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Among The Missing 12

by Rubberwolf

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© Copyright 2007 - Rubberwolf - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m+; F/f; bond; latex; pony; bdsm; elect; machine; toys; cons/reluct; X

Chapter 12

Ann and Nicky chatted amiably as they sat in the cart trundling along the country roads.  The occasional grunt or sound that could have been a swear word escaped through the bridal that Dave the horse wore, which earned him a flick of the whip.

“He doesn’t seem very happy,” Ann observed with a righteous grin as she remembered herself in a similar position only the day before.

“Nonsense, he is loving every minute of it.   We will be stopping in about half a mile, so that the beast can catch his breath, you can see for yourself,” Nicki replied.

“I thought that this wouldn’t be Daves cup of tea, I mean he is a dom.”

“Whatever gave you that idea?  Darling, Dave is most definitely a switch. You just haven’t pushed his submissive buttons, that’s all,” Nicky replied.

Sure enough, when they stopped to water and feed Dave he, or at least his member, seemed very happy with the situation.  Although that is not strictly true, since the strange metal cage that imprisoned his cock seemed very uncomfortable to her.  But Ann had to admit, while Dave was not happy, his body seemed to have other ideas.

Once they were rolling again, Ann expressed another of her concerns.

“In all fairness, now that I have located you, I should advise my client.  She is, after all, paying for this,” Ann stated.

“Perhaps, but the next ferry back to the mainland is not for another day.  It is not, after all, as though my stepmother can not afford it.  Besides, you must stay for the festival.  It is one of the main reasons why I chose to come here,” Nicky replied.

Perhaps another day would not hurt.  After all, she did not have to charge the client for any time that she was not working for them.  Having decided to stay until after the festival, Ann settled into her seat and enjoyed the site of Dave’s ass swishing what she knew to be a very irritating and uncomfortable tail back and forth, looking even more uncomfortable for the red welts criss-crossed on either cheek.

Although fitter than Ann, Dave still looked very tired when they reached the stables.  Nicky quickly dismounted and went to have a word with the stable owner.  Moments later, Dave was unhitched and being led to one of the stalls, while a stable hand filled up a nose bag full of oats.

Ann and Nicky made short work of packing and before long had hired one of the local men to carry the bags to be loaded onto the cart while the two women went for a leisurely afternoon tea at a small café in the high street.

“Mmmm.  These scones are gorgeous,” Ann enthused as she tucked into one of the home made cakes that she had piled high with clotted cream and jam.

“Yes, they are rather good.  The trick, of course, is to heat them first.  You also need real clotted cream, rather than the spray stuff that they sell.  I understand that the owner prides herself on having real clotted cream flown in.  Well worth every penny I would say.”

The two women silently contemplated their cakes before returning to the stables.  However, Ann was surprised to find that the cart had been changed.  Instead of the cart that they had travelled out in, a larger, white covered carriage stood proudly in the yard.  Three other pony boys had also joined Dave.  The tack had been changed to white leather harnesses and boots, which were studded with silver.  The chest harness was also adorned with small silver bells.  Unfortunately for Dave, these horses, Ann could tell, were used to running.  Their leg muscles looked lean and efficient and, although Dave was placed at the back left position, she could see that he would need a lot of carrying by the other ponies.  Nicky grinned maniacally.

“Dave’s performance left a lot to be desired on the way over.  I thought that he could use some help,” Nicky smirked.

Just as Ann had suspected, the trot back was a lot quicker than the trip out.  Unfortunately for Dave, he had already expended a lot of energy on the outward journey.  Keeping pace with three professional ponies soon had Dave out of breath.  Nicky stated that he did not need nearly as many rests, since the other three would compensate for Dave’s lack of fitness.  Never the less, it was an exhausted Dave who staggered into town three hours later.  While the professional ponies were sweating, looking as though they had a reasonable work out, Dave looked like a man who had run the London marathon, having just eaten a full Sunday roast.  Stable hands quickly unhitched the wagon and led the ponies into their straw covered rooms for the night.  After gulping down at least a litre of water, Dave staggered, unseeing as he was led to his stall, collapsing in an exhausted heap onto a pile of straw.  The stable hands placed food and water into the room and closed the stable doors, pushing home the heavy bolts that signified that Dave would be staying the night.

After returning to the house, both women quickly changed out of their riding gear.  At Nickys suggestion, Ann put on a slinky red evening gown, with a pair of strappy four inch heels.  Once suitably dressed, both women were ready for a meal and the local bistro provided an amiable place for the two women to relax after their tiring day.  Ann found that the sea food spaghetti, with a dash of chilli, was particularly good.  She was, therefore, pleasantly merry, having broken into a second bottle of the house white, when she staggered back to the house, supported by Nicky.

Once through the door, Ann found that Nickys support, soon turned into an embrace, which was quickly followed by a passionate French kiss.  Perhaps it was the wine or the fact that she had experienced so much over the past few days, but while surprised, Ann was not shocked to find her belly fluttering, along with a certain amount of excitement from her suddenly wet pussy, as she returned the other woman’s kiss and began to run her hands over Nickys back and ass.

Reaching behind Ann to a coat rack, Nicky produced a dog collar and lead.

“Lets explore that submissive streak of yours shall we?” Nicky whispered into Ann’s ear as she attached to dog collar around the aroused girls neck.

