower.

After the fastest shower that she had ever taken in her life, she approached the items that she had left on the bed with a barely suppressed shudder of excitement.  The first item that she chose was a pair of white knickers.  These were quite large, encasing her entire bottom.  Once she had slid them up her legs, just before pulling them over her bottom, she reached in to her pile of clothes and found a rather large vibrator.  She did not need to lubricate this as she was already quite wet and the implement slid in to place with ease.  The large butt plug in the knickers however, did need lubrication and she applied a generous dollop of KY jell to the shaft, before sprinkling the inside of her garment with talcum powder.  She then pulled the knickers up.  The glided over her skin in a smooth, motion, aided by the talcum powder.  Some adjustment was called for in order to insert the butt plug, but again this glided in to her orifice as though it were a part of her.

Next, she slid in to a pair of lavender stockings.  These were accompanied by a pair of white, ankle length, ballet boots, which forced her feet in to a graceful, but precarious, ten inch balancing act.  This was followed by a rubber cincher, also in lavender, with white piping and suspenders, which she attached to her stocking tops. 

The cincher was, to all in tense and purposes, a mini corset, being heavily boned and fastened by laces, it was easier to slip in to than the corset she had worn earlier.  The main reason for this was that the laces were tied from the front, so that Ann was able to pull the laces very tight without the aid of a door jam, bedpost, or other implement.

This done, she hobbled painfully over to the mirror to admire her reflection.  Despite the intense pain in her toes, caused by the constrictive boots which, truth to be told, were never designed for any other purpose, Ann had to admit that she looked good.  The boots and corset did wonders for her posture.  The hour glass figure that she had achieved emphasized her bust, making them stand proud away from her body, giving the illusion of opulence that, until recently, Ann had not associated with herself.  After a few minutes admiring her reflection Ann returned to the pile of clothes.

The next item that she chose was a lavender hood, similar to a diver’s helmet.  Bunching her thick curls behind her head, she pulled the garment over her head.  With a little tweaking and pulling she had soon achieved the desired effect of a smooth rubber skull, without any wrinkles.

The next item to come out of the pile was a pair of white opera gloves.  After applying talcum powder to her arms and the inside of the gloves, she found that they glided on smoothly.  After she had done this turned her attention to the dress.  It was a simple, front fastening, sheaf dress which, after applying more talcum powder, she placed on the floor and stepped in to, before pulling the garment up.

Getting in to the dress proved quite difficult and Ann wondered if she had not been a little optimistic on the sizing.  But after a little coaxing she was able to zip the front of the dress up.  Although getting the zipper past the bust proved a little tricky.  However, once she had pulled the zipper all of the way up the high necked collar, she pulled a strap over her throat, effectively sealing the zipper under a thick rubber strap and buckle.

“Nearly done,” Ann congratulated herself, as she staggered over to her dressing table and opened the bag containing her new make up.  After applying a heavy foundation she applied a generous amount of red rouge to her cheeks, following the line of the bone so that, not only were they made to look rosy and healthy, but also emphasized the natural curve of her face, heightening the bone structure.

Bright pink lip stick was brushed on next, before outlining her lips with a darker pencil.  This was followed by a coat of clear gloss finish.  Satisfied, she turned to her eyes, rubbing the lids with bright pink eye shadow.  A pair of extravagantly long, false, eye lashes was next, which she blended in with a black lash brush.  Finally she applied eye liner.  Pleased with how Barbie doll she looked, Ann grinned as she returned for the last few items of her outfit.

Picking up a large ball gag, she spread her mouth as wide as it would go before forcing the large rubber ball between her teeth and doing up the buckle.  Finally she placed a fierce looking, white, posture collar around her neck before doing up the front lacing.

Satisfied with the result in the mirror, she went to the wardrobe and retrieved the camera that she used for surveillance.  Setting it on the tripod she took a few posed pictures of herself before angling the camera on to the bed.

Now it was time for her favorite purchase.  Opening another box, she pulled out a set of four, bulky metal shackles, attached to chains.  She clamped these to the four corners of the bed.  Electric cable ran down the chain from each shackle.  Ann plugged these in to a four way extension socket which, in turn, was plugged in to a timing socket mounted in the wall.  Normally this would be used to turn the lights on in the morning, but it had a different purpose now.

Having set the timer for the socket and the camera, Ann lay down on the bed.  She then connected a shackle to each ankle and one wrist.  The electromagnets inside the cuffs locked in to place.  The shackles would not open again until the power was turned off in an hours time.  Finally, Ann reached down and turned on the vibrator, before locking her final wrist in place.  She was now a spread eagled rubber doll held prisoner on her own bed with a vibrator in her pussy, a butt plug up her ass and a large gag in her mouth.  She could not have been happier.  It was not long before her first orgasm hit.

Over the next hour Ann jerked wildly on the bed in the throws of, as she felt at the time, continuous orgasm.  All too soon the locks clicked open and reluctantly Ann turned off the vibrator and got out of bed.  It was four thirty.  She would not have that much time to shower and get ready for the evenings activities with Dave at the club.  Reluctantly she undressed and headed for the shower.

Story continues in Chapter Four


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