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Amanda's Latex Tomb Mistake

by jeffapr202006

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Storycodes: Solo-F; archaeology; tomb; discovery; box; latex; suit; wear; inserts; boots; corset; room; portal; dungeon; capture; gag; bond; straps; trapped; cons/nc; X

Amanda was a talented 23 year old Doctorate student in Archeology almost ready to get her degree. She currently was in Africa assisting an expedition on a tomb of a queen that was located accidentally. This was an unknown period of history, so this find would more than likely the biggest thing that Amanda would ever work on and she was not going to waste any opportunities she could get on this trip. Her natural beauty often made her peers jealous of her. She was in very good shape due to the rock climbing during her regular trips to the Canadian Rockies. At 5'10", she would tower over most men when she would wear even modest 2 inch heels.

The tomb in question was found when the local government was building a new subway system. There was urgency with the expedition group as they were only allowed six months to explore the tomb and gain any artifacts before sealing off the chamber again due to the new subway line will block off the entrance to the tomb. What has baffled most of the experts is that the tomb was built of a shiny obsidian substance which appeared to be indestructible. The queen's resting place was not able to be opened by any means, torches, plasma cutters, and even the most advanced lasers could not cut it open. There also was a large box that was anchored to the floor in which no one knew how to open it. After decoding the language written on the walls, it appeared that this civiliization was visited by aliens and this room was a gift for the queen. It was stressed highly that material that made this room was indestructible.

One day when Amanda was cataloging some items, she accidentally tripped and fell against the wall of the tomb which caused a small compartment to swing open. What she found inside was a complicated looking key. She knew what the key was for! Having inspected the box attached to the floor the prior day, she noticed when pressure was applied to the box in two different areas, a key hole appeared. Wanting to make a name for herself, she quietly slid the key into her pocket and decided she would inspect the contents of the box when everyone was back in their quarters sleeping.

Around 10 PM, Amanda arrived back at the tomb. With her heart pounding, she made her way over to the box. With difficulty, she was able to get the key into the lock and get it to turn. Lifting the lid was also a chore due to the weight of it. When she got the lid open, she was shocked! There were two shiny black suits laying in the bottom. She also noticed some writing on the underside of the lid. What was written was a story of how the tomb came to be. It on top of being a gift for the queen, it was also a portal to the alien's planet which was in a different dimension. The suits (also made of the indestructible material) were to gain access to the portal and also were made to the queen's preferences. In this other dimension, the aliens were able to invent a device that stopped time for which they would be able to live indefinitely. The problem was an accident occurred in the other side of the dimension where the hallway leading out to ground level got filled with the obsidian substance. This effectively shut off access to the other world other than the "Play Room", for which time is stopped in this room. The queen would spend a lot of time in the play room for which she was able to rule the civilization for over 200 years. The second suit was for her sister and later her daughter who would take her place to either rule or be in the room. The queen got tired of being young and decided to live the rest of her life aging when she died as an old lady.

Amanda wondered about this Play Room and wondered if it still existed. Reaching down into the box to pull out one of the suits, she noted that the suit was very thick and heavy. Holding it up in front of her, she was able to inspect it. It covered the wearer from head to toe. There was a hood which only had two dark lenses, the neck was reinforced which would keep the wearers head looking forwards at all times, thick gloves were attached to the suit which she wondered how you would be able to do anything in them. Going further down, there was a thick corset, attached boots with heels that would make the wearer stand on her toes. Looking inside the suit, there was only one means of entry which was one opening in the back. There were two intruders which was also made of the same material. Wondering who would design such an infernal suit was beyond her.

Thinking about what her next step would be, Amanda knew that if she could recover anything of historical significance from this Play Room, this would put her on the map. The suits alone was interesting, but it just appeared to be an extreme indestructable sci-fi kinky suit which really wouldn't do much for her. Even though the thought of sliding into such a suit never really crossed her mind but if she could make her career, it would have to be a sacrifice she would have to do. Seeing if she could remove the intruders, those hopes were crashed as they were molded into the suit. Shutting the lid of the box, the key popped out of the keyhole, so she picked it up and layed it on the lid. Taking a deep breath, she started to remove her clothes. Amanda said "I can't believe I am doing this!" as she took off the last of her underwear and moved to pick up the suit.

Getting into the restrictive suit was easier than expected. The alien technology must have also provided a way for the suit to assist it dressing the wearer. When she slid her feet into the boots, they felt like they were sucked down the boot shafts down into the strict arch making both feet almost vertical with her legs. Amanda gasped loudly when the intruders did the same thing as they shot up into her with very little help, not expecting them to move, when they started moving in and out on their own accord, she was going to pull the suit off in disgust but she needed to keep going if she was going to make this big find. Pushing her hands down into the thick gloves, she noticed it was hard to move her fingers or make a fist. One last step was to slide the heavy hood over her head where it belonged. Before she should think, she moved it over top her head and settled it into place.

With her eyes adjusting to the dark lenses, she started to scan the room, at this time she was able to see a doorway that wasn't visible without the suit. She reached down and grabbed the key with her thick glove which was hard to hold but she thought she may need it. Moving slowly in the monster heels she had on, she started over to the door way. The more she moved, she noticed some faint lettering flashing in her lenses as well as the intruders were moving faster which started to distract her. The suit must get charged by the wearer's movements which intrigued her. When she got to the door way, she looked through and saw a very intense dungeon with many restraining devices. Not knowing if she was going to go into the room, she tripped on one of her heels and fell through the portal.

Trying to get back on to her feet in the heeled boots, she noticed she was in the Play Room. She started walking around inspecting the items when the back of her suit closed all of a sudden. With this she was startled and dropped the key she was holding. Having a bad feeling, she decided to go back into the tomb and figure out how to remove the suit when all of a sudden, her lenses flashed some odd symbols and then flashed "wearers language decoded, suit fully powered". Then "Queen not detected, initiating slave mode". Amanda's eyes bulged out and screamed "NOOOO" and she started to run as fast as she could toward the doorway. A thick gag went into her mouth and she stumbled. Straps came down from the celing and walls and attached to her wrists and ankles.

She could move somewhat and noticed she was situated in front of the doorway. Also she noticed she could see through the door way. She attempted to get to the doorway but came only an inch away before the flexible straps pulled her back. With the boots she had on, she was unable to get any traction. She saw the key on the floor, but was unable to get to it to attempt kick it through the portal. The situation she was in made her blood run cold. She was trapped in another dimension with time stopped but no way for anyone to find her. All she could do was to watch her collegues for the next 6 months until they finished and sealed the tomb with no one knowing she was right there. After that she would stare into an empty tomb forever.

With all of this, Amanda had a earth shattering orgasm that knocked her out.

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