“Yes Mistress,” Ann whispered as she looked down meekly.

Nicky smiled predatorily and tugged on the leash as her new slave followed behind her to a door under the stairs.

Ann was not surprised to see that the door opened to reveal another set of steps leading down.  Nor was she surprised at the lavishly equipped stone dungeon that she found when she reached the bottom.

“Strip Slave, while I change,” Nicky commanded as she left the leash dangling and strode behind a changing screen.

Ann did not need telling twice and quickly disrobed, shedding everything apart from the collar and leash.  After several minutes, Nicky returned wearing rubber stockings and heels, a tight rubber waspy, opera gloves and collar.  Her naked breasts and shaved pussy quickly catching Ann’s attention.

“There is something that I have been meaning to try out, but have not been able to find a slave to try it on.  You will just have to do you worthless slut,” Nicky smirked as she pulled the leashed girl over to a strange metal frame.

The contraption was a cube frame with obvious steel cuffs, that she could see where she would be secured and a strange metal rod that ran along the bottom towards a seat of some sort, at the front of the frame.  Ann did not have long to contemplate this as her mistress pushed her down into the frame so that she was kneeling on all fours.

A steel collar, attached by a metal bar to the top of the frame was quickly secured around her neck, holding her firmly in place on all fours.  A leather strap, attached to the rod, was pulled tightly around her for head and buckled at the back of the pole, securing her head firmly in place, facing forwards. A leather penis gag, with an internal and external penis, was quickly secured to the same metal pole.  Another metal shaft descended from the middle of the frame.  Again a two semicircles of steel were used as a restraint, fitting tightly around her waist.  The two halves were forced together and locked in place with a simple catch.  Ann grunted as Nicky pulled one of her arms behind her and attached her wrist to a steel cuff that was attached to the pole imprisoning her mid section, so that her arm was pulled painfully upwards behind her.  Nicky repeated the process with the other arm, before securing her ankles in steel cuffs attached to the bottom rear of the frame, spreading her legs fully open.

Ann puzzled as Nicky fiddled behind her.  She could not see, but felt the cold tip of the steel intruders that she placed over the entrance to her anus and pussy, lubricating both with KY, before clamping them in position.  These were attached to another vertical steel rod, this time ascending from the central rod, rather than descending from the steel lattice work at the roof of the cube. 

Moving forward, Nicky began to massage Ann’s nipples.  Ann was not, however, totally surprised, when the other woman attached a nipple clamp to first one and then the other erect nipple.  These clamps were attached by chain to the central rod and Nicky adjusted the tension until the tight chains pulled Ann’s breasts painfully downwards.

Stepping in front of her captive, Nicky began to play with herself until her pussy was dripping.  Lifting her juice covered finger to her mouth, Nicky licked along the length of the digit, maintaining eye contact with her new slave.

“My, you look good enough to eat,” Nicky whispered in a husky voice.  “But I have a better idea.”

Nicky swayed over to the strange seat in front of Ann’s head and sat down, placing her feet on metal plates on either side of the frame and positioning the height and position of the seat, using knobs similar to those found in cars, on either side of the metal seat, until her dripping pussy was impaled by the long dildo sticking out from the front of Ann’s penis gag.  Leaning back into the seat, Nicky picked up a box and pointed it behind her captive.

“Your going to love this,” she whispered as she pressed a button on the control box. 

Ann heard the hiss of compressed air as the rod pushed forward, impaling her ass and pussy with the steel dildoes that Nicky had positioned earlier.  To her surprise, Nicky and the seat were moved backwards, as though on rails, as the rod was pushed forward.  The shock of penetration and the painful pull as her tits and nipples were wrenched painfully forward made her scream into the gag.  Reaching the end of the stroke, Ann only just registered the sound of escaping air hissing behind her as the pneumatic ram was pulled violently backwards, shoving Nickys pussy forcefully onto her penis gag. Before she could feel relief, the stroke pulled her pussy forward again, repeating the painful cycle.

Nicky groaned as she was continually impaled Ann's penis gag, as the chair moved violently forwards and backwards, putting the control on automatic, she dropped the box in order to massage her pussy.

Ann screamed into the gag again as indescribable pain erupted into her pussy and ass.

“Isn’t it great Ann, Isn’t it wonderful,” Nicky groaned as she massaged her tits, tilting her head backwards.  “That jolt you just felt was ten thousand volts.  The machine will do that, it's on a random program.  It will shock your tits, your cunt, your ass, your argggh, unghh, arrr, ” the other woman moaned as built towards orgasm. 

Finally, after several orgasms, Nicky was finally sated and stopped the machine, climbing off of the chair and staggering over to bend down next to Anns head.  “I think I will leave you here for the night my sweet.  But don’t worry, I will leave the machine in random mode.  According to the manual, it will jolt and fuck you at random times throughout the night.  Try and get some sleep between cycles, I think you are going to need all of your strength.”

With that, Nicky stood and staggered towards the door, while Ann screamed her protest into her gag.  But before Nicky had opened the door, Ann felt the twin shafts move suddenly forward, impaling her painfully, as her nipples were wrenched forward.  Ann’s protests however, were ignored and dismissed with finality as the dungeon door closed with a resounding thud, sealing her alone in her dungeon and the prospect of a night of pain, torture and sexual abuse.  Ann did not know whether to be terrified, excited or both.



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